Awakening the Kundalini

LadyNada evokes a Blend of Loving Energies into #)Gaia*Friends(
Gina hi there rainbow family
KenyRaynbo: wow, everyone is coming here...
BellStar: Susanrose I want to thank you for the e-mail keeping us informed.
whitesky: whoa.. huge crowd, hello peoples!

LadyNada is spinning around #)Gaia*Friends( channel.
Basil: well, it's a good thing we don't have to call the roll :)
Gina transforms everyone into enlightened Beings
Jackie steps on Gina's toes in the crowd..Oh pardon me, dearie.
lori: lynda I can't see you with all these people u here:)

Vega-33: my god this is amazing - it has to be a channel record huh?
peace: it is so exciting tonight, great energy!!!!
LadyNada:ok folks settle down a little :)
Gina: Before I start I would like to say thank you all for attending
I will stop for questions along the way ....
and I will also speak of the different experiences one can have.

Kundali, The Sanskrit verb-kund (meaning) to burn
The noun-kunda (meaning) bowl or hole
together we can consider the entire word as a vessel in which burns a fire.
Literally translated: of a spiral nature and the implication is of a double spiral
moving up into three dimensions.

The symbols of Kundalini are the rod of power-Moses had
one which he called the staff of life. I t is often seen these days as 2 serpents
(representing the initiate) and love principles.
Add wings-spirit and a disc at the top God and you see the whole picture.
The three energies : female governs-emotions-feelings compassion
God- creative principle-energy -nature
also the three are known as the Ida-the pingala, and Sumshumna.

While some gurus can give shakipat to their students
its up to the individual to work upon the self to wrought the greater changes....
Energy given can help...but will not do the work for you:(
The choice must be ours to build a firm foundation by learning self mastery.
In most people the energy is latent like electricity, it is natural.
As we meditate and work with the energy, its like turning up the dial,
higher and higher.

Kundalini while always being within each individuals aura
does not activate until the soul is ready to blend body-mind-soul
into one entity. :)
The energy passing through the body activates the chakras in the etheric body.
Each chakras is a wheel or vortex that spins in different directions.
Each chakra has a color which changes with the souls evolution
into higher octaves. The chakras do not appear to spin the same way
within all people. :)

We arrive at Self Awareness or consciousness
when the energy rises through the three channels to the crown nadi.....
then one loses the consciousness of self to become At One with All.
This is known as samadhi
When one decides to fore go the bliss of Samadhi
they can choose to become a Bodhisattva.
This then would bring the enlightened person back onto the earth plane
to work with humanity.

When such a Being does return to the earth
they are governed my the earth laws and the body will be subjected
to all the illnesses as all humans experience..
however they can often deal with illness in a different manner
that will not hold back the work at hand.

Once this state of consciousness or perfection is arrived at
one will never lose it from one life time to another....
you have it forever...however once you work with it you can continue
upon the path to higher realms of learning.
Questions ?

David: samhadi: ... means intense meditation does it not?
GINA: its a state of consciousness called bliss David

Vega-33: As a sideline to that GINA,
the muscle at the base of the spine controls to some degree
the flow of the energy, however there seems to be an added factor
to causing the energy to rise

Jackie: how does one know when one is ready???
Gaudi: How does one know when one is ready to perform a sonata?
Or make a 1000 mile road trip?
GINA: Jackie one would never be ready by our own thinking....
its the soul that activates the condition to set the kundalini moving

Ebony:Can the energy be felt in others, GINA?
GINA: yes ebony once the energy is activated within the self,
you can move it out to other people

GINA: We will now look at the different ways one can activate the kundalini: emotional trauma, drugs, meditation, prayer, dreams, contemplation.
All the above will create different states of awareness
sex can activate some people ...
usually if they have been practicing meditation or one of the above situations

sculptress: is there anything about what happens if the kundalini force
is activated through the crown chakra - in regards to mental damage?
Gina: sculptress some people can force the energy flow through starving the body
of food...meditation of a intense nature excluding all else and
yes that can create some very real problem

Gina: Kundalini can be felt in different ways with different people
As heat cruising up the spinal cord, as heat on top of the head
as a vibration through the body, as a vision
or even in the dream state all are valid experiences.
Pain can also be experienced, however this depends upon the type of work
the individual has before them in the outer work.

