The Essence of Reiki Self-Healing

<Ganesha> I am a REIKI Master and belong to a collective
ofother REIKI Masters in a world wide Healing Organizationcalled the REIKI Alliance.
I became a REIKI Master in July 1994 after several
years of studying healing techniques.
I was guided to become a REIKI Master as it was
the most beautiful sacred enlivened energy available
I studied with a very famous REIKI Master from
Houston Texas named, Julia Carrol.
I have also studied REIKI with the Grandmaster of
REIKI, Phyllis Lei Furumoto.
I have met over 250 REIKI Masters worldwide

<Ganesha> These days when we talk about "REIKI",
REIKI has become a very generic term....
kind of like Yoga. Many people equate REIKI with Healing Energy,
which is true, but Healing Energy is readily available everywhere
and in everything.
REIKI, as I have come to understand it
is, "The Usui System of REIKI Healing".
Dr. Mikao Usui was a wonderful man who searched
for the secret to healing.

<Ganesha> He accessed the REIKI energy and codified it to a
system called, "The Usui System of REIKI Healing",
see for more
history information

<Ganesha> When we do a REIKI Self Healing Meditation on-line
we are co-creating a beautiful vibration of
paradise within ourselves,
a resonance of love and light.
When we work on ourselves,
we create a forcefield of love that arches out
throughout the universe
everywhere, like a stone thrown into a pond....the
ripple effect

<Ganesha> So let us get comfortable and begin please.
Let us imagine that we are on a wonderful mountain top,
all of us sitting in a circle.
There is a campfire in the middle.
It is nighttime.
The moon is glowing down upon us.
Inside our hearts we see a mirror of the
campfire...a flame within.
This flame is especially beautiful and auspicious.
As we concentrate upon it, we see infinite colors.
When we breathe into it becomes larger,
When we breathe out it becomes a bit smaller.

<Ganesha> breath in, breathe out.
Lets count to five.
Breathe in, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Hold 2,
Breathe out, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Hold 2,
Breathe in, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Hold 2,
Breathe out, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

<Ganesha> Now lets return to breathing normally,
What does the flame look like within?
Does it blaze higher?
Breathe in,
Breathe out,
see the pulsation,
the vibration,
bigger smaller.

Now, let us notice that the energy is swirling around
the campfire in a clockwise direction, uniting us all.
Each of our flames becomes a spoke on this wheel of light.
We feel the energy step up just a bit and a connection and flow.
We are filled with and surrounded by pure white light,
only love, joy, truth, can come to us and from us.
This circle of light expands more, to a sphere of light.
We are filled with and surrounded by this sphere
of light.
When we breath in, we breathe in light.
When we breathe out, we breathe out light.

<Ganesha> Now, around this sphere we can imagine another
sphere, and another... there are 3 concentric spheres of light.
We ask our Masters Teachers, Loved Ones and Guides
to lift us to the plane of consciousness
where we are one heart and mind with God and with
the pure white light.
We ask for the grace of the Reiki lineage, especially Dr. Mikao
Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata.
We ask that everyone here be lifted to this
consciousness of love, light and Reiki.

<Ganesha> Now, lets imagine this sphere of light
as it circulates around us, within us and without us,
as a column of light that shoots down through the
mountain we are sitting upon, and up into the sky
right up to and past the full moon.
This column of light arcs throughout the Universe,
around the Milky way, around the cosmos,
and back into itself on the other side of the
Our consciousness has been shot out into space as
well as grounded onto the mountain.
We are above, as well as below.
We see the earth and its situation as one from
high in the heavens would view it.

<Ganesha> Now, breathe in deep,
breathe out long. Let us picture someone in our lives that we have a
Maybe an enemy, maybe a family member, maybe someone at school or
someone we harbor ill feelings with...unresolved feelings.
Lets find at least ONE good quality in them. Lets notice the qualities in
them that initially
attracted us to them. Lets notice some of the same resonating qualities
in ourselves.

<Ganesha> Now.....Lets notice the thing in ourselves that resonates
to the thing in them ....that maybe we don't like....
I know this can be hard.
What in them that we don't like is the same in ourselves.
Now..... lets take this little kernel, this germ of "sameness,"
and feed it to the fire in our hearts. Lets take this piece....
whether it is anger, ego, worry, control, animosity, every button pushed,
whatever... lets take this thing....and transform it.
Feed it to the fire in our hearts...feed it to the
camp fire in the middle of the sphere.
Offer it to the flame to be purified.

