Trips to the Underworld : the Persephone Myth

Artwork by Tamar George

<Susanrose> The topic will be: "Our Trips to the Underworld."
This is a retelling of the Persephone Myth, as it is
modernized for today's issues.
Just as Persephone had to make her decent
into the underworld, many of us who are on an "enlightened" path
have found ourselves up to our necks in almost overwhelming issues to face.
As our buttons are pushed, we wonder why we are having to deal with
sorting out such dilemmas when we are striving so hard to be
part of an ascension to joy in the new millennium.

You are not alone if this is happening to you.
We need to support and encourage each other during this
phase. Like an intiatory process, we must face our issues and
one by one drop the excess baggage to lighten our load for the
higher vibratory rate of love we are to experience.

The speaker will be Tamar George. She is an artist, author,
Mystic Teacher, and Psychic Reader. Tamar's web page is at

We have been friends for about
8 years now, having spent many a mediatative gathering together.
She lives about 3 miles from my home
I am also helping out with her web page at
She is sitting along side of me at my computer and is here live
to respond to discussion.
I will be pasting in her planned presentation.

Now for a few deep cleansing breaths!
A unity of intent.
Spanning across the globe, and cyberspace.
All seeking the joy and bliss found in spiritual development.

We will start:

<Tamar George speaking now>
Each of us has a story, a drama that we have weave through time.
This is my perspective. Which does not negate your perspective.
I don't wish to be anybody's guru, I just wish to say I have a story to tell.

If there is a morale you can accept from it, well and good. If you find it
highly entertaining, well and good. If there is nothing at all you can 'get'
from it, then find another's story or create one of your own.

Stories are really important to your life as are the chapters your writing
about your own life . There are two things I will be focusing on throughout
my tale.

1. The "you are bigger than life" drama. That you are indeed the
Source. (And that is what we are needing to understand this year more
than ever.)

2. That in order to create a new book, you have got to die to the old story
of you. You know that story.......the one that every chapter ends with
whining in it!

Here begins the retelling of a Story promised to you tonight:

The Upper world is the Kingdom of heaven
The Lower world is the underworld, beneath earth.
The middle kingdom was for the King's or Pharaoh's to rule

In those depths lived a Goddess. The creatrix in the dark
night. The black cavern in the womb of darkness. The goddess of the
North. The mystery, the unknown, the deep long shadows of fear.
Once she walked the Upper world, but now she was the Underworld Queen.

Snakes slithered along in the dark waters. The only light that filtered in,
was through an opening in the earth. That same moonlight rays hit the
moonstone necklace she wore about her neck and lit up her golden hair.
Her sandals woven from a palm tree protected her feet as she scurried in
the dark away from Hades clutches.

She ran smack into a white dove
sitting on a rock. A bird from the upper world, the place of freedom.
"Why have you come?" she asked it reaching out her hand to grab it.
It flew to another rock.

Bird: "I am here to tell you the news of Heaven.
A great awakening has occurred this year.
A shift in the Hierachal structure. You know, everyone changed
jobs. Plenty of promotions. The energy of third ray was activated."

"Oh, goodness", cried Persephone. "I just know what that means, I will
no longer be doing this shadow gig. You know Goddess of the
Underworld, Queen of Death. Goodness this might ruin everything.
I have become mysterious and something to fear.
What is going to happen to me? What is that ray again?"

The white dove flew into her hand.
Bird: "Third ray, active intelligence and intelligent activity."
The hierarchy has moved to Cappella, the star, that means chapel."

"And Zeus where is Zeus? ZEUS WHERE IS HE!" Persephone
demanded of the wee bird.

Bird:"Why he sent me to you, he has moved all his belongings
and has gained a new title.
You are to go to the Middle world immediately and help the
humans. They are waking up, and it is such a mad house.

They see all their shadows. The Underworld has moved to the middle
kingdom. They see through their denial, and it's a mess.
They are yelling at the Universe
more then ever, stuff like, 'why me, why me?'
You have to go up there and tell them it is okay,
to work through the shadow.
A new dawn is coming!"

Persephone stomped her foot on a snake who arched itself and ssssss
back at her. "I can see why Zeus did not come himself,
that cowering toad." He always leaves the dirty work to the Goddess.
The Goddess has always gotten the bad rap for thousand's of years.
Leaving me to reign over fear, shadows,
death, all the black stuff while it got to be all white, the sun god.
Mr.Goody two shoes, while I'm the unknown the mystery, the dark night,
the Medusa."

Persephone reached down and grabbed the snake with her hand.
She yanked him up to look her eyeball to eyeball. It's tongue was writhing
and it's throat was rattling.

Persephone: My marketing has been terrible,
I've been given snakes as symbols.
No wonder people dislike the Goddess. And now he wants me to come up
from the Underworld. Not without a new marketing plan, does he even
have a plan. I mean should I appear nude or pregnant?"

The bird flew back to the rock as far away from the snake as possible.
"Please I didn't do anything to deserve that breath of wrath",
said thesnake.
"Your right, I'm sorry" Persephone said.

