Miracles, Magic and Seeing more of Them.

<Susanrose> Welcome to #)Gaia*Friends(

Tonight's guest speaker is Tamar George. She is sitting along side of
me with another computer logged on. We have been friends since
meeting in a spiritually empowering group in 1988. She is, (among
other things) an artist, teacher, and psychic, and a light to the local
Pittsburgh community.

Her web site is http://www.tamargeorge.com

<TamarGeorge>: Thank you. My Topic is Miracles, Magic
and Seeing more of Them.

Although the topic is about miracles,
we need to address all aspects
of the process of manifesting.
How, why, when, do we have the most accurate manifestations?

What is a miracle?

Nothing that is usual, or mundane.
A extraordinary happening.
A strange thing, Webster says.
But thought to have, something to do with supernatural forces,
especially to an act of God.

What is magic?

Attempting to cause or control events,
or govern certain natural or supernatural forces.
So something is creating the event. Or someone?
What is the difference between magic and sorcery?

<Susanrose> Sorcery has a more selfish interpretation than magic.

<TamarGeorge> Intent is the key to miracles and magic.
The intent is how you determine the target
as well as the ethics of a desired outcome.

Ask whether you are attempting a miracle or a manipulation.

<Susanrose> Yes; one country's freedom fighter and hero,
may well be another country's terrorist. We can rationalize
"goodness" to our desires.

<TamarGeorge> You may condemn something before you ever even got to
walk in it's shoes. You know that old saying, walk in anther's
shoes for awhile and you won't be so quick to pass judgment.

One of my friends watched the 30 million dollar made for TV
production of "Merlin" and got so upset at the character named Mab.
She was the powerful woman from Avalon.

My friend was concerned that the miracles she was trying
to create in her life would be associated with black magic.

Wait a minute, I said back. Your telling me that you judged Merlin
good magic and Mab bad sorcery? Yes, she replied,
but I am also confused about it all.

And that is the point I responded back.
You don't trust yourself to use power.
You are confused about what power is and it's correct
and incorrect use.

You need to trust that when you to ask for something in
the highest intent and have as your partner the Universe,
It will give it to you.

You cannot for a moment believe that Merlin did not
manipulate to have things go the way he wanted to.
Every one of us, everyone of us, manipulates each other every day.
It is the intent behind the manipulation that justifies what is going on.
We manipulate our children to go to school, we manipulate our mates
to give to us. We manipulate the gas company to give us gas by
paying them money.

Merlin believed when he manipulated he had a higher intent then Mab.
That Christianity or newer ways would be a better choice.
Mab's intent was not to be the last of her breed.
She had self preservation in mind and believe it was for
every one else's good to not to let the old ways die off.

That is what I am talking about.

Every one thinks their opinion and perspective is the most accurate.
They are going to word things. They write things to influence
you because they feel they have the most honest perspective.

That is when you have to use your own ability to really sit down
and think. What is your own perspective?

Take the time to consider the intent.
This intent needs to be for the highest good of the ALL.
Your intent to harm no other and believing in yourself
as a precious Spirit deserving of happiness will determine
that outcome.

So it is very much your intent that determines how you
will judge you and the outcome!

<Susanrose> In the decision making process, I like to
go into the silence, and feel the presence of Spirit, the I AM.
Then bring the visualization of the future event you desire.
I try to feel if that picture resonates, or "fits" the feeling
of Divine Will, or if it feels deflected, polarized or even
humorous against that which is a holy presence.

<Tamargeorge> But how do you get the magic or the miracles you want?
How do you influence the events?

One of the things I learned is asking for what you want now,
in the moment. Now why would this be?
Well it is because it is where you are and where the power is.
You are not in the future yet.

The Universe provides for where you are.
Now, if you don't have what you believe you need.
Then look at what you believe.

That is the work I do with others as a psychic counselor.
I work with your beliefs that create your reality.
Your thoughts are things, thoughts that are powerful creation tools.

Be careful of what you think - for it might come true.
For like attracts like and is a divine principle in physics.
Everything that comes into your life, is because you have
attracted it there.....Or, you have repelled it from coming.

Heavy statements, to be sure.

