Golden Light Healing Circle

<Susanrose> :We breathe as one.
Long and deep.
in------- out
Coming together as a group.
For the purpose of Spiritual growth,
encouragement and refreshment.
Thank you all for coming.

Tonight's topic is:
Golden Light Healing Circle.

There are many colors to imagine when healing.
My favorite is the Golden Light.

The Golden Light is a warm, loving, forgiving beam of Light.
It will allow the target's own free will and higher self to
accept or reject it's intended use.
If not used for physical healing, it will still surround the person
with a blanket of love and acceptance.

As in all energy work, it is better if the person involved
gives permission for the healing,
and welcomes the Light that you send.

Why not send White Light?
White Light is strong and forceful.
Like a Lightning bolt, it hits it's target directly and cleanly.
It is used in a more emergency type situation.
like repelling a rapist, burglar, avoiding a collision).

It can be absorbed by the target whether or not the person
is ready to accept the change, and may cause
conflicting thoughts and feelings.

(For example sending a "stop drinking" message to an alcoholic
who is not ready to quit, and may make the person more depressed,
when they feel forced to give up what they consider to be
their best friend, and only pleasure.

So in sending Golden Light we imagine that
the aura of the person or situation involved has
the ability to warmly and softly accept as much
healing energy as it permits.

Before we start our Golden healing circle meditation,
here is some more background on the color Yellow/Gold of a Spiritual

In belonging to a women's circle that met at the full moons,
it came to our attention that the full moons in April, May, and June have
been considered particularly powerful, and that these special full moons
have been called "Weesocks".

Colors and Chakras associated with these
moons are April-Red (Root), May- Orange (ovaries, reproductive) and
June-Yellow/Gold (Solarplex, Will).
This was the message that came to us in June 1991 full moon, where
we were utilizing the Color Yellow/Gold during the ceremony.

"I'd like to celebrate with you the Color Yellow/Gold, one of my
creations. Think of this color. A delicious ear of corn
that is ripening even as we speak. Think of all the kernels nestled snugly
as they should. This is you, and Me, together as we should be .
Also think of the color yellow in the "amber waves of grain" that you speak of
in your national song. The yellow, Golden grain blowing, like the waves
in the wind, and each kernel maturing at the tops of the wheat .
You are those kernels, in the lovely Golden grains of wheat
You are maturing and developing. Just as those kernels will are packed tightly
and closely on the shaft, some day they will break apart,
and you will take the seed of what you have learned and plant it in many areas
of the earth, reaching many many others.

Think also of the Golden ray that comes out of a Lighthouse.
It reaches across the water, to claim you.
I am the Lighthouse, the Golden ray tonight is
coming from my face, to your circle.
It activates bounty, action, just as the
season is bringing plant life to maturity. You may use the Golden Ray
to put all the final pushes on your projects that you need to complete.
(Now a song was played: Helen Reddy from the Movie, Pete's Dragon:)
I'll be your Candle on the Water
My love for you will always Grow...

So in using the Golden/Yellow Healing Light in a circle,
first we must prepare.
Imagine a circle around yourself, if you are working alone.
With others here, we will imagine ourselves in a cyber circle.
Place photo of the one to be healed in the center of the circle.
You may obtain a small favorite article that belongs to the
one to be healed... a scarf, jewelry, pillow, etc.
and place it in front of the photo.

If possible play Light, gentle music in the background.
Light a candle, (mine is scented vanilla).
I also have shepherd moon by Enya on repeat on the CD player
Close you eyes....when not peeking to read the screen..(smile)

Breathe slowly and deeply, releasing stress,
breathing in minute. (continued)
Breathe in slow
breathe in deep, releasing the cares
Releasing the tensions, we enter a holy place
A circle we have set aside from the rest of the household
from the rest of the city.
A sacred place.

We call upon our holy ones
We ask that we be protected
a protection that is found in the thought of the Christed presence
Buddha, angels, patron saints.
We throw about our shoulders this cloak of protection...
a velvet soft wrap.

