Right Use of Will

<Arianna> Welcome to the third meeting of )Gaia*Friends(.

Breathe together
Breathe together
Create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......
Deep Feeling our connection to the air, the wind,
the water, the oceans, the fire and molten lava, the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our Earth.

<Arianna> From the source of light,
Let light stream forth!
>From the source of love,
Let love stream forth!
>From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
Let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


<Arianna> This Begins the topic of Magical ethics/Right use of Will. As a
product of Catholic schools, I was well versed on the ten commandments,
mortal and venial sins, and purgatory and judgment. Even the world WILL had
a poor, ego ridden slant. The expression, "he/she acted like a willful
child" is an example of this. The prayer, THY will be done, is a beautiful
tribute to Divine Will, but, it lays down an assumption that human will was
so sinful, it could not possible in alignment with what THY will would
want. Isn't it possible that human WILL, (at least some of the time) could
be in accordance with divine unfoldment? That exerting your WILL could be
holy? That the term WILLPOWER could be used in terms of manifesting, rather
than only in terms of denial (such as dieting)?

*** Action: wheel- agrees, it is even so.
<prem> that's wont power (not will power :)
<Pranaflow> Absolutely:)
*** Action: ladynada has been learning to assert her own will (likes & dislikes)

<Arianna> Later, when exploring new age thought, and earth based religions,
I began to let go of the concepts of sin and guilt, as theboundaries of
organized religion dropped away. So, without these rules to control human
behavior, how will society keep order? Will culture disintegrate, as in
"Lord of the Flies" without the fear of Judgment to keep us in check??

<wheel-> I do not think so, however, much will change. We might indeed
experience a time of chaos/rulelessness like "Lord of the Flies"
<Pranaflow> The Law of Karma is a great teacher. Sometimes culture
disintegrates until a turning point is reached and a new civilization
<wheel-> PranaFlow: indeed, revolution and evolution.
<ladynada> initial chaos may unfold into a new order

<Arianna> I believe the new thought/Aquarian age started with the
Beatles,the flower children of the late 60's. As John Lennon's song IMAGINE
struck a chord of HOPE for a humanity living in peace, living spirit filled
lives, without the necessity of religion.

<Danielle> Most people aren't ready to tap into divine will...or don't know how.
<Joe4> "Thy will" also is the power within us to overcome adversity.
*** Action: wheel- agrees with joe4.:)
<Arianna> all good thoughts!
<ladynada> each end, is a new beginning
<Danielle> Most people I know like to be told what to do and think!
<prem> Like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly I must pass through a
transition of apparent chaos.
<ladynada> danielle: giving them back their will, will allow them to do
their own thinking.
<wheel-> ladynada: allow?they can now.But will they?
<ladynada> prem: even seeming death (in butterfly's case)
<Danielle> good analogy prem.:)
<prem> yes even seeming death
<ladynada> Wheel-: they need education. to be taught that it is OK to
assert their will
<Joe4> You can't GIVE WILL, It has to grow from within
<prem> Will is like a muscle. It must be exercised in small things first
<ladynada> joe4: culture has suppressed our wills - thru guilt
<wheel-> ladynada: indeed, ideas/knowledge is the hearthstone of action.
<Pranaflow> Some people never use their will until their survival senses
are activated through extreme adversity
<Joe4> not all of us lady
<Joe4> right pranaflow
<ladynada> joe4: agreed. those of us who have learned, may teach others
<Joe4> by example?
<ladynada> certainly
<Danielle> People must have a *desire* to activate will... something must
spark the desire. Perhaps as ladynada says... others can lead
<ladynada> Arianna: religion imposes a static will, from without
<prem> and one of the greatest gifts are self-discipline and love of learning
<ladynada> prem: those gifts should be instilled in our children, and in
our schools
<prem> yes
<Joe4> Religion is a substitute or will
<Joe4> yes
<ladynada> yes

