The Art of Predicting the Future

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns

Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!
From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


The topic for the January 7th meeting of
)Gaia*Friends( is:
Predicting the Future,
Sharing our Predictions, how we do it,
and why we try.

The art of predicting the future is called
"Divination". Websters has 2 definitions for
the word divination. The first says:

The practice of foretelling future events, or revealing
occult knowledge by means of omens or
supernatural intervention.
The second definition says: Inspired insight or

There must be hundreds of methods of
divination. Most attempt to prompt the
individuals on intuitive self to reveal the answers.

Examples like this are:
1. Tea leaf reading
2. Palm reading
3. Tarot
4. Runes
5. Ouiji Boards
6. Magic 8 ball
7. Opening up a book, such as a bible
to an unknown page, putting your finger
down, hopefully at the place where your
answer lies...
8. (Ancient) reading the entrails of animals

9. (Ancient) the interpretation of the flight pattern of birds
10.The tossing of certain objects onto the ground
such as sticks, stones, bones, rice, wheat, etc.,
and then interpreting the patterns that they have made.
11.Scrying: Looking into a pool of water, a mirror,
or crystal ball, for visions.

12.(Ancient) contacting oracles, such as in Greece.
13.(Ancient) interpreting which way the smoke is curling
from a fire.

14.Pendulum, used to answer yes/no questions.
15.Reading auras of others.

16.Psychometry: the practice of handling the photo or object
belonging to another, and then getting information on that
person based on the vibrations. This is done by psychic
17.Dousing (like for water), with a forked stick.

Some folks make predictions without any outside prompts or
tools. An example of this that comes to mind, is a Quaker
meeting, where after a certain period of meditation, different
members of the congregation share their newly inspired insight.

Christians call this a gift of the spirit.
There are also shamanistic, and Native American visioning.
Certain visions in the Catholic faith occur with the sightings
of Mary, at Lourdes, Fatima, Guadaloupe, Medjegore.

Wiccans attempt to receive advice from the Goddess
on Full Moon nights, when the High Priestess attempts
to speak as the Goddess, when inspired by "drawing down"
the energy of the feminine Full Moon aspects.

I want to ask all of you to respond, from top to bottom
of the name list, on what experiences you can share
with foretelling the future? How do you do it, does it work?

[Dreamie] i do it from the vibrations i feel
let me pass for a now...I'll come back at the end of the list..
[Ganesha] I have always been is a talent like singing or...drawing
I always knew...stuff, but
[Leva] i didn't break the law! i AM the law! --Judge Dredd

[Ganesha] when I was in college I got a pack of tarot cards
I have been reading since 1971, but only use them personally now

<Susanrose> what type of deck?
[Ganesha] Aquarian

[ACTION] sonar5 is comfortable with it as long as there is no math i
[Ganesha] I tried all kinds of things and studied for many years
strdst] :)
[Ganesha] I learned akashic record reading, psychic healing
polarity, psychometry, etc etc.., channeling..but

<Susanrose> wow, i wish I could read the akashic record,
that is what cayce did.
strdst] :)
[Ganesha] I learned REIKI and eventually became a reiki master. I just use Reiki to learn or be open to intuition
<Susanrose> do you talk to archangels in Reiki?
[Ganesha] My reiki master told me to stop all the other things
I did to get information. This was very hard for me at first
Now, I teach others to be open to energy with reiki
and I have to say that I always tell people
everyone gets their information differently
find out what you are good at..where does your intuition pop up

<Susanrose> is there a certain group of spirits directing you with Reiki?
[Ganesha] No
<Susanrose> that is good advice Ganesha
[Ganesha] I have the guidance of the REIKI Lineage
and my meditation master tho
[Dreamie] :)
[Ganesha] so. I am done...
<Susanrose> thanks to you!

<Susanrose> you will never get far if you are a jack of all trades and master
of none
[strdst] hahah

<Susanrose> Krish would like to pass...