Bird: " Zeus said your to do a ritual for them,
something about dying to the old.
He said to tell you a letting go, they are to let go. They are so attached
to their old selves, their old ways of acting.
But their bodies and minds are breaking down and they have to let go. "

Bird: "The bodies are breaking in places so they will heal that area
if it is to hold more light.
They are cursing Zeus himself for their sickness.

Here it is a gift and they are attacking him.
They are creating light bodies. The mind and emotions will not let
them stay loathing themselves any longer. You know how they believe
they love themselves. But then nothing works. Not their relationships,
their job, their beliefs about money."

Persephone: "Oh, stop, you have my pity, what do you want from me.?
Bird: "He said, first you have to detach from Hades,
so you can walk the talk.
You know be a liberated goddess of the nineties.
Be a free woman. Independent and joyful.

Bird: And if the divorce is too tough, for you, he said,
fake it until you make it.
After you look and act the part you need to teach them,
Active Intelligence, which is third ray energy." Use the intelligence to
balance the shadows with the light.

"Stop right there, they will never learn to act intelligently, you know
how stupid they act. Look what they think about their lives and
themselves right now.

Bird: " They are always empowered and perfect in their
metaphysical thoughts"

Persephone: "Oh, pleeeeeease, sometimes wee birds want
to make me puke. I will even ask them to show you
how they really live. Perfected moments, that's a owl's screech.

<Tamar>: Okay, and this is addressed to you, the reader.
Tell this bird how many times this week you felt bad about you? You felt
unempowered, weak, upset, and tell the 'bird' what you did to cope.
(t.v./ice cream/drugs?)

Okay, list them in your mind: (pause)

The bird flew away and as he was going he yelled.
"You know what to do, you are just whining again. Why is it always
whining and crying on earth? You take responsibility
this is your department."

Persephone: "My department hell, I never wanted to become the Goddess
of the Underworld. I wished I was more flamboyant like that wretched vixen
Aphrodite. She can have sex with whoever she wants too. But no,
I get to teach people about their shadows. Why they refuse to love

<Tamar>......Moving ahead 3 months.
Persephone got 3/4 of the Underworld in the divorce settlement with
Hades. And is too going through a learning process while she begins her
ascent to the middle kingdom to do her work.

Until she gets there, you might want to think about if there is
any part of you, you want to die off to?
Any part left to let go of?
Any anger that is still apart of you?

The key to the lock is letting go of attachment.
It is okay to have, it is not okay to be attached.
What is still locking you up inside?
What is it or who is that you need to let go of.

Anytime your a victim, you will not see choices.
Any time you tell yourself you heard this and
this couldn't possibly mean you? Umhum, not you?
Then why don't you have in your life that you
truly want? You must not truly want it
or you would have it.

Why when you need help, you are not getting help.
This is the year we must finally ask first ourselves for help, then others.

Are you too busy fixing every one else? Avoiding your self?
Are you ready to die? The great thing about being dead is you get to be
reborn. First you have to die in this minute
to be reborn in the next minute.

Write your death notice and all the things you left behind.
Announce your birth. She/He was born today.
And find a spiritual name that fits this new ascended you.

And baptize you, with the waters of a spring or a river.
Die every night and birth yourself every day. Welcome the new you.
You will feel this, this is the recalibrated year.
It is a new you.


<Jackie> is the underworld experience like owning your own shadow?
Read the book recently by Robert Johnson.
<Tamar1> we are talking about the times we go to the
underworld... and meet our shadow self
It is knowing your own shadow.

<Jackie> there is gold in the shadow, yes?
<Susanrose> yes, there is overcoming and the gaining of courage
that we did not know we had
<ontheweb> Seeing what lies in the shadows
<Tamar> In the shadow there is the possibility of finding your gold.
But the gold, alchemy, has to have it's dross raise to the top.
<Tamar> So we are speaking of the alchemy process, finding your true self.
This year is the year when we must face our shadows,
This is Recalibrated energy. You are in it.
It is very important to die to the old.
Very important right now, are your buttons being pushed?

<Susanrose> Remember the feelings that Jesus might have had on Calvary...
being betrayed, how his cause may have lost, but he needed to overcome
that fear and despair to ascend...
No matter how advanced you are, life still presents challenges
and opportunities to learn and grow

<Jackie> we betray ourselves?
<Susanrose> we betray ourselves when we will not forgive ourselves
guilt is self betrayal
Jackie nods
Sunshine- agrees

<Jackie> how do we overcome feelings of unworthiness?
<Sunshine-> with affirmations
<Tamar> And that is the question I am always asked as a psychic.
How do we feel worthy?
And the million dollar answer is...........To forgive self.
<Susanrose> Jackie, even Jesus had to forgive himself,
he must have thought his ministry was a failure....

