The Law of Resonance"


While we are waiting for the rest to gather,
Can we say where we are from?
I am in Pittsburgh, Jonan is from Arkansas?
<jonan> yes  hot springs
<alex> The north pole, Alaska
<David3> is in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, Earth, ......
<Ana> Lebanon,Pennsylvania
<WindRyder> college station TX
<Tamar> Pittsburgh, the Crystal City!!!
<Ana> Lebanon, PA
<^WiteLite> Windsor,ontario Canada :)
<AshtarRose> I'm in Marshfield, central wisconsin
<Annie> I was so excited about finding you all,
and eargerly await this night

While more are gradually coming on, I will start tonight.
WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now. Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathe in light Breathe out fear

A Coming Together.
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep Feeling our connection to the air,
the wind the water, the oceans the fire and molten lava the earth,
the soil and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA,
our mother, our earth.

The topic tonight is
"The Law of Resonance"
Understanding the frequency of your vibration
And your environment,  Harmonize with life!


This time of year, with Valentine's Day coming up reminds me
of an interesting Valentine's weekend date last year.
It was only the second date, but I agreed to meet at
my date's place before we went out.

When I got there,
his  place seemed nice enough, but he said:
You know what, do you mind if you hold off leaving for
just a couple minutes, I have been trying to catch the end
of this movie on HBO, and I don't want to miss it again.
I said ok, and I was glad I did.

The display of violence on the movie he was watching was
incredible..  My date was riveted to the TV.  He and the story were one!
When the mad killer told the cop he had the cop's
wife's head gift wrapped for him, and that she was pregnant when
he killed her,  I lost it.   Told my date if he didn't quickly turn it off
and get me ginger ale, I was going to throw up.
Needless to say, I never saw the date again.  (smile)
That tip off saved me lots of time!

Funny thing is, when you are vibrating in a spiritual life style,
you are protected from a lot of weirdness in this world when you
do not resonate with the person, places or environment around you.
The thing about it is, you must trust your instincts when the
resonance is telling you to use that ten foot pole!

There is a saying, if you lay with dogs you will get fleas.
The bible also warns of being unequally yoked.  So it makes
sense to protect yourself from misfortune,
TRY  to keep yourself surrounded by the appropriate spiritual wave lengths.

In the land of computer and personal ad dating,
I have yet to have a really bad experience
(thank you, angels), partly due to the appreciation of
resonance as a means to help detect, defect as well as
keep those positive people in your circle of close friends.

<Tamar> St Valentine had his head lopped off!
So much for the saying loose your head in love.
<^alex^> hmmm...don't think that's meant literally tho...hehehe
I think the expression means to let go of one's logical thinking
in love and be more instinctual

What is a definition of resonance?
One appears in the Spirit WWW site at

Resonance is a process of initiating and amplifying a vibratory response
(a link) in a receiving system that is attuned to an emitting system.

It has also been more simply defined as
"the effect of one frequency upon another".

Examples of how resonance works in daily life:

1. The person who gets angry creates waves of anger that
spread into his surroundings.
In this way, his anger will be easily transmitted to the other
person. If this other person accepts these frequencies in his aura,
he will get angry too, producing waves of the same frequency,
who will influence the first person through resonance,
amplifying his anger. In this way, as long as they are together, their anger
will grow continuously.

2.   Two people who agree on a subject are attracted to each other,
because they resonate.
Hold two lit candles close together.  Do you see how the flames will
lean towards one another and become one?  How about 2 drops of water
beaded up on your countertop… by morning they are one larger drop.

3. There is also sympathetic resonance.
A violin played on one long note
by a musician will make another violin string
on  an instrument not being held also
sing along with it... in resonating with the
frequency that is being played.   Or a tuning fork
being struck nearby another tuning fork that was not
struck, will also begin to sound.

4.  In yoga, there is an attempt to link your frequency to the prana,
or universal energy. This is the energetic
and vibratory  nature of the Universe.
An example of this type of resonance was explained to me in
this e-mail sent to me prior to tonight on the topic:
"To me, resonance is that which moves my heart and soul and
senses to feel, know, experience a taste of the many mysterious gifts of
God. This morning, I wept at the beauty of the voices in "Phantom of the
Opera". Heaven is an eternity of ever-exciting Resonance."

5. A very important aspect of resonance is the group resonance.
In this case, if a group of people are synchronized and think
or feel the same thoughts/feelings, the power of those thoughts/feelings
 is greatly amplified.

