Lost in Cyberspace?

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together

Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava

the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!

From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let Divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


The Topic Tonight is:
Lost in Cyberspace? Sharing how to get better control of
the amount of time you spend in the internet.
Share tips on how to turn that computer off, and
reclaim your local life!

If you can answer YES
to the majority of these questions,
Then you have a cyber space habit
that is starting to control your life!
It can turn into an addiction.
Take score and I will ask you to share
with others how many of these questions
you were able to answer YES to!

1. You turn on the computer before you brush your teeth.
in the morning.
2. You turn on the computer before you make your first
pot of coffee.

3. You have been late for other dates or obligations because
you stayed on the computer too long.
4. You are driving home from work. You remember that your
clothes are done at the dry cleaners, which is on your way.
You drive past the dry cleaners because you need to check your
e-mail first.

5. You have less than a quarter tank of gas in your car
you drive past a gas station so that you can get home
to check your e-mail first.

6. Telephone messages go unanswered because by the time you
get off the computer, every one has gone to bed.
7. You resent interruptions to the time you have to chat on line
with computer friend(s).

8. You miss your exit while driving because you are thinking about your
cyber space activities.
9. Your friends who call preface their phone call with
"I know you are probably on the computer, but....."

10. Your immediate family starts to complain you are not
hearing them, even when you are away from the computer.
11. You stay up too late, and go to work tired most days.

12. You start to become forgetful, embarrassing yourself on the job.
13. If in school, you have a hard time getting your homework done.

14. You have stayed up all night, or fallen asleep at the computer?
15. You turn on your computer before taking off your coat.

16. Your bills are falling past due, not because you don't have the money,
but you haven't had the time to open them.

17. Your idea of fun off the computer is a) Going to a computer show
b) Reading computer magazines.
18. You found a way to log on while at work too.

19. You eat your meals in front of the computer.

Comments? How many of these do you see yourself in?

[Quetzal_] No...to ALL questions
[strdst] It's amazing how the Internet is only in its infancy with the world
already it has become an addiction/problem in people's lives... :0
[ACTION] limerick thinks he could of answered yes to 6 of those questions
even getting on the 'net.
[strdst] selectivity is perhaps a key with time and connection
<Susanrose> luckily, I am not doing all 19 things, but most of them,
I have done at one time or another
ACTION] luvbliss smiles at limerick, yep many local bbs's are even worse,
since they
don't require long distance for the inperson stuff that can continue after the
[Ram1] only yes to 2 if i really count it!! hehehe
<Susanrose> recently I was at Danie's place visiting....she showed me her
while I was there, she showed me how much e-mail she was getting,
there must have been over a screen full of unread mail
[Hanuman] 1,2,3,6,7,11,14,15,19=Yes..
4,5,8,9,10,12,13,16,18=no 17 A & B! hehe..
<Susanrose> she belongs to lots of mailing lists and gets more mail
than she has time to read!
[limerick] <grin> I know a couple of people that call me up have prefaced the
conversation with, "I know you were probably on the computer, but..."
[strdst] god... if you belong to some lists you can get a hundred msg's a day
<Susanrose> Gosh! you are all doing better than I am! maybe you folks can
help me!!!
[strdst] hi Ganesha'
[Hanuman] Susan, what about me? hehe.
[Ganesha] It took 20 min to sign on to this server
<Susanrose> well we are almost in the same boat Han
[Ganesha] You know it is an addiction when you try for 20 min. to connect to
a server
[strdst] hahahaha, a realist!
[limerick] well, could be an addiction, or just a heck of alot of
<Susanrose> ya or try a list of about 30 severs to get on!
[Ganesha] well, I finally changed ports with Az's help and I got on. He said
there were
only 23 ppl on the entire server

<Susanrose> I am sorry that
Lady Nada is not here, I talked to her
for almost an hour, about this subject
she told me about how computers were her life, for 8 years
and she just recently stopped her computer habit
the way she stopped

[Hanuman] Susan, I am on the computer (not always on the internet) almost all
Hehe Thats if I am not working..
is that she put up a web page
and it made her feel like her work was completed
[limerick] hmmm... I hadn't thought of that.
<Susanrose> yes, one way to stop is
to try to soul search, what your lesson or
purpose was in coming to the internet and then, if you feel you have
accomplished it, then you can call it done, and put it all on the back burner
and get on with your life