<Arianna> Even in the counter culture, that rejected the suburban values of
those over 30, there was a desire for a human goodness to transcend our
behavior and make the world a better place. As Crosby Stills Nash and Young
sang, in Teach your Children, "You, who are on the road, must have a code,
that you can live by." Various religions offer other standards for
behavior. In the Wiccan path, the magical ethic is that when casting
spells, whatever you send out to another, will be reflected back to you
three times. This is called the threefold law. When attempting to manifest
the love of another, <better known as casting a love spell,> is this
manipulation over the free will of another? Do we remember to add the
words, For the highest good of ALL concerned?A lot of us have had the
experience of thinking we really wanted a certain special someone, only to
find out later that they were not the right person for us. Wouldn't the
magic be better directed to transform yourself, to be more attractive, and
let the universe send you the right person, instead of limiting the
manifestation to only one, who you assume to be Prince Charming? If you
send out negative energy, you will receive it, like instant karma....3
times over. There is also a saying about, Harming none, you may do as you
will. Dropping the thought and actions,or drop our social rules of the
organized religions does not mean that we can drop accountability for our
responsibilities to make the world a safe, happy and healthy place for us
and future generations. As a person who is not embarrassed to be called a
"New Ager", I have FAITH in the innate goodness of humanity.

<Joe4> Right on
<ladynada> yes!
<wheel-> Agreed. One now has to answer to personal ideals, instead of those
of an outsider.
<ladynada> I feel the hippie movement emphasized the goodness in man to
counter the doctrine of man being in sin
<wheel-> ladynada: indeed, I think that the spiritual movement(s) of the
70's have helped humanity in general quite a bit.
<ladynada> yes, they emphasized LOVE
<prem> for me the goal of school should be to get each child to be in touch
with their soul so they know their place in the universe and have the joy
of that contribution
<Danielle> Why did the movement die out?
<ladynada> I think that in the heart of the most heinous criminal, there is
a spark of that Love
*** Action: Mujalumbo thinks we're seeing a hippy type movement reflected
in computers. Mass organization with possibilities never before seen...
<Joe4> We grew up
<Danielle> yes ladynada :)
<Joe4> Dan
<ladynada> That spark of love, some call the God spot. A criminal should be
educated, not executed
<prem> Danielle it did not die out - they discovered that another balance
with the economic forces was needed
<Danielle> I missed the movement... I was four.:(
*** Action: Mujalumbo missed the movement too, Danielle... he wasn't born
yet. =(
<ladynada> hippie movement may have died because they did not steer their
energy in an organized fashion
<wheel-> ladynada: indeed, a feeling that they probably feel deep down will
never be vindicated, and revile the rest of the world for 'making' them
have a hope only in a 'lie.'
<ladynada> yes, they begin to believe themselves to be hopeless (everyone
tells them so). Again, they have denied their own will.
<Tori1> the I-Me has now produced generations.....many do not remember we
are all one
<prem> Tori is right on. The real solution is the oneness as a living
<ladynada> and yet, one must love oneself before being able to love others.
<wheel-> tori: I would hazard to guess that most do not. The I/me is a very
contagious paradigm.
<prem> wheel if a child is taught it early it does not have to go through
a big ego stage
<ladynada> but is the I/me a superficial program imposed by TV, media?
<wheel-> ladynada: no, not if indeed we are all one. How can you love
others who are part of the one if you do not love yourself? You deny the
oneness if you try.
<ladynada> Do hedonistic people actually know themselves? as a Self?
<Pranaflow> Regarding hedonism, all acts of pleasure nurture the spirit and
honor the Goddess. So even if hedonistic people don't know themselves to
begin with, they are bound to wake up eventually when their consciousness
grows sufficiently.
<Joe4> I agree Ladynada, Love yourself first
<Mujalumbo> Hedonism is cool...
<Tori1> I-me have left our youth to raise themselves....what happens to
any growing thing left to fend for self
<wheel-> prem: if informed of the challenge and temptation of the I/me,
then yes.
<ladynada> Mujalumbo: hedonism can be cool, with right understanding...
<ladynada> I did not know I was a Self, until I was about 33 years old!
Before that, I was programmed by society.
<prem> wow ladynada what happened
<ladynada> I woke up! I said, "whoa, I am a Person!"
<wheel-> ladynada: was it then that you began to take responsibility for
your actions and self?
<ladynada> It was more like, that I realized that I was making decisions
for myself...instead of society telling me what I should choose to do
<Tori1> light, loveand care must be given to our young
<prem> sound more like she rejected the false notions of what others wanted
her to be
<ladynada> prem: yes
*** Action: wheel- nods
<Mujalumbo> prem: yes
<ladynada> what about will, and magical workings, and prayers and such?
<Danielle> It takes courage to avoid the conformism of society.:)
<prem> every child can learn to have the time to be quiet and be itself and
sluff off others' will
<wheel-> danielle: indeed, for in so doing, one must be completely
responsible. One cannot point to society and blame it.
<Danielle> exactly, Wheel.
<SWAMI> So it would seem that the right application of will leads to
personal discovery as an indication of it being applied rightly, and the
development of personal power as a side-effect!
