The Man and Myth.... Sharing Alternative Tales of Jesus the Christ.

<Susanrose>WE NEED to relax now

Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace

Breathe out concerns
Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep

The Man and the Myth... Sharing Alternative Tales of Jesus the Christ.
December 21, 1997

You may be suprised that you leader tonight has not been a big fan
of Christmas. The tension and anxiety associated with being at the
right place, at the right time, and trying to please everyone with the
right visit and gift can be over whelming.

I am trying to remember the love of
the holiday, and recalling the story of the WWI break in the hostilities,
when the soldier left their trenches to celebrate Christmas together.

Trying to recapture that feeling, I read a card recently delivered to my home:
"Every time a hand reaches out to help another
That is Christmas.
Every time someone puts anger aside and strives for understanding,
That is Christmas.
Every time people forget their differences and realize their love for each other
That is Christmas."

So Friends, if you agree with that quote, then
we have to admit that the one person who has been the biggest
influence in the world to this date, has been Jesus.

What is a feminist Goddess-loving new-ager doing knee deep into
Christianity? Where do I get the guts to lead a discussion about Jesus
when I have been in non traditional spirituality for the past 30 years?

Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I recall the proclamation
of am angel, in the Gospel of Luke:
"Behold, I bring you news of great joy, which shall be to all people;
for today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you,
who is Christ.

This shall be a sign:
you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.
Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude
of heavenly hosts praising God,
and saying "Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among men of good will."

My first brush with what was to become new age consciousness occurred
around 1968 when I read "Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus".
Rather than discounting Jesus as a spiritual master, it gave me further
credence to the story of the virgin birth, and the angelic announcements.

"All were in awe as the brightness of His star appeared,
as the music of the spheres brought that joyful choir,
'Peace on earth! Good will to men of good faith.'"

Did the Christmas story, the resurrection, crucifixion occur as legend has it?
Some Scholars are disputing the accuracy of the Gospels. For more, read
the cover story of Time Magazine, April 8, 1996
"The Search For Jesus"

Newsweek reports a growing recognition of
Feminine Divinity in the cover story:
August 25, 1997 The Meaning of Mary,
A struggle over her Role Grows within the Church."

Life Magazine's Cover Story in December,1996 was:
"The Mystery of Mary.
Two thousand years after the Nativity, the mother of Jesus
is more beloved, powerful, and controversial than ever."

With such freedom to debate what it all means,
and what we choose to hold dear of our Christian roots,
maybe it is time to me to reclaim Christianity in a more
awakened way,.

I present this topic because I am realizing the vitality and
potential of the way of the Christ, while
dropping the harsh patriarchal rules, judgment and persecutions of those
who did not fit into what was the traditional scope of Christian religion.


<basil> OK, first point . .
Jesus was born a man. He had to achieve Christ Consciousness.
Remember, Christ is Greek for the "anointed."
<Jbb> the christened one, Christ is not Jesus's last name
<borg22917374> re: women in the church, The catholic church's
opinion about women is based on Aristotle, not the Bible! :)

<Susanrose> good point borg
For what it is worth, reading the channeling of Edgar Cayce
will tell your of the previous lifetimes of Jesus, and the preparation
of Mary and Joseph for his arrival. One of the more interesting
Cayce channelings is when the spirit of John the apostle spoke
through him to answer a study group's request that information
be given on Jesus the Christ: Here is (paraphrased) what was said:

"I John would speak with thee concerning the Lord,
as He walked among men....
He may be approached by those who in sincerity
and earnestness seek to know Him-
and to be guided by him. As He was given :By faith, all things are made possible through belief in His name.

Believest thou?
Then let your activities speak that which you as souls,
as beings, would make manifest of His love.
"If you love me Keep my Commandments,
and these are not hard:
That you love one another-even as the Father loveth me.

The Christ-Consciousness is a universal consciousness of the Father Spirit.

The Jesus-Consciousness is that which man build in his body a worship.
(The body is the Temple of God.)

In the Christ -Consciousness there is the oneness of self,
self's desires and abilities, made in at-one-ment with the Forces
of may bring to pass that which is sought by an individuality or soul.

When self is in accord, the physical consciousness has the desire to make it
an experience of the whole. Seek this more often, for His promises are true."
(End of St. John's quote).

