I am She who is the Feminine Spirit.

I'd like to thank all of you for your lovely dance
and songs. The sincerity in your eyes twinkle like stars.
You certainly do glow in your bubble of love,
with many colors, just as your lights do tonight.

There's been, I'm sorry to say,
some darkness that's come
across the lives of some of your sisters,
and people who may hear this message, and it
is to them that I speak. Someday, if a
similar dark time should come across
your life, maybe you'll pull out these words
and reflect back on what advice I'm
about to give to you.

It seems there have been some troubles
here and there, about acquiring acceptance
of your desires, your bliss and your
spiritual quest from those around you. Now,
you must not be too hard on yourself
for even the Master did not acquire immediate
acceptance. Many a town, he left
in haste with those quick on his heels that
would like to strike him, but he stood in his integrity,
he stood for his bliss, he stood for his love of spirit,
and kept going.

And you, my children, when you
find your connection to spirit, whatever it is,
when you find your bliss, when you find
what it is that is one with your highest evolution,
don't give it up.

Sometimes you can't just leave town,
as he did, and move on to another place where
people will accept what you're doing more
graciously. Sometimes you have to stay in
a situation with families, with home, with
work. Sometimes you have to stay, and then what
do you do when you find yourself misunderstood,
held back, questioned?

My daughters, this is a complicated issue,
and I certainly don't want anyone to stay in a
situation that is not for their highest good.
Should you choose the tougher road, to stay
and see what can be done, to gain acceptance
of your path, then there are things that I could
offer for suggestions to help you in this endeavor,
One is whenever starting out new ideas, new plans
new dreams, with your family and loved ones, just
remember that plan and that dream had been
incubating in you for a long time, maybe years,
to bring you to the point where you would like
to do it.

I'll give you a for example that's very
minor. For example -eating vegetarian food, it may
be something you've seen other people do,
in the last few years, maybe something you've read
some articles about. Maybe something that every time
you open up a newspaper, you read about. Fats or
whatever in the diet, and now you would like
to try this in your home. For you, this has been
a gradual coming of aware and life changing
decision that you would like to make. And then,
you drop it at the dinner table
and say "I would like to eat vegetarian."
Your family, it may be the first they heard of it,
(or next to the first they heard of it). They react
not so kindly and say, "What about the
fun we had grilling steaks outdoors, didn't you
enjoy our times around the picnic table? Didn't you
enjoy the hot dogs and hamburgers with all the
summers past? You're leaving us. You're leaving us
with our memories, and you're changing, and we're
not happy."

This is an example of many situations
that many of you who are on a spiritual path run
over and over and over again in your homes and
if you would like to deal with problems like this,
just remember that for you, the shift in
consciousness was gradual, but what you're
asking them to do in their acceptance is very abrupt.

So if you'd like to lovingly provide them a
chance and opportunity to accept your new decisions,
then you must think of how it feels when you walk
out of the dark theater. Leaving the back door at
showcase cinemas where your eyes have become accustomed
to a certain kind of light and you go outside and
its broad daylight and there may be snow on the
ground and theres a glare in your eyes and you can barely
see and for a while. You almost have to close your
eyes and feel your way to your car. You'd really
like to hop back in the theater and come out more
gradually, wouldn't you?

Well, this is the same with them.
For you, it was a slow shift in consciousness.
For them, you saying "I'd like to eat vegetarian"
at the supper table is like them stepping out of the
movie theater into the strong sunlight. Of course
they're going to flinch, and if you want acceptance,
then you're going to have to be patient with your
desires and warm them up to it gradually. Take them
out to the lobby for a while, let them play a video game
before taking them out into the strong sunlight.
Then the sunlight won't make them flinch and you can
all walk in the sun together.

Some of the women and men, when they hit
spiritual progression, they get on a fast current,
a fast current of spirit that sweeps them along.

They are like race horses at the starting block
jumping into every thing that they think will aid
their spiritual progression even further,
and in this city we know there are many.
But if you try to take three steps forward, what good
is it if you're thrown four steps backwards? You end
up one step behind where you were in the first place.

So, in gaining acceptance of your quest would it
be better to pace yourself, taking just one step forward.
Then say "This is where I am, this is who I am,
this is where I want to be". To shine with the love of where you are,
to stand firm and fast in clear resolve, and let it sit for a while,
and then take another step forward,
when you feel that the time is right.

This is what Arianna and some others may need to
learn how to do, if they choose to value the
acceptance of those in their life that mean so dearly
to them. But, if in taking the one step and standing
true to who you are, and doing as I say does not
work, then it may be time to let go with love.
My daughter, at this point, you will sleep well at night.
You will know that you did the best you could,
You will have peace with your decision. There will be
less confusion in your heart, in the hearts of those
in your family, should it come to this, if you do
so wisely.

And when making a decision about whether to
stand firm, on your one step, just say to yourself-
"Is this something that through my belief or
my behavior would aid me in manifesting love through
form? If clinging to the belief, the behavior,
the concept would aid you in manifesting love
through your form in the best, most blissful
expression that you could, then hold firm.
Hold firm. But, if you question whether or not,
it would help you manifest love through form,
then maybe you're standing firm for the wrong thing.

Remember as your sister says "We are counting
on you to be beacons of light, of joy, and of bliss
manifesting loving beautiful selves in the world."
Be that person. Don't allow your head to be so
wallowed in confusion that you can't let this
shine through." Thank you my children.