Communication With Spirits - A Halloween Tradition

<^Joyful^> Welcome to )Gaia*Friends(

I am always happy to be here with you
and especially tonight.

<Susanrose> Welcome! While everyone is gathering,
I want to say that I am happy that Joyful and agreed
to lead our gathering tonight.

In honor of Halloween, it is fitting that an
experienced medium should be covering this topic.
Joyful (Ms. Jackie Lunger) came from a Spiritualist family and
has been doing readings since she was 18 years old.
She is a member of Lily Dale New York Spiritualist Assembly,
and is presently employed as a Social Worker specializing in
employment in southeastern North Carolina. You may visit her
web site at:Joyful

<PWest> How long have you been a medium?
<^Joyful^> about 15 years now
<thefool> shalom all
<Donana> Hi glad I found you all
<Triskana> hello Sanna
<^alex^> hi Jackie

<^Joyful^>In our busy lives
we can get into the habit of taking the usual
for granted and sort of go through the motions of living

Too often automatic pilot takes the place
of being in the moment. Today I spent several hours
in the neonatal clinic at a local teaching hospital
with a coworker who gave birth to a 1 LB 9 oz baby girl
on Friday. Moment by moment this little girl is trying
to stay alive.

Her parents are trying to remain positive and believe
her body will continue to grow and develop
and that she will be coming home with them
in time for Christmas. Five other very premature babies
were born at this same hospital about the same time
as Sarah and they too are living moment by moment.
Let's please take a moment to send light and love and prayers
for these new little lives, their families
and the medical staff caring for them.

<^Joyful^> Thank you! To start the topic tonight,
here is the background information on Halloween.
The Pre-Christian, Celts and Druids celebrated November 1st
as New Year's Day. Thus being the case, October 31st
would have been their New Year's Eve.
That is as far back as I was able to trace the tradition.

The Celts and Druids made lanterns out of turnips
and there is considerable dissention about 10-31 being the
Eve of Sanhaim or festival for the dead vrs. the
literal translation of Eve of Summer's End.
This argument I leave in the hands of scholars.

<^Joyful^> When the Catholic Church began destroying the pagan temples
and festivals during the Dark Ages, those who persisted in celebrating
the old ways were called witches and their practice
was called witchcraft

These groups considered Oct. 31st High Sabbath.
In 43AD the Romans added bobbing for apples
to the Celts celebration. This act was to honor their goddess
of fruits and trees

<^Joyful^> 7th Century AD the idea of All Saints Day was introduced
to honor all saints known and unknown. Catholics,
Episcopalians and Lutherans readily accepted this new idea.
The Buddhists too have celebrate all Saints Day
in their religion it is called Makha Bucha Day
and I do not know the date of this holiday.
In the 8th century AD Pope Gregory III changed All Saints Day
from May 13th to November 1st and called the celebration
Allhallowmass, 10-31 being All Hallows Eve.
In 834 AD Pope Gregory IV made this an official church holiday.

Halloween Around the World:

The Irish Pagan festival called for feasts for the dead
and people dressed as soul's of the recent deceased
and walked out of town to lead the lost soul's
away from the village. Years later youth began
dressing up in costumes and "trick or treat"
was added to the celebration. The Jack O Lantern,
(will o the wisp, foxfire, corpse candle)
was considered a mocking spirit
and a light not to be followed.

<^Joyful^> comments or questions?

<PWest> lovely so far joyful, please continue :)
<Susanrose> Great Background Information, go ahead Joyful.

<^Joyful^> In 1600's England November 5th was called
Guy Fawkes Day. This was a Protestant day of Thanksgiving.
It was named so because that was the day Fawkes
attempted to blow up the parliament and this was considered
at the time to be an attempt the Catholic Church
made to displace the Protestant Parliament

The Protestants had their Halloween celebration
on this day instead of the old traditional day
the Catholics and pagans shared.
In Mexico Nov 1 and 2 and the "Days of the Dead"
and 10-31 is the "Day of Dead Children" their tradition calls
for home altars to be covered with flowers and feasts.
Germany has a tradition on April 30th "Eve of St. Walpurgis Day"
when witches, ghosts and demons are said to be active.

<^Joyful^> Spirit communication only fits in with a discussion
on Halloween because that seems to be the time of year
when many consider it a possibility.
It is an opportunity to bridge planes of existence
There needs to be a reason other than curiosity
Often, it is unfinished business with one in the living.

<PWest> curiosity is powerfully charged with experimentation

<^Joyful^> Sometimes there is a healing that occurs
from the contact. When someone asked me to help them
contact a person in spirit I always access the reason
for the request. I allow my intuition to guide me
inthe decision about whether or not I will assist in the process
This because I place great value on the communication
and wish not to participate in the frivolous side of it.
If someone is only asking out of a need to be convinced
they need to find another medium.
I am not an entertainer or a scientist,
so when is the right time to seek out a medium
often to say good bye when you haven't been able to
through normal process.

<PWest> does it ever happen involuntarily?
<^Joyful^> Many times people tell of having open eyed
clairvoyance or clairaudience when they weren't expecting it.
Those times are rare
Approaching the idea in love is also essential

<^alex^> how is that you can contact one who has passed over
when they have moved on? or is the one you contact not moved
on completely yet? or does it make a difference?
<^Joyful^> contact normally takes place in the astral plane
each moves to that place for the purpose of contact
and then each returns to their usual place afterwards
This is because that is the easiest place for all parties to reach

<Donana> can it be during dreaming?
<^Joyful^> certainly and many times that is the case
Communication may be conscious, in trance, or in dreams.