<Susanrose> Next is Leva, who arrived later....
<Susanrose> Leva, we are talking about how we receive guidance ....
[Leva] i AM the future
<Susanrose> do you have anything to add?
[Leva] i do not need to predict it, i know it precisely,
the future is bliss, all other is meaningless detail that is keeping you from
<Susanrose> hhhhmmmmm that is optimistic!
[Leva] that will be it
[ACTION] Leva bows
<Susanrose> thank you leva

<Susanrose> next is sonar 5
[sonar5] Hmmm..could you repeat the question, please?
<Susanrose> what system of divination
or attempting to predict your future, do you use, if any?
[sonar5] Well..I use allies/familiars/guides which let me
know when something is wrong..and clear me of problems,
whether I like it or not
<Susanrose> do you have a pet that is a familiar?
<Susanrose> what type of tarot, card lay?
[sonar5] pets....mostly inorganic beings...
and some Hidden Ones in the ethers

[sonar5] I use tarot sometimes...just use whatever
deck is on hand...Waite, etc
I don't gut animals to divine the future, however,
I get a chill up my spine..that tells me something is up,
someone wants me for something..

<Susanrose> psychic
[sonar5] So I relax and then I exit my physical body....
and see who it is
<Susanrose> sonar, you can leave and enter you body at will?????
[sonar5] Would that make me a bad guy?
<Susanrose> enviable skill! :)
[sonar5] Actually..I'm presently trying to stay in a low energy prevent this
<Susanrose> wow!

[Ganesha] hi starchild, we are sharing divination methods

[strdst] guides/intuition/tarot

<Susanrose> ok, I think we are up to sundude....
[sundude] well... I'm here :)

<Susanrose> I went to a lecture once
were a Catholic priest explained
the use of a pendulum
in giving yes/no responses
He would take his pendulum to the health food store
and pick up a vitamin or mineral and ask the yes no question
if he should take it
<Susanrose> smile
I tried it but was discouraged that
my thoughts were so strong that
i could make the pendulum swing
whatever way I was thinking I wanted the answer to be
so that was not effective for me

[Leva] pendulum is a very old and primitive technique...
indeed requires Zen mind to operate with any efficiency.
you must be perfectly indifferent with no desire to know the answer
<Susanrose> there is a detachment that you must do in order to use it
<Susanrose> yes Leva
since then I have been somewhat lazy
in attempting other methods
I do have a tarot deck
but usually just pull 3 cards
to tell me something about my situation
my guide has encouraged me to develop
a skill in divination, that is all....

[Leva] to use tarot deck requires an empty mind as well.
except the FLAW with a noise-mind tarot reading is not as
obvious due to its vagueness.

[Starchild] I used to mainly use the tarot deck,
with often quite frightening accuracy
but I'm finding more and more that I don't feel the need
to use them anymore
[strdst] :)
[Starchild] Now all I do is move into either a light or deep trance
depending on how grounded I am and how much energy I have
and when in this trance I mostly see images
lately I have begun hearing things too
Most of these images have begun to come true...
<Susanrose> Star, when you hear things, is it like a voice
in your head or just as real as someone talking in the room?
[Starchild] I feel like there are spirits constantly around me now
I'm working towards channeling them...
It's just as real as if someone is talking in the room
[sonar5] The voice of "seeing", Starchild? when stuff
is explained as it happens?
[Starchild] sonar : yes
[Leva] when you hear voice , the voice is on its own.
be very careful not to mistake your imagination for the voice.
[strdst] yes
[sonar5] I hear you, Starchild
[Starchild] Leva : yes I know I have to be careful of that...
<Susanrose> i have heard voices in my head,
but i have never heard voices that sound like
they are coming from outside of me
[sonar5] It's a different state of mind altogether
than the one commonly used

[Dreamie] back to me??
<Susanrose> sure....
well....i go alot on what I feel.....
I'm learning recently.....many things....
being aware of everything around me....
from the the animals that cross my path.....
their actions.....and gut feelings.....
i have runes that like.....they give me words of wisdom....
but i go with the feeling....i get in my gut......
i can usually read a situation pretty feeling the vibes
i have crystals...that i really feel aid in all of this....
just having faith.....takes me far with alot of it :)
[ACTION] Dreamie 's done!
[rafyn] Hello sonar, meghan
<Susanrose> Meghan and rafyn! Welcome
[strdst] go on SR
<Susanrose> we are having a moderated discussion
about the methods we use for fortelling the future
do you have any special method you use to foretell your future,
that you can tell us about?
[meghan] hmmm. that is a tough one.
i like to say that once i know a person
well enough to be able to predict their actions
[rafyn] I think I will reserve my opinion until I have been here a few
{meghan] that it is similar to being able to foretell the future.
<Susanrose> waterfall,
want to say something about forecasting the future?
[WaterFall] we are talking about forecasting for our personal use?
[Leva] define personal, define use, define future
it's best to know EXACTLY what you're doing before you do it,
down to definitions.

