[aikiteah]Are we ready?
First place your shoulders over your hips
curve your shoulders
and let your breath out
through your mouth
pick a point on the horizon and
breath the air through the tip of your nose.
as it comes out your mouth breath the air
through the bottom of your spine
to the center of the earth.......

feel the one point 2 inches below your naval
and 2 inches inside, and let all your weight sink to that point
Let your mind clear
and let the intention of you heart become one
with all the precious hearts together here this evening!
and just breath gently as you listen to the thought tonight
no straining....just let it go
and come as it will :)
this is a good time to talk about conflict!!!

[Tigressa] :)
[aikiteah] As some of you know
I am an Aikido teacher from San Antonio Texas
and have trained with my master in Japan for over 17 years
His master was the founder of Aikido
who he spent over 50 years learning and in training
In 800 BC there was a great general named Sun Tzu
who wrote the first military manual
He said: Not to win. Not to lose
But to remain undefeated!
[McDweamie] :)

{aikiteah] For over 200 years the Japanese had a military peace
and they created a caste of people called samurai
and as it was customary for them, they looked at what made
a great Samurai, and they found 3 qualities: Boldness
Resourcefulness, and Benevolence
Boldness is obvious....see the problem it now!
Resourcefulness is more difficult.....
How can I do this with creativity...
but the most beautiful of all can I share love for others and myself
So what does that have to do with today?
we have guns, not swords
we have puters! not brushes
but yet the same still problems of peace arrive
we go to the gym for our bodies
we go to work to think
we go to our places of worship for spirit
and as we come home someone cuts us off
and we !@#$%^

We yearn for that elusive harmony, that peaceful beach.
Unable to find it, we think there must be something wrong with us, and
so we troop to our psychoanalytic coaches, self help
emporia, or instant cure-alls.
We drink too much to blunt the pain of conflict
or if the pain becomes too great, we end it all.
All this tension about conflict is not really our fault
because we haven't been told 3 very important things:

1. Conflict is neither good nor bad, it simply is.....
2. Conflict is absolutely necessary to almost every life process
3. People need training in how to respond effectively
and appropriately to conflict situations
Here is the trap:
We make life a game!
There is losing and winning
this is in our minds
Tigressa if I call you in and say
Sorry I had high hopes for you but........
sorry your fired! how do you feel?
[Tigressa] rotten..I would feel awful..
[reality_] to heal is to change the perception of a condition,
not the condition
[Oneness] Wisdom comes to those who can discipline the mind

[Beckster] A good example of conflict, yes?
[Oneness] The correct use of mind vrs the habits of mind
use is what is most central in this theme I believe??
[aiketeah] That gravity just keeps holding me down from flying....
I guess we all a losers on that law! So Stop seeing everything
as a contest because you're in the trap of winning and losing.
Your center has been stolen!
[Oneness] When one uses mind...conditions,
behaviors, habits, and experiences become manifest.
Learning to steady the mind is the first step
in the acquisition of wisdom. The instruments of self must be
understood in order to gain liberation from the habits of past
[aikiteah] yes oneness......any other comments
[Oneness] One can learn early in meditation that the mind
cannot be trusted until the individual has true experience firsthand.
What appears as options in mind are merely that.
One can make conscious choices that the mind may not have suggested

[aikiteah] i have a few exercises for us all......
One of the most frustrating and stressful things
we are in conflict with our mind, body and spirit is the phone
So the next time a phone rings........dont pick it up on the first ring
simply let the bell cue you into letting your breath out
and regaining your center then pick it up
[MIKRON] if i may ask where does conflict come from ,
i don't really see it in my life ???
[aikiteah] Yes mikron: Conflict comes with energy
moving in slightly different directions
[MIKRON] for me it seems conflict comes from ego!!!

[Oneness] The listening brain has neuro habits
and as a neuron thinketh so are you
[aikiteah] If you don't have conflict,,,,,
of the rubber of your car wheels
against the car cant move
and so it is with all of us
conflict simply is
[Auran] time to rest. thank you.
[aikiteah] so it is up to use to use it in a positive manner
[aikiteah] it is just an energy
[Oneness] Practicing to prepare for new expressions requires
the premeditation of mind. If one is aware of the implications
of the use of mind then one will only weave newer habits.
The secret is to be unprepared...See the fact and do not react
is the meditation
[aikiteah] thanks oneness :)
so any other comments before we close?

[reality_] if conflict occurs, people see them in conditions,
oblivious to the fact that such a condition is only the result -
the manifestation - the reflection of a mind in conflict
[reality_] where is the conflict in the flow of water? yet it still flows?

<AriannaSR> the water conflicts with the stones on the bottom
of the brook, wearing them smooth, taking all the rough edged off of them
Niagara falls is moving back at a rate of several inches a year...
the water in conflict with the edge of the dropoff... :) (American Side)
[aikiteah] yes arianna :D exactly
[reality_] yes they become smooth..

[Tigressa-] any other exercises, aiki?
[aikiteah] So now.....may we settle again?
[aikiteah] shoulders over hips
take a big breath in, let it out
finding our center
letting the peace of our group share with us all
feeling the oneness, enjoying the energy of us all
let your breathing become light, no transitions between in and out
feel you heart expand
and become one with the universe
your mind settle
and silence within and without
take a few minutes to come out slowly

[aikiteah] and as you doing this
Please let me say how honored i am
that you have come here tonight
And lets all remember Arianna/Susanrose
who has created this channel
[MIKRON] aikiteah I honor the light in you warrior!
[aikiteah] and to the Art of Peace i practice
called aikido and its founder O' Sensei :D
[ACTION] aikiteah bows deeply to all dear friends!
[reality_] thank you for sharing aikiteah :)
[Faithful] Thank you aikiteah
<AriannaSR> Thank you aiketeah!!
[aikiteah] Thank you all!
[Tigressa-] Aikiteah: ***Thank YOU***

[aikiteah] Always keep your mind bright and clear
as the vast sky, the great ocean, the highest peak, empty of all thoughts.
Always keep your body filled with light and heat.
Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.
<AriannaSR> nice, aikiteah...
[Beckster] Was wonderful to wander in, and find you all here..
[aikiteah] Your most welcome beckster
[aikiteah] Love and Light to you arianna
<AriannaSR> to you too aiketeah...
[MIKRON] indeed conflict is energy and all that
is in reality is changing Susanrose!!!
[aikiteah] Night all .... my son calls......
[ACTION] reality_ gives his energy to the channel and
all who share in its' presence
[MIKRON] nameste to all lightworkers here !!!
[Danie-] L&L to all.... bye!


Artwork by Montserrat.