A Group Reiki Exercise

<Ganesha> Welcome everyone to )Gaia*Friends(. Thank you.
<Leva> even me?
* Leva grins
<Ganesha> well, Leva, I hope that even if you feel sceptical
about reiki you will have an open mind during the
* starr whispers, are we supposed to be quiet?
<Ganesha> no not at the
moment we haven't
started yet..talk away
<starr> I was just thinking of a Reiki experience. I had a
concussion, and the Reiki brought me into my full self very
<Ganesha> well could you share your experience with REIKI
<starr> I was out cold, and my roomie knew Reiki, so she used
it and I had no ill effects except a horrible black eye.
Oh, I forgot. I also got a bruise that looked like a
star on my right side.

* Gawain notices what a wonderful group this is... lots of
friends *smile*
<Ganesha> Beautiful Group
* Lt_Warior waves hello to all his friends here... on #gaia
<Dream> yes...very beautiful group
<Ganesha> Thank-you so much for all your love and support for
this evening
we'll wait a minute more to see everyone settled and all

<Seichim> put your hand up if you've experienced reiki b 4
* Seichim raises hand
<Ganesha> Yes, Siechim, thats a good idea, who has
experiencede reiki b4?
* starr raises hand
<starr> I've experienced Reiki., Excuse me.
<Dream> i'm not sure really....know a bit about it...but have
not experienced it
<Danie> I've read about it but not experienced it
<luvlight> had a couple times someone did reiki as a part of
other stuff happening as well

<Ganesha> I would like to welcome you all by asking everyone
to join hands in this beautiful circle here
and I ask that we join hands with the person next to
us in the list
<Ganesha> danie with starr
<Ganesha> I am holding Dream and Gawains Hands
* Gawain grabs Krish's and Ganesha's hand
<Ganesha> so lets just take a deep breath and ...relax
<Ganesha> feel the energy going in a clockwise manner around
the circle
<luvlight> left palm up, right palm down
<Ganesha> we are all a spoke on this wheel of love
ayla, we are all holding hands in a clockwise manner
<ayla> :)
<Ganesha> we are all spokes on this wheel
cogs on the wheel
we breathe in deep, and breathe out long
all the stresses of the day melt off our shoulders

again breathe in deep and breathe out long
totally relaxed, feeling the energy flow around this wheel
it is getting stronger, we are all connected
the energy is so loving and beautiful
we feel like we could melt

I would like to say
That this is the opportunity to thank our Masters
Teachers Loved Ones and Guides for all their love and
support, here this evening
I would Like to thank the Accended REIKI Masters
Usui, Hayashi, and Takata for thier energy and grace this
I want you all to know that another REIKI Master is
here sitting next to me
His Name is Nandi

<Dream> Greetings Nandi
<Ganesha> we feel the energy
it is finite and blissful
Now...we squeeze each others hands and let go
the energy is still revolving...
even tho we aren't holding hands any longer the
energy still flows
we are sitting around a huge fire pit
welcome star...we are sitting in a cicle
the energy is revolving around and thru us in a
clockwise manner

<Star22> thanks ganesha...i will join you : )
<Ganesha> relax and join us
<Ganesha> :)
<Dream> :)
<Ganesha> above us is a splendid moon
the moonbeams saturate us
with this subtle moonlight
the fire in the middle of the circle warms us
our faces are filled with a rosy glow
we are sitting on a mountain top
below us we feel the strength and determination
..the fearlessness of the mountain

<Ganesha> the stars twinkle and shine above us
There is a mountain stream running nearby
in the distance we can hear the flow of water
this sound or vibration of water is in our awareness
a sweet breeze plays across our faces..carefree
lets become penetrated and permeated by all of these

<Ganesha> the strenght of earth in the mountain
the flow of water
the stars in the sky are the ether
the great expance of space

<Ganesha> we are connecting to the elements around us

<Ganesha> now...
we will be placing our own hands upon the tops of
our heads for a minute
feel the energy from the cicle flow
down thru your fingertips
so relaxing, so warm, so healing
the vibration is tingly and mellow
we are all connected
you can sit back and close your eyes for a moment

<Ganesha> so now..
ever so gently
lift your hands...slowly
and place them over your eyes
our eyes take in so much energy during the day

