What is your personal Truth?

<Susanrose> I make my home in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA.
Where in the world are we from?
<David> Sydney.
<chiclet> Virginia
* Aba now lives in Raleigh North Carolina -
USA (Earth, Solar system, Milky Way)
<HinhanSka> Northern IL, soon to be Southern Wisconsin
<dreamie> San Jose, California
<starshine> San Francisco, Ca
<Ganesha> Boston Massachusetts USA
<LadyNada> Massachusetts USA
<MornStar> Modesto Calif.
<Gawain> St. Louis, Missouri, USA
<whtrose> Dallas, Texas
<^Dove^> Saratoga Springs, NY

Dear Friends,
Over a year and a half ago, I started )Gaia*Friends(.
It was with the hope that the unity of people extending
love through the ethers could bring about positive changes.

As the behind -the-scenes mentor of this gathering,
I want to thank all the loving souls who have come
and made this a reality. Thank you for the love and
healing you have shared.

Feeling this unity of intent, for the good of all concerned,
let's shift gears now.
Letting go of the cares of the week.
Starting to relax now.

Breathe together.
Breathe together and create a group mind.
Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace.
Breathe out concerns.
Breathing together.
Breathe in light.
Breathe out fear.

A coming together.
A group mind.
All seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

The topic tonight is "What is your personal Truth?"

We will take turns in sharing this in a little while.
First, I will share with you some back ground and observations
on this topic.

I attended Catholic Schools for 11 years, and learned
alot of "Truths". I even was told about the pope being
infallible. For a while, you accept what is told. And feel
the guilt of sin when you cannot live up to the Truths that
infallible dogmas create.

A maturity of spirit comes over you, and you start to search
for a personal truth that you can taste and feel in your
very being. One you KNOW to be true, based on your
own knowingness. Sometimes a near death experience,
miracle or close brush with danger will bring about an
opportunity for a close interaction with Spirit that stays
with you for a life time.

These experiences bolster your faith because you KNOW
what happened. You don't have to ask anyone's approval
of what you experienced.

Sometimes you meditate your way into this knowingness.
Sometimes it comes to you in your lowest moments of despair.

Sometimes it grows slowly in bits and pieces, like the particles
of glass in a kaleidoscope, ever changing into new images of
beauty and wonder.

Being a new age /metaphysical junkie, I sample the beliefs
I contact, and see what works to keep me in the flow.
See what fruits in my life the "Truths" bring about.
Smorgasbord my Truths I have learned into the
Soup of ME. The individual facet of momentary sparkle
that is the diamond of creation. In this life, I sparkle a while.
My truth is that I am here to manifest love through form.
Bringing the love of the heavens to earth to make the
illusions we create, ones of beauty.

Illusion is not a dirty word. It is imagination and wonder
and can be expressed to individuate potential, rather than
trap us into our own thought forms.

AS LONG as we don't take them too seriously!
Remember... it IS temporary, strong as a crest of a wave,
yet just as transitory.

When I submerge into the oneness of all the ocean of
the cosmos, I know my moments in movement and form
have given meaning to creation.

Recently I read a book called
"God on a Harley"
It is fiction, but I feel inspired.

In it a higher power, (in the form of a biker)..smile...
appears to a heartbroken nurse. This is what he
says about finding your personal truth...

He is speaking as God now:
"One set of commandments can't possibly serve as a guide
to everyone. We're all at different levels of our own
development and evolution. What works for one person,
certainly doesn't have to work for everyone else.

I have come back to reach everyone again
and give each person their own customized set of commandments.
Guidelines that will work for you. Ones that will make sense to you
and will lead you to the greatest peace you'll ever know.

It is your time to start a new life."

Here are the six truths given to the heart broken

1. Do not Build Walls, for they are dangerous.
Learn to transcend them.

2. Live in the moment,
for each one is precious and not to be squandered

3. Take care of yourself, first and foremost.

4. Drop the ego. Be real, and watch what happens.

5. All things are possible all of the time.

6. Maintain Universal Flow. When someone gives,
it is an act of generosity to receive.
For in the giving, there is something gained.

