The Inherent Consciousness of All

This meeting was edited for the purpose of easily reading aloud.
So print this, gather your loved ones and friends,
play some peaceful meditative music,
and slowly read the script so that all can share the beauty of these thoughts.
Ganesha, Reiki Master from Boston MA, is our guide.

<Ganesha> And sooo...lets breathe in deep..and breathe out long...
letting the shoulders relax and the cares of the day subside

Again, breathe in Deep....Breathe out long
In our Inner Minds Eye...we can be transported

OR we can Imagine that we are
High in the Sky...Floating above the Earth...
maybe in a balloon or a Glider
we look down from above the clouds and see
our mother earth dazzling below us
The wonder and beauty of earth penetrates and permeates our beings
as we float above the clouds

we are completely relax and limp...
our minds float free
and see the diamond stars above our heads...
we connect to the ethers and the vast expanse of the Universe

Every cell in our bodies is starting to become enlivened
with this wonder and enthusiasm of the Universe
The Universe is within and without our entire beings as we float in delight
and wonderment across the ethers...above the earth
we see the vast blue ocean below we see the mountains and valleys
we see the polar caps we see rivers and lakes
we see the swirling of clouds

the natural sounds of the Universe free our minds from worldly concerns...
our beings are tingling
and every cell is enlivened with Universal Light Energy
Just as we connect to the perfection of the Universe.....
we contemplate and consider the Earth and her future

We contemplate the life we are living
we think of the truths of the Universe...the perfection and grace....
It is so easy to get caught up in everyday concerns...
what of this planet? what of this creation??
What is our part in this creation...The Universe and Earth
How can we make the most of ourselves, our lives, our missions,
our families, this place, this orb, this blue delicious pearl called the Earth

Ever since we can remember...our beings have cried for truth and justice...
oh the injustices....but up here.....everything seems so perfect....
can we consider the world...this creation from this place within ourselves...
can we see our interconnectedness here???

How can WE Change Our World????
Breathe in Deep...Breathe Out Long
as we float in the sky...let us go back to a time in our childhood..
or teen years...

Maybe we can think of a time we Blamed others for the state of this World
maybe we can remember this time
What were our feelings? were we wondering...
Why can't anyone do something???
Everyone was doing everything wrong on the earth
The Earth was getting so messed up

...let us take this kernel of feeling...and remember this moment...
let us see what in ourselves resonated to this feeling of blame
maybe we felt guilty about ourselves...or not good enough...
maybe we felt the anger of helplessness...or shame...
let us take this Kernel..this dimension of ourselves....
and notice how this feeling or pervasive thought has influenced our lives
in so many ways

breathe in deep...breathe out long

Now let us illuminate this feeling...this thought....
by placing our hands on our hearts...lightly...compassionately
let us feel the flow of Universal Energy flow from our hands into our
this feeling wasn't even real
this feeling was in our imaginations...
the only real feeling is the love of the Universe...the flow of Light...

Grosseteste, the Archdeacon of Leister wrote in the 13th century
that Light was the medium chosen by God for his creation in the material world.
Let this Light of Creation...
sink into your heart on a cellular level of consciousness...
penetrating and permeating yourself...
your being with Love Joy and Truth...

Scottish Physicist James Clark Maxwell proposed in the 1800's
" Light consists of a Vibrating Electromagnetic Field"
This energy is the unfathomable sacred experience
It is unfathomable and it is Operant!

Photons of Light have no Mass, no charge, and no time...
Light increases its energy
when its size or wavelength is shortened
Light Energy is contrary to what we think energy should be...

The Light of Consciousness..
the energy of consciousness is a Unique thing in this Universe
Let us float now in the Unique River above the earth
Let us imagine that we are in a jet stream above the earth
that is a very special place...