I saw about a haunting by a little girl tonight on
a television show called "Sightings".
Why do you believe a child would not have a relative,
guide or angel take them to the light and the other side?
<^Joyful^> children have choices too
Choosing to remain in this plane is something anyone can do,
however most prepare themselves to go to a higher plane
and look forward to it
<Rox> Thanks Joyful :)

<PWest> are there any signs you get
when someone is `trying to come through',
such as burning ears etc. ?
<^Joyful^> not usually but I don't stay in an open state
all the time either
<PWest> for security reasons?
<^Joyful^> with training one learns to alter the consciousness
so that they are open when they want to be

<PWest> what happened first time you connected the term
'medium' or `channel' with what happened to you?
<^Joyful^> I grew up in a spiritualist family
I have always known what a medium was.
I knew I was psychic since childhood but spirit communication
was something that I studied for
I trained for that as an adult

I have a question for the group.
How many of you have had personal contact
with someone from the spirit world?
<Ana> many of us have
<Donana> Yes, I have
<Susanrose> I have had sort of channeling experiences,
but not one that was caused by a seance.
My mother said that my father appeared to her once
after his death. According to a poll conducted by
the NationalOpinion Research Council,
44% of American adults say they have been in contact with the dead.
The number is even higher for widows: 67% of them said
they had been in touch with their dead husbands.
<PWest> I don't personally know anyone that's died
<Susanrose> luckily, only my father has died.
<^alex^> deceased friend, deceased pet, deceased person in our house.

<^Joyful^> For those who have had this experiences,
what made it positive for you?
<Jackie> yes, a medium allowed me to contact my aunt and parents
I had no doubts the medium had contacted my aunt...
she said things that only I knew about my aunt
<^lori^> mine was :)
<^alex^> I would say that it wasn't necessarily positive, but more comforting....
<^Joyful^> I call comforting positive too
<Donana> Sad when my grandmother passed as she kept calling my name
and I was only 12 but could hear her
<^alex^> at the time I was frightened...
hated being alone with hubby out of town....
I woke up suddenly to see a dear friend that had recently departed
looking over me so to speak with a though to say
"don't worry, you're always looked after"

<^Joyful^> did anyone here have a negative experience with spirit communication?
<Susanrose> Joy..Any warnings to teen age (girls, mostly)
who want to play seance or ouija board at slumber parties?
<^Joyful^> good question Susanrose
<Susanrose> My daughter and 2 of her girlfriends contacted the grandmother of one of the girls and she was bitter and angry
<Donana> Lived in house where there was a very unhappy spirit

<^Joyful^> Intent is the most important part of working with other planes and the life forms there.Before attempting contact clear yourself of thoughts and desires focus on love and healing

<Donana> Grounding, centering?

<^Joyful^> It is not a good idea to play around with people's lives.
Ouija Boards can be helpful or menacing.It all depends on what you contact I have known of teens trying to determine who they will marry and when playing with Ouija Boards and getting a silly spirit playing with them.Just like they were trying to play with spirit
Just because the information comes from another plane doesn't make it correct.Same as this earth plane lots of people tell things that are incorrect.

<Susanrose> Yes, when Spirits are attracted to your circle,
Ask yourself.. are they here to teach you, or are they here for you to teach them? Or.... maybe a bit of each.
<^Joyful^> I have however worked in soul rescue on suicides
they are as confused in the spirit world as they were in this one.
When someone decided to end their life prematurely
They continue to struggle with their dark thoughts
Sometimes to the point of not being able to see that there is help for them. I encourage everyone to pray for those people to accept the help that is offered them. Light candles for suicides.

<tjmac> light and love is the answer for all,
some just need *more* in their darkness
<^Joyful^> it was as if the man was spinning in a large net
the more he struggled the tighter the netting became
the first thing was to calm him down so that he stopped struggling
Once he realized we were trying to help him
His first reaction was to try to get into another man's body
We instructed him that this was not allowed
That is what is called possession
We sent him love and light
A spirit can enter and live in the body of another person
if they allow it, or if the person doesn't resist it.

<Susanrose> or if drugs or alcohol has weakened their
aura boundaries.
<Jackie> Read "The Unquiet Dead" and
"Past-Life Regression and Spirit Depossession", by Edith Fiore.
These books explain how the dead can latch on to the living.
<Susanrose> yes, see

<^Joyful^> In this case, a miracle occurred.
This spirit's mother came to him.
She too had left in suicide many years earlier
She showed him how to heal
and with that we knew our work was done.
<Donana> Oh how beautiful
<tjmac> wonderful

<^Joyful^> his sister requested help with her grief
She suspected that he was killed by another
and with our help she was able to accept his ending his life
and her love for him helped all of us help him
This was truly a healing for many in the family.
I worked with 2 other mediums in that situation.
<Donana> what a wonderful service you provide
<^Joyful^> I feel that way about it too, thank you

<^Joyful^> trance is an example of possession
<Donana> I always get chills up my spine always associated it
with my guide letting me know something grand is happening
<^Joyful^> Most times the entity agrees to give its message
and then leave the body
<^alex^> with your you feel that some mental illness is actually a persons inability to cope with being in more than one plane at a time?
<^Joyful^> the nervous system needs lots of care when we work with energies and people can learn to be centered and focused so that they are in one plane at a time however for those who are unconscious, yes it can be a part of mental illness.
<^alex^> ahhhh...I've suspected that
<^Joyful^> someone who is sensitive or empathic
can be taking in more than they can handle.

<Susanrose> Before attempting bridging the realms, get grounded,
study the merit of what you
are about to do and declare your intent. Ask for help.
I like to throw about my shoulders the cloak that is found in the thought of the Christ.
Where two or more are gathered,there I am in your midst!

Thank you Joyful, for tonight's presentation,
and thank you all for being Brothers and Sisters in Gaia!