The Baptism of Fire
August 8, 1999


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  <^gina^> its Monday 9th August at 1


<susanrose> Hello! While we wait as

people  are still connecting to the discussion group,  

Can we say where we are from?

<CNH> Texas

<Bryan> Texas

<^Dove^> Virginia

<Zia> Texas

<Novale> Indiana

<Avadhuta> Houston Texas here

<^Dove^> wow, lots of Texans here this evening!  ;)


<oldgold> Hello, I made it! )Salt Lake City, Utah

<BabaGlee> Australia

<Lakshmi >  Boston, MA, USA where it is 9:10pm

on Sunday 8/8/99

<susanrose> Virgie, Sunshine and I are from Pittsburgh PA USA

Where it is also slightly after 9pm Eastern Daylight time,

8/8/99 USA


<^gina^> its Monday 9th August at 1.5pm at my home in New Zealand

<susanrose> I am introducing Gina from New Zealand

Who will be speaking on “The Baptism of Fire”.

I am very happy she is leading again. 

You can visit Gina's new web page



<Raja_Manesh1> What is Baptism of Fire about?

<^gina^> energy raja, the energy of this time

<Raja_Manesh1> Susan Rose- I learned about this off of a web page,

first time in a chat room. My email address is

<susanrose>Welcome Raja, and all those who has gathered

for this meeting.  I want to congratulate Raja for being

the first person who was able to connect via Web TV.

And now, take it over GINA!!!!!!!!!!!

<^gina^> OK thanks

“Baptism Of Fire”


Earth is nearing a New Age, one of Fire or Energy.

Many people have started to experience the changes in their energy.

How they feel and use it, and even how they are used

by the Energy.  First we need to establish that this energy

we are talking of is intelligent and capable of using us.


Over our History here on Earth we have been lead

along a path of Initiation.  The last Great Teacher to Walk

upon the Earth plane in our near History was the Master Jesus. 

We all have heard his story and how he was prepared for his work

of leading Mankind into the age of Pisces.


Pisces is a water sign and the Master Jesus was seen to feed

the people with loaves and fishes.  He became a Fisher of Men

only after John had baptized him the Baptist.

If you take a moment to reflect upon John the Baptist

his story is interesting. He traveled around Baptizing people with water.


As the time drew near for Jesus to receive the blessing

of energy through water, John became even more energized. 

It was thought that John was even a little mad.   

After Jesus received his Baptism John lost his head.

Or it was cut off on Herod’s order to appease his step- daughter.


<^Dove^> Is there going to be a "one" great teacher

that leads us into the Aquarian age?  Like Jesus did for Piscean

<^gina^> I think there will be Dove

Through out the Earth's History we have had the Peace Makers,

those who open the way of the World Teacher. 

We are in such a time now when the Peace Makers

have been doing their work. Opening the path through Initiation

for the new Master to produce the next step in our evolution.


We are entering the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is a strange sign

as it implies water yet it is an Air sign. 

On the Tarot  it is seen as a water bearer pouring what looks to be water

into the river or steams of life.  Today we talk about streams of energy. 

We use energy for healing and communications

not seen in earlier civilizations


<CNH> dove's question brought this to mind:

many claim that the master Jesus is reborn and on the earth –

do you think that he is, and if so, is he the one

who is the new teacher as well?

<^gina^> I've thought heaps about that Larry....

I think Jesus has never left the many great Teachers,

He is still doing his work...I think in this new age it will be a Female

Teacher that will lead the way

The Aquarius symbol in the tarot is a person...

androgynous being...neither male nor female

however female teachers are many upon the planet at this time

many Indian Gurus left their ashrams in the hands of female devotees.


<miKron> many Buddha’s  coming!

<^gina^> could well be mikron

Yes, we have always had Healers on the Planet capable of healing

and producing miracles.  However today we see many more

people using energy to heal and help the planet to balance.

For the past ten years I have been aware more and more

of people wanting me to place my hands on their heads

and infuse them with energy.  Sometimes I use a wand that

is made of copper, crystals, gemstones, silver and gold plate.


It has 7 different gemstones to match the colors of the chakras.

 There are two clear quartz, one at each end. 

The point is a phantom quartz. It has a shadow

of the point inside of it. 


When I was in Denmark two months ago I held a full moon meditation. 

55 people joined with me holding hands.  After putting the energy

around the room, I sent the energy around the group then out to my

wider group of friends around the world…here on internet channels

)Gaia*Friends(,  Bridge and Aotearoa, friends in all different countries. 


<miKron> it is very apparent Gina with much Love

so much is changing for all of us ~!  the combination of water

and air elements to come for me is Astonishing LOVE !


