Healing with Sound, Tones, Chants, and Mantras


<Susanrose/Arianna> Can those of us who are here on time.
say where we are from right now, or a bit about themselves,
while we wait for the others? I will go first. :)
I am in Pittsburgh, I am 41 years old, mother,
and work as a registered nurse.

[Dreamie] I'm in San Jose, 37, mother of 2,
work at an internet company and love life!!

[Ganesha] I am in Boston. I am a full time healer
and a Master in the Usui System of REIKI Healing
as well as a member of the REIKI Alliance.
I am a single parent with 2 [Ganesha] :)

[ACTION] stars96 is 42, mother of 3,
married Aquarian from Vancouver, Washington, and an astrologer...

[Maya_] I am in Toronto, Mother of 2 age 34
and happy to finally connect here..

[MIKRON] miKron is 29 ,and works on love and light
in the now moment here in Connecticut usa

<Susanrose/Arianna> WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together

A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


Chanting is the rhythmic repetition of words or phrases,
done in conjunction with drumming, hand clapping or rattling
is a primitive way to alter consciousness and raise power.

The chants, along with the tempo of the accompaniment
are gradually speeded up in tempo until a peak state is reached.
Since ancient times around the world, chanting has been part
of religious rites.

Shamans chant power songs that have been passed down
through generations. The words very according to the individual
Power songs help a shaman achieve an altered state of consciousness
for healing and divination. Every shaman has at least one chant
to summon his power animal.

Native American Indians have chants for the undertaking
of many activities, such as hunts, battles and weather control,
and for rites such as funerals and initiations.

Curing chants are important in Navaho ceremonies.
The chanters must chant the texts perfectly,
or else the cures will be nullified.

Wiccan circles often chant a rhyming couplet.
An example of this is to agree to target a wish,
then chant together:
In this wish, we are one.
What we wish, will be done.

A few years ago I was studying the chants of
Elizabeth Claire Prophet, and was able to join
in a local group with the chanting of:
I AM the Violet flame, in action in my now.
I AM the Violet flame, to light alone I bow.....

It was there I saw the voice taken to new heights in
pitch, the chant itself taking on a presence in the
room, of it's own.

In the east, the vision of a grouping of Tibetan
priests, sitting in a temple, doing a group OHHHMMM,
is enough to reverberate the divine memory of our
very cells, somehow triggering a dejavous recollection
of HOME.
The word Mantra comes from a Skt. translation of
"instrument of thought".

Yes, when our thoughts are filled with a need to connect
with our spiritual HOME, our voices may be used as
an instrument, or vehicle to take our consciousness there.

I will pause here for
others to share how they have used chants,
mantras or tones in their spiritual quest.


[ACTION] Dreamie really doesn't chant or use mantras
for the most part....i still have much to learn....but...
what's worked for me....is keeping in mind all the time....
to think healthy thoughts...

[stars96] I find music to be very important to the background energy,
the launch platform for meditation...I have had many wonderful
chanting the AUHM in a group, but privately, usually don't verbalize sound
in meditation...The mental ignition occurs against a backdrop
of peaceful vibrations and enchanting music...

[Dreamie] yes...i have very strong energies present
when i listen to my music.....
like spirit flows through me in certain music
i also light candles...and incense...
and a cleansing with sage works wonders :)

<Susanrose/Arianna> yes.... music does help but the vibration
that your own vocal cords can make will resonate with the
vibratory nature of the matter in your body
atoms spinning, vibration is the hummm of all life

[stars96] There is a tape called "The eternal om"
that is very grounding and 'launching'...
and can easily be joined in to verbally...

[stars96] I agree Arianna... in a sense...
the manifestation of physical sound helps to bring the Spirit
into the physical dimension...
to make the link... stronger

<AriannaSR> good point stars...

[MIKRON] i can share ascension mantras !!!
<AriannaSR> I have been waiting for you MIK,
to add your Mantras!

[MIKRON] yes arianna,
first and foremost in relation to dimensions ,
sound can used to travel !!!

<Susanrose/Arianna> MIK: What exactly is your chant, Mantra
what do you recommend?

[MIKRON] i use a simple mantra from Alice baily
THIS MANTRA needs to be said three times
with power to lock you into your greater self!!!
it opens your SOUL STAR chakra for receiving divine powers!!!!
for those sensitive can feel the soul star open !!!!!
the word SOUL can be replaced with the word Monad ,
when raises there vibration to higher levels!!
my nature is love and light I can share a mantra of the elohim !!!

[MIKRON] another great way to clear yourself ,
using your hand mudras!!! connecting your thumb with each finger
saying the mantra I AM ELOHIM!!!

<AriannaSR> Thank you Mikron..

[ACTION] Dreamie hugs Mikron with love....

[Maya_] I use chant om mani padme hum in meditation..
and tone through singing and chanting to my own music..
chant and dance is the easiest way for me to connect

During the Full Moons of April, May, and June,
My group has played Crystal Bowls to recognize
the Special Weesock Energies of these spring months
Each bowl is true to a particular note or tone.

I also have chimes that are true tones.
Each tone can be sung, or chanted with a particular
vowel sound and pitch. Each tone and pitch can correspond
with a certain chakra, and may aid you in raising your
energy to the highest centers.

While I have a piano, it is frequently out of tune.
Tapping on one of the true bowls or chimes is of some
assistance placing your voice into the truest tone

There are also audio tapes of human voices toning
at various notes. You may harmonize or join their
pitch in your personal work. High quality toning tapes
of Wayne Perry, The Cosmichoir, can be ordered by
calling Musikarma Productions. 1-800-276-8634.