<Susanrose> well, personal use is like smoothing out the bumps
in our future

[WaterFall] I'm like Susanrose in that if I try for myself
I often influence the outcome
so... I find that meditation, dreams, and what I call 'flashes'
happen to me
[strdst] PPL: for God's sake trust and know that Spirit leads you
ACTION] Dreamie trusts in that.....

[Leva] although sometimes, you have to do some things
without feeling that you have a full understanding...
[WaterFall] if I really have to be careful about something...
things will move in my home.. as a warning
[strdst]God is He/She.... that you can Trust
You all have an abundance to share.... and I need you so much!
[WaterFall] I'm like starchild I think who said they hear voices
and see events happen
<Susanrose> ;)oops a semi colon....
[strdst] :)
<Susanrose> The following are quotes I have gathered
from searching on the internet for various predications.
I have tried to present some hopeful ones,
besides sharing the usual doom and gloom end of the world
as we know it predictions. (smile)
[Leva] the need for prophecy comes out of FEAR of the unknown
<Susanrose> - well, it's extremely difficult because of the rapid changes
and the things that are going on.
[Leva] i speak the truth

APRIORI, 6524 San Felipe #323, Houston, TX, 77057 USA.
Email: APRIORI is a goodwill educational
service organization.

The Future & White Magic
"...the three greatest formulas of white magic
which have been given to humanity are as follows:

1 - Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul;
2 - Love your neighbor as you love yourself; and
3 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is the general practice of this white magic which will make the
dawning of the new age a great and good opportunity for humanity..."

The following predictions as to what will occur toward the close
of this century are hinted at or stated directly in the writings of the
Tibetan and A. A. Bailey:

- True astrology will win its rightful place in human society
and be revolutionized by the scientific study of the energy relations
between celestial manifestations.

- The third secret of electricity, the balancing principle,
will be discovered by science and used in service
of the common good.

- Communication with the subtle worlds
will be established through telecommunications and photography.

- The existence of the immortal human soul will be
demonstrated as a fact in nature by science.

- Etheric (ionic or physical magnetic) vision or sight will become

- Millions of people who have made true contact with
their higher consciousness will be in incarnation
and thousands of human beings who know themselves

Souls and who are totally dedicated to the helping
of others and to serving God's Plan will be in incarnation
and working for the benefit of our world.

- Humanity as a whole will register in mind and brain
a contact with the world of the higher consciousness
or true spiritual realities (the first initiation of the threshold)
and thus be able,

through our own hard won abilities,
to take a great step forward in evolution.

- Angels will increasingly go about the task
helping and advising human beings
and will do so in a much more open way
than has been done in recent centuries.

If these predictions come true it will be because
of the freely made right choices of humanity
and the development of a truly service oriented motivation
in a sufficient number of people so as to allow
for the clear understanding and right use of the new revelations.

The following are Excepts from a lecture given
by Drunvalo Melchizedek at
'Archangel Michael Conclave', Banff, Canada, March 1994

"There's an event coming up in our lives:
God, the Holy Trinity, working with God
outside the universe,
is about to create a show for us all over the world
in various ways.

It's a demonstration of the Great Spirit
that moves through all of us.
It's going to happen over the next few years.
I believe it's going to begin this year.

I'm not very much into being a prophet.
I don't even like to do that, especially under circumstances where the
events are moving so erratically
that to prophesies at this point is really stepping on thin ice,

- well, it's extremely difficult because of the rapid changes
and the things that are going on.

You take a look at Edgar Cayce for example -
made over 14,000 predictions - 12,000 of those predictions came true.
He only missed one prediction out of 12,000 prior to 1972.

But after 1972, when certain changes were put into our environment,
the prophecies of Edgar Cayce
began to go astray in a lot of ways.
And they didn't really understand why
because Edgar Cayce didn't understand why.

He was prophesying from the Akashic Records
based upon what would probably occur.
And you can get very accurate in those kinds of prophecies
but not when the very mode of the change of the reality
is changing from minute to minute.

