Death, Our Ultimate Transition

Oct. 31, 1999  Halloween Night

<Susanrose> Welcome to #)Gaia*Friends(
 As everyone is filing into
the room, let's say were we are from this Oct 31, 1999
I am in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
<AshtarRose> I am from Wisconsin
<Raja_Manesh1> Branson, Missouri
<Hein> Olso Norway!
<sandra> Sandra from Pgh
<reality_> Oklahoma City, OK USA
<Reiki2u> St. Louis, MO
<Lotus> san fran calif
<redwing> <I work with susan in Pgh pa <redwing>
<JoePgh> Joe is from Pittsburgh
<oldgold> Salt Lake City, Utah
<_Alejo15> Hi everybody
<joe> I'm a firefighter in chicago

<Susanrose>  Starting now...
Breathing together ....
Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......
Deep Feeling our connection to the air, the wind the water, the oceans the
fire and molten lava the earth, the soil, and the pulse and hummmm of all
life in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


With Halloween, the death of 214 on the Egyptian Air flight recently,
and with a death and dying class coming up soon, I felt
led to lead this topic on Death tonight.

March 12, 1999 was an interesting day
It was a day that Dr. Norman Straker, Dr. Patch Adams and  Dr.Barry Bittman
were together on stage.

Patch Adams, the real man behind the movie, had come to Pittsburgh the day
before for a Benefit Reception for the Susan Koreman March for the Cure
Breast Cancer  cause.  (You can see me and patch at

The next morning, March 12, at Blue Cross Blue Shield Highmark
auditorium in Pittsburgh the stage was set for these three prominent
MD's  to talk about care of the person with cancer.
I was there with bells on, feeling like there was no where  else
on earth that it was better for me to be than experiencing this event!

<faerie smiles>
Instead of discussing the latest treatment options,
these physicians in their panel discussed what life was
all about and how approaching death can cause an appreciation
of the of simply living.

First in the panel came Dr Norman Straker,  famous psychiatrist
at  the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital Cancer Center.
Approximately 7 years ago, he took a leap in faith to make
a movie/documentary about Physicians who came down with cancer,
or Physicians who's family member/loved one went through a terminal

Over and over, the physicians identified spoke of some positive
changes came into their life as they faced their own mortality as well
as their loved ones.  They were more likely to wake up every day,
savoring each one as a gift.  They were more appreciative of small real
moments of connection and love.  And those who were still alive said
it changed the way they viewed their practice.  They looked with understanding,
they could see with the heart,  they could see the individual.

I think it was John Lennon that said
Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.
They became  fully conscious to what is, and began to live it fully.

The film also showed a couple where the physician lost his wife to cancer.
He explained how a spiritual purification occurred during the course of her illness.
With each set back and each new revelation of where her  worsening prognosis,
there came and opportunity for more courage.
With each wave of courage came more love.  He states tenderly after her
passing: " Our love went higher and higher until we touched God."

I will now open for questions and comments by the people who have
come to the Gaia*Friends Gathering.

Have you had a close call with death, or
been with someone who is dying?  Has it changed your awareness afterwards?
What did you learn by the experience?

<oldgoldbuy> aka Andalin Bachman
My brother died in June, 1999.  He missed the first brush from the car accident
long enough to say a few last words to everyone that needed the hear them at
the hospital ~where he was recovering remarkably from open heart surgery.
The death followed as a result of a subsequent accident that happened in the

Anyway, he got to say some very necessary words to his ex-wife during that
window when we thought he was going to live.  His last words to me on the
telephone, after I said that I was coming up to the hospital to see him, were
"that would be wonderful, sis."  Shortly thereafter he aspirated and went
into a coma.

Nolan hung around in spirit until my 21 year old daughter Sara finished
driving all the way from Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah.  He died just after
she made it to my son's apartment.  Later, she decided to stay in Salt Lake
and is now working for our band, Desert Wind.

My husband Alan saw the image of Nolan in his recording studio before he
died.  Clear as life, he had a big grin on his face. (He said that was the
only time he had ever seen an "apparition.") Nolan was famous for that grin,
but Alan didn't know that.  My brother Gaylen saw Nolan at approximately the
same time sitting in the passenger seat in his car with a big grin.  (This
was during the time that Nolan was in a coma at the hospital.)

