Yoga, A Path to Union

Susanrose>Welcome all! and to Ganesha, tonight’s teacher,
who will explain her spiritual path through Yoga.

Ganesha> I am really looking forward to this presentation
Its the first time I spoken of this path on IRC
Yoga=Union with the Universal
A Path to Union
and it is the basis of my yoga path
and I decided to come "out of the closet" with it

Susanrose> While the many traditions in Yoga are explained at Ganesha
is giving us the overview of her path in Yoga.

Ganesha> Welcome to our Sunday Evening #)Gaia*Friends( Presentation
"Introduction to Kashmir Shaivism"

Kashmir Shaivism has been an oral tradition since ancient times and
utilizes a practical realization of truth through the experiences of
Kundalini Yoga ( known as tantric shaivism).

Recently it has come to the West through the tradition of Siddha Yoga
(spiritual lineage of Maha Kundalini Shaktipat Masters of
Nityananda/Muktananda/GurumayiChidvilasananda), as well as the writings of
the great Bhairava Master Swami Lakshman Joo, his translator Jaideva Singh,
Maha Kundalini Master Baba Muktananda, Professor Paul Muller-Ortega, and
present head of the Siddha Lineage Gurumayi Chidvilasananda former
translator for Baba Muktananda.

The writings and yoga we will touch on in this presentation are from,
Shiva Sutras (The Yoga of Supreme Identity),
Paratrisika Vivarana ( Trident of Wisdom)
Vijnana-bhairava ( Yoga of Delight, Wonder, and Astonishment),
Pratyabhijnahrdayam ( The Secret of Self-Recognition),
and the Spanda Karikas (Yoga of Divine Vibration).

My name is Melissa Shubha Smith aka Ganesha and I have had the great good fortune to study with Gurumayi Chidvilasananda (the head of Siddha Yoga Lineage a Maha Kundalini Master). I have also taken many of the Course's at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburg, New York on Kashmir Shaivism taught by Professor Paul Mueller-Ortega and the Siddha Yoga Swami's (Gitananda, Shantananda, Ishwarananda, Durgananda, Kripananda).

I have made a personal study of Kashmir Shavism and Bhairava Yoga for 9 years. I am also a REIKI Alliance Master, having taught and practiced REIKI ( a vibrational Healing Technique) for past 3 years.

It is my delight and honor to present this topic "Introduction to Kashmir Shaivism" for the first time on IRC.

Kashimir Shaivism is a lengthy and intricate Philosophy of Cosmic Unity and Sublime Vibrational Understanding. We will be just touching on some of its tenants in an Introductory Form.

Tonight’s Agenda: 1. Invocation 2. Short History of Kashmir Shavism - overview of Sutras and early writings 3. What is a Sutra? What is Upaya? What is Paramashiva? 4. Short Meditation 5. Ending Prayer 6. Comments

1. Invocation: From the Yajur Veda - Prayer for Peace and Clarity said at the beginning and ending of sessions:

Aum saha na vavatu saha nau bhunaktu saha viryam karavavahai tejasvinav adhitamastu ma vidvishavahai Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jay

Aum, May we be protected. May god be pleased with us. May we work together. May we illumined by our studies. May we have no contention or hostilities between us. Aum Peace Peace Peace - Hail to the Inner Teacher!

2. Short History of the Origins of Kashmir Shavism Kashmir Shaivism is perhaps one of the most ancient faiths on the planet. It has a history that goes back to the Chalcolitic Age of the Indus Civilization. Excavations in Mohenjodaro and Harappa have revealed it as going back even further still to be ancient and timeless. Some say in the Oral Tradition that this philosophy known as "Advaita Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir" to go back all the way to the mouth of Shiva himself and the yogis he created through the power of his mind ( Tryambaka, Amardaka, and Shrinatha) .

For centuries, it was imparted as a secret doctrine only to those aspirants who proved they could actually "live it" in the laboratory of their own inner self.

Then, the first principals to be written down of this form were in the 8-9th century by the sage Abinavagupta in the Paratrisika-Vivarana or The Trident of Wisdom.

Abinavagupta also wrote down the principle scripture of Kashmir Shavism Known as "The Shiva Sutras" The Yoga of Supreme Identity.

There are 77 Sutras and before Abinavagupta wrote them down. They were only passed secretly and orally from Master to Student in an unbroken lineage that goes back to Shiva Himself.

Abinavagupta also wrote down an incredible work called the "Vijnana Bhairava". This is the Esoteric teachings for direct knowledge of Shiva. It is a set of 163 slokas, ( a verse ).

From verse 24-163 each verse contains a meditation method or dharana for becoming one with "Shiva" or entering the experience of Shiva. The emphasis is on direct personal experience of the inner self using the numerous and secret keys or gestures of attention that will reveal infinity.

The yogic arrangements of perceptions called Dharana's or Bhavana's ( ways of contemplation ) using the breath, mantras, attention on parts of the body, powerful contemplations, and many other techniques.

The form of Shiva encountered and revealed by the exercises is called Bhairava ( the huge unbounded and uncontainable experience of the light of consciousness).

