Self-Hypnosis / Trance

<novale> feels very nice to be with anything.

<Susanrose/arianna> The topic tonight is Hypnosis/Trance
novale is our speaker. did you learn to hypnotize others/self?...
what brought you to this line of work?

<novale> SR: I had been doing trancework with friends for a long time
and I was invited to take a workshop....
it seemed a way of having a name for other work that I had been doing
the course which I took is through The National Guild of Hypnotists
its about an 8 week course offered throughout the US

<Azmodius> novale's website, Soulfire Hypnotherapy is located at

<novale starts the session with her Dream...........>

<novale>The Dream still had me in its grasp.
I must have looked at her in wild eyed confusion,
because my daughter was saying
"Wake up mom, you've slept late and I have to go to work."
I'd slept fitfully last night, pressures and worries looming in my thoughts.
Only in the early morning had I begun to dream.
Before sleep the night before, I had been reading about The Magician.
His appearance in our lives, reminding us that we do indeed have the tools
and knowledge to pierce through the illusion around us.
I had drifted off imploring him to make his appearance in my life,
"solve this mess!" I had demanded.
As I went gliding away, I thought better of my demand, and narrowed it just a bit, "ok...maybe not the WHOLE mess, just one small problem, let me
stumble upon the opening for my presentation..."

Hurriedly I threw on clothes and stumbled to the car with her.
Several stoplights were barely recalled as I pulled into the restaurant
where she works.
"Aahhh" I thought, "CAFFEINE!"
I crept into the circular drive through when my lack of power steering
stopped me cold, fortunate, as I recalled at that moment
that I'd brought no pocket change.

<Dreamie> hehe

<novale> It was one of those morning, you know those mornings,
when there were definitely two layers of identifiable thought
running simultaneously through my mind.
The obvious thought,
waking up! Getting my daughter to work safe and sound.
And the other, beginning the writing of this presentation.
I had been churning the idea round and round ever since it had been
mentioned to me. But I had no beginning. Plenty to say, but no
beginning statement.
In a fog, both lines of reason dancing around, landing nowhere.
And to get out of my fog, I wanted caffeine.
Unavailable caffeine.

I was nearly home, still in a haze of confusion when I had to smile at myself.
One of the most commonly used explanations for the state of hypnosis
is that of driving.
How often we arrive at our destination with little or no memory of the
journey behind us.
Indeed, most of us spend a great deal of our time in a state of hypnosis,
floating in and out of consciousness, unaware of the scenic journey around us.
Beset by cares and worries of daily living, manipulating the illusion around us,
and failing to heed its lesson. Rather than WAKE UP,
we reach for caffeine, television, chats with friends
and a million other diversions to keep reality at bay.

By the time I finally got home, though I remembered little of the traffic
on the way, I was giggling.
Isn't it wonderful? That sort of synchronicity?
I almost missed it.
But for lack of power steering fluid and a little pocket change,
I would have escaped the fog and quickly landed in solid reality.
The Magician sat laughing on my shoulder.
<rosedeva> :)

<novale> Many have declared that we are in a constant state of hypnosis.
A lose definition for the hypnotic state is one where the attention is narrowly and selectively focused and the subject is open to suggestion.
You've all seen the old movies;
the hypnotist asks his victim to focus slowly on the beautiful pocket watch
swinging before their eyes as he
slowly, in a deep and commanding voice, instructs them.
The subject then grows still and quiet,
obediently following instructions as their eyes glaze over.

Its almost a cultural image that we have generated about the hypnotic state.
It is rather a helpful image for those in power around us;
such an image prevents us from seeing how often we are truly hypnotized.
How often is your attention so selectively focused
that new information is unavailable to you?