<prem> i have participated in an experimental school that succeeded well
in this
<ladynada> swami: for sure.I think it is like, do it, and then review it.
<Tori1> every child knows this ALREADY.....'adults' teach them to not listen
<ladynada> yes, look at the children when they play alone, they talk to
their own self
*** Action: Mujalumbo agrees with ladynada
*** Action: argus agrees with tori
<Tori1> that *imaginary* friend....huh...we know who it is :]
<prem> they talk not only to themselves, but to inner companions
<ladynada> :)
<ladynada> companions who are real...
<prem> very real
<Tori1> they are but innocent , unconditional love
<ladynada> what about the people whom we label "retarded" who continue to
do this???? Does that not teach us that "normal" is not to converse within?
<wheel-> lady: perhaps they are the ones who are truly in touch.:)
<Tori1> I always must ask then 'who' is the retarded one?:]
<ladynada> when you talk to them, they exude love and Attention on you...
like you are the only thing in their world while speaking to them
<wheel-> lady: an obvious indication of an unhealthy mind.;)
<Tori1> they just *are*:]
<<Tori1> :]
<ladynada> :p
<citrine> Tori..huggles
<ladynada> what happens when you assert your will, and it hurts someone else?
<Tori1> {{hugs}}
<argus> good question lady
<prem> ladynada: that depends if you intended to hurt first of all
<ladynada> prem: um hum
<SWAMI> Such would not be right application of will ladynada.
<argus> prem: to the receiver..hurt is hurt
*** Action: Mujalumbo agrees with argus
<logan5> hmmmmm....aren't they hurt only if they choose to be?
<wheel-> ladynada: hmmm, not all harm can be prevented. Most actions will
hurt some in some way.
<prem> agreed argus: but that can be the receivers problem
<prem> purely misunderstanding
<ladynada> what, if any, is the process that YOU go through in regard to
that action?
<wheel-> logan: indeed, if psychological hurt.
<Tori1> but sometimes it is in the *hurt* that we learn
<SWAMI> and as such your learning of how to correctly apply it would
continue. There could be painful repercussions, of course.
<Danielle> Have compassion for those who are "hurt"
<logan5> understand where they are in their world, and try as best as
possible to respect that
<ladynada> do you feel guilty?
<Danielle> yes, logan
<prem> It is a fundamental discovery or knowledge inherent in all spiritual
paths that we CAN choose how we react to every event and circumstance and
<Danielle> Is there any real purpose for guilt?
<logan5> and to understand how their perceptions, or state of being,
affects the way they are hearing you
<wheel-> prior to the action, one takes what steps one feels are needed to
prevent such a thing.But guilt is not needed for accidental harm.IMHO
<argus> agreed prem
<SWAMI> Sometimes, but this is not a desirable space to be in. Awareness
usually helps qualify where you need to be.
<prem> guilt is never helpful it is used by others to control - the same
energy in guilt is better used to correct the problem one is feeling guilt
<wheel-> danielle: indeed, I think there is. To make us aware and remember.
So we will not 'err' again.
<ladynada> what if, you DO feel guilty. Should you acknowledge the feeling,
or ignore it?
<prem> you have to face it and eliminate it
<Tori1> I think acknowledge to understand
<Arianna> it is better for us to learn, make some mistakes and
grow....drop the guilt
<argus> lady...acknowledge it...find the cause of it
<ladynada> and then forgive yourself...
<Danielle> figure out the source of the guilt.. is it because of some
expectation that you have of yourself or others?
<argus> yes..lady...self forgiveness
<prem> guilt is just a bad habit and can be changed
<Tori1> aaahhh that e word....expectation :[
<Danielle> let go of the guilt... once you look it in the face
<Arianna> you must forgive yourself for not being perfect...we are all
still evolving
<prem> we are all doing the best we can at each moment
<argus> guilt and judgment are dancing partners
<prem> hehe or sparring partners
<Pranaflow> I agree with prem. Unfortunately, guilt feelings are triggered
by subconsciously embedded values of "right" and "wrong". These values may
have been taken on board during early childhood and may have no true basis
when compared with intuitive input. Hence the concept of Irrational Guilt.
Because of this, I personally find that guilt is more trouble than it is
<ladynada> what about the act itself? that harmed someone. Is it to be seen
as BAD?
<argus> only if done with bad intent
<Danielle> BAD is a relative term...
<prem> what matters is not the act but the intent! If the intent was to
harm one must know why one did it
<Pranaflow> No-one can be harmed who has not made themselves karmically
vulnerable to that harm through previous actions
<prem> true pranaflow
<Tori1> you must let the person know the hurt is not an intent
<argus> a good act could be bad if done with bad intent
<Danielle> I do not see how an act done out of love could be considered "bad"
<argus> danielle..i can see that... the parent who smothers a child in the
name of love
<Danielle> argus:the parent in this case is not exerting unconditional
love... but is needy
<logan5> and expecting the child to fulfil their need
<argus> Danielle..but that parent THINKS she/he is loving
<logan5> and the child learns that loving means smothering
<argus> yes logan
<ladynada> the parent may not have got love from his/her parent
<prem> or worse beating
<Danielle> IT all gets back to loving yourself first...when one can do
that, one does not need to "smother" others
<logan5> so, is that not acceptable, for each of those spirits, who have
arrived to gain knowledge from being together in that relationship?
<Pranaflow> I believe that "good" and "bad" are value judgments that merely
indicate personal taste preferences

