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My heart greets yours.

Living in Grace is achieved moment by moment by choosing to be aware of your personal connection in Spirit. To be in this Awareness, while still going about the responsibilities of daily life, is the challenge of self mastery. When enough people 'get it', as it is with the 100th monkey concept, everyone will. Thus, Planet Earth (Gaia) and all who live here will rise to a higher level of harmony.

This collective intelligence of all Life and Nature on Earth is called the Gaia Hypothesis.
If you are a friend of Gaia, you take responibility for a deep knowing that all that is - (that which is called inert as well as given the term "alive") is ALL ONE in the glory of God. It is perfect and whole as a reflection of divine creation.

Discussion logs of open, International meetings have been posted on the )Gaia*Friends( page. A wide variety of self-help topics have been discussed here in a moderated fomat. )Gaia*Friends( gatherings began in September of 1995 on the live-time IRC Chat Network, and continue on occasion.

Also included in this index are messages from the Intuitive Channel, received during meditation. They advise us about many of life's perplexing situations. These were gathered over a 7 year period, starting in 1990, as a result of personal audio tape recordings made during a women's monthly circle.

These Inspired Pages helped me realize my own worthiness. Coming out of despair and into the current of Spirit is a great joy to share. Teaching and sharing what I needed to learn myself, I am a seeker just like youself. Please trust that I am not a 'Psychic'.

What I have done, all can do. Often, I return to these very files to strenthen my own daily convictions.

 As a Registered Nurse, I answer sick calls and promote wellness. My position is that the Internet should have an Inspirational Advice Center that people can use as a reference to deal with specific issues.

 With this in mind, this Web Site is offered as a gift to you from the Divine Presence that flows through all.

 On this page below are the combined various topics from the Intuitive Channel and )Gaia*Friends( discussion groups. This index is arranged alphabetically according to specific topic. My thanks to all who have participated.
You have all helped make this Spiritual Dream come true...

One Heart at a time.

Susan Rose

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Subject Listings

Acceptance: Message on Acceptance: Many who have hit the fast track of Spiritual progression annoy and reap the disapproval of loved ones. Here is some personal advice on how to reach personal acceptance of your own path.

America: This July 2001 meeting is about the spiritual destiny of America.
Interesting background to the spiritual quest of America,  as discussed prior to 9-11-01.

The Age of Aquarius: Those of us who remember the late 60's gathered to share our memories of the times and Spiritual ideals of our youth. Included is a discussion of the new millennium.

The Magic of Angels : We investigate the resurgence of Angels, why so many people like them and why the belief in Angels crosses over many religious faiths; both traditional, New Age and mystic.

Astrology for Spiritual Understanding: This discussion is led by Stars, who shows how Astrology can assist the seeker in achieving the next level of their understanding, change or redirection.

Atlantis: The echoes of this lost civilization.

Automatic Writing : The Guiding Hand - Cosmeta, a metaphysical teacher from New Jersey, leads this presentation on automatic writing.

Baptism of Fire: - Presented by Gina of New Zealand.

Beauty: Message on Embracing Beauty: We have been told that physical beauty is a selfish display of vanity and certainly not spiritual. Inner as well as outer radiance is redefined by this timely message.

Breathing: Susanrose presents : Breathing - A Gift of Spirit and Life.

Calling: Calling For Light's Help - Using Ancient Powers. Discussion is led by Babatalk from Adelaide, South Australia. Presented are Spiritual Vocal Aerobics, a Hebrew Center Pillar Meditation and a group activation of The Shield of the Guardian.

Chakras: Unified Chakra Mediation - presented by Ashana.

Children: What Our Children Teach Us - See Susanrose with her child at Award Page

Christian Mysticism: Godwin presents a scholarly lecture on the Christian Mystic tradition. For over 20 years, our host has worked as a professor of parapsychology and medieval history.

Christmas: The Origins of Christmas - traced back to Yule.

Circle: Creating Sacred Space.

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: What happens when our spiritual talk becomes our walk and we go public.

Communication With Spirits - A Halloween Tradition: Blessing this Hallowed Eve, ^joyful^ presents the history and background of this very Special Occasion as we connect with and honor those who have transitioned to the Spirit world.

Community: Wunjo and Lion are two Spirits with a vision of manifesting a Spiritual Center that expand into a Community.

Consciousness: The Inherent Consciousness of All - Discussion is led by Ganesha, investigating how can we make the most of our missions, families and this blue pearled orb we call Earth.

