Using Astrology for Spiritual Understanding

Stars: Let us start with a coming together
in the light of the Goddess for the nurturing of our Spirits
in a sharing of Light energy...
A deep breath and a mental joining to strengthen the circle of light...
Let us envision our energy joining in a spiralling circle of light...
and travelling up and out of the solar system
to unite us with the Divine Source
from which we ask understanding and offer service.

Stars: Let's begin.... I have met many of you on line before...
but allow me to introduce myself...

Stars: my name is Dorie and I go by Stars on both the internet
and in my astrological practice... I live in Vancouver, Washington, USA
and have been studying and practicing the Divine Art and Science
of Astrology for 22 years. Through the vehicle of the computer and the
internet, I find that we are witnessing an exponential growth
in the discovery and use of astrology, by those who desire to gain new
levels of inner understanding.

I am a spiritual astrologer, and seek to help others gain understanding
needed at all steps along their path... Sometimes we can be stuck on a very
simple step, and other times, while moving along at a good pace, we only
seek verification that indeed we are moving along according
to the Soul's intention...

Stars: Sometimes, we struggle with difficult and major life lessons that
stymie the understanding and seem to boggle us any way we turn...
It is during all of these times that Astrology can assist the seeker
to achieve the next level of understanding, change, or redirection
upon the Path...

Stars: Most of you, I'm sure, know your Sun Sign. Tonight, I would like to
focus upon you MOON sign... My friend, Nadine, is here on line to help you
determine quickly what your moon sign is for the purpose of this

Stars: Please message her privately and she will give you the information
if you do not already know it... I will begin the discussion while she works
hard behind the scenes to give you the information... Thank you, Nadine!!

Stars: Your astrological chart is an interpretable picture of the journey of
your soul through the physical incarnation you are currently experiencing...
Three of the most important points on your chart are your Sun, Moon,
and Rising signs. They are like three legs of the table that is YOU, three
points of your personal pyramid... The Sun sign is your basic personality,
your vital life force and the major indicator of the lessons you are here to
learn this lifetime.

Stars: The Moon sign is your INNER self - your emotional nature
and the part of you that you know best.... The Soul's path is strongly
present in your Moon sign, and many people, once they learn their Moon
sign will say, "I always FELT some affinity to that sign..." or element, or
energy, etc... This is what I hope to discuss tonight...

Stars: You KNOW your Moon sign, and you are LEARNING the lessons of our
Sun sign. Some will identify with their Sun sign more strongly than
others... The Rising sign represents the personality that you project into
the world - what others easily see - your persona or mask... and therefore
the expression of your Soul in the physical world.. it is calculated by the
time of your birth... The Sun and Moon are actually our LUMINARIES, not
planets... They are special and unique in our solar system and in our chart...
and along with the Ascendant, represent your energy essence that is
incarnate here upon the Earth at this point in time.

The Sun is the Light of Life itself - the filter through which your
life energy flows and colors every planet and point in your chart...
It is the ruler of the day - masculine, yang, outward energy....

The Moon is the Light of the Inner Self - the Soul... Ruler of the Night,
feminine, Yin, energy. These are the Lords of Duality whose energies we
must seek to balance, integrate and become At-One-With Some have a
stronger Sun than Moon, others the reverse... some of us have conflicting
inner an doubter energies - others have a more harmonious flow...

Hopefully, you will gain some insight through the study of just your Sun
and Moon signs, however, I do recommend you study your complete chart -
there is so very much to learn, but for brevity's sake, tonight we will
have to limit ourselves to the luminaries...

Now, without getting too technical, I'd like to explore the different
aspects of your nature via the elements. Each sign is one of the four
elements, Fire, Earth, Air or Water...and manifest accordingly.
I'd like to briefly outline their properties before discussion via examples...
The Fire signs, (Aries, Leo and Sagitarius,) are primarily the energy of
action - of Spirit - the creative life force, of heat and energy -
masculine, positive energy signs. The Earth signs, (Taurus, Virgo and
Capricorn,) represent the energy of manifestation - of form - of existence
upon the physical plane and the management of our lives in material
reality - they are feminine, negative energy signs... The Air signs,
(Gemini, Libra and Aquarius,) symbolize the energy of the mental realms
of existence - of the realm of thought and it's manifestations via
communication and relationships with others. How we relate - they are
masculine, positive energy signs... The Water signs, (Cancer, Scorpio and
Pisces, ) represent the realm of emotions and feelings - the realm of
intuition, how we 'feel' and find security in this world. They are
feminine, negative energy signs.

Very simplistically....

Earth = Physical
Air = Mental
Water = Emotional
Fire = Spirit

There is a very basic compatibility between the Earth and Water
signs, and between the Air and Fire signs. This is intuitively understood by
most people. Simply understanding the basic nature of your Sun and Moon
sign, as they represent your basic Outer and Inner nature respectively, can
give terrific insight to things only obliquely felt before For instance, a
person who is an air Sun sign, but has a Water moon, has a basic
incompatibility between their outer and inner nature...

