The Near Death Experience

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together

A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


Last month, there was a one hour made for
TV movie called Saved by the Light, after the best
selling book by the same name. I missed it on TV,
but a friend of mine taped it.

When I got together
with my monthly women's spirituality group, we
decided to watch it together.

The story on the tape is about a man to survived
being clinically dead for 28 minutes, and actually
woke up while being taken to the morgue.
Did anybody here see it on TV?

[^otter^] I did not see it but have read book.
[Darci] I have read the book as well

[teletype] i was dead for around 15 minutes
when i was dead for 15 minutes it was like.. peace darkness but that was
about all
<Susanrose> tele, in a couple minutes, I'll ask for stories...
teletype] uhm.. thanks i guess. heh. :)

<Susanrose> hold on a min. tele...I want to hear the whole thing!
[teletype] *nod*

Well, since watching the tape, I purchased and read
the book"Saved by the Light", the story of Dannion Brinkley.
I also am in the process of reading his second book
called "At Peace in the Light"
For those who do not have the time to run out and
buy these books, there are great web sites for
true stories of near death experiences, for example:

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This is a listing of Near Death Experiences.
These stories are actual personal experiences of the
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Became a household word after
the release of the classic Best-seller book,

out of body travel,the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the things I really like about the
inspiration I received from reading Brinkley's books, is that
I can easily share it with family, co workers and
friends. Working as a registered nurse,

I must keep somewhat quiet, or possibly
sustain the snickers of many of my colleagues on many of my
beliefs. Much of the metaphysical teachings I have

read are too esoteric for general conversation.
Even my mother and daughter are somewhat disapproving
of my new age tendencies...

Discussing "Saved by the Light" is a safe ice-breaker with
such people.
The sharing of a clinically PROVEN fact that the
man was dead for 28 minutes, and is now alive.

This is the missing link that allows common ground for
Christians, new agers, people of all religions, as well
as those in the healing arts and medicine to share the hope
for a meaningful positive life and transition to the afterlife.

Dr. Raymond Moody MD, psychiatrist, and author of
"Life After Life" has studied over 20,000 near death
experiences. The experience of Dannion Brinkley's in
Saved by the Light was the most amazing and complete
he has encountered.
[^otter^] I agree Susanrose very well stated

I find it effective and humorous to face the medical
establishment with the findings of one of their own,
when addressing the spiritual destinies of our patients.

Much money is poured into the last few days
of many hospital patients lives, often at the discomfort
of the patient and their families.

So some like Dannion,
survive with (or without) the help of intensive care,
but the many more do not die in spiritual recentering,
that would decrease the fears of a rebirth into the other

Dannion Brinkley Survived a 28 minute episode of
death after being struck by lightening. He also had
a second, shorter, near death experience after heart surgery.
Since his recovery,
he has done hospice volunteer work
to aid the transition and decrease the fears of the dying.
He also plans to built "centers" to decrease stress.

Due to his numerous speeches, he was able to recruit many
volunteers to help hospice patients.
Do we think about how to help a loved one, or patient of theirs
make the transition?
When my own father was approaching his final
day, I lowered the side rail, climbed onto the edge
of the bed, hugged him, and told him it was alright
if he needed to move on.

Told him we would be a family
and love eachother in his absence. I think the dying need
that loving permission. Keeping their face to the light
of hope, the shadows of fear and pain fall behind them.

It would help them to learn of the experiences of Dannion
and others like him.
Dr. Moody, who has studied thousands of such experiences
collected a group of 9 common elements that repeated

themselves through the stories. Not all people experience all 9
elements, some only a few.
Here are the 9 similarities:

1)The person knows they are dead.
2)Feelings of peace and painlessness, no longer feeling the body.
3)An OOB (out of body) experience where the person floats
above their body and can retell events that he should not have been
able to see.
4)A tunnel experience, traveling rapidly through a vortex (like the worm
hole on deep space 9), often with light at the end of the tunnel.
5)Seeing people of light. Often it is relatives who have passed on, or
a spirit guide.
6)Being greeted by a being. Dannion met a guide that caused him to
have a life review and guided him around the spirit world, and crystal
cathedral, others describe a light being in a forest or garden.
7)Watching a review of your life, for personal evaluation and growth.
8)Feeling a reluctance to return.
9)Having a personality transformation, usually positive, where they
what they love in their life for granted. Also, many find that they now
have increased intuitive/psychic abilities.

Is there any one here who can share a personal story of
their own experience with this, or a loved one?

