What does it mean to be a Light Worker?

     Art Credit: "Radiance" by Charles Frizzell

<Susanrose> Sunshine, Tamar and I are in Pittsburgh, Where are you from?
<_Skye_> Seattle
<Slice> Nebraska USA
<JBB> Dallas
<^alex^> North Pole, Alaska
<WindRyder> Texas
<^Jewe|> never been here b4...
<Sunshine-> welcome
<Jep> you can sit next to me Jewel
<Susanrose> Jewl, this is a moderated meeting welcome! we start at the top of the hour
<Sunshine-> it is a "spiritual" chat
<^Jbb> Welcome ^Jewel !!!!!!!!!!!
<WindRyder> :)
<PIEL> Hello whole one, I am Piel...
<Susanrose> are we ready to start NOW??????
<^Jbb> yes
<Red> yes
<Slice> yes
<WindRyder> yes

We come together from across the Planet,

forming a Group mind
all seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind,
the water, the oceans,
the fire and molten lava,
the earth, the soil,
and the pulse and hummmm of all Life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our Earth.

Welcome Friends!

Tonightís topic is
What does it mean to be a Light Worker?
I have asked many people to write me or
Come here tonight to share what this
Personally means to them.

The best resource on the web for light work
may be Spiritweb at http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/lightwork.html
Here is the definition of Lightwork that I found:
Lightwork, living consciously in every moment -
working with Light and Love in daily-life.
Lightwork is a spiritual life-style, an integration of rational mind
and intuition in a supportive way.

There is more about Lightwork there, but my
interest tonight is in the individual expression of
What lightwork, and how it is practiced in successful living.

In my quest to find the light, share the light,
keep bathed in it for as long as consciously possible,
I had the good fortune to be
with friends at the Cleveland Whole Life Expo
last September.
There were so many wonderful people there,
Not only speakers, but the participants themselves.
I wandered in and out of lectures like a bee sampling
The nectar of many flowers. Near the end of the show,
I was joined of group of people gathering round a
Table that sold audio tapes of the different speakers.
My sister was with me and offered to buy me 7 tapes
As a birthday gift, since it was Sept 13th, my birthday.

I noticed about a dozen people patiently waiting for
one tape to be mass produced enough to be able for them to purchase.
The other tapes did not tempt them, they hung
on for over 20 minutes to assure themselves
of the tape they wanted.
I asked them what were they waiting for,
if it was that good, I would get it too.
They said they had just been to James Twyanís presentation,
and rushed right over to the tape booth,
to buy a copy of what they just heard.

Even though it was a live presentation that I missed,
I thought Wow! This has to be good, so I waited too.
The tape was all about what it means to be a light worker.
As I listened to it in the months that followed,
I had the idea that I would present this topic for our )Gaia*Friends( Gathering.
Not only could I share the content that so many rushed for that night,
but also ask for others personal thoughts on the topic.
I will start with a summary of what James Twyman,
peace troubadour and author of Emissary of Light
said during that special presentation.

Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hared, let me bring love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, bring your faith
Where there is despair, let me bring hope
Where there is darkness, let them see our light
Where there is sadness, feel our joy.

Oh divine Master, grant that I may not seek
To be consoled, as to console.
To be understood as to understand.
To be loved as to love.
Make me hear your instrument.

For it is in giving that we receive.
And it is in pardoning that we are pardoned
And it is in dying to ourselves
That we live.

Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace
Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace
Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace
Make me an instrument
Make me an instrument
an instrument of your peace.
...end of singing, followed by the spoken words of James Twyman

An instrument of peace. I donít think anything sums
It up better than that one statement. Make me an
instrument of your peace. In order to be an instrument,
Like a guitar or a flute,
what is the first thing it has to do in order to really be played?
It has to surrender, it has to let go, it has to open.

You know the flute canít really play itself, except in itís imagination.
It is only when it steps back into the musician
that it is played and itís music resounds.
Until then, nothing much happens.
With all the places where peace does not seem exist,
We bring the message of "Becoming an Instrument".
Stepping back and saying YES.
People ask: what one thing can we say that will make
A difference when we leave here?

