The Lessons of Atlantis

<Ariannasr>WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together

Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava

the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!

From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


The topic tonight is
The Lessons of Atlantis

In leading a women's spirituality group,
it has often come across to me that various
members of my group have dreams or past life
flashbacks to the time of Atlantis.

While I have not
personally felt in what way I might have "been there,"
I recognize that the echoes of this civilization have
permeated the collective unconscious and DNA
memory of humanity.

Edgar Cayce gave readings to over
600 people about their previous life in Atlantis.

One member of my group recently had a sister who
became a single mother. Perhaps as a result of this
childbirth experience in her personal life, she had a recall

of a childbirthing ceremony..Atlantean style. In a beautiful
temple like setting, she remembers the reverence given to
bringing new life into the community.

The baby was born
underwater, mother in attendance by many to comfort her
in a warm pool of water. My friend remembers her death
as a result of the ending times.

She was pregnant and regrets
never having her baby born in such an honoring and empowering
rite... for the mother and all who were there...

Another former member of my Women's circle
had so much past life recall that she wrote a book about it!
The Book is called:
Guardians of the Flame, Published by Light Technologies.
The same people who publish Sedona Magazine.
Any bookstore can order it.
Or order it through the author by writing Tamar George -

So, what is the importance of
Atlantis to us today, since it is so readily popping up
in our psyche?

Is there anyone here that has past Regressions/flashbacks
to Atlantean times??


[Starhawk_] I have a couple of Regression Experiences
and some vivid channelings.
In both channelings regarding Atlantis which have occurred in the last day
I discovered that many people have had past lives there
including many of you here tonight
also i discovered a past life of mine a few months ago
that I escaped the sinking of Atlantis and found my way to Egypt
as did a couple others here on IRC that also fled there, possibly with me.

<Ariannasr> :) Star...There seems to be a renewal of Atlantean wisdom
with the coming of the new age...
[Sitara] i have not had any visions of me it is more feelings
that i have been there
[SkySpirit] I am one of them. :)
[Starhawk_] This was after a beautiful life in Atlantis
unfortunately I still can't remember what my walk of life there was like
or what I did, but I think it was very spiritual and powerful....
just can't recall the details
[MiKron] peace be with starhawk, I too ended up in post Egypt !

<Ariannasr> I have a dejavous of a sacred fire and being in a temple
but it may have been Crete or Greece...
But I needed to do this topic
because the same mistakes that the Atlanteans made
are being made today.

The lesson is to trust and appreciate my connection to
spirit and do not be too lazy or overconfident,
that I do not have to put forth the effort to keep in the
flow of that power.

It is time for us not to repeat these mistakes.
like the movie ground hog day...we must have the consciousness
to remember what didn't work last time and try a new approach.

The turning point of the movie was when Bill Murray
woke up and REALIZED what he could do to improve the
outcome for potential success.
yes,,,,when he realized the potential of happily TRYING different
alternatives to reach his goal, it became fun for him, :)

The history of Atlantis should also remind us to
not be overly confident that
our home and families are safe from the possibilities
of disruption from nature

or social upheaval...
that we should at the same time we are NOT over investing
in the material, realize that while in form,
we DO need the essential material protection and supply to
keep us safe. We need the self reliance and autonomy,
at the same time communion, unity with Spirit.


[MiKron] I feel very strongly Arianna about the mistakes,
this time around there's a deeper connection !
[Starhawk_] Unity vs. Diversity
you can't have one without the other
its a yin/yang relationship where both need to act in harmony
to bring about Oneness
<Ariannasr> yes... how about the balance of unity vs autonomy?
[[MiKron] we are right now separated from spirit the farthest
anyone has ever gone and we are returning to our true self very fast,
this time around correctly!!!!
[Ceridwen] i am struck by a sense of convergence...
the goals we share on #ascension, the elements of your lecture, Arianna
<Ariannasr> Thank you Ceridwen, that is hopeful!
[Sitara] yes ...that wasn't present on Atlantis...
not there is a marked ability to reach that oneness..
[phoenx] Taking care of oneself/loved ones is not
antitheses to communions with others.
[Ceridwen] the need for us, as immortal beings
to ascend in our Spiritual lives
[Sitara] if we are responding out of oneness..
if enough of us are..then we will not repeat the lessons of Atlantis
[phoenx] practicality speak to all of us each day
[Ceridwen] with our individual ascensions, a sharing with others,
be it healing, compassion or simple kindnesses
<Ariannasr> Yes, I am "getting" that we are entering a great Opportunity
of enlightenment that we need to do up right this time!
Wiser and more mature handling of the power....
with the appreciation that we are but a MICROCOSM of the whole

