Flowing with Spirit: The Best Way to Live

OK... My-Key-El has asked me to start with our usual grounding...
taking some deep breaths!
breathing in Love, breathing out fear
sweeping away our cares... creating a group mind
all here with the same intent:
to listen... to learn
to grow in Spirit; as we are one with the elements
Winds of Inspiration reach us!
Fire.... Burn away our apathy , fill us with enthusiasm for life!
Water! wash us!
Earth, we love you! you give us stable footing in the world of form!
As we are one with GAIA
Breathing together.... we are one
we are here
WE WILL START: My- Key- El...go ahead

tonight's topic is "Flowing with Spirit: The Best Way to Live"
first let me tell you a bit about myself. My real name is MichaelGradman
and I have been with #)Gaia*friends( since the beginning.
I am a 20 year old college student at New Mexico Tech and have been
following my own spiritual path for about a year and a half now. My
practices focus in Reiki, Wicca, and Shamanism. However, I am always
searching new avenues and if I find something that resonates in me better
than my current beliefs, I adapt and integrate these new beliefs into my
own being. Tonight Vega-33 will be assisting me, so will you tell us a
bit about yourself please vega?

<Vega-33> ok; I shall summarize I guess
I am a 19 year old in November this year, I'm studying the same course as
My-Key-El basically at CQU. (Australia)
I follow similar paths to My-Key-El, however
I like to temper my beliefs in the sciences... growing up with very earthly
minded family means I am consistently trying to find beliefs which I can
defend and prove. And basically; my eventual goal is to integrate both
science and spirituality, to get a better understanding of what this
universe is all about. So to summarize, I guess U'd call me Eclectic

<My-Key-El> Thank you Vega :) tonight's discussion focuses on going with
the flow of nature and spirit. And I will start off by describing a dream
that I had just about 3 weeks ago. The dream is called "3 Easy Outs"

Here is what happened in the dream:
I found myself in some enclosed city of sorts. This other race offered
people immortal life, but I noticed that people were hanging their heads
in dismay and boredom. I decided immediately that I did not want any
part of this and then found myself outside of a medical building of some
sort. I went in there and a nurse asked me to sign a form which I refused
to do. I asked what went on here and she revealed a terrible "plot": the
patients here agreed to receive new personalities to overwrite their old,
natural one (or an earlier one overwriting their original).

This outraged me and I fled the building and went on a public bus. Here
I found out the hard way that the people who received new personalities
received higher social status (as a higher caste that is). They could
pick on those people who did not have their natural personality changed
without getting punished. One of them, a tall man, took out a gun, made
me grab it and put my finger around the trigger which he tried to increase
the pressure on to make the gun go off, but I fought him and tried to get
the gun to point back to him, but we fought and fought to a stalemate until
the bus was stopped by police officers.

Then, I got out of the bus and the gunman followed. He tried to shoot at
me, but his gun misfired (I realized then that he KNEW that the gun was
broken). The police then closed in and apprehended him. I now felt at
peace because I held my ground though being offered all of these easy outs.
That is when I woke up.

<MiaLove> w o w

The importance of this dream leads in to our topic

Significance of the dream:

This is a monumental dream showing how people use unnatural means to
achieve short term success without keeping the more important implications
in mind. This dream has two "easy outs" which are easy to see which
illustrate how people are seemingly getting the upper hand in modern
society, but are really just hurting themselves. Let's look at each of
these easy outs in turn.

Immortality: This is a two facetted issue. It is important here though to
realize that immortality is not something that someone else gives to you
or that you have to achieve something amazing to do. Immortality in terms
of living on in the history books is one thing, but what does this do for
you when you're living in your next body? Unless you were satisfied that
what you did helped yourself and others spiritual development, usually
one would be left with an unsatisfied feeling.

Hitler for example achieved immortality, but he did so by evil means.
This is not the way to go about it. True immortality is about immortality
of the soul; it lives on. No matter what happens to the body. People
worry these days a lot about death and we need to realize that Death and
Life are synonymous with one another, just a new entry into a different
way of existence. And the cycle continuously repeats itself.

When we can realize that we are immortal, we drop a lot of our stress
and begin to lead longer, happier lives.

