A Deep Heart Meditation

<Ganesha> Sooo...
does anyone have anything to say before we
begin our meditation?

We'll begin by settling in to our circle
of connected energy on a beach at Night

When we breathe in we breathe in the sounds
of the waves crashing on the shore
and when we breathe out , we hear the inner
vibration of the oceans receding back into itself
the waves in and out with each breath.
When we breathe in it is into the area of our hearts.

When we breathe out
it is into the universe...the cosmos...the stars above.
As above, so below
Within and without
We feel an energy
A pulsation circling around the channel in a clockwise manner
We are all connected on this pulsation of
ocean energy...the breath in and out
the waves..breaking and crashing
in the distance is the subtle sound of thunder.

As we open up to this space we feel like
we can almost
hear tiny bells within our own heads
we are all sitting around a campfire on the beach at night.
The stars above glisten and shine.

We hear the crash and rumble of the ocean on
the beach and with ourselves.
The air is light and playful
refreshing and pure
we can see a light house in the distance
we have let the cares of the day slip off our shoulders
and we are totally present in this moment
as we breath

We notice the flame of love pulsating in our
very own hearts
this flame is not diminished by the waves of
the ocean the rhythm , the pulsation of our
breathing..the beating of our hearts
maybe we notice the color of this flame
is it like a candle?
Is it like a forest fire?
is it blue
red, orange, yellow
what does this flame look like within?
as we look into our hearts flame...really
what do we see?
the subtlest of colors?
as we gaze within....this flame of love..this
pulsation of light...

We can feel ourselves
transported to Japan before WWII
we are walking thru the streets of Tokyo
we look all around at the interesting
we feel the feel of the streets of Japan
under our feet
the air of Japan ...we breath it in and out
the taste of the air
the feel of the place..
we are there
we feel beckoned to a home near the Keo
University Hospital
It is also near the Imperial Palace
It is called Shina No Machi
there is no sign
we just know...this is the place
we knock on a big wooden door and patiently.

we look down at ourselves and notice sandals
and kimonos
we are dressed as a Japanese person
a small sweet lady opens the door and gently
smiles and beckons us inside
we bow slowly and smile back
we shuffle into a small Japanese Garden and courtyard
and we look at all the delicate trees and plants.

We hear a small stream of water nearby
there are many interesting stones and small
boulders among the plants
we are so happy to be here
for this is the clinic of Dr. Hayashi...Shina
No Machi.....
we have come here for our reiki
we are led inside a large room
and there are several tables
the light is low
in the background are several people but we are
not focused on them
we are focused on laying down on a small low
table of our choice
we close our eyes and take a deep breath and relax

It is good to be here.
We know the healing we need inside is about
to take place
swiftly and quietly a small but cheerful
looking man emerges from a side door
he is nodding and smiling
greeting us all
we all get a special and meaningful look from
Dr. Hayashi we are in his presence.

The air is electric.
He tells us he is so happy to see us all
and nods his head a lot
he asks us all to place our hands upon our
heads gently
and as we do this we remember the pulsation
of the ocean within our hearts
we feel the connection to all here
we feel the energy coursing through our very own
maybe it feels prickly
maybe it is hot
cool, sweet, searing
or very very subtle.

We settle into this space of putting
our own hands on our heads
now we move down to putting our own hands
over our ears
we hear so many things...all day long...
this is the time to rejuvenate
lift...very gently ...compassionately...slowly
..patting the energy..just off the ears
feel the subtle layers around your head
slowly move you hands to your neck
..this is the place of your glands, throat,
major blood vessels
we speak so many things...
all day..every day...
this is the time to rejuvenate
balance and revive
if we have any situations like blood
pressure, colds, sore throats, not speaking our
we know what these issues are for ourselves
lets be open to this vibration of love
opening up inside ourselves to healing, love, and
this feels so wonderful
maybe our fingers feel like feathers or
pillows of love

Time to gently pat and lift...oh...so...slowly
and move our hands to the area of our hearts
the flame is pulsating within
as we breathe in and out
we can feel this very subtly
on our fingers and in our minds eye
maybe we have some situations in our lives
that are in need of special attention love and light
in the heart area and many zones....