This phenomenon is very obvious in
healing circles, where a group of people are synchronized and send energy
 (which is amplified through resonance) to one
person who needs help. In this way, the participants do not need
to be very powerful or skilled, because their efforts, however
clumsy, will add and will amplify through resonance,
creating a noticeable effect which otherwise may not have been obtained
by a single individual.

I have heard theories in new age thought that this can go so far as
even keeping you out of car accidents.
I don't know about that, because I know due to free will
sometimes bad things can happen to good people.
I am not so sure I can deflect a drunk driver if one comes around
the bend, but I CAN pray to my guide and angels to help
me decide the safest route, and the best reactions.

What do you think???

<miKron> Resonance is an important aspect of 4th dimension!
And when Light attracts to Light there is a deeper emotional experience!
<susanrose> miKron...many people in spiritual work can feel as
though they have fallen in love because the emotional experience
is that profound, and when shared creates a bond.
<miKron> Yes SusanRose, lighworkers are now beginning
to see the Christ Consciousness of coming together, much can be done

<WindRyder> or to recognize something as NOT being trouble ...
<Rosie> light "when two or more of you gather"........
<Tamar> Your form/body has a shield on it.
You were set up to ward off energies that are negative.
<Rosie> our bodies are always in resonance with the universe -
it's our minds that are not
<susanrose> Good point Rosie
<David3> :)

<^alex^> I think we see simple examples of this sometimes
within our work environments....
like days when things just "click" with everyone and all seem to be in sync.
<Rosie> compassion
<miKron> good point Rosie.  Compassion really raises in vibration,
when linked to light
<Tamar> Now bear  with me here.  It is that sympathy,
that identity with the other that creates the taking on the similar resonance.

Sometimes, you can't avoid working in a negative situation.
Until you land a better job, try this self preparation before you go
into the land of the abrasive energy:

When starting that work day, think of yourself as a spiritual boxer
with great big powder puff pink boxing gloves on, so when you land
your blows they'll be soft to the person you're boxing with.
By covering yourself with light or taking the three to five
minutes in the morning to surround your day with
blessings, you will be like tying those big pink powder puff
boxing gloves on your hands.
Affirm that…
Virtue is your shield and understanding is your light sword.

Take the time to connect the spirit, put on your
spiritual finery in your aura before you step out.
This is why the Master Jesus said you must be wearing
your wedding garments to be invited into the marriage feast.
Life is a feast to be enjoyed, but you may miss a lot of feasting
if you don't take the time to dress in your highest vibrations.

I might mention, if you need to safely slip past an angry crowd,
try compacting the aura close to your body, instead of being a bright glow
in order to slip through the area more quickly so that your higher
vibrations will not attract attention to your presence.

Besides deflecting trouble, resonance can also attract
more joy in your life.
Quoted below is how the law of attraction works with
the law of resonance.

The Universe does not pay attention to your words, it pays attention
to where you are vibrating, or in what energy vibration you place your attention.
If you can vibrate at the frequency that your intention can be received,
the object of your intention will be given unto you.

Negativity can lower your vibration; causing you to follow the
urges of your Ego and lose touch with God.
When this happens your life becomes empty, miserable, and dissatisfying.
If your frequency level continues to lower, you attract negative situations,
so called 'accidents' and negative people into your life.
As a result, you enter a downward spiral
of even greater negativity and unhappiness.
When we vibrate at "happy" and hold that vibration
there is no room for frustration to exist.
 Only when we change the vibration to
frustration can the feeling of frustration exist.
Try this out for yourself, you may be
amazed out how happy you can be.

There's one man in this world that has a right to be miserable.
He is a refugee from his homeland, has the responsibility of
looking after many others who likewise had to flee as their
homes and holy places were destroyed.  His successor is now in prison.
Who is he? The Dalai Lama!

And what is his vibration?
He resonates joy!  Here is a quote he said recently:
"I'm a human being who believes
everything in me has great potential
to make a happier world,"
from a speech given near Pittsburgh, PA,
Nov 11, 1998.  He has learned the self mastery of his emotions.
Like water going downhill to the
ocean, powerful in its accommodating fluidity.

This means that none of us has the excuse that our problems
are so bad we cannot resonate to our highest potential.
Kind of reminds me of the story of an elderly lady who
was bedfast in a nursing home.  Above her bed was a sign
that said:  If you are going to be blue, be **bright** blue!
She filled her day praying for those construction workers she
watched building a high rise and brightened up all who entered her
room with cheer.

