Welcome to the First Meeting of :

<Arianna> WE NEED to relax now.

Breathe together.
Breathe together and create a group mind.
Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace.
Breathe out concerns.
Breathing together.
Breathe in light.
Breathe out fear.

A coming together.
A group mind.
All seeking the unity of Spiriutal Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

<Arianna> From the source of Light
let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!
From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let Divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!

<Arianna> WE ARE READY.

<Arianna> I am you moderator,
here to assist all.
My thanks goes to argus
who has agreed to lead
if I should become split from you.
I want to thank pranaflow, who could not be here,
for the suggestion of the name, )Gaia*Friends(.
On this new moon, we will attempt a beginning
of this channel as an opportunity
to inspire, and make the world a better place.

<Arianna> I will first call on each of you
in alphabetical order, to say who you are,
where you are and what your Spritual Path is.
Then, we will go back down the list to tell our story.

<Arianna> I will give you my example first.
I am 41, live in Pennsylvania, and
have a mixture of new age and Goddess spirituality beliefs,
as well as hanging on to the better parts of Christianity.
I am a mother and also work as a registered nurse.

<argus> I am 63..I live on an island in New Jersey..I have three sons..
My New Age interests are broad and varied.
I work in advertising sales and sales management.

<novale> I am 39, I live in Indianapolis where I work as a hypnotherapist.
My path is ancient and varied :) I have six daughters.

<Paza> I am 19, and I go to School at New Mexico Tech.
I'm a computer science/math double major...
My spiritual path is rooted deeply in ancient religions.
But there are some things I've taken from modern religions, too.

<suneagle> Hi. I am a soul and have a mind,life and body.
That body is 49.
My work is as an electrical engineer in computers,
am also a healer and iridologist.
I live in Sunyvale, Calif.
The spiritual path I follow is the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo
and The Mother.
The goal of this path is the evolution beyond mind.
For those interested they can see http://www.webcom.com/~miraura

<AngelWynd> well...I'm 16...in H.S...I follow my own path although I've
been known to dabble in Tarot and magicks...
and I'm still trying to find where I am...

<Chandrah> well...Ijust turned 50 less than a month ago..
I live in a suburb of dallas, tx...
and my new age interests are varied
my interests include astrology, self help
my spiritual path is deeply rooted in christianity,
although I am very drawn to the eastern religions.

<astar> I am 57 and have searched many paths.
I live in south florida, and work in computer networks.
The path that I am following is the God within all of us.

<<Giri> my beliefs, philosophy are all given
in my home page which is dedicated
to yoga and spirituality. my home page is

<krishna> i live in west florida, stopped at 26,
work with 'puters, my path is mostly eastern

* Leva bows to all
<Leva> forgive me those who cannot understand...
Iam ageless, my path is lack of path
I love all. We are one. :)

<Aldion> we are one amoungst many
<Arianna> aldion, we are telling a bit about who we are
want to say who are? where you are?
<Aldion> I am 24, a real blond and love horses and tennis
<Aldion> like really...
<Arianna> please someone who is in the know,
private message Aldion, and explain what we are doing here
<Leva> aldion go ahead say what you are, spiritually
aldion: what faith are you?
and please don't make it difficult for us :)
<Aldion> I am destined here by a thousand millenium,
as a bird with a seat tied.
<Arianna> ok Aldion, I think we need a whole night
to have you explain that, for now just listen ok?

<Arianna> Everyone here will now start
Sharing their TRUE inspirational stories
I am going to start at the top of the list
and work our way down.

