The Celebration of Christmas

Please bring a candle and matches
and place near your computer.
We will be lighting it later.

WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together

Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava

the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!

>From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


In a few hours, Christmas will be here.
The celebration of Christmas has been traced back to
the 4th century AD.

Scholars believe that the
Christmas season was picked in this time of year
due to the annual festivals held by pre Christian European
peoples, to celebrate winter solstice.

It was known as YULE in
the Nordic countries and Saturnalia in Rome.
The cycles of nature was celebrated
as we see the longest night of the year
give way to lengthening light.

How interesting that Mother Nature begins the
coldest season, Winter, with the hope and promise
that all is on course. The seconds and minutes of
increasing sunlight cheer us thoughout the winter that
Spring will indeed return. :)

Pre-Christian renments of YULE include the use of holly,
mistletoe, yule logs, and a reverence for
the pine tree.
Now this is the story of the very first YULE
It is a true story, as all stories are, if you believe in them.

This story begins a long long time ago when the Earth and the Sun
gave birth to the very first beings.
the very first plants
and animals and people.

It was Springtime and the Sun shone bright and warm
from his high perch above
and Earth, proud Mother that she was,
held her newborns close, and relished them with tenderness and love.
It was a time of Joy. It was a time of Great Delight.

The moon waxed and waned time and again the night sky
and the children of the Earth grew well
and strong through the Summertime.
They played and danced, and the Earth and Sun watched over them.

Then, Autumn came, and the Earth began to sleep
much longer every day.
She grew tired. She could no longer feed her children
and had no strength to grow a new life. High above,
the Sun grew distant and took longer to return each morn.
The nights grew longer, and the cold winds blew
where none had blown before.
And then, one day, Earth went to sleep, and did not wake up.
She wrapped herself in a blanket of snow, and rested her tired heard
on a pillow of dried leaves and she did not wake up.

Her children could do nothing to arouse her form her slumber.
They prodded her, they called to her, but she would not awaken.
In the sky,the sun was no where to be seen,
and the children of the Earth felt fear.

This was the longest night they had ever known.

"What shall become of us?" they pondered
"Earth Mother sleeps, Father Sun is oh, so far away
that we can hardly see him in the sky. He is much too far away to
hear our call. What shall we do?"

So they brought their questions and their fears to the Moon,
the Sister of the Sun, for the knew not where else to turn.
She closed her eyes and took a slow deep breath within herself

and awoke thoughts that had never been awakened till then.
She opened her soft eyes and said, "when Hope is lost, the best way
to get it back is with a song.

Climb you the tallest tree, the biggest hills,
the highest mountains and YULE a son to reach the Sun."

Now YULE is a word from one of the world's most ancient tongues,
it is related to words such as "yell" and "yodel"
and it means "to call out in Song".
But, the first Beings had never heard a song.
So, once again, the sought the Moon's advice.

"How shall we YULE? How shall we sing a song?"
"Take the best of what you have", she said,
" the best of what you are.
Take what you love,

Take what you cherish most.
Take your Joys, your dreams, your fondest hopes, and
weave them all together in a sound."
And so they did.

They climbed the tallest trees, the mountains and the hills,
They stood in all the places that would bring them closest to the sun.
They shut their eves and thought and felt
the very best thoughts and feelings,

and dreamed the finest dreams. And as they did ,
their voices rang, and made a bridge of song
across the sky to reach the distant sun.

He heard and turned and smiled
and wrapped himself in all his light and warmth and sped
to where the YULING voices called.
As he drew near to sleeping Earth, OH,
she moved, She was still alive.

She stirred and
dreamed the dream of Spring. The Wheel of life had made its
first round. Hope and Joy prevailed once again and ever since,
that time of year has been called "YULE"
in honor of the first song.

Since that time, so very long ago, generations at Winter Solstice have
YULED together to ensure the Rebirth of the Sun.

And now, to all of )Gaia's*Friends(
I want YOU to recall the longest night
as it occurred last week
the longest night of your life...
Feel the darkness like the velvety comfort of your mother's womb.

What ever your Dark night was, it was necessary
for you to discover and see the individuation of the
Light being born within YOU.

We are prepared to let go feelings of sin and shame,
we are prepared to behold our relationship to the Divine
as we Behold the Renewal of the Christed Presence within
our hearts!

Close your eyes, for a minute and listen
to your still small voice within validate the truth
of the Sun (SON's) rebirth,

CLAIM your worthiness
as your recognize the magnificent image and likeness
of the Divine within you.
(closing eyes one minute)

Open eyes, and light candle if possible.
Repeat the affirmation:
what I've heard in the dark
I must speak in the light
I am salt for the earth
I am Light for the world

Joining and giving profound thank yous to the
energies working with you to promote your highest good,

Take what you love,
Take what you cherish most.
Take your Joys, your dreams, your fondest hopes, and
weave them all together in the sound of AUM

Reverberating the tones in our chakras,
Feeling and calling to the love and light
as it is REBORN!

[strdst] aummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[margot] aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm
<Susanrose> WE AGREE that our light is manifest!!!
cyber {{HUGS}}} to all!
Merry Yule, Merry Christmas!
[margot] :) merry christmas everybody :)
<Susanrose> Happiness is ours, margot, kivi
strdst, akysia, alysia
[kivi] :) merry yule - god jul - hauskaa joulua :)
[IamSanta] Santa Home in Iceland
<Susanrose> Thank you for coming! before we leave.... just one...
Christmas./YULE carol: You may... Join in Singing! (smile)

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is Calm All is Bright
Round yon Virgin, mother and child
Holy Infant so tender and Mild
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Silent Night, solistice night
Silver Moon, shining Bright
Snowfall blankets the slumbering Earth
Yulefires wecome the Sun's Rebirth
Hark, the Lord is reborn
Hark, the Lord is reborn.

<Susanrose> That's all folks!
[margot] very good :)
[kivi] there is 'another' connection between the
Wheel of Life and
Yule - in Swedish Christmas is still called 'jul' [yule]
and that word probably has relationship with 'hjul
' [yule] - the wheel,
so at yule time we are at the turning point of the year,
when the wheel of the year starts another round
<Susanrose> yes, do you have Lucinda?
Yule in Sweden is supposed to have process of Lucy Bride
led by a young girl wearing a crown of candles
[kivi] oh yes - Lucia - on the 13th of December
<Susanrsoe> Juno Lucina, Mother of Lights
goddess of labor and childbirth
fesival was celbrated in ancient Rome
in December, later converted to Christianity as St. Lucy
she found a home in Sweden...

[margot] this cyclical view of things is what paganism
is all about in my mind
<Susanrose> Kivi, I am so happy you could come despite the time
difference of Finland!
<Susanrose> yes the wheel of the year
is part of the pagan beliefs
but in my mind, it is more than a wheel
it is a corkscrew because we do not
wind up in the same place every year but
[kivi] sure - there is a linear aspect in it
<Susanrose> spiral upward
[margot] right
[alysia{J}] i must go now..thankYou all for a wonderful experience...
may the Light of Truth forever expand
<Susanrose> bye! is a white Christmas here
[ACTION] strdst waves to alysia(j)
[kivi] - it was nice being here - there are possiblities like never
before with this
<Susanrose> :)