Discussion On Relationships

<Ariannna> WE NEED to relax now
Breathe togetherBreathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now.Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns(especially me :)
Breathe in peace Breathe out concerns
Breathing together Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others. Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life in the web of GAIA,
our mother, our earth.

<Ariannna> Dear Friends,
This starts the Topic, Relationships/
Uniting the Divine Masculine and Feminine

In an effort to understand, appreciate,
and have more successful relationships,
Argus and I have explored this topic for tonight's Presentation.
We are not saying we have the answers.
Speaking for myself, I can tell you that my personal life
is riddled with the same disappointments
many of us experience when trying to find a perfect,
(or at least livable) relationship.
I am a seeker,still going through the process of living,
learning and evolving. :)
With that in mind, I want to explore and share with you
what we have found interesting on the subject.
And Likewise, in your comments to this material,
teach me what you have leaned from
your experience with relationships. :)

Last week a person named Nyce was, (I believe)
trying to ask from what system our information arose.
I want to clarify this concern about this topic,
or most other topics that have been presented,
We are not representing any particular school of thought,
but like hummingbirds, are sampling the nectar of many flowers
to help us discover truths and insights that will
help us live harmoniously.

<Ariannna> The First selection about Relationships comes from a book called
It has a Native American as well as New age flavor to it.
Does anybody know the author?

"On the level of the earth, of the present era, there are biological creatures
of female and male human form at either side
of this profound interface between the
masculine and feminine aspects of God.
<mesas> ken carey
<Ariannna> thank you mesas
<Ariannna> The same division between eternal unity
that has the power to bring stars into existence, that
same creative charge exists between the human female
and the human male.In a healthy state,
the power of this creative energy is immense.
Consciously channeled, it can be used to create beauty
of an unprecedented order, of a nature surpassing all that came before,
Making visible the invisible beauty of God.
Never before on the material plane has dialogue between
divine masculine and divine feminine had the potential to be as clear.

When male and female meet on the Medicine Wheel,
they carry a distinct creative charge.
Though their roots weave together and spring
from the same source in the same Great Spirit,
they incarnate on earth to face one another with distinct sexual charges,
Profoundly attracted, with immense capacity to create
through the universal power of the love that can flow between them.

Each woman swims in an energy current
A tradition as distinct form the traditions of men
as the very first creative division of God.
Though you men and women have lived together in the same lodges
and felt beneath your feet the earth of the same villages,
though you have shared the same illusions,
you are at distinctly different points on the great Medicine Wheel.
Yet as different as these points are, they are profoundly compatible,
designed differently to stimulate maximum creativity.
They are the very points where God meets God.

There is nothing more incomprehensible than the concept,
which is entertained in the warrior societies,
that there could be conflict between the feminine aspect of God
and the masculine aspect of God.
Do you realize how severely this concept limits you who accept it?
You will not find your place in the universe
or form a basis for understand her mysteries,
until you shed such superstition and realize that
Mother God and Father God are Profoundly IN LOVE!

<Ariannna> Any Comments?
Leva> yes<Leva> relationships SUCK* Leva smiles
<Ariannna> leva, that is why we are here, to try to figure out how
to make them better :)
<Leva> they are conducive to absolutely nothing except trouble,
children, sex, and boredom, and nasty arguments
<mesas> (a real happy camper)
<novale> I would like to add that is important to remember
that either a male or female can occupy either space on the Wheel

<Leva> and once you're fed up, you start to learn how to heal yourself,
and live without a relationship
<^Skywise^> you must be in the wrong realtionship if it SUX!
<Danie> Relationships are important in my opinion,
because through relationships with others, we learn more about ourselves.
<arguss> very true, danie
* Leva nods to Danie
<Leva> but then you get suckered into one like a fool anyway
<Ariannna> Leva, I hope there is something you can take away
from tonight's program or interaction, that can help you,
as well as the rest of us, like new hope
<Leva> i know everything about relationships there is
<arguss> Leva>perhaps one must be whole before
having a meaningful relationship
<Danie> Pain and hurt in relationships can be transformed
into compassion, Not to mention... pain is an illusion ;)
<Leva> of course knowing and doing is different
<^Skywise^> arguss: good point
<Ariannna> though our pain we learn empathy
<Leva> arguss: perhaps one must be dumb and horny
<^Skywise^> as well as through our joy....
<Leva> arguss: my friends who are dumb and horny have more success

