So How Do You Meditate?

Welcome to )Gaia*Friends(
WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together

Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava

the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
>From the source of love, let love stream forth!

>From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!

<Arianna> WE ARE READY

The Topic Tonight is:
So how do YOU meditate?
Sharing our best experiences on how
we achieve spiritual upliftment through meditation.

To Paraphrase from William Blank's book
in his chapter on Meditation:

In the West, the most basic religious activity is prayer.
In Many other cultures, and in Eastern religions,
the preeminent spiritual activity is meditation.

If Prayer is "talking to God", meditation is "listening".
We in the west are better at talking than at listening.
Meditation is looking inside to contact the Divine

People are often concerned about doing it
"the right way", and for one reason or another, put
off doing it.

Imagine talking to someone in a room
where the air conditioning is on,
but you are not aware of its being on, until it clicks off.

Suddenly, you realize how quiet it is, and how loudly
you had to talk before.
Meditation is like turning off the background noise,
and listening in that quiet.

Meditation begins by focusing the mind on one particular thing:
an image, a word, a mantra,a feeling, a candle flame, breathing,
or even nothingness.

This focusing of thought puts all other day to day thoughts
on the shelf. This can be difficult. Every time a stray thought
interrupts, you must return to your focus.
Meditation is a skill that takes practice.

Wayne Dwyer, author of "You'll see it when You
Believe it", suggested technique for quieting the mind
included visualizing a basketball scoreboard clock

Imagine there are 21 seconds left.
Watch the numbers tick down deliberately to zero.

Only focus on the process of watching the numbers
count down. If you have another thought,
put the 21 seconds back on the time clock and try again

For many, a protective light or calling upon angels or
the Christ is done prior to going into meditation.

This is so that any nervousness about feeling mentally
naked, or disarmed will be allayed by the protection that is
Others have suggested going up or down stair well,
and opening doorways to achieve a deepening into
the subconscious.

After repeated meditation, the stray thoughts interrupt less
and you can go longer interval. A beginner may
try 2 to 5 minutes.

The longest I have gone is 20 minutes!
<I used to do this weekly in an Edgar Cayce
Search for God Study Group.>

After I meditate I feel more able to carry out and
manifest the ideals that I have in my day to day life.
I feel content and peaceful, less stressed by
normal difficulties.

Making the time can be difficult.
One friend is able to meditate daily while taking
a shower.

I have often arrived at work 5 minutes
early so that I can sit in the car in the parking lot
to meditate, and then to ask blessings on my day.

Well, enough of my speech!
How do YOU meditate?
I will go down the list and ask everyone
what they can contribute.

MasterWiz] wow what a crowd..
Arianna> :)
Arianna> Ayla?
ayla] i use my tarot and earth cards
i take a card....
after first lighting a candle and sage
and look into it
each time is different. it works for me
the concentration on the meaning
relieves me of stresss and the outside :)

Arianna- lighting candle now! thanks ayla!

ACTION : Azmodius simply shuts out everything
Arianna> hey, Azmodius...anything more you can say?
Azmodius] I consciously shut down my senses
one by one while remaining focused on
a single point of light somewhere behind my eyes
that point of light expands and fills all
that's all really
Arianna> thanks Azmod!

Danie] I have a method
not so unusual, but it works pretty well
I light a candle in a dark room and focus slowly into it.
This is similar to what Azmodius does.
Then after, I have the vision of the candle
firmly implanted in my mind, then I close my eyes
and picture the candle in my third eye chakra center of my forehead
While I'm looking at the candle I focus
on seeing the aura of the candle
this is practice also for learning to see auras of other things

Arianna> how long can you stay in meditation, Danie?
[ACTION] MasterWiz wonders what kind of candle people use?
Scented/unscented colored/multicolored/no color? large/small/fat skinny
Danie] I use AUM mantra or HU mantra sometimes as well

Arianna> Thanks, Danie!

[Ganesha] I use several different techniques but
the foremost one is: Saying the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya".
These words are what is called "Chaitanya" or they are enlivened
by the shakti or energy of all those who have used this mantra
to attain enlightenment.
[Ganesha] The Vibration of this mantra penetrates and permeates
all levels of consciousness and leads to meditation
I also sit on an asana which is white hold the meditation shakti or
I use a special wool meditation shawl and sit in the same place daily
[Ganesha] I also visualize my own meditation master and "install" them into
my own
body so that my body merges with theirs on the etheric level
[Ganesha] That's all for today..