Something we can do that is so simple
that we can apply it to every day
Of our lives, Iíll tell you what it is. One word.

"Yes" that is all it is.
Just show up and say "Yes".
If we are an instrument and we surrender and step back,
we donít have to know what to do.
If fact, I have to tell you something.

You donít know what to do.
You canít know what to do.
It is not your job. It is yours just to step back
And say OK, here I am I am your instrument, use me.

The surrender the trust the gratitude.
Nothing has done that better than prayer and music
The two, they have this wonderful ability to slide past the intellect,
and go straight to that place of experience.

Sound is a wave, and we are taking that music a carrier wave
so that it carries that spiritual energy strait
to our heart in a way that mere words canít.
It would take
Hours to take words alone to the same place one song can.

From the book "Emissary of light" James Twyman recalls:
In 1995, I traveled around as the peace troubadour, and performing these peace prayers.
I was invited to Bosnia/Croatia to perform a peace conference.
What I did not expect was that there was whole other agenda for me being there.
I was brought up into the mountains to be with a secret
society of light workers who called themselves
The Emissaries of Light. Where they came from,
how long they had been there, I never learned.
There was something much more important that they wanted to communicate.

This was part of the message from the Emissaries:
You are here to learn about peace,
the experience of peace that has no opposite.
This is the peace that cannot be found in the world,
but can be expressed here.

It is expressed through Divine Light or the extension of an energy
that is the very foundation of life.
Once you learn this, you will teach is.
That is why you were called here.

The job they had been doing in this secret place
for a very long time was about to come to an end.
The reason why is that there are enough of us now,
enough people like YOU who have steep forward,
and claimed their right to create a world based
on the laws of love rather than the rules of fear.

Now we are being asked to give the gift of love individually to each other.
The time of that happening is now. It has been prophesied
By all the ancient cultures.
This is the time.
This is the time we have been waiting for.
This is probably the most exciting time EVER to be around,
and each and every one of us chose it.
You knew you could make a difference.

You knew that you could effectively extend
the vision of truth that is within you, and change the world
You see there is a revolution going on right now.
But it is not a revolution of conflict, it is a revolution of love.

It is a revolution of simply coming to that powerful place within us
and saying both collectively and in our own minds:
that this is the time we are going to wake up.

It is that simple. This is the time.

The emissaries said they had a message to give to the world.
The message is simple. If we are not careful it is so simple
that is can slide right past us, and we can say:
Well, I already know that.
But we need to hear this over and over again
until we really really hear it.
The first part of the message that these people wanted to communicate
to the world was this In 2 words "YOUíRE READY".

That is it! You are ready for this! But isnít it interesting
We need to hear that, we need to have it proclaimed to us.
Then our response can come forward, either
Iím not so sure I am ready, or YES, I am ready.

We are back to that one word YES. It is that simple.
"Yes. I am going to do this, I did not come here for nothing."

What happens when we say that one simple word, Yes.
Something ORGANIC begins to happen within us.
Something begins to move and to change and to grow.
We donít make it happen, we canít make it happen
Because it is already happening. It is just who we are.

And suddenly it begins to step forward,
it comes back to life because all of those blankets
and those veils of fear that we have laid over that true self
for so long, suddenly begins to vanish.

That spark that divinity,
that life that is in each and every one of us
begins to step forward, and we just find ourselves
where we have always been.
Just because we said "yes".
Youíre ready.

The second part was: Just go out and tell people how holy they are.
If we could just being to realize here
that each and every one of us is holier than we can imagine.
That the truth within us is beyond our imagination.
Then we will begin to live in a way that reflects that realization.

That is what this revolution is all about.
It is a revolution of people realizing that they are ready,
saying Yes, and then seeing that holiness
within everyone that they come in contact with.
How simple this is!
The ultimate truth is that you are already there.
You donít need to do anything.
You are perfect as god created you.
All those silly ideas of unworthiness didnít mean anything.
Because we believe the silly thoughts of unworthiness,
we need a process to get us from point A to point A.