This is an interesting Web site about Atlantis.
The Author, Mark Hammonds has several web sites on
Atlantis listed in Spirit WWW.
He is paraphrased below and can be reached at:
Mark Hammons (

What we call "Atlantis" is a Greek permutation
of the sound "atl." . The ancient Egyptians caught only the barest echo
in their brief associations with the remnants of what were the

"Atlanteans," who were themselves only the distant descendants
of the original settlers of that now almost vanished island continent.
The Atlanteans, to use a word, were a race of non-physical beings
in the sense that you are used to the notion of a body.
They were non-corporeal mindstreams, who could project themselves
into the material world.

They floated about with--
for lack of a better phrase--an atmosphere. And they came to
earth for reasons that we cannot even conceive.
But in time they became attached to it, to the
pleasures of life,

moving from one organic body to another--
and they got trapped.

In any event, what concerns us is their gift, the lasting presence
of their existence on the earth which is about to come
into our hands--and minds.

Atlanteans communicated by images. Spoken and written languages
appeared only later, when their
awareness of their original non-corporeal states disappeared.
They became mired,

and as they procreated their abilities
became weaker and weaker
Rather than communicate directly by mind-to-mind actuality,
they found themselves using secondary
images--memories. In time, to their horror, they discovered
that they could not contain all the memories that they wanted.

For a while, Atlantean incarnations still had flashes of great
spiritual power. It was in the use of this that the idea of the "living"
crystals was conceived and executed.

Their resonance was tuned to such
a delicate pitch that these crystals could be impressed with the contents
of an Atlantean mind--which was still more powerful that the current
human one.

In effect, lives could be deposited in these crystals as "memories,"
something akin to a hard drive in our terms.
The "living crystals" in the temples were divine--they contained all the
store of sensual impression collected back into the far
dim mists of the Origin Time, which they now knew only second hand.
But that divinity was now outside of themselves, so they now thought.

While many were made, and they were housed
with the greatest of reverence, most were either lost, hidden,
or destroyed by quakes.

But some few survived
and were retrieved from their hiding places when it was clear
that the end was near for their ancient civilization.

One of these was taken to Egypt, where it was impressed
with the conscious awareness of all their
history, all their knowledge and what they could of their living culture.
It is in this sense that the crystal is "living," not that the crystal itself
is biological.

And it is this crystal that is about to be
unearthed. Merely the presence of the human minds in contact with it
will cause the activation of
what is the equivalent of a radio broadcast.
We will all hear what the crystal was left to tell us.

After assuming individual form--their great mental powers
and recreated the creature into a pattern (physical form)
they felt was "superior."

They disrupted the "natural" evolution of the beings. Some
were more successful--or interested-- than others at this adaptation.
Some of the newly made beings
were deformed; that is, the Atlantean mind in attempting to merge
the energies mistook--or did it

deliberately for fun--the form, and there were altered creatures with
wings, hooved legs, etc.; part human, part beast.
They liked playing with toys. And what
wondrous toys by our standards.

The very first Atlanteans were physically very big.
The so-called "giants" of the Bible, the myths of
the Titans, are all reflections of these events.

Some of them lived for a thousand or more years in the same
body. During the DESCENT, or "falling out of heaven,"
they were thrilled with the apparently endless possibilities
of temporal embedment.

As they become more embedded, of course, they lost this power.
But noticing this, they began to compensate with material devices.
There were those who perceived that their effects were disruptive

to the planet and who believed this was a violation of divine nature.
This stream of consciousness is partly what Cayce called the Children of

Those Atlanteans who pooh-poohed the notion that there was ANY divinity
in nature beyond their own existence can
be summarized with the label "Children of Belial."
They are also called the Children of Light and Darkness.

To be fair--or at least a little compassionate--
the motivations of the Darkbound were to survive as
physiological creatures. They had established a colony,
and they wanted it to survive.

They did not yet see how they
were becoming irreparably merged with the
matter and the corresponding alterations of their own self-awareness.
And then they discovered death.

It amazes me to see such denial was in full bloom 25,000 years ago,
just as it is today.