<prem> we can define "bad" as what takes us away from oneness
*** Action: Tori1 agrees with pranaflow
<ladynada> so, does karma allow you to be as bad as you want to be, and
blame it on your victims?
<logan5> if you're willing to accept the consequence of your actions,
<Pranaflow> Karma allows you complete freedom of action. Consistently, what
you do to others, will be done to you later. Therefore, the best way to
exercise that freedom is to only do to others what you would like others to
do to you. We can all create a great lifestyle based on that. <s>

<Arianna> I have a message from the Crone, the oldest Goddess aspect about
exerting your will.....

*** Arianna has left channel #)Gaia*Friends(
<Pranaflow> Arianna will be back in a moment
<argus> Arianna went to fetch the Goddess
<Pranaflow> LOL argus
*** Arianna has joined channel #)Gaia*Friends(

<Arianna> A message from the Crone: About the word WILL.... What do they
call a willful male in this society? They usually call him a leader. What
do they call a willful female in this society? They call her a witch. Is
this fair? Is your right to exerting your WILL being diminished? Do you
feel comfortable SAYING NO? Do you feel you have the freedom to WILL your
own destiny?As the CRONE, I hear the whispers of the women in the nursing
homes, as they speak to me in their last few moments. Very few have regrets
of what they did wrong. Most of the regrets are for things they never
did.In this experience in the world of form, it is your right, yes, your
duty, to exert your WILL. Use your will completely. The experience in life
is to train your will, though USE, to its highest progression. Do not be
afraid to exert your WILL, develop it. As Crone, I say to you, I would
rather you use your WILL, and make a mistake, than not to have tried at
all! Do as you WILL, harming none.

<Arianna> any comments about the crone message???
<ladynada> agreed 100%
<Pranaflow> totally in conformity there
<prem> will without love is not complete !
<logan5> nor is love without will
<Pranaflow> Ah yes, Love. I was taking its existence and presence as
<ladynada> assert your will, and then review the results, and learn your
<Danielle> the "harming none" is the tricky part... need to determine what
constitutes "harm"... and goes back to what we previously discussed
<Pranaflow> I believe the intention of harming no-one is the key to doing
the best we can
<logan5> I keep hearing "You are free to do whatever you want to do"
<Arianna> Danielle: ask if it is for the highest good of all concerned
<ladynada> logan5: yes, and
<Tori1> and if we are the hurtee....go inside ourselves for understanding
<logan5> And know that you are responsible for the consequence of your
<ladynada> logan5: agreed
<prem> and your inactions too!
<SWAMI> Very grateful for your kind invitation. I must leave now. A very
refreshing experience! LOVE ALWAYS!
<Danielle> Bye SWAMI:)