Arianna> Thank you Ganesa!

[satori] I simply sit still and do nothing. I did use the counting
technique initially - taught
to me by a Buddhist monk

[Star22] I would like to jump in here ahead of my turn, I must leave for work
but i would like to share with the group
Arianna> sure star
Star 22: there are many ways to meditate.....i essentially do the same process
to begin
i breathe in very deeply....and exhale in the same fashion....
pulling in the light from the source
filling me up ....with the divine presence...feeling the chakras
i ground myself to the mother...deep in a cavern in the core of the plant...
a cavern that i see as filled with crystals,,,quartz and amythest
i ground myself to a magnificent amythest crystal in the center..
then spiral up back to my body
from there i do several different things
one is to clear my mind and ask my guides
to let me see the most important thing for me
to know at this point in my evolution
another is to practice pulling down my light body which i will expound on
i visualize walking and seeing a pyramid.....i see my star mane on the
i enter and am seated in the center...
i visualize a light pyramid of the same dimensions
coming down over the stone one i occupy...
[Star22] this meditation is available in eric kleins book
the crystal stair and i have found it to be very interesting
as the light body and you become one you may experience who you are in another
i am sorry to be so brief... i must say goodnight Much love and light to all :

Arianna> nice Star! Goodnight.

Grnsleev_] I sit in a silent place and concentrate on my breathing, and when
a thought
distracts me, I visualize breathing that thought in, and then out again. While
breathing, I
relax all my muscles. Then I do visualization based on WHY I'm meditating...
surrounding my body or streaming through me, for example. Sometimes I follow a
I found in a book on meditation: visualizing a gateway, passing thru it, and
walking along a
beautiful forest path
After I think of the person I want to give the love to, first one that comes
to mind, I picture
them there, and picture the light surrounding me flow to surround them. Then I
walking back through the forest and leaving again thru that gate. That's it
for me. Sorry for
being out of order.. :(
Arianna> well, that is ok neighbor! (Greenleeves is from my old hometown)
That was a nice visualization, Green

Arianna> hey Gabriel? something to add?
I do not meditate as such although I do daydream. :)
I am interested in learning more about others' techniques for meditation.
Arianna> good that you came tonight Gabriel!
[Gabriel] Yes, I think so.

Arianna> Lumiere, How do YOU meditate???
Lum just said she was on the phone:)
maybe she can talk later

Arianna> luvbliss?
Luv is trying to paste us something
we will wait
good time to scroll back and see what flew by....:)

[luvbliss] ok to start,,,,, meditation is for me sitting in corner
like stone Buddha to 'practice' meditation and then to better 'live
it is not me meditating, rather,
I sit for meditation to be infilled and travel the inner realms
love and devotion are a big key as well as gratitude
I practice kriya breathing up the spine, in book
autobiography of a yogi explains some on kriya

Arianna> you are doing fine luv
[luvbliss] and i practice surat shabd yoga,
listening for and allowing the sound current
of the soul to carry me thru the inner realms
and i practice gyatri mantra, as night meets day,
as morning meets afternoon and as day meets night
[luvbliss] tithing is sitting for meditation a minimum
of 1/10th day = 2 hours 40 min
tis' said,,,, working up to minimum of 3 hours day

Arianna> wow
can you really do 3 hours a day?
any other questions for luv?
[novale] is there more Luvbliss?
[luvbliss] probably novale... that's all for now,
unless i can contribute more if needed
[luvbliss] oh no, Arianna,,,, and thank you....
that is what is needed to accomplish real work....
and also.... if orange juice comes into mind,,,,
just watch it pass.... without pushing or pulling....
we don't sit for meditation for ourselves,
rather for all the universe/the planet and all beings
we initiates are sorta like placastomas fish in an aquarium,,,,
absorbing the negativity and in meditation it is completely removed,
and not just going into the lower astral realms
for someone else to re-absorb

[novale] well, for me...let's see. I was taught to meditate
at the hours of 6, 9, noon and 3. Used a variety of techniques,
progressive relaxation, light meditations and cards too like ayla
but as a householder I often found this oppressive
and found that I sorta "skipped" a lot
and so I started looking for things that would fit my life
with children and so on
I found two techniques that I can use always, anytime
the first is focused activity
that means that whatever I am doing I REALLY do..
I give it all my loving focus
if its dishes, then I DO dishes...with love and service.
It can be anything else really too

[Ganesha] this is the best meditation the awareness of meditation everywhere

novale: The second, I was taught in my community
but I believe they got it from somewhere else
its called laughing meditation
I just make myself laugh
long and hearty

Arianna> lol
[novale] until I am the laugh and not the laugher!
its my favorite

one secret name of God is 'Ha Ha"
it removes lotsa blocks, worries and concerns
and always brings me in touch with Spirit
<Arianna> i like that secret name luvbliss!
[novale] I think that's all hahahaha!
[luvbliss] :)
[luvbliss] yes, novale your practicing 'living meditation'
when eating... EAT
when going to bathroom POOPIE, don't read etc. hehhe
Arianna> lol again!