[Zia] Thanks for the info AriannaSR fascinating
will have to look Wayne Perry info up.

<Susanrose/Arianna>According to Wayne, the most important thing we
possess is our ATTENTION.
"Why? Because my attention is the focus of my life,
whether it is my heath, my mind, my spirit, wherever.
My focused attention is where my power goes.
Where your attention is...
That is where you have placed your power.
If your attention is caught up in your work,
so much so that you might be termed a
workaholic, that is where your energy is.

If your attention is in your family, then that is where
you are placing your energy.
I am not suggesting there is something wrong with
directing your attention to your family or work.

Take a moment to look at where your attention is going
Somebody once said...You are what you eat.
I would suggest you are where you have placed
your attention.

That is where you have placed your power.
That is where your power is going.

The first ingredient in healing yourself with toning is using your
Pull your attention inward while toning, closing your eyes
Do not let your attention wander in the outside world

If you want to heal your bodies and emotions,
bring your intent inwards, to do your internal work.
Access your right brain, your alpha state.
You are a microcosm of the divine, the Kingdom of
God is within you.

A second ingredient is focused,
controlled Breathing during toning.
You may breath in this "Pranic" life force during your chant.

When your breathe, pull your breath into
your lower abdomen, rather than shallowly
into your chest. Try to bring your breath into your
lowest chakra levels.

The Third ingredient is visualizing the colors of
light as you move up your chakras.
When you reach the top, you should see your
brilliant, radiant light. We are that light.
[Zia] :)...light

<Susanrose/Arianna> The 4th ingredient of healing with tone
is to realize that all life is vibrating
and that each organ needs to vibrate
at the correct rate to perform its particular function.
By retuning the chakras with toning
all the body can be realigned in harmonious vibration.

<Susanrose> The 5th and last ingredient
of healing with tone is INTENT....
that is different than attention.
Intent is the love, or noble ideal
that makes you care.
That makes you want to improve yourself or
those who you would help
Without love, toning or anything would just be
allot of wind, light, vibration of matter.
The feeling of the loving Intent is
what makes it worth the while to tone,
heal. :)

<Susanrose> Remembering these ingredients,
We will now attempt a "TONING"
healing of our centers in the following sound meditation.

are you ready?

[Ganesha] yes

<Susanrose> might need a drink of water

[Dreamie] lemme get some water

<Susanrose> get comfortable
feet on floor, warn your family, we will start.

[Dreamie] heheh

First, we will direct our ATTENTION
purify our intention with this affirmation:

I invoke and evoke
the power of the Sacred Spirit within me!
Father/Mother God, infinite intelligence, perfect wisdom.

I am a clear, open and perfect channel.
Sound, Light and love are my guides.
May the Spirit of Love protect me.
May the sound of light support and surround me
May Sacred Sound come through me
For the Healing Harmony of ALL!

We will now bring the energy up through our spinal cord,
vibrating and cleansing each energy center of the body.
Breathing ...IN DEEP to the bottom of the WELL of our being
keep controlled deep slow breathing
filling with the pranic energy

1st chakra, root
base of spine
element: Earth
consciousness: Sensual, Physical
Imagine the color RED
Low pitch, note of C

2nd Chakra
Element: Water
Consciousness Emotional/Astral
Imagine the color ORANGE
Low Pitch, Note of D

3rd chakra
Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
level of consciousness Mental
pitch-normal, note of E


4th Chakra
Element: Air
Level of consciousness Causal...lower creative
Note F pitch normal
<AriannaSR> breathe....deeeppp

5th chakra Throat
Element: Ether
Level of consciousness Causual...Higher Creative
Note G, Pitch Higher
Color BLUE

6th Chakra
3rd eye, brow
Element Thought
Note A Pitch High
consciousness thought I AM
Color Indigo

(High Pitch)

7th chakra
Crown of Head
Element Light
level of consciousness : Knowing Oneness
Note B Pitch Highest
Color White, radience

(Highest Pitch)

<AriannaSR> going up....from the bottom of the well of your being..
to the top ...like a scale...


<Susanrose> We see the radiance
We sit in the light, Our crowns are open.

[brownfish] i do see the light

<Susanrose> As within, so without
blessings to even brownfish.

[Zia] :)

<Susanrose> the light we have intensified is
joined by the light from without
our being is surrounded by the sparklying
white cloud of divine wisdom
will anyone share what they feel now?

<Susanrose> Clarity, focused intent is mine!
this is the star studded wish I place into my white cloud.
I place healing of those that I love

[ACTION] stars96 feels the need to redirect this energy
to the healing and helping of others...

Zia] I didn't have any notes to actually tone with but I took notes!!
To do this at a later date. Thank-you.

<Susanrose> as we place the ones we would help
into the sparkly white cloud we have expanded
we remember this ....this healing is for them,
coming in a form they see as good,
as it is one with what they are here to do.

<Susanrose> stars, join me to send healing to one
we know must be wanting us to send him light ok?

[stars96] already there Susan.. yes...

<Susanrose> thank you Mother/Father All that is!
Thank your guides and angels.

[sundude] namaste.

<Susanrose> we take this light into the world of form
to manifest love.
That is all for tonight.

[stars96] blessings everyone... thank you for this time together...

[Dreamie] Thank you Arianna...I logged it.

<susanrose> Thank you for coming!