Arianna> Since agus can't type his true
story due to a net split, I can tell it for him,
since he has told me the story himself.
argus has 3 sons, and one daughter
The daugher was his only girl
and she was special to him
She was a twin with one of her brothers
When she was about 20
She met argus and her brothers
for christmans eve dinner
and all was well, a family reunion, since
argus and her mother had divorced.
So it was nice for all the children and him
argus was happy his daughter had reconnected
with all the family
But a few months later, she died in a car accident
It was good that she had connected with then all
before that happened.
But the amazing part of the story is,
after her death, one night
a light began to glow in argus's bedroon
untill it lit up the whole bedroom!
Out of the light, came his daughter's voice
She said "Daddy I am OK""
He was in the light and peace, for a while
and then it subsided.
He then looked at his alarm clock
The alarm clock said 12:09 am
12-09 was his daughters's birthday
At that moment the alarm clock read her birthday!
It was a great confirmation to him that
it was not just a dream
that is was a sign
that it was a real message from his daughter.

<argus> just got back
<argus> was dumped by server

<Arianna> let's take a few deep breaths
to get recentered, welcoming back all those
seperated by the server split.
<Arianna> breathing in
<Arianna> breathing out

<Arianna> since I am at the top of the list (g)
I will go next to tell my story
I had a dream
I know you are thinking----just a dream.
But it had a profound effect.
I dreamed I was walking in a deserted
parking lot, and saw a dangerous looking man
a junkie, walking near me.
I was afraid of him, resented him being there.
But then I stopped myself, and I thought
"Remember that the Lord thy God is ONE
I accepted him, as part of the whole
Complete in his spiritual essence
With no fear left, I felt unconditional love
and knew that ALL spirit was one,
even SS troopers, and rapists and
anyone you would think was not worthy of love.
Coming to this place of revelation, the dream ended
* Leva sheds a tear
<Arianna> but it projected me into another dimension!
That was the reward for me
to have come to this deep understanding
<ahanah> :)
<Arianna> this dimesion was real, it was not a dream
it was a feeling place, of total love
It felt like an orgasim of the heart
Intense please! better than anything below the waist!
I heard celestial music and wind chimes
There was a deja-vous
like this place was Home
for ALL of us
and we will return there someday
when we are done with the wheel of earthly experince.
Then I got scared!
because I thought I must have died
and went to heaven
The vibration of goodness was so strong
I could barely take it in and I started to think
What if I leave the earth, I have a child to raise!!!
So with that thought, I dropped back
into reality with a big thud!
I sat straight up in bed, and piched myself
to see if I was real!
Since then. I have come to know
that there is something other than the reality we see
that is our birthright
and something we all return to
I want to go back,and if I could repeat the experience I would
but for now, the memory of it is enough to give me faith
that will last a lifetime
whether or not anyone else believes me
I know what happened. That is the end of my story

Paza> this sounds like you had a Gnosis--returning to the whole

<Star22> i have to say that i believe as you do arianna : )

<Leva> i was very touched.. this story is very close to me
<Arianna> we must realize that all are worthy
<Arianna> thanks
<ahanah> i believe as you do too, Arianna

<Paza> Arianna: everyone should experience what you did
<suneagle> and more

<<Leva's story>>
<Leva> i was doing physical excercise
and hurt my back severely
i couldn't do anything.. i was in so much PAIN
i was almost desperate and crying
i thought that was it.. now i don't have my back
i couldn't even fall alseep because of constant pain
my faith is I, my faith is you
<Leva> with such faith and love, i asked Earth to heal me
i hung myself on bars, and relaxed my spine
until all the little bones in the spine separated
then i viciously twisted my lower body left and right
but i knew that i was healed.. and the pain was going to get less
that day in grreat pain i went jogging
because i know that Earth's vibrations heal
God will guide my foot, and Earth will heal me with her vibrations
and as i was jogging the pain went away.
when i stopped it came back..
i jogged for 1 week and now there is no trace of the injury
my faith is such that i need no miracles to uphold it
i wake up and it's a miracle :)
and i ask for nothing
we are one, love eternal
i live truth. <Leva> that's it :)

<Arianna> great story leva

<Arianna> any questions for Leva?
<Arianna> did you hear any inner voices giving you courage to jog?
<Leva> no, god knows my strength
<Leva> there was no inner voice
<argus> Very meaningful story..pain is a great teacher

