Where is Our Power Going?

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together, and create a group mind
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


Tonight's topic is: Where is Our Power Going?

Hello, I am Susan Rose (Arianna) and I would like to welcome you tonight.
This topic is something that has become increasingly important in my life.
I also hear it echoing in the comments of many of my friends.
I hear, " I need to get motivated, I need enthusiasm. Why am I always tired?
I feel so drained, where or what is sucking my energy?"

It our energy really being sucked out of us,
or are we just unconsciously using it up?
And who's energy is it anyway??

<Vega^Novae> I believe it is the energy of the collective whole
we often speak of. We are all a part of this whole;
there is infinite energy out there. It is the illusion of separateness that
prevents us from drawing more.
<Ganesha2> are you speaking about Universal Energy..
or our Doership attachment that makes us tired Arianna?
we get mixed up in this issue
<Susanrose/arianna> not attachment Ganesha
I am talking about the life force energy
that seems to make some people so productive...
<Ganesha2> Susanrose/arianna, this energy is eternal and everlasting...
<Vega^Novae> As many of our scientists have said before us,
energy cannot be created, nor destroyed... only transformed.
We can do this ourselves... use the energy for our purposes...
usually for good.

<Susanrose/arianna> .. to go on...
In the Movie Pocohantas
a young Native American woman sings:

What I love the most about rivers is:
You cant' step in the same river twice
The water's always changing,
always flowing.

We can use this as a reminder,
that like the river, we really don't OWN our
power, any more than the river can own the water.
So for the purpose of this discussion,
When talking about OUR power,
I mean the power that is available for us to utilize
in the now, as the current of life moves through us.

<Vega^Novae> Excellent analogy Susan
<LadyNada> constant flow

Since it is a current, it must be replenished, and
in order to stay fresh, it must not be either dammed up.
So energy in/energy out....
Some people seem to have more of it passing through them.
Like cholesterol clogging the arteries, as we let the corrosion and
incrustations of negative thoughts stick to our psyche, so we narrow
the conduit through which universal energy may pass through us.
In meditation, forgiveness or other spiritual refreshment, we replenish,
and ream out the incrustations from our energy plumbing.
But back to the question..
What ever the amount of energy we have, where is our power going?

<LadyNada> maybe it goes to whatever we focus our consciousness on?
<Susanrose/arianna> yes, lady....

<phoenx> strategies for maintaining consistency in our focus
and daily efforts... I would be interested in thoughts from those here.
we all have the same 24 hours...
what make one more productive and happy than another?
<gina> Energy can be sent constantly from one person....
as it leaves that person...they receive
the same back...they never are empty of energy ever....
if you were to heal 60 people in row non
stop the last person would receive the same input as the first
<^alex^> perhaps its how we use the energy that we put out
that would make one feel more drained?
<AumAkua> perhaps its is an issue of beliefs...
<gina> your mind creates the condition...if you think your tired....
then you become so...if you
know the energy is endless and there for you to use...
you will never again be tired
<^alex^> gina...agree...our mind state is a big factor...

<LadyNada> maybe we need to develop multi-awareness?
one part of our awareness focuses on staying connected to Source -
for energy input another part of our awareness focuses on the NOW
<Susanrose/arianna> Lady...maybe I have been operating on too many
multi tasks of thought...maybe just a simple affirmation of BE HERE NOW
might help!
There is a sacredness that can be found in the moment of now.

<LadyNada> maybe it has to do with our MOODS?
as in, " I don't FEEL like doing this now, or today"
then when you force yourself, you cant do it as well
<Susanrose/arianna> yes but mood will affect achievements,
and you have to start having some feeling of
accomplishment to boost your mood ...can be a vicious cycle or a positive cycle
LadyNada> then Susanrose/arianna, wouldn't it be better to turn to a task
that you ARE in the mood for?
then your sense of accomplishment would be increased
<Susanrose/arianna> Lady, sometimes when you force yourself,
the energy will start to flow... for example exercise...
I am usually NOT in the mood for, but always feel better afterwards
and, ....sometimes I sit down to write something for #)Gaia*Friends(
and I am afraid I draw a blank,
but you know what...when you start typing,
even if not in the mood, the universe starts to pump
more ideas through you...
<LadyNada> yes, agree Susanrose, sometimes its hard to START,
but once started, you can hum right along
<Ganesha2> at the same time it is good to give yourself
moderate time for all things including rest, food, and exercise
<Socks> moods are just superficial attachments to emotions...
<Susanrose/arianna> Lady..... do not ignore how you feel...
only override your feelings with things you
feel are real important to accomplish regardless
of your mood at the moment