Channeled in the early 1900's by a man called Levi was another version
of the Gospel called "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ".
The travels of Jesus through Egypt, India, and Tibet during "the missing years"
are shared, as well as other insights into the teachings of Jesus.

In it the question is answered...
What is the relationship between Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ?
"Jesus was an ideal Jew,
born in Bethlehem of Judea.
As a child Jesus differed little from other children
only that in past lives he had overcome carnal propensities
to such an extent that he could be tempted like others and not yield.
Jesus suffered as other men suffer,
and was made perfect through suffering.

Jesus had strenuous preparation to be avatar,
endowed with superior wisdom he was conscious
that he was to lead the race into the higher ways of spiritual living.
He was also aware that he must attain mastery by trial,
temptations and suffering.

To quote the post resurrection words of Jesus in this Gospel:
"My human life was wholly given to bring my will
to tune with the deific will...
My life was one great drama for the sons of men,
a pattern I lived to show the possibilities of man.
What I have done all men can do, and what I am all men shall be."

Jesus was the name of this man.
Christ on the other hand, means "The anointed one" and is a title
It means the Master of Love.
When we say Jesus the Christ, we refer to the man and to his office
just as we do when we say Edward, the King or Lincoln the President.
Just was Edward was not always King, and Lincoln was not always
President Jesus won his Christship by his life.

Before creation was, the Christ walked with the Father God
and Mother God. Christ is the child of this union that is love,
the preserver and redeemer of all things.

Jesus states in the Aquarian Gospel:
"Men call me Christ, and God has recognized the name
but Christ is not a man. The Christ is the universal love and Love is King.
Look not to the flesh, it is not king. Look to the Christ within
who shall be formed in every one of you,
as is formed in me." (end of quote)


<basil> it also appears that Jesus studied in a variety of mystery schools
to prepare himself for the role of Christ.
Most likely Essene, and also a mystery school or two in Egypt.
<Jbb> yes
<Susanrose> basil, sounds like what you said before,
about the Christ being a title.
The Aquarian gospel takes you through his initiation process in Egypt

<David> I especially like, ".... I lived to show the possibilities of man."
<gina> Jesus the man did not become Christed until after John
passed on the energy of the Holy Spirit to him
<Jbb> until the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.....
had nothing to do with John.

<borg22917374> I don't disagree about that Christ-Consciousness
but I would be hesitant to say that it is something worthy
of such devotion. I would say that in the end there will be only one
god/collective consciousness. The trinity is meaningless.
<CNH> the trinity may be meaningless to your truth concept of reality,
but it has great meaning to the truths of others
<borg22917374> ok
<Susanrose> borg, they are aspects of the whole, like facets of a diamond,
each giving it's certain sparkle
<basil> I do not believe the trinity is meaningless.
God the Father joined with the Holy Spirit
(feminine principle), gives birth to the Son, a manifestation of love.
<borg22917374> hmm I hadn't heard the holy spirit= feminine until tonight,
thanks for the concept!
<Susanrose> Yes, basil, the trinity is repeated in many pagan themes,
Isis, Osiris and Horus for example
<gina> Ra, Hathor and Horus
<Susanrose> it helps the human mind define aspects of the divine
and it is profound enough to be repeated throughout time
<gina> all religions are set up on the trinity aspect
<borg> thinks he is beginning to understand.
<Susanrose> :)
<gina> all are one and individual as well
<Jbb> facets of a diamond..... waves on the ocean

<CNH> having god inside of us is not the same as being a part of god.
<Susanrose> CHN: We all come from the God/ess ...
like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean

<SandyS> Surround yourself with it. (Christ consciousness)
<CNH> it is certainly my truth that we are all children of god.
borg22917374 wonders how many/much hardships you have to go
through to reach the level of Christ? (This is one tough and hardened borg)

<Susanrose> Throw about yourself the velvety cloak of protection
that is found in the thought of the Christ.... an affirmation I use before
entering into mediation
<CNH> "thy Word is a lantern for my feet, a light for my path" Psalms

<Susanrose> Jbb... do you have something to share about the Christ?

<Jbb> yes

Allow me to introduce myself
my name is John bill beaudine
In December of 1996 I had a 4 month event.
A Spiritual event that changed my life.
Even Susanrose thought I went over the deep end :)
Be that as it may
Allow me to share with you some words on Jesus
And thank you in advance
<Jbb>Jesus of Nazareth was the name of the Living Example
of the One who brought the Light of Sanity back to this dimensional
experience. His Life and teachings of our True Nature, Reality
and Relationship in the One was and remains the clarity
(answer, solution, salvation and redemption) from the ignorance
and illusion of psychotic separation (ego).