What I do, is teach that you have a co-Creator.
The Universe is your co-Creator, a partner with you.
You use this partnership when your creating parking places,
or tickets to a rock concert or flowers. Gifts to yourself
that you're not attached to.

Not being attached, means it doesn't really matter whether
they happen or not.

The stuff you're not attached to, has no fear in it.
The fear can attract itself back, you get to have nothing.

But when you ask the Universe for a parking space and you
don't care if you walk twenty more steps or not. You get to get
the parking place. (no fear)

You get to watch the law of physics at play.
The Universe moving to your intent.

After learning to do the small stuff you get to
graduate from the little stuff to the big stuff
you really want.

Now, if something has alluded you that you really do want,
and you double checked all your beliefs,
then you might imagine that it is the timing that is the problem.
The Universe wants you to be happy.
So, maybe what your asking for is not somehow for the
highest good of everyone concerned.
So check your intent and your patience.

As an example of co-Creation, a while ago I was on a
plane flight to Reno. My son lives in Lake Tahoe.
I was on the plane, sitting very comfortably in first class.
I didn't pay for first class, the airlines put me there complimentary.
A gift.

What I asked for when I bought my ticket,
was to have this trip go better than just okay. I wanted wonderful.
My miracle was asking that the trip have
wonderful in every event.

Upon putting down the landing gear, the pilot came on and said
he did not have permission to land in Reno, Nevada, our destination.
The winds were way too strong for a safe landing.
We would be landing in Sacramento, California

Every one picked up their phones in first class and started
calling people. I went ballistic, where is Sacramento, I thought,
how far of a drive will it be for my son?
By the time I figured he would figure it all out, it would be five hours later.
And where would I wait? A thousand problems raced through my mind.

I yelled at the people on the phones,
to put those phones back in their first class holders,
and help me manifest the winds stopping so we could land in Reno.
I have been out of the spiritual closet for years and not afraid to speak
my beliefs to anyone. Then I asked the Universe privately to help me.

Not even five minutes went by and the pilot was back on the microphone,
he stated with a surprise to his voice,
that the winds had died down and we could land in Reno.

<David> winds of change :)

<^Angel^9> WOW!

<Gwendy> :o)

<Tamargeorge> The man behind me tapped me on the shoulder
and complimented me on my connection to whom or whatever.

<TamarGeorge> COMMENTS?

<Gwendy> I was in a similar situation in a plane.
The wind shook the plane like a cocktail thing.
Everyone was panicking. I asked my son to see the winds
going slow with me and manifest it

<TamarGeorge> What did they do Gwendy?

<Gwendy> People cried, my husband prayed....for once in years
My son and I started calmly thinking it was ok
This was over water going to Spain.
Now my son, Martin, loves to play with the weather.
He learned the lesson better than me.
He showed me he can manifest calmer weather
I am the one who does not get it how he does it now.

<tjmac> :D
<Susanrose> wow! I remember my father and I used
to sit in the back yard an try to change the shape of
a particular cloud that we would concentrate on
together... it worked. (smile)

<Wunjo> Would a ritual help?

<TamarGeorge> Everything is a ritual. We think of ceremony as giving
it more focus.

<Susanrose> Sometimes I imagine that angels are giving me
lots of miracles by I am too busy to see... for example... the angels saying...
"Did you see that accident we had her miss?. HA!
and she doesn't even know about it to thank us! hehe"
Any more miracles to share?

<tjmac> I could

<Gwendy> go ahead tjmac

<tjmac> ok.

I was biking with a friend....along a rural highway in Northern Wisc
as we were entering town, I heard a voice....clear as day...say
"Go for the gravel" (The gravel was on the berm.)
A few minutes later, the traffic was getting heavier
and a semi doing 55'ish came to close....
his back draft blew my bike off the road
The front tire of my bike caught in a rut and jackknifed the bike.
I as doing 15 mph or so, so it flipped me into the roadway on my chest.

<Susanrose> Hope you didn't get run over.

<tjmac> The message was "If something happens....Go for the gravel"
When I landed, I was next to the back door of a car also doing high speed
pulling an oversized boat....the right wheel was lined up to go right over me,
according to the people in the car behind which stopped.