<LadyNada> so perseverance has its place

<Ganesha2> yes, Gina, the energy is unlimited,
but it helps to have commitment, discipline, and
self awareness to be an open channel for this eternal wellspring...
this river of love to pass through us
<Vega^Novae> This is very true gina; though it takes aeons for the humans
to learn this. I have many times before been able to stay up 48 hours
straight without hurting.. yet at the other times,
your mind gives you the illusion of tiredness and one finds it hard to resist

<Jo> I have talked to people who swear it is energy vamps...
<LadyNada> what about energy vampires?
<^puma^> well I do believe there are energy vamps
(people that needs energy and sucks it out
of whoever is close.)
<gina> energy vampires can have all they require
if you allow yourself to be open and giving...as
they take you are refilled so to speak

<Ganesha2> puma is right...there are energy suckers in this world...
and how do we become aware of our boundaries and transference
in working with this
<Jo> I have talked to several people who say that they can feel
themselves being drained, and
they believe it is others sapping the energy from them.

<Ganesha2> its not about ignoring "how you feel"...
it is about discipline in your thinking

<reality_> with a belief system like that Jo,
it can be understood why that would happen
<Jo> There are so many unusual things happening,
I guess you can't blame people for trying to
find some kind of logical reason.

<DoriM> how do you ward off the energy suckers Ganesha2?
<Ganesha2> Dori, by having strict discipline and boundaries
in my working with others...You know...we don't learn this...
alot of the energy "suck" is when we allow it to happen by our own
undisciplined mind and attitude
<DoriM> I'm finding that out Ganesha2
<Ganesha2> Dori, we have to have a modus operandi for ourselves
and be aware of what we can and can't buy into

<Susanrose/arianna> Can anyone really Suck your energy?
If you are too generous with your attention to a vampire,
then accept the responsibility that you gave it as a gift...
maybe too much of a gift.
<LadyNada> no blame, but responsibility instead
<reality_> of course not, now is not a time for blame :)
<Ganesha2> yeah...blame is a trap.....responsibility is a great ideal

<Vega^Novae> The idea of it is to stay connected to the greater flow.
The energy suckers in this
world work on specific programs...
if we do not go along with their program, if we instead project
love towards them.. they cannot attack us

<gina> I have allowed people to use my energy and have never
suffered with tiredness....the energy flows at all times...
if you wish to hang on to it for yourself only then it becomes old and
not useful as a mode for healing
<Ganesha2> Gina, you are speaking of the Universal Light Energy...
it is not yours for sure, but knowing you Gina,
I can tell that you have innate boundaries and ways of being that would
prohibit your self from being vampired...but we mustn't ignore
our own areas of dis-ease and physical sickness as possible avenues
that we have been sucker Gina

<^puma^> how you connect yourself with the source?
<sage> meditation becomes the filling station
<Susanrose/arianna> puma... that is with whatever your spiritual path feeds you...
seeing nature, prayer, meditation working with others etc, and feeling
the love with these activities.
<Corvidae> The heart
<Susanrose/arianna> :) ..

<Susanrose/arianna/Arianna>...to go on....
Perhaps it is a symptom of a mid life crisis (smile)..
To take a look and reevaluation here we are spending our energy,
and what we have to show for it.

Psychologists will tell us it is a typical developmental task
of mid life, but is useful for people of all ages.
Being a 40 something baby boomer, I guess alot
of us are facing these issues now, so I hope you can add your
insights on this.