We are safe
We are warm
We are loved
We are one with these holy ones

Welcome the angels unseen who gather
behind your shoulders even as we see this here...
As we feel this comforting presence,
We think about the feeling of love
as all that we love, turning your attention to your heart

Sense the feelings of love that you have
for that which you love the most
Your family
Your home
Your community
Your pets
All that you love
In this comfortable presence build this love in your heart

Love the feeling of this love.
Imagine now a steam or mist... a Golden mist arising
from your heart forming a ball of Golden energy infont of you

Pat it, feel the edges of it.
Know that your guides and holy ones
gathered around your are smiling now, and adding their
Golden loving energy and Light to your orb as well.

Breathe into it, the breath of your desire
for the person, situation or condition to be healed

Pat more and more into it until it is the size of a basketball.
Holding this ball, your arms are relaxed in your lap.
Take that ball of energy and we will pass it around
the cyber circle to each person on the list
when you receive the ball, say something like:

I take the Light
I hold the Light
I thank you for the Light
Then we will pass to the next person on the list.
Each ball of Light is added to the next.
When you let go of your ball, the mist from your heart reforms another...

Starting with Angel9,
I pass the sphere of Golden loving healing Light and start with you.
For Angel19 and all that she loves, and all that she wishes to heal.
We take the Golden healing Light and pass it to Avadhuta
for all that he loves for all that he wishes to heal.
Feel the Light and energy
wash over you and your name is mentioned

<repeated numerous times around the circle.

StarFay thanks susanrose for her beautiful Light and gives hers, too.
StarRavN adds healing Light to the ball.
We pass the Golden healing Light to stars and
to all she loves and prays for and needs to be healed.

<stars>stars prays for healing energy be sent to my Spirit-mate.
May the healing reach him and bring him to the revelation of his powerful,
whole, Self. May it nurture the maturity of his Soul, the strength of
his Spirit and the Light of his essence.

<Susanrose>yes, stars, this or something better
coming in a form he sees as good, for the good of all concerned
as it is one with what he is here to do.

<stars> The best for him.. whatever that may be.

tjmac *smiles*

Take the Light, feel the energy and give thanks.

tjmac takes the Light, and adds his
tjmac says thank you, and passes the Light to Wild Flower

Feel the waves of healing Light wash over you.
Accept the Golden Light, as it will surround your aura but
not go into it without your permission on some level to let it in.

<tjmac> To Ganesha

Ganesha, for all the wonderful work she does
may It continue to help many
for all that she loves,
for all that she needs healed, both within and without.
Lastly, we will take this large snowballed sphere
and put it in the middle of the cyber circle.

We see all the loves, wishes, hopes, joys, desires,
longings and tears for the middle of our healing sphere.

Goddess/god all that is thank you for these fine souls to
share this journey
and partake in this Light.

heliacrys glows happily with her friends and wishes them peace

<StarRavN> I would like to send a healing prayer for Gwynnyth, also
StarRavN is moving and tries to make a safe journey for her family to D.C.

<Susanrose> For all those requests,
we imagining them in this large sphere.

Let us chant:

Golden Light we send this Soul.
Loves warm Light will make it whole.
Golden Light we send this Soul.
Loves warm Light will make it whole.
Golden Light we send this Soul<.BR>Loves warm Light will make it whole.

RELEASING energy now!

We thank the Spirit of <fill in name>, for accepting our gift,
and using it where it is most needed...
Any combination of physical, emotional, or Spiritual healing.
Thank you of Holy Ones -
for your concurrence with our intent and for your comforting protection.

SO MUST IT BE! AMEN. {{{{{{End}}}}}}

Breathing now, coming back to your room,
to your surroundings. Take a drink, reground.
Thank you all for coming

<stars> Thank you for providing the circle, Susan...
hopefully the full effects to wholeness in both intent and ability will be felt by all...

<^Angel^9> ^Angel^9 tickles Susanrose with her huge fluffy wings ...
{{{{{{{ susanrose }}}}}}}

Thought that quote would go well to end the evening
We ask ourselves,
"Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?"
We were born to manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone
and as we let our own (Golden) Light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.
- Nelson Mandela

Good night everyone, your presence and the presence of the divine felt wonderful...

Thank you for being here to share in it with me.