We keep thinking there is a point B some where and there just isnít.
There is just point A, and that is where you are and who you are.
The ego, or that part of my mind that thinks it is separate,
will use what ever I give to it to enslave me.
One of the tricks of the ego is to make us believe
we have to work very hard for this.
We have to study for years, and then MAYBE
we can achieve enlightenment.

Imagine you have been given a pair of binoculars,
And you have been told that these binoculars are given
To help you see clearly. But no one told you how to use
These binoculars, so you turn them around the wrong way.
If I am looking at John here, who is right in front of me,
and I am looking through the binoculars the wrong way,
John will appear very far away, way in the distance.

Along finally comes someone that says,
you are just looking the wrong way, John is right in front of you!
Turn the binoculars around.
Take a look the way it was meant to be looked though.
Suddenly I do that and John is right in front of me.

John has not changed.
What has changed is the way I am looking at John.
Suddenly I am using my mind in a way that it is meant to be used.
Not seeing him as some distant far off thing, but seeing him as present,
right in front of me. Here now.

That is the only thing that has to change. Your/My MIND.
Look the way it was meant to be.
You are ready.
You are holy.
Just say Yes.
That is the end of the information about light work
on the James Twyman tape.

Other people and places I have found information about
this will be shared next:
Marti is a Reiki Master and makes his living teaching music
in Huntsville Alabama. Here is the personal sharing sent by Marti:

I think a light worker is somebody who above all is committed
to the call of spirit....and is really convinced that there is
NO separation between themselves and all that is.
Because a light worker sees him/herself as a multidimensional being,
there is an openness to human potential,
an awareness of the intrinsic divinity within all life,
all matter, all that is. I think a light worker is dedicated to growth,
perhaps more so than other groups.

There is a true celebration of diversity.
Those particular convictions, regardless of how the "lightwork"
is practiced are essential to the process.
The process of becoming a light worker was gradual for me.
Through work in a 12 step program
I grew into "who I am" in this lifetime,
I became more and more aware of the discrepancies
between what society said was truth
and what I perceived as truth. As my healing progressed,
so did my trust in who I am, what I perceive,
and how best to express this truth as I see it.

Through work in " A Course in Miracles ",
I began to perceive that society is a mirror of ME,
and that true healing is about the change in perception,
the letting go of the need to control and
allowing others to express their truth without judgment.

Thank you to Marti!
The next sharing is from Jackie, from Colorado.
"I feel I have always known that my mission in this life
was to be a Light Bringer or one who shines like a star in the sky,
but it wasn't until I was 30 years old,
that I first started actively seeking answers
to the Big Questions in Life.

Who am I?, Where did I come from? and "Why am I here?
I am now 51 years old and have come to the point
that I feel I AM what I AM.
No matter what happens or transpires in my outer life,
I feel I am on the right track to do/be whatever I need to be.

I don't always know consciously what that is, but whatever it
is, I AM that, take it or leave it.
I feel like a little child, trusting in ALL that IS,
doing the best I can with what I have manifested for myself,
and looking forward to more adventures
on this Beautiful Blue Star called Earth.
Devoted to Love
I AM Jackie

In parting, I want to add my thoughts,
on what it means to be a "Light Worker".
First of all, you do not need to be called to the mountain top
to meet with the secret order of light workers to be awakened.
(makes for great movies and books though!)

The conscious realization of your inner light
can held dearly in the simple sharing of the song
"This little light of mine, Iím gonna let it shine!"
when singing with your child.

It can burn more brightly as a result of profound spiritual experiences.
But it also can be fanned to life at moments of despair.

In the dark night of the soul,
when we decided to surrender because we give it all up to the Divine,
this too can increase the light. Forgiveness and conversion do it too!

So knowing that the moment of saying "Yes!" is available
at all times and in all places and circumstances,
trust that You are worthy too.

A light worker, a Jedi Knight, Sky Walker or a Princess Lia.
This is YOU, if you say "Yes".
Remember that Light Worker is but one name.
A rose by any other smells as sweet.

