The Millennium:
Momentous Occasion or Just Another Day???
<Rod> Hello everyone!  :)
only 10 short months left in this millennium!  wow
<StarDream> I can remember when it seemed like a lifetime away.
<wunjo> I can't believe is March already...I am in Aspen Colorado
<omega> yes first day of autumn here...Australia
<StarDream> I'm in England, and spring is finally arriving. :)
<helen_UMS> Here in Santa Fe New Mexico as well....beautiful!
<susanrose> I am in Pittsburgh
<Rod> Rod is in the Cayman Islands now
<MrC> tennessee
<omega> 40year old female from Tasmania/Australia
<WindRyder> hi :)
<susanrose> WindRyder used to go to school in NM, but now lives in Texas
<Sandra> Pittsburgh
^Angel^9 from st.louis, MO, USA

<susanrose> oldgold is quiet but she is my pen pal sister 
from Salt Lake City
<Sandra> hi new friends
<helen_UMS> An impressive and global Gaia*Friendship!
let's see if together we can gain insight into the future, 
which we can already access.

I am very pleased
to introduce Helen Stewart
I met her in her home about 5 years ago
in New Jersey for a spiritual meeting.
You can see the temp web site I made for Helen at
She is a psychic and teacher
and recently started a Metaphysical School in 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
I am happy She could come and speak about the Millennium.

<helen_UMS> Thanks, is wonderful to be here.
Why don't we take a brief moment and focus our energy, 
settling into place now that we are all present...
now that we have found this special moment, 
where we think together on that spacious NOW...
which the Millennium will be before we can blink our eyes....
Feel where you are sitting now, on this day in 1999...
Feel the anticipation of that future....
And then, just for this moment in this place....

bring all of your energy, wherever it might be scattered 
throughout the universe...
into this moment, *this* now, 
in which the future is but a glimmer ....
of possibilities and probabilities awaiting our choice.
Take a deep breath, feeling your energy return to you.....
pay attention to that deep sigh...
<helen_UMS> when you realize how far and how scattered 
you might have been at various moments throughout this day....
<helen_UMS> and COME *HOME* to the self who knows, 
who is confident, who is relaxed and present.

<helen_UMS> Feel the power of the self, 
the one who *chooses* among the many probabilities now 
awaiting you, awaiting us collectively. 
And smile, knowing that it is a safe universe.
<^Angel^9> :o)
<helen_UMS> Feel the connection to all consciousness, 
knowing that there are fundamentally only allies 
if we permit that to be our reality.
.....and SMILE.
Tonight we're going to talk a bit about the future....

a future in which we all play a major part, 
whether or not we are aware...
I'd like to present for just a couple of minutes 
my own version of the millennium...
what it means, what it does not mean, and then open up to 
discussion and questions and comment.
In many ways, the millennium is just another day...
one minute after 12 on a particular day not too far off.
That is all it is, just as a 16th birthday or 
50th wedding anniversary might be just another day.
It is *we* who give meaning to the Millennium...

<^Angel^9> yes
<helen_UMS> which in many ways might be fairly neutral. 
What it is, however, and what it presents us,...
is a moment to take inventory, 
to figure out what we have accomplished in the last period, 
whether 100 or 1000 years, or the last day, in fact, 
before the Millennium.

In my opinion, there are two major concepts 
that will signal the new millennium...

The first is the end of dualism....of either-or thinking. 
If we are to achieve something truly astounding 
and transformational in the new millennium, 
it must be the end of dualistic thinking. 
No more good guys and bad guys, parents who did us in, 
unconscious urges that did us in....and so on.

We have an opportunity to discover the awesome 
possibilities of a both-and world....
that gray areas can exist, that I can be both free 
and interdependent, that we are all part of the "other."
The second major concept in my humble opinion, 
is the acceptance of true multidimensional reality...
and by this I mean both inner realities and external realities.
We may finally.....FINALLY....begin to take responsibility 
for the horror and the joys that we see in our personal 
and material worlds, and act to be fulfilled....

