Can We Make the Love Stay?

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together and creating a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together

A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


We have all had the honey-moon periods
in our lives. Sometimes it is an actual honeymoon
with the spouse, but sometimes when we say
"Honeymoon's over" it can apply to any relationship, job,
career, or living situation.

The happy elated feelings of a new lover,
or the first day on a new job, that you really wanted,
are sweet moments. We all look to those times
with a wistfulness and hope those feelings will return.

What happened to the "in love" feelings about relationship work home??

Do we need to fall prey to the boredom, tediousness,
and abrasivness of those around us? Do we start feeling like
Tina Turner in the song....What's love got to do with it?
What's love, but a second hand emotion?

Even if you still can love your work and family,
there are days when nothing goes right, and you wonder
if you have made a mistake.

This is when people often start looking around,
and saying that the other mans grass is greener, and the
sun shines brighter on the other side.

Often we see that a repetition of the same mistakes occurs,
and we relink with people in our private or personal lives,
that replay the same scenes over and over.

This is not to say that you should force yourself
to stay in a bad situation forever.
We need are the coping skills to help us make our current
reality work,

and keep feeling that joy and love in our life.
Repetitive changes can make us broke...emotionally and
financially, and make us wonder...How can we keep the love?

[MIKRON1] if we as light workers are determined
to raise our consciousness ,perhaps new lessons can be learned!
such as making love stay!!!!!
[papa-k] if one feels out of love -it could be that their source
of love was from a person and not the 'source'
[MIKRON1] papa k ,perhaps we learn from the source
an apply it other areas!
<Susanrose> I used to study lots of esoteric philosophies...
and you know what? Sages like Crawley and Gurjeff died broke
and pretty much with not much to show
for all the insight they possessed (?)
Instead of looking at Crawley as a Great Teacher,
I look to a successful man like Dale Carnegie,
who not only demonstrated a fruitful life
but was able to teach the joy making to others.

One set of suggestions about getting along with people comes from
the book "How to Enjoy your life and your Job"
by Dale Carnegie
Ways to win people to your way of thinking,
without arousing resentment:

1).Become genuinely interested in other people.
Do you remember your secretary's birthday? We often take
for granted the warmth of those we are closest to...

2).Make the other person feel important, and do it sincerely.
Do you thank those in your immediate circle for their teamwork?
Do you listen to what they felt was important in their day?

3).Show respect for other person's opinions.
Never say, "You're wrong"
Even when you know a person to be totally wrong,
the diplomat Benjamin Franklin advised that it would be
better to say something like:
You know of certain instances where such an idea would be
right, but in this present case, it would appear that there seemed
to be some differences.

Carnegie says, when you know a person's statement to be wrong,
isn't it better to begin with
"Well look now, I thought otherwise, but I may be wrong.

If I am wrong , I want to be put right.
Let's examine the fact together. That way, the one who has erred
can join in the process of discovering the real truth.

There is positive magic in phrases like I many be wrong,
Let's examine the facts.

Nobody on earth will object to you saying that.
Carnegie reminds us that Jesus said "Agree with thine adversary

A Service manager has learned that emotions are flying high when
people are complaining about their cars. He found that instead
of reacting defensively, he tried a new tack.

He would say:
Our dealership has made many mistakes.
Perhaps we have erred in your case.
Tell me about it.

This approach was quite disarming,
as by the time the customer releases his feelings,
he is much more reasonable
when it comes to settling the matter.
The dealership found that in a highly competitive market,
all the customers good will was needed, and the dealership
was able to increase their sales and loyal business.

We want the happy return of loyal companions,
family members, and co-workers. Why not try some
of these techniques in our personal life, and see
how much longer the glow of love will last in our
daily lives??

[ACTION] papa-k believes that love is an attitude,
and we weelwhat is inside-if we can love and forgive
ourselves then we can love others and forgive them more easily
[papa-k] simple but not easy
[MIKRON1] this reminds me of a universal law brought forth by Jesus!
treat others as you would treat yourself!
<Susanrose> sometimes we are hardest on ourselves
maybe treat others as you would like them to treat you
[MIKRON1] thinking this from a reincarnation perspective ,
we all be a lot better off ,taking this into consideration!
[MornStar] To keep love we need to conscious
of it in all of its manifestations An awareness of the divine in ourselves
as well as in others is a good place to start.