<^gina^> Mikron love is changing people...

After I had been around the group placing my hands on their

crown chakra and then the heart chakra I had the group bring

their consciousness back into the room. 


The whole meditation had taken ¾ of an hour or 45 minutes. 

All the people looked very relaxed and peaceful.

None wanted to break the sense of oneness they had attained


 It was then I realized that what in essence I had been doing 

with the group was a form of Baptism. 

Baptism by Spirit, Energy of Fire. 

I see the energy coming through Aquarius as pure Spirit.

Turning all Humanity into a more highly evolved Human Being.


I am not speaking about the term being slain by Spirit.

That is the term used in a certain Christian group when they use

the energy drawn from 7 people to build the main healers energy.

The 7 people stand around the healer all placing their hands

upon the healers crown chakra. 

When the healer is ready they then go

out into the church and slay in the spirit

I would suggest that if possible you visit

and see one of these churches working.

Sunshine- was born again Christian for 6 years,

And have experienced this

<susanrose> Sunshine can speak in tongues :)

<Sunshine-> pray in tongues

<^gina^> can she be understood   :)

<Sunshine-> my personal prayer language

<^gina^> its a good way sunshine


<JEP> all those now interested in Reiki....

would that be a form of spiritual fire?

like... a pre-christening?

<^gina^> it seems to me that Reiki is one of the forms

that people are being prepared for this coming age

and I believe that all the Reiki Masters are in a sense acting

out the role of John the Baptist

they are preparing the people for the higher energies

out and slay people in the name of spirit.

 I see it as drawing the energy out of people at that time.


Baptizing by Spirit of Fire is bringing the energy levels up

within the individual to allow them to access and use

higher levels of energy. 

Why do we need this higher energy?

<JEP> better attunement?

<Sunshine-> better awareness

<^Dove^> they say the earth is ascending and that

we need higher vibration to ascend with her.


<^gina^> Dove for people to take on a higher energy

they need to be prepared

the balance and use of a higher energy takes time

and effort on the person part to change and grow in spirit

What can we use this Energy for?

Are we moving into a higher dimension?


<Raja_Manesh1> It is my understanding that

we are entering into a new dimension by increasing

 the vibrational frequency


<^gina^> I believe that the world is moving into higher

levels of energy. That we are learning to use the energy

for the betterment of Humanity and not just for personal use. 

I find it very interesting that we have just come out

of a water sign and are now entering an air sign,

which has all the water tools attached. 


My thoughts on this topic has taken me

over many roads looking for answers. 

I believe that we are awaiting the next World Teacher.

I feel that This may be the time of a Female World Teacher. 

The Goddess, The Sophia or whatever name you wish to call her. 


We are in a preparation time, one when we can be Baptized

by someone, this can be through different systems,

such a Reiki or other energetic natural healing methods. 

Or simply through the transmission of energy

from a Master or Teacher one is currently under


Do we need a Guru or Master some may ask,

I feel that only for the transmission of the energy,

then you should be out on your own discovery

of who and what you can become. 

Maybe you will not find your full purpose for being

on this earth plane. You will feel drawn


<JEP> An air/fire sign... could also

represent electricity

hence... the internet

<^gina^> yes jep

Also, if you think about it...we in New Zealand and maybe other

countries around the world at this time are seeing heaps

more activity in the skies/  meteors and such


<^Dove^> and solar flares on the sun

<^gina^> we had a meteor fly up the center of the south Island

up to the center of the north island in day light seen by many...

before it exploded in the air...a loud bang was heard by everyone


We are out of the tribal times and into the individuals Soul growth. 

The Time for the entire planet to move into the next age with confidence. 

Sure some will die, some land will sink, some land will rise. 

The Soul will not die. 


The journey the Soul has embarked upon will continue

in different forms and levels of consciousness. 

Why worry… Let fear go and bungy jump into the future.

This time of a solar eclipse, the end of a century,

the start of a New Age all come together for us to grow from,

with and through.

<^gina^> It's a time to be strong. To be creative.

Time to stop being a Hermit and to become a fool. 

Energy moves easier if one can relax and play with it. 

All the past lives you have had have prepared you for this time. 


<^Dove^> would this explain a need by some to do healing

on oneself, like hypnotherapy etc.?

<^gina^> I believe so

Although I have found that people get to know on the need to

know basis rather than searching for the past life


<^gina^> I explained in the beginning of this talk about

the baptism of fire being the preparation for the new World Teacher


<Raja_Manesh1> So, are you talking about the Maitreya?

<^gina^> Maitreya is  the next Christian and Buddhist Teacher...