God is One and we are One in God. That is Reality, right now.
We all live in the House of God right now.
That means you have an intimate One in
One relationship in God with absolutely no need for any mediator, ever.
You can walk and talk with God wherever you are and, before you ask,
God will already know because God is One with you, right now.
That's the good news that Jesus came to teach.
Its the prescription and cure for psychotic (Ego) sleep.

<Susanrose> Wonderful Jbb!
... Jbb is writing a book... perhaps he gave us a sneak preview!

<gina> lol I think it could be so Susanrose
<David> very nice, provocative, but very nice
<gina> you also need to listen to his/her answers as well
<Susanrose> yes, gina... we must listen for the answers too!
I like to pose questions and listen for answers when I am half way between asleep
and awake in the morning
<David> jbb, a question please
How do you see the necessity of 'worshipping' the messenger?
<Jbb> Don't they always kill the messenger?

<Susanrose> David I hope Jbb does not mind me answering your question
too... about worshipping the messenger
<David> please

<Susanrose> I think people worship the messenger
when they feel unworthy to receive the message
without the intercession of one they feel is more worthy
The message is important enough to get out to the masses by this means.
Remember, Jesus says as he did we all can do

<David> good
I view Jesus as a sage, an enlightened one
<gina> I feel Jesus was just one of many messengers
from there we can build that each gave the world another piece of the zig saw
<Jbb> but remember: messengers disappear and the Voice speaks

<David> I think we must remember that Jesus was NOT a Christian!
<Jbb> absolutely
<David> no more that Buddha was a Buddhist
<gina> Buddhism is a philosophy not a religion
<Jbb> once someone came up to Jesus and said, "Good Master...."
Jesus interrupted him and said, "Call none good but the Father."
<basil> Masters teach truth. Followers create of it religion.
<David> very nice basil
<Susanrose> Nice point Basil !

Lastly, I need to share a message that was given
to my women's circle as we meditated during a full moon.
It reveals a great message that the life of Jesus gives
to us:

"I need to say something about
this Good Teacher known as Jesus. The biggest
magical act of his life was when He asked forgiveness for
those who caused Him pain.

In the garden He was tired.
He was scared. He asked that this cup might pass. He
became cross with his disciples when they fell asleep.
He wanted the comfort of his friends around him, and He
had not. He suffered pain, humiliation, desertion.

One definition of magic is "the art of
changing consciousness at will". At that moment He
consciously chose and willed to forgive, to release,
not only those who crucified him, but all the friends He
felt let Him down. And, He forgave Himself, for not
achieving the glorious mission that He thought would end
more successfully.

The crowning magic was that He
proved, in the face of all, He could conform His
consciousness at will. This is the ascension of thought that
you must learn too.

I love to offer you magic with simple things... Keeping
cars running, health of children, business success.
But, the greatest magic of all, my darlings, is willing your
consciousness to become one with divine will and flow. "

And so this is the example of Jesus,
where this defeat becomes his finest hour.
May we at Christmas give birth to the
courage to resurrect our spirit with divine intent.
The joy of this solstice birth brings growing light to our darkest hours.

<Susanrose> Comments all?
<AlonzoTG> nicely put!
<gina> :)
<David> very nice, both of you
<Susanrose> Thanks all!
<basil> I'd say that Christianity as we know it grew out of the work
of Saints Peter and Paul.
<Jbb> Most of it was a dilution of Emperor Constantine
and the Church of Rome...... It was they who removed, burned, and destroyed all reference to many individual Spirit incarnation and the
truth of Spiritual Justice and what Jesus actually taught.
<gina> not just them jbb the Coptic Christians did the same
<Jbb> yes, and the funny thing 3/4ths of the religions at that time were pagan
and Goddess based. and yet here we are
<David> yes, here we are with the same questions
<basil> Much has been been altered, edited, or lost.
But that's part of the process. Religion has
an organic quality to it. It eventually corrupts and dies,
just like anything in nature.
<gina> they edited out all the main roles of the Female in
Christianity except Mary
<basil> It's a testament to Jesus as love incarnate
that his life stands to this day as a lesson to all mankind.
<Jbb>..... Spirit is all there is..... I live daily
in Spirit Grand Central Station.... they come and go.... and I sit,
I listen and I give my Life to Mama and Papa.... :)
<Susanrose> There are Catholic groups that want to make
Mary co redeemer with Jesus but I would rather they make
the Holy Ghost a Woman!
<basil> ummm . . . the holy spirit is feminine.