Employers love hypnotized workers.
A focus so selectively narrowed that unfulfilling and repetitive work
is accomplished day after day, and willingly!
Advertisements are designed to engage a light hypnotic trance so that
desire is pulled, by-passing completely the normal, rational thought processes.
The veracity of such light trance is validated by many clauses, allowing a
24 hour, or longer, period of time to rescind most major purchases,
thus allowing the purchaser to come out of trance,
re-engage the rational, logical, linear mind, and reconsider.
Though most would not use the word trance, that's exactly what it is.
I have known many, many successful multi-level marketers who in fact,
are extremely good hypnotists
<novale> We credit Freud and Jung with enlivening,
for us, the concept of the unconscious
being. That part of us which dwells, silently inside.
Jung furthered that concept, with that of the collective unconscious.
Like streams of water, each of us fed from a collective ocean of archetypes.
But, Jung gives us much more than that.
He not only illuminated this concept for us, but a large part of his work emphasizes thedance between this unconscious and the conscious.
It is this dance between the two which makes us whole, enlightened people.

Sadly, we live in an unbalanced world.
A world where the conscious, rational mind is given priority.
We have forgotten that unconscious feeds the conscious and that the conscious,
acts upon and gives life to the unconscious.
Our attention is so selectively focused in what we believe is rational thought,
that we are unknowingly controlled by unconscious motives and whims.
We live, almost perpetually in this trance-like state.
Oh, we have all heard various descriptions of this state.
Bruno Bettleheim suggests that our children reach more and more for drugs
and other escapist pleasures because the unconscious,
the creative mind, has not been fed by fairy tales and magic.

Many feminist writers suggest that modern life looses its vitality,
engrained in the masculine thought processes of capitalist pursuits.
We spend thousands of dollars on medications and vacations.
We visit therapists and floatation tanks.
<rosedeva> floatation tanks reach subconscious :)

<novale> Somehow, we know that this "other" side of us must be nourished,
and so, we attempt to reign it in..
two weeks of play every year, an hour of two with our therapist, perhaps
a good swim, or a hard run.

But there is another way,
we can learn to build an effective bridge between the rational/conscious part
of us and the creative/ unconscious.
And we can build a bridge which remains constantly,
not waiting for those two weeks a year, not requiring escapist drugs.
One such bridge is hypnosis.

There are many, many other such bridges.
Tarot cards, bodywork, crystals, all provide us an avenue to nourish and
voice our unconscious.
Without such bridges, we are destined to be
controlled by the unknown, silent proddings of our unconscious,
sometimes manipulated by desires placed there by others, by unfaced
fears and worries from our past.
We can marry those two parts of ourselves so that each receives feedback
from the other, giving us REAL choices,
and honest alternatives in our daily lives.
We can BE who we truly are.

There are at least two types of consciously engaged in hypnosis.
The one most of us are aware of is called hetero-hypnosis.
Not exactly like that in the movies, but as the name implies
requiring two individuals working together.
The hypnotist guides the subject so that the attention is selectively focused
and the subject then becomes receptive to suggestions, hopefully agreed upon
Once these suggestions have been received and accepted by the subject,
the unconscious then retains them, filtering them into the conscious so that they will
be acted upon.

The other, similar in intent to the first, is auto-hypnosis.
As the name suggests, requiring only one
By choosing just a few moments daily to selectively narrow your a
attention and focus, you can access that deep store of unconsciousness,
a rich a fertile, create space.
<Dreamie> :)
<ladynada is taking notes>
<Dreamie is loggin lady...if you'd like a copy afterwards>

All trance experiences engage concentration,
a focus of attention and becoming connected to something...
whether that something is a movie,
the fragrance of a rose,
beautiful music, or your SELF.
In trance, you switch from being
the THINKER, to being the OBSERVER.
Your random thoughts
(what some have called the monkey mind)
are temporarily shut off,
allowing you to become totally involved in the experience.
To create for yourself another reality. It is from this space,
that we can engage in healing, seek the answers to life difficulties,
access our past, and even our future. For in truth, your Self know everything.
All trance experiences engage concentration,
trance is impossible when you are engaged in rational, linear thinking.