<Arianna> are you folks ready...for another message about combining Divine
will with your own?
<Pranaflow> Go ahead:)

am the goddess that tells you that all acts of pleasure are my rituals.
Many of you who have been raised Christian will wonder--How can a goddess
that is GOOD, say that all acts of pleasure are her rituals?? I tell you
that the truest pleasure, the truest happiness, comes from joining your
will consciously with LOVE, divine WILL, and then manifesting it through,
spirit, form, or where ever you find your consciousness. I tell you that
the truest pleasure, the truest happiness, comes from joining your will
consciously with LOVE, divine WILL, and then manifesting it through,
spirit, form, or where ever you find your consciousness. Serenity is not
dull, peace bring a better fun! The best pleasures in life are in line with
your spirit connection. The further you get away from this, the more you
are given an opportunity to redirect and link your will with the most
happiness you ever had. This is why your Teacher, Jesus, said, there was a
man who sold all and went out and bought a pearl of great price. Why would
a man do that?? The pearl of great price is the LOVE of DIVINE WILL, as it
flows through your being. If you freely LINK YOUR WILL WITH DIVINE WILL,
you will find joy beyond compare. This is your choice, and this is your

<Arianna> comments? Lady?
<ladynada> yes. I looked at PLEASURE = feelings = emotions... and I think
Will is linked to "feelings". Hence feelings can be a guide to what your
will is, in any given moment
<Arianna> The solar plexus feels quite a bit, and is the center for will
<ladynada> Perhaps then, the thinking and feeling should work together. For
example, what if you are angry? You are angry, so you "feel" anger. Your
thinking may say, "it is wrong to be angry" but those thoughts do not make
the angry feelings any less real.
<prem> one must discover WHY one is angry then it is easy
<ladynada> So, to use both thinking and feeling: Because your will says
you ARE angry, feelings are typically judged as positive or negative.
Thinking tells us to deny negative feelings, which is actually denying
<prem> that approach does not help, it is better to understand and feel why
the anger and what can be done about it
toppi> the Root of Anger is Fear... and the root of fear is a attachment in
<ladynada> toppi: yes root of anger is fear
prem: yes, instead of denying your will to feel and be angry
<prem> anger can also come from frustrated desire
<ladynada> whatever the feeling, it needs to be felt and acknowledge - it
is the will speaking
<toppi> prem that's fear of not obtaining an object of desire..
<Arianna> Combining your WILL with your spiritual connection will control
the negative emotions
*** Action: Danielle agrees with toppi
<ladynada> careful though, because control can lead to denial...
<prem> in a way yes toppi
<ladynada> religions, some of them, teach against pleasures, and feelings,
some even as sin...causing adherents to deny their true feelings, deny
their own will
<prem> better to replace than control, control is suppression and not mastery
<ladynada> transmute the negative emotion with love and understanding..
<wheel-> lady: which is what some breeds of Satanism play upon, indulging
in those which others say are wrong.
<Arianna> transmute or transform negative emotions, rather than
suppressing them
<ladynada> but that transmutation must be REAL
<toppi> ladynada: enjoying objects of pleasure create attachment... even
in lower animals but especially in humans
<toppi> and attachments to the world obstruct our connection to the LIGHT,
Devine, Higher self
<ladynada> iI there a judgement against attachment? Is the world, then, sin?
<prem> attachment is like desire - it is wanting what we think we don't have
<ladynada> is form, or the flesh, or the physical, inherently sinful? is
it sinful to feel good, and to WANT or desire to feel good?
<prem> matter is ultimately the substance of the divine
<ladynada> prem: agreed
<toppi> ladynada: attachment is bad because it is the only source of Pain
and suffering
<ladynada> form is a part of the divine will for creation
<Danielle> yes, toppi
<ladynada> toppi: but could a deeper understanding remove that judgement?
<wheel-> toppi: I would not say that attachment is bad, so much as
distracting and conducive to feelings of pain. But it also teaches.
<ladynada> for example:I love my Cat. I am attached to the cat. if my cat
should die, I would be hurt and in pain
<toppi> ladynada Yes, by complete re-identifying wth the REAL self removes
attachment ..
<prem> ladynada that pain is partially ego, you know you will outlive the cat
<ladynada> but if I have a deeper understanding that all is One, is my cat
really gone?
<prem> you will truly miss the physical presence of a loved one when they
have gone on
<ladynada> my pain would be due to my not understanding..
<wheel-> lady: no, it is not.For time is also an illusion.
<prem> you know death is a transition
<ladynada> so was my attachment wrong?
<prem> Yes, it hurts the cat. Send it love when it leaves
<Pranaflow> Pain is emotional and happens because emotions feel loss
despite the mind knowing Oneness
<ladynada> prem: in what way does it hurt the cat?
<prem> don't pull it to earth
<prem> it pulls it here
<wheel-> lady: no, attachment is not wrong, but it is not the healthiest. IMHO
<toppi> Ladynada... we mix attachment and love... Attachments can cause
some suffering that is not easy to get rid of.... example you shoot a
person defending your house... that Death will haunt you a long long time
<ladynada> prana: ok, so I can choose to feel those emotions
<ladynada> prem: ok, understood
<prem> always it is a choice right
<ladynada> so after feeling the grief, then I can let the cat go on
<prem> yes , and eventually no need for grief only joy that the cat is
free from physical problem
<wheel-> lady: right, feel the pain, and then let it go.
<Arianna> getting back to will
<Pranaflow> We can learn to change our emotions... this is one example of
the use of Will
<Arianna> it is our duty to learn to exercise our will, and balance
emotions so that the acts of our will are wise... I have another message of
encouragement for us to USE our WILL. Are we ready to hear it?
<Pranaflow> okay
<ladynada> K00L
<wheel-> arianna: sure.:)