Maitreya and Jesus are from the same place...level ...

they are not the same person

<cloudkid> I think Maitreya is actually a little higher level

<Raja_Manesh1> So, will he be the Messiah for the Age of Aquarius?

Or will the Maitryea overshadow a living human, like a walk-in?

<^gina^> I think there is always a Messiah for each new age...however...

I believe that the next one is on the female...

is already doing part of her work


<Raja_Manesh1> Why would you think the New Messiah 

is a female??? It will be the first female Messiah

<^gina^> why not raja

BabaGlee- remembers facilitation during the influx of the Female

Gemini Christ energy back in 1989.

<miKron> Gina my own ideas is the next messiah

may be some aspect that is aspects of wholeness female/male 

the many and the one! ha shem!


<susanrose> Perhaps the baptism of fire is the awakening

of the Christed Consciousness that dwells in all of us,

so we may not need to look outside for the messiah,

as Christ will arrive  from within, 

I am the vine and you are the branches... just my thoughts....

<Avadhuta> The arrival of the messiah is described as the Christ coming to us

on the clouds.  Clouds= levels of consciousness,

so the Christ may arrive from within

upon the clouds of our awakened consciousness.

<Novale> nice thoughts susanrose

<Lakshmi> the inner darshan of the inner guru

initiates the seeker further from the inside out.. yes.. nice susanrose

<susanrose> I do believe the female / intuitive time

is here for men and women... as we all look inward

to the still small voice... thanks novale


<^gina^> The energy used by the priests in the temples

that predated Egypt and Atlantis was called “star fire”.

BabaGlee - wonders if this "Fire Star" could be similar to

 the DHEA mother hormone.

<^gina^> if you are interested in that line of thought Baba

then read Laurence Gardeners book Genesis of the Grail Kings

BabaGlee-  thanks Gina and has already read the articles by Laurence Gardner

<^gina^> there can be no higher ground for some and not for all

BabaGlee was just wondering if the Naturally occurring Hormone

DHEA found in wild Yam might be some how related in

effect too the "Star Fire".. I think it can do the same thing. :o)

<^gina^> its an interesting thought baba as today medicine

is using what they call cord blood to heal babies

BabaGlee feels that a female Christed person as mentioned

might need this "wild Yam" substance to stabilize there Hormone

functions as indeed perhaps some men might need as well.

<susanrose>  There is research going on at Magee-Women’s Hospital

in Pittsburgh regarding the bio-availability of plant estrogens,

such as being put in “yam creams” to aid in the symptoms of

menopause.  Perhaps like many rain forest plants that have medicinal

properties, the right quantities can be identified.  This is magic,

but so is aspirin (smile) ….Who Really knows how it works???


<Raja_Manesh1> So, are we raising energy for personal ascension

or for collective consciousness sake?  Or is it only to prepare the way?

<cloudkid> no separation there, raja

<^gina^> I think its both raja

<CNH> for the personal to fully ascend, the collective must also

<CNH> but for us to fully become one, all must be one

<Novale> are we not already one?

is it not only  illusion that deceives us to think otherwise?

<Raja_Manesh1> If we are not one, then the Universe would be chaos.

I agree that division is an illusion

<Jackie> true

<Avadhuta> :)


<Raja_Manesh1> Well, if you are trying to appeal to the

various world religions, like the Jews who are expecting a

Male Messiah, it will be difficult to convince folks

<^gina^> Raja...I am just sharing views

not trying to convert anyone

<susanrose> Raja, some Jews are expecting a female messiah...

They call her Shekhina... Wisdom… Feminine aspect of the Divine

Who will herald the Messianic Age.

<Raja_Manesh1> Like the Shekhina Glory that filled the temple?

<oldgold> Shekhina is the radiant presence of the Divine.

<^gina^> actually read proverbs and you get a really good idea about wisdom...

chapter 8 old testament

<Jackie> wisdom cries in the streets...


<susanrose> In case anyone is interested in Jewish Shekhina...

look at this file,  

oldgold's husband wrote a files on the messianic age belonging to the Shekhina....

His name is  Alan Bachman, and his birthday is  11-11 !

Better yet, Oldgold and Alan’s web site has more on Shekhina, with music.


<oldgold> Thanks.

<^gina^> thanks susan


<^gina^> the universe moves in total order, humanity is chaotic

seems that for all to ascend we are truly our brothers keeper

<Raja_Manesh1> So, how can you increase your energy?

fasting, Kundalini, praying, serving?