A friend of mine recently talked to a woman he had not
talked to since college, about 20 years ago. Besides being
an accomplished pianist, she has 3 successful companies going.
He was astounded to see the variety what people have accomplished
since college. In my personal life, I can asses that what I have done
is about average. I have somehow managed to be somewhere in
the term called middle class, but often broke by the next pay.

This is not to say I am promoting a materialistic lifestyle.
Remembering the parable of the servants who were given the
same amount of talents to keep for the master...
One spent them, one buried them, but one multiplied the talents.
When the master came home, the person who multiplied what
was given was the one who received the praise of the master.

I am feeling it is my spiritual responsibility to show
what I have done with my talents in this life, how my efforts have
multiplied beauty and hope in the world.

<LadyNada> why are we so GOAL oriented though?
do we equate our worthiness with completing goals?
<Susanrose/arianna> hmmmmm.... did the masters have goals?
<Corvidae> Yes, when persons benefit from another's labors...
poems, books, inspirational writings, movies...Music.
Someone's work can inspire another on their path.
<Ganesha2> yeah, goals are only a way of speaking lady...
but actually we are all in places of opening to self awareness
and authentic dynamic interrelational being...and all at different stages
<Susanrose/arianna> Well put Ganesha!

<Vega^Novae> It is a human artifact...
stemming from a non human longing however. Creation
is what we work towards as Spirits... co creating with the Source.
Until we realize this consciously, we try to compromise this achievement
by creating human goals and achievements within our own lifetime
<Ganesha2> Vega, I liked especially what you said...
very beautiful...exactly what I was thinking
but couldn't say

<LadyNada> one concern is setting up guilt,
when you don't meet your own expectations
expectations set us up for disappointment

<Ganesha2> well...expectation=transference or projection...
another form of judgment and a real energy drain
the one who drains us the most is ourselves...it is not outside ourselves

<Susanrose/arianna> Well Lady, you make good points,
I guess the answer is balance
to not be overly driven to you goals
Yet, there are times in your life when you must be driven
in order to complete your task

<LadyNada> maybe knowing we are ok or worthy no matter what
we do or don't do. To be able to take a break from your works,
and not beat yourself up about it
<Ganesha2> yes, know your own greatness....
<reality_> expectation is balanced by accepting Who you are
at this Moment and moving from there
<LadyNada nods>
<Maya> it may be easy enough to say forget guilt shame
and self-accusations etc..but it is not going to happen unless we
consciously bring the conscience to the forefront of our deeds and
actions and words
<Ganesha2> Maya, what ways do you think people on the planet can do this?.
<Maya> Ganesha..well..simply put..one might ask themselves constantly
if they are true to their conscience ...and listen for the answer from the heart
<Susanrose/arianna> nope, do not want anyone to beat themselves up over goals!
rather keep of victory journal of things that they did get done that day!
Everyone likes to stand back and admire their work...
that is a healthy thing to feel good about your accomplishments. It helps
recharge you with positive awareness of how much good you can do.
If you were meant to sit on a lilly pad and
contemplate your navel, then why even
take on a physical form? we are here to manifest love through FORM
<LadyNada> agree Susanrose/arianna

<Jo> If we all took the energy from guilt and worry,
took it out into the world and helped
someone with their world....it would be energy spent for a much more
productive effort...don't you think?
<Ganesha2> yeah Jo,,,a true contemplation
<Jo> It makes sense to me....why not identify where the waste is,
then redirect it to make the best use of it?
<reality_> or identify what the waste is, and just let it go
<Susanrose/arianna> yes jo...This sharing of universal energy is a treasure.
it is available to every person.
<LadyNada> like recycling Jo
<Jo> yes, and it makes you feel wonderful as well.
<^alex^> then do the things you do in daily life
with love and respect for the act...
<Jo> I have a challenge for everyone here, tomorrow,
try to smile sincerely to every person that
you meet. It isn't easy, but you will give as well as receive
some wonderful energy. Simple
sounding, but it works.
<Vega^Novae> This is a good challenge Jo, and I shall accept it.
<^alex^> a smile and a simple act of kindness does wonders
for the giver and the receiver..
<sage> if your smile is about projecting love then it shall be
<Ganesha2> yeah positive thought=quantum love associations for sure,,,
but being fakely happy and smiling without the inner work are not good enuf
<Vega^Novae> Its the intent behind the smile that matters
<Jo> Ganesha2, smiling doesn't necessarily =love,
but it does encourage positive flow of energy by making someone feel good.
<phoenx> it takes more muscles to frown than smile... :-)
<reality_> it's like i say 'Where thought goes, Energy flow'
<^alex^> ganesha...true
<gina> right on reality
<Jo> reality- that's very true!

