A Fountain Healing

<Arianna/Susanrose> Tonight's host will be BabaGlee from Adelaide, South Australia.
Baba led a )Gaia*Friends( meeting previously, in March, 1996
This is what he said about himself at that time:

I'm a single 33 year old male.
A previous Communications Technician, a musician at heart,
I have been following the Spiritual progress intently since 1987.
Starting with the Hopi Prophecy, I have been involved in all the
World Vision Quests grounding the energy at sacred places in Australia.
Tonight Baba will share with us an example of a world-wide
community healing project that is based on the simple concept
that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed.

<Arianna/Susanrose> think globally , act locally
<BabaGlee> Well , yes think globally act locally
<BabaGlee> The spirit has been encouraging me:)

<BabaGlee> well , this presentation is
very text based ...The meditation at the end is very important though
<Ganesha> ok sweet baba
<Leva> baba i will try to keep in mind that behind all the text
there was a lot of work :)
<BabaGlee> I also have a sing along Gayatri Mantra and a English song
about building bridges. Shall I start the ball rolling ?

<Leva> i am ready baba
BabaGlee summersaults onto the soapbox
<Leva> don't you love guru's with a sense of humor? :)

Welcome to another presentation on )Gaia*Friends(.
I will be attempting to outline in this hour long presentation the way to
set up a community healing focal point.
This is not a difficult thing to do , and I will start by describing how one
such group called "Fountain" got started and then follow it with some useful
tips on how to start one yourself.
Fountain Groups are so called because the first one, which was formed in
Brighton (UK) in 1981, used a beautiful fountain as their focal point. The
fountain, in the Old Steine is a well known on the main 'ley line' or what
may be called the spinal column of the town.
It also marks the center of the old stone circle commemorated in the name
'Old Steine'. The ancient megaliths are still in the base of the fountain.

The members of the original group, many of them practicing healers, began
projecting healing energy (which may be visualized as a white light from a
divine source) to their fountain on 29th September, 1981.
They visualized the energy spreading out and healing areas which they had
previously defined within their community. The results included a reduction
in crimes of violence, sociological problems caused by tension, vandalism
and stress induced diseases etc.
The results were soon observed on two levels: in the energy fields,
associated with dowse able ley lines, which developed and expanded, and, at
a material level, there was a decrease in street violence and other
disturbances. In addition, the local council voted a substantial sum of
money to a 'clean up Brighton' campaign.
Since that time, the Fountain idea has spread beyond the UK to over 20
countries, and there are active groups all over the world, many of whom are
reporting similar changes.

Fountain is a world-wide community healing project based on the simple
concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be
healed. By tuning-in one's thoughts to an agreed point of focus in one's own
community for just a few moments of each day, it is possible to radically
improve the health of the community and ultimately, we believe, the health
of the world.
All that is required (apart from the genuine desire to do something positive
to improve conditions in the community) is the commitment to devote just 2
or 3 minutes a day linking in thought to an agreed focal point within the
community. This might be a village cross, church spire, memorial or other
well known landmark.

After stilling the mind, the focal point is visualized radiating healing
energy (or Light and Love) throughout the community. This can be done on
your own at home; it is also good to meet with a group of like minded
friends from time to time to tune in as a group to any part of the community
requiring extra help and discuss results and changes throughout the community.
Fountain is open to EVERYONE, of whatever faith, colour, nationality or
political persuasion. There is no membership or organization in the usual
sense, and all the individuals or groups throughout the world work
independently in the manner best suited to their own communities.
However, they do with the feeling of being part of a network, and with the
thought that group activity produces an effect greater than the sum of the
parts. Fountain groups are linked through the Fountain International Network
Office. http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/fh18/index3.htm
They will be very pleased to advise you of your nearest Fountain Group, or
to help you to start a new group within your community. They can also supply
you with tapes and other products, a tri-annual magazine and further
in-depth information on related topics.