Did she do this to make others feel better, or make herself feel better?
It matters not because since all spirit is one,
***Giving is the same as receiving.****

<Rosie> I knew about giving without expectation of receiving.
<Tamar> It is all intent...the intent of manifested love.
<Rosie> I fill myself and my aura with white light while I'm in the shower each morning.

<Tamar> We came with aura's and shields….
<susanrose> My shield is virtue, my sword is understanding, my garment is light.
someone recently said to me... It must be so hard for you to be a nurse...
giving all day... doesn't it make you drained??? Well, I said no, that it brings me joy,
what drains me is having so much to do that I cannot properly give to the
patients I would like to... Being held back from giving like I could is draining.
<Rosie> yes, I see that Susan - there comes a form of frustration
<^alex^> I think many of us feel that in professions where we give to others.

<Katydid> Empathy is having understanding of the situation
and being able to lift the other up. Sympathy is getting stuck
in the muck and you wind up with two people down
<^alex^> When working with troubled children you
can not allow yourself to lose your objectivity or get
"wrapped up in their reality."  When you do, you lose the edge
you have in being able to help've lost your objectivity.
<^alex^> It's important to keep care in there.
<susanrose> alex...reflect back that you hear what they are saying...
but not need to go there to the pain...
<^alex^> Exactly susanrose.

<susanrose> I recently saw Patch Adams...
the doctor stayed in a spirit of joy even around the dying.
Present your caring, but keep your joy
<^alex^> And that's most important with emotional disturbed students...
<Rosie> I met him too :)))
<susanrose> Great Rosie! I saw him live on a talkshow.
And  friends saw him at the ARE in Virginia Beach
<Rosie> I hugged him :)
<susanrose> I am jealous of Rosie.
<Rosie> 13(((12(((11((( susanrose 11)))12)))13)))

Tapping into a Universal Resonance feels so good that
if you come familiar with it, you will not want to live any other way.
Resonate with the energy that is flowing into the blade
of grass. Resonate with the energy that is flowing into the galaxies.
It is a transcendent resonance.

A good Catholic might go to the sacraments for more "Grace."
Living in a state of grace as much as possible is like experiencing
transcendent resonance.

Imagine yourself in a great concert hall,
the singer is singing a ballad or aria with heart breaking honesty.
The lyrics grab your attention and pull you along. Every new
word seems to fit in perfectly with the ones before it.
Now through the microphones and their precision-tuned resonators
come the dramatic moment in the song.

…Delightful shivers run up and down your neck.
You say to yourself now THIS is GOOD…
Why it feels like…..Love.
The feeling seems to reverberate
into your ears and into deepest space.
You may begin to cry, not out of sadness,
but out of amazement and wonder that the walls have fallen
between you and everyone in the hall.

You feel yourself floating as if in an ocean of love and move
along with the audience. The energy transports you to
another world.

In the eight insight of The Celestine Prophecy
it talks about people raising each others energies.
This creates a vibrational level that is greater than any individual alone.
By sharing it with more people you increase the vibrational frequency
of the resonance and enrich yourself and all who share it with you.

(maybe that is my reward for leading Gaia*Friends….smile)

<Rosie> "Mob mentality?"
<susanrose> Ya Rosie, can work the other way too.
<^alex^> "Smile and the world will smile with you"
<susanrose> Can also be a home team advantage when it comes to football games!
<Rosie> Yeah. :)
<miKron> When one understands the law of resonance
in light of comic law the aspect of karma is lessened!

The next part about Resonance deals with frequency and health...

Attention to your resonance can also keep your physical body healthy.
A Reiki flyer I recently received had this information:
Your life force is measurable as electrical frequency.
A healthy body has a frequency from 62 to 78 hertz.
When your vibration lowers to 58 hertz, cold symptoms appear.
Cancer manifests at 42 hertz and death begins at 25 hertz.

It is now understood that even food (with its accompanying vitamins,
Minerals, and other nutrients), herbs, and pharmaceuticals
create their effects by enhancing or attenuating
biologic frequencies. Some target
specific organs or systems of the body and some are more global
in their effect, but it would appear that all healing modalities
have the capacity to change a discordant resonance
to a more harmonious one.

Sound is a nutrient, just as food or vitamins.
In addition to the concept that sound can nourish the human nervous system,
Resonance and entrainment are cornerstones in the foundation of psycho-acoustics.