<David> Damn - here we go - why on earth (or in heaven)
does God, holy spirit, whatever have to be sexual?
I cannot believe the debate about sex. Are we not past that yet?.
<Susanrose> David : We cannot be past that until Women have been
re-equalized after years of oppression...ever hear of affirmative action?

<Jbb> Women are the only hope for the future of mankind.

<David> Listen to what you are saying Susanrose - we are discussing oneness,
god, and our petty egos are still worried about separation and did we get our share
<gina> the Jewish Fathers realize that they created a great imbalance by cutting out the female principle and are now working to correct that
<Susanrose> It is easy for males to say we should get past this
because they were not the ones to lack a feminine gendered deity role
for the past 3,000 years
<cdub> they could have learned from the Iroquois candidate could
not become chief of the Iroquois without passing the scrutiny of a council of women.
<basil> Duality exists in the physical realm,
but not at the seat of the Godhead. There, all is ONE.

<Susanrose> David I can see the aspects as well as the oneness,
but I am not going to lay aside the feminine Gendered aspects
as something we should "get past" when they have been long
<basil> Don't worry, SR. No matter how far a pendulum swings,
it always returns to center.
<Susanrose>Yes basil, when the balance is met, affirmative action is no more!

<David> I can not believe in trying to reach the oneness,
learn or experience whatever we are
here for, that out spirit gives one tinkers damn about being male or female -
I believe as we reduce the ego,
we also reduce the need for such childish things as "I
didn't get as much as you - I'll tell Mom."
<Susanrose> David. do we care how many different facets
are cut into the diamond as long as it
is sparkling and diversifying the light, it is admired by all... and yet it is still ONE
<David> I think that is what I have been trying to say Susanrose!
<Susanrose> See, David, I am trying to show you there is beauty
in the one even in the diverse manifestation of the human imagination
to define what parts of the one they want to look at for the moment.

<Susanrose> as a parting holiday gift, Jbb has agreed to paste a new
modern parable of Jesus...

<Jbb> Here's it is:

Each one of us on this Earth is a computer
with monitor, keyboard, sound card, video ram, etc.
Each of us is in the belief that we are singular computers. That we
have our own hard disk and we have the ability of communicating
with other computer easily through modems.
All computers have different names to them and different programs
that each likes to use their computer for most.
Once, there was this one computer that arrived that was called
Jesus of Nazareth.

This computer claimed to be hooked-up directly to this huge thing
we had only heard of called the
Infinite Mainframe. This computer, called Jesus,
put out the message that the Infinite Mainframe
was the Only Real Program and All There Is.

Because Jesus was in direct connection with this Infinite
Mainframe, Jesus and theMainframe were really One in the Same Thing. His emails told us that,
in actuality, all computers were, too. The only reason that other computers
weren't aware of this present Reality was
because of a Virus. The Bug is called the Separation Virus.

Well, at that time, the computers on the world Internet didn't like that message. The Separation Virus was the basis of all commerce and new program variations. The idea of an Infinite Mainframe and Program would totally screw-up the way the Internet was set up. So, the world Internet threatened and plotted to pull the plug on the Jesus computer.

A big smiley face came on the Jesus monitor and then, it turned into a smiley face with its tongue sticking out. The Jesus computer sent out an email to the all the Internet saying, "Go ahead; pull the plug. If you do, in three days, the Infinite Mainframe will reconnect this computer to prove to all of you computers who you are and what you're really connected to."

That's exactly what happened, proving that the Infinite Mainframe is All There Is. Sadly, though, the Separation Virus is still going around, today. That is, until you disconnect from the Internets' programming, quit the Virus and, like the Jesus computer, let the Infinite Mainframes' Program flow directly through your computer as your One Life Program. :-) :-P

<Susanrose> Cute Story, Jbb! thanks for sharing!
<basil> Good nite, all. nice chat :)
<Susanrose> thanks for coming
Good night folks!
<gina> night dear