The Path Home: Discerning the Yellow Brick Road

Tamar George lives in Pittsburgh PA, (about 3 miles from my home),
and has been my friend for the past 9 years.
She awakened eleven years ago, after becoming involved with
trans-channeling. Her life is completely involved in metaphysics,
doing intuitive counseling sessions. She also teaches self
empowerment classes, tarot and past life regression.
She is a published author of the book, "Guardians of the Flame" published by
Light Technology... (the Sedona Magazine people). She also has a video titled
"The Awakening" More about her and her artwork can be found
on her web site at

The Path Home: Discerning the Yellow Brick Road
Outline for discussion on discernment:

What is a path?

What is untrue on this path?
a. fear
b. sensationalism

These are some other things that I will touch on:
a. Aliens channeling books?
b. The pole stop!
c. 3,000 humans channeling Jesus.
d. Alien walk-ins!
e. Hoarding weapons for the earth changes!
f. I can heal you!
g. I can predict your future.
h. How do you discern for your own path?

The above is the outline is what we will discuss tonight.
I am hoping it brings the higher-you in to discuss our
'New Age' in an enlightened way.
Please associate with what you know as you read along.
What pushed your buttons and didn't feel right. We will
pause for discussion about this.

There are similar teachings in a movement, I would rather
call the Aquarian Age, instead of the New Age.
The 'New Age' lumps me into everything. I would
rather not be lumped. Even some of the bookstores have
taken the 'New Age' name away and started referring to this movement
as 'Adult Alternative.'
So the best of the Alternative we represent I believe, are these teachings:

Love yourself.

And if you love your lower self, as well as see your greater glory, your
greater self, you will be able to love others.
If you love yourself, you will be able to think thoughts that bring you joy.
Those joyful thoughts will let you see the good to all things coming your way.
That even a lesson that is painful is a gift for your evolving soul.
And your evolving soul will be able to bring you and others greater love.

Unconditional love.

Those pretty words do create positive awareness in this world?
Not many are living the path.
Now there are many paths to get to this place of Utopia within your own soul.

There is the Native American path, there is the Christian path, there is
the Pagan path. Most paths will get you there.
Every yellow brick road will lead you home.

But what are the pitfalls on this path?
These are the potholes that hurt when you tumble on in, head first.
I believe the pitfalls are the language of fear and sensationalism.
We are usually exposed to this in the form of books.
I will also mention some of my friends stories.
Let's look at some of these blights or blind spots in a new way.

*Aliens are channeling books.....from all galaxies, it seems.
Now in my understanding we are the aliens.
Even alien to this earth, as spirits.

What does another galaxy or planet have to do with this one? I'm not
shopping with aliens or at war with them. I am talking real reality here,
not imagined reality.

There are all kinds of claims made that aliens are kidnapping, or applying
alien implants, and warring with different groups. Ancient groups, groups
gone from earth. All sorts of incredible stories. My friend went to
have a alien implant taken out of her.

Well, the psychic healer said it was there. Put there by some evil force.
"Why," I asked myself,
"what did she do to deserve that?"


Humans need to believe that something outside of them is
causing them their problems. Your thoughts create your reality. You can
believe something true and create it.
There are humans with multiple personality disorders and when they switch
personalities their eye color changes. That is how strong belief systems
can be.

In a conversation with my publisher, who publishes channeled material.
She told me, she had on her desk five different manuscripts on the same
alien war/implant subject, and she wished she knew which channeled alien
was telling the truth?

I didn't say anything.

That is the problem, no one is saying anything.
It seems the belief is, because it is being channeled it must mean it is true.
But is it .................all true, even partially true?

*I only read one bad review on a new age book, that had the nerve to say the
material contradicted itself. I was amazed. Do you ever remember reading
bad reviews of New Age books? All we ever see is that they must be good,
their channeled. How can that be?

This book was one of the biggest sellers of the 'Adult
Alternative' movement, okay Aquarian Age.
A lot of people I know read it, and love it!
What's not to love?

It reads like a Stephen King's novel. Spell binding,
sensationalistic, and really fearful. The name of the book, was:
"Bringers of the Dawn."

Didn't you just hate to put it down if your one of the ones
who read it? But what where you left with? It confused me.
I remember feeling deeply afraid
for days afterwards until
I snapped out of it and started to discern at higher levels again.
I started to look around to see what else made me fearful.
How do you discern what you read?