<^Skywise^> more success with what?
sex or a meaningful relationship?
<Ariannna> Leva! you write wonderful poetry!
you must value the gifts
you offer to the world!
<Leva> there is no such thing as a meaningful relationship..
those are SO RARE... one in 1000 is meaningful<
^Skywise^> hehehehe!
<Danie> Leva: probably the women who your dumb/horny friends
hook up with would be women that you would have no interest in!
<arguss> Leva>perhaps dumb and horney are buried in the formula <smile<
<Leva> danie: yes
<Leva> out of 1000 women there is 1 that may interest me.
She can at least understand 1/100 of me, but then she fails...
and with such odds against me.. it's hopeless for me anyway

The following was channeled 11/23/95 from the Goddess,
through Argus, to be shared with you tonight at )Gaia*Friends(
<Ariannna> take a bow, argus!
* arguss bows

For my fellow friends of Gaia:
A relationship is a stew. The kind made by your grandmothers.
No recipe. Ingredients never precisely the same.
Never past completion. Always in progress.
LOVE is the stock. Be it based on beef or chicken or vegetables.
The meaning of love defies universal definition. For some, love is pain.
For others, love is habit. For still others, love is a selfless giving.
The quantity and quality of the stock varies constantly
SEX is the protein.
Be it beef or chicken or beans. It is there in some form.
Like love, the quantity and quality varies.
It can add meaning to or subtract meaning from love.
INTIMACY is the vegetables.
Various kinds of shapes and tastes.
Touching.Being close in some way.
Sharing of something in the realm
of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
COMMITMENT is the seasoning.
Infinite in combinations. To taste
. Subjective to the stew chef.
Never exactly the same.A combiner,
a unifier of the other three ingredients. Gives meaning
and purpose to the presence of them

Thank you !Any Questions or Comments for Argus?
<Danie> Well, sounds like there are as many different types
of relationships as there are types of soup :)
<arguss> exactly :)

<Ariannna> I want to thank my ascension friends for forwarding
this next message to me.I have paraphrased it, so I hope I did it justice :)

THE THREE LOVES By Uma ThunderBear
Within these three loves there is a whole spectrum of colors;
many different mirrors to look into.
And that is because as individuals we are all unique .
We each have a special way of expressing love.
Ultimately every person has experienced all of these kinds of love,
and all the colors embodied in them.

1.>Harmonious Love It is the kind where two individuals are whole,
but rather than whole as two circles, endlessly side by side.
The song that is heard is shared by both individuals because
they are so much alike. Because their lines are parallel, however,
these twins may never cross paths.Or what is most common is that
they cross paths, but their meetings are often short.
This love is a very spiritual love. It is best that this love be shared
in a friendship, because as harmonious as the songs may blend.
The relationship is simply not of an Earthly nature.
It cannot withstand the complexities of paradox
because the lines of the two individuals never cross or meet.
They can only stand side by side, curving infinitely in the same direction.
So alike, they rarely criticize each other.
Ultimately, there is always an open compassionate heart between them.
It is by the virtue of each person being themselves,
which can help each person to grow as an individual,
but not as a couple.All this can happen, given that each individual
loves themselves enough to notice their beauty in the other.