And he's fallen way off.
So, to make a prophecy right now is -
we could be heading right for something
and it's going to happen for sure,
and then (snaps fingers)
we all turn and move somewhere else.

end of that quote....
I like that, that humanity still has the
power to change,
or at least
modify some of the predictions made
that do not sound so nice!

The following is a prediction for an
earth catastrophe, sounding similar to a
"Photon Belt" that was attributed to Fatima.

Excerpts from: 'Fatima Prophesy' by Ray Stanford
Ballantine Books C1988

At the present time,
the physical solar system heads in space
at a great rate toward a mass of cosmic energy
and particles which, in the not-distant future,

will collide with the sun and planets and energize the ionosphere of
planets and the atmosphere,
and will energize the photosphere of the sun -
unless it's averted.

Another cosmic-solar event is about to occur.
If man approaches this properly,
the evolution brought about by it will be smooth,
and many deaths and sufferings will be averted.

[Leva] prophecy only works for non-enlightened.
there are many who are aware that they are creating their
own reality. prophecy is much more difficult for them.
prophecy is impossible for those with True Free Will.
[strdst] leva: listen and maybe learn....
<Susanrose> I have mixed feelings about what you are saying Leva
let's finish this fatima thing and then we will discuss it
[Leva] strdust: listen to noise and you never learn
[SERVER] Leva has quit IRC

The activity of cosmic 'dust' and cosmic rays
encountering the sun and planetary body of the Earth
would cause a chemical reaction in the ionosphere.
The reaction of the sun itself would cause
a great enhancement and increase of solar winds,

of atomic hydrogen moving through space,
and of other isotopic substances carried
by magnetic fields to the Earth and other planets,
encountering and affecting even the atmosphere.

Imagine, if you will, a showering of the ionosphere,
not alone with cosmic particles whereby it begins
to glow as a great aurora,
but then with the combination of basic elements
from space, from the sun.

These reaching the Earth in a highly agitated state,
would combine in the ionosphere and in the stratosphere, creating
electrical charges and great [electrostatic] discharges from the clouds
(or from the Earth to clouds).
This is the significance of one of the visions of Padre Pio.

The Earth shall be showered with cosmic rays
and atomic forms of specific elements.
That is why Padre Pio was told that when you see
these things come to pass,

you must close yourself into your own house
and keep the windows and doors closed
and never open them or go out, or you will die.
Then will begin the three days of darkness,

fulfilling the [Biblical] prophesy that,
"The sun shall be darkened,
and the moon shall not give forth her light."

Then there shall be the final burst of energy
in that event; and then it shall begin to let off.
Those who survive shall have fallen upon their knees
in repentance.

Many shall have died
of failure of the heart or by the conditions
availed by the cosmic-solar event.

Those who would survive such will be aided
by those who come from outside the Earth,
and those of the White Brotherhood,
and those of the Angelic realms.

It would be important in those periods
that they would aid, for there will be
the disposal of the bodies of from one-third
to two-thirds of the Earth's population.

The time is very short.
It is of no benefit to say at this time
that the events described and symbolically warned of
in Fatima, and warned of in the vision of Padre Pio,
will be averted.

There are numerous web sites full of prophecies
as well as books on Nostradomus and other

A really good web site I found is called
Gaia Alert
the address is :

Are there any comments regarding
this or any of the prophecies?

<Susanrose> I wish Leva was here now.....
[Ganesha] ganesha send love and light to all, good night...bye...
<Susanrose> well I think there is a paradox that Leva brought up
kind of like this....if you trust in your spirit, you do not need to forecast
but if you trust in divine guidance, then you have to open yourself
to it in many forms
[Dreamie] i think leva is on the right track....
.he seems a bit testy at times about it have to be open
to possibilities.....
<Susanrose> I am not specifically talking about leva
but I have noticed a certain intolerance at times in those who
seem quite advanced in many ways
[Dreamie] we all need to be open minded....
to all other possibilities into our life....
<Susanrose> :)

[Dreamie] i notice that too with some....
others tho....have great understanding and are will to help...
which i find very applauding!