This is Saiva or Trika System.

The literature on this philosophy and system of cosmic unity and vibrational synthesis was continued by Abinavaguptas student or disciple, Ksemaraja.

Ksemaraja is best known for the "Pratyabhijna" ("The Secret of Self Recognition"). This little work of 20 sutras presents the idea that one's own "self" cognition of itself ( as in re-cognition) is the vehicle to understanding The at-one-ment of self ( or Shiva ) as a spiritual discipline.

Later Ksemaraja, the disciple of Abinavagupta, wrote a commentary on the Shiva Sutras Known as the Spanda Karikas. This commentary on Divine Consciousness. It basically says that "Consciousness" is not cold, inert intellect. It is rather, "Spanda", active, dynamic, throbbing, creative pulsation.

Later still he wrote a commentary on the Spanda Karikas called the Spanda-nirnaya. These 2 books give a very integral over view of Saiva Philosophy , Trika System, or Kashmir Shaivism.

These early teachers and the great history of oral tradition have brought us these scriptures and teachings of the wise ones...the knowledgeable ones... the yogis. The great Vibrational Truths. Best of all, methods ancient, but tried and true for the experience of the inner self...the recognition of the divine within.

3. What is a Sutra? A Sutra is a short and concise set of words that conveys the essence or principal it discusses. A sutra is a thread that holds together certain ideas, a rule, or a formula. A sutra should contain very few words and capture the meaning thoroughly. A Sutra offers advice and solutions to problems according to the situation, time, and place.

A sutra should not be contradictory or give misinformation although often they are hard to understand without the guidance of an experienced Master or Guru who has experienced them him/herself. An example of a Sutra from The Shiva Sutras (The Yoga of Supreme Identity) is:

Third Section/Sutra 1

Atma Cittam The Individual Self is the Mind (constituted by Buddhi/Intellect, Aham/I consciousness, Manas/Senses)

Translation/Commentary: Cittam or Mind is that which is colored with the desire for Sense-objects and is constantly engaged in the activity of their ascertainment, appropriation to self and thought construct. These activities are carried on respectively by Buddhi/Intellect, Aham/I Consciousness, and Manas/Senses. It is these that constitute Citta.

Atma is derived from the word at which means to "move constantly". Owing to its primal ignorance and its pure foundational consciousness it wanders and moves searching for itself in sattva/pure thought, Rajas/Passionate Thought, and Tamas/Impure thought.

So Atma Cittam is a definition from the standpoint of the Self's "appearance" of limitation. Its constant search for merging in self/Shiva/oneness but it looks in all the wrong places. Rather it needs to look at itself as self.

What is Upaya? Upayas are Means to Reaching the Self. Different people have different personalities, karmic tendencies, mental impurities, impressions from countless lifetimes, or temperaments.

The different "Upayas" are different methods to attain the Supreme Reality. Shambhava Upaya (one sees the world as a play of the self). Shambhava Upaya uses the power of Will to experience the power of Consciousness without the need for mental or intellectual activity.

Shakta Upaya ( one obtains the experience of all pervasive unity through the power of feeling). Using the thoughts of the mind to perceive the letters or "Matrika" (enlivened power of sound). It is said in the Shiva Sutras... Mind is Mantra... using the seed forms of these letters as a way to become one with the universal energetic.

Anava Upaya ( one who takes delight in the creation, sustenance, and dissolution of the universe). It involves the use of Mind, Body, Senses, Intellect, and Prana (Vital Air) Shakti (energy). Through contemplation of the Truth, Meditation and Japa (repetition of mantra) a person becomes one with Shiva.

Anupaya - Guru Kripa Upaya ( the path of Grace). The path of the sublime, subtle, and profound. This path is for mature seekers who are extremely worthy, who are fully ripe. By simply hearing the instructions of the teacher they are instantly awakened to the supreme truth or cognition of the inner self.

Each one of the Upayas is a science in itself for the Yoga of Self Realization. Further discussion of the Upayas in the future will expand the meanings.

What is Paramashiva? Paramashiva is the Self of All. Existing in the Universe in infinite forms. It is the Play of Consciousness. Transcendental and Immanent, this is the power of Illumination.

The embodiment of Bliss. The root Cause of this entire Universe. Paramashiva manifests this entire universe in countless forms and yet remains the complete independent embodiment of consciousness. Paramashiva is supremely Pure.

Although Paramashiva seems to be constantly changing his true nature undergoes no change. It neither increases or decreases. Paramashiva continually performs the actions of creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment, and bestowal of Grace.

Paramashiva is the Highest Light. The Greatest Manifestation of this Universe.

Short Meditation:

Vijnana Bhairava Dharana - Verse 109 Sarvajnah sarvakarta ca vyapakah paramesvarah Sa evaham saivadharma iti dardhyac chivo bhavat
The Highest Lord is Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. "Since I have the attributes of Shiva (Highest Consciousness), I am the Same as the Highest Lord." With this firm conviction, one becomes Shiva (Highest Consciousness).