2.>The Love of Discordance
In this kind of love, two people come together
as half-selves to create one circle.
Two individuals to sacrifice their individuality in order
to become one flesh, one spirit, and one soul.
The relationship becomes the sole resource
for each person's nourishment. But because the two
are not whole independently, and rely on the other
to complete the circle...There is no personal growth.
Only dependency. This relationship doesn't usually last....
That is largely because they know how to project their own
unconscious self-hatred onto the other.We all experience this kind
of relationship if it is what we learned.
It is not a bad thing to have been or to be in a discordant relationship
It is a very valuable lesson and way to gather useful
tools if utilized correctly. The most important thing to know
and to listen to in this kind of relationship is when it is time to change,
to get out of the relationship, and to move on with one's life.
And if the other person isn't willing to do that,
to find the strength to save yourself.

3<The Spiritual Warrior's Love
This is the love of two whole individuals who stand side by side in the world.
They are like two concentric circles overlapping slightly
so that the common space between them creates a shape
At first, when "falling in love," these two circles merge;
they intersect creating the flame and their songs are harmonious.
At some point in the progression of the relationship,
the circles will pull away. This is healthy, this ebb and flow.
This relationship is not like the attractive and mythical
Love of Harmonious Souls, nor is it clingy and afraid of loss
like the Love of Discordance.
The Spiritual Warrior's Love is the most difficult
and the most rewarding because it requires that both people
see and recognize each other as individuals
and not as extensions of themselves.It requires a tenacious heart,
with the willingness to work at sacrificing old patterns
in order to merge for longer periods of time,
where in the heart can trust and be open.
This kind of relationship takes work
and is worth working for, but it is not easy.
Sometimes in these difficult periods when the flow is ebbing,
the romantic, flying love seems much more attractive!
It feels like a vacation compared to the intense work
that goes on between Warriors!
The excitement is only temporary and that there
isn't much depth compared to where they were.
They find a flying relationship is exciting
as long as it presents no challenges.
If this relationship is worked at diligently,
it can be very balancing and can greatly benefit
both individuals.Like the Goddess who looked into the vortex
and fell in love with Herself,
so too the Spiritual Warriors first fall in love with each other
.And like Her, they then make love with their own reflection.
And when She pulled away, She noticed the image
no longer looked like Her,
but stood before Her as a man, and all Creation was born of this union.
And when what is God pulled away,
He discovered there was a whole Universe
filled with life created by this union,
and was compelled to venture off and explore.
So too did the Goddess, when She saw what their union had created,
and thus began the ebb and flow.
So too is the union between Spiritual Warriors.
The potential strength that is gained from this union....
can do no less than heal the Earth and the world.

<Ariannna> Comments?
<arguss> The incredible beauty of the love of the
SPIRITUAL WARRIOR resonates to the depth of my soul

<Lumiere> the one thing I question is the bias of the essay...
although it seems to lean toward the spiritual warrior love...
the other 2 types are very common
<arguss> even though it clearly represents work and change constantly
<mesas> Sounds to me like in the Spiritual Warrior's love
that images aren't created that causes lovers to take each other for granted
and thus each moment is a moment in love's fresh discovery..:)
<arguss> mesas>yes...always fresh and new!
<Ariannna> Danielle, you originally found that 3 loves right?
where did you get it?
<Danielle> Oh, it was part of a post to lightwork-l
but the article was contributed to a lightworker magazine,
I have the e-mail address of the woman who wrote it, if anyone is interested
<Ariannna> cool Danielle!

<mesas> being taken for granted is the #1 cause
of lack of respect between lovers... probably the major case of divorce.
<Ariannna> yes mesas, and the spiritual warriors keep alive
the hope the flow will return when it is ebbing :)
<mesas> :)
<Danielle> The spiritual warrior is a wonderful idea....
ideal, I guess I mean
<Lumiere> and maybe it is an ideal.
<mesas> ideals are only realities not personally lived
<Danielle> I wonder what percentage of relationships
actually meet that ideal!
<Lumiere> if any
<mesas> you create your experience
<Ariannna> well, we do need something to aim towards!
<arguss> Danie>perhaps working towards that goal is enough <smile>
<Danielle> yes, But both individuals must want to attain that ideal
<Danielle> the Christian ideal is closer to the second description
<Ariannna> yes, I was hoping the Christians would not take offense
since it is so much part of the marriage picture they paint
<Danielle> The traditional romantic... aims to lose him/herself in the other

