Old Gods and Evolution

<Susanrose> Welcome to )Gaia*Friends(. Tonight I am happy to <Susanrose> Welcome to )Gaia*Friends(. Tonight I am happy to
introduce Gina, metaphysical teacher from New Zealand.

She will be leading a discussion on
"Old Gods and Evolution."

Having just returned from Egypt, I have been puzzling over some of the
Photos that I snapped at Dendarah. The whole idea of the two weeks in
Egypt was to visit the old sites, places that were said to have been built by the
Egyptians, yet, were far to great to have been.

The more I saw, the less inclined I was to the Egyptians having the
technology to enable them to achieve such wonders. Since arriving home I have
searched all my books, (smiles, and I have a couple of thousand) for some

I have always believed that mankind was created for this planet and this
much we can all agree upon, however, as Homo erectus, humans did not evolve.
It is a well know fact that up until 200,000 years ago humans were going
no where fast. Then the puzzle for all scientist and archeologist has been to
find the missing link. What appeared to change Homo erectus to Homo Sapiens
after 6 millions years of no change.

We have the different stories, mythologies that we can look to which do give
us a little more light upon the subject. Zechariah Stitchin has given us the
largest single compiled writings on this subject. He takes us on a walk through
history, explaining the Sumerian tables in a way which not only reveals to us
another planet called Nibiru but also the reason for the Gods visit to planet

Now this can be seen in places like Egypt, Lebanon, South America and
Stonehenge in England. Today I am looking at the middle east and at Sumeria and
Egypt. In Sumeria mankind is said to have been modeled on the gods. We should
for the purpose of this talk maybe explain that the Gods were Space people, men
and women who came to this planet via Nibiru a planet that takes 3,500 years to
come within sight of Planet Earth.. Where there real home planet is, is yet a

There were two Commanders. One was called En ki and the other En lil.
Enki was given dominion over the planet and along with his sister Nin Hag Sag,
created workers after genetically using their own DNA.
This appears to be around the time that humans became Homo Sapiens.
Any questions so far ??

<LadyNada> so Enki and his sister mixed their own DNA
with Homo erectus? to make Homo Sapiens?
<Gina> so the Sumerian tablets seem to imply
This appears to be around the time that humans became Homo Sapiens.
Why we can ask, was there a need for intelligent workers and to what purpose
were the newly created humans put to.

When we go further into the Sumerian
tablets we find that the Gods started to war against each other. " An" (which
means Heaven) was father of the Gods, changed his mind and gave En lil and his
half sister Nin Har Sag the Earth.

Here we find the first succession to ruler ship.
To keep the genetic purity of their race the Gods had to marry and produce
their off springs through their own line. While we do not consider this a good
practice today, the Egyptian Pharaohs emulated the practice.

En ki means "Lord of the Earth" and En Lil means "Lord of the Wind"
along with Nin Har Sag which means (Lady of the Head Mountain)
divided the earth into 4, leaving one zone as neutral.
I think that it is interesting that we have three main blood factors on the
planet with a 4th that is a mixture of A and B

At Dendarah temple in Luxor we saw pictures on the ceiling of a star chart.
This chart we were told was given to the Egyptians from the Greeks. However when
you read further into the Sumerian tablets you find that Nin Har Sag and The
Hathor, who Dendarah temple is dedicated too are one of the same.

Both are shown with a falcon or hawk. Hathor was said to be the midwife,
she who brings life. However in the light of the Sumerian tablets, she gave life
to humanity. She is said to have given the new creation the skin of the Gods, a
larger brain and workable digits. At Dendarah we can see on the walls of the
birth house Hathor instructing mankind. This instruction was said to have taken
place in the last 6,000 years.

When we look deeper into the reason for the workers we find that the neutral
area was at Baalbek in Lebanon which forms a line with the great pyramid
and Mt. St Catherine. What part did the pyramid play and how old is Cheops.
While in Egypt I purchased a gold chartouche. On its face was engraved
the three main pyramids, over top of them a rainbow, beneath them a sun disc
and the sphinx and an Ankh. While I really like the picture it was a puzzle
to see the rainbow in a land that seems so arid, that is, until I found a
passage that explains the pyramids reason for being.
Cheops or the great pyramid was known to the Sumerians as Ekur, often
referred to as the House of the Gods with a pointed peak.

<ggroggs> The 6000 years ago timeline you suggest may be a bit young
In fact, I have read that this may in fact be closer to 15000
<Gina> actually ggroggs 200000 years ago mankind were changed
however they were created into workers
As far back as 11000 BC we have written word that humanity were being taught
however they were and never have been really capable it seems to sustain
civilization on their own ....Until now

<Gina> One tablet describes Ekur in a poem to the Goddess Ninharsag:
House bright and dark of Heaven and Earth for the Shems
(space rockets) put together
E.KUR, House of the Gods with pointed peak. (The Pyramid)
The tablets go on to describe a war between the two gods En ki and En lil
and that after they had ended the war , Ninurta, (En lils) son vented hi anger on
the instruments inside Ekur. I will quote Alan Alford from the book Gods of the
New Millennium:
He( Ninurta) therefore vented his anger on the instruments left inside the
Ekur. Inspecting its "stone" (crystals) ?, Ninurta determined their destiny - to
be destroyed or taken away. In what was probably the Queens chamber, he found
the Shem "Destiny" stone, which had a red glow.