[MIKRON1] perhaps ,so many lifetimes have gone by,
I know myself now and see others for what they really are !

<Susanrose> we are all spirits having a human experience
rather than humans trying to have a spiritual experience
[papa-k] i believe that we can only see another for who we are
and not for who they are-mirror image principle-
so everyone is a gift to us showing us what we need to do to heal
[MIKRON1] is this what lightworks are here to do pap k ,
along my journey i meet people like yourself and give thanks
that there are some lightworks out there with open hearts!!!!
<Susanrose> :) MIKRON

[strdst] Susan... I feel that many misunderstandings between men
and women stems from the fact they don't understand how their
partner processes information, which is explained in
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

<Susanrose> stardst brought up NLP, I have an example of this

When going fishing, we all know that different fish respond
better to different types of bait. In order to catch a fish,
we increase our success if we offer the fish what is attractive.
What will help us off the emotional nurturing to the significant
people in our lives, is to find out how they perceive and
appreciate love in their lives.

A visual person will say:
I can see that you love me when you:___________________
(fill in the blank)

A auditiory person will say:
I hear that you love me when you say to me:_____________-

A tactile person will say:
I feel that you love me when you make me feel:____________

[MIKRON1] the blank is BE YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!

What type of person is YOUR significant other?
The visual woman may want flowers,
the auditory person wants to be serenaded,
and the tactile person may want to be massaged....

Can we ask the one we love to trade a
short list of things that make them feel cherished?
That will help us know what kind of bait they would

<MornStar> Yet if we give love from the heart it is a total
experience which encompasses all modalities of the heart,
I would feel phony adjusting my love according to
another's learning preference

<Susanrose> if you child asks you for an apple,
do you hand them a piece of bread?
<MornStar> Instead I would rather give love whole heartedly
via a multimodal connection that would touch anyone

<strdst> What did Paul say in the bible?basically...
if you want to talk to people you have to talk to them in their language.
<Susanrose> who knows why a persons temperament is the way it is?
babies are BORN with a personality....
Morn: it is good to give love that way,
it is like taking a multi vitamin....bound to do some good somewhere
But, it is also good to target your loved ones with what it is
that they seem to need to feel cherished

Here are some suggestions for winning over an adversary
to your way of thinking. I am quoting, Dale Carnegie
How to Enjoy your life and your Job:
1).When trying to convince another to change their opinion,
begin in a gentle, friendly way.

Abraham Lincoln said:
"a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall"
So with men, if you want to win him over to your cause,
first convince him that you are his sincere friend.

Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart;which,
say what you will, is the great high road to his reason.

2.) Begin with things that you can both agree on.
Emphasize that you are both striving for the same end
and that your only difference is the method, and not the purpose.
Get the other person saying to this, YES, yes,

3).When working through a solution, let the other
person feel that the idea is his or hers.

Do we really need the other person to say...
I was wrong, you are right, when the end result can
be obtained while allowing them to save face?

25 centuries ago, Lao-tse, a Chinese sage said:
The reason why rivers and seas receive
the homage of a hundred mountain streams
is that they keep below them.

Thus they are able to reign over all the mountain streams.
So the sage,
wishing to be above men, putteth himself below them....
though his place be above men, they do not feel his weight.

In the book A Conscious Person's guide to Relationships,
by Ken Keyes, he quotes:
"If you want to maintain a love space,
you set up a situation where both people win.
NO one has to lose when you don't make it a right and wrong game."

[MIKRON1] susanrose ,there is no judgement ,
only a knowing love is the energy of the all that is !
I speak from the perspective of right mind!

<Susanrose> yes, some feel there is impersonality in non judgement,
but it is a freedom in the divine that is a blissful void...