Since his death we have recorded a Christmas album.
 Part of the intensity is
that it was created by Jews, Moslems, Christians, and Pagans, and it is
dedicated to my brother Nolan, who was an acclaimed Atheist.

When the life left his body at the hospital there was a day and night
difference.  There was NO DOUBT that the corpse was NOT Nolan.
He split.  I mean - he was out of there!  I've been to funerals before where I thought I
sensed some presence from the deceased.  -Not at Nolan's.  He just wasn't
there.  When we put the casket into the ground -- he wasn't there.  But the
chills were intense when the rare occurrence of an eagle was spotted flying
overhead at the cemetery.

Everyone in my immediate family has expressed some sense that Nolan has been
helping out in our various callings.  Somehow I know that's true.

All of this just confirms my belief that "accidents" don't happen, you are
where you are supposed to be, and everything happens for a reason.  That
became my philosophy after my parents died in a car accident in 1973 when I
was 21.  My deceased parents have helped me a lot over the years.

Alan was in the process of writing a song about missing his mother when he
met me.  There was a strong sense at that time that our mothers, may they
rest in peace, helped us find each other.

There is a thin veil between life and death and life."

<Susanrose> thank you oldgoldbuy
<joe> any  one her ever experienced death?
<Susanrose> not me Joe, but I have felt out of body
during meditation
and as a result I KNOW what my experience of heaven is
that heaven is home
<joe> i see
<Susanrose> fortunatly
I did not have to nearly die
to achieve it
<joe> i felt as if god has given me a gift
a gift to share
i have had a experience
just wanted to know what others have experienced
i never saw a tunnel
i was 16
i had an accident
my spirit was travelling
some where in space i think
i was at complete peace
i heard a voice say
you cannot go any farther
you have to go back
thats all of it

To go on with the panel of the 3 famous
At first Dr Straker was afraid that this sort of anti-establishement type
of message in the movie would be black balled.   The western world
of medicine places success and power over disease.
Death was regarded as  a failure instead of a natural process,
(like  expiration following inspiration.)

Fortunately the film took hold, and is now showing in medical
schools across the country.  A leader in his time, but it is now  years
later, and poor Dr Straker seemed to be contradicted rather than
congratulated  by the free thinking of Dr Bittman,
Neurologist and Medical Director of the Mind-Body
Wellness Center, an outpatient medical facility in western  Pennsylvania.

What Dr Bittman said (paraphrased) was
Why wait till you or someone you love is faced with  a terminal progrosis to fully experience
what is meant to be human and to life fully?  He said we should teach this positive awareness
in all daily occurance and wake up early!  What a shame we have to face death to do it.

Then Dr. Patch Adams  seemed to contradict both of them by taking the discussion  into the next
level of possibilities.  (paraphrasing now)
Patch questioned
Why in the world do we need classes on the skills of experiencing the joy and beauty of living?
It is our birthright - the joy of being alive.  He stated what he learn about this,
his mother taught him as a baby.
His solution to living fully was NOT to offer classes in how to be present to the moment,
but as a society  integrate these concepts into what we put out as what is really important in life.
Raise our children this way.  Redefine what "success" means in terms of how we love, live, share,
and experience the passion of life daily.

<sandra> The buddists meditate on the impermanance of life
after 4 years at hospice, it was that meditation in process

<Susanrose> Yes Sandra....
what did you receive from the experience?

<sandra> It taught me to value each of the days
and people we have in our lives, and sincerely
appreciate all the many things I have taken for granted
we really do not know what will come first, death or tomorrow

<redwing> yes susan looking for the light in each day

<Raja_Manesh1> Living in the Eternal Now
helps you appreciate every second of life

<CNH> the purpose of life is to prepare us for death.
we need to prepare well
<Susanrose> Thank you CHN

<sandra> the more we live life more fully ,
the more prepared we are to transition

<Susanrose> My personal connection to the unity of spirit
assures me that I will be "safe" after death.
On this Halloween night, we gather to talk about death.  But is it really Death? the end?
or it is merely a transition, a shedding of garments, where the real you is released from
worn out threads?

As long as we are alive, our breath is an anchor.  But when the breath
leaves the body,  where do we fly?  A group of Buddhist monks were having
a debate on where the soul of the teacher went.  But does the soul have to go
anywhere? Can we right in the same space our mortal shell has occupied
dive into a quantum awareness that
is interdimensionally aware?