<^alex^> by how it feels...
<wunjo> I have not bought into any of this stuff and
what has been said makes me feel glad,:)
<basil> Discern what you read by discovering its intent.
<Strider> By experience.
<^alex^> and admittedly a lot has given me some great laughs...
<Susanrose> I listen to the still small voice within... an instinctual
connection to spirit... gives me intuitive confirmation shivers
when I am on the right track
<LadyNada> me, too, Susanrose.

<David`3> by reading with the heart as well as the eyes
<wunjo> I would say feel too
<KSM> What I do to discern is I listen to the feeling in my soul.
And if it is a feeling I don't want
to have (like anger, or bitterness)
I learn about myself from that reaction and learn a little bit
more about the nature of what I've contacted.
In other words, I think discernment is a reaction
that takes place with two energies meet.
<Susanrose> Besides confirmation shivers,
I also get deflecting "10 foot pole"
warnings to stay away...
<`Jali> when I was a kid and didn't want to do something..
I got bells ringing..and ten foot pole
warnings..and lots of say..nonono..

<Tamar> You all are putting me into a very wonderful loving energy.
You are showing the Universe many do discern well.
I will now go on to my next point:

*I stumbled right into the pole stop. Zero point.

The book's say, and there are several.
The light's are going out, the earth will be cast into darkness, and chaos
will result. The pole will stop spinning.

I guess it might look likehumans falling off the earth.
What a funny picture that creates.
People are not only buying these books, they are buying into them.
I agree, poles shift, but they don't stop. Even if a pole
slowed down enough for us to believe it has stopped. Who is measuring?
I don't believe a horrific time period
is going to result.

<^alex^> and with the millennium coming there are lots of new
"earth changes" books... seems the changes are more within than without...
<Dreamie> I think we need to become in tune with the universe...
as life goes on...when the body dies...

Do you not think that the earth mother, "Gaia" and all the God/Goddess don't know
how many humans are on earth right now. There are billions of us.
All the Creator, all one, and of course, all us. But do you honestly
think the Hierachial plan, Our Plan about us, would be to scare the hell
out of billions of people?

Talk about the masses running to the drug store to pick up their
prescription of prozac. Wouldn't you think just having Saddam Hussein alive
on earth is enough to scare us?

<^alex^> your humor!
<KSM> Assuming God created all things out of himself--
it is a matter of God not harming himself
when he senses something that are in communion with him.

<Tamar> When the being who asks for the sacredness of the place
to be kept sacred then the Universe obliges. Reasons for everything.

<KSM> That, basically, God created everything
so that he could improve himself--by spreading
himself out "upon the face of the deep"

*When I started channeling, I realized I could have easily connected
that my guide was Jesus, instead of my higher self. After all,
I'm just not that bright, so it had to be Jesus.
And then I came to find out thousands are channeling this light being and
getting paid for it.

Why a Jesus channeler even told my good friend, that she was Jesus's
sister. Then she took off across the country to be with the group. That is
dangerous taking someone's power away like that. I kept telling her,
"let's do a past life regression, let us see if you can get that you were
Jesus's sister. Let's see if you can actually prove it to yourself. "
In fact in the city I live in, I know 3 John's who wrote Revelations. And
somebody told each of these John's they were him.

You can get information in past life regression that is documented in
research books. It might take you two years to try to find it. But you
can. You can prove it to yourself, but to take someone else's word for it
and then base a major life decision on that, is delusional.

My question is for these people, channeling Jesus or any famous past life
being, (besides what the hell are you doing) is, how come Jesus hasn't
evolved? Or this past life being hasn't evolved?
I wouldn't want guidance now from me from my past.
I did some really stupid things in my past lives.
Remember, what I am saying here is.

<Pumaway> Tamar, I saw Jesus.
I don't use his name to prove myself near the truth.
I don't know how much more He evolved,
but I bet it was a lot.
<Tamar> What a wonderful experience!!!
<Pumaway> yes indeed.
<tjmac> Cool Puma
<Susanrose> Remember that the divine will appear to you in forms
that you consider to be the most comforting...
That is why there are so many apparitions of the mother too :)
Hear the theme or truth of what your vision or apparition is trying to tell you
rather than buying into the shape or form of how it is manifesting to you.
And then use your intuitive sense if what is being revealed will help
you manifest love. If it does, then it is good.