2. Personalities: This is a problem in society today - often we are
classed into castes, races, or similar classes.. people will like another
person just because of what they are physically; not what they have to
share or are like as a friend. Personalities of people are unique, none
are exactly the same... one could say its like a fingerprint that
identifies each soul. Why should we opt for changing this when we would
really just be masking our true self.

A song sung in the 80's by Cindy Lauper was instrumental in telling this...

'Don't be afraid, to let them show, your true colors.. true colors are
beautiful; like a rainbow'.

This hiding of true nature which some people do or wish for is a fraud,
something which is only done by those who haven't realized their own
uniqueness yet.

Both of these easy outs are unnatural ways for people to get ahead in
society...only to ultimately fall back down in the end. Short term success
followed by long term boredom is the story here. People only look for
the "obvious" ways out of situations... but there is one more easy out...
the way to go: flow with the natural way...the going may get rough, but
the pay off is valuable in the form of knowledge and true success.

Go with the flow...

Flow = natural = good = easy to maintain because things are in

Force = unnatural = bad = trying to take control of things can easily

<sage> you are right on
<Dreamie> right on the money
<thera> Shape your life by what you know and feel in your finest moments
<Leva> i love you my-key-el :)
<MiaLove> but there is a difference between inaction
and going with the flow, yes?
<My-Key-El> yes there is a difference mia
<Leva> mialove: yes

<Vega-33> i often find and I think a lot of others do as well; going with
the flow doesn't always help. To be fair, I think I should add that while
flowing is good, planning ahead and setting goals is a good way to start
a better life and creation

<Susanrose> when you go against the flow, you get exhausted.... but that
is not necessarily bad... it is an opportunity to learn that you should
redirect your efforts

<Pumaway> well in other words we should not go against the flow of events.

<My-Key-El> when you go with the flow, you still have to nudge things in
the right direction such as planning ahead and setting milestones to
achieve, (as long as you don't force things ! )

<Vega-33> It is the matter of walking the fine line between 2 extremes
that is the key issue we are talking of here.

<Dreamie> be true to your heart....
<thera> much easier to go with the current
<Dreamie> i think intent plays a big part too....
<My-Key-El> if you try to force things, you are likely going to hurt yourself

<Vega-33> Its like the analogy of the ship on the stream which we were
going to discuss next... we can imagine ourselves as commanding a flimsy
boat sailing down the river of time... each time we reach a turn, choosing
which pathway to go down.

If we let the current take us instead of forcing it down a difficult and
sometimes dangerous turn, we will often end up just as well off anyway

<Leva> going against the flow can the flow, grace can exist in the most
surprising ways. what outwardly may be perceived as going against the
flow, and difficulty, inwardly in the heart may generate utter peace
and love.. and that is what my-key-el means i think.

<Dreamie> trust in spirit
<My-Key-El> yes leva....what society may think as going against the flow
may actually be in accordance with the natural flow

<Leva> the flow is your heart!
<Dreamie> letting go of judgment

<My-Key-El> especially during spiritual experiences, it is best to let
things flow....

<Vega-33> Interesting also the cycle of life and death which the dream
mentioned I think.. it reminds us of the many natural cycles that go on
every day around us of death and rebirth, good to bad.

It is the Summer following the bitter Winter's cold chills.. it is
the flower blooming where the dead Earthen creatures have nourished it.
to quote my meditation from later on

<thera> Giving up the need to be right not only releases the past, it
gives up the future. When we give up the future, we stop rehearsing life
and start living it.

<My-Key-El> ....because that is how spirit operates...

if you try to force Experiences, they may or may not happen;
and, if they do happen they will be watered down and you will learn less
from them. On the other extreme bottling things up is also going against
the flow. Trying to avoid what Fate has planned to you is one example
or one example in which i learned the hard way is that it is detrimental
to hold back your emotions

<Leva> becoming One with your Fate is the flow
<thera> that which one resists, persists

<Vega-33> free expression of feelings; to the extent where it doesn't hurt
others, is another example of this

<Dreamie> dis-ease w/the body
<My-Key-El> think of your emotions as soda pop

<thera> held back anger results in inflammation within the body, or acts
out as abuse

<My-Key-El> if you hold them back, it is like shaking the can and
eventually the can will burst open and all of your emotions will
come pouring out in one intense barrage.