Conflict: The Magic of Conflict - Aikiteah, an Aikido teacher from San Antonio,Texas, who trained in Japan for over 17 years, leads the discussion.

Cosmic Christianity: A New Age look at Christian dogma.

Cyberaddiction: Lost in Cyberspace?: How to get better control of the amount of time you spend on the Internet. Tips on how and when to turn that computer off to reclaim your local life!

The Spirit of Dance: Those interested in psychics, metaphysics and New Age thinking will certainly find the mystical in this movement.

Daydreaming Danger: Message on the Dangers of Daydreaming: The modem has given us a doorway to a grand new adventure. Like Rip Van Winkle returning to real time, we discover we were away a lot longer than we thought.

Death: Our Ultimate Transition.

Decision Making: Message on Decision Making : Advice on keeping the best of lifes bounties in our own shopping basket.

Deities: Message On Deities : Our human creations that help us explore pathways into the ONE Spirit. All deities are here to serve Spirit. Spirit was not meant to serve deities.

Destiny of America: "In God We Trust."

Discernment: Tamar George presents: Discerning the Yellow Brick Road.

Divination: Predicting the Future: How we do it and why we try.

Depression: Message on Depression: This is the guidance that helped Arianna (Susan Rose) when she was depressed. We hope it can serve you, too.

Dreams: Jungian Dreamwork - ^Otter^ leads the discussion on unlocking the Inner Self.

The Elements: The Four Elements - Working with Natural Energy. Paza, from New Mexico, focuses his discussion on the four important elements of air, fire, water and Earth.

Enchantment: With the discussion led by ^otter^, we investigate our sensitivities toward Life and how we can actually choose to live our Enchantment each and every day.

Epiphany Moments: Susanrose gathers and presents the stepping stones of new awareness from around the world that increases our hope and faith.

Evolution: The Evolution of Humanity - Presented by Gina of New Zealand; Author, healer and former Buddhist Nun. Old Gods and Human genetic engineering discussed.

Evolution: The Evolution of the Soul - Presented by Gina of New Zealand.

Father God: Message on Re-Imagining the Father: Many of us have been raised with a jealous Father God of judgement and damnation. This is a message from the inner Feminine on how we can re-imagine the masculine aspect of Divinity.

Feminine Divine: In Search Of The Feminine Divine: Written by Kathy Briar and reporting in Pittsburgh, for Point of Light Magazine.

Feminine Spirits: Gina of New Zealand presents: Sophia - The Feminine Spirit of Wisdom. "In the Cradle of Civilization" - the Feminine Spirits of Sophia, Shekhina, and others.

Frontier Science: Susanrose presents : The Communion of Materialism and Spirituality; A Love Dance of the Energies.

Gaia and Shekhina: One Man's View on the Spirit of Gaia and Shekina: written by Alan Bachman; a lawyer, composer and producer of music to honor the Feminine Divine.

Goddess Emerging: A Spiritual path for men and women.

Ghost Stories: Life After Death - with true ghost stories, as well as out of body and near death experiences.

Great White Brotherhood and Other Masters Helping Humanity: Gina, of New Zealand presents The Great White Brotherhood; the body of Ascended Masters guiding all the planet. The Brotherhood offers to teach expanded consciousness and self mastery, as it is One with Divine Will.

Guides: Who Are My Guides?:Ganesha, a Reiki Master from Boston, MA, presents a guided meditiation for connecting to your Guides and Angels and accessing the Books of Life.

Handling your Fears and Worries ~ Take Control of Your Mind! : All types of fearful thoughts - the future, past, pain and death are explained. The fear of your own power is also revealed.

Happiness: Susanrose leads the discussion on "The Art of Happiness" a summary of advice from the Dalai Lama and Patch Adams MD.

Healing: The Essence of Reiki Self Healing - By Ganesha, a Reiki Master, who reveals insight and Light to the path of self healing.

Healing: A Fountain of Healing - BabaGlee from Adelaide, South Australia, bases his talk on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease and can be healed.

Healing Light: Healing In The Light - Susanrose leads a Golden Light Healing circle with background information on the Golden Light Energy.

Healing with Sound: Chants, Tones and Mantras.

Higher Love: Manifesting Higher Love into your Life - A transforming psychological grounding technique for attracting and accelerating the space of Higher Love into your everyday life. Presented by Ganesha (Melissa Shubha Smith), REIKI Master, from Boston.