<Susanrose> Did that mean to get off to the side of the road?

<tjmac> yes Susan...the shoulder was gravel

<Gwendy> If you had not gone for the gravel, you be dead ?

<tjmac> I hit, and instantly rolled once to the right, to the gravel,
and heard the tire wizz past my head

<Gwendy> wow

<tjmac>It would have hit me but, I was told to get on the gravel.
This saved my life, or at least a horrible accident.

<Susanrose> What a faith builder! Your life is worthy and valuable!
You must have lots to do here.

<TamarGeorge> It was not your time, my friend! Indeed a miracle.

<tjmac> It all happened in the time of a car going highway speeds
moves past you to the trailer.

<^Angel^9> wow, miracle that you could react that fast
after landing on the pavement tj
<tjmac> Yes. The impact burned my coat off, so I hit hard
Someone chose to save me.... I swear they froze time for a second
<Susanrose> thanks! tj!

<TamarGeorge> I tell the story all the time of someone hearing
a outside voice saying," pull over to the side of the road!"
And he didn't listen until the voice yelled it, and as he pulled over
a semi came around the corner
And just missed him. Sometimes the Universe has to yell!!!
<tjmac> yea, sometimes we don't listen so good to start

<Susanrose> There is a wide variety to miracles.
Some are faith building profound experiences. Some are sublime, subtle.
Metaphors that you need to be alert to in order to recognize them.

<greywolf1> miracles occur so often that they are taken for granted

<Susanrose> I can give you an example of a profound miracle,
and a subtle miracle that have learned about in the past week.
Both have the power to affect great changes for good.

I met a 61 year old man (retired lawyer)
who told me that 2 years ago, he had
checked into a motel to kill himself. He was depressed,
tired of life, his work and his divorce.

Before he took the pills, he drifted off into a light slumber.
Half way between asleep and awake he was directed to
call his doctor. Stumbling groggily out of bed, he tried to
recall the doctor's office number that he has called many times.

Dialing the number he was surprised to hear a strange voice
answer the phone, as he had dialed the WRONG number.
He said he was calling for Dr. so and so, and low and behold,
the woman said: I don't know how you knew this, but the doctor
is HERE.

So the divine intelligence provided him with the
WRONG correct number. His convinced him that
a higher power felt his life was worth saving.
Not only did he go on to a recovery,
but also had a spiritual awakening.

By the time he got to the hospital he said:
Lord, do I really even need to be admitted now?
The answer he received was... Yes you have work to do in there.

While getting his life together in the hospital group therapy
He was able to be a faith building source of inspiration to the
other patients there. His life has been reborn.
This is an example of a big miracle.

<tjmac> and starting out being a lawyer even
<Susanrose> yep!
<tjmac> wow

<Susanrose> A more subtle one happened to me last Sunday.
I had a rose bush in my front yard, under a large maple tree.
It has never bloomed since I lived there in 7 years.

Weeds were growing through it since I could not pick them
out between the thorns. It was an eye sore in my yard.
Playing damsel in distress, I asked 3 different men to
dig it up for me.

When I finally found one that would,
I prepared the area, and dug as far as I could go around the bush.
When one fellow agreed to do it for me, I was happy.
But he came over and looked and the job and said:
I can't do that with out the right tool.

You something that can trim off tree branches,
or a hack saw to cut through the roots. So he left.
I was disappointed and even my girlfriends were no help.
My friend said Susan ROSE...
why do you want to get rid or your ROSE bush?
So later, I went to a neighbor and asked if
he had a branch cutting tool I could borrow.
He did, and it was called a Loper with big 2 feet long handles.
In the rain, it took me about 15 minutes to go around the
ditch I dug to cut out every root, and pull out the main trunk.

The miracle? The universe showed me my strength...
in the ROOT of the ROSE... MY personal power overcame
the bush. And I did not need to play helpless. I did it myself.

I ran back to the neighbor to share my victory,
holding the trunk and remaining roots attached.

He offered to drill a hole in the middle an wire it for a lamp.
So the trophy of my personal power can also become my
light ! What a teaching! A miracle that could have been
overlooked if I was not aware enough to "SEE it".