<Vega-33> yes, the well known root from which disease comes from...
lack of ease or calm in the body. If the cells are confused by a
million different negative emotions they can start to grow improperly.
The eventual cause of many cancers and such

<My-Key-El> in order to restore the equilibrium

<Leva> vega-33 that is very wise

<thera> yes, cancer is the eating away (what is eating you?)

<MiaLove> I've seen such diseases also as self- punishment for "bad"
feelings, same thing really, as what you are saying

<Leva> mind and body are like white and milk

<Vega-33> People often wonder why it is some people
can spend ages baking their bodies with infrared
and not get cancer. Often the infrared or
ultraviolet light only is a partial contributor... we control the
development of our cells by how our mind feels.

<My-Key-El> and the mind and body need the sudden release
in this case to cleanse your system.
Which is usually unpleasant to experience. A better
analogy came from an Experience of mine from a couple of months ago.
I had not realized that I had been holding back my emotions
for a long time (lifetimes worth as I discovered). And then I started all
of a sudden crying intensely, and it would not stop.

I had a vision of this dam (my mind holding back the emotions from being
released. Bursting from the raging river of emotions and flooded the
astral scape to form an astral ocean, in which I cried for 2 hours.
The tears flowed with each tide in this cleansing, but overwhelming and
hard to cope with Experience. I had gone against nature straight.

<thera> humans are the only species that actually sheds tears. We have
been given the ultimate healing tool, and don't use it.

<My-Key-El> and nature responded with this sudden release to restore my
natural equilibrium. The best thing to do is to flow and not to disrupt
the natural equilibrium that keeps all in balance.

<thera> The keyword here is natural
<Leva> My-Key-El that's how the law of Karma works
<thera> There are many healthy ways to release emotions
<Vega-33> Indeed.. although Karma is never fixed. Often one can release
bad karma in but an instant in forgiveness. Karma in many cases is just
built up guilt from past events.

<Leva> my-key-el how did your life change when you went with the flow?

<My-Key-El> leva: everything started to go more smoothly and I had less
stress to deal with....I became more at peace with myself. More importantly,
my spiritual connection strengthened :)

<thera> We only need to be willing to heal, or willing to forgive etc

<My-Key-El> I became more in tune with nature and the elements and the
Goddess. The emotional release was the first of four elemental initiations
I experienced that weekend....the element of Water. The other 3 soon
followed ...

<thera> That which is unacceptable to us exists only through the power
which we give it. If we stop making it a problem, it ceases to be a
problem. All we must do is accept all that is unacceptable to us

<Leva> interesting. My-key-el water is connected with feeling, right?

<My-Key-El> yes leva

<Vega-33> Its also connected, btw, with creativity and all the right brained

<My-Key-El> the other 3 elements occurred in proper order:
north grounded me (earth). east liberated me (air).
and south charged me (fire)

<Vega-33> so I would suspect that the water initiation also helped
Mike in obtaining higher levels of these right brained activities, is that right?
<My-Key-El> vega-33: i think so...

<Vega-33> North = Earth, South = Fire, East = Air,
West = Water, Center = Spirit
<Dreamie> east is most powerful...right??
<Leva> dreamie no, the power is in equilibrium
<thera> they are all needed for balance

<Leva> when you love all things equally, you are One
<thera> no greater or lesser than. There is only ONE of us here

MiaLove agrees that all are equally valuable

<My-Key-El> each of the elemental initiations served its purpose in
preserving the flow in me, and maintaining the balance.

<Leva>my-key-el are there spiritual exercises that
help to go with the flow?

<My-Key-El> yes, there are many. One can work with crystals to get a
good energy flow, or commune with Gaia herself.

<Susanrose> sit by a waterfall, listen to the water flowing over
the rocky creek bottom...
<thera> meditation

<My-Key-El> or cleanse the chakras. Or follow vega's meditation :)
which involves cycles. The continual, natural cycle of ebbing and flowing :)
a pulsing of life... Her heartbeat if you will :)

<Leva> my-key-el that is it... that's exactly what it is

<Vega-33> This is where I found the most satisfaction in preparing
this session with key... investigating the cycles inherent in nature
The cycles inherent in nature are many we have like I said earlier...
It is the Summer following the bitter Winter's cold chills.. it
is the flower blooming where the dead Earthen creatures have nourished
it. What we always have if we look deep is the death of something,
followed by an effect of this which causes creation of new life

<thera> Death always brings new birth

<Vega-33> its continuous creation and destruction; decay and renewal...
and the ancient Earth religions worshipped this.. and with Good reason:

The fact is; these cycles when we reflect upon them show us what often
happens in our own life. And the seasons and all different cycles can
tell us that if we are going through a negative patch; There is always
the consoling thought that the positive upflux cant be too far ahead.