Arianna> satori..How do YOU meditate?
as i said before, I began with the counting technique
mentioned by arianna
- very similar anyway
but now I start with mindfulness of breathing
be aware of everything your breath is doing -
the rise and fall of the stomach/chest, the feel of the
air moving past the nostrils, etc..
Arianna> counting back to zero?
how long can you sustain it?
[satori] and any thoughts and distractions which come along
, I allow simply to fly past.
arianna: to be perfectly honest I can't remember the finer points
of the counting technique
any more :)
I am the eye of the storm
the peace at the center..
[I also try to practice mindfulness no matter what I'm doing -
*be* there doing it with all my being
I tend not to indulge in visualizations - i find them something of
a distraction, although i
occasionally use a mantra such as the mantra of the Buddha
of healing if my meditation
has a particular purpose
has anyone heard of thich nhat hanh - a Vietnamese Buddhist monk?

luvbliss] and do you look for the spaces between the heartbeats, satori?
satori] luvbliss - that's not a technique I use, no - could you explain
satori: but usually i prefer to simply sit still and do nothing, as I
mentioned earlier :)

Arianna> i like that satori......eye of the storm.
I need to "be" there for my patients
..mindfulness is how I can help them
..I have not hear of him...anyone else?
[Lumiere] yes
satori] he wrote a book called peace is every step -
the path of mindfulness in everyday life - I highly recommend it :)
[novale] I have, satori

[Lumiere] my turn now? guess so :)
Arianna> after satori, we will just back to Lum,
cause she was on the phone
before when it was up to her name ok?
go ahead Lumiere

[Lumiere] My meditation keeps changing
and developing as I change and develop
I try to stay flexible... and open to new techniques
currently I use more of a grounding and energy
flow type of meditation
with a clearing of the chakras
and a centering
and focusing on being in the here and now
the grounding I find that I practice many times throughout the day
anytime I am waiting... in line... at a red light...
I ground...
seems to be a big stress reliever
mostly I've shared my techniques at the Friday night circles...
[Ariannna] hematite stones/beads for grounding?
[Lumiere] I don't use any tools for grounding...just visualization

[Ariannna] yes, you do a great job with circle of light...
[Lumiere] for me... meditation is about getting in touch
with my energy system
clearing the energy... allowing it to flow freely
asking for guidance... listening to answers
enough from me

Arianna> do you tend to get answers after your meditation or during?
Lumiere] sometimes I do a sort of walking meditaiton...
usually get answers as soon
as I open up to receive them

Arianna>Recently I had to testify at the divorce court
hearing of a dear friend
when I was waiting my turn
I decided to meditate
in the waiting room of divorce court
I must have meditated with another friend
for an hour!
it was such a blessing cause
we were trying to help a friend falsely accused
of child abuse
we both got into a sense of peaceful truth

[ACTION] satori can't think of a better thing to do
when surrounded by lawyers ;-)
Arianna> I stopped worrying about the questions
that they would fire at me
and the answer came to me
"It doesn't matter what question they ask...
the formula for a wise answer is TRUTH"
I was so happy that we were able to meditate together

MasterWiz] how does one know he/she is close to doing or having a med?
Arianna> by choice Master...
willing it to be, doing the work, going with the flow
[luvbliss] Arianna... when two or more are gathered! :)
Arianna> yes, luv, I actually DID say that

MasterWiz] what a beautiful song..
[Ganesha] meditation has helped me not to compare myself
with others and to be true to myself in daily situations.
[luvbliss] Chanting also is wonderful....
many think they have to be in devotional mood first...
I've found that no matter what the feeling
, the chanting will purify and lift to devotion
[Ganesha] meditations has made me sweeter and more loving
ACTION] satori enjoys a good chanting session now and then.. :)
a good one too
[imanami] dancing is good medicine too
[luvbliss] chanting can BE meditation
I actually heard voices not in room singing with me
an octave above and an octave below...
Arianna> wow luv...a choir of angels!
[luvbliss] thought was my imagination,
and couple other's heard it and comment on it ,
and I had never said a word about it
so must have actually happened
....ohhh yes, forsure! imanami