<Ganesha> everyone is peeking...
<Star22> heheh
<Ganesha> this feels so relaxing and nourishing
so soothing to our eyes
<Dream> hehe
<Ganesha> now
lift...ever so slowly

*novale* Welcome! We are doing a group REIKI exercise.
Hands on head, then eyes...
<Ganesha> the hands off your eyes and place them over your
now ears...
so, we are all in the flow
our ears hear so much energy during the day
this is so healing....feels so good...the energy
flows into our ears

<Ganesha> now we gently lift our hands...very slowly...gently pat
the energy around the area you are lifting from
feel the subtle layers of energy
feel the vibration
notice any hot or cold spots

<Ganesha> next.... gently put your hands on your own neck
either side over the glands, the arterys
this is so good for your immune system and blood system
the energy pours into your blood stream thru the area
of the neck
some of you may want to put your hands around the
back of the neck
this area the back of neck holds so much tension
let this tension melt under under the warm
of your cupped hands
so relaxing, tension melts away
we feel the flow and connection
with ourselves and each other

*spirtwolf* Welcome! We are doing a group REIKI exercise.
Hands on head, then eyes, then ears, now neck...
<Ganesha> we have our hands on our necks and feel the subtle
energy flowing into our, glands, arteries
<GoldnHawk> (still moving energy in group clockwise?)
<Ganesha> yes
<Ganesha> the energy is moving in our own bodies, but
we also feel the subtle connection of the rest of the
ppl sitting in the circle
the fire in the center blazes higher and higher
the warm is reflected in pink tones on all our

<Ganesha> now, gently lifting...patting...the energy
slowly lift your hands and place them anywhere on
your chest area...upper chest, heart...wherever guided
notice any area of hot or cold...any vibrational changes
the energy spirals into your chest area
if anything comes up for you...just witness it...you
can also take some time to lift one of your hands and write
down any messages you may want to remember
<Ganesha> feel the warmth and heat of your hands
relaxed, gentle, loving

<Ganesha> close your eyes for a moment
feel the vibrations of love...the flames in the fire
pit in the middle of the circle blaze higher and higher
in our own hearts
<Ganesha> the reflection of the fire is seen
the moon
beams its subtle rays down onto the tops of our heads
and penetrates and permeates us with this subtle healing
energy as well
in the distance we hear the river flowing down the
mountain we are sitting on...fearless and strong
the stars twinkle in the ethers above...the milky way
is visable above
the breeze across our cheeks becomes stronger and
kisses us with its swift touch
we feel connected...in the circle..spokes on the
to each other ...to ourselves...to the Universe
to the One Vibration....
the energy increases in our hands and we feel a deep
the reiki energy flows to wherever it is needed in
our bodies....
from this space in time...we feel integrated with our
hands and the vibration

slowly lift and pat the energy...around your heart
area...wherever you were guided to put your hands
and place your hands anywhere on your stomach area
that you feel guided to go
you can feel the strength and power of this
area...notice the subtle energy shift
notice any hot or cold spots
notice any pings or cramps you may feel in your hands
make sure you are comfortable
slowly lift and change position if you aren't comfortable

breathe in and out slowly
the energy expands and contracts as we breathe
we feel the connection at this level in the
circle...expanding and contracting
very loving, very sweet, completely safe

<Ganesha> the fire shoots up into the sky in the middle of the
circle, the flames reach higher and higher
we feel the spiral of energy shoot up within us
alsoo...very subtle...very vibrational...healing....relaxing
we are filled with
and surrounded by this light of vibrational
and so now ...
the time for this self healing session will soon be
coming to a close...but we will be still sitting here in the
our hands are hot and warm
it feels so good to bask in the firelight and in this
circle of love and healing
so supportive,so connected
<Ganesha> so now...

<Ganesha> we will gently lift our hands from our stomach area
and we will be again joining hands in a cicrle...the energy
flows clockwise
I am holding dream and gawains hands
<Gawain> :)
<Ganesha> spirit wolf is holding danies hand
the energy connects us
the vibration is strong. love
our eyes dip closed in bliss
....the fire continues to blaze
we are all cogs on this wheel
this circle of healing and love
the energy has integrated,healed and made us whole on
a myriad of levels....mental, physical, spiritual, and
we feel the well of gladness in our hearts and minds

<Ganesha> I would like to thank our Masters Teachers Loved Ones
and Guides for the Light and Healing Energy here this
I would Like to thank the ascended REIKI Master Usui,
Hayashi, and Takata for thier love and energy here tonight
the grace of this Universal Love flows thru our hands
in the circle of love
the wheel of light
and so now
energy she expounded be returned 3 fold
we will squeeze each others hands and let go .....