Ebony: If you find that you are lead to a teaching path,
but reluctant to take it would that cancel the power, Gina?
Gina: ebony nothing will stop your growth once you are upon the path...
you may take a detour and that's OK...
all will be waiting you when you get back on line...
A teacher would need to experience kundalini
in a far greater way so as to pass on the experience to others.

lori: what do you mean by a vision?
Gina: Lori some people have visions of angels or God
and that will bring their consciousness up to another level...
even if that person had all the information wiped out of their brain
by shock treatment it has been found that the vision
will be the only thing left to remember

Gina: Once the kundalini is activated,
it will clear the old issues as it moves up its path...
if there is an emotion still hold fast to the form
it will make the person look at it until one becomes bored with the issue

Gina: One can train the mind to remember
by reminding yourself that you wish to remember all dreams of importance
StrSpirit: Gina, Yes, remembering the dream is good for me.
its the actual doing and having the same experience that is the problem.
Gina: strspirit I set up my sleep state to work for me...
I asked that the Teachers used the sleep state to come in and teach and help me.
I also asked them to give me full memory of all that transpired
MiDN: Gina: How did u ask the questions?
just thinking them before going to sleep?
GINA: I asked that the last dream before waking be the one
to give me full memory if it was the right thing for me

Z: can u describe what you believe exactly what bliss in this,
or your context is then please,,,gina???
Gina: Z bliss to me as I experienced it was like being totally
at one with the Universe...that I could see and hear into the past and the future
...that everything around me on the earth plane was so little....
Gina: One can train the mind to remember
by reminding yourself that you wish to remember all dreams of importance
Gaudi: Gina: You ask these questions, but who answers them,
and whom are they directed to? A deity? A God? A Teacher?
Gina: A Teacher

Gina: I asked that if it was time for me to continue upon the path ...
that I be shown what on earth I was to teach people
I was born into this life time seeing...feeling and hearing spirit...
all centers were open and in balanced
When I reached the age of 40 for three months and two weeks
I experienced the kundalini.
peace: Gina, are you now having the gift of total 'joy'
each moment of life connected with all
Gina: yes peace, For one week both day and night the energy went to
one center and it was painful...however it also opened the chakras more...
their colors changed and the emotion with each chakra
had a different way of presenting its self

lori: will all people that follow the spiritual pathway
and wish to raise the kundalini do so?
Gina: lori its not a case of people wishing to activate the kundalini ...
I believe that you are not truly awakened in spirit until you do
After saying that I would like to explain why..
I thought that the kundalini was dangerous...
and that only a very few could activate it....
I also thought it was the end of the line...
that when one went intop bliss that was all there was to it
Since 1983 I have changed my mind...there is life after Kundalini

Vega33: Gina - how did you activate it? Or did it just happen naturally?
Gina: My activation came about I believe because of two things,
I was meditating long hours...and talking to God a It was time
I had been told in the sleep state if I had not done
something towards the change things would have
been placed upon my path to make it happen
I was also told that to cut down on the
level of pain experienced that I should eat granola ...
add coconut and brazil nuts to my diet...
I ran around for months with my pockets filled with brazil nuts.
These two nuts are called a whole food...
there was a time in my meditation that I did not wish to eat...
I drank water...but was not interested in food....

