The Great White Brotherhood and
Other Masters Helping Humanity

This is an endless topic of intrigue and mystery, one that can
capture the imagination and send one off looking into many different areas.
These Masters that I will mention here today are living real
Beings. They live on other planes and come to the Earth
and speak with any of you when needs be.
I would like to touch upon some of the Masters that have helped
humanity in the past. Masters that worked through disciples,
who have prepared themselves to be of service.
Some are taken by surprise find they have come to the attention
of such a Master.

<Jbb> Gina... you are so right when you state:
Some are taken by surprise.... :)
Lord Matreya served in the incarnation of Krishnamurti
<Gina> yes, although the time for the Lord Matreya
is now and we will see the incarnation here on Earth soon
I believe the Lord Matreya to be a female....not male

<Ceridwen> Are there no Mistresses and just Masters?
A bit of *estrogen* a bit testosterone-based, perhaps?
<Gina> Master of self not meant to be a gender name ceridwen
<Ceridwen> ok, thank you :)

Just to mention that the term "Great White Brotherhood"
is not meant to be race or gender specific. These are souls
that can partake of any gender or race of body when they
choose to appear on the material plane. White is only used
as an adjective to describe their light, and brotherhood to
describe their cooperation in working together.

One of the first artists to draw portraits of the Masters was
David Anrias and in his books "Through the eyes of The Masters"
1932 there are nine pencil drawings. Accompanying the portraits
are self descriptive statements telepathically communicated to David
by the Masters. The book was prepared for people of today to know
that the Masters do exist and have a body. Each Master has a group
of Disciples that can be used to do the work on the Earth.

The Masters are:
Master Rakockzi _ Francis Bacon in a previous incarnation
Master Morya_ A Rajput Prince. Occupied Akbar_s body in a
previous incarnation.
Master Koot Hoomi La Singh _of Kashmir origin_
studied at oxford in 1850. Pythagorus in a previous incarnation
Master Jesus ... Previous incarnation as Joshua _
over shadowed by the Christ Consciousness.
Master Hilarion ... Was St. Paul and is now in a Cretan body
Master Paul the Venetian ...Was also the painter Paul Veronese
Master Serapis ... He works with the Deva of Evolution
The Master Mahachohan ... Also known as the Lord of Civilization_.
Chief of the Masters_.

<Gina> The Lord Matreya The World Teacher of this Time_
Said to be the next Buddha and also the next Christ.

Other Masters to consider here are:
The Master St. Germain
The Master Mary
The Master Lady Nada
The Master Buddha
The Master Krishna
The Master Pythagorus
The Master Lao Tse

<WindRyder> did I read that right ... master LadyNada?
<LadyNada> she is a rainbow master I believe

Another group of Masters called the Holy Four, also known as the
Mind Born sons who spring from the four fold mystery. They are:
Sanat- Kumara
They are also called the seven sons of Brahma, when we add the
three lessor kumara:

There really does not seem to be time to name them all

<^alex^> Is this one coming in body yet?
<Gina> There is also the Master Tara or Kuan Yin
I believe her to be already upon the planet Alex
There are so many Masters now here on the planet
and in the ethers working it would take a long time to name them all
I have selected some of the better known...

<Gina>Others are:
The Master Confucius
The Master Zoroaster
The Master Apollonius
The Master Plato
The Master Sankaracharya

The Mahatmas
These gentle Beings are also called the Great White Brotherhood
and live mostly in the Himalayas. There concern for the Planet
and its people has kept them busy acting like elder brothers
watching over us.

They are our Teachers because they have been there and taught us
through out the ages. They are our Masters, because we are their pupils.
It matters not that the pupil does not recognize the teacher.
In all things of Spirit, and in all things of the mind, these Great Ones
always follow the most efficient path. They work through humans
whom have been chosen from the multitude
and in a lessor degree are also Great Ones.

The Mahatmas came out into the public when they approached Madam
Blavatsky to set up the Theosophical Society. Many strange things were
manifested to aid Madam Blavatsky get the money and the building together.
Among the things manifested were letters to some of the early founders of
the Theosophical Society known as the Mahatma Letters_.
Two books cover these letters:
The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett
The Mahatmas and Their Letters
By Geoffrey A. Barborka

<LadyNada> a theosophical book by one of her pupils..
Annie Besant, helped me make a transition from a narrow
Orthodox Christian perspective to a wider metaphysical one,
and began my path. Her book is called "The Ancient Wisdom".

<Susanrose> Gina, have you met anyone in the flesh that really
is a Master such as these?
<Gina> ..I was given a little ball from the Masters
Later when I was on my first trip to India and talking in a temple
A man saw the ball and said that it had come from
the Great White Brotherhood
When I asked him how he knew this
he replied that he had one just the same as mine.
He is the only one I have believed that says he has been with them
many people claim to be Masters...By their works they shall be judged...