[papakuch] when we realize that right and wrong
are two sides of the same coin-then we can talk to someone
without anyone having to be right or wrong just two sides of the same

[aiki] Sun Tzu at 800 BC Not to win, Not to lose,
But remain undefeated.
[strdst] Since everything in life is but an experience,
perfect in being what it is; having nothing to do with good or bad,
acceptance or rejection, one may well burst out in laughter.
- Long Chen Pa
<Susanrose> great quotes!

{MIKRON1] this topic ,to me is very dangerous ,why ,
when speaking of relationships ,there is karma and the egos control
and making love stay ,is addressing the issue do we really know
who we are and what we want out of it!

[MornStarr] As children we perceive the world
in an egocentric manner We are Right
<Susanrose> Here is a bit of magic to do when confronted
with a troublesome person: say the Affirmation:
The Christed consciousness is between you and me....
and see a golden orb...
[strdst] I am sensitive/visual focused... as a result, spiritual phenomena
has been manifested in those areas... i.e., tangible,
visual demonstrations.
[MornStarr] Then we travel along the path and realize
that our perspectives broaden that we are not the center
but a part of the Universe
[strdst] waves upon the ocean
[aiki] Or Morn: We are all the center of the Universe
sharing the same centers
[MornStarr] And in the knowledge that all of us are traveling
and are on different places of the path helps me to accept
another's opinion without having feel that im rite and they're wrong

<Susanrose> MIK: in relationships, both of you really wanted
it to work out, at least at first, we could see a happy outcome,
but the method of how to get there is what breaks down...
we need to agree in a relationship our desire for a loving future together...

MIKRON1] yes i agree susanrose ,
but does that address the person who does not know
what they want out of a relationship?
<Susanrose> well, that is unfortunate if one or both
are not mature enough to know, but at least they can agree
on the nebulous warm fuzzies that most of us can understand

[aiki] . I experience the difference in techniques
you have demoed that work and the same ones that dont is
the centering behind the thought
<Susanrose> aiki: can you explain that centering behind the thought?
[aiki] yes
Everyone choose thought by thought to be centered or not
neg=chaos giving center away
so by simply being in my center i connect to universe
in mind body and spirit
<Susanrose> thank you aiki for explaining centering
[aiki] So i basically invite all to my center where we will merge
in love your center=my center in space/time/spirit
In this flow lies love beyond the mushy heart kind

<Susanrose>I have asked Aiki to lead us in meditation
to the place of center that he speaks of...
let's see if he will......

<Susanrose> I think however, that at times we can fake
it till we make it....that is.... even if I am a bit (smile) uncentered,
a positive response will still bring a good reaction
[papa-k] Susan sounds like you read jan cox

<Susanrose> we are just about to end
in a short meditation, about reaching our center
Dear Goddess/God all that IS.....
we breathe deeply in your light ....go on aiki

[aiki] So this centering comes to us from over 2,000 yrs tradition
It is meant for everyone .... smart and dumb
generals and privates
people hurting for injuries and in perfect physical conditioning
<Susanrose> In therapeutic touch .....taught by nurses....
they say I AM HERE to claim their place of center
<Susanrose> Repeating, I AM here...
[Shana_] I AM here

<aiki> and tuck in our chins with eyes at 45 degrees,
feel spine getting longer
now take left hand and place on hara
2 inches below the naval, and 2.5 inches inside the body
we feel a circle expanding, and let our breath settle there
now we breath in through the tip of nose
from the horizon line**
and breath out through the bottom of our spines
all the while our minds settle in hara
in for 10 beats and hold 5
out for 15 beats and hold 5 at bottom
feel the warmth flow, feel unity
feel arms heavy, and relax completely
breath relaxed and energy flowing

take this center with you always

<aiki> There is no way you can be angry when your breath is in hara
your only are angry when you hold your breath
So be in love, live in love, and have all love be loving
O Sensei said: When there is a knock on the door....c
could be bad news....could be good....but you have to go see.
This is the challenge

[MIKRON1] i thank Susanrose ,and aiki for leading and everyone
else for presence here ,love and light !
<aiki> The Wages of Harmony are peace<aiki> Love to you all!
<Susanrose> :)
<Susanrose> good night
[papa-k] * aiki bows deeply to all dear friends! /\
[Shana_] thanks susanrose
[papa-k] thanks Susan i love you