Gina: The physical form needs food even if we don't feel like it.
So all interested in meditation please eat. It will save you from most of the pain
The only foods that I stopped eating were beef...
Gilgalad: what about chicken and other poultry?
Gina: and even pork was classed
as fine by my Teachers
lori: as much as we try to raise this energy by doing everything
you have said it will only raise if and when God says we are ready
LadyNada: agree lori, perhaps if we simply trust the process,
and have intent, it will come when the time is right.
Gina: I feel so ladynada

alex: You say that the kundalini will raise when we are ready...
Does this also mean that it could be occurring within our soul without
our awareness of it as well?
Gina: Alex it seems to me that some people don't know when its activated...
and that's good...there are also others that think it has and its not.
The vibrations will return sometimes
when you least expect it to....each time it will raise your energy a little higher
and a little higher this way it won't blow your circuits
I have seen many more people awakened on the planet the past 10 years
than prior...its the time of evolution...the more that are aware,
the greater the means to pull this humanity through the hard times.

Gina: would anyone like to share their experience ...
I know that if you want to test what the energy is doing to you at this moment.
Place your hand over the top/back part of your head

sculptrss: warm very warm
Gaudi feels hair
LadyNada: I don't get heat, I get chills and goose bumps
Ebony: Its really hot.
BellStar: Wow that is real warm.

Gina: shakipat is the energy sent from a enlightened
person to hands healing
its good for you to feel how alive you already are...
that is the only way I can show you
Vico: Gina: I feel my energy moving when I pass my hand.
peace: very hot in this area
MornStar: mine feels like wind
StrSpirit: I am unaware of any feelings from this area as of yet.
Vico: I can touch it.
Sunshine: mine is very warm
alex:Tingling like a "cap" sitting there...
Vico: Gina: Passing my hand on top of my head make change my state of mind.
LadyNada: yes it did feel electric when I put my hand on back of my head

Gaudi: When adrenaline flows, it releases endorphins,
which makes the hair stand on end.
gina:yes Gaudi however the kundalini activates the moment
you are involved in spiritual discourse...that's why you feel the heat
at the top of the head and others feel it cool like wind...
others may feel it as a vibration all are valid
your head will feel the beginning for me...
my ears felt like everything was in stereo.

gentle: Gina, my experience with kundilini I saw an infinity symbol pulsing
with silver energy and a roaring in my ears. intense this typical?
Gina: can be for some gentle
Summer: I spent some time at the butterfly trees in pismo beach
and suddenly I felt my crown wide open
Gina: I can tell you that you will look back on the time of kundalini
as being the most exiting time of your life

gentle: Gina, what would you say is the most effective way to initiate
the process of kundilini, or continue if it has already begun,
especially if it has already started but not complete?
Gina: well I would like to say that most of you are activated
to keep the growth continue to expand the energies give the energy
out to others healing is the best tool of the west...
when I went to India I saw people practicing yoga and meditation
but none reached out to help the sick and the old...
I believe this is what our doorway into greater energy is...
this is my belief and findings after traveling the world for the past 20 years.

peace: thank you, Gina, for all those wonderful experiences
sculptrss: Gina what about the concept of soul mates?
Gina: if you found a soul mate you would not stay together long
as it does not produce growth...
More likely to find them after you have completed the work upon yourself
or maybe its just someone who suits this time for you.

Moranaa: Gina, who many hours do you meditate a day?
Gina: now none moranna...back in 83 5-9 hours...
two to three on the a break and then back to it.
Nothing else to do at that time haha.

Susanrose: What a wonderful presentation!
......many said their Thank-You's to Gina........
Gina: HUGS to All
peace: we all will 'vibrate' this get together into the Universe!
omega: I think this is most I have seen in one room ;)
wow we got 50 people in here
Dove: Thank you for making this possible Susanrose!
Sunshine- sends moonbeams to Susanrose.

Asterion: anyone logged the lecture?
Susanrose: All our logs go to our web site.
Susanrose: look in a week for this log, in an edited version.
wunjo: Susanrose I know and they have been awesome :) :) :)
Susanrose: I would like to thank everyone for coming.
This is the biggest gathering to date.
Just remember that if you light a candle in the darkness,
then you ARE a Gaia Friend! :)