Resonance describes the effect of one frequency upon another.
Entrainment refers to the process where consistent external rhythms
cause our internal pulse systems, being the heart, breath,
and brain waves to speed up or slow down.

An experiment to prove to you just how much it affects your
physical responses, try watching a movie with the sound turned off.
The vibrations of the music behind the scenes tell the story much
more than the playing out of the story itself.

All healing interventions must influence the body by somehow
altering its frequency or resonance.
Esoteric healing has used such modalities as sound,
light, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reiki and other
energy medicine to alter the frequency patterns of an individual.

The following is advice from Medwyn Goodall on the disruptive
as well as enhancing effects of frequencies:

"Most of us on a spiritual quest have come to use the words 'vibration' and 'frequency'.
We are aware that all things have their own 'in-built' frequency and vibration.
A sort of signature if  you like.

We are poisoned daily by noise pollution.
The air is full of sound that has a junk-food like quality.
The vibrational energy waves of all this
sound depletes our spiritual and physical energies.

Coping with these unwanted sounds is physically and emotionally tiring,
but very often we are not aware that this assault on our senses is what has
tired us. Too much sound is too much frequency
information and the brain becomes overloaded.
So how may we best protect ourselves from this overloading,
and attract more positive frequencies of light?

Sit and listen, both at work and at home.
Write down what you can hear.
Refer to your list and switch off all the
sound sources that you are able to.
This lowers the drain on your resources.

Another step that can be taken is to perhaps
introduce into your home or work place,
something that produces a positive sound and a positive energy.

All individuals have a personal frequency
dependent upon their level of spiritual growth and awareness.
This is in part why we all have different taste in music.
A way of finding out what musical notes you harmonize
with is to study the music you listen to.
Are you attracted to a specific instrument, a high or a low octave range?
Is your favorite music dominated by something like a Flute, Piano, Guitar or voice?
If you find the frequency and tone, that is your personal frequency of light.
You could hum, sing, or chant that tone to attract that frequency to yourself.
This is the art of toning.
If you play an instrument express that range of tones and notes and benefit from the results.
May you find your own frequency of light."

<miKron> The wheel of time shall end at some point and as I like to see it!
perhaps a new reality where there is more potential to learn in the light.
<susanrose> Edgar Cayce said the best food is grown in your own yard...
better resonance in your local area, than produce shipped across the country.

<Rosie> I have a book called healing with sound
<susanrose> :)  Rosie, much of what I typed is from the CD by Dr Andrew Weil,
called Sound Healing...
<Rosie> Thank you.
<miKron> I have much faith, Susan, as time goes forward we shall learn more
on what resonance means to our personal lives.
<WindRyder> When we listen to music that harmonizes us and then sit for a few minutes in silence
<susanrose> Yes, music...followed by silence.
It takes a peaceful soul to appreciate silence..
.to go beyond sound into the deep --
to jump off the edge into the void and not let the ego make you afraid.

<WindRyder> we may often find that the silence makes us even feel
more at ease as our essence quiets from something we already are in tune with :)
The silences allows the effects of the positive sounds to sink in. :)

I might also mention that one can improve your mood or vibrational state
with the use of COLOR and Light therapy, as well as aroma therapy.
(Yikes! But that would make for enough information for another night!)

Ok… returning to script now…
The last part will be about The Harmony of different frequencies….

I am still trying to figure out why
some frequencies are discordant,
(for example, when the opera singer can break a glass)
and some harmonize when
they are not on the same pitch.

Notes can be combined for a pleasing effect.
Like…you play the high notes, and I play the
low notes in a duet.  Another example is the
teamwork of the very different personalities such
as Luke Skywalker, Princess Lia, and Hans Solo.
I guess some can sparkle like diamonds and some
can be diamonds in the rough. The trick is to make
important that which is the people have in common,
and hold dear.

I found some law that helped me understand how
people as well as molecules can combine and harmonize
even when they are very dissimilar.

Law of Chemical Affinity:
"Atoms whose atomic pitches are in either unison,
harmonic, or concordant ratios
unite to form molecules."

Hmmm:   Ratios, like the notes in a musical chord or arpeggio?

Another chemical law:
"When two atoms are indifferent,
they may be made to unite by varying the pitch of either, or both."