<HinhanSka> Live those truths and watch your life transform.

I would recommend that book to anyone
I am now going to open to comments,
then we will go from top to bottom of the alphabetical name list
with any story people want to share about their personal truth

* Aba now lives in Raleigh North Carolina -
USA (Earth, Solar system, Milky Way)
<Aba> I've been on this wonderful planet
for almost half a century,
but I'm not sure I have found yet my truth
Love is a great part of that truth
but it is not THE truth
I mean not ALL the truth
that tolerance is what I saw missing the most

<Ageya> my truth is that We are all One and that We are all God.
I believe we are here , created...
by our Source so that HE/She can experience all...
and I believe that we are Love.
also.... I believe, that we are to help each other along
the Path to Home and thru this Ascension. okay,
am done. and thank you!
*bowing to group*

<Susanrose> Argus, who is from New Jersey, sent me this in an
e-mail to paste into this discussion tonight:

<Argus> My Personal Truth is best expressed by the following
with the numbers relating to the first through the seventh chakra:

1. All is One
2. Honor One Another
3. Honor One's Self
4. Love is Divine Power
5. Surrender Your Personal Will to Divine Will
6. Seek Only the Truth
7. Live in the Present Moment
<from a six tape set by Caroline Myss called ENERGY ANATOMY>
Thank you.

<Avadhuta> I am the light of the world
as you are the light of the world
the end :)
I live in Houston Texas.

<Cosmeta> I have many truths.
I walk and talk and sing and dance, just like anyone else.
I advocate three major themes or principles:
Simplicity is the Key.
Spontaneity is the Way.
The best system is no system.
I am a child of God, no more and no less.
The greatest truth I have come to know is this:
In my Father's house, my Mother comes first!
Remember always, that in our search for divinity
we should always remember AND, honor our humanity
for this cause did we come here.
Now, as to this thing called to 'truth' - someone once said to me:
Kathy, they said: "There is my truth and there is your truth,
and somewhere in-between, THERE IS GOD."
But, if you wish to learn more about me, and yes, my truth,
please visit us at http://www.cosmeta.com
<Cosmeta> ~smile

<Susanrose> CNH ...anything to add?

<CNH> yes, I'm 48 and living in Austin, TX
I believe that the peacemakers are blessed
and shall be called children of the most high.
My truth is to be a peacemaker
but not all are called to that
that's it
<starshine> wonderful....
for a peace maker truly walks their talk,
that is love

* foxydot is in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA...on Markbreit in Oakley.
<foxydot> here's the thing about the truth...
just when you think you know what it is....
it changes on you. At least that's the way it is for me
<SHAMAN> like woman ...lol
<foxydot> yeah...like a woman :)
<starshine> more like men Shaman... or all of life
<foxydot> or politics... like anything else...truth is a facet of ALL
it is not the opposite of the lie, but rather it's partner
truth is in the heart.
and even there, it is unpredictable :)

<David> I wasn't going to attend this meeting
then a friend came and reminded me.
I live in Sydney, Australia
In the absence of truth...I created my own.
Here is my truth, and here's what I'm doing about it.
David Figueira, 37
Multinational Sales & Marketing Manager

<David> you see...
a man is his job, they say. lie #1.
a man is the culmination of the things he's amassed
lie #2.

<David> this week I leave the job behind.
to let go of the man myth.
to let that job fall to someone who think's it's their identity.
I have everything I need already.
that's the truth.
An angel wife... a doting son... and another on the way.
So the truth is... we're all perfect.
She needs me to be happy.

<David> "our needs are few, someone to love us,
someone for us to love" Simple really.
Perth is where I'll be.
<David> the job?
it won't become me.
it won't consume me.

<stars> may you raise your child as you,
yourself would have wished to be raised..blessings...
a job is only something we do to enable us to have the
freedom to do our 'work'...
<Susanrose> we are more than the roles we assume
<SHAMAN> leave your riches & your houses on the hill ..
settle up your credit cards and cancel all your bills
<starshine> surround yourself in love David
<David> love was always there
<Susanrose> I hope you and your wife and child will be safe and
comfortable during this time of growth...
may you all be blessed in this path

<Dove> my truths are still forming.
It seems that they are changing as I grow,
so I'm not really sure what my truths are as of yet.
I know that love is the most important thing,
and it is something that I am working more to get in touch with.