[Lumiere] my cats like it when I meditate
[ACTION] MasterWiz falls asleep sometimes when trying to meditate..
Arianna> yes, master....try meditating when you are not too sleepy
[Lumiere] MasterWiz: do you meditate while sitting up?
[luvbliss] yes, MasterWiz ,
when consciousness falls below throat chakra, we sleep

[imanami] luv :)
[Ganesha] keeping working on it
MasterWiz] Hmm. Mostly in bed before going to bed I meditate..
[luvbliss] imanami, the energy of conscious music will move
and adjust the body, for greater health
[Ganesha] well, find another spot
[MasterWiz] it helps empty the mind of the clutter..
...hehe yeah, I should eh? Hmm, how about a nice park.. but is too cold.
That will have to wait till spring/summer.
][imanami] luv I find that most motions can be dancing :)
][luvbliss] MasterWiz, tis' like planting a tree...
if we sit for meditation 20 min day for 6 months, and not dig up tree
daily to see what
happened,,,, then... we might notice the progress a bit
[Lumiere] or even start with 5 minutes a day

<Arianna> After I meditate I feel more able to carry out
and manifest the ideals that I have in my day to day life.
I feel content and peaceful, less stressed by normal difficulties.
here is a trick I do...when I wake up in the morning,
and I am still half way in and out of sleep,
I try to lucid dream advice to my concerns
sometimes I hear responses
luvbliss] :)
MasterWiz] LD is sometimes hard to catch. But I have done that.
. I LD but never
realize I can do things like that till I am awake.

[imanami] who else dances?
Arianna> imanami: I dance to worship the divine within and without
tai chi is a form of moving meditation
[imanami] that's what it feels like indeed arianna, especially with rhythms
[luvbliss] take deep breath... stretch and yawn, and let music move body
(luvbliss] yet, all techniques end in traveling in the silence
Arianna> luv....
I thought that most are trying to silence thought
but I talked to someone who said that when he meditates
he has discussions with his guides
[imanami] nod
[luvbliss] well, Ariannna I personally don't play with entities ,
and guides etc... and meditation for me,,,,
is only from Masters from initiations, and all techniques are wonderful,
and there's no thought many times in chanting and dancing etc...
but to go to the unmanifest creation....
of which manifest creation is a reflection,,,
that takes some "practicing" meditation , sitting in silence, listening to
Arianna> thanks Luv!

Arianna> my friend meditates while showering
sometimes I would sneak into the bathroom
just to hear the channeling....(smile)

Arianna> Well, the last person on the list is Paza
but Mike is now having another"major experience"
in another channel in the undernet
we wish him well!
Arianna> My most successful technique to date
is to think of all I love. Imagining a pink cloud surrounding my heart.
It grows larger and larger, the more wordless love feeling I give it.
if inspired, I imagine a blue cloud
coming from my throat
to infuse Truth in my communications
then a white cloud from my crown
I then let all the cloud vapors drift all around me
about a distance of 12 feet.
of pink for love
blue for truth
white for wisdom
When nearing the end of the meditation,
I place my special requests for my loved ones
in the colored cloud layers,
so that the energy that was raised may be of benefit to them.

[luvbliss] that was nice Ariannna
Arianna> :)

i do have a thought
so many times, I've heard initiates that have sat
for meditation up to 30 years, say,
well... when are all these intense changes of photon belt etc...
gonna happen....and.... those that are accustomed
to sitting for meditation regularly.... daily travel.
past 4th dimension, 5th dimension etc...
and are familiar with those energies,
a boon and part of the meditation process.....
so of course they aren't as affected as some not familiar

Arianna> wow, are your teachers in the body Luv?
or are you being taught by ascended masters?
[luvbliss] all my teachers have been in body,
of course I'm sure we are taught by the hierarchy
as well

[luvbliss] at the Christ level of Consciousness...
all that are at the Christ level of creation are in direct cooperative
communication with all other pieces of soul at that level as well

Arianna> when the student is ready
the teacher appears :)