Heating up or cooling off some materials help them combine.
(People are like that too!….smile)

<miKron> May I ask a question?
<susanrose> ok...
<miKron> Considering that people are all busy living there lives
and where resonance comes into play,
how do people come together to bring the Berlin wall DOWN?
<Rosie> In the right time.
<susanrose> Mikron....The trick is to make important that
which the people have in common, and hold dear.
Nothing is as unstoppable as an idea who's time has come.
<miKron> Indeed Susan there a major energies coming
in this Now Time to help all people!
To hold dear is such a special Light for all Lighworkers to enjoy!

<susanrose> There is also the 100th monkey concept,
that if a certain ratio of people "Get it,"
then the knowledge goes to the collective unconscious and all have it.
<Rosie> :)

<Tamar> That when you heal another the energy goes to work
with stimulating the healer within them.  No one - can heal another....
<Rosie> True.
<susanrose> Tamar, I agree that a heart to heart connection
can at times stimulate another's healer within to begin to work with them...
it takes undivided attention and care.
I will continue in the presentation, to share info
on how to HARMONIZE a variety of frequencies...

On the topic of  bringing harmony to the variety of human vibrations:

Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), founder of the Sufi Order of the West,
was one of the reigning Indian classical musicians
when he relinquished a brilliant career
to devote himself to the spiritual path.
This is what Hazrat Inayat Khan said on the tuning souls and harmonizing people:

"Practicing this music, I arrived at a stage
where I touched the music of the spheres.
Then every soul became for me a musical note,
and all life became music.

Now if I do anything, it is to tune souls
instead of instruments; to harmonize people
instead of notes. If there is anything in my philosophy,
it is the law of harmony: that one must put oneself in harmony
with oneself and with others. I have found in every word a
certain musical value, a melody in every thought,
harmony in every feeling; and I have tried to interpret the same thing
with clear and simple words to those who used to
listen to my music.

I played the music of vina until my heart turned
into the same instrument. Then I offered this instrument
to the Divine Musician, the only Musician existing.
Since then I have become His flute, and when He chooses He plays His music.
People give me credit for this music, which in reality is not due to me,
but to the Musician who plays on His own instrument."

Now we all know that those of us who are into personal and
planetary ascension want to raise our vibrations and be beings of light.
But while we are trying to do this, remember there is usefulness in the
lower vibratory patterns as well.  Don't buy into the duality of
good vibrations/bad vibrations.  It would be pretty hard to ice skate
if  he vibratory rate of water did not lower itself to allow the Olympic
skaters to create beauty on the solidity of it.
While I know while lowering of our vibration
is not healthy for us, I don't think we all need to
be lighter than air.

Hey, we all can't be precious gold or platinum.
There is also room for the lower vibrations.
When iron ore is shaped for a horse shoe,
the anvil of the divine has a place and use
for even the densest vibratory levels.

In the book "Masters of the Far East",
an Indian Adept was described as having the ability
to choose to soul travel, and then re-materialize by slowing
his rate down low enough so people in the world of form
could see him. Now that would be really useful for
all of us to know how to do, but I think it might put the
airline industry out of business! (smile)

The trick is to know the best place in frequency that
brings the most health, peace, and love into your
Being.  Like each snowflake is a unique creation,
so too our vibratory "ID" is our calling card to join
the song of the universe.

Now we are ONE.

This is the ending, please affirm with me:

Oh Great Conductor, we ask you to orchestrate the
frequencies of us all, to produce the beautiful music
that this world is capable of.    When we achieve this,
Heaven will be here.

<Rosie> Amen
<jonan> Amen
<miKron> Amen!
<Tamar> So be it!
<miKron> so be it!
<WindRyder> Amen :)
<`myrddin> Amen-ra
<miKron> Nameste! To all!
<susanrose> ~~~~~~Thank you ~~~~~~~

<Rosie> thank you so much and I will return if I may :)
<Susanrose> Send me your e-mail for our group e-mail list.
<jonan> thank you susanrose, you did a great job!
<WindRyder> thanks susan :)
<jonan> this has been wonderful, I feel so harmonized

<Tamar> Yes, Susanrose has a link on her site to mine...
It is in her Pittsburgh links
Most of you don't know it, but she organized all our spiritual links in
Pittsburgh, so we could connect with one another!
<jonan> amazing
<Tamar> Susanrose is a natural  link for people...
her calling????????
<Rosie> :)
<AshtarRose> Susanrose is amazing
<susanrose> thanks for all the compliments....(Blush)
<Tamar> You deserve them, your service is a others!
<miKron> Goodnight to All  peace Love and Light ~!  MiKron!

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