<Ariannna> ready?
* arguss smiles at Arianna
<Ariannna> there is information channeled in the next part
that may help us new agers devise new styles of relationships....
<Ariannna> The following information came from this web site: relationships.html/
There is much more available there.Fourth Density Relationships
- New Models
<Ariannna> This is Channeled information from a source called "Germane".
Germane is a group consciousness energy.
Neither male nor female,he views us as evolving to become like him
as we begin the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Since third density is based on separation,
then the foundation laid in third density for relationships
will be that of separation.Thus one of the key ideas inherent in it is
We will define this: If you are in a love affair,
it is not telling your partner you're having an affair.
That's a blatant example.However, secrecy is also withholding
your true feelings from another person.
If something someone said made you angry,
or if you see how a person can grow,
and you don't want to tell either of them, that's secrecy.
It cannot exist in fourth-density reality.In fourth-density reality
the polar opposite is honesty - lOO% of the time.
In fourth density you will be living the fullest expression
of who you are, and that means not withholding from anyone.
Anytime you withhold your natural self you help to construct
a lie upon which the relationship is based.
That relationship is then an illusion,
because you never really know your true selves or each other.

<Ariannna> Comments?
<arguss> Honesty requires a great deal of TRUST and
which requires much time to develop.,But the benefits are huge!
<Danielle> A completely open relationship
in which there is no secrecy and still an unconditional love bond...
now that sounds wonderful!
* arguss smiles at Danie
<Ariannna> yes Danielle,
and there can still be a commitment to continue
an open relationship
<Danielle> :)

<Ariannna> More From Germaine:

The second key idea is that third density supports conditional love.
This means that you will extend love to someone only
if they meet your needs and expectations.
You extend love to them "if..." (fill in the blank).
It's a very deep-seated behavior pattern,
and one that you are moving out of. that process,
there can be pain as you learn the idea of unconditional love.

There doesn't have to be pain, but there can be. ...
When you are learning the idea of unconditional love,
people will often choose to feel pain to remind themselves
they have a heart.We know that sounds a little bit strange
to many of you, but some people need the pain
to feel they are alive, to know that they can feel,
to feel their heart.That is what frequently happens
in the transition from conditional love to unconditional love.
All of you have had moments of total unconditional love.
They've been small moments so that
you could get a taste of it.All of you have had moments
of total unconditional love. They've been small moments
so that you could get a taste of it. But this is changing and growing
every minute. It is changing much faster than you realize,
and you are all part of that changing framework by getting more in touch
with yourself and learning to love yourself.

In Course of Miracles A Conditional Love, is called a "special relationship".
How much should we love unconditionally in a mated relationship?

<Ariannna> Comments?
<mesas> Lyssa Royal channeled a good article... :)
<arguss> The problem is dealing with our FEAR OF LOSS of the love we share..
<mesas> I especially like her one on Sovereignty
<arguss> the channel LAZARIS dealt with that, by suggesting that the strength
of our love allows us to attract love, thereby reducing the fear of its loss

Love never dies, but can be reshaped intovarious types
of relating to your loved one
<Ariannna> many of us love a spouse that we have divorced
in a different way than when we first met......a more humanistic well wishing
<mesas> I kind of like the phrase: When one door closes,
God opens another... :)
<Ariannna> :)
<Ariannna> to continue....
This is a package deal. For instance, if you are keeping a secret
from your friend or your lover and you're attempting to build
a fourth-density relationship of unconditional love,
<arguss> mesas>quite so
<Ariannna> It's not going fourth-density relationship of unconditional love,
it's not going to work.When you choose something from the third
density category, you get the package of the third density relationship.
And that's quite all right if that's what you want.
Just let it be a conscious choice.Many of you are confused
because you're choosing the third- density list and expecting
fourth-density results. You can't have both.
You must be conscious of what you want -- third or fourth.
Make a choice from a place of consciousness
and be aware of what experience you will have because of your choice.

