Spirituality on the Internet; the Good, Bad and the Beautiful.

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together, and create a group mind.
Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace Breathe out concerns

Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together. A Group mind.
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep


Hello My name is Susan Rose, also known as Arianna on line.
I turned on my modem about 3 years ago. My main interest in the Internet
was to obtain or share Spiritual inspiration.

In real life I work as a registered nurse. I often saw lists posted
in phone books for pre recorded messages like "Ask a nurse" that had you
punch in a code from a list of potential problems, like a sprained ankle, a
fever or bee sting, and then a prerecorded message would play to advise
you what to do about it.

I thought it would be a wonderful idea if there could be
an internet site to share the inspiration my women's group was receiving.
It could be listed according to the potential problem it might help, and then
people could download the advice. Topics such as depression, living a
positive live, abundance, relationships, etc. After posting about a dozen files
in the AOL and Compuserve libraries, I joined irc.

Although the price tag was right, I was disappointed with the
disorganization and flight of ideas in most chat channels.
While #ascension is my favorite ongoing channel on irc,
I longed for a forum as I saw on compuserve that real content could be
presented and discussed in a meaningful way, archived later for all to read.
Out of this need, the web page and Channel #)Gaia*Friends( was born.

Even if there was no irc channel meeting, however, there still
would be a web page for the original content of inspirational material that
was to be shared. BTW (smile) http://www.city-net.com/~arianna

My interest in the internet was a noble mission, but along the
way I learned more than my share of cyberland soap operas,
and wasted alot of time flirting. (blush)

Here is an example of an inspired message that urged me to lay frivolity
aside, and emphasizes the good magic of the fellowship/sisterhood,
developed in cyber space.

"YOU who are the teachers, I appreciated the personal
Sacrifices you have made to teach my path to seekers.
With the support of friends in the local area,
as well as on this Computer Forum, she has
decided to lay her frivolous use of the computer aside,
To help Me teach you.
Reach you.
Love you.
YOU who are in the CYBER Community are blessed, because
you do not have all the props that a physical Community has.
And yet, through the power of your will and your magic
and your imaginations you DO WORK MAGIC, and VERY WELL!!
Remember your power. Support each other with your love
and keep Giving those CYBER HUGS, the Best magic of ALL!!"

<Dreamie> :)
<Susanrose/arianna> Any Comments on your favorite channels?

<talitha> #ascension has been my favs, to date.
I get recharged from the free-flowing loving comments and
<pheonx> I have always loved #ascension... yet it falls into too much
private messaging and trivial stuff like the rest of the channels...
<talitha> yes, phoenx, sometimes that happens, and that's a downside to it.
<Dreamie> i love the fact that the internet allows me to talk
to the spirit of the individual...
<talitha> yes, dreamie. no pretenses.
<ori^> I am rather fond of the ability to create channels as needed

<ladynada> I was invited to a channel on CHATNET, that is similar to
#ascension, called #bridge
Something #bridge has on chatnet, is a registered channel, and
registered BOTS. The bots there are very good, not annoying or anything.
<Susanrose/arianna> I have discovered bridge on superlink... it is pretty good.
<Vivek> I am also on #bridge in mars.superlink.net -
we will also have a web page up.
<pheonx> good Vivek.
<Vivek> We have about as many people here as we do on #bridge in the
evenings sometimes.
<ladynada> #bridge and #ascension, FEEL like the same family to me
the @BRIDGET BOT is the key to #bridge's success, IMO
that is what is nice about superlink.net, if you register your
channel, they keep it up with THEIR bot all the time

<Susanrose/arianna> some day I may take a vote
and move this meeting to irc.superlink.net - there are less splits there.
<Aixa> also the newnet is a small network, easily accessible
and few to no splits.
<pheonx> irc.earthint.net is another new and good server....
<Susanrose/arianna> Thanks, I will have to check it out.