Ninurta ordered it to be dismantled and destroyed, claiming that the stones
powers had been used "to grab me to kill me, with a tracking which kills to seize me.
The stone is later described in a poem to Ninharsag as having "an outpouring
like a lion, whom no one dares attack" Ninurta then passed up the Grand Gallery
towards the Kings Chamber. There he found the GUG "direction Determining"

Other such stones were taken from there niches and destroyed,
Su "Vertical" stone, the Ka. Shur. Ra "Awesome,
Pure which opens" stone, and the Sag. Kal "Sturdy Stone which is in front.
On his way back down the Grand Gallery Ninurta destroyed or removed, as
appropriate, the Multi- Colored "stones" which created the rainbow-like effect.

The text clearly names 22 of these pairs of stones or crystals, whilst others are
illegible. There are today 27 pairs of niches empty on the walls of the Grand Gallery.
Finally, the Great Pyramids capstone, the UL "High as the Sky" stone, was
It was a cost that Ninharsag had anticipated as necessary in securing peace
between the warring Gods.
Now we see their was a reason for the Pyramids beyond the so called tombs
statement. I felt that some of the articles that I saw in the Cairo Museum were also
more than the tag on them said. On such Article was a disc which had some funny
wings cut into it.

The disc was hollowed out and had three areas where there had been a part
cut out and shaped up into almost fin like shapes. I asked a friend what he
thought the use of the disc was after some time examining the photo his reply
"some sort of flying disc" on the tag in the museum it said a fruit bowl.
I feel that the pyramid was used as a station to relay information out into
space...it also had other uses...not until after all the Space people left did
they get used for initiations

<basil> Gina, what you say correlates to Alice A Bailey.
A Hierarchy living amongst infant humanity, not unlike gods.
A falling out amongst the gods (War between the Lords of Form
& the Lords of Being) etc.
<Gina> basil I think that its time we rewrote the history books
<basil> We can rewrite the history books when we figure out
the purpose of the Sphinx. %99.9 of our heritage is lost.

<ggroggs> Have you encountered any recent information
about the secret chamber at the base of the Sphinx
which is thought to contain 15000 year old proof
of "Gods" or as others have proffered, the link to Atlantians?
<Gina> only what I have sent me on line ggroggs
The Altantians are a much later race than the Sumerian
there is a black carved lid in the chamber that is now being investigated
in front of the sphinx

Another of the pictures that intrigued me was taken at Dendarah of a person
receiving energy from a hooded cobra. The energy was going from the cobra into
the persons 3rd eye. Out of the persons mouth and into the crown of a falcon or
Horus, from the birds mouth back into the persons solar plexus. Standing in a
line behind the first person are 5 other people.
Each receiving energy from a 5 pointed star.

The energy then coming from their mouths into the crown of the bird and the
from the mouth of the bird into their solar plexus. A snake on the ground looks
to be biting the last persons heel and a temple cat stands on hind legs looking
over its shoulder, as if on guard. I felt that this picture shows direct input
into the initiate of memories from the home land.

Above the panel is another panel which shows a representation of what could
pass for a modern day jet. Why has it taken so long for us to really understand
that we were created and that we can now take our place in the universe as a fully ascended Being if only we will put in the time and energy to change our
levels of consciousness.

Who were the Darcon people and what role did they play in human development?
I have two different photos one of a male with Anubis type head and a human
body to the waist and the lower body in the form of a serpent. The other photo
is of a women and her face, head and body to the waist are human,
arms are wings and the waist down the serpent form.
Both statues are blue in color as there is a relationship between these two
and Krishna in the Indian Mythology who is also depicted as being Blue.

<Gina> ok,
now can we have a discussion and I will endeavor to share what I found
in Egypt... an open discussion

<SHAMAN> some of what u mention refers to "kundalini"?
<Gina> yes shaman in fact the energy being fed into the initiates seems to be 2
different reasons
one to awaken the initiate and the other
to feed information on a physical level
<SHAMAN> good point

<LadyNada> Inanna who is supposedly one of the beings from Nibiru,
says in her (channelled) books that she is blue also, Gina
and that her people from Nibiru are reptilian pleidians.
I ponder why so much hatred toward the Draco and Serpent races,
when it appears as though we ourselves have their DNA ?