[wm_____] are we still describing our favorite meditations?
Arianna> yes
[wm_____] My favorite meditation is very simple.
I visualize a blackboard
just like we all used to have in the front of our school rooms
when we were young
and any thoughts i might have about anything at all
i transpose into chalk writing on the blackboard
and as soon as i realize that the thought is writing
on the blackboard,
i erase it
pretty soon everything is just scribbles on the board
to be quickly erased.
Pretty soon there is no more noise that is written and erased
then remain quietly in the stillness
for between 10 and 20 minutes
Arianna> :)
how do you feel it helps with the rest of your day?
wm_____] how does it help: it keeps me centered,
keeps me aware of the stillness within
easiest, simplest, most effective meditation I've ever found
[luvbliss] :)
[wm_____] from time to time it isn't powerful enough
Arianna> what then?
[wm_____] then i go to different mantras
and inner processes
[wm_____] that is always beneath all the noise
Arianna> thanks to wm
hopefully, he will tell us more next week

Arianna: lastly, I have information about
using Golden colored light:

The Golden light is a warm, loving,
forgiving beam of light.
It will allow the target's own free will
and higher self to
accept or reject it's intended use.

If not used for
physical healing, it will still surround the person
with a blanket of love and acceptance.
As in all magical work,
it is better if the person involved to give permission
for the healing, and welcome the light that you send.

White light however, is strong and forceful.
Like a lightning bolt, it hits it's target directly and cleanly.
It is used in a more emergency type situation.
(like repelling a rapist, burglar, avoiding a collision)

It can be absorbed by the target whether or not the person
is ready to accept the change, and may cause
conflicting thoughts and feelings.

(For example sending a "stop drinking" message to
an alcoholic who is not ready to quit

may make the person more depressed
when they feel forced to give up what they consider to be
their best friend, and only pleasure.)
There are directions for
the Golden Light healing meditation!
log directions, or refer to web page later

Place photo, or words on a paper of the
one or the situation to be healed
in the center of the circle.

If you wish:
Surround the picture if possible with a circle
of crystals, with terminal ends pointed clockwise.

Obtain a small favorite article that belongs to the
one to be healed...scarf, jewelry, pillow, etc.
place it in front of the photo.

If possible, play light,
gentle music in the background.
Ask the group to close their eyes.
Breathe slowly and deeply, releasing stress,
breathing in minute. (continued)

Ask them to imagine what they, friends,
pets, nature, ....feel that feeling and stay with it.

Allow it to expand...for one minute.
See this love you feel as a golden aura around you.
Take some of that golden glow and pat it into a ball
in your hands.
Pat more and more into it until it is the size of a basketball.
Holding this ball, your arms are relaxed in your lap.

As a type of mantra, you may Use:
Golden light we send her soul
Loves warm light will make her whole.

When you sense the energy is peaked,
shove off, releasing the basketball

Do this by straightening quickly straightening out
your arms, and extending palms of hands
with fingers pointed upward.

Stay there in silence for 30 seconds.
Then say:
We thank the spirit of <fill in name>,
for accepting our gift, and using it where it is most needed...
Any combination of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
This or something Better for <fill in name>,
coming in a form she recognizes as good.
For her highest good,
As it is one with what she is her to do.

Arianna> that is all for the planned part
are there any last comments?
[luvbliss] ahhhh lovely
[luvbliss] clockwise is lifeflow
counterclockwise is magnetic flow
[Gabriel] Goodnight, everyone.
Thanks for all the information on meditation.
Arianna> :) c u Gab

[ACTION] wm_____ is looking forward to facilitating next week
Arianna> hhooooorrraaaayyy wm____!
{ACTION] luvbliss is looking forward to
wm_____ facilitating next week! :)
ayla:peace and light.......i must pick my son up....
.i have learned alot..........

Arianna> well,
I think all of us who are inspired
should try to meditate after we close!
so just picture me stretching out and joining you
reaching for our highest progression!
Arianna> May the Light of Love surround you
the power of love protect you
the presence of love watch over you
Where ever you are LOVE IS!
Good night all! Thank you for coming!

[luvbliss] I love this time, intent, and communion...
Thank you so very much, Ariannna
Arianna> ;)
[Danie] This session was very informative for me.
[luvbliss] Love All*Ways
[Grnsleevs] Thank you Arianna :)
This was absolutely wonderful!
[Danie] I will refer to it in the future!!
Thank you everyone, and Arianna, especially :)
[wm_____] thank you ari :)
[satori] bye all :) lotsa fun
]<Arianna> good night all!
<Arianna> {{hugs}}}