(Now I don't have an argument with some of the pure and loving teachings
and even the people who bring in the information, I have argument with the
illusion of who and how it is portrayed.)
When you ask for the highest good get the highest good,
I'm talking about people who take your power away as well as your funds.
You give your power away.
<Avadhuta> its a lesson
So let us look at those two wonderful words.
Illusion: lies you tell yourself, but know you do.
Delusion: lies you tell yourself, and refuse to acknowledge.

The word discernment: could be explained to also mean detect, notice,
discover, perceive, understand, distinguish.
Distinguish what? Maybe what works, from what doesn't work.

Let us look at why there are those who get in trouble with channeling.
We have been given the ability to be able to connect to that which can give
us information for our highest good.

Now another key word in there, is HIGHEST good.
Is sensationalism and fear for our highest good?
I believe something greater was planed for all of us, and we will get to
that in a minute.

Why would any being want to
scare you or tell you that they channel someone greater then you could
possibly be connected to?

I believe they start off with a good intent and then it goes haywire and
then they become delusional.
This is because they would loose so much face if they admit it.

<Jbb> ;-)
<Sho`ndta> part of being here more fully is to open to those
multidimensional aspects of ourselves..
that ARE part of our higher self

<Tamar> More Sho'ndta ..please
What do you keep?
<Sho`ndta> discernment is important...and thought forms can be tricky..
yet also..i am careful not to throw out everything
In terms of embracing more of who I am...
does that make sense? for instance...
I keep what has a strong resonance to it
<`Jali> you mean to say..dont throw the baby out with the bath water?
<Sho`ndta> yes jali

<^alex^> and why does channeling have to be from someone else?
that's what I never figured out...
<Tamar> The most common lie: I am not enough.
Therefore I channel Jesus, I'm a walkin, I'm anybody but me!
<Sho`ndta> :)
<Sho`ndta> higher self is a larger part of what we are here
<LadyNada> its a merging... at some point you may realize
that you are your higher self, here.
<^alex^> but isn't the higher self that part which is
connected with the universal consciousness?
<David`3> David thinks there is no higher self -
just self to be seen
<Susanrose> Interesting David! The concept of a higher
and lower self is a vehicle for duality. Maybe the "Higher
Self" is really integrated throughout the true me all along,
The delusional me insists that I am not worthy of fully participating
with the divine element of my beingness.

I could name - names right here and now on who would be devastated
to find that they were smack in there own ego delusion.
You know channeling has open doors.
And these open doors invite entities who will play games or
trick you. We are to say, only "for the highest good of myself
and others. Let me be the voice of this information for the greater good of
all." They don't intentionally forget this prayer. It just they haven't
ask themselves to discern for the highest good.

*There is a Adult Alternative group living a commune lifestyle and hoarding
weapons for when the earth changes happens. And the last name of this
leader is Prophet.

<Jbb> Mother? ;-)
Love God and pass me the AK-47!

<basil> Prophet obviously still fears death. That in itself speaks volumes.
<Susanrose> I used to chant the Violet Flame chant with them,
until I saw way way too much politics in it.
<krishna> hey I did lots of violet flame, too.
<Susanrose> krish:) how fast could you say it? hehe
<krishna> fast enuff so it sings
<Jbb>or stings... sounded like buzzing bees to me... :-)

This group has a great many books published and I have
met others that have had negative experiences with the structure and non
unity. This is a group who live in ego and fear, all under the Umbrella of
"we are the enlighten ones?"

Now this might appear to be apparent hogwash, (hoarding weapons) but one
of my dearest friends wrote a survival manual for the coming earth changes.
A publisher told her that they are not doing that type of publishing
anymore, she cried in anguish, "But I spent three years channeling it."

I kept telling her, the reality I was going to create while she
was the leader in this new desolated world. (I think she was really
attached to the idea she would rule or lead in the future.)

I would be at the beach in the Florida Keys drinking pina colada's.
She pulled out a map and showed me on the map the only land left after the
earth changes, stating excitedly, "the Keys aren't on there in the future,
they'll be gone."

