Life Since 9-11-01
So, How are you Coping?

October 28,2001
Ground Zero

<susanrose> Welcome to Alex from Fairbanks, Alaska,
Joe and myself from Pittsburgh PA,
Basil from New Mexico, Paza from Houston Texas, and others.

<Eagle> northern NY is where I'm from
<wyldroz> Wisconsin, USA
<stilgar> Canberra, Australia
<anonymous> i still attend school in manhattan,
there is NO turning away from what I have to do in NYC

<oldgoldbuy> Salt Lake City
<susanrose> Alex from Fairbanks is my co-hostess tonight.
alex, are we both federal employees? I work as a nurse in a federal hospital
<^alex^> no...I'm a teacher with a school district.
the school that I teach in is on a military post in Alaska

<usanrose> Thank you everyone, we are starting now:
WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now. Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together.
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

October 28,2001
Life Since 9-11-01
So, How are you Coping?

I start this program from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  The air location where the courageous members of Flight 93 found that strength that saved the White House or the Capital in Washington.  Over my fair city they came to their highest mission.  They inspired us with their love, and laid down their lives to protect the country they love.
Since 9-11-01 I have experienced every emotion. I am also embarrassed to say that I have even felt sorry for myself.  Why? I didn’t loose a loved one in the incident.  CNN said that time and exercise could help those get over the loss.  Well I thought it is going to take more than that for me.   I felt sorry for myself because I lost the fun picture in my head that the world is getting better and better.  I remember I was a bit disappointed with the Y2K scare as well. 
Before I go on, how are YOU doing?
<basil> All is well in Santa Fe.  Besides, while the country is traumatized, we know, nothing is ever "lost.:
<^alex^> I think the photography with the images invoked emotions in anyone who saw them...images that will not soon be forgotten
<stilgar> calmly watching the karmic wheel turn

<Paza> the first few weeks were hard to deal with
<Eagle> don't watch much TV
<stilgar> yes, just check internet every day.
<^alex^> I get daily reminders that things are different
<wyldroz> Yes, I'm limiting my intake of the press quite a lot. It makes it tougher to know that everything is as it should be - as stilgar said.
<basil> The TV is on the wrong focus anyway . . .  as usual.
<susanrose> Well, I also saw a tremdous outpouring of love, watched the service at Yankee stadium, the baptist minister from harlem had a great speech there... the entire thing is on
all the ministers from every religion's prayers from Yankee stadium are on Oprah's page.

<^alex^> I listen to NPR every morning...they give a more rounded report of the world state of affairs
<anonymous> some how i see this event that forces the WORLD to take a personal inventory , country by county, a country's 'check of consciousness and consequences' quite publically.
<basil> The only thing that really shocked me was that in this day and age, such evil notions, involving death and destruction, could still exist, even within a small mind set.  But obviously it does, despite my best hopes.
<^alex^> actually that is one thing that is definitely happened...thoughts of spirit and God are more out front there
<basil> A few crazed muslims cannot upset the progress humanity is making.  All is well.
<^alex^> I agree...just think we're about to have many lessons thrown our way

<susanrose> I will go on…
Hey, since the 5th Dimension Hit of the 1960’s I have been eagerly awaiting the Age of Aquarius. “When the moon was in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligned with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and LOVE will steer the stars!”
I wanted to strum a guitar like Peter Paul and Mary, pass out flowers, hug strangers, and sing “The answer is blowing in the wind”.  Now I am confronted with a reality of a million fundamentalist Muslims who look like terrorist wanna-be's.  What went wrong?  Have I been deluding myself for half a lifetime that the world was to be wonderful and us baby boomers could make love and not war?  Has my belief in the spiritual truth that all is perfect as it is a farce?  Have I been wasting my time?