<Susanrose/arianna>Yes, little daily occurrences of helpfulness
that happen add up.
Footprints on this earth in a meaningful positive way.
Everyone uses this energy to a greater or lesser degree,
but usually without realizing it.
Just as an athlete trains the muscles, coordination, and endurance,
so everyone can learn how to increase his store and how to use it.
We just need to realize this in our day to day lives.

<DoriM> how do we increase our store of energy?
<Ganesha2> The Storehouse of energy never dwindles.
It is unlimited. It is only our limited mind that can't accept this.
<Susanrose/arianna> To hold more energy....
increase the inflow of Spiritual contact....
then....keep your channel clear by removing your blockages.....
then.... give freely, targeting the best use of the energy out flow
<stars> Susan.. identifying the 'target' for the best use of your outflow,
may be the tricky part...

<^puma^> It is of my opinion that thoughts and energy
are connected and good thoughts attract great energy and
negative thoughts are very damaging to us.

<Susanrose/arianna> The other thing to increase your energy is to
Pump up your love....
fall in love with your life, with your potential, with all round you...
but tonight's session is not about how to increase energy,
it is about taking charge of where our energy is going!

Required viewing should be the old Jimmy Stewart Movie,
"It's a Wonderful Life". In it we are shown that we do not have
to win a Nobel prize, build a hospital wing, or find the cure to Aids.
Little daily occurrences of helpfulness that happen add up.
In the movie, Jimmy has a financial problem that triggers his wish
that he had never been born. He revisits his home town as it would have
been without the additions he made due to his day in day out efforts.
He is astounded to see how his hometown was not the kind place
he knew.

<phoenx> I like the quote on the Spirit Links page of )Gaia*Friends(
To laugh often and much... To win the respect of intelligent people,
and the affection of children, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others.
To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child,
a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition, to know that even
one life has breathed better because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

<Susanrose/arianna> Great Quote pheonx, thank you...
While it is true that you should not stay in a situation
where people are negative or quarrelsome, is it really
the their negative vibes draining you?
<Ganesha2> sometimes we need to change the condition as well..
depends on the situation, but the blame game is such a trap...
<LadyNada> blame is used to make you inactive
<stars> if you accept responsibility for the focus of your intent...
we all choose our focus, be it positive or negative, focused or scattered...
we are the captains of our own ship...

A super bowl, with 2 opposing teams caring deeply
that they crush the opponent,
is a case of complete disharmony...
yet it is energizing to both the parties
involved. So the attitude of those involved to the
challenge that the disharmony presents can be decisive
as to whether you feel worn down or energized by the

Sometimes though, the disharmony goes on and on and on.
Like a poor work environment, or a very unhappy marriage.
Yet even then, the disharmony is not draining you,
You are feeling tired and emptiness of it because YOU
have allow yourself to become sidetracked from the ideals
that you need to manifest in form.

Quoting the raspy whisper of deep throat in
the Watergate movie....."Follow the money".... so too
when you are feeling drained, and you want to know what
happened to your energy....

I say....Follow what your have
been paying attention to!

The most important thing we
possess is our ATTENTION.
"Why? Because attention is the focus of life.
You are focusing your life, whether intentional or
unintentional. on the matters that you give your attention to.

Where your attention is, is where you have, for the moment,
placed your power.
If your attention is caught up in your work,
so much so that you might be termed a
workaholic, that is where your energy is.

If your attention is in your family, then that is where
you are placing your energy.
I am not suggesting there is something wrong with
directing your attention to your family or work.