The power of a light worker is needed in all things, big and small.
We all can't rescue strangers from burning buildings.
Courage is more likely seen in the consistency
that the presence of your love makes in small actions.

Like Jimmy Stewart in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life",
we may not value these small acts can make to better the world.
Like the angel showed Jimmy in the story,
whether you realize it or not,
you have the power to create great change.
The power to heal a hurt.
The power to renew hope.
The power to find joy again after hitting the depths of sorrow.

So with that in mind,
Please join with me in this affirmation:
I hold these truths to be self evident:
There is a Divine Intelligence of the Universe.
While recognizing myself as an infinitesimal part of the universe,
I am capable and ready to surrender and unite in free will
with that intelligence.
I give thanks that this intention, aligned with others,
is now activating this shift in consciousness, as it is one
with the Divine Plan.

<Susanrose> Lord, can I be your instrument?
Let your grace sing through my heart like a song...
bringing sweet music to all!
And so it is!

<WindRyder> susanrose ... do you also have his peace concerts CD?
the one with the 12 songs from different religions about world peace?
<Susanrose> yes, it starts with the prayer of St. Francis
See http://www.emissaryoflight.com/music.htm
If you want the music.

<Tamar> when we were in Egypt in October 1998,
we sang in the temple of Abydos the song of the Universe
and it sang back
Can you imagine the very walls singing back?
<Sunshine-> sounds great to me
<_Skye_> wow
<alex> wonderful
<Tamar> Our Egyptian tour guy said a shiver ran all the way up through his body!
<Slice> The walls have light of there own
<Tamar> Yes, imagine the work that had been done there before!
<Tamar> We came back to sing the Song...
I even called on the joyful song of Source!
Do you know what Abydos is?
It is the temple to Osiris!
<Sunshine-> neat
<Tamar> The God of the resurrection!
The dying resurrected god!
the us who are resurrecting into light!
the Phoenix out of the ashes.

<Slice> Are we of the light or merely using the light?
<Susanrose> Probably both......of the light and
using free will to direct where the light we shine will be focoused.
<Slice> Does the light cast shadows?
<Sunshine-> when I stay "in the light" everything works
<Susanrose> Slice:#1 Keep your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you
AND #2 BE THE SUN, radiate, and have no shadow at all!
<Sunshine-> well said!

<Slice> Yet don't deceive others that you are the light they seek.
<Susanrose> We are, like Twyman said the instrument through which the music is played.
<Sunshine-> people are naturally drawn to the light worker
<Susanrose> Grace will play divine music through you
<^Jbb> reminds me of :Seek not the great Teachers; seek what the great Teachers sought.
<Slice> good jbb
<Susanrose> Slice: unite your will with divine will with your free will... no greater joy

<Tamar> Has anyone mentioned that all time dirty word, responsibility?
<Susanrose> you did!
<Tamar> The Lightworkers work!!!
<^Jbb> without effort
<Tamar> perception is either love or it is fear...
<_Skye_> the reality behind the perceptions
<Susanrose> Divinity is reality... no illusion, no fear, love extending,
the humm of creation.
<Tamar> being responsible for the humm......

<Sunshine-> fear is =
False Evidence Appearing Real
<Susanrose> Aligning with grace and truth brings joy, not sacrifice...
this can help you claim more joy
Sunshine... tell them about how happy being an instrument of light made you?
<Sunshine-> I was at work and called a company to order something,
and I started talking to the order taker.
She was depressed.
We talked for 40 minutes,
I was able to pray with her over the phone.
We have been e-mailing since then.
She was amazed that some stranger
would care about her. I was pleased to be "used"
as an instrument of the light.