<^alex^> our children who are in school are learning all over again prejuidice
<susanrose> they are doing a pretty good job of making themselves look evil with their death to america chants in their demostrationsI wish the good muslims would be more vocal and the news people would focus on them more
<stilgar> how quickly did the media show a handful of palestinians cheering? People who probably didn't fully understand what was happening

<^alex^> The children in my school...their first response of course was pure fear...fear that daddy and mommy would be sent away...they began to act out more, some withdrew, some just got more hyper
they of course probably notice things more than most children in the country unless they live on a base as well or live where it happened
Every day they have to see daddy or mommy wearing full gear...everywhere they go ID's must be shown...when they leave base and come on they might even have their cars and out
they live in a neighborhood that has suddenly been surrounded with razor wire and has barricades everywhere you look
<susanrose> you teach on a military base?
<^alex^> I teach on a military post...a base is another branch of the is post and base is air force

  help for children
<susanrose> I work at a Federal Hospital, now all the visitors need to sign in and wear a name tag and employees have to show their badge.  We are happy with tightening security.
<Paza> the energies of this world should help prevent the world from having to put anyone in internment camps as in the movie "The Siege"
<poetree> perfect analogy, Paza, thats the first movie that came to mind, when WTC happened here
< anonymous > we have been dealing/working/coping directly in NYC daily basis

<oldgold> In Salt Lake City, Utah, I performed music with my band consisting of Jews, Arabs and Christians.  We were to play through the Olympics.  The music has been cancelled.
<stilgar> oldgold, just as jerusalem was hope to peace loving moselms, jews and christians prior to the crusades,
and prior the establishment of the new state of israel,

<Joe> nice oldgold, and why was the other cancelled?
<susanrose> old- you folks should be put on center stage as the example of how we all can harmonize!
<oldgold> All music was cancelled at the airport after 9/11 for security reasons. I wish there was more leadership in the American Muslin leadership to tell those Muslims living here in America that they are Americans.  It is scary that they may be inflamed to Jihad.

help with grief

<susanrose>  Well, all of this was depressing for a while, but this is what I finally figured out:
NO! Working on a spiritual life style is not a waste.  I am now sure that my happy-go-lightly spiritual attitude has been the training ground for this very time.  All this desire to be one with the force of grace has prepared me for the work that is ahead for all of us at this time.  I am not going to snuff my light down in pity and depression. 
(Matthew 5: 14-16)  "Neither do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but upon a lampstand, so as to give light to all in the house."
I am going to use my years of spiritual training to be the beacon, hold the light, and uplift the condition of all I can during this time of trial.  This time is probably the very real I came to earth.  I prepared to be on the front line in lightwork when all is running amuck.  Yet, even now I need to remind myself of that reality, and re-surge the current of connection through my conscious mind and every cell of my being.

On Jean Houston’s web page I found
“We are all New Yorkers …Tragedy has drawn us closer, sent us deeper, and given us the option of preparing for life rather than death….We are the ones who have the most profound task in human history…
Christopher Fry writes, “Thank God, our time is now, when wrong comes up to meet us everywhere, never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul men ever took.”

So, I AM Susanrose, looking for a Jedi Master to help polish me off, so I can most effectively  join the mission to save the planet.
<basil> I don't think the planet needs "saving".  Sounds a bit like fundamentalist Christians telling me I must be saved.  We need only eliminate a rather pernicious, yet small evil.

<Susanrose>  Part of me agrees with you basil, yet  I am the first to admit I need saved.  Saved from fear. Saved from false belief.  Saved from hatred.  Saved from dropping out of the flow of grace to give into the reality of war.   Also physically saved if suicide terrorism continues with things like anthrax, atomic power plant destruction, atom bombs in suitcases etc, etc).  I call for help daily, knowing that there are masters, saints, guides, angels, and a pantheon of divine aspects who can help and want to help.

Princess Leia, Sending SOS
Like Princess Leia in Star Wars, as she puts in the taped message into the R2D2 robot,
I am stuck on replay:  “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You are my only Hope!”
(Obi-Wan is also called old-Ben, which kind of reminded me of Ben Franklin, champion of diplomacy, we could call on the spirit of Ben Franklin too, while we are at it.)

I see my own self (any manybe you too), desperately searching for the skill to become a real Jedi knight. Like each of us, Luke must release and purify the dark side of the force may be intermingled in our DNA.   We must offer love our own dark side, as well as humanity's to reach the innocence of their birth.