Notes: This dharana is recognition. Man is Shiva (Highest Consciousness) already in essence. The essential Reality in him (Man) has put on a mask of Jiva (contracted individual soul). When Jiva (Contracted Individual Soul, thats YOU) recognizes itself INTENSELY, the mask of Jiva is thrown off and the veiling disappears. The Anugraha (grace of supreme consciousness) is operative now...and the Jiva becomes "Shiva" The Supreme Light, The Supreme Paramashiva ( what he/she truly is in supreme reality). This is Shakta Upaya (the means of intense feeling to God Realization).

We will be meditating for a moment on this Dharana.

In this Moment..... Become Shiva
Rama> OOMM

Ganesha> 5. Ending Prayer From the Yajur Veda - Prayer for Peace and Clarity said at the beginning and ending of sessions:

Aum saha na vavatu saha nau bhunaktu saha viryam karavavahai tejasvinav adhitamastu ma vidvishavahai Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Sadgurunath Maharaj ki Jay

Aum, May we be protected. May god be pleased with us. May we work together. May we illumined by our studies. May we have no contention or hostilities between us. Aum Peace Peace Peace - Hail to the Inner Teacher!

And so our Introductory Program on Kashmir Shaivism comes to an end tonight. I would like to continue in the future with a series investigating and contemplating these teachings more and more. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank-you

With the View of Shiva, I respectfully and Lovingly bring this program to an end. Shanti Shanti Shanti


^Angel^9 thanks Ganesha
Rama> I want to thank you deeply for this
GANDHARVA> that was wonderful, do more
Aurael> thank you Ganesha
Aurael is speechless....touched very deeply....
confirmation of what i know....indescribable feeling

Ganesha> yes, it is the inner expression of consciousness...
very great teachings

GANDHARVA> Yes I felt very connected to it's essence
MerLin> it was an honor to be here.
Carson> : )
seashell> Ganesha, there was so much info,
I had it on log and will need to go back to it for further more slow digestion
bye for now, thank you for the topic and wonderful presentation.

Ganesha> okok...Rama, is dying to comment more....
but there is a place where I don't want to overwhelm peoplw...
we discussed the scriptures/history/sutra/upaya/paramashiva/contemplated from
the Vajnana Bhairava...don't want to overwhelm.
Rama> yes
susanrose> I need it simple guys!
kristi> agrees with susan..:)
Ganesha> yeah...this was alot to digest...and there is sooooo much more...
but the energy from this teaching...even if outwardly you didn't understand it
GANDHARVA> we're still grooving on the meditation
Rama> The first thing we must do to understand the part which
emotion plays in our experience of being, is to understand the
nature of emotions and what generates them.
It is necessary to note all the emotions available to us arise from stimuli.
Some schools of thought would say that there are lots of other
bodies which we live in and through, in an ever-subtler way.
Bodies which some schools may also say we must
transcend, reactivate, purify, etc. these bodies, one by one,
through various practices, etc. in order to integrate,
harmonize, transcend them all etc.

Rama> However in this Yoga, it is the Kundalini which does this
purifying as it expands out into the awareness in every
direction, as well as inward in every direction.
In this way it is an infinite power
expanding infinitely. It may called "Tangential Exigency"

Now Kundalini intensifies as our awareness expands, until the
emotional body the mental body, and whatever other bodies and
their attributes are consumed in a camora of Yogic fire, i.e.
what is called Agni, or the universal fire etc.

Some may call this the rising of Kundalini, when the body is
consumed, or they may call the associated bodily sensations of
the movement of Kundalini, the actual awakening of Kundalini.
This is not so as Kundalini is always awake, all that is
occurring is that the beings awareness is expanding and with
that expansion, becoming more able to perceive on a broader
wave length or band.
This is the expansion of the consciousness of Shiva
also its diversification...

Consciousness transcends matter itself as well as
individual life, and is indivisible.
All awareness as it expands, from the most unaware to the
greatest, is enlivened, enhanced and maintained by the action
of consciousness in the being.
Ganesha> yes Steven...that is Shambhavi UPAYA
Rama> YES, it is

Ganesha> Shambhava Upaya (one sees the world as a play of the self).
Shambhava Upaya uses the power of Will to experience the power of
Consciousness without the need for mental or intellectual activity.
Rama> consciousness itself, created as a result of building the
tension, potency or wave length etc.
Some schools may call Kundalini or something else.
One of the more common names is Shakti, but even
the schools which may call it Shakti, may say that Kundalini.
Ganesha> Kundalini the upward flow of the enlivened
energetic of consciousness awakened by the matrika...

Ganesha> yoga...focus on Shiva...and seeing god
in all things is a great practice hehehehehe

Rama> we all benefited from your talk
Sunshine- Thanks and wishes pleasant dreams to all. ....blessings

Ganesha> THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I have ever spoken so plainly
about the basis of my path/ was an honor to do so....thank-you
MerLin bows deeply to Ganesha... thank you very much.
Susanrose> Thank you sister for giving us part of yourself,
from the heart. :)

Ganesha> Om Namah Shivaya Love and Light
till next time. Thank-you again and again
Sita bows to all in the room
Islodain> yes thank's Ganesha, Gaia is good as always :)