To paraphrase the Famous Desiderata Prose:
Enjoy your achievements
As well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career,
However humble; it is a real possession
In the changing fortunes of time.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
In the noisy confusion of life
Keep Peace with your soul.

Enjoying your achievements are a healthy part of
self actualization. But to do this, we must grab the bull
by the horns... The bull being our run away thought process
that causes a flight of ideas, so that we are not finished what
we start and cause us to piddle away our energy.

Like riding a wild stallion, galloping
into the forest, maybe we will end up at an enchanted castle,
with prince/princess waiting. Or more likely we will end up
lost, tired, and hungry. So cultivate within you a desire to control where
your thoughts are taking you! Guide the strong stallion to take
you to the destinations of your choosing.

<Ganesha2>So focus the horses of our senses.......
a wonderful metaphor from the Katha
Upanishad..The mind is the charioteer, the chariot the body,
and the horses the senses.....
creating a balance as you guide the chariot

I am quoting Wayne Perry, in his video "Healing with Sound and Tone".
"Somebody once said...You are what you eat.
I would suggest you are where you have placed
your attention.
That is where you have placed your power.
That is where your power is going."

<lion> Very true Susanrose/arianna ... attention and focus are EVERYTHING!!
The subconscious does not know that
you do not want to throw your energy into every thing your
are focusing your thoughts on.

It thinks it is doing you a favor
by directing your energy to the target(s) of your attention.
If you had to shovel your driveway of 3 feet of snow, you would
be grateful to all the energy your body could give you to help
to complete your focus.

So you may be dwelling on fixing a relationship,
maybe it will work, maybe not. Realize
that the relationship is not draining you, you have of your own free
will given as a gift of your all the time you have spent
thinking about how to handle the situation, to get him/her to understand,
etc etc etc.

If you feel sick and tired, weak and powerless,
thank the universe for the symptoms it is showing your
body that hey, Enough is Enough!
It is an opportunity to redirect and use your WILL to
take charge of your focus, and realize where your thoughts
are taking you!

<Ganesha2> well, when we see areas of tiredness,
this is an arrow to say...ahhh this is a place I
can process and work with some more
<Susanrose/arianna> Ganesha...or work on leaving it be,
and not spending any more energy on it
<Ganesha2> a place of healing...after all the things we dislike
are the things that resonate inside ourselves that we don't like
<^puma^> Well who is going to brake the vicious circle in the disharmony?
<Ganesha2> puma we each have the responsibility to be in a space of
authenticity and fearlessness on this issue within ourselves...
this is what changes the world, but we can have a greater awareness
and conciousness of our planetary mission and conciousness
<Susanrose/arianna> yes, Ganesha! Having the big picture,
a greater awareness of our mission.....
How many of us have missed our exit on the turnpike,
because we were dwelling on other things...?
The subconscious does not know that you do not want to
throw your energy into where your thoughts are taking you!
<Vega^Novae> This is a very interesting comment, Susan,
and it makes sense... in that often we get stuck in one train of thought,
especially in the coding I do for example.. it often helps just
to try a totally new train of thought, something wild..
and this will renew your energy and start U on your way again
<Ganesha2> yeah...a different approach..a place of creativity
<^puma^> Well I think is a problem with control
we spend too much time trying to control
situations or things even trying to control people
and loose a lot of energy on that task.
<Susanrose/arianna> The only thing we can control is our reaction
<Vega^Novae> For is this not what creativity is?
The restoral of a harmonic energy balance, within our hearts minds and souls...
a restoration and upholding of our Divinity
and wish for co-creation with the Source.
<Ganesha2> yeah vega, it is the truth

<Susanrose/Arianna> OK
So how do you
get motivated, reclaim your power,
and like that lady friend from college who has
3 successful businesses going at one time....
How do you get some of what she has???