<Gina> no lady I don't feel that Enki and Enlil were Dracon
Infact I feel that they came from outside of our galaxy and used the planet
Niribu to hitch a ride so to speak
<LadyNada> oh that's interesting

<ggroggs> The 2 different energies is reasonable. I believe that we carry within
the 80% of our brains that we do not use, the genetic encryptions left there
and this source of energy will awaken us.
I believe that as "we" the species are awakening

<Gina> The people were emulating
the Goddesses who appeared to them in that form
<LadyNada> yes Gina, like a costume
<Susanrose> Gina... what goddesses do you think may have had
outer space connections?
<Gina> Susanrose I feel that many of the early female goddesses were the same
person...Ninharsag or Hathor...or Sikhmet

<LadyNada> I believe, based on these kinds of evidences,
that human beings have serpentine DNA
<ggroggs> Ladynada, current science knows that all animal DNA
is identical to a certain point, humans, dinosaurs etc.
<ggroggs> Of course the snakes are, their method of skin shedding growth is
probably a very pure lesson on how we must evolve to the light.
<Gina> that the pharaohs were off spring of the Gods until they married outside of
the line and so the DNA was reduced
we had many different races helping humanity become what we are today

<Gina> I think that as a race that we today on this planet have shown signs of
collectively changing and evolving our consciousness to far greater heights than
the Egyptians ever did
I feel that it is now time for us to prove that we are capable of better
things upon this planet and to join the space age in a true sense of the word
I think and feel that we must be more responsible than we have appeared to
be to date
<Susanrose> whoo hooo, a quote worthy to put on page one
of the )Gaia*Friends( web site Gina!

<ggroggs> Agreed...but very easy statement to make.
How do we open ourselves for this ultimate enlightenment?
<Susanrose> ggroggs... we just do the best we can... opening up your inner self as
you have done with your poetry is one example
<ggroggs> I wish to try in all ways possible Susanrose, thank you.
<^alex^> It's not so much that we have to reach enlightenment...ggrogg...
but that we have to LIVE the LIGHT that is within us....
<Gina> I feel that we are in a very special time and
I was told by a group who stated they were the Lords of Time and Space
<ggroggs> I was not doubting Gina.
<KrimHum> Sounds like a rock group.
<Susanrose> laughing
<basil> The earth is protected by the ring-pass-not.
We won't be interfered with.
It's up to us to prove we are worthy of (re)contact.
<Gina> I agree basil
<basil>I think an important point is that the space people/Hierarchy
(whatever you call them) withdrew to allow humanity to evolve on its own.
It's up to us now.
<Gina> I would like us to look forward from that time if possible
<SHAMAN> basil , scary thought , up to us :)
<basil> Not scary, shaman. We have will, purpose and volition.
We know what we have to do.
<LadyNada> I feel that humans need to get back in touch with their feeling nature
<Gina> until humanity can get its act together and let go of fear
I cannot see us advancing
<LadyNada> that through fears we've deadened ourselves,
made ourselves numb
I think it is fears that keeps us from "accepting"
our physical bodies, and enjoying this glorious existence we have
we are literally 'afraid' to live
<^Angel^9> ?? numb, hard, uncaring?? Not me.
I'm learning to be more loving and more lovable

<basil>we are on our own now.
<enki> the possibility exist that we were or are only a genetic experiment,
and "they' don't give a damm about the outcome. it terrorizes me to think
that we were left alone
<^alex^> not left alone...but left and observed
<Susanrose> enki... no one is alone... all spirit is one
<basil> Not alone, enki. The evolution of ALL consciousness is the job of very
great beings. Humanity is important even in the grand scheme.
<Jackie> it angers me to think we are left alone and observed. we need help!
* SHAMAN sits up....
<Susanrose> Jackie, what I think is that our souls are no less powerful than
theirs, aren't we all part of the same divine being?
<enki> Susanrose. why you call them "divine"
<Susanrose> I call the ONE spirit from which we are all aspects or facets of,
a Divine Being... all spirit is one
<Gina> I don't believe we are alone Jackie
I think they are trying to tell us that its time to remember that we are
more than mere humans

<enki> we are microbes in the cosmos
<basil> Even a microbe might have a thing or two to say to the cosmos.
<enki> just as on single cell in our body has something to say to the whole body?
<^alex^> yes!
<Ganesha> acorn and oak tree...our divine potential
<Gina> I think we are capable of plenty
I feel that your mind can create your reality
micro and macrocosm thing
I believe that you will receive the help from the Spiritual Teacher
when you need it
I believe you will receive just what you can use in comfort and no more
<^alex^> if we choose to change the environment then we will do it one at a time
creating as we go...ripple effect...
....if we are to change consciousness on a universal level
it is to be done beginning with each individual...all are in place in the various
aspects of the world and we are to act as stone dropped into the water of our
region to send out ripples through our actions and living our consciousness....
<Jackie> good one, alex!

<Susanrose> Gina...is there anything you would like to summarize?
<Gina> I would like to repeat what the Lords of Time and Space
said in Dendarah
The true Light of the One is with this planet and its people...
allow the light to shine forth and reach into the darkest corners of Earth.
You are all of the One Light....be at peace.
You will never be left on your own

<Susanrose> Thanks to Gina and everyone for coming!
<Gina> thanks for asking me Susanrose
<^alex^> thank you so much Gina!!! ((((((hugs)))))))
* ^Angel^9 bows to Gina ... love and light to all