I like the saying of the mission of the Starship Enterprise:
To Boldly go, where no man has gone before.

To take that a bit further, when I think of our spirits as cosmic travelers,
we could say of our earthly experience:

"Death, the final frontier:
These are the voyages of the starship Human.
To boldly go where consciousness has not gone before
to experience new transformation of life, new civilizations,
new planes of awareness."
Like the butterfly out of the cocoon,
or the waterbug that turns into a dragon fly
we take a new flight.

Now many of us have had a loved one pass and have felt a closeness to the
spirit of the person in a way after death in a different way then when they were
alive.  Tales of ghosts and séances abound.  A séance and help with communication,
but really, for the most of us how do we really know what will happen next?

What is at stake is the ego, so interested in self preservation, it drums up false fears.
Fear is (False evidence appearing real).  Fear will tell us that living is dangerous,
 Life will Kill us!

According to Kevin Henry, a Pittsburgh area therapist with
experience at Forbes Hospice.

 "What is live, in the absence of what life should be? My experience with that is
It is robust, it is intelligent, it is forward moving beyond anything my little mind could dream up.
…Will it end in it's present state? Yes, it will.  It seems to be part of the deal. I don't have a clue
what that means except every day ends too.   Every breath ends and there's a next breath.
 So far, there has always been a next day after every night.

 I take that as hints that the final breath is not the end of everything,
but a forward moving in a way that I'm just not going to know about until that moment comes.
So I'd rather practice being ALIVE every moment I am alive so that when that moment comes,
what I've been practicing is being awake to what's happening because frankly,
I don't want to miss anything.  I want to see what it is like, when that time comes….
The way I read life is, it is as exciting, and as sensual, and as
compassionate as anybody and any thing I've ever met before, in spades.
There's just no limit to it."

My personal connection to the unity of spirit assures me that I will be "safe" after death.
Many of those who have had an out of body experience KNOW that who they ARE
is not the container, but the spirit from the container.  Actress Shirley McLain had an
out of body experience in a hot tub in Peru.  She flew to the moon and back.
It confirmed the belief that "live" does not end with the release of the body.
 Afterwards she said :When you have no fear of death,
then what in the world can make you afraid?

One fearless soul who is traveling the country telling of the joy of "going home" is
Dannion Brinkley.  He is the best selling author of Saved by the Light
and At Peace in the Light.
He is the only man in the world that goes everywhere telling the story of his THREE
death experiences, and has come back to share it with us.

As a nurse,
I can attest that the story that Dannion tells
is not all that unique.  What is unique is that it has happened 3 times to him a
nd he talks about it.
Most people with a short death or near death experience have
told me of this quietly, and usually say they share it seldom.
Every single one has had an improvement in the quality of their life by a
change in attitude as a result.  Even ones who have not gone
down a tunnel to a crystal city of light will say
just the floating above their body brought a sense of peace
 that will enable them to never fear death again.

As far as fearing damnation,
Dannion says if anyone should have gone to hell it was HIM,
he was the biggest jerk in the world,
but when he got to the crystal city,
he sure wasn't going to shout out
<faerie> crystal city?

<Susanrose> When Dannion arrived at the other end
of the tunnel, he had a life review and
entered a crystal city... it's in the book :)
<joe> i see

Since his death experiences, Dannion has made it his mission to
share the skill of becoming a Transition specialist.
(Translation- A transition specialist can be a hospice worker,
or someone who aides the spiritual process of the dying.)
As you help and sit with one who has no visitors when they are
in the end stages of life, the gifts you receive may be more than the service you give.
 You have the opportunity to share the exultation of
"Being on the edge of being".

this is a thin veil that separates the worlds, and as they pass, you are
holding the hand that will be in the arms of the Divine.
It is as though, for a moment you can glimpse into eternity, and feel it's awe.
The term death bed confessions is used because when the end is near,
people will share with you their truth,
and you have a lot to learn from someone who is opening up their hearts in honesty.
The heart to heart connection is intensely felt
and as they slip out of this world, you can slide your hand
through the veil  and touch the face of God.