<Gawain> Thank you Ganesha : )
* Star22 would like to thank ganesha for leading ..may the
<Leva> this is nice :)
* Gawain bows to the Light in Ganesha
* luvlight bows to Ganesha, thank you
<Ganesha> This is the end of our meditation, but if any would
like to stay and share experiences now, please feel
welcome...you can also e-mail me at master@usa1.com

<Danie> Thank you Ganesha... what a peaceful evening!
GoldnHawk> bliss
<Dream> Ganesha...was beautiful....Thank you
<GoldnHawk> thank u Ganesha
<Ganesha> Thank-you for your energy and support..eacxh cog in
the wheel..each spoke a beautiful ray of light
* atman smiles
<RengdeSun> thank you so much ganesha
<Dream> warm love and bright beautiful light to you all...
<Aquarius3> Love and light surround all present tonite---Thanks
<Ganesha> thank-you..for the energy
<luvlight> ===LOVE=ALL*WAYS={@

<RengdeSun> ganesha--your words healed me in 5 seconds
<Ganesha> wow, please tell me your visions and experiences?
<RengdeSun> or rather, your energy
i can just tell you that i had forgotten to rest and heal
<Ganesha> well, I would also like to thank Nandi, REIKI Master
Leo Myers for helping channel the energy tonight...he is
sitting next to me
<GoldnHawk> kewl..bows to master leo myers
<Gawain> Ganesha, the energy was full of love this evening :
<Star22> hi and thanks Leo : )
<Ganesha> Nandi, likes your kewl goldnhawk
<Gawain> I'm very happy it went so well
<GoldnHawk> :)
<Ganesha> thanks Gawain..did you all feel the flow?
<Gawain> yes
<GoldnHawk> yes
<Ganesha> how was it to give yourselves REIKI?
<Gawain> very much so
<GoldnHawk> especially near the end when the wheel was fully
lit up
<Ganesha> How was it online?
<Leva> it makes me feel like play-dough
<Danie> My hands went from iceburgs to very warm within a few
minutes of starting the circle
<Ganesha> fantastic danie
<Star22> i had a nice result with my hands over my eyes...i was
surprised at hoe grest it felt..and soooo relaxing as
well..i felt a lot of tension drain immediatly
<Ganesha> Leva, you liked it?
<Danie> :)
<Leva> ganesha: yup :)
<Ganesha> :) far out star22

<reality_> Light and Love to you Ganesha, and thank you
everyone for openly contributing Light here this evening.
<Ganesha> I am happy Leva
<Ganesha> yes, thanks to all the cogs on the wheel
<Leva> ganesha can i ask you a question?
* Gawain likes being a cog
<Ganesha> sure Leva
<Ganesha> heheeh Gawain
<Leva> ok. if we are all cogs, are masters cogs too? if so are
we different? if so, is the wheel out of balance?
<Ganesha> we are all cogs on the wheels...no the wheel was
<Ganesha> yes, the masters were cogs too...the energy flowed
and everyone contributed to the special energy here tonite
<LYTE> ganesha, you made the comment about feeling cramps in
your hands.. what does this indicate?
<Ganesha> I am sorry Lyte, what did you ask me about feeling, I
missed it
<Leva> ganesha: how is master different from student if both
are same cogs?
<LYTE> you made the comment about noting any tingling or cramps
in your hands
<Ganesha> Seichim, how are your ears?
<LYTE> what do cramps indicate?
<Ganesha> yes
<LYTE> I'm quite familiar with the tingling
but just encountered the cramps lately
in a healing
<Ganesha> well, often when ppl first start doing REIKI the
energy will cramp in thier fingers and wrists...
<Ganesha> also it can mean an old injury
<LYTE> I only get it with one person
<Ganesha> the energy flows back up into the body and cramps
well, there is something happening with them then
what part of body?
*LYTE> shoulder, back of neck