<Arianna> ENCOURAGEMENT TO USE WILL: The Goddesses of old were truly
beautiful and still live in the etheric, but I tell you now, that you are
the ones that have the power. You are the ones that have the WILL. You are
the ones that have the opportunity to manifest through form all the
beautiful love you can shape. For you too are creators with me. You are
spirits engaged in this wonderful experiment. An opportunity to see the
physical be raised to divine proportions. As in "The Never Ending Story",
to use your unique imagination to complete creation. You are worthy for
this task....no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be
here! We who are Goddess and God of the physical existence believe and
trust and know that this is so. But you who choose our path must believe it

<toppi> Our basic problem is we don't believe what we know
<ladynada> it goes back to the Thy will be done, not being seen as not to
use our own wills
<Pranaflow> We are junior partners to God(dess) in co-creation
<ladynada> prana: yes. Also not to wait around for GOD to fix it, for us
<Arianna> combining our free will with divine will helps us complete creation
<prem> ladynada: we have to make the effort to change while we have ego
<ladynada> heal creation too.:)
<logan-5> we ARE the God(dess)'s, manifested in 3-dimensional form to BE
the evolution of this species.(a subjective opinion)
<Arianna> great logan!!
<Pranaflow> okay, logan-5. Another way of saying the same thing:)
<Danielle> Logan:I agree
<Arianna> I am Goddess, but so are you, so are the rocks and trees,....
<logan-5> of course
<Arianna> She is immanent in all...
<logan-5> you are also the God, as I am the Goddess. We are both/and
<ladynada> logan-5: agreed
<prem> goddess is power of god
<Arianna> yes, logan, the synergy of God and Goddess produces a divine
union of Spirit in us
<prem> power is consciousness is goddess
<Pranaflow> The reason I use the term "junior partner" is it reminds the
ego not to get carried away on a trip
<logan-5> prana:yes, as long as it doesn't teach the conscious that the
power lies without
<Pranaflow> Agreed, logan-5
<ladynada> God and Goddess can also be seen as Daddy and Mommy to the human
family expressed through the Heart of Love, in Form. Power flows from the
Parents through the Children...
<Arianna> mother Earth, Father Sky...

<Arianna> one part of will we have not covered yet is WILLPOWER....
*** Action: Tori1 very interested in willpower
<Arianna> ok.....here is the message:

which your spirit is destined to do, that would lead to it's most excellent
development in this life will bring much pleasure to you. So keep ahold of
those things. But while I say I am a Goddess of pleasure, this does not
mean that I want those who seek My path to be saying "if it feels good, do
it!" Because, my daughters, SO much in this life feels good. Unfortunately,
you can't do everything that feels good, all the time. The other thing is
that things such as meditation, eating, alcoholic beverages, some drugs,
sexuality, are all good, all are pleasurable. However, allow your WILL to
ride that wave of pleasure. Don't allow that wave of pleasure to override
your will. Use your WILL to ride the crest of the wave. Like the skilled
surfer, who rides that lovely white capped peak of pleasurable energy,
he/she also knows when to call it a day... Pack in that surfboard, and go
on home. So too, with all acts of pleasure that I bid you to enjoy. Enjoy
them all, in moderation, in love and in balance. Don't let the tail wag the
dog. You WILL the moderation of your sexuality, your spirituality, your
physical, your mind. When people look at you, let them say to themselves,
"He/she walks in beauty, like the night. On endless horizons. the breath of
spring, the hope of civilization. What a piece of work he/she is, how noble
in reason. How infinite in faculties. In form and movement, how expressed
and admirable."