Stars: they are usually more centered in their moon sign, and striving to
learn the Sun sign's lessons...You can think of this elementally...What
happens when you combine air and water? They don't easily mix...
You have sky and ocean... you have to force them together. Then you get
carbonation...bubbles! You might get champagne, soda, or indigestion! It
depends how you are using the energy!

If we try to combine Earth and Fire, the fire can burn the earth or
the earth extinguish the fire. Hence, a basic incompatibility exists and
must be dealt with creatively... Air and Earth don't really combine well,
nor does Water and Fire, Earth and Fire, or Air and Water... It takes very
careful management to properly blend these elements productively in our
world However, Earth and Water blend very easily, actually are found
together in nature and compliment or help each other -
as does Fire and Air... So, we have basic harmonious and inharmonious
interaction between the elements...

Stars: are you guys with me so far? :)
Star22: ya : )
Oceanna: interesting Stars :)
ontheweb: yep
goanna: yes go on

Stars: To take that to a personal level, if you are a Fire sign and have a
Water moon, you have a very basic difference between your outer
personality and your inner self...

Stars: You may look to your horoscope in the paper and think, "Gee, I
really can't relate to this Aries stuff .. it seems so UNlike me..."Then you
discover your Cancer Moon and the light bulb goes on...THAT you will be
able to relate to with ease...Let me take a moment to address the issue of
newspaper horoscopes...Understanding that these are written with only the
focus upon the sun sign, you should get used to reading the horoscope for
your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.Take all three into account, and then
integrate the information to see how you can use it to apply to YOU
They are not bad, they are just incomplete and extremely general...
Stars: but you may indeed find some useful information there, especially
if a common thread runs between the tree interpretations.

Stars: We need to learn how to blend the energies of our Sun and Moon,
(and all the planets, of course, but we are narrowing our focus here
to just the Sun and Moon.) to achieve balance and harmony
and utilize the strengths to overcome the weaknesses -
and each sign has both.Usually there is a common predominant sign or
element in a family also. Now that some of you have discovered your Moon
Signs for the first time, perhaps you would like to share your thoughts
and we can discuss any questions and a few examples!

pheonx: since I know my moon is in Aquarius... perhaps you can comment on
that... :)
Stars: Someone with a water sun sign and an air moon, has a basic juggling
act, (as Phoenx asked ), the air moon has a tendency to intellectualize
emotions - and for a water sun, this becomes a problem, as the element of
water indicates a very 'feeling' therefore, one with this
combination would need to integrate the 'mental' and 'emotional' natures,
which would seem very dissimilar...

^Oracle^: what does an Aquarius sun and moon sign mean?

Stars: Ah.. thank you Oracle... the double signs... If the Sun and Moon are in
the same sign - that means an intensification of that sign for you... and
that element..
Iesous: I'm a double too. Help me.

seashel: I have found reoccurring friendships with people how have the
same sign as my in my moon sign.

Stars: you probably relate to the Sign of Aquarius very completely...
many people find a natural attraction to those whose Sun sign is the
same as their moon sign, seashel... it is very natural to easily bond with
those whose energy outwardly seems magnetically bonded to your inner
seashel: yes, thank you Stars.

ontheweb: I am a Gemini with Aquarius Rising, and Virgo Moon!!!! I
have never been the type to hop from relationship to relationship...One at
a time.. (serially)
Stars: On-the-web, a good example! whereas, the gemini, Aquarius energy
can be 'happy', the virgo moon wants commitment and earthy
understanding in relationships - and you are learning how to integrate
those two different energies...
ontheweb: So my new nick should be Effervesce...

^^Oracle^: Stars if you have time, can you briefly explain Aquarius?
Stars: Aquarius is the sign of humanity, Oracle, it is an Air sign, mental,
unique and rebellious in nature....
highly creative... and sometimes difficult in committed personal
^^Oracle^: interesting, :)
Stars: any person who has the same element for their sun and moon, like
double water or earth, enjoys a basic harmony between their inner and
outer natures... however, there is a catch here... it is easy to let things
just 'flow' with that energy - and to actually become lazy or
pheonx: :)
Stars: whereas those with the incompatible elements cannot slide by -
there is a forced manifestation of energy through conflict... but more gets
done that way :)
ontheweb: I have noticed a heavy correlation with air signs here on line!

Stars: ontheweb, I agree... the air signs predominate because this is their
element! Cyberspace communications is the realm of the air signs...

ontheweb: is that same "lazy" -ness with all correlating signs, ex: water &earth?

Stars: ontheweb, that is the test of that setup... can you utilize and
maximize your energy to it's fullest potential? Or will you just let things
'go by' and take the easy road... Most of us have, in our charts, some easy
aspects and some difficult ones... it is the difficult ones that you will
know exist - have been down the road with them.... and therefore they
become the ones that bring about the most gratifying rewards when we
focus our energy upon them... It's easy to sit on your haunches and say,
"Gee, I've got it all together..." and therefore do nothing with the easy
aspects of harmonious elements... The test is to use the gift of your
blessings/ harmonious aspects/ productively...