<^gina^> fasting is not a good way to increase your energy

<cloudkid> loving more so than any technique

<^gina^> better to send your energy out from you to the planet and people in need

then you will be filled up with new energy

<susanrose> Yes, gina! since all spirit is one, giving is the same as receiving.

The joy of being in the flow of the current means that the channel is clear

and both end are open for the passage of the energy.


<Raja_Manesh1> Really Gina? Seems like fasting would get you more in touch with

the Divine One Within and help throw off the distractions of this world

<^gina^> it has been my experience Raja that the more I used the energy...

the more it used me...the more it changed my consciousness

the simple things became and the easier I could live in this world

<CNH> use the god's gifts with great abandon, they are your nourishment!

<^gina^> once you have the peace within, nothing can pull you out or distract you

<susanrose> well, my teenager can sure come close, chuckle!

<Sunshine-> laughing, sue


<^gina^> energy changes within you as


Are we taking about Divine Energy here?

If you are talking about Divine Energy,

 then it is a source outside (or inside) your self,

not a work of the flesh but of the spirit

<Novale> physical is not divine?

<Avadhuta> physical energy is not divine???

since when

<Novale> please tell me - what is NOT divine energy?

<CNH> the flesh and the spirit are but two sides of the same coin

<Jackie> I feel once one is balanced to a certain degree,

giving up things no longer is needed for the person is able to use

and give energy no matter what they are doing or where they are.

<Lakshmi> does not the secret of the divine energy or guru principal

is that there is not a place it is not


<Raja_Manesh1> In what way does the energy refine the user,

 like fire burning away the dross and cares of the world?

<Lakshmi> the one who is looking is the one who looks

<^gina^> the more you use the more you get the

higher the level of consciousness

<Jackie> the divine fire is like a refinery or alchemy, then?

<^gina^> yes raja


<susanrose> The debate about whether energy is of the physical, or a Divine

Extension reminds me of the concept of duality.  Duality is a principal that is

Picean thinking and not Aquarian.  In the cusp of the ages, it is feathered into our

Belief structures, but I feel it time is ripe to end dualities and just plain love

And live in what IS.


Can electricity be good or evil?

It can electrocute, but it can also light the darkness.  The choice is not whether

Energy is pure, but to what intent our human desires will shape the gifts of

Energy we are given. 


So you may say, well and good to believe in non-duality, but what

About personal accountability?

While all creation is divine and in perfect order,

we have a responsibility to tend our fires brightly.

 Remember the parable about the women who had oil for their lamps? 

Some of them let their oil run out... their lamps were snuffed out,

and they were not invited into the feast when the wedding party arrived.



<Raja_Manesh1> So, how does the Divine Fire relate to Kundalini-

anyone know?

<^gina^> same raja

<susanrose> Interestingly, in the book “The Anatomy of Spirit”,

Author Carolyn Mist speaks of the Catholic Sacrament of Baptism

Being overlaid on the Root Chakra.  She relates the tribal welcoming

of the new child into the clan as being at the base of the charkas.

This is an earth point connection that is also Root, Kundalini energy.

She then relates all the 7 sacraments and their gifts to corresponding

Charkas and colors.


<Raja_Manesh1> Kundalini and Divine Fire are the same?

<^gina^> without the Divine essence giving you life you would not be here raja

<Lakshmi> kundalini shakti is the device fire in one of its manifestations,

the awakening energetic that burns the samscaras in the

sushumna nadi of all the previously unstruck karma and

accelerates the enlightenment process of a lifetime

<Raja_Manesh1> Kundalini is feminine...

<Lotus> kundalini can refer to the "process" as well

<Lakshmi> shakti seeks shiva

<CNH> Spirit is genderless

<Jackie> not so much gender but different kinds of energy

that have different qualities.



<Jackie> Is the Shekhina the same as the Holy Spirit?

<BabaGlee> It was a nasty thing for the priests did in  324 ad .

To say that nobody can receive the Holy Spirit/Shekhina until Jesus returns.

When in fact they were just suppressing femininity

and denying everybody the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Keeping the gifts too themselves

<^gina^> baba...I believe that the priests now know their

mistake in cutting out the female principle

<Novale> priests are only a reflection of US - can only do what we permit

<^gina^> I agree novale

BabaGlee -  is not waiting for the return of Jesus to receive the

Shekinah/Holy Spirit ,

 but is trying to receive the Shekina gifts now :o)

<^gina^> then take it within you baba


<Susanrose> Rather than thinking of Spirit as a neutered,

like the Genderless Holy Spirit of the Catholic Trinity,

I prefer to think of Spirit as a variety of aspects that include

Feminine and Masculine as well as a whole soup of unknown 

Components the synergistically create more than the sum of the



<^gina^> When leading a meditation or healing

they say that the energy forms like a cloud

moves and fills the room

when it touches them it is peaceful and loving


one man said it scared him at first then it just blew into him and he was ok

some see the energy as colors

some feel the heat

some say its cold

all people react to energy in different ways

<Raja_Manesh1> Do you have to meditate and focus for this to happen

or does it happen all the time or frequently or just when you are speaking?