[ACTION] teletype had number 2 on that list
[teletype] and number 1
<Susanrose> :) tele Tell us all about it, start to finish!! :)

[teletype] well it was last summer
(some background information.. i am or was manic depressive)
anyway a lot of bad things happened in my life and i started on
a downward spiral...
drinking and drugs etc..
[teletype] and in the middle of last June..
one night i was alone and decided i wanted out
and i took a lot of drugs and drank a lot to give myself courage....
and got into my car with a pool vacuum hose in the tailpipe
and started it up
[teletype] before that i was on irc (who would have guessed? :) )
and i had told a couple people what i was going to do i guess
they found out my address and called the local police..
the police got there and i was in the car legally dead
of carbon monoxide poisoning
[strdst] IRC does that to people
<Susanrose> wow
[teletype] it was very peaceful and i basically knew i was dead....
couldn't feel anything at all...
then i felt this huge JOLT but i still realized i was gone
and then another and i was being defibrillated in an ambulance
and it felt like i was falling back into life
then i spent 10 days in the psychiatric ward)
but i am no longer remotely suicidal
no, i couldn't see anything. it felt very light and windy
[strdst] sounds like you had complete awareness, though
[teletype] i knew who i was. didn't know where i was
or what had happened but i knew i was gone
[strdst] gone=dead?
[teletype] yes gone=dead

<Susanrose> I am glad you are still with us teletype...

[teletype] I'm glad now too the day after
i was SO MAD that i was saved
[teletype] and i had to spend 10 days in the psych ward w/ NO IRC :)

<Susanrose> Aiki: do you have a near death experience to share?

[aiki] well not so dramatic
When my grandmother was passing away
she was 93 and her husband had died 3 years earlier
she was very strong woman
so she was the first woman in Texas to be college educated
and raised 3 boys and 3 girls on a 39 acre farm
[aiki] so here she was in this hospital
the farthest thing from the farm in her mind
and my father the decon,had sat with her all night
and we came in my wife and i to see her
so we got everyone out of the room and did a special meditation
we learned in France and Switzerland
to give her our energy, light and health
within 20 minutes she regained her strength and was moved
out of hospital that evening
all docs were fooled <big news>
but when i felt her motion
i new that her wave was very thin
and that see would die within days
[teletype] still listening ;)

[aiki] so both my wife and i went down that tunnel with her
and we were 345 miles away at the same time
I was shooting a film and my wife was throwing a pot
when we suddenly attached and tears ran down both our faces
not of loss but of joy
and we turned and walked back to our lives
together as we watched her unite with her husband...
her only love for the rest she had earned
[aiki] end
<Susanrose> thank you aiki
[priti] thanks aiki
[teletype] interesting

Susanrose> how did you "see" that being so many miles away aiki?
[aiki] When you attach to someone's soul you love
it is beyond the time and space problems
the interesting part was the re connection
<Susanrose> re connection?
[aiki] just usual life then bam ..... tunnel city
][aiki] yes experientially
<Susanrose> thanks again aiki
[aiki] yes thank you for great work ....

<Susanrose> PRITI: do you have a story to share with us????
[priti] mine doesn't have lights and magical things
like those books i have now read
but its real connection (to me) with higher
was this planned ski trip w/my eldest brother
[COMMAND] all ears, listening intently...:)

[priti] i was emotionally charged about the trip,
just he and i would go to hunter mt
[priti] it took alot to convince parents to let me go since i was only 13 yrs
then too, i was reserved.. quiet..all of life had been centered on fear
fear of parents, crowds - fear to do anything
i did what i was told (mostly) so, this kind of freedom.. it was great!
It was atop of hunter Mt and was in awe of everything around me
My brother decided to go to top of expert hill
this way, no lines for ski lift, if i fell then could just get up and continue
i never had beginner lessons
Susanrose> yikes!

[priti] i went over one of those mogels//??
those bumps that your suppose to go round
[teletype] moguls
[priti] it was about 12 foot drop (maybe more i don't know
skies unlached. i landed flat on back, the wind knocked outta me
NO air, i couldn't communicate
[teletype] ooouch
[priti] i didn't feel anything then
[priti] no floating above body stuff, but
[priti] well i was told i was unconcious, later
i remember, it felt like hours
remedy came, but just those few minutes
i remember seeing all the stars and that blue night sky
that energy connection, i call union

[teletype] did you feel pain?
[priti] with divine only because i was forced to let go of all thoughts
I thought i was dead for sure, just laying there,
and also i thought i had to give up everything in those moments
[priti] i had no choices.JUST LET go.
<Susanrose> when you let go, did divine energy wash over you?
[priti] wash over, i like that

[priti] all the stars belonged to all
and it seemed like all could understand everything
and there wasn't anything to be afraid of
i guess that's like it
<Susanrose> sounds like you found bliss
<Susanrose> thank you priti!!!
[aiki] thanks priti!
[priti] thanks for allowing me to share

<Susanrose> Is there anyone else who has a near death story to share???
[priti] keeps happen that way for me ehehehehe
reminders. LET go and just BE.
[priti] :)
sometimes a better spiritual connection
is strengthened that
<Susanrose> helps out the remainder of the person's life
[teletype] 'we are one with you'.. one of the beliefs i have adopted lately
is that of a universal mind that we are all one with
not just us but all the animals, plants, the earth, the entire universe...