<wunjo> wow these are good concepts
<helen_UMS> This fulfillment can only occur 
when we understand our mastery, and that we live 
in a state of grace. 
That my enemy in this family structure is....
in simultaneous time, an ally in another.
<^Angel^9> I like how you think, Helen
<susanrose> I like how you think too Helen ;)
<helen_UMS> :-)
I believe that cyberspace....our meeting here, 
for example, is a model of the new realities....
with or without the technology.
We know we all exist and yet we cannot see each other......
we feel each other's energy even as we hide behind 
our various guises and keyboards.
This is a metaphor for reality, and even if Y2K knocks 
out all of the electronic devices in the world....
which I don't believe will occur.....
then we will have learned to talk 
with each other in new ways. This is the role of technology, 
in fact, to teach us, as Dustin Hoffman said in Tootsie, ....
how to do it without the dress.

This is an environment that "levels" us all.....age, race, 
religion, and to a lesser extent class....
it is a window to a possible future.
Just a brief comment on the *point* of all this millennium talk...
and then we'll move to specific comments and questions, 
including preparing for the events to follow...
I'll be glad to respond to specific questions regarding countries, 
sectors of the economy, etc, but want to complete framing the question.
The new Millennium offers us an opportunity to be grateful 
for what we have achieved....
Global consciousness as we prepare for universal consciousness 
in the next millennium...
<Rod> yea Helen
<Sandra> I agree wholeheartedly

<helen_UMS> Experiences that have shown us our human strengths.....
to identify our enduring values.....
to identify the special contributions of earth beings to the universe....
These are all major contributions and gifts....
We have learned to awaken the heart, open the mind, expand the spirit, 
listen to our bodies and our inner senses. 
Not bad, considering where we began, 
and certainly where we have been in the last centuries!
I'd like to pause now and see if there are questions or comments.

<Sandra> in studying my dreams, 
I have had the opportunity to peer into those 
inner realities and learn from the inner teachers.

<susanrose> Helen... are you buying water and batteries, etc?
An army-navy supply store here has a sign... stock up for Y2k
<helen_UMS>I haven't bought a single thing for the crisis yet.....
but that's typical for me.
Personally, I believe that we will experience lack....
if that is our choice, 
but we can also find some corner of the world 
where we'll just "happen" to be that has what we need.
Driven by the inner senses.

<Rod> even if everything goes haywire, 
it will not be a catastrophe if you don't allow it to be one.

<helen_UMS> Exactly, I have certainly received some channeled information 
that says we will certainly have opportunities to 
experience chaos if we wish....
but we also have some choices prior to that....
for example decisions about national and international leadership....
about what is *truly* essential for our lives.

<Rod> all of the 'needs' we think we have in this world are illusions

<susanrose> I just got a letter from a woman who said 
there were blessings with the tornado 
that hit her town... she met all her neighbors, 
and there was a great sharing of unity, cooperation, and love.

<helen_UMS> I also believe there will be shortages, 
but the response may be less to hoard, than to simplify one's needs.
Water is essential, and anyone who is not a procrastinator like me 
should always have water.
Do you buy a shotgun to protect the water and batteries 
you have been successful in hoarding....
What if they are stolen, then what? Are you prepared to go to war, 
to kill your neighbor, because he or she panicked an stole from  you? 
Where does the preparation end,....
and how do we control all of the unanticipated consequences 
of our apparent good intention?
We must decide is the next millennium can be the end of war....
and IMHO....we will experience the height of folly, including war, 
and then finally end it for a very long time until...
people forget its horror and get curious again.

<susanrose> I wonder if people will wake up 
January 1, 2000 and say, 
now is the day I begin to live awakened!  
The scariest thing for me is what if nothing changes?
<helen_UMS> Yes, Susanrose! And if then, why wait until then....
why not now....this very moment as we sit her talking together....
Exactly! What if nothing changes?????? That will be a major letdown.....
Armageddon did not occur, and there is no longer any motivation...
any impetus, to "correct" and learn from our prior errors of judgment.

<Rod> we can begin to live awakened any time we choose
<helen_UMS> Yes, Rod, we can! What small shift, in the smallest degree, 
would such a decision have on Y2K?  Is it possible we could avert 
some predicted crises by making the change *before* Jan 1?
What if people did not withdraw all their money, did not hoard, 
did not buy gobs of shotguns, did not move?