<Dannion Brinkley's Testimony to the US Congress 10-19-99
 is about the use of complimentary medicine
and end of life care, especially at the VA hospitals in the USA.>

It is important to pray for those with a poor prognosis,
but you must be aware that praying to keep a person
on the earth is not always the best thing for them.
Larry Dossey MD, Author of Prayer is Good Medicine
tells a story about this.  A man had a severe stoke and belonged to a spirit filled
church and the people there prayed intensely for him…. to live.
Well, he did so and although he lived another year he was grouchy
and not as they had remembered him.
After he finally passed, he came to Larry in a dream, happy and laughing.
 He said he finally out smarted all the church members prayers, and got free.

So please remember when praying for those
in comas etc. who have not asked for your prayers to help them live,
 please pray with the golden light of unconditional love.
That the higher soul of that individual may use the grace of that
golden light in according with the divine plan and destiny
of that persons incarnation on the earth, whether to aid in
healing or to ease the transition.

When my own father hovered between life and death in the spring of 1981,
I crawled into his intensive care bed  (I am a nurse, remember
and had no fear that I could successfully doge all the rails, lines, hoses,
and hospital personnel)  I hugged him, told him of my love, and told him it was OK.
I told him that we could go on as a family that if it was his time,
not to worry about the love that we shared.
It would sustain till we could be together again.
My father passed away the day after Mother's day,
 as if he held on long enough so that those of us who are mothers
in the family would be spared the anniversary of his parting on our holiday.

 I think he heard me.  Speak to the dying, even if they  do not answer.
If you miss saying your good byes, say it afterwards, at the funeral.

<MerLinRaynBo> about holding on to someone who is dying...
I remember my grandmother being very sick
and all the people praying for her.
I went to visit her, and I could sense she want to go on.
I told her, I guess telepathically would be the right word,
that if she was ready to go, it was all right with me.
Well, I turned and left the hospital room,
and started down the hallway.
I felt someone touch me on my right arm,
which was close to the wall.
I turned, and said, excuse me, because I thought
I was in the way of someone wanting to walk by
It was her, in spirit, and she walked, or, moved on past me.
I felt so peaceful, for me and her.
<Susanrose> Thanks Merlin...
you are giving me good  goose bumps...:)
<joe> wow
<MerLinRaynBo> thanks for letting me share
<CNH> May I?
<Lotus> yea ~
<Susanrose> Go ahead CNH
<CNH> i've had several prayers answered regarding death
most of those occured before
i had the wisdom to know what to pray for
deep down i know that i kept my grandmother here
longer than she should have been
MerLinRaynBo nods in understanding
<CNH> because when i prayed, the answer was "ok,
but accept the conseqences"
but on another occasion i asked for the life
of a young man who had a brain stem anurism (sp?)
inoperable, totally disabled. He lived, and it was truly a miracle
death is something that we have to learn to accept, to be a part of
we don't grieve for the dead, we grieve for the living who will miss them
<faerie> yes so true larry
<MerLinRaynBo> yes
<CNH> so when we pray, remembe for whom we are praying
<Reiki2u> indeed :)
<Susanrose> Sometimes people will linger on in comas
as a result of giving others an opportunity for
sacrifice in caring for them.  This is partly to erase Karma
and partly to provide an intiatory experience for the caretaker.

<Susanrose> To go on...
Funerals always make me smile, and that is hard for me.
When I was in 5th grade a classmates twin sister died of leukemia.
 All the children in the class attended the funeral mass and most were crying.
While I had some tears in my eyes, I was later ridiculed for the smile on my face.
Why couldn't I keep from beaming?

All those who attended where derailed from their personal details to empathize
and share the feelings of love and connection to the family of the child.
That unification of feeling is a wholness that reminds us we are all in this thing together.
We are one heart, pulsating together, whether our  conscious minds can accept that or not.

<CNH> i do funerals: we call them celebrations.
all too often people forget that it is a CELEBRATION
<faerie> Patch goes into the room of a dying person
ressed as a angel saying "Comming attractions!"
<Reiki2u> lol
<joe> lol
<Susanrose> you all must rent the movie patch adams
 I have watched it 4 times now
<MerLinRaynBo> it is an excelent movie
<reality_> I'll see patch then
<faerie> Patch turns death into a joyful experience

<Susanrose> Some of you may have seen Robin Williams second movie,
"What dreams May Come"
Sometimes a sad thing happens.  A soul does not believe it can move
onto the tunnel and leave the
strata of earthly dibre.  The cloud that hangs over the battlefield is a misqualification
of human creation.   Sometimes the souls do not believe they are dead, and sometimes they
are just hanging onto their earthly plane not trusting  that home will be SAFE.