<^Angel^9> hahhaha cool
<Gwendy> :o)
<tjmac> :D

<TamarGeorge> Thanks Susanrose.

Now, what about those times where you don_t get the miracle?
What's that about? That's the part about finding the real gift.
You know, the gift in every situation.
Because later in that same trip, I still asked for wonderful as
I flew from Reno to Texas on my way to the Yucatan.

Upon arrival in Houston, I found out that they gave my reserved
motel room away to the Southern Baptist's convention that was in town.
I even called the day before and confirmed my arrival at 11 p.m.
the following night. They confirmed yes back and my late arrival.


There I was all alone at the airport.
A drunk rent- a -cop befriended me, outside in the terminal.
I had no place to go.

It was two hours later, after calling every motel,
the rent a cop upon hearing my story
found a phone and got a room in the only available space in Texas.

He called a cab for me and the cab drove miles to this cheap motel.
It was a real dive, so I decided to sleep in my clothes.
The next morning the shower was freezing cold
and the water sprayed half way across the room.
And to top that off, the phone didn't work.

I actually laughed it was so bad.
But at least I got six hours sleep before the next mornings plane flight.
But where the hell was the wonderful, I had asked for?

What I got as a answer the next morning in my meditation was this.
The place in your soul that knows no limitation
and you were assured of that by what you did create.

You found your abundance in desolation.
You had what was needed, rest for awhile.
It is what you asked for.
It also prepared a place in your awareness
that you can deal with a very bad situation.
That you have the strength to go through bad times.

That was true, I was living with a fear of _what if_ something bad
happened to me. Could I take care of me. I was given opposite
ends of the spectrum to see the miracles.

Now if you haven't decided what you want to manifest
and most people that I do psychic readings for,
have no idea what they want.

Except for me to tell them what it is that they will desire in that future.
Think about it. That is giving your power away.
Don't give your power to me.

For instance I did a psychic party of fifteen girls aged 16-17.
They each asked me what college they were going to?
I would say, east, west, north to Canada and very vague answers.

Each time they confirmed, that was the location they were looking in.
I confirmed back how you could manifest what you desire.
There was only one girl, only one,
I said that she was going to Harvard to be a Doctor.
She said that she had just been accepted to school there the month before.

She asked me how I knew, I told her I read the energy
in the here and now.

The future isn't set. But hers appeared to be.
But that could change tomorrow, if she changed her mind.
If she came back in the tomorrow's, I would read that.

It seems that the future everybody is interested in, is in the moment.

Okay, let's talk about creating in the future:
Manifest for the pathways of the future,

I decided that on my hour walk that I wanted to create seeing
a unusual animal. I walk engaged deeply in my meditation,
and past the same old, same old houses and go through the
same small park.

Well, why not practice miracles and magic? Create for the future?
Why not ask the Universe for a unusual animal. I had my tools.
The belief that I do deserve abundance and the knowing that I love
myself and do not sabotage.

That I have been building grace. Grace is karma three fold
to the positive degree.

I have been serving my self and others spirituality.
And the best ingredient, I had no fear.
The fear negates the creation.
I wasn't attached to seeing this animal.

I also had great desire and focus to manifest this,
so I asked every day for three weeks.
And then one day.

A swooshing sound was above my head.
Fear struck my heart, because I was in a small park, alone.
I had never heard a sound like this _swoosh_ before.

In the next moment, there on the branch right above me, sat a eagle.
Not with a white head but with a brown head.
I checked it out, by looking very closely.
I had seen hawks in my back yard swooping down after small baby bunnies.
This bird wasn't a hawk, it was the biggest bird, I had ever seen.

The eagle stared into my eyes and continued to look at me.
I had it's total attention for five minutes and I didn't move.
After that, the thought ran through my mind, that I was bored.

The moment the word bored went through my mind, the eagle flew away.

So let us recap:

1. The intent is the primary concern of asking for what you want.
2. The future is here now. No one knows the future.
3. You can create for the future, by being focused on what you do want,
and having the patience for it to come. ( Most people give up and give
in before it has a chance of manifesting.)