<Seichim> my ears are much better...felt good to have them
candled yesterday too
<Ganesha> pings can mean problems or injuries.....
<Seichim> :-)
<Ganesha> :)
<Ganesha> I am happy seichim:) do you feel good?
<Ganesha> maybe the spine is out of alignment..or you are
feeling an injury
<Seichim> yep...very relaxed energy...till my roomate came home
* Aquarius3 Bowing out again---Nameste!
<Ganesha> bye Aquarius
-> *novale* The meditation is over.. just chatting now
<Ganesha> thanks for coming:)
<Seichim> thank you Ganesha and all!
<Aquarius3> Thank You!
<LYTE> I'm not sure
<LYTE> I think its a pinched nerve
<Ganesha> well, lyte, everyone gets their info differently and
when you notice cramps and pings...you get to know with
experience, what they mean
<Ganesha> well, I pinched nerve would cramp
<Ganesha> possibly
<LYTE> mmmmmmmm, just wondered
<Ganesha> I felt like I was shaking with so much energy during
the circle
<Ganesha> the energy kept building and building
<Ganesha> it was very sweet
<Ganesha> this is the first time we tried this thing here so I
think it worked well
I do this type of thing with ppl in the cicles in my
weekly reiki groups... but it had a really strong quality here'
<Ganesha> I would also like to thank Danie for her help and
assistance tonight
<Ganesha> You really helps me
<Ganesha> also Like to acknowledge everyones contribution
* Star22 smiles at danie
* Ganesha hugs danie
* Ganesha has a big smile and looks and smiles at each and
every one of you
* Danie thanks and bows to Ganesha :) Glad to be of assistance!
<Ganesha> the fire still blazes
* Leva has a big and silly grin
* LYTE has to go kill Bringr
<Ganesha> Leva :)
<LYTE> bye all

<Gawain> lots of love Ganesha
<luvlight> this evening is especially nice.
<Gawain> energy was flowing real well
luvlight> yes lots of love
<Krishna2> it was great, i was shaking too, lots of Love, lots
of Bliss
<Leva> bliss is always, let us be aware of it
<Ganesha> I can feel the energy as you all speak so there is so
much love in your sharings....
* luvlight smiles with Leva
<luvlight> i like the patting
<Leva> patting heart is nice
<luvlight> the fire, does that take the whatever needs
releasing and transmute it?
<Leva> my heart is a little broken
<Leva> needed patting :)
<Ganesha> yeah that is really a great way to feel the
vibrations and also nuture your different energy bodies..luv
<Ganesha> well, really the reiki energy is very transmuting and
protective...it is its nature and strength...I brought all
the elements in ...really as a way to balance us all and
give our minds something to focus on...
<Leva> i also like massaging "air" in front of all seven
chakras by pulling and pushing it and squeezing and
streching it in fluid motions... (very close to petting in
<Ganesha> but the fire does purify.....
<Ganesha> cleansing
<Ganesha> well leva, that sounds like you were guided to do
some nice stuff
<luvlight> that is being sensitive forsure, Leva
<Ganesha> hehehehe
<Ganesha> :)
<Leva> Earth guides me and i am happy :)
<Ganesha> anyone else have a sharing?..Limerick? Star?
<Ganesha> danie?
<Leva> it guides me to be still :) and yet move about slowly
(seasons change) and move within (wind) and move without
(stars move)
<Ganesha> sometimes it is really healing to hear anothers
<Leva> and yet it's all stillness
<Ganesha> I felt alot of grace and destiny being fulfilled....
it felt sooo...right...so good...so much beautiful
love...very overwhelming...
<Leva> ganesha: of course :) we have great masters amongst us..
not one, but many.
<luvlight> very sweet and loving, yes grace and destiny, i see
that as well, Ganesha
<Ganesha> yes, all the masters teachers loved ones and guides
for all participating were here
<luvlight> and for these blessings we now give Thanks, Aum
Shanti, shanti Shanti
<Ganesha> the circle had layers and layers of great beings
<Leva> don't forget master students :)
<Ganesha> Yes, Peace Peace Peace

<Ganesha> sooo. I am going to say good night unless there are
any other questions or sharings...
<luvlight> Thank you, Bless you
<Danie> Goodnight and thanks again Ganesha!
<Ganesha> Thank-you for all your love, energy and
support.....It was beautiful...and I am hoping that someday
we can do this again .....
<Danie> L*O*V*E to all!
<Susanrose> Love, Light and Good Night to All !