<^gina^> it just happens around me

<Raja_Manesh1> OK, so how did you tap into this phenomena?

<^gina^> raja...I meditated and prayed...mediation is listening...prayer is talking to God

then I spend most of my waking hours helping people...

the energy has changed me its level over the years.


<Raja_Manesh1> what kind of service do you do for people?

<^gina^> mainly listening healing and giving them energy

<Raja_Manesh1> Send some energy my way

<^gina^> take it

<oldgold> The divine light in each of us is as a divine hologram  --

and in each one of the many of us is the entire image of the many and the one.

I believe this is an evolving awareness and Gina is right on - in directing a

group consciousness toward  the light of this healing energy.


<Raja_Manesh1> Thanks, that is refreshing.

the Internet is an extremely good medium

<^gina^> I believe we can send the energy just as well

through the net as one on one

<CNH> I can testify to the energy flowing through the net

<^gina^> energy is there for all to use...if you use it for the good of the whole

 it will use you in other ways

<CNH> much to my amazement, Gina opened my eyes to that some time ago

<Lotus> I luv Gina’s last statement


<BabaGlee> Is the Shekhina gifts anything like the holy spirit gifts

bestowed on people during the Pentacost?

<Raja_Manesh1> The Shekhina Glory was around before

the day Of Pentecost, some believe it is the presence of God

<oldgold> She is a reawakening of the great mother from before.  Right Raja.


<^gina^> why do we humans need to give fancy names to

something that is simple, pure, and God...

<Novale> amen!

<CNH> KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) (old army adage)

<Lotus> different cultures, I suppose

<oldgold> Many names

By whatever of no name you choose . . . proceed!

BabaGlee thinks that perhaps Fancy names come about

through a advancement of refined concepts originally

related to the original word. A sort of verbal refinement

based around study and exploration.

<susanrose> Genders as well as all the aspects of divine expression are

given a gifts to help us see the brilliance and sparkle of the

Multi-faceted diamond of creation.


<Raja_Manesh1> Gina, why is Australia and New Zealand

such fertile ground for fantastic teachings and enlightenment?

<^gina^> if you could see the physical light outside my window

raja you would under why

I went to the beach in the south Island on Friday

to see the boulders that are coming out of the cliff face

JEP sighs

<^gina^> it felt old, peaceful and so sad

I said to the other friends with me...

these are the last of the Atlantian Temples we will see


<^gina^> there has always been talk of changing our consciousness

Changing the consciousness is far greater than just changing your energy level

there will also be a changing of your physical body consciousness...

the body will no longer have the same needs

will no longer feel in the same old manner

Up till now humans have been leaning to be humans

now we are learning to be human Beings

<Lotus> goodness gina, nice

<CNH> so our consciousness has expanded to the

point that we can commune better :)

<^gina^> I believe that due to the power of communications

via the net that we have raised the energy to a higher plane


<Lakshmi> wanting to hear a quick summarization or something..

sorry.. the discussion got kinda fragmented

<susanrose> My summary,  for what it is worth...(smile)

There was an old childhood song that song that went...

“don't you blow my candle out ... I 'm gonna let it shine!”

Well, as I go to bed tonight,

I will ask the universe tonight to help me tend my fire brightly,

and keep my lamp on top of the bushel for all to see.

I also tend the flame of the wick of my lamp.  I take the time

to replenish the oil.  When the wedding party arrives, it will be

ready to celebrate the feast!


Good night and thank you Gina for leading!

<^gina> thanks susanrose for asking me

BabaGlee bows and thanks GINA for there presentation

I am relieved some other people are thinking as evident here

<^Dove^> If anyone is logging, would you please e-mail me a copy of the log.

Thanks and blessings to all.  G'night

<susanrose> Remember to check the )Gaia*Friends( web site for

an edited version of tonight’s meeting in a week or so, Dove.

<Lakshmi> namaste to all and thanks to Gina

<^gina^> thank you all for listening...I have enjoyed your comments

<Lotus> {{{{thank you Gina}}}}}

<^gina^> bye for now

<Novale> thank you for your presentation gina

* JEP hugs gina

<Raja_Manesh1> Gina thanks for your time and energy and many blessings