Now the problem with the future is, you create it with your own mind. And
many minds creating the same thing, is dangerous thing.

I will be on the beach, drinking pina colada's. That is the reality I
<Dreamie> :)

She can choose to be somewhere in the middle of an earthquake.
That is her choice.
There was a house in Hawaii. The house stood intact as the lava flowed
around it. Not touching it and destroying or even burning it. I know, I
saw it with my own eyes.

Why would lava do that? I went and asked some
native Hawaiians. They said, the person who lived there was a very highly
evolve spiritual being. And that nature respects what is holy and sacred.
I also remember another friend of mine who moved to a mountain top to build
her own refuge and start growing her own food to be ready for the earth

That was five years ago in the midst of the frenzy of books that
we were going to have horrible changes. And guess what? We have changed
that reality by our waking up, by our learning to love ourselves. The
warning was that, a warning!

The discernment: Some people need a reason to feel alive,
or grateful for being alive.
Living just isn't enough. Some people need to feel good
about themselves through being known.
*I have many things I can discern and let go of.
But the walk-in's dogma still pushes every one of my buttons.

Now in order to understand this concept. I need to give you some
background. A walk-in may be a human who has another being.
perhaps an alien, "walk in".
In order for this to happen the human leaves
and the alien shows up to exchange bodies.
Doesn't that just push every one of your buttons.
Why does the alien get the best body?
You get an alien body, or none at all!

I wouldn't consciously want to know try to go live in
one of those green things with huge eyes.
ooooowe. yuk!
God, I just have enough trouble trying to figure out who I am and how I am
going to act when I get up in the morning.

<David`3> I could like you Tamar, haha
<wunjo> yes I love this planet and want to experience it to its fullest ")
<LadyNada> me too wunjo
<^alex^> thoroughly agree!!!

My guides have let me
know how to discern this concept.
What we know is, that no energy unlike your own can that can occupy your
space. Your Entity/Higher self created your body. It is a vessel for only
your energy or a 'like' enough energy to be able to hold it. It is like
fire and water. Water doesn't hold fire. It destroys it.

Well, my acquaintances the 'walk-ins' are no different then they were
before. Just full of excuses, about why they act the way they do.
Even when I have explained this or asked them
about this. They ignore me. You know why, it makes them feel special.
Aren't we tired of people trying to feel more valuable than us?

Discernment: We all feel different at times. This is when we feel as if someone
else has walked into us. It may actually be how we incorporate our higher selves
into our lower selves. It is really that subtle.

It is simple, we are feeling different, we are changing. We are developing
more light in these bodies.

I have watched videos of wildly dressed humans running up and down in a
van on the California coastline claiming they were aliens. All they did
different from normal humans as I watched on the video, was they made high
pitched screeching sounds.

It did look alien. Now I admit, they had me,
for I could not conceive any one in their right mind doing this. But so
what? to prove there are aliens?

Yes, there are aliens out there and here and the aliens are us.
We don't need to scare us.
<Susanrose> I don't know about you folks,
but I don't like the X files, would rather watch re-runs of ET

Fear and sensationalism is not - help. But it sure sells movies and
books and lectures. Are we really that bored with our own lives?

The discernment:
How about being okay with life here on this planet? It is enough to do,
just to stay focused here.
To figure out what makes you happy and what your purpose here is at this

*Here's another one: I can heal you. I am healing you.
This technique will heal you.
The discernment: no one ever heals another,
they help the other to remember to heal themselves.

*Another: I can tell you......your future!

The discernment: If it is my future and I have free will, how can you
possibly know?
There are 50,000 variables in a future, because every one has free will.
And anyone might make them make a choice that affects your future.

<Pumaway> Tamar what when you see the future like a movie?
and it happens?
<Tamar> You still can change it.
<^alex^> that's a possibility...that happens...

<Tamar> You can create miracles up to the last second.
It is trusting in that connection with the Universe
can change everything.
We can't count on psychics knowing how it will all really play out.
Believe me, I am one. I can tell you what you believe that is creating
the patterns of your reality,
but I don't know what your going to choose,
when you don't know what your going to choose.
Stop paying somebody to guess. Pay them to help you uncover your
negativity, your belief system.

The statements I want to make about discernment are these:

It comes down to perception: Perception is unique to the individual
holding it. We already stated that there is no wrong path. All the path's
I mentioned will get the individual to the place of loving self. And being
HOME, once again!