<oldgold> That's trust.
<helen_UMS> Yes, trust. And who's going to be the first to trust....
to trust unilaterally?
<Rod> when Y2K comes, I will be sitting back as if watching a movie...   
God's cosmic motion picture!  :-)
<^Angel^9> I trust that gas stations will be open on Jan 2, 2000 
so I can get home from KC.  I trust that I will be safe.
<oldgold> Seeds of trust need to be planted 
in this universal consciousness.  
<StarDream> Sorry, I'm a little lost on this... 
trust what regarding what?
<susanrose> Star: trust we will be provided for.
<oldgold> Exactly
<helen_UMS> Exactly, Oldgold!  
WE still have a window of opportunity to slow down that freight train.
<^Angel^9> I am safe. I am calm.  I have trust.
<helen_UMS> Yea, Angel!
<oldgold> This type of conversation starts the connection.
<wunjo> wow this is great I feel that I can trust easier now :)
<helen_UMS> Exactly, OG!

<StarDream> I see. Are you saying there is no need to 
panic and start hoarding goods?
<helen_UMS> I declare that the universe is a safe one...
that I live in a state of grace.....
that I am part of that perceived enemy.
<Rod> to panic would be acting without faith
<helen_UMS> but the fear of such lack will be a tool for control 
that many feel they have lost.
<oldgold> It's a "lack" consciousness.
<helen_UMS> There will be false shortages, which will make people 
more willing to be led, to accept...higher levels of govt. control. 
Our *beliefs* will be the biggest weapon against us.
That lack of confidence, which will put all these things into motion.
Remember that the stock markets are "con" games....
games of confidence.
<Rod> stock markets are the folly of a materialistic world
<helen_UMS> But Rod, it must be more than that....
you have just now expressed 
dualistic thinking too....even as you attempt to transcend it.
<Rod> but I will succeed if I keep the attempt
<helen_UMS> What purpose does the market serve? 
How can it work differently, or not at all? 
Those who "play" are also acting from good intention, 
even when...
that intention gets completely distorted.
<helen_UMS> Understand what I am trying to say?
<Rod> yes  :)

<helen_UMS> The structures that helped us get here....
to this new millennium, 
have all played their part in our developing awareness...
including our buddies imprisoned on Wall Street. 
They have created the beginning of global and next, 
universal consciousness.
How would we have developed global awareness without 
imperialism and money wars?
But now, those values are becoming obsolete, 
which is why the markets are beginning to fail.
<wunjo> I was hoping the government would fail
<WindRyder> the government won't fail perse, 
but will be "awakened" in its own right
Won't the structures give way to more of a communal lifestyle 
(voluntary basis)?
<helen_UMS> The government will fail in its dream of being a govt.
 of all the people for several decades,
abrogate the rights of the rest of us to protect us....
in other words, for our own good.
then it will realize its mistake 
and return to the vision....
Also, the increased presence and awareness of contact 
with extraterrestrial and extra-dimensionals will make 
the govt. believe it must...

<susanrose> Helen, why are so many spiritual people 
moving to New Mexico? 
Do you believe in the vortex patterns, as are talked about in Sedona?
<helen_UMS> Yes, susanrose, 
I do believe that there are various locations....
or rather *gatherings of like mind*....
that are prompted by Gaia energy. 

Just last night I was massaging my old dog, who was in pain. 
I *SAW* the hundreds of points of light energy dance across the floor...
as I rubbed him. That did not happen to me in NJ, 
even though I know such energies exist in many places. 
There are locations, gatherings of intention, that further...
at a faster pace, perhaps, than other locations. 
People are drawn to move to those places or to leave them.
The right people end up in the right places at the right time....
just like clockwork.
This is not conspiracy, but energetic connection between and among 
friends who...have known each other forever....literally.
<oldgold> These "gatherings of like mind" invoke powers 
that are greater than we are as individuals.

<StarDream> May I ask... do you believe that, 
for want of a better word, 
lightworkers are and will slowly take on places within 
governments and the like?
<helen_UMS> Yes, StarDream!...
<WindRyder> stardream ... also some of those already in govt. 
will be awakened and become lightworkers
<helen_UMS> Fortunately, I believe this has already begun, 
and there are quite a few already in place....
it is my opinion, however, that it will be a looooong haul before 
they are given authority...
By this I mean inner legitimate authority of the people, 
to exercise their full potential.
<helen_UMS> Agreed WindR. I see this happening all the time. 
Watch the eyes, the faces, the body.
<WindRyder> sounds like the framers of american govt. 
sort of had this intention in mind ... 
so we could exercise our Power, Inner Power
<StarDream> Power that encourages self empowerment.
<WindRyder> Power Within and Power With ...
rather than "Power Over".