<Jo> If you give up control and go along with the natural flow of things,
it all seems to work out in the way it was meant to. (smile)
<Susanrose/arianna> well, to get through nursing school
I had to want to pass with all my life, otherwise
I could have never done it...
there are some things that take more controlled focus to accomplish
than others.
<Corvidae> Well....Gaia group is talking about your self responsibility in
holding and bringing in your energy...
discipline and such and giving love out to the world...
<Ganesha2> abundance is knowing how to use your energetic gracefully
and in the flow of spirit
We should all know our own inherent worth...it is sooo GREAT
I do not want you to have a 3 ring circus of work,
but just some excitement about where you are
headed. A happy anticipation of an even slowly
growing savings account, feeling progress and
recognition that you are good at what you do.
Feeling the satisfaction of the fruits of your endeavors.

The universe works well with a rolling stone,
so start rolling.
Look at the small amount of energy it takes
to start an avalanche, but it did take that first
moment of change, to start a snowball rolling.

There have been times in your life that
you felt energized by what track you were headed.
Try to remember what it felt like to have
worked for hours and feel like there was more
energy and joy there than when you started.
Remember how good it felt and what those things
were that you were into.

Then try to get back into that groove,
start some momentum for it, and see how
you can get paid to do the very thing that
supplies you with even more flow of creativity.

Work was not meant to be drudgery
what you give the world is your unique gift
Completing creation was meant to be fun!

<Ganesha2> co-creative planetary evolution is the true abundance
<Susanrose/arianna> These are the principals of the Co-Creative Consciousness.
<Susanrose/arianna> funny Ganesha should say that right then:)
<reality_> :)
<Ganesha2> we are all greater than the greatest and
tinier than the tiniest...in this dichotomy is a great truth and consciousness...
kind of makes the mind go boi.....ing

These are the principals of the Co-Creative Consciousness.

The Declaration of Intent is as follows:
I hold these truths to be self evident
There is a Designing Intelligence of the Universe
I am ready to become co-creative with that Intelligence
I am ready to become co-creative with that intelligence to bring forth
Within me the next evolution of the world.

I recognize in all humility that I am an infiitesimal
part of an infinite universe; capable, even in my
infancy; of resonating with that Infinity to an ever more precise degree.

As an ending to our gathering tonight, I would like to lead
a group prayer to take charge of directing the outflow of our energy!
Are you ready to join me in this?
<stars> sure...
<DoriM> yes
<^alex^> yes
<Ganesha2> yea
<My-Key-El> yes
<MiaLove> gladly! :)
<Vega^Novae> I shall -|-
<^puma^> :)
<Susanrose/arianna> ok..... feet on the floor
spine erect
aligning our head to the stars

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together
Feeling the love.

All join in thought, Holdings hands through space and time.

This is where we all affirm the adage of the old song... :}
'you're a part of me, and I'm a part of you... wherever we may travel..
whatever we go through' ...:::...

<Susanrose/arianna/Arianna> (smile)
Our Intention is to strengthen our clarity and focus.

Repeat out loud:
I can see streams of universal energy flowing Into me,
I can see the streams of energy flowing Out from me.
I see myself as a straw, or a pipe, a conduit of raw electricity.
I remove false beliefs, the ego that can corrode the flow.
I see the energy free flowing, a pulsating, living river of

Holding that thought with controlled Breathing

We consciously WILL our breathing,
taking charge of what is usually an unconscious event.
We ARE taking charge of our involuntary processes.
Our involuntary scattering of our energy is likewise ceasing.
We are willing this energy to be reunited in a our focused ideals.


I can see many goals in line with my ideals.
I now decide upon conscious targets of this energy.

This energy is a gift for us to direct from the Universal Source.
Our energy is multiplied and we pool the group intention..
We direct this energy for the good of all concerned,
according to free will.
As it is one with what we are here to do!

( Now Visualize not more than 1 to 3 targets that need your
focused attention,)
You may share by typing them here if you wish...
I will wait a moment for this.