So- May the force be with us, (the good side of the force, that is).  Not the dark side of the force! Hey, but wait a minute, what happened to Ms positive thinking, non-duality new age Susan Rose?
What is a good course in miracles student doing talking about opposites such as good and evil? 

<stilgar> there were acts of hatred towards mulsims in america and australia, people who had nothing at all to do with the attacks,
<^alex^> I see this more as a huge lesson on learning that differences need to be learned to be tolerated and as long as we have such glaring differences in what all people have there is going to be an 'evil' that needs to be rooted out
<stilgar> I see this cancer as being in the blood of the planet
<basil> you are pessimistic, stilgar. 
<stilgar> susan, the terrorists are in the heart of each one of us,
when we respond in anger to a stranger, deny help to a friend, speak harshly to a child.
<Susanrose>  good to root out the terrorist within while cleaning up the world from the terrorists without.
<Paza> the world is being given a chance
to come together in peace
after rooting out the illness
almost like the cancer was deliberately implanted by possibly some *good* force itself so we could evolve
<susanrose> well, on of my girlfriends calls her breast cancer her “blessing” because after she got it, she had to live life a better way, and get real clear about her priorities.(She is cured now.)
Another girlfriend just cured her thyroid cancer with a temporary radiation implant.  I wish we could have a love inmplant that would give the world radiate a curing dose for war. (smile)

Trying to look at recent world events without judgment or duality puts me to mind of  an original Star Trek show with Captain Kirk.  Paza, I hope you will remember it too.  It is similar to what you said about a good force watching with love, our evolution. 

The story goes like this:  Kirk found a planet where the occupants were being eliminated by the Kligons in order to gain the resources of their planet.  Kirk wanted to defend them and tried to get them to stand up for  themselves and fight the Kligons too.  They didn’t want to, and acted like perfect victims, allowing their race to be wiped out.

In the end, the secret of their adherence to pacifism was revealed.

They were so far evolved that they did not know death. They turned into little twinkle bell glow balls that could re-materialize in any form they wished at any time.  They kept this secret from both Kirk and the Klingons because they were giving both the opportunity to play out the drama of war.  They gave the Klingon the opportunity to play bad guys, Kirk the opportunity to play rescuer as they willingly became the victims.  This was because it was entertaining to the evolved ones to see what would happen and to give both the Klingons and Kirk make the decisions that could help them grow.

Well, I think this is really kewl and if we all just had that ability to not truly know death then we could be like those evolved ones too.   If life was really like that I would be able to not buy into duality.   That would be great but until I (and my loved ones) can shape shift consciously, I may still have a need to be a member of the “good” side to the force.

Here is another interesting bit regarding a similar theme:
I Remember....
A few mornings ago I woke up remembering.......
It seems like such a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away......

I remember....
I was just blinking around like all of the other little light beings,
Hanging out and enjoying my soul group.

Then one day, quiet unexpectedly, one of the "big guys" stopped by.  He was
on a recruiting mission.  He said something about needing some volunteers to
go down to planet Earth to help with some transportation or something like
that.  Shuttling folks around in those nice mini-vans they have on Earth
sounded pretty neat and besides, I still had quite a bit of personal stuff
to work on and the physical dimension was such a great place for that.  And of
course the Earth was absolutely Beautiful - just like a big garden or at
least it was the last time I was there.  Of course I remember that it could
also be a bit crazy-making down there.  But what the heck.  Transportation?
Simple. So I said "sure, I'll go."

I remember the day our particular team was being briefed before being beamed
in.  The team leader was reminding us how it was in the physical dimension;
sooooo dense, sooooo h-e-a-v-y.  He also reminded us that we would have
wonderful growth opportunities as we dealt with such things as money,
relationships, our physical bodies and of course, our egos.  He also
reminded us of the most important thing; Once we arrived we would very quickly forget
who we were, why we were there and what it was really all about. He said
that with this amnesia, we would probably get totally caught up in the grand
drama of "consensus reality" and this would be part of our extraordinary growth

When he said that I began to remember how it was the last time there and I
began to have second thoughts.....