<Danielle> That makes sense, Arianna
<Ariannna> If you choose secrecy,
you choose everything that comes along with it.
If you choose honesty, you choose everything that comes
along with that. It can work in your favor.More than anything else,
let your choices about your relationships be lOO% conscious.
It may entail some very deep soul-searching for many of you,
and you may find that some of the relationships
you had in the past no longer serve you,and you will have to do
something about it. That's very painful for a lot of people.
But you either stand still, go backward or go for tomorrow.
Once you attain a certain level of consciousness,
it's very difficult to go backward into the darkness.
You must continue to move forward,and in that moving,
many challenges await you, but there are also many joys,
many freedoms.

People may feel very threatened about the idea
of giving up control. However, many of you have experienced
"letting go and letting God," as you say it.
There is a tremendous freedom, a liberation in that experience. ...
Let go of your need to consciously control it,
to let your natural path unfoldand then interact with that natural path.
That is the path of free- dom, the path you are all moving toward.

<Ariannna> Comments??
<mesas> well... if you choose honesty, you'll never be caught in a lie... :)
<Ariannna> it does simply how to do life
<Ariannna> simplify...:)
<Azmodius> And you'll never have that feeling that you are hiding something
<mesas> yes
<Danielle> One of those things which is easier said than done...!
<arguss> mesas>and you don't have to remember which lie
went to whom for what <g>
<luvbliss> which in turn creates a shorter distance to the next step
<Danielle> But yes... I can see how openness would take so much
of one's chest!
<mesas> scary stuff... :)
<mesas> complete visibility
Ariannna> Monogamous relationships can be 4th dimensional and unconditional,
if based on choice to live this way, instead of fear of what might
happen if you didn't.
<mesas> what a rush!
<arguss> mesas>yes in a way...such a break with the past
<Ariannna> :) yes, the truth will set you free!

<Ariannna> So Monogamy can be a wonderful part of a relationship.
The following is advice from Germaine for those who seek to maintain an open
<arguss> freedom and truth, the dynamic duo
<Lumiere> again though, are these not ideals?
<mesas> imagine true intimate love in complete visibility... :)
<Danielle> *sigh* sounds nice
<arguss> Danie <it IS nice>

<Ariannna> Just so that you are clear about it,
we're not saying that non-monogamous relationships
are the only thing that should exist in fourth density.
Conscious choices in relationships is what will exist in fourth density,
based on honesty, allowing and unconditional love.
There are a lot of implications in this.

It may be a rough ride as you transition from fear- based
to choice-based relationships, but we guarantee
that when you make the shift to choice-based relationships,

<Lumiere> does anyone know anybody who lives this way?
<novale> I HAVE lived this way Lumiere..

<Ariannna> the sense of empowerment and freedom
you will feel is unlike anything you have felt thus far.
Many people feel that's a thing to fear because it's an unknown.
<Ariannna> still quoting now folks!
The Pleiadian type of relationship is a wonderful example:
It is basically in the moment. Although they do have monogamy,
they call it monogamy-of-the-moment (we are teasing you a little bit).
They have group marriages or group matings.
They have any number of people involved
- two, three, four, whatever.
Not all of it's sexual.Sometimes it's just like family grouping;
maybe they choose to live together as a mated group
and some are not sexual. It really doesn't matter
whatever goes is really their motto.
The difference between them and you primarily
is that they do not see relationships as a threat in any way.
Many of you on this Earth see a third person in a relationship as a threat,
even if your spouse's friend is the same sex
and it's a nonsexual relationship.The Pleiadians do not have any of this.
They feel the connection with each other so totally
that there's no such thing as an outside force.
They're all part of one holistic unit.
That's an example of the way your closest extraterrestrial
genetic family member experiences relationships.
They had their periods of history just like yours.
They have evolved from a place of turmoil in their relationships to a place of
empowerment, and you are doing the same.....