* Dreamie is from San Jose, California. My truth is very simple.
There is only one thing that matters and that is love.
100, 1000, 100000 years from now the only thing that will have
mattered is how we loved ourselves, one another, the planet,
all things in this vast Universe. I live from my heart, and the day
I made the decision to do that was the day that magic started
happening for me.

<Dreamie> Understand that everything is the essence, energy,
substance of God, all of which is love. Anything that could possibly
happen to anyone on this planet-whether the happening is considered
"good" or "bad" -- is the result of how the energy of love was used.
Love is the greatest power in the universe. In fact, it is the only Power.
All other powers, energies, forces, and laws are derived from this
one creating, sustaining, maintaining power that permeates and
embraces all that is. And in every activity of life, you are either
honoring it or transgressing it.

<Dreamie> If the energy of love is adulterated in any way
through thought, word, or action, the pollution returns to
you as a negative life experience. If you uphold this power,
the return is positive. If you see anything less or other than the
Holy Self in others, even if you are judging another's humanness,
you are transgressing the law of love because all judgment
of others is a self-directed judgment,
a self-condemnation that will be returned in kind.

<Dreamie> Example: You perceive that someone is ill,
out of work, or experiencing financial lack.
If you judge by appearances and accept that judgment,
you are restricting the flow of energies of wholeness, success,
and abundance within to the degree of the judgment.
And the result will be less vitality, achievement, and
prosperity in your life. There is only one Self,
and to judge another is to pass sentence on yourself.

<Susanrose> wow dreamie, you really came prepared !
<Dreamie> not really...but I do feel the truth is quite simple
and we tend to complicate it, making too much of the matter
the only thing that matters is love...
<Susanrose> truth is the formula for clarity and simplicity
Thanks Dreamie...
<Dreamie> thank you, for sharing with other love beings that understand.

<Ebony> I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana...
I've been trying to figure out what I want to say
I read what is true to the others, and it makes me reconsider my truths
Still, I find that it all comes down to two things that are within us all
Love, and Light
The love that we all share with every living thing.
The love within that makes us real
Without this love we are less then dead,
because even in death love is still felt for us.
The light is to show us the way to the love..
The light of growing knowledge brings us closer to ALL.
Each of your truths are a part of that Light...
Thank you

Here in Boston, all the flowering trees are blooming. I saw a tree....a
tree that I had noticed and been attracted to last year as well...in a
parking lot of a health food store....a pink tree....the shakti
(energy) was so present...
I went up to it and put my face into the flowers
of one of the boughs and just filled myself with the intoxication of this
tree...I had done this gesture last year as well.....and a very quantum
thing happened....it was like.....all time stood still.....the entire year
dissolved and I was in the eternal presense of this ecstatic, intoxicated,
pink tree. I felt so over whelmed with the love of the Universe. The
entire universe in this pink tree...... It was like been initiated by a
pink tree. .....
This happened a few days ago....I was giving reiki to a woman in a coma.....
and I went to get some carrot juice at the health food store....
I spent the night with her....and then she was
up and better the next day.

She even told me she liked my blouse the next
day....she was outside with me yesterday in her wheelchair
I showed her a white flowering dogwood
and we both just were in this....ahhhhhh....place.
I was contemplating that....hey...
it was Mothers Day and people were frantically running
around to buy thier mothers flowers.....but the ecstasy
was everywhere around us ...in the trees...
(and everywhere else as well)...

I have to say, that my personal truth and the personal truth for the entire
Universe is the awareness of the Eternal Presense. The Quantum Love that
spontaneously occurs when we are open to the Onesness and ecstacy of this
Wave after Wave of Cosmic Experience. Just Like the Pink Tree....this
omnipresent Conciousness of Ultimate Love.