<Ganesha> Very good. You are all brave.
Breathe in deep...
breathe out long.
let's put this person to the side.
That thing, that quality we burned in the fire,
our control issues for instance, lets take this quality and make
a positive affirmation with it...
like: I surrender to the Divine.
I give up control of that which is beyond control.
I release my anger.
If you can't think of anything..its ok
Just say to yourself,
"I resonate in Love and Light."
Replace the thing we fed to the fire with
something positive.
Hold this positive thought.
Breathe in,
breathe out.
We ask that we again be lifted to the plane of
consciousness that is one heart and mind with God.
We ask for the grace of the Reiki masters.
We ask to replace our negative feelings with
positive feelings.
We realize that this step is a small step but a
large step in co-creating a paradise on earth.
We affirm we are co-creators.
We are the light, we are the love inherent in man.
As we are again lifted in these 3 concentric
spheres of light and the column of light
again shoots out into the milky way around the
cosmos and back to the mountain,
we are connected by the flame in our hearts.
We can use this flame again and again to burn that
which keeps us from living in the light.
We can offer our anger, worry, hate, envy, etc, etc.,
to the flame again and again. But that is enough for now......

<Ganesha> Let us all again notice we are sitting on this mountain
of love - joined by our hearts flame,
breathing in and out, pulsating, expanding, contracting.

<Ganesha> Uni=One

<Ganesha> We are the "One Vibration".
This vibration expands and contracts.
Remember this vibration, remember your own flame.
Remember your divinity. Offer all to this flame.

<Ganesha> Let us all join hands, on this mountain, in this circle.
Feel the vibration, in a clockwise fashion, around and around the circle.
Again, let us thank our masters, teachers, loved ones, and guides,
especially the Reiki teachers, Usui,Hayashi, and
Takata for their love, light, and grace here this evening.
* Ganesha squeezes the hands of those next to her
<Ganesha> And we end the hand holding as we sit on this mountain...
let us go around the circle and share our experiences and questions.
<Ganesha> Thank-you

* novale thanks Ganesha...even just the few moments that I
was allowed to share were quite powerful and healing :)
<Ganesha> Thanks for coming Novale
I would like to thank all of you for being here on
this mountain of light
<seashel> Thank you for bringing us to the warm mountain
fire to experience the light. Good visuals
<Ganesha> thank-you seashel
it was great to feel your energy here this evening
<Paza> thanks Ganesha
* Aixa thanks Ganesha for a loving healing experience.

<salen> Thank you Ganesha, et al, for quite an intense
moment. This has helped *a lot*
<Ganesha> salen, I know it was uncomfortable, but can you
tell us more
any experiences...uncomfortable or otherwise
it is helpful to others healing to hear shared

<salen> Honestly, I'm quite light-headed right now as a
result......but I did feel a rush of energy going in and out
of the circle, myself, etc. throughout the entire time.
getting stronger each time with mention of the "flame"
<Ganesha> the flame is the heart, the soul, the fire of love

<seashel> I got the same tingling as I usually do at a
healing group in person. Nice to get on line!
<Ganesha> wow, fantastic
<Ganesha> Thank-you Ceridwen for hosting and logging for me
It was a really big help, I am so happy Arianna.
<Ceridwen> I am honored, Ganesha:)
<Arianna/Susanrose>.... thank you so much for

<Ganesha> any questions or other sharing?
* Paza seems to be imagining appears I am
healing everyone around me just by my presence here in the
computer lab. I have seen this flame in everyone for the past
week plus. VERY beautiful

* Dreamie sends warm love to all
<Ganesha> thank-you for your love and light dreaminess
<Arianna/Susanrose> Next week ^Otter^ will be leading...
the topic will be "Totem Animals".
<Ganesha> Should be a Great Group with "Otter" Arianna
* Maya activates her Prayer Capsule, and sets course for Aum
Planet. Happy Trails friends!
<Ganesha> Thank-you for your assistance and healing energy
here tonight
<seashel> Good night, it was beauty as always
thank you for the invite.
<Arianna/Susanrose> Good night Ganesha! thanks again!