<Ariannna> this is me talking now...:)
Speaking of The Pleadeans type of intimacy,
who can remember the scene from the movie Cocoon,
where the female (?) alien presents an orgasmic fireball
that ricochets around the pool house
to finally envelope her lover with a blissful union of her essence?

<luvbliss> yes..
<Ariannna> How many of us would like to be able to share ourselves
with others this way?
<Danielle> I remember that scene! :)

<Ariannna> comments?
<Danielle> In order to be comfortable in such an arrangement,
one must really be self-assure and whole in onesself!
<luvbliss> it's tantric
<arguss> yes, luv, I agree

<Ariannna> Are there any ideas you would like to share
on the subject of open relationships?

<novale> its important to remember though that
all of our relationships require certain commitments,
<Danielle> Well, with sexually transmitted diseases and all..
there is some reason for concern about those types
of relationships in this day and age.
<novale> open relationship does note us license to engage
in trifling and selfish encounters
<mesas> the 60's tried that... been there, done that...
got the t-shirt.. doesn't work (not in todays world) .. (IMHO)
<luvbliss> and even without dis-eases, the deeper bonding
and height of energy can be greater IMHO, with monogamy
<novale> I agree luvbliss

<Lumiere> is unconditional love possible in a conditional world?
<arguss> great question, Lum
<Ariannna> I think if you are going to live with someone
and make a home with him, then he should be a primary commitment,
different from other friendships
<Ariannna> I think there are periods of it, but is difficult to sustain
<mesas> agreed luvbliss and Arianna
<mesas> ??? periods?
<Ariannna> well, I feel like I slosh in and out of unconditional love
<mesas> is unconditional love a snowcone?... :)
<Ariannna> mesas: I am being realistic about my shortcomings
I am still evolving :)

<novale> every encounter means an exchange of energy
and requires respect and openness always
<luvbliss> also, some feel, believe, think... "unconditional Love"
has little or nothing to do with infatuation and affection
<Danielle> I like the idea of a relationship that is open yet
at the same time the parties prefer to be monogamous.
<Ariannna> the most unconditional love I have is mother to child...
<mesas> yes
<novale> perhaps
<arguss> Danie>you are highlighting the freedom aspect
<luvbliss> and the HIV/AIDS issue,
just proved what was known by many for thousands of years,
of the entanglements of karma, consciousness etc...
from sexual desire and encounters
<Danielle> I like the *option* of freedom, I guess.

* novale makes no pretense at ability to love unconditionally
<novale> if your lover is abusive and untrustworthy, you dump him.
..love for self MUST be primary
<mesas> love is not a candy store
<arguss> nov>agreed
<Ariannna> yes novale
<novale> so that's a condition eh?
<mesas> choice
<novale> unconditional love implies that such a choice
would never be made
<Ariannna> there is also loving and letting go :)