<Susanrose> The universe brings together
those who can spread light with those who need it... and both benefit!
the joy in giving is the same as receiving.... all is ONE

<Tamar> To be responsible to the call in the moment..
<Sunshine-> exactly
<Susanrose> Yes, it brings us joy... how about when you came "out of the closet"
when the tennis player collapsed, Tamar? How did it feel to be called upon for Light?
<Tamar> The person on the next court had a heart attack. I stood there, freaked.
I went into a talking mode, telling him what just happened.
I was telling him telepathically
he answered back - he was scared..
I can hear spirit, because I have trained myself to do so
I talked the man through the death process
in front of everyone.
I knew he couldn't be revived,
so I stood there hands outreached in a tennis outfit.
I was out of the closet and it was big....
I believe that was my ultimate test, no anywhere but tennis.
I used to tell the Universe.
that gave me courage to be fully out
and in the *light* end of that story..
<Susanrose> Great sharing, Tamar

<Slice> As we walk toward the light does the journey become harder?
<_Skye_> slice, it is my experience that it becomes easier,
but it involves giving up a lot of attachment to drama
<^Jbb> Right On _Skye_ !
<Sunshine-> the more I stay in the "flow" the faster circumstances arrive
<Susanrose> Sometimes, it still can feel hard slice,
that is when we call for more GRACE!
That is what the master did in the Garden...when considering his cup...
<Slice> What stands in the way of the light? Technology?
<Sunshine-> fear
<^Jbb> You do.
<Tamar> ego says
that youre not enough, that you don't deserve Your fears contain your shadows,
turn on the light just enough to see your fears..!

<Susanrose> Ego, and the false belief
in separation make our shadows, slice...
last week I was the recipient of a lightworker
when a man let me in front of him at a check out line!
I am still holding him in love,
since it meant alot to me... my kid was sick at home
and I just had a few things... I felt divine love through him.
I wonder if he knows how grateful I still am...
We have the opportunity to give and receive help.
It is also a gift to others to allow them to help you.
I think the man was very happy that he let me in,
although I did not explain the circumstances,
I pray for him still.

<tharaja> yes thatís true too SRose
<Susanrose> I just received an e-mail that Jbb contributed
It is his advice, to lightworkers... as per inspiration :)

From Jbb: Lightworker, Child of God, Spirit, brothers and sisters
in the Center of the Heart of the Universe of Love.
To live that Reality, it must be a moment to moment choice that you make freely.

Free choice is only possible when you live your life without fear.
Guilt, shame,self-condemnation, unworthiness,
the sense of separation from the One Divine Living Reality,
isolation, loneliness, powerlessness...
all stems from ignorance and fear that we have been brainwashed,
into believing since early childhood. That ignorance conditions
our action and reactions, and that we must be free of.

The first task of a Lightworker is to realize that our beliefs
about life, ourselves and others are merely a conglomeration of opinions
and fragmented memories that we have gathered over time.

Finding this to be true, it can then dawn on us that the daily survival
of our memories is not vital to the survival of our Living Spirit right now.
Then we can let go. We can surrender the past and ourselves
to live the Living Moment of Now.

You are not who you imagine yourself to be.
You are very powerful and you are a dearly loved Child of God.
You are Spirit. Not a body, not a thing.
You are the Light of this world. And as the song goes,
'Light of the world, shine on me, love is the answer.'
- John bill beaudine
<Susanrose> thank you Jbb!
<_Skye_> yes, thank you, jbb
<^Jbb> No matter what happens, walk with God,
however you perceive Her/Him, in every moment.
<Tamar> Grow, learn about my own shadows and fears
and allow light to shine there.
<Slice> well said all
Sunshine- shines
<Slice> can someone send me the log of this?
<Susanrose> Slice, that is what our web page is all about...
you can read edited logs of all our meetings at our web site.
Thanks to Jbb, who helped me make it!!!
<Tamar> Thank you, Susan Rose
<Sunshine-> THANKS TO SUSANROSE sweet dreams to all bye
<_Skye_> good night :)
<Susanrose> Thanks to everyone!
<Tamar> Bye and blessings,
I have to get up to do *light work tomorrow!
<Jackie> bye thanks all
<Red> Well.. people, it was nice being here tonight

<^Jbb> Night All.... stay in the Center of the Heart of the Universe of Love.