[Ganesha] wow, great contemplation susan
[Ganesha] why are we on the internet?
<Susanrose> ya Gan, great question
[strdst] contact
<Susanrose> I came on the modum to spread inspriational messages
but, I got sidetacked along the way:)
[strdst] :)
[Ganesha] by what kinda stuff arrianna
[strdst] roadside attractions?
[Ganesha] well, lets be open here, we are all friends

<Susanrose> Gosh Gan, this is embarrassing but
I have been an awful flirt
it was not in line with what I came on the modum to do!
I got into lots of soap opera stuff
who is seeing who, and all that
[Ganesha] yeah, so some of the relationships become intense...
intimate even..for some...it kinda..filters in
<Susanrose> ya, I think I got disconnected with my
spiritual purposes, and that is why
I changed fromCompuserve, to Delphi, to aol, to irc

[Hanuman] Grr.. I gotta go.. sorry peoples.. wish I could stay here.
Times ticking away though. I will be back in about 2 days or so..
I need to limit myself.. If i don't i will be getting a nice bill at the end
of the month..
[Ganesha] I have tried to hold myself apart from these things
but have noticed that I feel hurt sometimes by ppl...
or more involved than I would normally...
but nothing really intense has happened....yet

[ACTION] strdst waves to Hanuman
[Ganesha] bye Hanuman
<Susanrose> Bye Han
[limerick] c ya Han
<Susanrose> Yes, Gan, there are lots on on line heartbreakers when
the people involved have not even met in the flesh

[Ganesha] but many of the women have told me about their
intense involvements with others..the men don't seem to speak
about it to me anyway
[Hanuman] yup.. well I can control what I do.. :)
that is what I like about it. But whats to replace the time? hehe.
Good question to ponder on.. my email if anyone wants to send anything is
smarshal@wincom.net Goodnight! L&L!
<Susanrose> check out the log, it will be on the web page when Paza returns

[Ganesha] yes, I have been mystified by this but am starting to see how it
happen....I wonder about some of the ppl
<Susanrose> good, I have this logging, so I will e-mail him the log
[strdst] one on one is a good replacement... :)
[Ganesha] I have spoken to lots of very upset women about this
<Susanrose> I think cyber relationships could be a whole other sunday!
[strdst] :)
<Susanrose> there is a heart to heart connection that happens
fast to people on line, I think it is because you
are able to share more with people you do not have to wear a mask for...
[Ganesha] why are our brains "sucked out" by this need to get close
<Susanrose> well, figure that one out Gan, and we will make a million
<Susanrose> :)
<Susanrose> Any Suggestion on how to break an addictive cyber habit??
[Ganesha] yeah, we could write the definative guide to cyber
relationships...sell a
bunch of copies
[limerick] well, how to break the cyber habit? uh... I could show ya how to
make one
(will that suffice?).
<Susanrose> :) lim...
[Ganesha] I have thought about the time I could have been using and all the
typing I
have been doing and I figure with the same energy I could have the book I am
writting all
[strdst] good point Ganesha
[Ganesha] I now limit myself to 2 hrs a day and more on some week-ends

<Susanrose> maybe through this experience,we will learn compassion
for others who are beginning where we were
a few years ago
[Ganesha] I have part of mine written
but I can't seem to get going in the morning
unless I've been online speaking to ppl about the nature of the Universe etc.
<Susanrose> ya, I know the feeling
if I were a quadraplegic and lived in a nursing home
and could work a lap top by blinking my eyes or something
then I could have a full time mission
talking new age stuff on line to all comers
but I am still in the world of form
and I have another destiny to do as it is unfolding...

[Ganesha] I think because of my client and teaching load and
general stresses of life..that it is a good diversion and a
way to interconnect hear to heart on a planetary level
[strdst] Ganesha: Lean on your Spirit guides and not those in this world...
I have found that when I speak I lose the power to write... just a thought....
[Ganesha] practice silence more...this is good...strdst...a very great
<Susanrose> yes...mediation and reconnecting with the divine flow

Possible suggestions for getting control back
on your life!