[MiKron] it is important to say to all on the lesson of Atlantis ,
one way they got power was from the Christ consciousness grid
and slowly the grid is coming back into our reality, this time the
ascended masters will help us ,to ensure we use the powers right!
[Ceridwen] i see so many divergent creation myths seeming
to stem from Atlantis, Arrianasr

<Ariannasr> yes, Ceridwen, Mikron..
[MiKron] in my heart "love " stirs from the memories,
there were ones from Atlantis who still carried the flame of LIGHT,
i can feel it here on this channel!!!!
<Ariannasr> Great Mikron!
[ACTION] Starhawk_ is regressing
<Ariannasr>.... at the end of the session, we will try a few minutes
of quiet meditation to see what we can hear about our personal
lessons from Atlantis
[Starhawk_] yes....will do....
currently regressing some about my past life from there

[Danielle] Where did the author get the information? It's very interesting
<Ariannasr> it is from a web site
if you go to spirit www you can
see many Atlantis web sites conveniently
[Danielle] Ah, okay :)
<Ariannasr> Here is a plug for )Gaia*Friends( url...that has a direct link to
spirit WWW web site... then search for atlantis in the spirit www site
[^bear^] URL?


Quoting Tamar George, Author of the Book
Guardians of the Flame, the lesson of Atlantis ...

Atlantis became a land where the failure to communicate became the
downfall. And is it not so today?. When the Political powers to be cannot
sit down at a table to negotiate.

They say "I am right and I will kill you and your
children to prove it." It was no different in Atlantis's time when the flood
occurred over 12,000 years ago. Atlantis's problem was you had wimpy
leadership, a failure to communicate,

the desire to take someone else's stuff
because you feared there was not enough for you. It failed for the same
reasons the world is failing today.
That is why the story is so important to
get over fear, greed, communication problems and to remember our deep
connection to the All, the Creator, and remember our power once again.

According to author of "Atlantis", Geoffrey Keyte:
Geoffrey Keyte has written an Atlantean masterpiece
containing some previously
unpublished information plus providing a fresh insight
into the world of ATLANTIS.

Directions for ordering this book can be found at the web site

Here is information placed by Geoffrey into his web site,
that I have paraphrased here:

When I was a child, (Goeffrey speaking) I knew
that I possessed a special affinity with the world of Atlantis......

But it was not until much later in life that
I became fully conscious of the reason why
Atlantis was so very important to me.

I strongly believe that many old Atlantean souls
have now reincarnated today - in the twentieth century - and are
beginning to make themselves known to each other.

Edgar Cayce told us that Atlantis was eventually destroyed
because of the gross mis-use and abuse of energies by members of the
Atlantean priesthood known as the "The Sons of Belial".
Their interference with the natural laws created an energy
'imbalance' which led to the devastation and sinking of Atlantis.
But not all the priests and priestesses perished in the final
Atlantean holocaust!

Some members of the priesthood -
who lived according to a philosophy known as "The Law of One"
- knew, well in advance, that Atlantis was to be sacrificed.
They made their preparations beforehand and,
when the time for the final destruction was
upon them, they tele-transported themselves to a
number of countries around the world,
including Egypt and South America.

The philosophy practiced by the followers of "The Law of One"
was totally philanthropic and selfless. They always tried to uplift
and enrich the physical and spiritual conditions of
all those around them and attempted to maintain a balance
with the cosmic and planetary
forces of nature as an expression of God.

Some of those Atlantean souls who have reincarnated today
once followed the wise philosophy of "The Laws of One".

Other Atlantean souls who are now reincarnating were
formerly followers of the doctrine of "The Sons of Belial".

Atlantean technology
will, one day, be made available to us at the 'right' time
and to the 'right' person or persons!
It is also extremely important that this information
is not misused again.

It would appear that a number of the Law of One
deliberately chose to stay behind - and die - so that they could
destroy or 'hide' important Atlantean technology and 'blue-prints'
which they knew would have been disastrous had such information been
allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Some of these priests and priestesses,
of the Law of One, before they died, 'programmed' hundreds
of quartz crystals with information in respect of the Atlantean life-style,
their achievements, their history and data
concerning their knowledge of physics, computers, mechanics etc.

These priests recognized that
Atlantis must be destroyed and so they offered to sink with it
to hold the evil in balance.
[Deb3] yes

They realized that Humanity must experience further cycles of evolution
before it would again be in the position to accept the responsibility
and the knowledge of Atlantis.
Many of the souls who lived in Atlantis are now incarnating in Preparation
for its reappearance. They are young in physical years, but old in spiritual
[ACTION] LawHawk is too old

<Ariannasr> smile... me too, Arianna is over 40
We must understand that only when the time is 'right' will
all this knowledge be made available to us and will we be shown
how to make the very best use of it.
"Valuable manuscripts are also known
to have been taken to the Pyramids in Egypt.