Higher Self: Unfoldment and Anchoring of the Higher Self - Moranaa, from the 4 Corners area of New Mexico, discusses steps for the unfoldment and anchoring of the higher self into the physical.

Hindrances to our Path: Ganesha - Spiritual teacher and healer from Boston, MA presents: The Five Hindrances to Our Spiritual Path and Everyday Things We Can Do to Overcome These Blocks .

Hypnosis: Self-Hypnosis / Trance - Novale, a professional hypnotherapist, leads an in-depth discussion that delves into techniques for achieving personal self-hypnosis and the trance state.

Illusion: Dropping Illusion - connecting to Spirit in the now.

Inspiration is Ours: In a group discussion, 15 men and women gathered who were inspired to spontaneously share what they heard from within. Here is personal encouragement and guidance on how you can as well!

Internet: Spirituality on the Internet - The Good, Bad and the Beautiful

Intuition: Developing Your Skill, by Helen Stewart.

Intuition: Opening The Intuitive Channel.

Jesus: The Man and the Myth

Kundalini: Awakening the Kundalini - Presented by Gina of New Zealand, who is an author, a healer and former Buddhist Nun.

Life after 9-11:   Coping with the emotional aftereffects of  terrorism. Discussed on 10-28-01 with an Australian and  spiritual folks from across America.

  Life After Kundalini: There are a lot of myths surrounding Kundalini and what occurs during the most active and energetic time. And, what happens after the event. Gina, a Master Teacher from New Zealand clarifies this all.

Light: Activating A Living Light Tapestry - Tobin Eckian (shanadeer) leads this discussion on opening up our Divine Expression.

Light Grid: The Triple Grid Process - Shanakar presents this energy clearing technique. She draws upon the book, "What is Lightbody" by Archangel Ariel.

Lightworking: What does it mean to be a Light Worker?

Love: Can We Make The Love Stay?

Love's Glory: Message on The Glory of Love: Since many of your magical wishes involve drawing love into your life, read here about human love between a man and a woman in a relationship.

Magic: Message on Defining Magic : Magic is not sorcery or manipulation, but a positive, miraculous change of consciousness.

Magic: Forming a Spiritual Circle: Cosmeta, a metaphysical teacher from New Jersey, discusses practical tips on how to start your own circle.

Magical Ethics: Investigating Magical Ethics - right use of your will.

Magical Experiences: A Discussion.

Magical Lifestyle: Message on Living A Magical Life: Sometimes the daily grind of work can get us down. We recall that the old "Wise Women" of Europe were magical and also that they worked hard.....growing herbs and drying them, delivering babies, healing, planting, sewing. Like them, we learn to balance ourselves to live a magical life.

Meditation: So How Do You Meditate?: We share our best tips on how to achieve a Spiritual lift through meditation.

The Millennium: Momentous Occasion or Just Another Day?

Millennium: The Turning of the Ages - Setting the Cornerstone.

Miracles, Magic and Seeing more of Them: Tamar George, from Pittsburgh, investigates how we can actually manifest more of what we need in our life in a mystic and magical way.

Moon Wisdom: A Tool For Attainment. - Discussion is led by Stars, a highly qualified astrologer, explains the meaning of moon cycles and the lessons of each moon phase.

The Near Death Experience: A review of the best selling book "Saved by the Light", by Dannion Brinkley.

Nine Steps To Emotional Balance: Gina of New Zealand leads the discussion on how our spirituality needs to be built on a firm foundation of emotional equalibrium. In it, she presents the nine important steps.

Past Life: Healing Past Life Situations: Ganesha, a Reiki Master from Boston, MA, presents a guided meditiation to help release and heal.

Perceptions: The Boundaries of Perception - Steven, from Western Australia, a Yoga teacher, computer consultant and author of the Cosmos Web Site discusses: Perceptions. Do we have a clear picture of reality?

Poetry: Spiritual Poetry - Paza leads the discussion on touching the creative song within.

Positive Life Style: A sharing of what works to keep your life sane, healthy and successful.

Positive Living: Message On Positive Living: We have all heard of positive thinking. This advice takes it a step further for those who are ready to hear it.

Power: Where is Our Power Going? - Just as an athlete learns to train their muscles, coordination and physical endurance, so too can everyone learn how to increase their store of Personal Power and effectively use it right now.