When putting the community light healing concept into action, you will find
that you can only change those things that you are allowed to change,
because you will be working with Divine Will. To be frank, no one has an
overall view of "The Plan", so try to avoid ego motives and 'right and
wrong' judgments. Work for the highest potential in any situation,
and in all humility.
Healers, based on their experience of giving healing to people, have warned
that conditions within the community may worsen before they improve.
So do not become disheartened if, after putting the community light working
concept into practice, things get worse! In fact, it is a good sign; things
are being stirred up from the bottom.
As with a person, the 'dis-ease' surfaces like a scum, but if you continue
the process, the scum begins to evaporate and true healing will follow.

I guess you are wondering about certain aspects of light work verification ,
I know I was when I began working in this way.
The first thing that I wanted to know is how do I learn how to dowse and
what is dowsing?

Here is a explanation and a short course on how to dowse.
The easiest way to find ley lines and power centers is by dowsing. Dowsing
is a technique for using the body's potential to receive and feel energy.
By practice, a dowser learns to feel the presence of
underground water and ley lines.
Just like a radio tunes into electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere and
converts the waves into music, a dowser uses a tool such as a dowsing rod
or a pendulum to act like the indicator light on the radio dial to help
indicate where a ley line is located. Here is a web site on this subject

Basic Dowsing tutorial: I suggest you start out with rods, since they're
easier to use, initially.
Get a metal coat hanger, and saw it in half. Measure two parts of it, which
are straight, and connected to each other. One of the parts should be around
10cm. The other, 25cm.
[ie a 35cm rod with a 90 degree bend 10cm along its length.]
The exact measurements do not matter, and it doesn't have to be accurate.
Saw off the surplus bits, and bend the rod, so that there is a 90degree
angle in it.
Now make another one. They should be reasonably straight (except for the
bend), and equal in size.
Searching exercise : Hold them like six-guns out in front of you. This is
the search position.
Lay a piece of string out on the ground in front of you. Stand a few feet
away with your rods in the search position (out in front of you), and say,
"I want the rods to go out when I reach the string. Walk towards the string,
passing over it.
If it doesn't work, do it again. If it still doesn't work, twist your wrists
outward as you approach the string.
This shows your unconscious that this is the response that you expect when
you cross over this string.
You may need to do that a couple of times, then get in the search position,
and walk towards the string with full intent that they will open at the
string. Watch 'em do it. It feels as if they did it by themselves.
Yes No Exercise : The search Position is both rods straight ahead. "Yes" is
out to the sides - as above for "Over the Target." (I think of my arms wide
open to what is coming towards me.)
"No" is rods crossed. (I think of arms firmly crossed "No." I'm not open to
what's coming.) "No" - Also another sign that you are over the target.
Go back to the string, and tell your rods that you want them to cross
instead of opening when you reach the string. X marks the spot.
Triangulation exercise : You can find out where something is by holding just
one rod out in front of you in the Search Position.
Take a target you know where it is - like your car. Where is it? Slowly turn
around with the L rod on the search position. When the tip is pointing in
the right direction, it will seem to stick there.
As you continue to turn, it stays pointing in that direction.
Once you have one line on the target, go somewhere else, and do this again.
The tip will stick on the target again. Your car, or what ever other target
you might have chosen, is at the point where the two imaginary lines cross.

I think it is important to reiterate that there is nothing special about the
rods. They are not 'magic' as many people would have you believe.
If you want to know more about dowsing then I suggest you get a book on the
subject or check out these web sites. http://www.geo.org/geowel.htm or

I think after that blurb of text we need a song and dance and a chance to
stretch our legs, so here is the "Gayatri Mantra" :-)

******Gayatri Mantra****** [Celebration Song]With Chord Progressions
[Aum! Earth, Ether, Heaven! ]
[Adore the Divine exemplified by the sun;]
[Contemplate the Luster and Radiance of Divine Truth]
[Pray for Illumination of the Intellect]
(((***Om [Aum] , B'huhr B'hu - vah Swa - Haa ***)))
(((***Ta - at , Sah-vee-tur Vah - ren - yuum ***)))
(((***B'har-goh , Dey-vas-ya D'he - ma - hee ***)))
(((***D'hi - yoh, Yo Na Pra - cho - da - yaht ***)))
(((***Om [Aum] , B'huhr B'hu - vah Swa - Haa ***)))
(((***Ta - at , Sah-vee-tur Vah - ren - yuum ***)))
(((***B'har-goh , Dey-vas-ya D'he - ma - hee ***)))
(((***D'hi - yoh, Yo Na Pra - cho - da - yaht ***)))
(((***Om [Aum] , B'huhr B'hu - vah Swa - Haa ***)))
(((***Ta - at , Sah-vee-tur Vah - ren - yuum ***)))
(((***B'har-goh , Dey-vas-ya D'he - ma - hee ***)))
(((***D'hi - yoh, Yo Na Pra - cho - da - yaht ***)))