And then he said,  "And now, about your mission of transformation."  Did he
say "TRANSFORMATION?"  I didn't volunteer for "TRANSFORMATION,"  I
volunteered for "TRANSPORTATION !!!."  My mind went into a spin and then
blank for the rest of his briefing.  (chuckle)
<poetree> hehehehe sr

So here we are, each with our own story; each with our own assignment; each
trying to remember and to stay awake once we have; each trying to figure out
how to best fulfill that assignment in our little corner of the planet
according to our talents, circumstances and resources.”

Too bad we let the game of life get this scarey. 
Hey,  like Star Trek the Next Generation this is a hollowdeck –
a place for physical realities to be explored,
for beings that are immortal and cannot be truly die in there.

<oldgold> that's a good perspective Susanrose ~ for us to continuing to move through this.


On October 13-14 2001, I was looking for answers.  I did not know how to blend my 2 opposing views of 1) everything is perfect in God's eyes,
all is right with the world and
2) EEKKKK!  WW3 is coming and Nostrodomus was right ?!!

In a search, I drove 3 hours to Columbs Ohio.   That was so I could hear James Twyman  speak at the Columbus Universal Light Expo, held in the Veteran’s Hall.  Boy, did I ever want him to say that Mother Mary was coming down off the Medjugorje  Mountain.   You know the bumper sticker- God is coming, and IS SHE PISSED? …..  Well he didn’t say that.  (smile)

Susanrose with James Twyman

Here is a short excerpt of what he said,
Someone came up to me (this was me- susanrose) a few minutes ago and she said;  “You know I have been like a hippy since the 60’s and I really thought that things were getting better….and then this happened (meaning New York disaster), and she was really depressed about it. 

What I said to her was if you really change the way you are looking at that you will realize that is WHY this is happening.  Have you ever experienced it before where the closer you get to the truth of something, the more stuff comes out?
The more cleansing takes place? I like to think of it like a rubber band.
You know, a rubber band, if you are stretching it, the tension of the rubber band is greatest when?  Right before it snaps, right?

 So what we are doing here is we are literally stretching the boundaries of an entire thought system.  The foundation of that thought system is that, I would say two things. 
Number One -That we are separate from one another. 
Like the Course in Miracles says, there is only one problem.  There is only one solution.  The problem is you think you are separate from God. The solution is, You’re wrong.  (laughter)  Pretty simple.

The other thing that I think it is all about is about taking responsibility for that.  
Taking responsibility for the world, both individually and collectively that we have all created ourselves.  Do you feel that as well?  Those are two of the main things….

James also said it was going to take a miracle to stop this war.  That was the bad news.  The good news it that we believe in miracles.  And as light workers we know the power of PRAYING PEACE.

Yes, I can pray peace, meditation, and join world meditations, but I am frustrated.  I also want to do something active, in motion.  (Well, besides give blood, we got plenty of that now.) At work, there are 3 women who are pregnant (one with twins) and all were pregnant before 9-11-01.  One of them said to me – what kind of a world am I bringing my baby into?  Maybe because of that, we are all extra nice to these co-workers, with lots of baby showers going on. 

Maybe supporting your nearest pregnant woman, and helping her in whatever way you can would  be one way to work in the physical world to brighten the future.  The other physical help people can be is for grandparents to reconnect in a meaningful way with their young grandchildren.  It is now time to teach love, joy and hope.  They will need it more and more and we need to train them in the skills of connection with source.  That is a good way to protect future generations.

The spiritual teacher Jean Houston, ( has these practical suggestions:

“I have been considering some of the things that you may wish to do that will give expression to your feelings and need to act. What I offer below is drawn primarily from my own reflections as well as others, particularly some prescriptions offered by Yes! magazine.

1. In these spirit quaking times, align with your own spiritual resources. Take time to meditate, pray, reflect in solitude and in nature. Allow yourself daily time and space to be re-sourced. Consider living daily life as spiritual exercise Watch your finer intuitions and ideas, and share them with others. Commune with your spiritual allies.  Feel strength and compassion and intelligence flow. Become creative in your actions. Plot scenarios of optimal healing and begin wherever you can to put them in place for events as well as people. Practice miracle management.