I yearn to feel this inner ecstasy in all things...in all moments...
and within myself at all times...however fleeting the experience...
I tell myself even if I am not experiencing it...
that Love is behind it all...
and this state of consciousness and awareness of the heart exists
in everything and everyone, especially in my own heart

<Gawain> I'm living in St. Louis, Missouri
I've been a searcher all my life
I'm 43 now
I've discovered the Guru finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Om Namah Shivaya
<Susanrose> who is your Guru?
<Gawain> Baba Muktananda
<Ganesha> The Inner self is the Guru
Gawain, the Heart of Hearts
<David> "holder of the cycle of self realization"
<Gawain> : )

<gwynnyth> I am from Miami Florida
I have been a trance medium all my life
I am now 49 years old
I believe that we are all one with the universe and one with each other
I believe that one must seek one's own truth
from all one learns in life , until that truth fits us like a tight glove
I believe that one must have faith for anything to work
and that with faith one can truly move mountains

<HinhanSka> My name is Debee, I am 41
and live in Rockford Illinois
Everything thus far that has been shared is part of my truth.
I'll add a little to it however.
I'm a Reiki practitioner and walk a path of healing.
Part of my truth is to always treat others with respect
and those things of which I mysef wish to be treated.
I strive to always speak the truth in all things,
even when I know it may not be well received,
and at times when I know it may cause pain.
I agree that love is the key. But with that love must come respect.
Our truths may be parallel in some things, and differ in others.
The sharing of these truths can help others discover their own truth
so long as we respect their truth and try not to impose ours on another.

<HinhanSka> I agree that we are all connected but even with nature.
Because of that connection there is much to learn and again, respect.
The 6 commandments you shared confirmed for me my beliefs
as I walk this path and live it.
Release the past, make amends where you can and be free of it.
Let it serve only as a reminder of what did not work or what did work
to free you to live totally in the here and now.

<HinhanSka> Look within for the answers,
know that you can go through anything and all things
because you have the strength already.
I'll close with this, The Soul Would Have No Rainbow
Had The Eyes No Tears. Remember that the pain only serves
to help the light shine even brighter. Embrace everything and know it
will work for the betterment of self. This is where it all begins.
Thank you for allowing me to share.

<hmingbird> my Grandfather spoke to me of truth..
he told me "hang onto your truth, for at times it is all that really matters"
My truths are fairly simple..
Be gentle with yourself.. be thoughtful of *every* living thing..
Be mindful of the present..
Listen and follow the guidance given to your heart..
and know that Great Spirit lives in us all.. and in all things..
love is all :)

This quote is from a Jewish Refugee during WWII.
It was sent in the )Gaia*Friends( group mail, honoring
this person's personal truth.

"I believe in the sun
Even when it is not shining.
I Believe in love
even when I am alone.
I believe in God
even when He is silent."

KLM replied to this with this personal truth:
"And my reply:
And I believe in my Mother, even when she is not mentioned. ~smile."

* LadyNada is a38 year old female from Massachusetts, USA
I became aware that I was a self when I was 33 years old,
and began to review who I was
and the gradually choose who I wanted to be
my personal truths change as I experience, grow and evolve
right now, I like to honor the major 4 parts of my being
the body, emotions, heart, and mind
for right now, the only truth that I know, is CHANGE
so I continue to learn, experience and re-evaluate my truths and
honor my four parts, and stay aware of my connectedness with all that
I encounter it seems to work well for me so far.

<Leva> Here we are.
We came here talking about truths
If Love was this truth as you say, if it was self evident
why would we need to talk about it?
<Cosmeta> or seek it out

<Leva> my Truth is not love
Let me be the first one to say this
I don't worry about Love
I worry about Understanding
Love comes on its own

If I understood nothing, my Love would be a lie
Without Truth love is a lie
With Truth Love is how it is
I only worry about Truth itself
and love comes on its own
Love is not something I can increase, or decrease
like a volume on the radio
It is an ever present force, which is always there
But if there is no understanding, it's like not having Love
Thus Understanding comes first

<Susanrose> someone wise once told me... if you really really
understood somebody, you would not be able to keep
from loving them....good point Leva...