It is the River of Light and Love...
when we enter this river we float in a way contrary to other rivers
we can drown in this river, or we can be drowned...
this is the river of love...and by being it,
we are engulfed in the energy of Creation

This creation energy fills us with pulsation...vibration...happiness...
a game we play with our beloved...
we are filled and drowned in this river until we become beacons of light...
Gently we float down to our lives on the planet....
the river of love places us in our worlds of learning on this planet

We feel filled with and surrounded by pure white love...
filled with the river of creation...
we have a we bring this river of love...
this Universal Creative energy to the Planet...this vibration...
this pulsation...this beacon of light within... could vibrate out around us...
Creating a paradise on earth

The Paradise is within ourselves ...when we access this river of love
anything that keeps us from this paradise...
can be healed and transformed by gently placing our hands
and channeling this Universal light energy to the cellular structure
within our bodies...physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually....
all the myriad levels of awareness

Let us lift our hands from our hearts and place them on our stomach areas
Our feelings of control and power reside here....
or our feelings of loss of control and powerlessness reside here...

as we breathe in and out
we remember the river of love
we breathe in the river of love...we breathe out the river of love
we are filled with this Inherent Consciousness in All

We are co-creators of Paradise on this Planet
By remembering, breathing in this thing...
by channeling with our hands this thing...Universal Life Energy...
this sweetness...this energy from the River of Love
we can uplift and transform our lives with the enthusiasm of this Cosmos
we can allow our entire being to send forth gods beauty...
the river of love, God"s bounty

Whenever we do the sun rise and set,
acknowledge this beauty of co-creation...
this enthusiasm of inner spiritual power dancing in your veins
become a beacon of light for this world

Let our actions express this Energy
Where ever we go...Listening, Speaking, Hearing, Eating, Walking...let us
remember this wellspring this fountain
from the river that wells up within ourselves
Enthusiasm means being filled with the Universal Life Energy...

When we recognize this energy...breathe it in...breathe it out....
we can let this energy steer the wheel of our lives, our world...
we can change within by remembering this

so, whenever we consider "Changing the World""
remember that Co-creatively ...You Can Change Your World by Changing Remembering the River of Love...the Universal Life Energy...

contemplating it..Living it
breathing and out
again and again
Become a beacon of this energy...these photons...
the Unfathomable Sacred Experience
Live your Life by remembering The Sacred Experience

We can be come Illuminated from the Inside OUT....
This Light is for the Creation of
the Material World
This Light is Operent but Unfathomable
It is the UNIQUE River of Love

It runs contrary to other Rivers
no mass, no time, no charge...
This energy of Light isn't the same as other energies
but it is a vibrating electromagnetic field
Fill Yourself with this Field
Know this Field
Cultivate this Field
Become the State of this Field

Illuminate yourself with this energy from the inside out....
Just as ripples flow outward
in a smooth pond when a rock is thrown this
energy will emanate out from your heart, throughout the ENTIRE Universe!!!

Become this Beacon.....
Become..this ripple effect for the Co-creation of Paradise
on this Planet...remember.....
To Change the World...Change Yourself...
by illuminating yourself from the inside out with this River of Love...

Breathe in and Breathe out
Become a fountainhead of Bliss
Co-creation...Bliss...Evolution...Change...comes from within...
from expansive consciousness...
from remembering the Inherent Consciousness in All

Breathe in Consciousness
Breathe out consciousness
wherever your foot is placed on this earth....paradise will spring up...
Remember again and again...This is the Unique River....
This Inherent Consciousness in All

It doesn't flow like other rivers...its energy is contrary to other energies
We would like to take the time now
to Thank this inherent consciousness in all

We would like to Thank all our Masters Teachers
Loved Ones and Guides for this teaching and this energy
We would like to acknowledge our own faith
in the Co-creation and Consciousness of One on this Planet
we would like to, PRAY...