Here Geoffrey Quotes an Edgar Cayce Reading:
<<664 of Cayce's life readings refer to Atlantean incarnations>>

" In Atlantean land before the final destruction - when the priest
came from Egypt to Poseidia (Atlantis) to gain understanding
of the Law of One (or God) that there might be
records carried back to Egypt, the entity returned with the priest.

Entity aided the Egyptians in chemistry, building, economics, commerce,
labor, etc; arts in the broader sense, music, workers in metals
and precious stones. Entity had charge of records
brought from Atlantis to Egypt"

The above readings suggest - and other sources tend to confirm this -
that a vast Hall of Records is located somewhere underground
between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

This Hall of Records - when discovered -
will have a profound effect upon the world! It will
change our perception of many of our ideas and will, at one stroke,

re-write our history books and upgrade and revolutionize
our scientific know-how.



[ACTION] LawHawk bows to Ariannasr
[LawHawk] :)
[MiKron] YES indeed , the journey to our true self
is around us as we move into the 4th dimension!!!!
[^bear^] Those of/among us who are ready to accept
this responsibility will do so when the time comes
[Cmyste] As lightworkers we are filled with a Great Energy
fueled by the Divine
Yet, the Divine does not exert control over Will
[Sitara] the lightworkers are anchoring in the oneness
and preparing to take on their full power once again
[ACTION] ^otter^ agrees with CMyste we will know what to do
as it presents itself to us
[Ceridwen] yes
We need to always keep Angelic Mission in sight in regard to the ENERGY
Geoffrey Keyte - email: 100347.2724@Compuserve.Com

Geoffrey is available to me via phone line
and will be able to answer any questions you may have at this time.
any questions for Goeffrey Keyte?

<[LawHawk] Geoffrey: what are your feelings about Gordon
Michael Scallion?>

<Geoffrey>I have mixed feelings about him.
He has a very high public profile and - on the
face of it - has made some startlingly accurate predictions.

However, a little while ago I was sent a comprehensive analysis of his
predictions over the past couple of years or so which showed that his
success rate was not as high as is often believed.

Living as I do - usually, anyway - in the UK I receive all my Scallion
information via the Internet and I think that it is true to say that most
either rate him highly - or are dismissive. You takes your choice!!

<[ACTION] Starhawk_ is currently in the process of regressing
information of my past life in atlantis and am wondering if the dates i am
getting are accurate
of the sinking occurring in about 2400 bc
and also the role which i discovered a few mins ago
of trying to help save as many atlanteans as possible
from disillusionment>

Edgar Cayce says that Atlantis was destroyed around 10,512BC.
I tend to agree with that dating. It's sometimes difficult to ascribe
a time-line to these kind of events but in many of my past-life
regression sessions 12,000 years ago seems about right.

^bear^ How do we access the records stored in our quartz
crystals? I seem to attract them to me, but as of yet I haven't been able to
access them.

You will only be able to access the information stored within your quartz
crystals when the time is right. I suggest that - in the meantime - you
meditate with your crystals as often as possible. This will help you
resonate upon their innermost vibrations.

[Sitara] I would like to know if there are any archeological
digs taking place or in the works for the area of the " hall of records"

As archaeologically-speaking, the hall of records does not officially exist,
this is most unlikely. However, I do know that 'digs' have taken place
within the area where the records are thought to exist. The Hall of
Records will remain invisible until such time as the right people are able
to access this information at the right time!

[MiKron] what suggestions does Geoffrey have for activating
a crystal into in vibrations , i have ways of my own ,would like to hear

I am not sure what you mean by 'activating a crystal into in vibrations' -
can you clarify, please?

[Danielle] I'd like to know the main sources for Geoffrey's
information. Also, has anyone started searching for the Hall of Records?
Where are the crystals?

Some of my initial information I gained from reading the works of
Edgar Cayce. However, since then I have obtained much information
from sources not generally available. These sources must - at this time
- remain secret.

Many people have been searching for the Hall of Records -
none have discovered it; although many people have actually been
very, very close to where the Records are stored.

[Ceridwen] i feel a deep resonance with this lecture
and the ideas posted
<Ariannasr> I have concluded my pasting of information...
If we are feeling this Resonance...
How about we all take some deep breaths
and see what our own inner guidance can tell us?

There is no need to learn Atlantean.
If you want, it will be in your head, full and complete.

Imagine you are in the presence of the Living Crystal that
has the encoding of the original wisdom and power of Atlantis

What would it tell you??