<mfh> helia is in PA.. 43... female
I am just learning about myself... and have few conclusions...
but.. the main point I am certain of...
I am convinced there is a universal spirit, and it is a positive good being
and it is up to each individual to come to his own peace with it
each in his own way... whatever that may be.

<mistybear> I'm near Santa Barbara, California
I'm still searching for my truth
I've learned(remembered) much but have a long way to go :)
my truth of the moment is to have an open mind

<MornStar> Into this world I manifested from Light and Love of One
without beginning or end
This life is the journey of joy and wonder in all aspects of Self,
others, father sky and mother earth.
With each breath of unconditional love and
acceptance of the divergent nature of spirit,
my truth expands and expands
I smell the fragrance of Being. I taste the sweetness.
I feel the gentleness of the breeze. I see the many colors of now
I hear the song in my heart.
To me, the journey for the truth is more precious than its possession
It is the forever moment of now.
Right now Im Christy and Im 42 years old and living in Modesto, Calif

<SHAMAN> I am a 31 yr old male in Dallas....
and have been on "the path" for 11 yrs
I have yet to find "a" truth, but have found many.
<SHAMAN> I think that truth lies in the eyes of children!

<starseeker> I am Ken a 51 year old male living
in Huntsville Alabama now
I have been a student of metaphysics for 25 years, it has become my life
it is how I live, and see and experience life
Recently I have had great insight in to how this thing we call energy
Ties all things together and is all things
for example , I use to look at jobs around the house or at work
as just that jobs, now I realize it is an opportunity to put our energy
into the situation
we can manifest our reality, create what we want by working with
our energy and managing this source
now I don't see these tasks as jobs, they are just opportunities
to work with our energy
Everything involves this energy
It is up to us to direct this energy, manage it,
energy meaning the force that creates all, yes can call it spirit
We all have it
It is in all, and energy is love,, or love is energy, it is a circle
Energy is the Force so to speak
Star Wars was a fantastic intro into metaphysics and this concept

* starshine is 46 year old from San Francisco, CA.
I have been studying and applying metaphysics in my life since birth.
I believe that love is all there is. That you and I are one.
The challenge is divine non attachment to one another's path
for in truth we all return to Spirit in our own way.
Being gentle with one's self one can be gentle with others.

<Susanrose> Sunaris contributed his personal truth via e-mail
to be pasted in here tonight:

What is 'my' Personal Truth'!?! It is 'now',
"In helping Others, You are Helping Yourself!"
and "TRUST YOURSELF" and "To Thine Own Self Be True 'First'!
Because If you can't be true to yourself, then you won't
be true to any others either! When you 'help' others, the great energy
they send back to you in 'many' ways, benefits 'you'!
In Light and Love, Rich (Sunaris)
*(Personal Website)* "OBSERVATIONS From the Sidelines"

<Susanrose> I might add that I am 42 years old.
I am employed as a registered nurse, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
My truth was already presented at the start of this gathering
Thank you.

<tjmac> I live in the woods in northern Wisconsin
my name is TJ, or Tim...currently 40
I have met soooo many people, that know so many special ways.....
have learn so much spiritually
I grew up as a very logical, rational person
then, started to hear my inner voice,
and somehow it knows things I can't possibly know,
but have learned to accept
I came to ascension about a year ago
and joined a light healing ....and...somehow....connected
As for truth, it's beyond my words to explain
but, we can connect with other souls....
and its incredibly healing
my purpose is to help others....and learn what I can
and, there is a spirit that watches over me
that's all

<whtrose> I'm 47, male, live in Dallas, Texas,
To start with, I'd like to wish love here to all on the channel.
I feel as one I met in the late '70's did (J. Krishnamurti)
that Truth is a pathless land. That it is approached by knowing
what it is not and also by giving your life to that which is.
I am often haunted by the biblical quotation out of Psalms that states,
"My people perish because of lack of vision".
We live in a world that is primarily dominated by people
locked into the masculine vibration of
"Attainment, Acquisition and Entertainment".
This is the extent of their lives...
including their religions, their beliefs and images.
I have in the last 6 months been
through tremendous change Spiritually.

