Unfoldment and Anchoring of the Higher Self

Susanrose: I would like to welcome everyone.
Tonight Moranaa will be teaching,
based on her work with the entity she channels
who she calls. "Bishop". Go ahead Moranaa.

Moranaa: Thank you Susanrose for giving me the opportunity
to be of Service.
I would like to welcome all of you who are here and could we take
a minute to quiet ourselves and join together.

If you would take a deep breath
and release the energy of the mundane.
As we each walk our paths in the outer world.
We wonder how we can apply all the different things
we have learned or hold as beliefs to make things a little easier.

As we all know in the world we live in today,
there are many changes going on.
We in our human form look outside of ourselves for the answers
to many of our questions.
When all that we seek is held within our own beingness
it is a matter of reaching in and bringing this Knowingness "out".

Moranaa: There are little tricks you can use to do this.
One is to meet each person as if you have never known them before.
In doing this you let go of expectations and the old energy of the
You can then act from the truth of who you are instead of the
expectations based on past life experiences, or the energies of this
Some of you may be wondering about this.

Try it with your mother the first time.
Do not think of her as your mother, think of her as another entity.
That you are going to spend some time with and share who you are.
Another trick is to learn to focus.
What I mean by this is to place all your attention on the task
you are doing at the time.

"Think it."

This is an old trick used by Monks,
they did not wash those floors all the time to get them clean
They were practicing how to focus on only one thing and let go
of the thoughts under the thoughts.
When you start to do this with mundane tasks you will notice talking
going on you may not have been aware of before.

When you do this simply quiet this talk
and go back to focusing on the task.
It only takes a short time to get good at this. Like a few weeks.
By doing this you will find it much easier to steady your emotional
Does anyone have any questions about this?
Some may wonder what this has to do with the changes
that are going on and our Awakening and anchoring
in who we are on a Higher Level.
Many of the changes that are going on and have been for some time
effect the emotional body.

By learning to discern and govern the emotional body we
can then become one with the Higher Aspects of our being on this

Moranaa: One way to deal with the energy of the emotional body
is to notice when we start to feel anxiety in the pit of our stomach.
When you begin to feel this
use your breath to bring that energy to your heart Chakra
In doing this you transmute the energy and raise the vibration.

There is a key to doing this.
Do not think about the energy "feel" it.
The idea is to transmute the energy and Heal.
Allowing these energies that have been stuffed down
in the lower chakras is important.
It is more important not to worry about what words to put to
the energy you want to heal.

Allow it to walk with you in your heart.
You will notice that when it gets up to the heart chakra
the energy will no longer feel like anxiety.
It will feel like sadness.
Why sadness you might wonder.
Because you are going to grieve over it for a time,
All this has to do with a conscious movement into
Higher expression in the physical.

The breath is very important in this.
Also knowing and trusting yourself.
We as humans have spent eons allowing the emotional body
and physical body to do most of the discerning for us.
Now we must practice allowing (not the human mind) Higher Self
to guide us and discern for us.

All the Great One's who have come to share and teach us,
have talked about his since we decided to try on the human ego.
Setting aside our human-ness is not always easy,
and we need to be kind to ourselves in our earth walk.
Our worst enemy is not anyone outside of ourselves,
it is our human ego.

If each one of us lived each day as if it were the last,
and took each step as if it were our last
we would not take the time to worry about the mundane that fixes
itself when we allow it to do so.
That is another thing that is in major need of exercising,
remembering and practicing "Allowing".
When we Allow life to flow
then we are "Flow with the Universe".

Moranaa: Many years ago Bishop wrote a piece on Allowing.
I will have to get it out and edit to put up on my webpage.

As many of you know you have been born at this time to do
Service Work for Humanity and assist in the Great Changes.
To do this you do not have to be perfect,
you do not have to be anything other than who you are.
At times we all get caught up in becoming, and forget to BE.

When we are so busy becoming we are never happy
with who we are in that moment.
We never stop to look at the wonder of the Universe.
We are busy, busy, busy.
And what part of our being is it that must be busy all the time?
The ego.
Moranaa: No one has any questions???

stars: Moranaa - I hear you talking about detachment -
the ultimate test of the transformation of emotions to
understanding and compassion...
Melissa:.....living in the moment and living as if this is last day on
Very high practices...very good...
Contentment and cessation of thoughts is great!
Moranaa: It is not always easy.

Avadhuta:what happens to the ego?
Melissa: it become purified by our spiritual path and practices.
We are greater than we know.
Moranaa: the human ego is a part of us,
but not the boss of the show.
It is our Soul or Spirit that is in charge if we allow it.
I don't know if it becomes purified as such.
The human ego is like an overcoat.
We wear for a lifetime.
We forget we can take it off whenever we want.
It is a tool.

Before we are born,
We pick the aspects of our human ego to work with.
Just as we pick the aspects of our astrology chart.
How many people have died because of belief systems?
Why, because we forgot it was just an act in a play.
If you look at life in the earth plane as a play,
and you can choose to be who ever you want to be then you can
relax a little and not take everything so darned seriously.