<Ariannasr> Star hawk is already regressing.... :)
<Ariannasr> imagine we are walking up the steps of white marble
we enter the temple that houses the LIVING CRYSTAL

[^otter^] many of these connections/remembrances come to us
via dreams I think
[Dreamie] i feel the lessons are forgiveness,respect....
and to love all things...unconditionally...

[Starhawk_] may i describe the most important scene
of this current Regression with the channel?
[MiKron] yes!!! starhawk!!!!!!
[Dreamie] sure starhawk :)
<Ariannasr> Thank you Dreamie! yes Starhark...

[Starhawk_] my mind is sort of "stuck" on it
the west coast of atlantis
on a bright sunny day
on a crag above the sparkling sea
a crowd of several thousand gathered
and I see myself on top of that crag
in a bright yellow robes
holding this unusually powerful yellow-white stone
not of sulfur, but of some other mineral and sodalite
and somehow, it is sending out lots of crackling, visible blue energy
to everyone there
in an attempt to save them from the disillusionment of the material plane
which the continent had doomed itself to by then
i was some sort of atlantean high priest
who was apparently trying
to help people steer back away from materialism, but failed
i managed to escape to Egypt, after atlantis sunk around 2400 bc
and then died a year later
somehow this lifetime lasted about 1,200 yrs,or so
this is the most powerful regression vision i have ever had
and that was the most powerful moment of any of my lifetimes
and the energy i feel now rivals only that event
[Dreamie] :)
[Starhawk_] what do others think of this?
<Ariannasr> It seems from the material I have read that
the use of stones, crystals were good or bad
some of them held power for good
some of them were misused... so that
][Dreamie] sounds like it
[Sitara] there that duality theme again : )
<Ariannasr> the stone sending out the crackling blue energy
was a positive use of this amplification
This whole Atlantean theme is similar to
the Pleadeans who came to help colonize the earth
but instead got turned around from the guiding influence.
[MiKron] remind me of yellow stone of citrine,
a unique stone that carries only light energy attracts no negativity!!!!!
<Ariannasr> of the north star
If my Living Crystal could speak it would say to me:
Take the Time,
have the discipline of YOUR WILL
to align ourselves with the guiding star
that keeps the illusion of the material world from
making you dizzy with sensations!
loosing your direction!
[sailing around in circles....CHART YOUR COURSE!
[Sitara] bravo arianna : )
<Ariannasr> Use WILL POWER! Be Strong,
we will all land on the shore of heaven as we can create it
[Dreamie] :)
][MiKron] to a great thanks to you arianasr PEACE!
in mayan "IN LAK`ECH" i am another yourself!!!!
[Starhawk_] mikron: you may be right...that could be citrine....
.but i am getting that it was some other stone
[Sitara] i never heard that before mikron..that was great!
][Dreamie] :)
[MiKron] thanks Sitara ,seemed to be right !!
[Sitara] just a thank you arianna! i learned a lot *love*
[Dreamie] yes!
<Ariannasr> nice meeting you Sitara.
Please check out the web page
[Sitara] <----- star22
[ACTION] Sitara high fives arianna : )

[Starhawk_] the energy keeps rising.....possibly soon will eclipse
that of the experience from the regression
[^otter^] thank you susan rose!
[Sitara] please do mikron
[Starhawk_] Arianna :) :) :) : ) Thanks :)

[Dreamie] thank you ;) have a wonderful beautiful!!!

[SkySpirit] Oui.. Very informative these past 2 days..
[ACTION] Cmyste thanks Ariannasr for the information about
Atlantis and helping us derive implications for our own time
[Danielle] This was very interesting Susan!
[MiKron] i could share a quick meditation i did while
i was in atlantis based on the pyramid at giza?
<Ariannasr> Good night to all who must leave now...
{{{HUGS}}}} thank you to Mikron for continuing...
[phoenx] :)
[MiKron] simple way to connect to atlantis energies use the
giza pyramid and see it as a diamond into the earth!
connect your alpha and omega chakras to this structure !
spiral energy around yourself clockwise as if you are the giza pyramid!
down to the earth star!
then once at the earth star spiral energy like dna up the chakra tube
in the center of yourself
then to alpha burst out to the universe
then spiral back down around the outside of the pyramid clockwise
to the base again !!
this is a meditation that came thru on a past life regression on atlantis
to raise the kundalini energy up in the body!
[Sitara] thanks mikron
[MiKron] that's all real simple ,will help all to reconnect to atlantis!!!
<Ariannasr> Thanks for that MiKron, good night all....
see you next week...Prem will host... I will be on with my houseguests...
the Tibetan Buddhist monks.. it will be verrrrry interesting!!