<Susanrose> I think that awareness is pretty good...
[teletype] yes
[priti] sometimes, it keeps happening over and over.. if one forgets that?
[teletype] it has given me a greater sense of purpose and self
importance as wellness
one of the things that has helped keep me from being suicidal again
is the belief that if one living thing dies,
all other living things are hurt in some way
Susanrose> we must never forget our power priti,,,,
[priti] that's the ticket ;)
[priti] whose power?

<Susanrose> the power of the divine that dwells in us...
During this experience,seeing his life in review,
Dannion FELT all the pain
that he caused others, especially the first time he died.

At the second experience, he was had the JOY of feeling
the ripple effect of the good works he was doing since
the first experience. He said it was like the 4th of July,
watching the beauty and joy spread out due to his acts.

The Light beings had left us a message:
"Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant
to create good on the earth.

This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions,
but in singular acts of kindness between people.
It's the little things that count, because they are more
spontaneous and who you truly are."

Dannion was elated
He now knew the simple secret
to improving mankind.

"The amount of love and good feelings
you have at the end of your life
is equal to the love and good feelings
you put out during your life. It was just that simple."

Dannion told the light being:
My life will be better now that I have the secret.
In his case, he had that opportunity.

Let's US make the opportunity to
Demonstrating random acts of kindness....:),
so we do not have to DIE to realize our
powerful spiritual potential.

There were grim prophecies given to
Dannian about the possible future of the
world including war and much suffering.

Of 117 predications, 95 have taken place.
Some of them include the election of an
actor president with initials RR, and the
Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

According to Brinkley, there is a great spiritual
movement on earth, and this movement has
the power to change the direction of mankind.

The future is not written in stone. All we have
to do, the beings told him, is view ourselves as
spiritual beings, living in a spiritual place, with a
spiritual purpose. The rest will follow.

"Those who go to earth are heros and heroines,
because you are doing something that no other
spiritual beings have the courage to do.
You have gone to earth to co-create with God.

"You are the difference that God makes"
And that difference is love"

please repeat after me, typing this affirmation:

I AM the difference God makes

then enter into 2 minutes of silence where you
still your mind and allow your still small voice
within to speak to you....

we will then regroup to say goodnight

[teletype] goes along with some of my beliefs.. t
hat God is US... not a separate entity but everyone and
everything combined
<Susanrose> then enter into 2 minutes of silence
where you still your mind and allow your still small voice
within to speak to you.... we will then regroup to say goodnight
[priti] ok
<Susanrose> I AM the difference that GOD makes!!
[wheel-] I AM the difference God makes.
[priti] i don't use *i*
[ACTION] teletype goes to ponder
<Susanrose> IAM is a God name tele
[jypsy] I am the difference God makes:)
[strdst} I AM the difference God makes
[Leva] priti: you do, but it has a peculiar meaning :)
[priti] priti/tree is connected to all people and all
experiences ever (that is *we*)
[Leva] priti: or rather lack thereof :)
[priti] who's priti without the *we*, nothing,
so we are the difference Divine makes ;)
<Susanrose> The IAM is one with all, so it is actually a WE
[Leva] priti: who are we without priti? nothing.
Susanrose> (smile)...compromise
[teletype] oh
[priti] :)
[priti] we love u :)
[Leva] the "i" can be placed somewhere, but it is not separate,
nor is it in itself. it is just a reference that moves.

<Susanrose> peeking....
if we are done with the 2 min. of silence
are there any last comments?
[aiki] <near death experience coming soon?>
[ACTION] teletype played some quiet music during the 2 minutes
[priti] thank You :)
<Susanrose> well, please do not forget to support Ashana next week
in her unified chakra mediation and to look for this edited log
[aiki] As always Susanrose you have done a
well prepared and great job!
<Susanrose> thank you aiki
[ACTION] aiki understands Susanrose and knows
your love will heal your soul

<Susanrose> ending affirmation:
We Gaia Friends, are at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time
Successfully engaged in the Right ACTIVITY
for the good of all concerned
As it is one with the divine plan of
what we are here to do!
strdst] :) amen
<Susanrose> thank you all , good night...
thanks for staying up late with me....
[ACTION] aiki bows deeply to Susanrose
[priti] wow
<Susanrose> Light and Love from :
)Gaia*Friends( ...