I believe we are here in this time to bring in who we are on the
levels to anchor the Higher energies back into the earth plane.
To that we must always remember this is the dream the illusion
and we can paint it anyway we want.

When you read a book you may notice you have your belief system,
in place even when you say you are reading to learn.
What you must do to really read the book or listen
is set aside your belief system (it will still be there)
and read or listen without forming opinions.
Then you are reading or listening with your Heart.

This does not mean you are to take everything that you
hear or read as your new truth.
It means there may be something you might miss if you
are not listening with your Heart instead of your head.
Belief systems are what we use to reference in our worlds
they were never meant to be chiseled in marble. (as Bishop puts it).
One thing that Bishop tells people when they are being to hard
on themselves and thanking themselves for soooooo
manyyyyy lessons is this:
"The only lesson to be learned is, there are NO lessons."

When we look at the word lesson it is usually something negative
We are to Remember, we already Know...
Be careful what you thank Spirit for. :-)
If you are thanking Spirit for all those lessons that make life harder
and take you away from the Flow of the Universe
then you will get more of those lessons.
I was told long ago to thank Spirit, God, Goddess,
whatever works for you, for what you want
because then you are affirming that it is already there.

Spirit lives in a state of timeless-ness.
There is no past present or future only the NOW.
So if you must ask, ask for what is for your Highest Good,
and the Highest Good of all involved.
We all live in a state of Grace we just don't know it. :-)
Forgiveness, self-forgiveness is a big part of all this.
If you can not forgive yourself then you can not forgive anyone else.
If you can not receive then you can not give, and so on...
Does anyone want to share?

Sunshine: we are listening intently.
Silver smiles.. I thought it was like this here.. smile..
esstathios: I reach towards the universe and your one embrace
catches me, and we are found dancing in the light of shadows.
Sunshine: mine too.
argus: Moranaa...your words are so clear and true
that resonate with my path.
peter: this all makes perfect sense,
but it is more difficult during the daily round
esstathios: practice...peter
Moranaa: I know Peter, that is why it is so important
to remember to be kind to yourself.

viveka: Is there a Cosmic Time Spirit that acts through
and in time even when it is beyond it?
Moranaa: Cosmic time Spirit?
viveka: a derivation of the timeless Spirit so to speak?
viveka: that works in and through manifestation in time?
Moranaa: Viveka, I believe we give to much attention
to time as we see it.
Spirit is not held by such concepts and neither are we to a degree.
viveka: I mean something that determines the planetary evolution in
even when it is not held by the concept of time.
Moranaa: I have been told that the 1st word that was spoken
is being spoken and the last word is being spoken at the same time.

viveka: something of the Spirit that embraces its
development in time-is this possible?
Moranaa: That is a little beyond my thought range. :-)
viveka: ok-fair answer.

Moranaa: I believe time is a spiral and we can choose
where we want to come in at.
Spirit sees the ALL so time is not important to Spirit.

Susanrose: I was told that time is a gift,
a tool for us to help measure consciousness in an eternal reality.
It helps us set priorities with where we want to place our attention.
Because we do have all the time in the universe,
but if we do not set priorities, we do not finish anything.

Moranaa: That is an interesting way to put it.
I feel there is more than one kind of time.
Yes, I would agree with that.

kath: moranna can you explain the concept of time as you see it
Moranaa: as long as we do not try and apply our time-ness
to the Higher Realms.
Time is a line or spiral that we use to decide where to come into
the physical plane at.
Like the year we are born and the year we leave.
Our physical bodies are governed by time.
I do not believe the rest of our being is.

Basil: Jim Croce sang about "Time in a Bottle."
Think about it. In the bottle time exists, temporarily enclosed.
But outside the bottle only the eternal moment exists . . .just a
Moranaa: Good example Basil.
Susanrose: I like that Basil..
Moranaa: SO if we are referencing outside the bottle,
then we need to step outside time.

Kiddo: what is the reference that time starts/ends from?
Moranaa: Kiddo, what ever we chose it to be.
kath`: and if we want to leave something timeless
to the world what might one do????
Moranaa: Kath, to step out of time in a mind sense
you would work on staying in the Moment.
Susanrose: Kath, there is a ripple effect in all we do,
so at it fans out into the world, there is a timelessness in our
that lasts into the future, long after we are gone.

angel^9 smiles at Susanrose
Susanrose: Well Thank you Moranaa!
Moranaa: Thank You Susanrose for having me.
Once again my webpage is:

peter: Thanks and bye!
Kiddo thank you.....
Basil: Moranaa, thank you for your "time" and efforts :)
Moranaa: My e-mail address is earthwrk@cyberport.com
Susanrose: and thanks to all of you for coming!
angel^9 thanks Moranaa.
esstathios smiles.
Moranaa: Thanks everyone for listening to me. :-)
Silver: wonderful!
Moranaa: If you read the material on my webpage
it should give you more info.
Silver smiles.. yes.. when the time is right.. :)
Moranaa: hehehe

Avadhuta bows to the 4 directions,
reaches in his leather pouch and pulls out a large quartz crystal,
places it in the center of the room, and offers it to all with love.