<goanna> #atheism is good too. refreshing skepticism

<Aixa> I have been to #greatoak on the undernet a few times...not too bad
<ladynada> someone recommended #rainbow on anothernet, but I have not
checked into it yet.
<Susanrose/arianna> I went to the undernet #ascension,
but it was not new age, itwas fundamentalist Christian.

<Aleon> I like the community on this channel and I have decided to start an
ashtarcommand irc every Sunday at 7pm est usa time for all earth-based
volunteers. I also love ascension.
<ladynada> Great! Aleon
<Vivek> Aleon-where is the ashtar command channel? - on what server and
what do you call the channel?
<Aleon> it will be 7pm till 8:30pm est in usa every Sunday night on the
undernet #AshtarCommand all are welcome.

<ladynada> I have noticed more telepathy in the irc chatting.
when one person seems to know exactly what another is
thinking, and types it BEFORE that other person does.

<Susanrose/arianna> Has anyone been to Stonehenge...a chat within a WEB
<ladynada> Spiritual Web Chat - yes, on Rene's site.
<ori^> I find it harder to feel a flow on the web page chats.
<Susanrose/arianna I was in the Spirit web site chat room...Stonehenge and there
was a girl talking about the trout joking on #ascension... I think she was
offended someone threw her a trout (giggle)
<Vivek> #Bridge is originally from Stonehenge people who wanted faster
access. #Bridge on superlink was created in response to the slowness of
Stonehenge and its interruptions of service

<Susanrose/arianna> I recently discovered an astrology chat in a web page...
but itwas more like a running e-mail list than a chat like stonehenge...
<Vivek> I suppose the next step is Cu-SeeMe which can accommodate
multiple voice chat and video for up to 10 people.
<ladynada> as to web sites for spirituality in general, there are a plethora
I would like to see more workings done on IRC - like
visualizations for example

<ori^> I was especially fond of the channel which has now become
a thing of the past #pathofheart
<Susanrose/arianna> yes ori, I liked that channel too
<SkySpirit> Ori, I tend to agree with you. I some times join
and see if there is anyone there, but is always empty (Pathofheart)
<Aixa> #pathofheart was a welcome respite from the chaos of
#ascension...I loved it too.

For some spirited discussion/argument, try the mob on Islam...wow!
<Dreamie> heheh harv!

Sometimes irc channels are used to build understanding and fellowship.
But sometimes it seems folks are just arguing for the fun (??) of it.
This can be discouraging. Here is an inspired message given on
line from an inner voice to an on-line group one evening:

"My dear children
it warms my heart to see so many working together
on spiritual growth.
Yes, the cyber hugs are magic
but I must warn you that there are opportunities being lost
to increase the light and love
with the use of these channel rooms
ESPECIALLY in the ones that say they are about spirituality
there are many youngsters (of all ages)
that think it is fun to disagree, debate a trivial issue to distraction.
The time is NOW to emphasize the COMMON goodness,
and intent of all.
Mainstream, streamline, weed out the rough edges.....
We must all fit into the river of Spirit, going with the direction of flow.
Find what you agree on
and build the love from that place of understanding
You are the BUILDING BLOCKS of a new tomorrow,
and for the sake of all life on Gaia we MUST give it our best shot!
So when someone says something you believe to not be true...
look at the intent of their statement rather than the form
their words take...
and you may find more agreement than you thought....
The restlessness you feel is the need to dis-invest in that
which is tired, old and, just not working any more.
It is not Giving up or giving away your beliefs,
it is coming to the CORE,
the essence
That this world was to be built on...
Consider these words here my children...
we must do this together...
or will not proceed in the path of beauty."