2. Give yourself vacations from television. But do listen occasionally to talk shows and call in with your own opinions and ideas for making a better world. Above all, Let Your Voice Be Heard!

3. Gather in groups and, if possible in ongoing teaching-learning communities of wisdom and empowerment. But let everyone speak, and do not deny them the authenticity of their feelings even if they diverge widely from your own.

4. Talk to the kids, your own or other people's children. Let them express their feelings, tell you what is on their minds. Give them a grasp of the larger issues at hand. Tell them about mercy and compassionate action. If possible engage them in service oriented activities. Let them see the larger story.

5. Show up at town meetings, or other places where people meet to pray and talk and engage each other. Sign petitions if you are willing and join in other activities that are "sending a big message". Have vision circles to put forth images of what the world can be. Envision the possible society together

6. Get thee to a mosque! Give support and compassion to Arab friends, colleagues, or people you happen to meet of middle eastern origin. Stamp out hatred and fear surrounding these people wherever you can. Let them tell their stories, their hopes and dreams. In fact, try and learn as much as you can about the Middle East, the political situations there, as well as the teachings of Islam.

7. Give up your own holding patterns on your old self. This is the time to become or at least to enact the possible human. Let your senses take pleasure in the glory of this world. Let your heart celebrate the incredible gift of life. And share this with others.”

I thought Jeans suggestions were great.

Here is some information  and suggestions from the Hopi Elders:

To my fellow swimmers:
"There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.
"At this time in history, we are to take nothing personal. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
"The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
"Banish the word "struggle" from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

You have been telling the people that this is the 11th hour.  Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour.  And there are things to be considered.
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden
It is time to speak your Truth
Create your community
Be good to eachother
And do not look outside yourself for a leader
This could be a good time!
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation

<^alex^> we really need to reach out rather than hug ourselves at this time
< anonymous > peanut butter cookies are more delicate than chocolate.chip, analogy of people as well both are mutually important,
<^alex^> I've wonder often since this occurred what would happen if we were to en masse just swarm them with love and food and water...I don't think they would see us then as the horrid US horde that wants to 'control' everyone
<stilgar> alex, this problem has its roots in jerusalem, in the crusades, in religious dogma confused with power.

<Paza> the UN should announce relief to all 3rd world countries
there's enough food to go around the world


The Hopi’s are great teachers.
There are also some answers for us in the rest of the Star Wars story.

Princess Leia did not lay around feeling sorry for herself.  She got up very day, willing to give her all for life and liberty.  She didn’t give up even when she was stuck in a trash compacter, almost squashed - (I have days like that too! Giggle)
<stilgar> she was chained to jabba wearing a golden bikini
<Susanrose> Yes, as women many of us have had times we feel like that as well! I might add she used his chain to strangle him, in order to set herself free.(Chuckle)
You can't play at Queen or princess without having your challenges as well!

Even Isis had to get off her throne and go undercover,
doing servant work in order to rescue Osirs and restore him.  
Both  Queen Isis and Princess Leia had to do the dirty work,
and while doing so, not stop living life fully and passionately. 
Princess Leia managed to fall in love, enjoy celebrations, and finally find victory. 
But the road was long, and the risks were great. 

She did not give in to depression, exhaustion or fear.

That reminds me of Lady Liberty, standing free and Proud in New York Harbor. 

  c. by artist, Susan Shumsky
c. by artist, Susan Shumsky, with link to her site

I visualize her posture, and hold my body erect, my head connected by a light beam to the north star of direction.   Maybe I can’t make the Muslims and the Jews and everyone else be friends, but I can hold that awareness.  It is my privilege and duty to light one candle, and keep it out from under a bushel basket.  

There are people that have had it a lot worse than me,
and still manage to be beacons of hope to the world.
 Look at the Dalhi Lama for example. Kicked out of his homeland,
but still aglow with grace and hope.