1. Call your internet provider and ask about
dropping to an e-mail only service.

2. (If you can afford it) :) take a vacation,
where there are no computers.
no laptops allowed!!

3. Change your service to one that is particularly
irritating to use...example going from AOL to Delphi.
[limerick] <grin>
[strdst] leaving AOL is always a good idea... :)

4. Move your computer to an inconvenient room in the house...
like the laundry room.
[Ganesha] well, that would be a commitment..hehhehe
[strdst] hahahahaa
[limerick] or the bathroom...
[Ganesha] I was actually thinking of the laundry room angle

5. Remove the chair from your computer. Allow yourself
all the computer time you want, as long as you are standing.

6. Unsubscribe from your mailing lists.

7. Ask a friend or roommate for help, to remind you to
shut the darn thing off at a certain time.

8 Set a timer next to your computer and
only allow so much time per day.

9. Take a long bath.

10. Teach your kids how to cut out and decorate
Xmas cookies
(good for at least one day)

11. Remind yourself that if your computer crashed,
and you couldn't get it fixed, how many of your cyber
buddies would write or call you to keep in touch??
And when your car breaks down on the way home
from work, who of them can you call for a ride home?

12. Get OUT of your house and:
a) Visit your parents or grandparents, before they die!

b) Take your favorite kid(s) to the zoo before they grow up!
c) Call up an old friend (while they still remember you)
and go to a ball game, or movie.

d) Get a haircut, go to the beauty shop, get your nails done.
e) Join a health club, and work off those extra pound you
gained while sitting in front of the computer.
[Gabriola] greetings friends

f) Go shopping for a new clothes.
g) Watch a sunset, hold hands, fall in love
with someone who can really warm up your sheets,
not just your computer screen (giggle)
[Gabriola] :)

h) Sign up for a non credit class at a community college,
computer classes not included.
i) Get certified in CPR

j) Wash your car.
k) This one is fun: Get a massage :)
l) Donate blood. (last resort) haha

<Susanrose> Any other suggestion for things to do to help
whittle your cyber time down?

[Ganesha] take some walks, exercise, join a gym, sing

[Gabriola] Do art write poetry, walk everywhere
[strdst] make mad passionate love until you forget you even have a
[Gabriola] play a musical instrument
[Ganesha] clean your house, go to the library and read, help some friends

[Gabriola] climb a tree in the back yard
go to work, spend time with the family, make soap
spend an hour in the bathtub, fix your car

[strdst] i.e... (get a life)
[Ram1] i like the way strdst thinks !!! heheheheheh
<Susanrose> buy a lottery ticket...that will help get a life haha
[strdst] hahahaha
[limerick] going to have to head out for a few... c ya'll later
ACTION] limerick bows out
[Gabriola] must have inspired limerick
[Gabriola] Susanrose, are you feeling like you spend too much time on your
<Susanrose> well, Ganesha, there are times that I have to remind myself
just like, I could be overweight, if I let myself, but I watch my calories.
It is the same thing with this
However , sometimes, the thing is NOT the time you spend on line
it is the time you spend THINKING about what is happening
in your on-line life
For example, Lady Nada told me, she would get real involved with the
power struggles, in her news groups
who was to be banned and stuff
and one day she was shopping with her mother
and she was thinking about the latest power game on line
and her mother said to her: WHERE ARE YOU??
you do not have to have the computer on, to let it in your head
and that is the problem with me, daydreaming.

<Susanrose> comments?
[luvbliss] good point, susanrose

[Gabriola] perhaps there is something in your dreaming that is trying to tell
you something
<Susanrose> well, I went into mediation and my higher power
gave me some advice about this
that I will pass along to you now, it is something that I must remember
[Ganesha] cool
<Susanrose> and maybe it will help others too
This is a message that was given to a
women's full moon group in Jan. 1994
it deals with the dangers of daydreaming.

Sometimes the most time you spend
is not when the computer is turned on,
but the time you live in your head dwelling on
your cyber life.

Whether it is thinking about that
new flirtation, or who's banning and kicking who,
the cyber world can crowd your thoughts.

This is a warning
to not let your local responsibilities,
your destiny, family and friends be pushed aside
in your mental travels. May this bless all those
who need to read this message.

The following is guidance from my own
still small voice within. It came to me during a time
that I was falling into the quicksand of spending a majority
of my consciousness in cyber dreaming.