Science tells us that matter cannot be created or destroyed,  just transformed.
Energy is always forward moving, in ways we cannot see.  Our ego-consciousness
holds on for separation, telling us we will die in our individual personality and
freedom if we allow ourselves to move through the tunnel and release the
earthly existence.  This can happen even after death.

I will give you an example of how this is false.  You know the Deserata saying:
(You are) No less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here!
and Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding, as it should."

Thinking about the stars, imagine yourself as a light.  An energy body.
When the star that is hundreds of light years away, releases an energy that was
the light of what was produced for THAT DAY… where did the light go?
For millions of miles it travels the galaxy and holds together it's form and individuality.
Did you know the astronomers call certain stars blue or red or white and
there is actual a lot of variety in the characteristics of light they emit?
The patterns of the light that is sent over billions of miles is not lost.
How else do we see the big dipper, and all the pictures of the zodiac if any of the
energy is lost before it reaches our naked eye?

Well, imagine that your soul after death is light that star beam that springs off a certain
sun far far away and can hold together it's character and form to be able to present
itself in harmony and make beautiful patters with the other star beams in the galaxy.
We will still have free will.  Do not be afraid to come home.

<joe> that makes alotof sense susan
<Lotus> nice*
<MerLinRaynBo> Wow, I like that
When you see the tunnel form
just hold this thought… it's Chrismas, you are a little kid.
At the end of the tunnel is Grandmas house.
She is waiting for you.  You are her favorite grandchild.
She  loves to give you presents.  Her last name is Disney….smile…

If you should find yourself stuck in the earth plane without a body,
and you missed out on going through the tunnel when you first died,
here is a trick to remember in finding your way home.
(This was given to me by a ghost buster and medium)

Go to a church or funeral parlor when someone else who died is having a funeral.
The spirit of the one who just died will be there at the funeral.
Ride the coat tails of the other soul as their tunnel opens up and just
take the plunge through, riding the coat tails of the other spirit.

I had an uncle who was my mother's brother who killed himself.
About 10 years after his death, my mother had a dream.  In the dream her brother
came to her and asked her for more green stamps.  (For those of you who remember
the 60's, green stamps were given by super makets to help people
*redeem* prizes for shopping there.)
My mother took it to mean that he was tired of his wandering in the earth plane
and needed a boost of prayer to help his finish his transition.
And that is what she did.

The strata around the earth is filled with souls that need to be reclaimed to their
highest self that never left heaven.  You are greeted by your own self,
the part of you that never left.

On Dannion Brinkley's third death, he remembers bringing a group of
souls through the tunnel with him.  If you are spiritual and have a bad prognosis now,
please hold in your heart the noble thought that you could help lead the way
for other souls who are stuck back to the light and to HOME.

If you are a hospice worker, all those you help in transition will be able to
help others in the ethers step across as well.  Keep this is mind.  The earth needs
to be lightened and the strata of collected unconscious does not need the heaviness
of misqualification of souls to permeate our vibrational space.
For their sake as well as our own, and for the planet we pray for them!

<Susanrose> comments?
<joe> what about God, Susan
how does a creator fit into all of this?
<Susanrose> If God could not come today, and sent you in his/her place,
could you be the difference that God make that day?
God is all and everyone and every where Joe
<REDWING> we are all manifestations of the spirit joe
<MerLinRaynBo> we are individualized, finite expressions
of the infinite, omnipotent god
<Susanrose> joe _ as drops of water in an ocean of God,
we are God but we are humble int the vastness of the
<sandra> we are a part of divinity as divinity is a part of us
<joe> that is my feeling also susan

thank you!
Now, in a séance of golden visualization, please hold the intent of
helping the 217 souls who have just made their transition from
the Egyptian Air plane crash,
Also hold in the light the 50 souls who died in the past 24 hours in a fire in a bar-
dance hall in Korea.

Also think of a loved one that has passed,
who like my uncle, could use more more "Green Stamps".
(A friend of mine recently reminiced that you took your green stamps
to a "Redemption Center" ... another interesting symbol!)