Some of them are perfect truth and love
some of them are anger
some are jealousy, envy, laziness
some are the areas of poetry and the root of
all words and sounds
our minds are always in a state...
flitting from zone to zone
one minute this way
one minute that way

Let us find the place of steadiness in our hearts.
this steadiness...is deep within the flame
we follow the vibration ...of our breath intothis place
the waves crash as we breathe in and out
we feel like we can hear the subtle vibration
of the planet hurling thru the cosmos
within our own hearts
our hands and ecstatic...electric
the charge in intensifying
and any zones within the heart that are
situations for us in our lives.....pull in this
energy of love and become a little lighter and balanced.

We know what these things are for ourselves
and we know the energy is doing..exactly what
is needed at this time for these situations
a sense of perfection....merging into
perfection...fills this space of steady wisdom....
we sit is this space...eagerly drinking the
inner nectar
we are all bees at the flower of Universal

The buzz of the universe feeds our hearts with
we know...without a doubt
that no matter...WHAT
happens to us...
we are this place...nothing else
this reverberation ...this buzz....this
we can come back to this place...anytime
this is the space to remember

Now...we feel Dr. Hayashi's hands resting
over ours on the heart area
inwardly he is telling us each our own
personal message
maybe it is a word...or sentence..
maybe it is a gift
maybe it is a vibration
maybe it is a feeling we are getting from him
gently he lifts his hands
for a moment we savor this....
for a moment we feel we are forever eternal
we know inside that it is time to gently lift
our hands
we smooth out the energy around ourselves a
and gently ...slowly get up from the

Mrs. Hayashi comes forward with a small cup
of tea for us
as we sit on the edge of the small bed or
table we drink the tea
our feet touch the ground
we slowly get up and we walk behind Mrs
Hayashi thru the small garden to the gate
we look back and Dr Hayashi winks at us
inwardly we remember our personal message
from him
and we smile a bit

We bow several times
and say goodbye and thank-you again and again
as we go thru the gate
we come back to the place on the beach we
were sitting when this meditation began
we feel the energy circulating around us
from person to person...throughout this thing
around the circle from flame to flame...all
dancing on the ocean of love and light

We feel integrated
healed and made whole
a sense of gratitude fills us...the
pervading sense of peace...clears us of all
we decide to join hands in the circles
as I say a last invocation....
the energy circulates..around and around
the bees of truth...buzzing around the ocean
of nectar on the sea of fire and light
within and without...

I would like to take this opportunity to
thank our masters, teachers, loved ones, and guides
for this opportunity to be in the energy of reiki
and vibrational...universal love and light'
I would like to thanks all of you who are
here for your input and energy in the circle

Go with Goddess all of...you....now...it is
time to open the channel for sharing
What was it like to give and receive reiki?
*** Ganesha changes topic to "Sharing"
What was the meditation like for any of you
Please feel free to share your experiences
within yourself and any impressions you had during
the meditation
this can be incredibly healing for yourself and others here

<Star22> I missed the beginning Ganesha....but I did
have a headache when I got here...that is much
better now..the hands on the head and especially the
ears helped it the most
<Ganesha> :)
<Ganesha> I would like to share an experience I had
today before the meditation group
<Star22> my neck has always been a problem for me as
well...it felt soothing as I placed my hands on it
<Ganesha> I had a painter come to my house with 2
both were broken...
I gave them reiki and then they both worked
<Sarek> :)
<Gawain> : 0
<Gawain> : )
* Radiance smiles
<Ganesha> thank-you star...beautiful
<Star22> no...thank you Ganesha : )
<Ganesha> what was it like for people to go to Dr.
Hayashis House tonight?
<Radiance> Oh, I thought that was a wonderful
<Sarek> I felt a strong presence/force throughout the
<Ganesha> I have done it in groups before but this is
the first time online
<Ganesha> Dr. Hayashi likes going into Cyberspace I think
<Ganesha> hehehehe
<Star22> heheheh
<Ganesha> I see his garden so perfectly.

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