Now that we have loosened up a bit I would like to present a bit of
interesting news from the "Adelaide Fountain" group. This group uses as its
focal point the "Victoria Square" fountain situated in the middle of the
fair city of Adelaide, South Australia.
This is the "Fountain" community healing light working group that I have
been working with and providing the internet presence for on
http://gaia.satori.net.au/fountain. Please feel free to browse this site
and connect links to it.

Exciting developments are occurring in the ongoing journey of the "Adelaide
Fountain Group". The group has been established now for 12 years and in that
time has attracted considerable interest and support from the spirit world.
In fact, we have always maintained that we are co-creators with spirit, and
that our initiatives have always been supported and energized by spirit.
Since April 1995 our Co-ordinating Team has made moves to initiate more
regular and detailed communication with our spirit helpers, who describe
themselves as the gatekeepers of the Fountain energy.
The information that came through to us was basically a well done to all
those who have been and are quietly and steadfastly sending Love to the
Fountain energy field.

On 28 April 1995 we were told "There will no longer only be one central core
of energy over the Fountain, there will be two more. They will become more
evident over the next two weeks. (These 3 columns were subsequently first
detected by us in Victoria Square on 6 May).
The creation of 3 channels of energy indicates that the present function of
the Fountain will change towards a greater purpose.
It was confirmed to us that the extra power associated with 3 columns of
Light will be needed for specific reasons. Its in 18 months to 2 years that
this greater purpose will become very clear.
"Of course we must tell you that these things are possibilities, these
things are what we are attempting to achieve, but time scales are very
difficult when they are subject to the human variable."
"However, we have in mind a much greater level of communication between our
two worlds, and for this we are working with these particular columns; but
we are also expecting that we will be bringing some greater energy beings,
too, and for this reason also the columns are being built."
The pattern which appeared on the Adelaide Fountain energy field on 14 March
1995, and which incorporated a 24-pointed star. lasted until 14 April.
The new pattern that appeared then, included three concentric golden circles
which delineated the boundaries of an outer golden, middle blue and inner
white zone. Imprinted across these zones were a violet 12-pointed star, a
purple equal-armed cross and 24 golden radials (or spokes) from the center
to the perimeter.
The pattern changed again on 24 April. A white zone bounded by a single
golden circle had imprinted upon it a golden Teutonic cross made up of 4
triangles, and a pyramidal form which could be conceptualized as 7
concentric diamonds or squares. On the following day, 25 April, this pattern
was completed with the addition of a narrow outer golden concentric zone.
All of these patterns are confirmed with dowsing, by a neutral person.
Indeed a anybody who has developed the skills of dowsing can verify these
patterns around the fountain focal point.
It seems that the four triangles are symbolic representations of four groups
of spiritual beings working on the energy fabric.
The triangle with its base to the north represents the group working with
the aspect of healing. The eastern one represents the group working on the
changing energies and building the web of Light.
The southern one represents the group facilitating communication between
their world and ours, and the western triangle represents the group involved
with the raising of consciousness.
Now for the Latest developments in the patterns forming
over the Adelaide fountain!
When we send out our unconditional love to the community, the response of
our spiritual helpers has been to structure the energies into particular
patterns that have specific meanings and healing functions.

The Master Pattern that has evolved over the past year in Victoria Square
now contains 46 geometrical forms that we have been able to recognize.
At our most recent meeting colour diagrams were projected onto the screen of
7 of the most recent patterns to have been put into place, and their
functions were described to the best of our current level of understanding.
To mention just one here, the rose cross with its various additions contains
sacred symbols of Aboriginal and European cultures and is designed to draw
together, in the long term, the spiritual energies of the two peoples.
We employed 10 of the geometrical forms as Ron led us in a superb creative
visualization to direct healing energies to a range of places and situations
in Adelaide, as well as Port Arthur.