That brings us to delusions. Things you don't know that is keeping the
things you desire from you. Delusions are lies you don't realize.

So when you look in your own lives, what don't you see about you
and what haven't you finished with?

So much backlogged stuff keeps you - from miracles in your own life?
And the biggest issue that keeps you from miracles in your
life, is loving yourself.

So let us do a ritual with the intent of loving ourselves and letting go
of those beliefs that don't work.
Or those parts or roles that we play that are just plain ugly.
And while we are at it, why not let go of those parts of us
that don't know how to make us happy.

Let's let go of the crap. The garbage.
Forgiving other people, but not what they did.
How do you do that?

You simply ................
let go...

<daria1> One step at a time. It is always the process.

<TamarGeorg> And maybe that is the biggest miracle of them all.
Letting go of the dialog that sabotages
really wonderful things happening for you.

Loving you is the greatest miracle of them all.
And the stuff* you want is the icing on the cake.

That's the end of my prepared material,
Any more comments?

^Angel^9 shifts excitedly ... I've had miracles,
<Susanrose> go ahead angel
<^Angel^9> :o) ok
In 1992 many miracle working people began coming into my life
I took workshop from Mark Johnson, Tai Chi master from California
While we sat at dinner one evening after class
I asked my friend Margaret when I could get more reiki from her.
She said I was sitting right next to the real healer,
referring to Mark Johnson
When I had the opportunity to speak to Mark
He began asking what is going on in my life.
I was having trouble with my eye.
The big question was "what is it that you don't want to see?"
Anyway, he placed his left hand on my back
told me to close eyes, breath deep
he gave me his energy (chi)
The eye took several more weeks to heal,
but my neck was surrounded by a ring of energy for about 6 days
and it uncompressed from years of pain and worn disks
Neck pain since 1992 ended.

<Susanrose> wow thanks for sharing.
<^Angel^9> one more thing about my neck: I grew an inch ... was 5'7" ...
now 5'8" ... !!!!
<TamarGeorg> nice Angel!
<Gwendy> wow

<TamarGeorge> All another ever does is stimulate the healer within ourselves.
It is because we believe that we are saved or we are healed.
All others are in your drama acting as the Angel to convince you....you can do it.

You are the Source. It is you, your partner is the great magician.
Since all Spirit is ONE... it matters not what aspect of the divine assists you...
what matters is your FAITH.

And we are witnessing these stories
of this wonderful partnership.
<Gwendy> I see the light and sometimes I swim in it.
I feel I am at home in the light, yet I am not the light.

<Susanrose> by the grace of God we are powerful :)
Any last comments ?

<tjmac> so, who can explain who we ask for
the miracles and wonderment ???

<TamarGeorge> Tjmac, you are asking for what is in you.
The divine energy that resides within you is that great force
that creates everything.

<Gwendy> Susan, where is the power from that we get?
where do we get the light?

<Susanrose> IMHO= in my humble opinion...
In the pulsating river of Spirit, that unites us all
above, below within without, and with the cosmos and etheric.
we know that All spirit is ONE.

<TamarGeorge> Again what beats your heart is the Source.
You have the Source of all power within you.
<Susanrose> To have a conscious awareness of that connection is grace
to live in a state of grace most of the time is to be ascended.
<Gwendy> wouldn't you wish to be always in that ecstasies?
<Susanrose> that is our goal Gwendy

<Gwendy> but the light comes from heaven?
<TamarGeorge> The light is energy, it is in you and above you........
Do you know the original name of Heaven was Haven.
An abode of spirit.

<Susanrose> the kingdom of heaven is in the NOW
<Gwendy> :o)
<Susanrose> it is ours anytime we raise our vibrations to it.
Well, good night to all and a special thank you
to my dear friend TamarGeorge.

Her web site.... is at: http://members.aol.com/tamargeorg

<David> thanks to Susanrose and TamarGeorge, Good day everyone.

<^Angel^9> Susanrose, thank you for the forum
<daria1> Good nite
<icatic> goodnight Susanrose
<wunjo> thanks I see you again next time :)
<Gwendy> Blessings and good night

<TamarGeorge> May the Angels spread fairy dust on all of you!