<Tamar> And that is dying to the old isn't it?
Letting go of the attachment that no longer serves you.
If it makes you unhappy, let it go.
<Susanrose> the faith building moments in our lives when
we tap into the grace of God must be remembered and repeated
<Jackie> OK constant affirmations like looking in the mirror
and telling oneself you LOVE yourself?
<Susanrose> remember the miracles in your life,,,, we all have a few
<Susanrose> give thanks and reclaim the joy
<Sunshine-> that helps

<Tamar> And loving yourself isn't enough if you don't believe it.
So find what you can like about yourself and start there.
<Susanrose> I love my friends!!! :)
<Sunshine-> :) your friends love you too!

<Tamar> And remember that in order to forgive you,
you must believe you did something wrong.
And life, this life says, you are doing the best you can where you are.
And in all past lives, you were doing the best you could
with what you knew or you wouldn't have done the act.

<Jackie> how do we get in touch with hidden angers and hates?
<Sunshine-> ask and they shall become known
<ontheweb> Do not hide or bury it to begin with
<Jackie> I was told ..I have lots of anger inside.
but consciously I don't know who I would be angry with.
<Susanrose> I think they bubble up when we are ready to deal with them
<Tamar> recognition is the first key to change.
journaling is a key to find your shadows,
you write out all your stuff in about 8 to 9 pages.
And you will see your hidden shadows surface in your words.
<Susanrose> ask for help b-4 you go to sleep that a dream
will uncover your issues and offer advice

<Jackie> anyone have experience finding these hidden feelings?
<Tamar> These words are to be journaled by just writing
what comes to mind. It acts as a form of hypnosis.
You get to core issues.
<Sunshine-> they come when you are ready to deal with them
<Susanrose> when I start crying and I surprise myself that I feel
that strongly about the issue, then I know that I have stuffed it too many
<Tamar> Yes, I have faced most of my shadows and daily work
to overcome the dark side of me.

Here is the explanation of why we who try to be guided by our spiritual
ideals still seem to have a rough time.
After an initial high or jump start, may of us
feel plateaued, or even worse, stalled in the air.
Before allowing yourself to slip, listen to this advice
received during mediation:

Many are doing good works of service and spreading the light and hope.
Remember though, to not spread yourself too thin.
Pay yourself some kindness first.
Just like many of you have a payroll deduction to send money
to the credit union for your vacation time,
pay yourself a measure of time every day, to connect to spirit.
This will feed you the entire day, and smooth out the unexpected bumps in
your day. You will have in the bank the coping grace to make lemonade
out of lemons, and turn adversity to victory.

Some of you who were involved in such things as harmonic convergence,
11:11, and gateway openings have had many questions since.
For example,
"What was it all about?
Why are my struggles just as severe, if not more severe?
I thought I was going to ascend.
I thought things were supposed to be smoother.
I feel a let down."

My children, soon this time will arrive, but for now,
look at it like this:
Think of your vibratory level in comparison to elements like iron, steel,
silver, gold. Each have their place and their use.
As you speed up your vibratory level, you become a rarer, purer form.

While many have slid down to the iron ore element,
that too has it's purpose.
As we all work towards ascension, however, your form becomes lighter.
Your element becomes purer, and more beautiful.

Do you see that the jewelsmith working with gold or silver has a much
harder task, than the blacksmith, working with iron ore,
shaping a horseshoe?

The jeweler, working with the precious metals,
making a tiara for the queen, has fine,
delicate finishing touches to put on every part of the creation.

So as you raise your vibratory level higher, take heart!
The beautiful finishing touches on your etheric body are being added,
when you pass through your shadows to conquer your fears.

Even the Master Jesus was given many fears to overcome, before he ascended.
He had his strongest trials. As you too raise in vibratory level, you will
find some smooth times, but take heart during the bumpy times.

Think of the crown you prepare or your spirit on ascension day,
All the little imperfections will be polished out.
It's beauty will glitter in the light, the jewels atop your hair.
Using your love for what you believe,
choose to use your one voice, in truth and hope.

Others will join in with you.
And if you are looking over your shoulder for that next
voice to join in with you, count me in.
Victory is ours, my children.
Use your voice. Use your love.

<Sunshine-> I will agree :)
The time spent in the morning connecting to spirit, energizes my day

<Sunshine-> Lots of my issues are being presented to me this summer!!!!!
it is like an avalanche, had BIG one with my mother!!!
<Tamar> Yes, that is what this is about, I work with 55 people
in a meditation group and all of them within the last six weeks
have had their buttons pushed.
<Sunshine-> it is great to recognize them and then work thru them
they are stepping stones
<Susanrose> we are meant to grow with the trials that life presents...
think of them as mini initiations!

<Tamar> And we are being asked to work through them
at a very high elevated rate, wouldn't you say?
Aye, warp speed. I was hoping that we would have this opportunity
to really work on our shadows. It is the next step.

<Susanrose> I want to thank Tamar George for
coming tonight to be our hostess...
<Chayama> blessings
Sunshine- smiles and thanks Tamar for being here
<Jackie> Thank You Tamar
<Aurael>..thank you Love, Light and Joy to all... :)
<Tamar> And thank you Susan Rose for asking me.
<ontheweb> Goodnight all!!
Sunshine- blesses SusanRose, waves to Virgie!!!!!!!