<helen_UMS> YES, WindRyder! I believe this was, 
in fact their original true intent. 
That is why I believe we must end the dualism, 
must recognize the good intention 
beneath the horror...
The good intention 
has never swayed from that original intent, 
which had to have been framed 
in language of the day, after all.
<oldgold> Right.

<wunjo> And what of the earth... will we stop destroying her?
<susanrose> We must emphasize what we all have in common... 
rather than debate the differences.
<oldgold> Yes.  The Common Thread.
<WindRyder> susanrose ... actually we will respect 
each other's differences 
and discuss them to reach a common understanding of things
<Susanrose>  that does not work unless we share the love of the good
intent we share and feel that unity first.
I had a dream once that I was in a space ship with aliens.  
They were having a meeting about how to get humans to stop damaging the earth.  
I told them the only thing that would make humans pay attention 
is that they must know that their children may be hurt by their 
actions to make them stop.  That is what we all have in common,
love of our children.

<helen_UMS> We cannot destroy the earth. Period. 
The forces of Gaia are powerful. We can destroy ourselves 
as we distort our good intent and kill each other off 
before the other gets us first....
But the earth cleanses itself routinely, and will do so again. 
This planet will live its own life, hoping to be a partner with us...
but if we blow ourselves into oblivion, the earth will shake itself off 
and try again....

<Rod> as has happened before
<helen_UMS> Ever notice those flowers, bright red gorgeous flowers, 
that only bloom after a *major* forest fire? 
Or the green that grew in Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the devastation...
<of the atomic bomb? I feel for the people and animals and leaves and 
consciousness that inhabit dimensions we don't even know...
every time we throw a tantrum. and yet we are all resilient.

<Sandra> I think what needs the most to be integrated is 
the darkness within ourselves and learning like baby steps 
to transform each instance of anger we experience 
and fit a more enlightened way of dealing with the situation 
we find ourselves in.  This is about not others darkness but 
finding our personal responsibility in dealing with our own issues.

<helen_UMS> Yes! We begin from within....
which is the point of preparing for the millennium....
1. simplify my life.  
2. examine my core beliefs and change the ones that 
no longer work or serve my fulfillment. 
3. develop and sustain true friendship.
4. forget about keeping up with the Jones's, 
even if they have a 2 year supply of water and batteries   
5.  develop intuitive abilities. If this channel were to go, 
and we could not meet like this... we should be able to call 
each other anyway, with great accuracy and speed....
we can help each other, find each other, fill the missing gaps 
of materials and supplies, or trust and love....
6. avoid buying into panic behavior and mob behavior. 
Mob behavior is even more frightening than fear and panic. 
Mobs kills from fear.
7. identify and develop my own greatest contribution 
to the world and then MAKE IT...
8.  give that gift one at a time to every person seen and unseen. 
Know deeply that the so-called "other" shapes my life and is part of me....
Simply put, what goes around comes around. 
This is a list of individual actions that could 
*LITERALLY* change the world.

<Wunjo> There are many who can materialize abundance.
<helen_UMS> Yes, Wunjo....we will learn the power of making. 
We revel at stories of the great teachers and healers and leaders 
who brought forth material things out of thought and intention....

<helen_UMS> The Millennium is just another day. Period. could be the beginning of a new level of living, 
of relationship, of abundance.
We have choices, and our individual actions can literally 
affect the stock market, 
the supply of gold and water, the trust in our neighbor.
Pretty simple after all, huh? :-)

<Sandra> I support what you are saying.  
Until each of us heals our selves and learn to be in charge 
of our own buttons, and the choices we make, 
to that extend, the world will heal.  
Learning to find and get to a place within myself

<helen_UMS> Exactly, Sandra. Well said. And...*powerful!*
We each, in that moment of choice...choose love or disaster. 
Abundance or lack. War or peace. What a gift.
<Sandra> a place of peace.

<susanrose>Thank you Helen for leading this gathering of
#)Gaia*Friends(.  I have enjoyed your wisdom and energy.
<helen_UMS> Thanks for inviting me, Susanrose!
<WindRyder> thanks Helen and light
<StarDream> Thank you very much Helen.
<wunjo> Thanks Helen I loved it :)
<susanrose> Helen: If you * see * norm, 
I would like to thank him for introducing us.  
Good night all!
<Sandra> good night peace to all
<Rod> Thanks Helen! May we all part keeping the knowledge 
that our Heavenly father is ever with each of us.