<luvlight> Aum Gam Ganapatyae Namaha.....
I'm supposed to start with that
<luvlight> in 1986 one or two days before I was
to leave for India.... i went to see my Teacher... dropped in,
and he said, "come in, I need to work on You", so i did, He was/is a
very special Teacher, Guru, Naturopath, many aspects....many paths,
and beyond... is my experience with him,
so, i was on the therapy table, on my back,
<luvlight> He was behind my head... i closed my eyes... and stretched,
no one touching anyone...
<luvlight> I started moving my hands slowly, not knowing why, just impulse,
urge to do this,
<luvlight> was like following an energy.... then in a bit i peeked (smile),
He was moving his hands EXACTLY the same as I, I was able to
follow his movements without touching,
It was like meditation
The energy increased, the devotion... and suddenly, I noticed that...
His body was dissolving into 'billions of tiny light particles'....
And....My body was dissolving into 'billions of tiny light particles
as well....
then it was as if all of the light particles of our bodies ...
merged... then spread out into the room... which was by this time
also dissolving into 'billions of tiny light' particles...
then all these merged with us, and no separation... then...
the city, then the state, then kept expanding into same experience
till the total planet was nothing but billions of tiny light
particles that merged with us and no separation...
<Arianna> wow
<luvlight> then the Universe!..... this was soooo very beautiful... I
was nothing, yet everything, and everything was me/us/ all.....
I am eternally gratefull for this wonder-full experience with
my beloved Teacher!
Thank you all.... Thank you eternally Adano! Namaste' Pranams

<Arianna> did you still go to India after that ???

<luvlight> yes, and i saw transparant mountains
<Leva> :)
<Paza> what path does your Teacher follow?
<Leva> he is one with god
<krishna> i think she should get 1st place tonite
<ahanah> wow..that was amazing:)
<luvlight> Truth Is One; Many Are the Names, Paza , ... to answer tho' more
specifically, Kriya, and Surat Shabd
<Arianna> yes, it kind of flows with my experience of all spirit being one
<luvlight> yes it is of oneness Arianna
<suneagle> wonderful luvlight - thank u for sharing that

<luvlight> wish i'd heard the earlier ones <stories>
<Arianna> to luv and all-----we are recording this night
I will edit out my bad spelling, and the splits and it will be put
on Paza's web page, so we can read whatever we missed
3 cheers for paza!!!
Arianna> Paza is next
I have only been spiritually active since February
before then I was tense and all worried about life
but then on the night of feb 24, I wrote in my journal and got connected
<Paza> to the Source--->since then I have discovered many gifts
such as clairvoyance (seeing spirits) and reading auras
I also can heal through the Light--->the most powerful gift because
it is love
and tonight, something which I have done for the last few weeks,
I will channel (let a spirit speak through me)
namely Gaia herself
she's felt attracted to this channel tonight and I've
had to hold her back for the last hr or so
but now i'll let her speak...

<Gaia/Paza> "Welcome all to this enchanted place..."
"I am the spirit of the Earth"
"I see you are holding a Circle tonight, in my honor"
"Thank you....I have something to share with you tonight"
"The Plight of Evil has been tormenting me for millenia now"
"Ever since parts of civilization have become corrupt"
"I don't blame the people themselves, but rather the way they act"
"They let their egos get to them and let the traditions lead them"
"These traditions include murdering, polluting, persecuting, and other
ghastly acts." "As you know probably by now,
I am suffering from pollution and other disasters"
"I call on you, as fellow Earthers, to heal me and teach one another to
love each other and me"
"The Planet has a great future in store if you just do this one Favor"
"And spread the word to others to help do the same"
"Please remember that I am always here to help you just as you are
here to help others"
"It's not you I am worried about, but rather those people who only
care for themselves, not others."
"The ways of the Earth: Live in peace and harmony and be one with
"Love with all of your heart and don't let anyone misguide you."
"For I can't afford to suffer any longer and nor can you
or anyone else on this planet."
"So please, open up to others and make them see the error of their ways"
"Please Heal me of this Disease . . ."
"With just a little of your help, I should be able to heal myself"

<Leva> can i say something to Earth?