These Great Teachers aid the evolution of humanity as it races up
hill in an arc of time, until it reaches a culmination of power and
faculty; and then slowly there is a sinking as the faculties wane, until
the historic trough of the curve is reached. Then a New Great "One,"
Teacher, appears and directs men on another upward round.
Each new upward journey taking us a little higher each subsequent round.

<Susanrose> I met a very old man in 1967 in Lilly Dale New York
who said he was in the White Brotherhood. He showed us his palm creases
that he said proved it. The right hand was totally unlike the left. The
left hand had the usual 3 creases, but the right hand all three were joined
up in one line. He was from Toronto, had a group there and vegetarian.
Unfortunately, I was only 12 and do not remember his name.

<Gina> Alice Bailey had a Master called Djwhal Khul
who channeled 30 books on all the topics that concern
humanity's spiritual growth. These books are a little heavy going,
nevertheless they will shed some light on the different topics.
About Djwhal Khul: He lives in the Himalayan retreat
and is part of the White Brotherhood.

St. Germain belongs to more than one Brotherhood.
He is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood,
the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton
and the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta .

It was at Mt Shasta that Godfre Ray King
came in contact with him and became his disciple
and later wrote several books. One called the "Unveiled Mysteries"
is worth looking into. I met a disciple of Godre Ray King
and was most impressed with what she told me...I'm not easily impressed
I read the above mentioned book and feel that it was based in truth
I believe that America has had some truly great Teachers setting
up the government and leading it's people

<Susanrose> what could be a pearl of wisdom that could
impress even you Gina?? :)
<Gina> someone who talks without their ego :)
someone who truly cares about humanity
someone who does not tell God not to call them
as they are going on holiday :)
<^Angel^9> hahahahahaha ... cute Gina
<Gina> Some of the people contacted by the Brotherhood
were awakened from their sleep to find the Master standing by their bed.
They were then told where to go in India. They met and were taken
to a special retreat.
Prof. Murdo Macdonald- Bayne was one such person
as was Baird Spalding both returned to teach
the words of the Brotherhood and write books
about their work with humanity.

It seems that there were some great Teachers released into the
world of man around the turn of the century until 1940
then there seemed to be a quiet period. In 1980 we again saw
a resurgence of Teachers, some true and others false.

A personal world about the books "The Masters of the Far East",
by Baird Spalding:
Back in 1983 I had a dream.
In the dream I was handed the set of 5 books
each book was a different color.
I saw the dream books on a book case in Denmark..
exactly as in my dream
When the Masters want you to read something ...
it seems they will provide the books :)

<basil> Not only books, but situations and people as well.
<Gina> yes basil
How do you think these teachers advance themselves
to be in such a position?

<WindRyder> maybe they were taught by Spirit?
<^Angel^9> i guess that earlier masters were their teachers
<Gina> I think they were taught by Masters
<SurferJR> I think they began to remember
<Gina> remember implies that they have always been so
<SurferJR> thats right Gina
<basil> Djwhal Khul always refers to himself as
a brother who has been on the road a little longer than the rest."
<^alex^> masters who existed before time as we know it
taught these masters...
<Gina> yes alex
Could this place be Shambhala. ?
In the place that the Tibetans call Buddha_s pure realm.

I read the books "The Masters of the Far East,
by Baird Spalding
There were lots of things I wanted to believe could happen but
wow! materializing entire meals including place settings,
and bilocate in the physical??!!!
<Gina> Susanrose all the things in those books are possible
all of them. I believe that the books were written to awaken
people to the possibilities

<^Angel^9> Gina, what is your gift which most amazes you?
And which is your favorite gift, Gina?
<Gina> its the gift of people asking for their pain to be removed...
or asking God for Help and I materialize
Before you all think thats an ego talking I would like to explain
we are all capable of bi locating when we change our consciousness
I believe that "God" uses all such people to help people they have
had contact with one does not need to have had
a great relationship with the person
sometimes they get the help in their dreams
other times it can be the manifestation of form in front of them
the manifestation of form can speak

I once met a young gifted man from Malta
he was 29 and could see auras and read peoples past lives
living on Malta, he had nothing to work on
soon he became depressed and decided to commit suicide
he went into a grotto of St.Mary
prayed and asked for forgiveness
I appeared to him in form
I told him that what he was about to do was not in his best interest
and that he would have to return to earth
and redo everything back up to that date.
Later I received a letter from him telling me all he had
experienced and seen
<Susanrose> Do you have any memory of this?
How do you know you were
really there? How could you know of his need in Malta?
<Gina> yes I have a memory....and do we need to always know
what the multi side of our nature is doing? no
we are all multi dimensional
and in more than one place at a time.
Susanrose we are all linked in a very real way to each
other...more so when your consciousness is aware

Could we ever reach the stage of joining the White Brotherhood?
it is possible through certain spiritual experiences to join or
be asked to join .. but one has to be taught (who knows if
any of us will ever reach that phase) we ALL have the potential
to do these things.