<Susanrose/arianna> There is a lot of good that can happen due to on line
friendships. I hear stories of people who were talked out of suicide,
and retired folk to have sent ambulances to their channel buddies
who are struck sick at home. I have also heard of support groups who comb
the internet looking for cures to the illness of their children,
or their own cure. Some of these folks were successfully treated,
who would not have been without their internet research.
I researched vitamins and health supplements these last few
weeks on the nets and usenet groups.
Also on usenetgroups, are people who have tried products and

I also just read about a blind and deaf woman who is very quick
witted who has kind of made it her life calling to reach out to people on the
internet and lead discussion groups on Compuserve.
Organizations working for peace, consumer protection,
amnesty and all kinds of worthy causes are sharing information
before it would have the time to be snail mailed to it's
members. So much good is being done. Let's remember that when our
friends raise their eyebrows and say.... isn't there a lot of PORN on the

<brzer> The Internet is a world.. there is bad and good in the world
<Aleon> but we are transforming the world bringing heaven on earth
<ladynada> agreed Aleon, what we do on the nets, matters
(probably more than we know)
<Aleon> the internet is our galactic link to each other

<RedCloud> If I can say something...since the topic is Spirituality on the
Internet, check out http://www.spiritweb.org/ST/.
This is a full edition of a book on Spirit communication/Spirituality and such.
<Susanrose/arianna> Thank you Red.. There is so much great information on the net!
ori is to give a speech on the topic of Spirituality on the internet.
My daughter does a lot of homework from the web
browser now, instead of an encyclopedia. :)

<talitha> Yes, I often have non-netted friends call me to do a
web search for them.
<ladynada> My mom asks me to do searches all the time!
<talitha> arianna: how so?
<ladynada> that link is more than text on the screen too
<brzer> I conduct business on the net....
<Aleon> and to our brothers and sisters above us
<gandharva> We are refreshed by the spirituality on the net.
<Aleon> we are reaching many on the net and off the net

<Susanrose/arianna> Sometimes people get tired of the shifting sands of names
and chatter on channels, and look for inspiration via
other internet sources such as mail lists and news groups.
It seems like there are new mail lists daily on
every subject you can think of. For an example, just on the topic of
astrology, stars has forwarded me a list
of all the places to go (not even including web sites!)
I know you are not all interested in astrology but I did this as
an example of the huge quantity of information on a given topic can be
obtained! there are other newsgroups listed for various spiritual interests.
Thanks to "stars" for sending it to me.
The following are International Newsgroups and Mailing lists
for astrology now available.


"alt.astrology" - born July 29, 1991, 18:22:38 AEST (08:22:38 GMT), Sydney,
Australia (33S52 151E13)
"de.alt.astrologie" - in the German language, born January 5, 1994,
19:14:54 MET, Tuebingen, Germany (48N31 09E02)
"alt.astrology.asian" - not available everywhere
"alt.jyotish" - not available everywhere


"festival-l" - born Edinburgh, Scotland in 1994. To subscribe send Email to:
majordomo@peg.apc.org with the message: subscribe festival-l and you will
receive all details. This mailing list has no moderator. (more on astrology)

"oracle-a" - born July 21, 1995, 13:40 EST, Toronto, Canada. To subscribe
send Email to: oracle-a-request@idirect.com with the message: subscribe
and you will receive all details. Moderator: Brandi Jasmine.

"psych.astrology" - born September 21, 1995, 14:40 BST, London, England.
To subscribe send Email to: listserver@ astrologer.com with the message:
subscribe psych

"festival" - born November 29, 1995, 20:54 GMT, Elyria, Ohio, USA (41N22
82W07). To subscribe send Email to: srozhon@ cybergate.net with the
message: subscribe festival

"AAmail" - mailing list of the Astrological Association of Great
Britain - one way traffic started March 12, 1996 at 08:02:55 GMT with the
first bi-monthly edition, containing articles and information from the 'AA
Journal', 'Correlation', etc. To subscribe send Email to:

"Eastro" - born February 26, 1996 at 1:40 pm EST, Dayton, OH, USA (39N47
84W14). To subscribe to this mailing list for Esoteric Astrology send Email
to: eastro-l-request@dragon.org with the word: subscribe

"Traditions" - born April 4, 1996 at 8:54 am MST (7 hrs from GMT) Cripple
Creek, CO, USA (38N45 105W11) re Project Hindsight. To subscribe send
Email to: kylep@csn.net with the message: subscribe Traditions mailing list

<Susanrose/arianna>Other spiritual newsgroups recommended by the Magazine
"Online Access" in August 1995 :

alt meditation
alt.religion.wicca FAQ

I have not explored news groups that much, but belong to a
mail list called Lightwork-L. Most of the mail I delete, but I have found some
value in it, especially with the longer channeled messages of a channel
called Omni. It gets into the kind of depth that cannot be approached in
chat. I was surprised one day to have 2 people in my local
community show me printed messages from lightwork-L list,
that I had sitting in my computer, yet unread.