Putting the community light healing concept into action, at its basic level,
is very easy: no prior experience required; just the ability to send a
loving thought, and everyone is capable of that.
All you need is a desire to improve conditions within your community.
However, I acknowledge the need to clean up one's own backyard first, in the
healing sense, before any attempt to heal the earth.
A person working with the community healing principle within his or her own
community is a Light. Others, working within their communities
are also Lights. Because they are all connecting with this unconditional love
healing idea, their lights join together as one bright Light.
As more and more people join in, the community healing light
becomes stronger and brighter.
Because there are other 'Spiritual Concept' lights shining throughout the
world, our world community thoughts link up with them to create a network
of Light for the whole Earth.
As every person is an individual, the methods used by one may not work for
another, but that is one of the great things about light working: everyone
can participate, regardless of circumstances, background, politics or
religious beliefs.
In fact, you will probably find that no two light working groups are alike.
Each group depends upon its members' aims and interests.

So, you have decided to help improve the community in which you live.
"How do I start?" you ask.
Whether you work with the Fountain concept alone or in
a group is entirely your own personal preference.
Anyone who puts this idea into practice is contributing to the greater
benefit of mankind. Everything helps!
Your first decision will be where to locate the 'focal point' of your
visualization. The focal point needs to be somewhere near the center of your
community, preferably where a lot of people pass by, and something that can
be easily visualized such as a clock tower, a church spire, a statue or a

Although the community light working concept works with the Earth's energy
system, the focal need not be a sacred site or on a ley line.
For example, when the Torquay Fountain Group (UK) first chose their focal
point, they a selected an ancient chapel set high on a hill behind trees.
Because few knew the site, visualization was difficult.
So, they changed their focal point to the Clock Tower on the Strand.
Everyone knew it, and it had the added advantage
of sitting in the middle of Torquay's "trouble spots".
The group dowsed this focal point for energy lines, but none were found.
Undeterred, they started to send Torquay pure Love and healing energy via
the Clock Tower, and within a few months, when they dowsed again,
they found that the site had 'clicked' itself into the energy system.
Some people in Fountain use dowsing to 'prove' that the concept works, but
you do not need to be able to dowse in order to put this idea into action.)
Having selected your focal point, you might find it useful to have a
photograph of it on your kitchen notice board, wardrobe door or bathroom
closet, as a reminder to send your daily thoughts.

I would now like to lead you in a )Gaia*Friends( fountain type meditation.
The focal point for our energies will be the "Pentagon" building in
Washington DC. I have already checked out this location on

At a peaceful time of the day, when you can be alone and undisturbed by the
telephone, sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed.
You could play some relaxing music if you prefer, as long as it does not
contain any lyrics. In this relaxed state, let go of any daily worries you
may have.
Visualize yourself as a flower bud, under a dome of golden energy . . . .
Feel yourself drawing up brown/green energy from the Earth's heart center,
through your feet, up your legs, into your chest and place this energy in
your own heart center . . .
Feel the bond of love between the Earth and yourself . . . .
Then begin to draw down the white fire of Cosmic Love from the spiritual
realms, through the top of your head, down your neck, into your chest and
place it, too, in your heart center . . . .
Allow these two energies to mix and blend . . .
Slowly the combined energy begins to expand and fill the whole of your being
. . . . It fills you with pure love, light harmony and joy . . . .
Allow yourself to accept any of this energy that you may need
to make yourself whole . . . .
Visualize your flower bud beginning to open, with the energy expanding
further into your room, filling the building and out onto the street . . . .
When you feel that the time is right, Visualize yourself sending this energy
to the focal point, the Pentagon building in Washington USA, cleansing it
and filling it with unconditional Love . . . .
See it sparkling and buzzing with energy . . . . See it, then, pouring back
out of the focal point like a fountain, flowing into the earth and around
it, flowing into the veins and arteries of the community . . . .
See it radiating pure Love and Light to all, uplifting everyone within your
community . .
When it is finished, close your flower into its bud-like form again,
retaining part of the pure Love and Light energy, so that you can share it
with others during the time between meditations . . . . Sense the room
again, feel yourself back in your chair, wiggle your toes and then open your

Please share with others on the internet the concept of developing community
focal points for combining healing light energy.
We are a world community and as a common focal point I would like to suggest
the Pentagon building in Washington DC.
Use the visualization suggested earlier or develop your own. As individuals
we can combine together in thought, focusing our light energy on central
points within our community so that the healing energy can radiate out and
heal our entire world community.
I would like to end this presentation with a short song in English. This
song is called "Building Bridges".