When things get me down I also think about a baby born in Palestine. 
He had a mother who did not know who the father was. 
He was born in a barn.  His family was poor. 
The man who raised him died young, leaving his family to fend for themselves.
 He tries to do some preaching, and just when he thinks he can get people
together to build a brighter future with love,
he gets betrayed by one of his best friends.

He gets arrested.  He gets tortured .
He has a chance for release,
but angry mob makes sure he unfairly gets the death penalty. 
His so-called friends deny him and run and hide. 
Only his mom, a few of her girlfriends,
and a young kid named John stick around at the end. 
He may have felt forsaken, a joke, a failure.
He dies a cruel death at the young age of only 33. 

But what does he do? He puts his FAITH in GOD. 
Even when all looks lost.  Even when he thought he blew his mission. 
How do we know he died with complete faith? 
He last words were-

"Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." (Luke 23:46)
You know the rest. 

With a simple statement of faith, he transforms his miserable situation
into one of ascension.  His failure lit up the world with hope, with joy. 
And he said what he did WE ALL CAN DO.  (John 14: 12)
When things get me down in the past month
I have been using that sentence a lot.

 Into YOUR hands I commend my spirit.
 I rest with faith that Divine Love transforms my existence
into bright radiance and eternal joy.

Join with me if you are down and use it as a mantra. 

Oh Divine One, into your hands I commend my spirit. 
You need not wait till the end to use it.   Use it now - 
to erase your worry and  fear.  (False evidence appearing real.)

Use it now to ask God to help fan the flames in your life. 
The courage to live life passionately, fully and like the Princess,
with a noble mission that you will fulfill.

Help me O Bright Force of Grace! 
My heart is clean, my shield is virtue.
 My Jedi light saber clears my path with the force of understanding.

Thank you old Ben!  And thank you Gaia Friends.
This is the end of what was previously written.
Good Night to all .  Peace prevails.

<oldgold> Thanks for your love and light Gaia Friends.
<ircleuser> good nite to all, this has been a great conversation.
<anonymous> peace within your very core, susanrose
<susanrose> fiancé Joe is falling asleep in the computer chair next to me (hehe) He drove back today from Harrisburg PA, State Capital of Gov. Ridge, who is in charge of the Homeland.
<anonymous> Hugs to HIM a thousand times too then

A beacon of Love

<susanrose> b-4 I go, let's all send some healing energy to all those
who passed over from the physical world due to 9-11-01.

<Paza> it's not hard to lock on to any of the lost souls
from the WTC
able to easily do so now
sensing about 800
of the many that are there
Most of them need to let loved ones know they are ok
that's what's going on
and they can't move on until that happens
it seems another handful don't know they are dead
and are just wandering around
they need to be shown what's happened to them
so they can go to the light

<susanrose> we ask for help to round the confused up and take them
to the light, let’s do a group visualization to help give them
a good send off,
so they can make it home.

<Paza> you are drawing more that want to go to the light
we may have a grand healing going on here
i think you've opened a gateway for some of the others too
<susanrose> where 2 or more are gathered
<Paza> a world circle of healing is taking place
on all levels immediately following sept. 11
in countries around the world a prayer for the world
occurred and brought us a step closer to peace

<susanrose> We join in sacred circle with universal forces and
bow, agree and accept the presence of the Divine flow. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
(Put) Hands on computer screen
come on now, let's go home.
<anomyous> gee i already felt *home* aummmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
<susanrose> may the circuitry of love be our electrical connection to
eachother and to these dear ones in spirit, even the pilots
(Speaking to spirits) look up!
see your loved ones
see your holy ones
see your angels
who are waving and waiting
for you to join them
They love you and hold you close
Not one lamb is lost
the Shepard goes and finds the last one,
with every hair counted.

look up
you are ok now
you are with friends
time to come with those who love you
peace peace peace be still 
And so it is
<anomyous> amen to that
<Paza> Seraphim, Angels, and others
who are watching over you
the lost souls you have released are finding their way home
everyone that homes in on these souls
can help send some home
consider it the White Light Relief Mission
a grand send off
seems like over 800 have gone home
did you sense it too?
<susanrose> I did feel alot of energy
<oldgold> Oh emissaries of light,
thank you for being there in this darkness. Amen.

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