<DoriM> I need help with completing my Masters thesis
<Vega^Novae> My goals for now must be focussed on completing
much needed schoolwork, as
well as keeping my focus and light steady throughout this week.
<Susanrose/arianna> I need focus with completing a
patient rehabilitation program at work...
<Gaia> and the fruition of the Divine Plan
<sage> Gen needs help in working out the issues of her life
and her new child
<Susanrose/arianna> I need help with providing my daughter
a clean home with healthy dinners
<reality_> I need help to show others that they have more options
in life then they believe

<Susanrose/arianna/Arianna> Yes! lion,
See these dear goals of your heart receiving streams of energy
emitting from your spirit.
Like Krilian photography, imagine energy streaming out
of your finger tips....
Using your right index finder as your "magic wand" point to your
goals and see lightening balls of psychic energy propelled to your
focused targets.

slow breathing...

Repeat aloud:
I Give thanks,
I see my energy completing creation, through the targets of my
focused intention.
Repeat: I am a clear, open and perfect channel.
Clarity of Purpose is Mine
I define my goals
I finish what I start.
My focus has narrowed.
I producing not a fine mist,
but a jet stream of powerful current!
There is no lack, I have all the energy I need.

Thank you
Oh highest of all powers,

<MiaLove> A M E N
<Jo> Amen
<sage> and so it is
<DoriM> amen
<^alex^> amem
<dol^phine> a*m*e*n
<wunjo> amen
<Gaia> amen
<Vega^Novae> Am'*Ean
<Susanrose/arianna> all excess energy
<reality_> AMEN
<Susanrose/arianna> that extra energy that was not needed
by the goals we have identified,
we ground to the heart of the mother, our planet, our earth
with the hope that her children remember her, in gratitude.
Place your palms on the floor to reground if you feel the need
I am doing so now

<reality_ sends a grounding pillar deep into Earth>

<My-Key-El> a Beam of Golden Light shimmers down upon our Circle
straight from the heavens
charging each of us with Universal Love and penetrating down
to the heart of Gaia herself
My-Key-El is now known as Gaia

<Gaia> welcome all to the Land of the Golden Light
with the milk of paradise awaiting you
the key to the land is unconditional love
shimmering the light down from the heavens
onto me is a blessing not just of me
but of the Universe here and beyond
welcome one and all to the Earthing of the energies you have sent me
as you and I pass it on for others to enjoy
to flow with the energy together we are all one with each other
and the flow of the energy will permeate every aspect of your life
if you do not let anything clog it up
this valve of energy is sacred
the River of Eternal Life
is available to you from this energy of Golden Light
Use it for good and it will never desert you....
Gaia changes topic to
"{{{{Universal Energy}}}}}}}}}}"
<Susanrose/arianna> Thank you Gaia!

<Susanrose/arianna> This has been a powerful session for me.
I hope in some way I have touched you too.
<dol^phine> <3
<Jo> wonderful, I am truly filled with inspiration and motivation!

<MiaLove feels freer, and grateful to ALL>
<^alex^> This was my first time here...
and I logged it so if anyone wants a copy of the log e-mail me...
<MiaLove> thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom,
and for reminding me to Be Love :)
<reality_ is happy all of you are here at this time>
<Jo> This has been the most inspiring program I have attended.
I feel as though I have found
some wonderful people who speak my language...
everything was beautiful. Thank you

<Vega^Novae> It has been momentously happy experience for me,
as it has been my first )Gaia*Friends( session since about March.
And I think that I learned, as well as taught, quite a lot tonight.
Giving and well as receiving as one.. it was fulfilling.

<Gaia> this session has reinspired the connection
between Gaia and My-Key- El.....a sacred connection which all
should feel free to access
<Gaia> that is, everyone should feel free to connect with me
<wunjo> I Love Gaia
<Jo> wunjo, so do I.

<sage> susanrose, we thank you for your time and effort,
what you give you receive, namaste
reality_> Thank You Susanrose/arianna, your focus is a blessing
reality_ gives Love to the channel and all who share in its presence
<Ganesha2> Thank-you Susan Rose/Arianna for your service
and Love in this Universe and on the Gaia Channel
<wunjo> so lets start a new community, :)
<lion> May the body for cosmic consciousness be built through the
COMMUNITY that we are, that SPIRIT may be more fully expressed
in FLESH!!