Now that we have completed our task successfully,
once again we have time to "***CELEBRATE***".
Raise your Spirits , lift your hearts for we are the "Ammi Shaddai" [the
family of God] and our acts of Love are known throughout the universe.
So pick up your whistles , Drums and Guitars or what ever instrument you
choose to play and join in with the "Cosmic Celebration"!!!!!
The huge assembly of Angels of all kindred spirit and the interplanetary
souls of like mind throughout the universe have gathered here and now . The
interdimensional screen scrolls the words for the connecting song of
*************"BUILDING BRIDGES"**************
Bm /A /G /F#
Building bridges between our divisions,
I reach out to you as you reach out to me,
With all of our voices and all of our visions,
Bm /A /Bm
Together we can make such a sweet harmony....

Building bridges between our divisions,
I reach out to you as you reach out to me,
With all of our voices and all of our visions,
Together we can make such a sweet harmony....

Building bridges between our divisions,
I reach out to you as you reach out to me,
With all of our voices and all of our visions,
Together we can make such a sweet harmony....

[The creator beings , Ourselves , have never linked up before around the
world in such precision and as they sing there are indeed Bridges being
built in the higher dimensions. ]
[Reaching out across space and time with tendrils of interwoven love we
build out bridges. ]
[Our voices mixing with our visions to create beauty beyond compare as it
has never been seen before.]
[The Harmony of such sweetness that nourishes the Lady/Lord God like beings
with Pure Joy and Glory , raising them above all, where they smile and sing
with us returning a Blessing]

BabaGlee summersaults off the soapbox and lands in a pile of cushions
<Leva> hehe

<Telena> BabaGlee
Hathor smiles and winks at Babababe
Noel asks "How are the two wires connected?"
<BabaGlee> noel : the rod is one piece if wire that has a 90 degree bend in it...
and you have two of them...
<Noel> Then what are the 10 cm and 25 cm dimensions referencing?
<BabaGlee> the 10cm and 25cm is the lengths either side of the bend
<Leva> baba do rods turn within your hands or do your hands turn?
<BabaGlee> leva , the rods ..the part that is of the shorter length ,
sit loosely in your hand and they turn by themselves
<Leva> oh i see so your hands stay stationary
<BabaGlee> Yes , Leva your hands stay stationary
<Leva> how much do they turn?
<BabaGlee> The rods can turn as much as they have free space to turn in
Ie: they turn either inwards or outwards

<Leva> thanks baba
<Telena> SOOO nice!
<Telena> :)
<Leva> i support the idea of fountains

luvvie bows to the divine in BabaGlee and all here a
and all everywhere involved in this wonder-full
experience, and is grateful
<Arianna/Susanrose> Thank you BABA! HUGS
<Hathor> I enjoyed it very much Baba.
<Ganesha> Baba Thank-you so wonderful!!!
Gayatri great...dowsing ...great teaching...want to try it

<BabaGlee> Noel: I would like the Pentagon to be our Gaia and
friends focal point for world healing
<Noel> Makes a great one. That location can still fountain past the moon
even if the physical building is no longer visible.
<Leva> pentagon is a good point I guess
<luvvie> i hope any negative focus on the pentagon will be negated
<BabaGlee> But of course all the focal points for community healing
are connected with the common vibration of our love

<BabaGlee> You can if you want to ,
draw upon the energies at the Adelaide Fountain focal point
to help heal the area of your choosing
<Kitahwa> night everyone.. glad to have found you all...
may you all walk in white light... and feel the peace &
love of the creator..
<HARVEE> thanks baba, gota go, see you all later.
Telena thanks Baba for a WONDERFUL lecture!!! huggers!
<Arianna/Susanrose> Thank you BABA, and Good Night to All!
May the angels watch over all of us.