Thinking is the source of ALL tension.
The "what if's", the "shoulds",
"everyone else's", "this happened before" ,
the "should have's" the "would have's", and
the "could have's" that trap us .
Though this sort of thinking can be constructive, is necessary
and can be energizing and exciting,
it can also make us feel keyed up and stuck.
It is during these times of tension, preoccupation, worry and rumination
that we need to use trance to break through these patterns and reconnect to Self.

In Trance, this chatter is brought to a standstill.
Instead of thinking rationally, you have access to images,
sensations, emotions and intuition.

Some say that in this state
you have greater connection to Guides, past lives, and forgotten memories.
When your brain slows down, it is as though there is SOMETHING else there, SOMETHING that observes, understands and KNOWS.
Now, what exactly this SOMETHING ELSE is,
is one of the Mysteries of life here on earth.

Some call it "God", others the still small voice,
some call it the Higher Self.
Use whatever term you like, differentiate if you will between the terms.
But the truths and knowing that can be received in this state are often
so meaningful, so blissful that it feels
for many like the part of us that can truly listen to God.
This connection is awesome in its power.
You can know what is truly right for you, you can transcend difficult
memories, block out unwanted pain and even in some instances perform
feats like walking on hot coals.

novale takes a breath :)
<Dreamie> hehe :)
<Azmodius> :)

<Jackie> i just read in "Conversations with God"
that God is the "observer". We are the creators...!
you are doing great novale

<Susanrose/arianna> Novale, I have a question
I went to have a past life regression from a hypnotist
a year or so ago, and it was hard for me to go under..
how do you let go and let the hypnotist help you?
are there some people that are hard to hypnotize?
<novale> sometimes, it is difficult to "go under"...
perhaps the therapist did not take enough time
to establish what we call "rapport"
There is an element of trust involved eh?
And since your unconscious is VERY protective of you
<Susanrose/arianna> I felt like I was "on" ...
like I would let everyone down if I did not produce a past life
or something
<novale> consider your relationship with this person for one thing
...and look at your willingness to experience hypnosis in that setting
you are there for YOU, not for anyone else's expectations
<Azmodius> one needs to trust themselves too

<Jackie> i think I would be hard to hypnotize by another...
I'm hearing-impaired.
<ladynada> vibrations through headphones can sometimes be felt...
and possibly induce the trance state, Jackie

<Dreamie> i think it takes practice...and it's something you can do on your own...
practice to still your mind and body and let your innerself "be" can be very hypnotic for me...

<Star7> I thought I couldn't be and he told me to count backward
s from 100 and I think I got to 94. I lost time. Seemed like 5 minutes
at most and it was 45.
<mdeer> the consciousness cannot have simply "popped" into existence,
therefore we have never stopped "living".
To recall, the past living is to dredge our common bond to humanity to the surface.
when we are ready, the higher consciousness will make certain you recall

<seeker> novale, are there levels and /or degrees of the hypnotic state?
<novale> yes seeker there are...

<citrine> i can easily trance out to music so i choose carefully what i listen to
to make sure i get results that make me happy
<Susanrose/arianna> good thought , citrine, that light, what protection/
purification should be done before attempting self trace states

<novale> trance can range from that appears very undifferentiated
to normal consciousness and that which is producing what we call catalepsy,
or immobility.
The act of consciously putting yourself in trance is called meditation.
I know that many of you will balk at this phrase.
What exactly is the difference between hypnosis/trance and meditation?
Meditate is formed from the Latin, a word meaning to be moved to center.

<Dreamie> is there a difference???
<novale> This is essentially the same goal of hypnosis,
to center between the unconscious and the conscious parts of your being.
<Dreamie> :)
<novale> In meditation the trance is an end unto itself.
Hypnosis on the other hand uses trance to liberate all of your best potentials
and bring to your conscious control abilities and knowing that normally escape us.
<Dreamie> hmmm....
<rosedeva> not so of meditation...end unto itself

<novale> In hypnosis it may seem that the "client" is under the control
of the hypnotist. This is simply not true. The "client" is always,
always, always, under the control of her own Self.
The hypnotist is only there to get the ball rolling, to help
the "client" get connected with Self.
It is as though the client says,
"All right, I will play along, as long as you don't ask me to do anything
I really don't want to do or that I know is bad for me."