Stars: would anyone else like to share their sun/moon insights?
Iesous: yeah, I think cyber is more water, feelings, telepathy
Stars: the intuition is definitely water, iesous....
nadine: yes... I think it is noteworthy to mention that it appears that our
*moon* tends to express itself while we are under duress. It would be
good for us to pay attention to this.. so we can identify with our
moon sign.
Stars: but the 'knowing' of instantaneous communications relates to air,
technically..You KNOW your moon sign... it is that part of you
that you do not even have to think is unconscious,
subconscious, and deeply ingrained...

ontheweb: The second party here (My daughter) has laughingly related her
love of both water and MUD!! and her moon is Pieces and her sun Capricorn
Stars: There is a theory that your Moon sign was your Sun sign in your last
incarnation... that is why you know it's energy so well....
Stars: ontheweb - that is great! a mud baby! :) remember, the river needs
the banks of the earth to define it's boundaries...

Star7: Yes Stars what is person with Taurus sun and Virgo moon?
Stars: Star7 - Taurus/virgo is a double earth person - we have an
abundance of earth energy here - very practical, down to 'earth' by nature...
steady, dependable, steadfast.... may be resistant to change or even
growth... but very reliable.. and true... can be difficult to motivate...and
resistant to change... That is good! and that is not so good sometimes!
I like to think of 'earth' people as 'ground control'.... we all need to be
grounded to get anything worthwhile accomplished in this life!
ontheweb: Stubborn
Star7: That's true I am a creature of habit. I'm real resistant to change.
It took my husband a year to get me on the net now he can't get me off.
Stars: whereas a double air person may have great communication skills,
but not be able to manifest them in the form of work or productivity in
the physical plane...
Star7: lol Stars.

ontheweb: can you address the Gemini sun/Virgo Moon more...
Stars: ah... Gemini/Virgo is an interesting dichotomy....
the Gemini sun wants to be friendly, social, and active... always
doing something new and easily bored... and the Virgo moon wants to
examine every little detail of every little thing...and can drive the sun
crazy with it's perfectionism :) the balance here is to learn to 'serve'
(virgo) and to integrate the changing needs of the Gemini free spirit with
the earthiness of the Virgo Moon... Gemini says, "let it go" and Virgo says,
"lets analyze every detail first..." see the conflict?
ontheweb: OF COURSE!!
Stars: :)

Oceanna: My sun moon and rising are cancer Taurus and libra,
any feedback?
Stars: recognizing the difference can explain a lot about a person and how
to understand the self in another layer of depth...
Oceanna, you have Water/Earth and Air - a nice balance of elements
that can be highly productive... These are all signs of nurturance and
people-oriented... and so indicate your basic nature and needs... the water
sun and Earth moon are in compatible elements...
Oceanna: interesting as I'm a mother of 4 and teacher

Stars: ontheweb - How have I failed your Virgo Moon? :)
ontheweb: need more input
Stars: :) Gemini/Virgo always wants more data... :) both signs are ruled by
the planet mercury mental, quick, changeable and never satisfied with the
knowledge of today...
ontheweb: then being in the computer industry is the place to be!!
Stars: a plus... and sometimes a minus :)

MissBliss: I am sorry, I got lost in the system... I have a question about
my sign pisces with sun pisces and moon cancer, I am extremely
heart based person.. what else can you tell me?
Stars: yes a Double Water.... heart based is a good descriptive adjective, empath... a 'feeler'... one who extends the heart easily and
readily to others... and can sometimes overflow her own banks
and lose direction... yet, remember what carved the Grand Canyon - Water -
there is probably no stronger element... So you are not weak, but
sometimes undirected, and find it hard to keep your energy channeled
Earth will help water...

ontheweb: I had a near death experience and it has enhanced my empathic
ability (which otherwise is not evident in my chart).

Stars: do you think I've been clear enough? I hope this has given you all an
insight to yourselves that perhaps you did not have before tonight.
Astrology is a wonderful, insightful tool that exists for our spiritual
growth and understanding...

Stars: I'd like to thank Arianna for inviting me to talk this evening...
If you have any questions or would like to contact me, my email is ,

Star22: thank you Stars i found it to be very interesting and learned
quite a bit.
Oceanna: very enlightening Stars.
Stars: and a big thanks to Nadine for all the chart work!!!
ontheweb: I wish to really thank u also
Ora: cool Stars :)
Stars: thank you star22 and star7 :) and ontheweb... this has been great
Oceanna thanks Stars with a shower of sparkling love
Star22: yes thanks to nadine for looking up everyone's placements
Stars: Goodnight and may Blessings pour upon you all...night : )
Star7: thank you very much Stars.
seashel: thank you for the nice sharing.
Stars: :) thanks... I've never typed so fast in my life!
Dreamie: Thank you Stars.
Aleon sends loving light to all in )Gaia * Friends( :)