<Arianna> go on leva
<Gaia/Paza> yes, leva?
<Leva> Earth: lean on me...have faith, and God will do.

<Gaia/Paza> "Leva, I have faith in you. The planet will be safe
because there are a lot of people like you who can help reach others."
"I wish to make sure that the 'mission' to help you and me out is
proceeding along."
<Arianna> Gaia, you are a wise spirit, how can we help humanity help you?

<citrine> if you want a clean world you have to sweep your own doorstep

<Gaia/Paza> "You can help by restoring beauty to me--
->mainly by stop polluting..."And learning to live in peace--
>that is all I ask-->I can handle the rest"
<Arianna> thank you Gaia!

<Gaia/Paza> "luvlight: love heals all wounds...."
"...even those inflicted on me" love is definitely
the most powerful tool we have :)
<Arianna> thank you Gaia, it is wonderful
to have our namesake visit us!

<Arianna> now it is time
for others to speak
so that all can share their connection
to you you and the great spirit
<Gaia/Paza> "Love one another and Bless you...
. I will remain here with you tonight..."~
<Arianna> Kiss to you Good bye for now Gaia
<toppi> Gaia watch over us and let our words
be full of Devine wisdom for others

<Arianna> SunEagle?
<Arianna> it is your turn!
<suneagle> Because of the special events with Ganesha i will share
an experince with him. I was in India from 72 to 76. In 73
my mentor asked me to go to the beach, for exercise and sun, and a hint of
something else not said but implied So every afternoon
i went to the beach to swim.
so after a few days of this
i would rest on the beach and rest on the sand
then i started making bigger and bigger forms in the sand
one day while i was thinking about ganesha because of a previous
experience where he taught me humility
i decided to make a form in his image in the sand
to thank him for the lesson
as i was making his image the villagers who walked by never
stopped but when they
saw what i was doing they stoped and watched
i made his head and trunk about one meter long
i had started safely above the peak tide line
then as i just finsiehd and stood up too look at it
one wave came way up right near me
and deposited one fresh flower!
deposited a marigold
i smiled and thanked him, picked up the flower
and placed it in his forehead
the villagers caught their breath at this
then another wave came up very high and
claimed the whole thing and took it into the sea
all the remaining waves were very far down
the beach closer to the sea
<suneagle> . end.

<Leva> :) that was awesome :)
<Leva> gods have such style :)
<novale> : )
* Leva hugs ganesha
<suneagle> hehe
<luvlight> Ganesh Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha!
ahhhhhhhh so very beautiful,
your devotion were accepted!
<citrine> so odes suneagle
<novale> was wonderful story prem!
<Arianna> sun, I will take all typo's out
<citrine> thank you prem
<Arianna> The flower was to make you not feel bad
<Arianna> when your work got erased

suneagle> whew thanks
<toppi> Thank you prem.
<Arianna> thanks prem!
<suneagle> no i undersatood why it was erased
because it was not right for people to walk on it
<Arianna> ohhhhh
<suneagle> :)
<Arianna> great!