To look upon it in my old scientific manner... nothing can be created or
destroyed... we all know Newtons law 'every action
has an equal and opposite reaction.'

<My-Key-El> the alpha and the omega can never be separated,
death and rebirth are Siamese twins

So these cycles are in fact a great way of realizing, as I will show in
the ending meditation fairly shortly hopefully, that going with the flow
even when the going looks bad, is often the best way to go with nature.

<My-Key-El> you must lose something to make room for something else

<thera> yes, make room for the new
<Dreamie> out with the old..in with the new
<Trembyle> a new beginning.

<Vega-33> however; first we would like to go into one more section before
the closing meditation... and that is to do with discernment in todays
spiritual society of the 90's.

Lately; we have had many cults and spiritual fads come in and out of our
society. From Waco to Aum-whoevertheywere...
Satanistic practises... even the early Ascensionistic movements.

These days as we move towards the millennium, people are getting agitated
that these may possibly be their last days... and so we see a great influx
of people entering the spiritual arena.

<Puma> so vega do you think that people got more spiritual because they
are afraid?
<Trembyle> Puma: I think that's a possibility

<Trembyle> Are they entering for the sake of saving themselves or for the
actual beliefs?

<Vega-33> the important thing with the many cults these days to realize is,
discernment... and this is to always listen to your own inner judgment,
prove your beliefs, and never simply rely on spiritual teachers who claim
to be great.

<thera> Your higher power is the only true teacher. All our answers are

milly says the love in our hearts is nothing but The Self....

<Vega-33> because eventually all that will happen will be the dependency
on the teacher... and this becomes as bad as substance addiction. In this
last session before the close, My-Key-El would like to share the importance
of learning Eclectic pursuits and trusting our own guidance in spiritual
matters. Because often, when it comes down to it.. the ultimate teacher is

<My-Key-El> back in February I had a dream
which describes the concept of trusting your higher self, and sharing /
receiving help and advice from others. But not relying on others to where
you "need" them. This dream is called "The 3 of Cups"

<Vega-33> if I can add a comment here; this is exactly where the principles
of spiritual community are founded... growing spiritually and in knowledge,
through co-acting with others

here is what happened in the dream: I was at some sort of gathering
in an open field (Central Park ?) on a sunny afternoon. A huge area
was cordoned off. A tall man in pink-maroon robes was the center of
attention. He kept strutting off his powers.

The most vivid scene: he asked everyone to lift up their chalices of
water along with him. They were standing in two lines facing each other
and the robed man stood at the head directly in between the two lines.
He said some "magic" words and as he did, I felt lots of spiritual energy
in the area. Then, everyone drank and the ritual was complete. Then, I
was whisked back home to Kingwood (my home away from college).

For some reason, many people were coming to visit our house--->
over the course of several days, many people sought my advice
about whether they should go ahead with the ritual or not.
I discovered that my family was going to go ahead with the rite as well.
I wanted to participate in the ritual as well,
especially due to the deep spiritual Experience it would
give (Her gave) me, but I woke up before anyone left.

the interpretation of this dream fits perfectly with Vega's discussion
This dream relates to the current spiritual trends that have been
developing as we near the millennium. As we move towards 2000 and beyond,
we have seen many spiritual cults and gathered rituals forming... all in
an attempt to do two common things...

1. Save our Souls - this is where the many who are worried about
disasters at the millenniums end start 'repenting' and such, turn to those
who say they can make one holy. Unfortunately, the closest they will get
to holy work in reality is perhaps a meditation in between their stressful
job and a session with their teacher... or praying... or such.

Holiness and the related qualities won't save our butt in the new millennium
if we don't have both feet on the ground. Holiness comes from living in
the moment and realizing your inner love can be for everyone...

It also helps to have your own intuition play a role in developing. In
the end, its up to you in this regard.

2. Enlightenment - this is the main concern of most people as they
progress. Why are they here and what do all these Earth changes, violence,
etc mean? They often turn to the cults and religions blindly, without any
thought for what they're all about; this can be disastrous.