Please let this conciousness...penetrate...and
permeate...our lives, our breath, our planet with the River of Love

<Ganesha> Om Namah Shivaya
<gandharva> :)
<Susanrose> AAAAaaaauuuummmmmmmm :)
<nandi> :)))

<Ganesha> Thank-you all for your trust, faith, and energy..
Thank-you for the flow of the River of in this place Gaia Friends
Illuminated from the Inside Out...All of Us...
You can lift your hands from your stomach areas
Now is the Time for Questions and Comments...Thank-you

<seashel> thank you for the beautiful guidance,
<Intnsity> :) thank You
<MiKron> :):):):):):):)
<Susanrose> Thank you Ganesha for leading us well...
<Mornstar> Wonderful and insightful Ganesha thank you
<Ganesha> The floor is Open to anyone
<CmdrAleon> Dear one blessing to it is I
Sanada you are all loved by many
you speak from source :)
<gandharva> Thank you for the wonderful insights
<Mornstar> And so important to unconditionally love self
in order to go beyond our own problems and connect with the Source
if we want to bring about world change

Does anyone have any comment about this Co-creation potential?
<seashel> It is so true in everything you do
(or evident if you don't become the beacon)
<Ganesha> Everyone always thinks it is the OTHER guy...
lets reexamine this and go within..Change Ourselves...Change Our World

<MiKron> Ganesha, from the heart of SOURCE, all that is,
perhaps time as you say to focus
more one the grounded ascension that occurs from within,
and the beauty that springs forth
when multi dimensional aspects come in to the physical !!!!!!!!!!:)
<Ganesha> yes well said....multidimentional...
cocreative potential :) a new paradigm of consciousness
and acknowledgment of this Sacred Light Experience
<MiKron> Gaia will transform when we embody
and more lightworkers claim there OWN energy as a creative FORCE!
<Ganesha> faith courage remembering. yes, .:):):)

<stars96> Ganesha,
I frequently run in to discussions with those who foresee terrible
catastrophes for the planet, and tell them that they MUST feed positive energy
into the future, not feed the negative, destructive vibrations...
but for some of them it is hard... they are powerful souls... they see so very much...
but I truly believe in the power of co-creation... thoughts ARE real things...
<Ganesha> yes, stars,
I have considered and contemplated this ...I think it is the truth
<stars96> it takes great courage to accept the reality
of creating the future with our very thoughts....
We are creating it.. even in this very moment...
Great souls simply cannot allow themselves to feed their powerful energy
into the negative future... it gives too much power to those that would use it
to manifest disasters...
<Ganesha> yes stars ..this truth needs to be disseminated

<Susanrose> I like to remember the movie, Never Ending Story...
where there was a responsibility to dream the dream that created fantasia
<Ganesha> remember that susanrose
<stars96> Susanrose - one of our favorite movies!
The essence was... 'you must BELIEVE'...then it is real....
<Susanrose> The beauty of the dream is our responsibility ...
otherwise the big nothing with gobble up the creative fantasy...
There is no problem with illusion if you do so with the knowledge
that it IS your illusion...
<Ganesha> Sixteen people emanating this cocreative force of Love Potential
throughout the Universe could completely Change the World.
The clarity of illusion.

<MiKron> yes ganesha and susanrose, much light ,
the last stargate was the most incredible
ever and is heading to the next star gate and on 11/11 /96
the leylines of Gaia's `s grid will be set for 5th dimension,
so in reality its become crunch time indeed!!!!!!!!

<Ganesha> The Log for this will be on the Gaia Friends Web Page
or people who want to share these ideas and meditation with others...Co-creatiely:)

<gandharva> WE look forward to this on the website
<Dreamie> I will go back and read my log...had a phone call..
I'm sure it was all very insightful
<seashel> Ganesha, great energy tonight....sorry I was late,
I will get the whole thing on web too
<Susanrose> I would like to take my women's circle through this
the next meeting

Ganesha> thank-you again and again for EVERYONES
co-creative energy here tonight
<MiKron> thank you much Ganesha,
your light truly shines so bright!!!!!!!!
<lightwrkr> bye all! peace and love to u all......
<CmdrAleon> much love to everyone goodbye friends
<Mornstar> Peace and love all bye
<Susanrose> good night all!
<gandharva> Thanks Susanrose. This was wonderful
looking forward to next session
<MiKron> nameste Ganesha !~

Ganesha sends Rivers of Love to Gaia...
the River is the color of myriad rainbow light and Consciousness....
Love and light... Goodbye.