<Susanrose> yes I guess we all have a piece of the mosaic
maybe some have more pieces than others
but even the dullest (?) has their part to add
[Dreamie] and some have more patience than others....
<Susanrose> :)
I want to remind all the importance of opening the channel
to their innate intuitive process. Not only might it warn of future events,
but may guide you out of dangerous situations that you
are already caught up in...

<Susanrose> The Following was paraphrased from
"Successful Women" magazine in an article called
"The Intuitive Process of Living"
If you do not feel particularly intuitive and wish to find help
to build your ability, ... there are means to increase your ability
. With any skill, practice makes better.
Sitting in a quiet place, doing some prayer work,
calming the mind, and asking for assistance with your daily issues
[Dreamie] :)
<Susanrose> Keep written records of your impressions.
Prayer is talking to God Mediation is God talking to you.
If you call someone and talk to them, you don't hang up when you
are finished, but listen for their response. Why hang up on God?
Once the channel is flowing information may be received at any time.
Synchronicity, hunches, and chance occurrence put you at the right
place at the right time to receive the information you need to know.
When the channel is clear and the intention is for the highest good,
it matters not whether your receive information from your own intuition
or from another's.
[Dreamie] i believe that
<Susanrose> Use your discernment when listening to these messages,
use your heart to sense if the message rings true to you.>>
[Dreamie] wow...

My women's spirituality group often
sought advice by calling upon our
still small voice within.

The following was the advice
we received that encouraged us to
study the arts of divination.

Foretelling the future was likened
to the science of weather forecasting,
and it is pasted below:

<<The thing about weather
forecasting is, in this age of science, with satellite pictures,
barometers, and reading of all types, is so cut and dry.
How about instinct?

How about the animal running to take cover
before an earthquake strikes?
How about that second sense,
along with weather forecasting,
which is a true form of divination
as to what form of weather will come tomorrow?

Use your
instincts and senses, sharpen your skills.
These feelings that you
get, learn to act on them because you,

my sisters are magical enough to trust these instincts.
Use them along with science to
predict your future.

There are many forms of predicting your future...
some scientific some completely subjective or instinctual.
To name a few, I'd say tea leaf reading, tarot, I ching, runes, .......

many types of divination that will tell you if your day
in the future will be sunny or stormy.
Just as it would be unwise for those

in North Carolina to not pay attention to the forces,
or to cover their ears when hurricane warnings were
being announced, so too should
you explore your form of divination.

Your method may be instinctual,
or through the aids of these things that I mentioned.
Your sister who is giving a lecture

on kinesthesiology,
you may choose to listen to her on using biomuscular feedback
and testing to allow your connection to spirit to advise you in
making good choices in your travels.

All this you should explore, especially you who have been
walking a spiritual path for a long time.
I think you are ready to take a

look to these ways of foretelling your future,
and to look at them as a possibility for a way
that you might grow.

Had the people in North Carolina
not paid attention to the forecast,
and the hurricane would have
struck, more destructions could have happened to them.
They were given a evacuate,
move their precious belongings
to higher ground, so their losses could be minimized

. They were also given a choice to join in prayer
or magic to help turn Hurricane Emily around.
So whenever you ask a question of a tool of divination,
and it gives you an answer that you would not like to see,
do not fear this .

Remember it is only a possibility
of a future out come as it appear at that particular moment.
It is not the only future outcome.

If it doesn't come true, just realize that due to free will
many choices are being made from the time you tapped into
your answer and the time that it actually happened.
Many of the choices are yours, so act upon them wisely.
How wise would it have been for any of these people to ignore
the future predictions? Not very wise.

Although they were relieved that the hurricane
did not come, do you think that this means they should ignore
future warnings?

No! The same with you. If you don't have such accurate
results, I want you to keep trying, because if you can mold
your future, this is one means that can help you shape it. You
can have that nice feeling that you get when you feel you are
indeed in control of your destiny....

that you don't have to let you
destiny happen to you, and say
"oh my gosh, how did I get here?"
or "wasn't that lucky? '.
You can take a more conscious
willfulness, and this is good willfulness,
in directing the plan of your life.
I would like to thank all of you if you would consider this.