It is important in the 90's to be discerning about spirituality. In fact,
the dominant path is growing to be Eclectic. Be your own spiritual person
with beliefs you know and understand well. Don't just agree with some
leader because he says he's wise. Those who claim to be wise in public and
tell that their religion is the only way probably are deluded and need
their own nice padded cell anyway.

Leva giggles
Leva needs a padded cell

<My-Key-El> your higher self is a guru you can always trust to be, learn,
and grow :) for it can never lead you down a dark alley and it knows what
is best with you...

<thera> Respect the human spirit in all persons, and allow the freedom of

<My-Key-El> especially to stay in tune with the flow of nature,
it also helps to have others to talk to...such as in an ideal spiritual
community. One where everyone lives in tune with the flow and offers
honest spiritual advice and help. As well as receives it.

<Dreamie> do every thing in the name of Love..

<Vega-33> If I may comment, it is a good time for me here to
introduce a group which formed earlier this year which is beginning to
become dedicated to this idea of a worldwide community and spirituality
being a shared business

<Puma> this new community thing must be a thought in which many have

<Vega-33> the name of the organization is C.O.N.E, short for Communities
Of the New Earth, and it focuses on changing the world the way the
majority of people would like to, but just generally cannot do become of
time constraints. The idea is to get whole communities involved in the
change activities, with the adage many hands make light work.

Or Lightwork if you prefer ;-)

Our home page for all who are interested after this session is at :
Communities of the New Earth, and soon it will be way updated from
what it is currently

(enough of my shameless plug now :))

Vega-33 chuckles and steps down off his 10 foot podium ;-)

<Susanrose> I think it is commendable that 2 people as young in physical
years such as Mike and Vega have such light to share in the future... our
young adults are our hope for the coming century..

<thera> Yes, the first wavers are making room for the second wavers

<Vega-33> I only wish that more younger people recognized the importance
of helping to implement this goal, for alls future
<Leva> behold, even younger ones are coming

<Dreamie> I've only awakened to my real "truth" a few years ago...
sure wish it would have happened when i was younger!

<Vega-33> indeed, some started even younger than I; one I know has
started in early childhood; while I started halfway through my primary

<Trembyle> Dreamie: perhaps people as young as those two others can
learn and awaken two & others.

<Leva> let's not forget that physical years are not that important.
Love is.
<thera> Love is the only Reality

<Dreamie> yes...and i feel it's part of my path to share my knowledge...
and my enlightenment. In the end....all that matters is love. pure...and

<Leva> if you do not share your light, there will be a shadow around you.

<Vega-33> The eventual key is clear communication between beings;
whether by mechanical or spiritual means it doesn't matter.
This is when we can help build a better world.
Often most of our expenses and angers these
days are because we miscommunicate our beliefs with others

<thera> When we share what we feel to be beneficial, it is the end of our
responsibility, and to honor other's pathways

<Vega-33> I believe the reason I chose to be born with very bad speaking
skills was because by forcing myself to break this fear and better
expressing myself; I could realize how to implement it with others as

<netsplit, lost some here>

<thera> The meaning of your life is not in what it does to you, but in
what you do with it

<Vega-33> Well... if everyone is cool with all this; I will get on with
the last event of the night/day... the Star Meditation; to seal what we
have shared and learned today

MiaLove glad to be rejoining the group briefly, to join and seal, commit
to broadening

<Vega-33> ok... I shall proceed
we will be closing and sealing
our session here tonight with the Star Meditation, the relaxation and
guidance exercise I like to use a lot

Close your eyes and relax in a sitting position, whatever way makes
you feel fairly comfortable but not sleepy. For this activity we
are going to withdraw into ourselves, in order to shine out on the
world once again; hopefully better than before.

Have you ever witnessed the birth of a supernovae? This is a
momentous event...

Vega-33 is now known as Vega^Novae

a star on its last breath, coughs and dies... becomes a black hole
to the outside world. Then, its remains explode outwards at
tremendous speed, like the Phoenix being reborn anew, and a bright
glow warms the sky, and all around it.