Procrastination: Susanrose presents: Getting motivated and breaking the habit of procrastination.

Prosperity Consciousness: Includes a manifestation meditation to increase your abundance.

Purpose of Life: Message on Why We Are Here: The purpose of our physical existence.

Discovering Our Purpose: And Living in Authentic Power.

Recovery: Healing And Transformation - Abuse is rampant within our culture as society becomes more complex and the economics of life today impose severe stresses on families and individuals.

Reiki: Meditation - presented by Ganesha.

Reiki: the Self Healing Circle - presented by Ganesha

Relationships: Finding Wholeness With Our Relationships ~ Falling in love again...Nothing else feels so good, nothing else can cause so much pain. - Susanrose leads the discussion for the seach of right combinations for wholesome relationships.

Relationships: Message on The Divine Masculine: Looking for love in all the wrong places? Uniting with the ideals of your inner divine couterpart can help you manifest a healthy physical partnership.

Relationships: Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Releasing: Novale, a professional hynotherapist, leads a meditation to release the lessons of 1996, making room for the gifts of the New Year.

Resonance: A natural law that can clarify your life.

Saint Patrick: Message on St. Patrick: How one individual could take hold of opportunity and create profound change throughout the world.

Salvation: Message on Achieving Salvation: Whatever your state of consciousness is, whether in or out of body, alseep or awake, know for yourself how you can achieve salvation.

Self-Esteem Discussion: The Nature of Self-Esteem : Steven from Australia joins Susanrose for an insightful sharing of ideas on personal self-esteem.

Self-Esteem: Message on Self-Esteem: We are reminded to stand on a pedestal, and bask in the Silvery Ray of Divine Energy. Claim your worthiness! Here are 2 messages combined on this subject.

Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Help With Decision Making: Novale, a hypnotherapist from Indiana, shares her experience with successful decision making skills.

Self-Mastery: Ganesha, from Boston, presents: The Way of Self Mastery, as shared in new information about Reiki.

Spirit: Flowing with Spirit - The Best Way to Live : My-Key-El from New Mexico and Vega 33 from Australia, team up to present a dynamic discussion focusing on choosing to go with the daily flow of Nature and Spirit.

Spiritual Flight: Message on The Miracle of Flight: Advice on how to let your Spirit soar high above stormy weather.

Spiritual Initiations: Gina of New Zealand leads the discussion on the steps lending themselves to the transformational process.

Spiritual Lifestyles: From East to West .... Alex in Alaska and Basil in Maryland join Susanrose in Pittsburgh in presenting this discussion topic: "Living a Spiritual Lifestyle" - (How and Why We Do It).

Spiritual Street Smarts / Psychic Self-Defense : SusanRose investigates the benefits of a strong aura, Spiritual advancement, defense against psychic attack and the inevitable increase in self-confidence and personal focus.

Spiritualism and Mediumship: Led by ^joyful^, who says of herself: I help connect to those in the spirit world for the benefit of those loved ones in the physical. I come from a mediumistic family.

Stalled?: Message on Feeling Stalled: Here is the explanation of why we who try to be guided by our spiritual ideals still seem to have a rough time. After an initial high or jump start, may of us feel plateaued, or even worse, stalled in the air.

Tantra Vrs. Celibacy: Discussion is led by Gina Allan of New Zealand. Both expressions of your sexual desire are compared as potential paths for enlightenment.

Time: What is the Nature of Time? - A Panel Presentation.

Totem Animals: Discussion is led by ^otter^. Here we discover their meaning.

Transformation: Fear into Love: - with Pranaflow as guest speaker.

True Inspirational Stories: The first meeting of )Gaia*Friends(

Truth: What Is Your Personal Truth? - Susanrose leads a group of 30 people from around the world who answer the most important question of our time.

The Underworld: Trips to the Underworld : the Persephone Myth - Presented by Tamar George, psychic, artist, author and teacher. An in-depth discussion of our shadow selves.

Unity: The Unity and Harmony of All Paths

Work: Spirit at the Workplace - Co-presented by Susanrose and Helen Stewart.

Yoga, A Path to Union: Ganesha, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher from Boston, Mass. explains her spiritual path with Yoga.

Yoga: The Doctrine of the Rishi's - By Ganesha.



May we all live harmoniously in the flow of Grace as it weaves
Its Glorious Tapestry of Love through all of Creation.


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