<Ariannna> The following is some advice brought through
to a women's spirituality group, during a period of meditation.
It deals how to improve your chances for being attracted
to a more suitable partner.
<Ariannna> Although it was given to a group of women,
I hope that the men here tonight can also mirror the advice
to what can benefit them in finding a mate closer to their ideal as well. :)
<Ariannna> quoting now:
<<You are seeking, in form, something which is known
as the Divine Masculine. This is a difficult task,
because divinity in competition with ego,
when it is seen in the physical, can be fleeting and elusive.
When you catch that glance of what you think is Masculine Divinity,
it may be a momentary breakthrough, through the ego,
through the wall of separation, in the lover that you see.
But, it becomes, as humans will, clouded over, and separated from the one.
So there is disappointment, and heartache,
because no one is that perfect.
I'd like to make a recommendation to you,
when seeking this higher love in another.
When seeking this divine lover, you must first find him within yourself.
Your Divine Masculine presence is your lover
that loves unconditionally, your lover that gives you perfect bliss,
is an angel and true mateto your soul.
He is already there with you. He would like you to claim him.
Give him a name, that you find endearing.
He must be the kind of lover that would
encourage your wholeness, the kind of lover that would support,
hold you up, and encourage you to your highest evolution,
he spirals up with you, in perfect delight.
Imagine what he would look like, what he would feel like.
During such times that you are giving yourself secret pleasures,
<Ariannna> (blush...)
<luvbliss> giggle... thought secrets were out!
<Arianna> invite your Divine Masculine to make love to you,
to fulfill your moment of bliss with his presence.
Make love to him within yourself.
By doing this, you will be more familiar with him,
to recognize him when you see his aspects in a man of form.
<mesas> :)
<Ariannna> Because, what you fantasize about,
in your secret times, is often the kind of man that you may attract
to yourself, in your reality. Many may be attracted to you.
How to tell if this person could be the one to invest your heart?
Look at their actions.Are they consistently manifesting love through form,
and aiding you to do so as well? Do they contradict themselves?
Do their words agree with their behavior? Look through the external layers.
Do you find a soul that is (for the most part) at peace?
Or do you find a soul that is tormented, disarrayed underneath a thin
Look for one that displays wholeness, living a fruitful life.
If you are holding in your heart a divine lover who honors and respects you,
then you will not be attracted to the wrong person.
You will have no turn on, no place for this type of person in your life.
You will not vibrate well together, the person will be deflected
from you before the relationship gets going.>>

<Ariannna> Comments?

<luvbliss> very nice
<Ariannna> thanks luv
<Lumiere> is relationship necessary?
<mesas> life IS relationship
<reality_> it is the way we experience each other
<luvbliss> yes, mesas :)
<Ariannna> sexual relationships with others are not necessary,
but I think that personal connection with kindred spirits is very necessary
<arguss> Lum>we were not born to live isolated
<Lumiere> just a little food for thought...
<mesas> yes
<novale> there are those that live separated, as hermits and do quite well
<mesas> there is a time in one's life for everything under Heaven... including
silence and
<Lumiere> it seems this evening has been more about intimate relationships
<arguss> true, nov

<luvbliss> and it's possible to have extremely 'intimate' relationship
without physical sex
<Ariannna> yes luv! ready? :)
<luvbliss> yes... ready

<Ariannna> well, lastly, I would like to do an exercise of Unity:
if you have a sweetheart here tonight private message him/her to do this!
or imagine your loved one where ever they are...
or imagine your loved one where ever they are...
If there is no one special right now, imagine your inner divine counterpart!

<Ariannna> take a moment to private message or visualize your loved one
I want all the couples to turn to one another in thought,
And repeat the Affirmation:

<Ariannna> Woman says to Man: You are God Incarnate,
Perfectly aligned to the Goddess!
(smile)* arguss smiles back
<arguss> Man says to woman
You are Goddess Incarnate perfectly aligned to the God.
<Ariannna> :)
<Ariannna> Both woman and man say to each other:
I Behold the Divine within you!

<Ariannna> With that, The woman imagines her hands facing palms up
The man places palms down,laying gently upon her,
she surrenders and supports his loving pressure...:)
<Ariannna> ...sigh Close eyes and feel the transfer of energy
with your partner.... now a cyber kiss to end...
<Ariannna> As chalice of the Goddess, I am a receptacle of this love
<Ariannna> Kissss!!
<arguss> Thank you for joining us tonight
<Ariannna> yes thank you all
!<luvbliss> now snuggle :) :)
<novale> thank you Arianna, Argus : )
<Danielle> Thank you Arianna!! A lot of good information
<luvbliss> Thank you Arianna, arguss and all
<Danielle> Thank you argus, also!
<arguss> thank you all, and especially you, Arianna
<mesas> light and best all
<Ariannna> thanks to you and all!,see you next week