<Arianna> toppi, do you have a story to share???
<toppi> yes...
<toppi> Jai Sita Ram
<suneagle> victory sita and rama
<toppi> Ram is God and Sita is his wife... Spirit and Matter
joined together for eternity
My Son talked me into going to the East... in 1972
I didnt want to go because my income was small and
I didnt think it would support us and travel too
But he insisted so we sat out and all went well till we
ended up in Napal and the checks quit coming ..
and after two months we ran outta money...
so we sold the sleeping bags for money to eat on
And I was feeling very low.. and broke... and depressed
as I wondered around the city I thought to visit Swamabu..
a very old temple that sits on the side
of the hill beside Katmadu..
as I climbed the 400 steps to the temple a Guy approched me
and started talking
I wasnt in the mood to chit chat with him but he presisted
and asked me if I wanted to see his spiritual master..
I was on guard against the hundreds of fake gurus that fleece
tourist in the east
but I didnt have much money to fleece and I said sure...
He took me to a back room in The temple and there sat
a very old man..
the guy explained that this old man had not left this tiny room
for 17 years as an asuterity..
I thought .. Right! and settled in the corner.. the old man didn't
speak any english, He just smiled kindly at me
while he had his dinner...
Two Aprocots , he finished the first one and offered me
1/2 of the second...
I didnt feel right about taking it..as he was thin and looked like
he needed a lot more than that
<toppi> but he kept smiling and offering... so I took it..
It was tasted Wonderful and the thought came to me
Something is happening here I dont under stand...
His Chela came back with medicine and told me His Guru was sick..
I felt really bad then about taking his dinner... and asked if I could
buy him some medicine.. the Chela said yes
so I gave him 10 rupees
as I only had 50 left to feed my son and I for an indefinate period
of time... I thought I was being very foolish
The old man was VERY pleased with this tiny offering...
and beamed at me
and then I felt bad about it being so little and said so...
I left and later on that night the thought came to me STRONG...
tomorrow IT HAPPENS
I could hardly go to sleep that night I was So excited... and
wondering WHERE DiD that thought come from.?.
When I woke up the next morning... my Spine was on fire...
and I had a Headache that was causing so much pain
I could hardly stay consicious..
I could not keep from moaning..
and at the same time... I was filled with DISSPASSION ..
and an Great Love for those around me
My son took me to the charity Hospital ..as we had no money
and they put me in the native charity ward.. with the dying patients
they swept off the streets of Katmandu
The Doctor told my son to contact the Americian Embassy
and have a coffin made as he didnt expect me to live
more than a couple of days as menigitis killed fast
and many in nepal
beside me in the Hospital was an OLD Buddist Monk ..
who had sat three years in Lotus posture
and the circulation in his Legs had stopped and
he had quit digesting food and was dying
when they brought me my dinner.. it was Meat and I couldnt
eat it and offered it to the old monk
he thanked me kindly and ate it... and promplty lost it..
the next day I could move with very little pain and the day after
I walked out of the hospital
End of story
<Arianna> wow
<Paza> talk about miracles :)!
<Arianna> how did you get the money to get home??
I guess that was the least of your worries after almost dying
<luvlight> what happened to the monk?
<toppi> The Monk recoverd fully
<toppi> as did most of the others in the ward
<luvlight> ahhhhh Jai

<luvlight> Sure glad your here still,
to share this wonderful story with us, toppi

<Paza> love is a very powerful tool :) :) :)
<Arianna> how did you get home?
<toppi> in time the checks started comming and we returned
home... I was very very weak for a long time
<luvlight> what chronological age was your son?

<toppi> he was 18
<Leva> that old man was one with all :)
<Leva> you healed them all toppi
<Leva> toppi: we are one :)
<luvlight> thank you toppi,
<Arianna> toppi are you m/f?
<toppi> Male

<Arianna> well, folks it is time to close the formal part of the program
<luvlight> Thank you Arianna, and all

<Arianna> ok
<Arianna> let's give an ending OHHHHMMMMM
<Arianna> for Gaia and all of us
<Arianna> get ready
<Paza> thank u to all ! :)!!! bless you all :)
<luvlight> ~A~U~M~


<Leva> ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<luvlight> ===LOVE=ALL*WAYS={@
<Leva> we are one

<Arianna> Next week, I will be back,OCT 1st
same time 9pm eastern, Sunday night
to set up channel next week

<luvlight> what is the format

<Arianna>I think I will make it a slightly different focus
I will call it
Real Magic : Miracles, Manifesting, and Magical Works

<Ashana> :)
<Ashana> kewl
<Paza> :)

<Arianna> Good night everyone. Love, Light and thanks to all
for being here on the Premier Night of )Gaia*Friends(