<Susanrose/arianna>Does anyone have a mail list or newgroup
that they would like to recommend?

The following Mail Lists are submitted with directions on how to join:
lightwork-l listserv@newt.protree.com
subscribe lightwork-l <first name last name>
a list of lightwork and related topics, including energy, healing,
channeling, spiritual growth and expansion, etc. etc. etc.
heal-l listserv@newt.protree.com
subscribe heal-l <first name last name>
focuses on healing in all its various aspects;
accepts requests for healing and prayers
subscribe techspirit-l <first name last name>
discusses topics relating to the combination of technology and spirituality
Crystal healing Majordomo@angus.mystery.com
subscribe crystals Your name <your e-mail address>
a list to discuss crystals and healing.
Celestine-l listserv@newciv.org
subscribe <your address> celestine-l
discussion about the books by James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy
and The Tenth Insight. Also related spiritual topics.
kundalini-l kundalini-l-request@execpc.com
subject line: SUBSCRIBE
discusses... what else? kundalini
Hope this helps! (current as of 6/96) ori^

<ladynada> I have a small mailing list for people who discuss the
ruow books (Right Use Of Will)
<Aixa> i like the skywatch international mailing list
<ladynada> :)
<ladynada> there is an mail list called COSMIC-ONE
that is like lightwork-l
(for cosmic-one ml) send to majordomo@intersurf.com,
subscribe cosmic-one

<ori^> i believe a new one is starting up about Keys of Enoch
<ladynada> for the adjunct topics of ufos and politics,
I have the mail lists in ufo and snetnews (pretty busy)

<Susanrose/arianna>While mailing lists, newsgroups, channels may be spiritual
in nature, they can also have differences of opinions that
escalate into flaming.
Ego can rear it's head in unexpected places.
Here is a list of observations about a cycle these places seem
to take. I added my own comments to it:

Every list seems to go through the same cycle:
(Comments added by myself about chat channels and on- line conference
groups do too!)

1. Initial enthusiasm (people introduce themselves, and gush a lot about
how wonderful it is to find kindred souls).
2. Evangelism (people moan about how few folks are posting to the list,
and brainstorm recruitment strategies).
3. Growth (more and more people join, more and more lengthy threads
develop, occasional off topic threads pop up)
4. Community (lots of threads, some more relevant than others; lots of
information and advice is exchanged; experts help other experts as well
as less experienced colleagues; friendships develop; people tease each
other; newcomers are welcomed with generosity and patience; everyone--
newbie and expert alike---feels comfortable asking questions, suggesting
answers, and sharing opinions)
4a. (chat channel addition)
Development of an "in" crowd. People who call or meet each other
off line for get togethers. Often seem to talk back and forth about
private jokes. Newcomers start to feel uneasy since they sense
there is a click, and they are definitely not a member.
5. Discomfort with diversity (the number of messages increases
dramatically; not every thread is fascinating to every reader; people
start complaining about the signal-to-noise ratio; person 1 threatens
to quit if *other* people don't limit discussion to person 1's pet
topic; person 2 agrees with person 1; person 3 tells 1 & 2 to lighten
up; more bandwidth is wasted complaining about off-topic threads than
is used for the threads themselves; everyone gets annoyed)

6a. Smug complacency and stagnation (the purists flame everyone who
asks an 'old' question or responds with humor to a serious post; newbies
are rebuffed; traffic drops to a doze-producing level of a few minor issues; all
interesting discussions happen by private email and are limited to a few
participants; the purists spend lots of time self-righteously
congratulating each other on keeping off-topic threads off the list)