<Susanrose> Gina, I am stretched pretty thin at times just helping
patients through my nursing! adding my neighbors and loved ones,
if I got sent ethericly to go help others in dreams,
and in other parts of the world ...
I don't think I could handle it!
<Gina> Susan many helpers get depleted of energy
using energy is like breathing ... it should always be entering
your body and passing through.
Consider that when you breath that
your breath is a golden spiral filling your entire body.
When you breath out you allow all the tiredness and stress out as
well breathing in renewing the blood and cells
If your body gets use to breathing in the spiral after three times
of thinking and doing this exercise
<Susanrose> doing that now, thank you.

<^Angel^9> I wonder why some Catholics have chosen to manifest
such pain as the 'stigmata'?
<Gina> it is an emotional response to their need to connect with God
<GrayMind> Unconscious choice - need for validation of their belief

<^alex^> is the initiation something that brings about a surge in the
awakening process or what?
<Gina> It is giving yourself permission to change and grow
then to speed up those changes
<^alex^> ahhhh...ok...
<Gina> in the old days initiations were more to prove
that the initiate was worthy

The Master's wisdom and caring for our humanity has to do with our
survival as a race. When we reason why this should be so, we find that in
each round we have had these great Beings to ensure that Earth continues
her journey.

Sanat Kumara has been in contact with different people who have
raised their consciousness enough to be reached. This implies that when
the student is ready the Teacher appears.

Melchezedek was mentioned in the bible as the King of Peace
He is the only one mentioned as having no Mother or Father
He came at a time to aid mankinds' evolution and to open the minds
of the leaders

<Susanrose> Gina, if we all have the same amount of soul/spirit stuff doled
out, then why then are some of us masters and some of us just folks?
<Gina> it comes back to the many called, but few chosen
people think they have to give up all
to lead lonely lives
to be poor and unhappy
yet giving up all to be in service is to receive all
to be happy
to get things done faster than normal
no one nudges us
We are allowed to pass along the path at whatever speed we wish.
Once we change our consciousness we can be of greater help and all.

<Susanrose> I heard a nice metaphor about our potential recently...
it is about fish in a fish tank that are separated by glass... after stubbing
their noses on the glass, they learn to stay on their side of the tank.
Later, when the glass is removed, the fish will not try to swim to the
other side of the tank. I guess we are like the fish that don't know we
can now swim to the other side...but the masters are doing this, and
refusing to buy into old false beliefs.

<Gina> I like that one Susanrose

A read a true story about a older black woman
who lived alone near a Federal prison. She was truly
a spirit filled person and had no fear of death.
A prisoner escaped and came into her home to hold
her hostage and hide out until he could arrange
a get away. She treated him like her son, and
ignored the fact that he had her under gunpoint.
Just went about her business taking care of him
and herself with the presence of love filling her
home. After about a week, she not only convinced him
to turn himself in, but also led him
to a spiritual awakening.

Now, I do not think even an ascended one of the
highest order could have done much better!

Alot of folks enjoy imagining the dramatic
qualities of the spiritual hierarchies.
I was one who wanted to learn all about all the colors of the
Lords (and Ladies) of the 7 rays, and who was the Chairman
of the Board of spirit realms. I sent off for the latest
tapes on St. Germaine and Masonic Histories of what the
"Big Plan" was for America.

Now I think that the meeting of a "Master" can occur
in the check out line, in the neighborhood, or
even over a hot pot of coffee.

All folks really need is some hope.
Hope that if they could do it, so can we.
Hope that we are not alone with our desire to
evolve to our best potential.
Hope that we have friends to give us some pointers.

The blooming of faith occurs in every sidewalk crack,
not just in the visionary gardens of Shangrala.
And just maybe the ascended masters are learning
from us students too... (smile).

I feel like you, there can be an awakening in the supermarket
and on the bars and where ever an Ascended One may be.
I had a lady come up to me in a supermarket and ask me
about a symbol I seems that she
had been seeing the same symbol in her dreams..
I believe that people need only to be help them
to understand that they can and will reach the heights of consciousness.

To summarize:
These Masters that I have mentioned here today are living real
Beings. They live on other planes and come to the Earth and speak
with any of you when needs be. Your Light is seen and they are aware
of your needs.... Never think you are not worthy. Never think you
will never get there. Always see yourself as part of the whole .
ask and you shall receive....

<Susanrose> Thank you Gina!
<Ceridwen> thank you, Gina!
<SurferJR> bless u Gina :)
<WindRyder> thanks Gina
<Gina> thank you Susanrose