Place photo, headline or momento of the one  who has passed near you
You may obtain a small favorite article that belonged to them
a scarf, jewelry, pillow, etc.
and place it in front of the photo.

If possible play Light, gentle music in the background.
Playing on my CD:
Barbara Streisand singing:
You'll never walk alone...
Light a candle, (mine is scented vanilla).

Breathe slowly and deeply, releasing stress,
breathing in minute. (continued)
Breathe in slow
breathe in deep, releasing the cares
Releasing the tensions, we enter a holy place
A circle we have set aside from the rest of the household
from the rest of the city.
A sacred place.

We call upon our holy ones
We ask that we be protected
a protection that is found in the thought of the Christed presence
Buddha, angels, patron saints.
We throw about our shoulders this cloak of protection...
a velvet soft wrap.

We are safe
We are warm
We are loved
We are one with these holy ones

Welcome the angels unseen who gather
behind your shoulders even as we see this here...
As we feel this comforting presence,
We think about the feeling of love
as all that we love, turning your attention to your heart

Sense the feelings of love that you have
for that which you love the most
Your family
Your home
Your community
Your pets
All that you love
In this comfortable presence build this love in your heart

Love the feeling of this love.
Imagine now a steam or mist... a Golden mist arising
from your heart forming a ball of Golden energy infont of you

Pat it, feel the edges of it.
Know that your guides and holy ones
gathered around your are smiling now, and adding their
Golden loving energy and Light to your orb as well.

Breathe into it, the breath of your desire
for the person, situation or condition to be healed

I take the Light
I hold the Light
I thank you for the Light

The light we gather in the earth plane will attract the loved
ones and angels and guides of those confused souls
and help them see and trust and feel the love that is offered.

Feel the waves of healing Light wash over you.
Accept the Golden Light

Let us chant:

Golden Light we send this Soul.(s)
Loves warm Light will make it whole.
Golden Light we send this Soul.
Loves warm Light will make it whole.
Golden Light we send this Soul

 Loves warm Light will make it whole.

<redwing>I am also praying for victims of ethnic cleansing
<Lotus> family
uncles aunts grandparents
<Susanrose> WW2 veterans
RELEASING energy now!…. onward through tunnel!

We thank the Spirit of <fill in name>, for accepting our gift,
and using it where it is most needed...
Any combination of physical, emotional, or Spiritual healing.
Thank you of Holy Ones -
for your concurrence with our intent and for your comforting protection.
<Enlil> And release to highest divine potential. ;)

SO MUST IT BE! AMEN. {{{{{{End}}}}}}
<MerLinRaynBo> wow major goosebumps here
Breathing now, coming back to your room,
to your surroundings. Take a drink, reground.
A friend of Sandra and mine, George (a woman)
was on the tennis court when a player in the next court
dropped dead from a heart attack.  He could not be revived,
but she stayed with him telepathicly and verbally told him
that he was making a transition and helped him into the  l
ight and onward.  She really had to come out of the closet
unexpected to do so.  We will all be called upon some day,
it not by a stranger, but a friend or relative at the time of
death to ease their passing.
Someone will turn to you.  You will turn to you.
It is good to be spiritually aware of what is happening
and flow with it.
That is the end of tonight's presentation.
Thank you all for sharing your love
<Lotus> *^~Thank you Susanrose~*^!~*!
~*~wonderful presentation~*!
<sandra> thank you Susanrose, wonderful and loving as always!
<Raja_Manesh1> Thanks Susanrose--Love and Light and Energy to all!
<redwing>Thank you all thank you susan for this forum.......peace
<Hein> My sleep is calling me, got to go.
Love to all :)
<Susanrose> thank you and good night!
<joe> good  night
<faerie> Light and Love thank you susan and all!!!!!!!!

"Death be not proud" by John Donne (English poet and preacher, 1572-1631)

               Death be not proud, though some have called thee
               Mighty and dreadful, for, thou art not so,
               For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow,
               Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me;
               From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
               Much pleasure, then from thee, much more must flow,
               And soonest our best men with thee do go,
               Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery.
               Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
               And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
               And poppy, or charms can make us sleep as well,
               And better than thy stroke; why swell'st thou then?
               One short sleep past, we wake eternally,
               And death shall be no more, Death thou shalt die.