[Dreamie] :)
[strdst] (applause) :)
[Dreamie] Hello Danielle
<Susanrose> that is all! welcome Danie!
<Susanrose> thanks strdst!
<Susanrose> any further comments?
[Dreamie] That was very good Susanrose....
i feel....that when we do things....with good intent.....
things just happen sometimes....for the better....
[Danielle] Dreamie... right!
I guess I missed another good night :(
[Dreamie] i logged it Danie... :)
<Susanrose> it will be a while until the edited logs will appear
in the web page since Paza is away
[Dreamie] i can send it to you too if you wish
[Danielle] Sure Dreamie... I'd like to read it.
<Susanrose> :)
<Susanrose> maybe someday.....I will have a )Gaia*Friends(
web page......
[strdst] :)
<Susanrose> I got a book HTML for Dummies
[Dreamie] :)
<Susanrose> a final affirmation...
The light of love surrounds you
the power of love protects you
The presence of love watches over you
The comfort of love enfolds you
wherever you are
Love IS end :)
[ACTION] strdst receives it all and send it to all on the channel
[Dreamie] that's very beautiful Susanrose... the answer to all.....
[strdst] yes'

[sonar5] take care, computer is getting tired
[Dreamie] nite sonar
<Susanrose> bye sonar thanks for coming!
[strdst] sonar: Light!
[sonar5] May the Spirit shine on you as well..
[strdst] :)

<Susanrose> there was a part in the book I am reading
Brinkley's "Saved by the Light, were he said
that the feeling he received from the light being
was so intensely pleasurable that he could hardly take it
[Danielle] I read that book, Susan
[Danielle] It was very good

<Susanrose> has anyone else felt that during a spiritual
or oob experience?
[strdst] yes
[Dreamie] i have felt the presence of love.....
it was quite was strange....made me tingle all
i was in the car.....coming back from taking the kids to school one
the sun was breaking through the clouds.....
i saw a beautiful rainbow......the right song came on the radio......
and it just overwhelmed me....this feeling....of love
[strdst] Dreamie.... you are a love !
[Dreamie....everything that surrounded me....was love....i felt it
<Susanrose> thanks for sharing that !
it is a faith builder that no one can take away from you
[Dreamie] you're right....if you let the love will gladly come to
just that simple sometimes!
[strdst] yes
<Susanrose> stardust....what was your experience with spirit
that felt almost unbearably pleasurable?
[strdst] well....
my primary female spirit came in a bubble over my bed one evening
and I was feeling very lost and alone
In my tears, the rays showered down on my heart
I cried many tear of joy it felt so wonderful
[Danielle] Wow... amazing
[strdst] tears
<Susanrose> how long ago?
[strdst] 1/2 year, I felt very blessed
[Dreamie] :)'s quite a feeling....
[strdst] she wears a pointed magicians hat
a cone like hat and is pure love
<Susanrose> does she have a name?

[strdst] I have no idea,
but the waves of love I felt could melt an iceberg
melt. she is with me all the time, I cried like a baby
<Susanrose> will she come back if you ask her?
I would like to meet her
<Susanrose> there is a saying that
in my Father's house there are many mansions
that could mean
the vibratory states of consciousness
so that approaching a mansion that
is vibrating faster than your form is...
would allow this love feeling but
you would not be able to tolerate the energy long
unless you could fit in by raising your rate to meet it
i think this may be why
Brinkly said the light being
gave him such intense pleasure he could hardly
take it
[Dreamie] the other night....when Ganesha let the meditation
in Circle of Light.....i had an overwhelming presence in my room.....
felt all my guides and angels were with me....when I acknowledged them.....
[strdst] all I know is that my heart was massaged in the most
tender form of liquid love
[Dreamie] they all embraced me....and I started crying.....uncontrollably....
to KNOW their love was inside me....with me....guiding me...
[strdst] Dreamie... you are a blessed Soul
[Dreamie] I really am!!
<Susanrose> yes dreamie..... another faith builder!
[Danielle] Wow dreamie
I love to hear the things you say! They are inspiring to me
[Dreamie] :) Thanks Danie.....
[Dreamie] with all the pain....comes much beauty......
keeping balance :)
[ACTION] strdst gets into sack cloth and ashes
<Susanrose> strdst, help me to wear sack cloth too ! :)
[strdst] :)
<Susanrose> the latest in fine new age apparrel....giggle
[ACTION] Dreamie giggles too.....hehehhe
[ACTION] strdst bows to all on the channel and i send you all

<Susanrose>Goodnight all - Much Light and Love!