When I state my perception, you are free to state yours.
Then we discern back and forth.
I don't have a need to be right.

I have a need to discern.
It is my life lesson this life. To discern what works for me
instead of what doesn't work for me.
I want to remind you of two more words.
Judgment: It is an absolute. "That person is going to hell."
Not a useful tool in discernment.

Observation: We are observing the process.
Never condemn it. At times, it may be dangerous (future
observation) or not practical. (waste of time) or delusional, (lies
that are not helpful)

We all have opinions. They are gray areas
that are necessary for discernment.
<LadyNada> those are hard lessons to learn,
but well worth the effort and experience while learning them

I believe we have been born at the most remarkable time on earth.
A time when we can connect back home.
That home is within ourselves.

A place that has unlimited knowing for our highest good.
Our highest good can be understood when we quiet down and ask a simple
question and listen for the knowing.

The knowing can come in many ways.
Through a thought, a feeling or a understanding.
It usually comes in a very practical way.

If you just do this, then this action will follow.
It asks us to be responsible for every minute detail of our lives.
It comes in unconditional responses. Loving us all the while.
That knowing never scares us or reads like something that is unbelievable.

It is a practical step by step process.
The process is never rushed, like a overnight sensation, cure or disaster.
Actually when I talk to my higher self.

I just ask a question and the answer floats in.
If not then, later when I'm driving my car.
The answer, is usually something I don't want to do.
(like exercise, eat right, correct my belief system)

Something that usually sounds like work and that swear word,
being responsible.
That is how I truly know it is my higher self.
Because I'm whining back, I don't want to be responsible.

I believe taking responsibility is our guide word in discernment.
I believe acceptance of our lives is our responsibility.

Asking questions about what is good for us, and what would be a practical,
and what would work, is just too damn easy.
And whine..............too boring!

No over night sensation stuff.
Responsibility just doesn't sell many books,
But it is the only place change happens.
True spiritual warriors know the courage of perseverance.

Well, I have a lot of hope, because we are just in the beginning
stages and look what we have learned so far.
The false prophets will have there day and then they
won't. Other's will see right through them.

Here is my closing statement:
Other's will be able to discern the true teachings well enough.

Which are:

1. Find your own 'Source of knowledge within'
2. Spend most of your time learning how to love all parts of you.
3. Know the difference between when it is your 'ego' and it
is your inability to discern for yourself and commit to loving others.
4. Allow other's their path and you 'yours! Be true to you!
5. All your thoughts attract there like response. (karma)
(your responsible for everything)
6. Believe in something greater, that exists within you.
(you won't need to have sensation to really feel)
7. Love you and love others as you would like them to respond to you!
unconditionally love everything.

<^alex^> this is already what I knew
but just loved the way it was expressed!
<tjmac> I am overwhelmed
did anyone else have something to share?
<^alex^> I feel that now is the time for us start moving
what we've been working on the inside to
the outside...been feeling like giving a sermon in places...
with the theme being "teamwork"...
<Tamar> Unity ...Alex is our work...Teamwork definitely the action!
<Jbb> To really have any real Spiritual effect on this world
you have to be dropping 'In'.... not 'Out'.
<^alex^> The change that is coming...that the time is now...the change is
happening and it's within us...

<Pumaway> I'm in New Jersey now, but
I remember the skies in South America, where I
grew up, looking at so many stars!!!!
<^alex^> realization of the infinity of universe
and knowing you are a part of that?
<Susanrose> all spirit is one... no one no less or more of all that is.
<^alex^> that's knowingness...Susanrose...
We have the most beautiful night skies here in Alaska...
but you have to be bundled to get out and look...

<Hein> Thanks for the information Tamar.
Have to go, my sleep is calling me. Make a pray for
mother Earth tonight everyone :)

<Tamar> Yes, thanks for not throwing tomatoes.

<Susanrose> Hein, I am flattered you stayed up to join us
from Norway. What time is it for you now Hein?
<Hein> It's 4:12am. Was nice to be here again :)
<choices> thank you Tamar :) good night all.

<Susanrose> Well, thank you Tamar George for leading tonight...
I might add that Tamar is also a visionary artist...

Her artwork can be seen at: