What is the Nature of Time?

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<Susanrose> can we say where we are from tonight?
 I am in Pittsburgh
<Paza> College Station, TX
<GypsyArdor> I am in Pittsburgh
<^gina^> New Zealand
<CNH> Austin, TX
<Sunshine-> Pittsburgh
<Seluna> Texas, Clear Lake
<David`> Huntsville, AL
<Norm> Long Beach Island New Jersey
<Rickpa> Kansas  City Missouri
<JSG34> Joe from Pittsburgh
<Tamar> In Pittsburgh
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<sandra> hi everyone,Pittsburgh
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<Susanrose>  Well it is 9pm, I will get started as
others are filtering in.

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace Breathe out concerns

Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together. A Group mind

All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep


Dec 5, 1999
What is the Nature of Time?

Dear Friends,

What will the last tick of Dec 31, 1999 mean
to us?  My imagination soars to legions of
Christmas Angels  appearing in the cloud and
Peace on Earth
Good will to Men.

Others have put off the start of the Millennium
to 2001.  Others say it is only a figment of our culture
to have identified this time as being significant.
Other calendars from other cultures would not
have identified Dec 31, 1999 as the end of an age.

So are we really just making it up?
Our Months and Years are human creation,
perhaps not God's.  Are they real?  And worst of all, is time
the enemy or the friend?  The passage of time

seems to bring about alot of endings. Loved ones
grow old and leave us.  The bloom of the rose only
lasts a while.   What is the purpose of time?

It seems the baby boomers have had alot of things
in common, but as we  are in our middle age, one saying
is repeating... we have less time.  Time is moving faster,
Where is the time going?

When I was in fifth grade I can recall that winters
seemed like a year long, and when I saw the parade of months
to come before next summer vacation, I thought geesh
summer vacation will never get here.

A while ago I was reading a new age ascension philosophy of
us all turning into light beings and going to a higher dimension,
and in that process time has speeded up as we are passing into
a new vibrational level.

This seemed true because out of a
zillion things I would like to do,  I seem to be only able to complete
a small fraction of them.  Ahh hah!  that is it! my excuse:
time is speeded up and I am loosing 2 hours or more a day.

I even put on my wrist watch to see if it is true,
then I walked one mile.  I could always do that in
20 minutes, would it be less than 20 minutes
 or more on my watch?

Yet at the end of my one mile route, the time was the same.
So what is the secret to the feeling that time has speed up
or dissolving right before my eyes?

I asked my mother, who is retired and 78.
She had hip surgery last year,
has arthritis and does not go out much.
I asked her if she noticed time going faster now
that it did for her in decades earlier.

She said no, it seemed the same to her.
Perhaps we just think time has speeded up because
we are trying to do so much more with the amount
of time we have?

Looking at my life, I see goals such as
holding down a 40 hour + week job as a registered nurse,
have a relationship, be a mom, go to college, write web pages,
visit family 125 miles away, volunteer in  hospice work.
No wonder time flies ?!?

<JSG34> time doesn't fly, it just changes
<sandra> Simplifying our lives is also very
time consuming while in that process
<GypsyArdor> I think the busier we are
the faster time "seems" to go by.
I know people who are actually bored many times
and they think time drags! I'd like to have a
bored day at least once and
have the time just seem to last forever! ;-)

The subject of time is submitted to me by Tamar George
and her channeled helpers.

Tamar is a dear woman friend of my in Pittsburgh, PA USA.
She is a psychic counselor, also a book author,
of "Guardians of the Flame,"  http:www.members.aol.com/tamargeorg
Here's Tamar:

This is a channeled teaching, which still means it
is still my beliefs that my guides have to work their way through.
In that I do my best.
 Time is energy that is measured.  Who measured it?
Why humans did, of course.
A higher form of energy is coming into the planet right now,
referred to as the Christed Light.

This new energy feels different and seems different and
is different.  It is pure love being sent and we haven't
had that energy for a very long time.

Not having a reasonable explanation for this new highly
powered love energy, we say
time has speeded up.  The energy has been sent because
of "our" awakening and then as we continue to grow more energy is
sent.  It is cause and effect and greater cause and effect.

The more we do, the more heightened love energy filters through.
We respond with, "have you notice things are moving
very quickly now?"
 "Collapsing time," might mean that past -present -future
 is understanding that measured time is not as distant from
 one another as we used to believe.

You can access the past and you are conscious and hopefully
empowered in the moment and you are aware your free
will thoughts are creating possible futures.
Your more in sync, your clearer, you not in a dense fog, your
not asleep any longer.
"Time does not exist,"  is a 'big picture' statement.  But in
the little picture we have clocks and the earth has rhythms
we set those clocks by,  seasonal changes.

I don't believe
we will 'get' in this life the complete knowing that time does
not exist.  I believe that will be gotten after we leave earth.
Because we decided in this game of illusion to have time here
on this planet.

I don't think  many of these statements are literal, I think they are
statements trying to describe another way of feeling about our
lives right now.  Therefore they are not contradictory but an
expression of what we are sensing.

"Time travel" is being able through a meditative state to take our
spirit and travel.  I believe its easier to travel backward,
it is harder to go forward because free will creates reality and
people are not always in unity on how that future will manifest.
So if you travel into the future it is still a possible roadway that can
be changed.
In the future others free will bumps into ours, because we can change
our minds in a minute.  Think about a time were you were indecisive,
and then you made a rash decision that was more a reaction then a
thought out action.

It is why we need to be so careful of projecting our fears or beliefs
into the future, they just might happen

The lessons of linear time, is time spent learning in the illusion.
we decided the drama, we were born and then we will die.

Death comes because we ultimately get bored with the
time spent living out a game plan of illusion for one life.
We want to get on with the next step and
 a different time in the drama.

Time is illusion used for the structure of our growth.
Thank you.

<CNH> we speak of time as if we know what it is,
but can someone actually define it?
<David`> time is but the space between the
ever-present moments
<Rickpa> Time is now!
<susanrose> time is a measurement of consciousness
<CNH> whose?
<susanrose> a gift to physical beings to
measure consciousness

<sandra> time is experienced by the level of consciousness
we are in.  In a heightened state of awareness,
the vehicle of time does not exist,
and only the oneness and the eternal present is experienced
<susanrose> I think of it as like a ruler,
only the person applying the ruler knows what it means

<Norm> humans have always noticed the intervals
of natural events...day and night...the seasons..
the movements of the stars
<Tamar> it is measured by the seasons,
the time of light and the time of dark..
<CNH> yet, if there were no season for some reason,
there would still be intervals of something?
<Tamar> time is then your out breath and in breath..

<^gina^> time and space are one
<CNH> I agree with gina that it is more
correct to refer to it as time/space

<Tamar> It is the great "I" occupying
the time and space as the out breath and in breath..
<jnana> time is the logic that our human brains
require in order to exist

The Following is given to us from
Norm, from New Jersey - Long Beach Island
Here's Norm:


My current thoughts on TIME <and space> have evolved from over a
decade of exploration of my spiritual-metaphysical path in many
places and reflected in my personal library of over 350 books;

visits to such places as the pyramids of Egypt and the Yucatan;
the glorious red rocks of Sedona, AZ; the bed and breakfast
of Shakti Gawain, on the island of Kauai, HI;
the delving into "past" lives at Chris  Griscom's The Light Institute
in Galisteo, NM;

studying wicca, reiki, crystals, the tarot, astrology
and channeled materials of many entities; enneagrams;
discovering and attending a weekly CELEBRATION of spiritual
friends in Santa Fe, NM <patterned after one of Scott Peck's books>;and
most importantly for me:what resonates to my truth. It need not be yours.

Linear time <and space> exists as a human construct for the purpose of
keeping us sane.  Imagine a world in which all was happening at the same
instant instead of in a row of seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years/

We are born from choice to parents and immediate family of
our selection with the intent to explore certain lessons and empowered
with free will to live our lives and leave them when we intend to depart.
On birth, we forget the truths of no time and no space and our knowledge
that we create our own reality.

In fact, we can, in a blink of focus
find ourselves in a moment in another lifetime <it is hard not to use the term
past life> and emotionally feel the full impact of the lesson of that
lifetime.  Without the linear time construct, we could not explore the
lessons of this incarnational lifetime with full intensity.

We each know how long and short a objective measured  minute can last;
when we are in pain, it lasts forever: when we are in pleasure, it sometimes
seems like no time at all.

SPEED: By agreement of the 6 billion humans now living, linear
time exists as a measurement device. This device does NOT, however,
limit individual humans in their reality creation to "live"
within linear time constraints; and for those, time may pass more quickly or slowly:
i.e. what is done within one second of linear time is outside the measuring device.
Thus, time IS moving faster though linear time is not.

Time feels like it is speeding up for many of us because our spiritual
awareness allows the emotional lessons to be learned in less linear time.

Last night I read James Redfield's latest book THE SECRET OF SHAMBALA,
knowing that this book is likely to impact many mainstream readers and
thrust them ahead in spiritual understanding.

I do NOT think the world will end in 2012.
I do NOT think time is  collapsing.

Soul growth is unlimited in its potential as we come to explore our other
lives and to resolve in this one those contracts and commitments made in
other lifetimes which I regard as KARMA.

From our human eyes: linear time is alive and well. From the eyes of our
soulself or higher self: all time is NOW.

Time travel? Let's first speak of space travel now.  Sai Baba, an adept
in India now living, has been documented as appearing in other locations
without physically moving.  Caroline Myss commented on this last year in
her seminar in New Jersey.

Yes to time travel.  I have in past life regressions so traveled. Also
in meditations I have done so.  We can also in meditation revisit the
past in this lifetime and reconstruct that past to deal with such things
as lingering painful events..even nightmare events.

We can choose either to live this lifetime as if in a framed print
on our wall of all, with its four sides confining our experience to our
human senses and constructs; or we can choose to live in a frameless 3D
video, with our structure of support coming from within - fearless in
our freedom of truth and resonance and exalted in knowing the energy
being that we truly are.

I view my wholeness as including four aspects: physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual.  It took me a long time to integrate the role of time and
space and the truth that I create my own reality into my matrix of wholeness.
This work continues and will continue until I choose to leave this lifetime
....and beyond even then.

<Seluna> wow, I would like to know of his integration!!
<Norm> by that reference to integration..
I refer to an understanding of the concept
and sometimes being in it
each of us is imperfectly perfect
<Seluna> to actually know of manifestation process
and control it is some feat

<CNH> the concept of all being "now" is very good
St. Augustine wrote: Yet it might be said,
"There be three times, a present of things past,
a present of things present, and a present of this future."
<^gina^> being seen at other locations
is easy once you change your consciousness
<Paza> gina ... astral projection seems to be fundamental

<^gina^> not astral projection

<Paza> I always have thought bilocating and
astral projection were similar ...
at least that is the term I give to bilocation

<^gina^> over the past 20 years I have looked
into the art of bi locating
I have moved myself around to people in need many times
I can be seen touched and the people are physically helped
<Norm> gina...are you seen by others in your physical form..
or felt as energy?
<Seluna> awesome
<^gina^> seen in a physical form enough to be known by the people
<^gina^> I have talked and told the people things
of comfort and removed their pain
but one does not need to be attached to out comes
<GypsyArdor> how do you start, gina? do you concentrate
on your vibration and raise it very high or something?
<^gina^> change your consciousness

<^gina^> Time is something that I had only considered
as a reason for being some place for meetings….
holidays….seasons etc.
In 1983 I went through a change in consciousness.
At this time I became aware of a group of Master Teachers.
Each Master taught me a different subject.
Each subject was covered in one night.
<GypsyArdor> I would like to know how old were you?
<^gina^> I was in my 39th year
We had broken time into seasons, days, weeks, months and years.
How we measured everything by time
and were limited by time as we now know it.

The lesson proceeded with demonstrations of manipulating time.
Of stepping outside what was normal time for me.
It was one thing to watch with fascination
as the Master Bey Kareem produced a rose bush.
From the pruned back small sticks to a beautiful
flowering shrub in the time it took to blink.
Now I was told to step outside of time
and produce the same effect.

I did try to point out my concept of time was
vastly different from His. That what he was asking me
to do was impossible. No matter how much I tried to talk my
way out of the exercise I was simply told to do
as I had been asked.

Step out of time. Time does not exist.
Go beyond your idea of Time.
I asked why was it so important for me to learn about time.
How was it going to effect me in the future?
The answer was simply that I was moving at a faster rate
than was anticipated and that I would need to understand
how to manipulate myself between the two places/
realms that were now open to me.

I could freely move
between the realms/ places easily and that
nothing would hinder me.
That a barrier was in place to prevent a person
from ascending or descending onto planes
that one was not prepared for. I was about to go through
the pass not point. Break through the Time barrier.
All I had to master was Time or no Time.

An example of straddling Time.
I saw a set of books in a dream.
The color and front cover of each book
was very clear and I knew the title.
However it took me some four years after the
dream to see the books. They were a Danish publication
and different from the English one.

<^gina^> outside of Time.
If you want to ask me question on how I achieved
this I would be happy to go deeper.
It allows me to revisit the exercise.

Does time exist?…Yes for the bulk of this humanity it does.
The reason being that we need to experience lessons or karma.
Time allows this to take place when we are ready
to take responsibility for our actions.
<CNH> please, gina, would like to learn the exercise....

<^gina^> Once we become Self-Realized we move
into a state of awareness that allows us to BE in the NOW.
Then nothing around you can pull you out of your center of Peace.
That which allows one to reside in the Heart.
To know and understand ones Supersoul
that joins one to all living beings.

We are in a Time when it appears that
time is speeding up on us. In fact we have gain
a few seconds in actual Time. With the greater awareness
open to those who seek to know themselves
completely lesson are coming in faster and
sometimes appear to be stacked so as to
occur as one is experiencing other lessons.

The greater your awareness the greater speed
that lessons appear. Not to pay you back or hamper you,
rather to aid your journey through the lower realms.
There does not appear to be an end to the lessons,
as they become more refined and even sneakier
in the way they are presented to one.
Do you have a choice in these matters?
I feel that our choice was made to come I
into form/the body to experience all manner of things.

That you only get greater choices once
you have attained the level of consciousness
that takes you outside of known Time.
Then you realized that it really does not
matter what is going on that YOU cannot be hurt
that the Soul will continue its journey regardless.
Better to accept and stay in the Now.

We are all searching for our true identity and
we are set into time until we learn who and what we truly are.
The idea of motion moving towards awareness
and resting periods that allow for adjustments
and understanding. Like the ocean we have a movement
of in-breathing and out- breathing and we see this
in the movement of stars and planets above us.

There are laws that we are still becoming
aware of, laws that have greater implications
than our man made laws.
The reason we need to have greater knowledge
of the true self is to understand that time and space are one.
We have trapped ourselves in a physical plane of time.

Past present and future are as one or are in NO TIME.
<Seluna> thanx, gina, wonderful experiences
<Paza> wow :)
<^gina^> life is an experience
<CNH> another similar statement from Augustine:
For these three do exist in some sort, in the soul,
but otherwhere do I not see them:
present of things past, memory;
present of things present, sight;
present of things future, expectation.

<^gina^> time has a different meaning for me
<Tamar> It sounds like you were soul traveling...
<KiDiCaRuS> I find time travel to be an easy concept
but a difficult endeavor..
<^gina^> I bring back perfect memory of each visit to other realms
<Paza> sounds like what I went through at a healing session yesterday
<^gina^> I don't drink or take drugs
well water I drink lol
<KiDiCaRuS> id like to know what it physically feels
like to change consciousness
<Tamar> You can soul travel with creative visualization tapes..
you can soul travel with your spirit guides like gina is doing.
<GypsyArdor> I had a teacher come to me when I was young.
I used to think I was crazy when I was older and
started recalling things. she was an old woman
and I called her grandmother.

<Paza> In speaking of "Time", that is the topic
I will speak about tonight.
To most people, time seems like it *physically*
flows at the same rate
and in a linear fashion, but from my own Experiences
that all seems to be wrong.
Back in November 1995, I started to notice things
around me actually move slower or faster, like if a
videotape was moved in a slightly faster or slower speed.
During that experience, I learned and felt that time
is spherical and thus its surface is curved.
<Paza> During that experience,
I learned and felt that time is spherical
<Susanrose> Sounds like the theory of life being a
hologram in a sphere...

<AMENRA-7> yup it's cyclitic in natural functions
<Paza> However, it is not that simple.
Time moves at a speed relative to us
based on the state of our energy vibration at the time.
Our spiritual energy changes from moment to moment
and things such as our health and
emotions contribute to the overall energy state.
Shifts in our energy can change the speed
that we move at through time.

Normally, on average, we experience one second of time
versus what the Universe lives as one second.
However, through energy shifts, our time flow can go faster
or slower.  If things around you (including both sights and sounds)
physically start to slow down for no explanation,
then you are traveling faster through time
then the average person (one second for you might be
0.95 second for everyone else).

This means that time is slowing to a crawl for you.
On the other hand, if everything around you speeds up,
this means that
*you* are slowing down and thus one second
for you might be 1.1 seconds
for everyone else.  In other words,
time is literally flying past you.

The reason for why this is happening seems
to relate to the Shift of Consciousness currently occurring
here on the planet.  As we grow, we tend to get less caught
up in the physical laws of the Universe and become free
to explore the astral and spiritual realms.

Experiences we have there can manifest themselves
in the physical world and also work with our energy in
ways that were previously inconceivable.

First, actually feeling and seeing spiritual energy and beings.
Then, the whole thing with the nature of time (time flow).
Next, shifting from one timeline to another.
Yes, I mean actually going
from one reality where one sequence of events
occurred to another where
events unfolded differently.

And the memory of the old timeline was clear
in all cases and confirmed by others
(before the timeline shift of
course), and in the new timeline,
everyone remembered differently.

The most dramatic cases of this occurring so far
have been things appearing where they weren't before
and CD's having a different number of
tracks in the new timeline than in the old.

Timeline shifting is no more than jumping
from one branch of the Matrix of possibilities the Universe
has to offer to another,
but obviously not through linear means.

The course of events that has occurred cannot
change in a linear fashion ...
one has to transcend the single dimensional
paradigm of time to account for this.

The Universe guides us to where we should be heading
through the Matrix of possibilities to the people
or places that would best help us grow and to
assist others in their path as well.

Intuition is that guide to these
"chance" meetings that will really allow us to progress
far on our journey.
What will happen next?  Only time will tell! :)

<Sunshine-> I recently saw the movies:  The Matrix
and The Thirteenth Floor both somewhat on these lines

<Tamar> I dream of the future and when I get
there I do or say the same things as in the dream.
we are talking deja vu here..
<^gina^> nope...its the soul moving forward in time
and checking things out
<Seluna> yes, I have done healing treatments on people
and I would remove my hand and the person still
felt the hand there and I do believe
someone else was there with me
<Tamar> Of course we still have that free will
in that future to change our minds as we check it out.
<Paza> which means it is only a possible future

<GypsyArdor> paza...if you were doing something
with your physical body and all of a sudden the teachers
were there with you and you were learning...
would that mean you couldn't recall what was happening
with your physical self at the time?
<Paza> you might be able to if you are well-grounded
else you might get some missing time on your hands
<Seluna> the overlap of the dimensional shifts
overriding the time and space element

 The following  on the topic of Time is
according to Marion Weinstein, author and psychic:
In regards to the concept:
All time - past and future - being now.