Like Rip van Winkle, I was check out into
Somewhere other than my home.
It is pasted below:

<< Creativity is not very easy for some of you like
Ariannna, (Susanrose)
who has fallen into a dangerous pastime.

When people are
confronted with daily stress their reaction may be fear,
may be anger, may be peace if they are so evolved,
but another reaction to this stress is retreat.

Retreat is into a delicious and very seductive daydream
of your own creation, And I know you may have thought
of examples in your own life during a very difficult time,
you chose to think about something entirely different,

something delightful or delicious to keep your mind off of
that which caused you pain.

This initially is healthy and good, but to dwell on the fantasy,
to dwell on that delightful and alluring daydream
is blocking your creativity

and I am here to warn you
that this opportunity for creativity is here
and it may be wasted,
or under utilized because of retreat
into delightful daydreaming.

When Morgaine in "Mists of Avalon "was troubled and needed
to take a journey. She wandered into a swamp
and when she passed
through the swamp, she came to a place known as Fairyland.

In Fairyland people never grow old. They party,
they dance, they play, they have wonderful sex,
and they do not need to deal with reality.

If your purpose is to be a Fairy, then I do not judge that,
but all you who hear this have the destiny and you KNOW this.
Your destiny is in the world of form, and the world of
form needs action to complete your destiny.

If you dwell in Fairyland like Morgaine,
you'll find out that its very alluring to linger there longer.

If you do finally shake free of Fairyland
and trudge out of the swamp and get your feet back
onto firm ground, you look at your clothes.
You've been there so long,

your clothes have turned into rags on your body.
When you were in Fairyland,
you thought you were
wearing a beautiful gown and now you realize....

you have tarried there too long. And what seemed to be
only two nights
has turned into two years. Your clothes are rags
and your friends have moved on.

All you can do is work your way back, and try to catch up.
Try to regain your footing as to what you need to do next.

So when you're worried about a problem,
by all means don't give in
by using avoidance and escape.......
getting suck in the lure of Fairyland.

All of you hearing me are needed in the world of form,
to take action, to manifest that love, and to let the
current of spirit move through you to our highest evolution.
We need your help!

Don't let us down, don't let your spiritual eulogy read :
"She was a swell person, a lovely woman.
So much was expected of her, but what became of her?
She lived in Fairyland, that's where she dwelled.

What happened to her destiny?
What happened to her mission?
We were tapping her on the shoulder, but she was

Don't let this happen to you. Arise! Stay clear.
Stay concentrated,
stay alert to the signs that the universe gives you.

Last thing is I bid you all to Moonbathe.
Imagine the Moonbeam coming down
and sweeping away any dusty cobwebs
from your minds

Imagine it redefining your personality, redefining
your destiny, redefining your values, your character
so that all the little bits and pieces that were knocked off
are now replaced.

All your edges are put back on again
because we don't want you to be too smooth.
We want you to be the cutting edge of the new time.

So now my Daughters I'm glad you chose strength
as your magical root tonight because it takes strength
to move out of Fairyland.

It took strength for Morgaine
to break free from this place because
it was a delightful and charming place,
and she had to walk through the muck of
the swamp and to get back onto the firm ground.

I want you to connect with the
strength of the Earth
I offer you My hand, please draw that strength up into you!

Hard words, but Ariannna
needed a kick in the butt
and I think she'll appreciate it later.
We love you, don't let us down.>>
[strdst] excellent story
[Ganesha] nice
[ACTION] Ganesha sends healing moonbeams to the channel
[ACTION] strdst bathes in moonbeams... :)
[luvbliss] yes... so much can be and is learned online... so again,,, balance
perspective, not total elimination is the key possibly... can be negative or
positive.. as with
most anything
[strdst] luvbliss understands
[ACTION] Ganesha draws the strength od Mount Meru up into the hearts and
of all here and we are penetrated and permeated by the strength, courage, and
of this mountain
<Susanrose> here is a prayer you can offer to any friend who comes to you on
line with
this problem
maybe you don't need it yourself, but I could use it every now and then...

Oh higher power __________
(fill in the blank)
I feel my life may be getting out of control
and I need your help. Please send empower me
to resist the lure of the computer screen

when I should be doing other activities that would
better advance my soul's purpose.