This cycle of death and rebirth has been understood by the wise ones
among us for centuries. It is the Summer following the bitter
Winter's cold chills.. it is the flower blooming where the dead
Earthen creatures have nourished it. The rhythm and pulse of the
Eternal Ones, this is what we seek to understand; this ebb and flow
will lead us, with our own proper guidance, to a place of peace and

any comments before we proceed with the meditation part?
You may wish to also get yourself a comfy seat

<Leva> vega: that is brilliant what you said about nova

<Vega^Novae> Its part of how I chose my nick if the full truth be known..
the cycles that the Celts and such always knew, but that we are only
discovering these days
or re-discovering should i say

<Leva> vega: isn't that a cycle in itself?

<Leva> let us hope we can become the cycle itself, and be outside of

<Vega^Novae> Leva - indeed, quite the little irony it is too :) The loss
and regaining of knowledge

<MiaLove> each cycle bringing the understandings deeper and broader

<Leva> there is a way to be outside of cycles, and that is go with the

<Vega^Novae> whenever we are ready; I'll proceed with the relaxation, and
the final part.. the meditation on these thoughts

<Dreamie> that old cliche...wake up and die right

<Leva> just like my-key-el and vega-33 are saying. That is what the wise
ones did, and still do.

<Vega^Novae> You took the words right out of my mouth,
as Meatloaf would say, Lev ;-)

To begin this activity, after closing our eyes we must become aware
of the beating of our hearts. It may be beating quite fast, or
slower, depending on what state we have been in lately.

Notice the cycle here... the contraction, stopping the flow of
blood and chi around the body... then the expansion, and the chi is
released. Try to synchronize your breath with this.. but not to hard,
just let it come as it comes, naturally, slowly. We shall concentrate
on this for about 30 seconds, then proceed to the next level..

As we listen the this rhythm, imagine you are drifting listlessly
upon the currents of time... further and further down the river.
Many junctions are presented to you, and yet you always choose the
path with ease each time. As long as you are in this flow, NOTHING
can hurt you... as long as you are in control of the river that you
are drifting down. No matter how rough the current, eventually you
will reach peace and equilibrium, the goal we look for.

this is the flow that My-Key-El and I have talked of, and that the
ancients knew.. and now; when you want to keep this flow in everyday
life.. simply imagine yourself back on this boat. It will carry you,
and help you decide the course to take. We now come to the part of
the meditation that makes this 'The Star Meditation'.

Now, turn inwards, and imagine a Star, glowing in your third eye. It
can be any type, one you feel best represents power, calm, and love
embodied in one. Feel the love radiate from the star, feel the calm
in it.. and know that you only need to return to the focus on this
Star... in order to become supremely calm, tranquil, and focussed.

Feel the star also in your heart, and let the love emanating from
the Star control your own flow of Love... because this Star, if you
think about it... IS YOU.

Crowley once said 'Every man and woman is a Star'... and I believe
this is the true meaning of this quote.

Let your light and love radiate out to all humans and all beings
around you, to the entire Universe, in silent harmony and communion.
Be One with them all... and know... this is the Knowledge of the
Star. True Oneness, and the going with the flow... this is the
beginning stones that pave the way to full knowledge.


<Leva> vega: that is an extremely powerful meditation... btw, that
star is talked about by Swami Yogananda, and in sanskrit it's called
bindu, I think

we will now continue this visualization for as long as we need to.
Whenever you feel you are ready to come back.... simply return eyes
open to this world. There is one key that I would like to add before
closing the med - a challenge to all present, if U will.

MiaLove welcomes the challenge

<Vega-33> try to continue this vision of the Star and uphold it
through their everyday life. The love, energy; and happiness towards
all human beings. When you can do this for extended periods of time..
you know you are getting somewhere in life :-)

Any final comments on this?

<Leva> yes never leave the meditation
<MiaLove> bless you for such a simple, yet profound challenge,
Vega :) Thank you
<Dreamie> Blessings
<thera> thank you for sharing :)
<My-Key-El> Radiate love like the Star
<Dreamie> yes
<Leva> this meeting was utterly wonderful - even my padded cell is happy :)
<MiaLove> bless you all
<thera> Always be Yourself

<wunjo> Wonderful it was thank you :)
<thera> May everyone see the Light in All
<freezia> thank you ;)

<Susanrose> Vega....very nice....thank you for leading the meditation
<Vega-33> I was honoured to, Susan*Star

<Susanrose/Arianna> Thank you My-Key-El and Vega!!

My-Key-El thanks everyone for attending tonight :)

(The Star Of Love Shines in Eternal Brilliance, from the hearts of all humans * ).