6b. Maturity (a few people quit in a huff; the rest of the participants
stay near stage 4, with stage 5 popping up briefly every few weeks; many
contentedly ever after)

OR (added)
6c. Chat Channel participants, (even the popular ones) start to drop out of
sight. Either they marry each other and ride off into the sunset, or develop a
lot of hurt feelings about how they used to be special to him/ but it wore off
for one reason or another. It can be painful to hang out when there used to
be so much attraction, so they either shut off the computer, or join AOL and
find a new group and start over. Some have a spiritual awakening that
rearranges their priorities and they realize that they have just spent too
much of their attention on this, and follow their bliss elsewhere.

6d. Don't worry, a new "in group" or new list group is forming now,
close on the heels of the parting of the old members. This is a CYCLE

<Susanrose/arianna> right? (smile)
<gandharva> :)
<brzer> :)
*** Action: ladynada is agreeing with Arianna/Susanrose/arianna
<gandharva> sounds familiar to us
<ladynada> I saw these cycles on our iufo mailing list, too many times
<HARVEE> I agree with your analysis.
<ladynada> out with the old blood, and in with the new!
<HARVEE> Is it just "human nature" at work?

<Susanrose/arianna> I would be remiss if I did not mention Web Sites.
In my humble opinion (IMHO) they are the most fascinating part
of the internet. Most of the spiritual ones I read do not even have a
commercial aspect to them. Why do we think the world is getting worse
when there are so so many people out there investing their time,
money and energy in making spiritual web pages
with no hope of remuneration to themselves?
Maybe the baby boomers are all hitting middle age and
saying... is that all there is? When am I going to touch into some real
meaning and purpose to it all??? This thirst must be a primordial wake up
call, and it seems like the time and people are ripe for it.

I receive much joy to see the )Gaia*Friends( counter break a
thousand. Very little mail is generated by it, and it is curious to wonder
who is reading it, what they liked and what was the most helpful. Sometimes
I wonder if they print any of it and hand it to others, the way the lightwork-L
was handed to me by a friend!

The miracle of the web page I started is that I have no clue
how to write a web page, and have very little time to learn. Because I made
the initial investment of $50 to get it started, an on line friend discovered
how serious I was about providing this site.. Since then, my volunteer
webmaster has made it unnecessary for me to return to my professional
service.When the Universe sees you take action, it helps to move along the
rolling stone. (smile)

<ladynada> the growth in all theses places, IRC, WEB sites, usenet groups,
and mailing lists, are primarily caused by lightworkers.
<ori^> http://www.boondock.com/litework.htm
for links to pages of subscribers of Lightwork-l (not inclusive)
<Susanrose/arianna> thanks ori

<Susanrose/arianna> Finally I would like to end the session with an inspired
message to all who are on the internet. May it serve you well!

The Goddess of my heart would like you to know:

"The use of the computer is a gift that can be used to heal
help or inspire, but can also be used to waste your talent on
consciousness stealing activities and painful manipulations.
Just as the gift of gunpowder was invented to make pretty
fireworks in the sky, by the ancient Chinese, the gift was used for pain and
power and domination. So too, the electronic gifts that humans have
created should be looked at with the respect of a gift from the collective
Divine We must raise the means of communicating with other souls
as a positive place for growth and upliftment.
These activities, such as tonight, are an example of what
cyber love and true intent are capable of doing.
My children I love your hearts, your patience and your zeal to
make the world the garden it was meant to be.
Good night from the Goddess of Arianna's heart.
As within, so I am without.

<Susanrose/arianna/> *****END*****

<gandharva> {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Arianna}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

<brzer> ******Standing Ovation for Arianna******
<AriannaSR> Thank you All!!
<gandharva> a round of applause for Arianna!
thank you arianna, that was effective

<Aleon> AriannaSR - thanks for being the commander you are on the Net.