Many in my life have not understood what I have been
or continue to go through. We see what we're able to see.
We live in a liquid reality that is holographic in nature
and we are One; and, we are so much more than we think we know.

There are 12 Tribes in the One with a Mama and Papa in each.
We live in an ocean of air and so, we will not relate to everyone,
as fish do no relate to certain different species. But, nevertheless, we are One.
And in that we must learn love through diversity
and teach ourselves through growing love that our lessons (karma)
and addictions in this reality can be worked out and done with.

We all are both male and female.
It is my understanding that the future we presently face is filled
with pitfalls and perils. Great changes are upon us,
most of which are out of our control to avert.
How we face and deal with our lives and future is everything.
And it is my direct knowledge, having been told,
that the futures hope rests in our Honoring the Feminine Spirit Within.

Our main hope, too, is in Women returning to their true values,
morals, principles and ethics. That their strength and steadfastness
will guide men in loving ways and that their courage
will be a shining light in teaching the children their Truths.
Without this return to Spiritual Truth by women, I'm afraid all is lost.

Commitment is everything. For those who have been given,
for those who have committed to that which they've receive,
more will be added. The future, the dawn of a new age beacons us.
We have to be willing to let go of our childish preconceptions
and immature reactions of defiant self-righteousness
in order to receive what Spirit wishes to share.

It's one day at a time. Knowing and living what you know.
Openness to receiving greater and transcending Truth.
We must leave behind the illusion that what we think we know
as Truth is written in ink. It isn't. It is written in pencil.
And, thank Mama and Papa and all our Brothers and Sisters
in the Center of the Heart of the Universe of Love (One) for erasers.
<whtrose> :)

<zstars> I am from Vancouver, Washington, USA -
My current truth is that I move toward Freedom,
realizing that everything is energy. And that Truth must be fluid...
I believe it is Truth that through our deepest wounds,
we can achieve the greatest compassion to be used for healing.
Any experience of emotional and spiritual devastation
concurrently opens an energetic pathway
to incredible levels of insight and compassion, if one can hold,
(through detachment,) the viewpoint of a higher perspective.

As we take responsibility for our own lives, lessons, and experiences,
we empower ourselves to be able to move into realms
previously impossible to access.
I have recently had the enlightening experience of becoming aware
that my own Essence set into motion,
situations that were incredibly painful to pass through,
but were necessary according to choices that my higher self had made.

If I had chosen to feel victimized by the harm done to me,
I would not have been able to empower myself to move to the level
of comprehension or compassion that I achieved by passing through
the initiation of these experiences.
Ultimately, taking personal responsibility seems to come first.
Seeking understanding through acceptance,
(if coupled with detachment from outcome,)
then leads to the vision of reality -
or seeing what was real in the painful situation.

Following that, a flood of new energy pours
into the vacuum left by pain.
Empowerment, (Power) fuels our movement toward freedom,
then brings us to a point of choice -
how will we use our new power and understanding?
There is choice in every single moment we are aware/alive....
I choose healing - which I send every day to those who brought me
these experiences - with blessings and thanks -
as I move toward freedom.
In the words of my Shaman,
"Remember, your rational mind is trying to kill you."

<wunjo> I will be turning 30 in August 24 and
I am looking forward to some great change :)
my truth: KNOW THY SELF !
and TRUST that we are all part of the Source
and that all will be O.K. so RELAX and have some fun!
And LOVE simply LOVE :)

I believe reality is fluid, so truth can have any meaning
you want it to have.
I pick and choose the beliefs and vibes that I like and run with them.
the truth is not always pleasant.. that is for sure...
I believe reality can be molded in various ways:
belief, magick, doubt. Consciousness defines the world,
in one way or another.

<Cosmeta> think you got everyone now... susan.

<wunjo> wow this was just lovely
Thank you Susanrose what a great Idea :) :)
I want a copy such wonderful information :)
<zstars> thank you, Susanrose...
many truths were spoken here tonight... blessings to all!
<Susanrose> I want to thank our central hearts for
showing us the truth and helping us to share it
When we share our truth
we crystallize it ourselves
So then we define our ideals.

* starshine wishes all love and joy to overflowing!
In light and love I leave you for now.