<prem> would add that what is right to experience at one time may lift us
then will send us down at another time
<Pranaflow> A Shakespearean quote equating humanity with the divine. Very
appropriate :)
<Arianna> thanks, that was the Goddess (smile)
<toppi> arianna the hindus call the goddess of pleasure Surpanaka...
Ravana sister...
<Arianna> There is one last message about will, and my text will be
<WasAppa> what does this all have to do with self....appears to me that
the dependence is on outside forces. I am unfamiliar with this....
<Arianna> the topic is the use of will, to encourage the use of will in
this existence....
<WasAppa> we have no will
< <mesic> ? Who doesn't ?
<WasAppa> there is no will in unknowing
<logan-5> I guess the point is to be knowing, then.
<WasAppa> That takes Work. Without which we are all machines, nothing more
<Arianna> one more message, from the Goddess,

miracle of flight. In the airplane, high above the clouds-- I'd like to use
this analogy, because many of you are going through numerous difficulties.
There are forces that will hold a person down. They are not always bad, but
they do hold you back. For example, gravity holds you down, and if you are
trying to fly, it can be bad. If you are trying to stay grounded to the
planet, this can be good. But, in order to choose to fly, you must
acknowledge 2 principles that will allow you to fly. These two principles
are lift and thrust. Now thrust is your use of will, (as you can feel in
the solar plexus chakra). Your gut WILL is the thrust of your body. To draw
the analogy to the plane, WILL is what will propel you fast enough to
enable you to take off. Lift is your connection to spirit. It raises you
from the world of form to your inner core of spiritual presence and
connectedness. Just as a flame can be allowed to flicker dimly, so can your
connection to spirit wax and wane within your body. This is why you need to
know what you should do to feel closest to spirit. This is so that you can
tend to your fires and feed your flames brighter with your source of
spirit. This source will give you the lift, when combines with WILL to
enable you to consciously take off at will. If you only have WILL (or
thrust), but no lift, you will be driving around the planet at 1,000 miles
per hour. This is what is known as "life in the fast lane". So remember,
when you try to fly, you all have wings, but even the birds must use the
principles of lift and thrust (will).

<ladynada> great analogy. Gut-will makes me think of gut-feelings...
bringing me back to will=feelings again
<WasAppa> hum....don't know about this <S>
<ladynada> lift=spirit makes me think of spirit being the inspired
thinking. So I try to use both, a balance of thinking and feelings, at all
<prem> also the lower will has to progressively be replaced by the higher will
<ladynada> prem: maybe the inspired thinking will lift that lower will
<prem> yes
<WasAppa> lower will is programming
<prem> lower will can be mere desire and greed
<ladynada> wasappa: yes, we spoke about societal programming earlier
<WasAppa> ok good
<ladynada> that programming is a false-will inserted from the outside, in
a sense
<wheel-> lady: an excellent thing to do, for either alone are missing
something. :)

<Arianna> So in summary, I think we have covered may different angles on
the Right use of Will... There is much that can be thought over later. I
want to Thank LADYNADA for the input and for the encouragement
<ladynada> thanks Arianna!

<Arianna> The Schedule for the coming topics in )Gaia*Friends( are:

OCT15: The Goddess Emerging, A pathway for men and women

OCT 22: Transmuting negative emotions. Our guest speaker will be Pranaflow.
<Pranaflow> Oct 22 will feature a guided meditation transmuting Fear into Love.

<Arianna> OCT29 will be LIFE AFTER DEATH.....sharing our ghost stories as
well as our near death, oobe experiences. This is to link with the season
of ALL souls night....

Please e-mail me will any suggestions for future topics.

<ladynada> thanks Arianna!
<Arianna> so, for a good night blessing, May you all walk in beauty!
<ladynada> u 2!
<Tori1> thank you arianna
<Arianna> thank you for all your help and input!
<Arianna> {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}
*** Action: ladynada sends hugs all around!
*** Action: Tori1 gives hugs to all
<novale> Night!
<ladynada> night novale
*** Action: ladynada bids all a good evening!
<ladynada> see ya in ascension and ascension1, this week!
<logan-5> goodnight, ladynada!
<ladynada> bye
<limerick> c ya
<Danielle> Bye :)
<limerick> take care...
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<wheel-> are we split, or done?
<WasAppa> where's everyone?