"Past has already happened it only exists in your mind,
in your perception.
Future hasn't happened yet,
but both of them are here, because your mind is here."

Your mind allows keen awareness
of the passage of minutes, yet, your mind
can also suspend time into a state of timelessness.
When meditation is entered,
the silence for it allows you to connect
once again with the mind of God,
It is awareness of the infinite.
In that space we float, and time disappears.

The mind of God does not need time,
yet the mind of humans must need it.
What is the lesson, or gift to this physical
world that is seem with  linear time?

Time is a gift to help  you decide what is important.
A ruler to apply to your activity, a measurement
of your waking consciousness.

How could you ever prioritize your desires
if you had all the time in the universe to achieve all
of them?

If time feels speeding up then many of us need to look at
what lessons we need to accomplish in less time.
Maybe some of us have bit off the resolution of
several lifetimes of karma in the next few years.
So if it works out, maybe our heavenly vibration
will be our reward for this pace.

I recall as soon as my daughter was able to stand,
we lined up to a portion of a wall, and marked
off how tall she was at different ages.  As she got
older, we could stand back and observe how far
she came, and project how tall she may become.

Linear time is like that.  A gift to measure your
progress,  the deepening of faith, the wisdom of years.
You look at years where you grew a foot,
and other years where your growth may have slowed.

Most of all
the beauty of time is the opportunity if provides
for us to delight in the journey of life.
The purpose of life is to manifest love in the physical
world, thereby completing creation.

Time is therefore, a gift to demonstrate the beauty of
this unfoldment.  The blooming of a rose is seen in the
opening petal by petal  in a logical progression.
So too is the repetition of  our
cause and effect manifest ting joy and love,
creating  heaven on earth.

 In ending
I would you to join in prayer
may it aide in the selection of how to handle the
time we have.

Not my will
but Thine oh Lord
Be done in me
and through me

Let me be a channel of blessings
so that my coming in and going out
be in accord with what Thou
would have me do.

Uniting your will with God's will
is a choice of freedom.

The freedom
to trust that whatever the future,
the ability to believe
"No doubt, the universe is unfolding
as it should."

<Sunshine-> and so it is
<^gina^> so be it.....
<Seluna> :)
<Tamar> I to remember that the Lords will
is my will and therefore
I am a co-creator with that Lord & Lady
<Sunshine-> thanks to all for the enlightenment
<Norm> thank you susanrose...and to you gina...
Tamar and Paza for your stimulating offerings
<Seluna> Thanx to all what a wonderful
Joyous and Enlightening Gathering and Sharing
<Paza> thank you all for a special night!
<Tamar> thanks to all you Gods and Goddesses in live chat...
<GypsyArdor> congrats again on your engagement susan and joe!
<susanrose> (blush) Joe is JSG34
<Seluna> :)
<JSG34> :)
<Norm> ahh...congratulations to you both
<^gina^> hey susanrose you did not tell me
<Paza> interesting :)
I  didn't know you were engaged
<Tamar> post your engagement ring web page -Susanrose
<susanrose> :)
<^gina^> yes please
<susanrose> just happened a few days ago!
<Sunshine-> beautiful ring    Joe
<JSG34> thanks
<GypsyArdor> very beautiful, joe. ;-)

<Seluna> Night All, thanx for inviting me :)
- Walk in the Beauty and White Light
Sunshine- going off to dreamland
or should I say     "Reality"
merrily    merrily   merrily
life is but a dream
<GypsyArdor> thanks everyone...
great dreams will be happening tonight--
I can just tell! ;-)
<^gina^> thanks all bye for now
<susanrose> Thanks to the presenters
and all who gathered tonight.
<sandra> goodnight susanrose and all,
"time" for me to depart this level
of consciousness and move to another.
Wonderful as always

<^Dove^> Love to all.  G'night
Rickpa -  bows
<CNH> thanks for another good event, susanrose
<Tamar> happy time traveling....:)