Help me to remember and give thanks for
my family, my job, and all that I love.

I am calmly claiming this through the Divine spirit
that dwells in me.

I ask this through the connecting power of love,
the Christed Presence the is the vine connecting us all
Thank you oh Holy ones!
So must it be!.

<Susanrose> any last comments?

[Ganesha] well, we really ned to be contemplating INFATUATION...How does this
vice rule us and our world...Do we become Infatuated and hooked...or do we
presense of mind and strength in our own beings
<Susanrose> good point Gan:
[Ganesha] do we become Infatuated with ourselves?
What is a weapon for this Infatuation?
[Ganesha] Meditation, Prayer, Cognition
[Ganesha] recognition of the Infatuation
<Susanrose> know that we are but a micocosim of the macro cosim
[Ganesha] yes, a lesson to be brought into all aspects of our worlds

<Susanrose> Hi, Danie!....told the group about your volume of e-mail...
[Ganesha] hi danie

[Danielle] Yes... WAyyy too much...
this weekend... 125 e-mails!
<Susanrose> thought you were going to unsubscribe to some?
[Danielle] Three mailing lists...
I can't get off them because I changed my e-mail address.
I'm going rather nuts, actually
[strdst] @@

[Danielle] hehe , Sorry I am late (we just got back from Columbus). :(
[Ganesha] wow, el popularity
<Susanrose> there is a certain usefullness to temporary infatuation...
gives one zeal to start a new realtionship....
perhaps,like most things, has to be in perspective...
[Ganesha] well, what are our relationships really like if
we are swayed by Infatuation
[Danielle] Infatuation usually results in disillusionment, I have found...
[Ganesha] yes danie
<Susanrose> it could grow into love if lucky..always optimistic

[strdst] please... give love a chance... :)
[Danielle] Not that disillusionment is sooo bad,
because it helps show the TRUTH.
[Ganesha] could be a statement of our own state of self worth
<Susanrose> I am glad you could come, even if at the end Danielle!
[Danielle] People who are disillusioned in love or life
are on their way to knowing how things "really" are rather than living
peacefully in an illusory world.
[Ganesha] We need some affirmations for ourselves this week
concerning this situation ...maybe:) any suggestions?
[strdst] yes Danie... and always expect magic! ... :)
[Danielle] Thanks Susan... glad to be here :)
<Susanrose> How about: My work is my love made manifest
[strdst] :)
[Ganesha] yeah...
[Ganesha] How about: I am Happy and strong in my world
[ACTION] strdst bows to all on the channel... thanks for having me and being
<Susanrose> or ....I AM at the right place, at the right time SUCCESSFULLY
in purposful activity
<Susanrose> strdst is welcome anytime!
[Ganesha] I have perfect discrimination with my online activities
[Danielle] True... I am always where I NEED TO BE
[luvbliss] good one
[Ram1] how about: they call it work because all the other
4 letter words were taken ? heheheheheh\
[luvbliss] :)
strdst] hahahahaha... strdst likes Ram1's mind
[Ganesha] no Ram an affirmation can't be negative...phrase it positively
[Ganesha] I am the Light of Conciouness wherever I am
<Susanrose> :) great suggestions...

[Danielle] Through work one is able to spread love and truth to others :)

[Ganesha] My physical relationships are what they are and I love myself
[strdst] I am attuned to the Universe and all good things flow my way

[Danielle] Susan: I will have to read the script!
Susanrose> yes, you do have it!...in your mail haha
[Danielle] hehehehe I'll have to search for it

Ganesha sends love and light....moonbeams abd rainbows to the
conciousness of gaia friends
[strdst] Florence Scoville Shin was a Master at this.
[Ganesha] bye see you soon...Thank-you Susan Rose..this was an interesting

[Danielle] Bye Ganesha!!
<Susanrose> Thanks Gan!
[luvbliss] enjoyed it, thanks
<Susanrose> ending affirmation:
<Susanrose> The light of love surrounds you
[Ganesha] very healing and beautiful...sun and Jupiter
conjunct this week...good vibrations expansion and love for all
<Susanrose> The power of love protects you
The presence of love watches over you
Where ever you are LOVE IS! good night All!