<novale> The therapist will use suggestion to aide you in relaxing.
You might be asked to focus on a particular spot on the wall,
to repeat a word or a phrase each time a conscious thought tries
to enter your mind. The therapist speaks in a certain way which
is designed to predict for you trance responses as they begin to
happen without actually telling you to make them happen and to
point out to you trance responses as they begin to occur, gently
leading you to slip into that sweet space of connection with your Self.

<novale> before we give some examples, were there more questions?
<Dreamie> how would trance benefit me more than meditation??
<citrine> there are many ways to the center ..
we should each choose the path that is right for us
<novale> its not a greater benefit..not that I see anyways....
actually, I tend to think of them as the same thing
<Dreamie> :) just checkin!
<novale> for many, its just a matter of word play..that meditation
might appeal to those more spiritually inclined
<novale> and those that resist the idea of a spiritual experience
would be more safe using the words hypnosis or trance
that i said and meant
<rosedeva> your doing a good job on this novale
<novale> :)

<novale> ok!
Your body may start to feel heavy,
light or detached...
I am not exactly sure how you will feel relaxed..
or exactly when your eyes will want to close..
Do not let your mind
become totally still until you are really ready
and comfortably settled.....
You may try to keep your eyes open
but you may find it is not worth the effort...
your arms rest heavily on the chair and
as you begin to let go more and more...
Notice how still you are becoming...
The muscles in your face are becoming slack
and supple, completely ironed out and relaxed...
Your eyelids are beginning to feel heavier and heavier....

These are examples of the sorts of phrases a therapist might use
to help you engage in hypnotic trance
notice that these are only suggestions...the therapist is only pointing out
sensations to you
at anytime, at the least discomfort the conscious mind will disengage
from the trance experience
the only control exerted is that which the client wishes to engage in
hence, like SR pointed out...she was not quite comfortable going " under"
you are always safe during this process

<CJoseph> this is also very similar to how I relax myself in meditation
<milly> I also used to do this
<Gwendy> well we could self induce a trance with a recording on our voice
because who are we going to trust more?
<novale> ha! coming right up Gwendy :)

<Grulox> For me *closed-eye* imagery works the best for me to focus.
the other senses are too distracting...
<novale> oh yes Grulox!! We all have different modalities of learning, and thus works best if the individual is induced using his or her
particular learning modality :)
<CJoseph> I focus on every part of my part at a time...
this process is very fast once you get used to it...
I can totally relax in just a few minutes now...
<Dreamie> i set my surroundings with music and scent....close my eyes...
and take myself to that serene special place that i only know of....
and talk to all parts of my body....starting from head to toe...relaxing them...
<CJoseph> dreamie, I do the same thing but only after I am completely relaxed
<Star7> I imagine the muscles in my feet as rubber bands then turn them loose
limp and lazy and do this all the way to the top of my head.
<Dreamie> yes...i let go of all of my body....
and rise above as if i were looking down at myself

I once has the pleasure of leading a short trance session on IRC.
One of the participants messaged me,
"Who ARE you?
Everything is happening to me just as you say it will!"
At first I was just a little bit flattered,
but you know..there is no trick to this, no special power.
All the therapist has done,
is let you know what to expect,
and guide you to that just a few seconds BEFORE it happens...
as you relax, your obedient
unconscious becomes aware of and completes the behavior.
You can do this for yourself.
Simply focusing your attention on specific aspects of your being and surroundings.

Perhaps like this :
I can remember now that this is the only thing I need to be doing right now,
and as I do I will start to notice changes...
I just felt my jaw drop..and it as does,
my shoulders drop also, and my tummy muscles start to sag..
Now my eyelids feel like they want to close...
my field of vision seems to be narrowing down and things are getting blurry
around the edges..
as my eyes close and my body becomes so still,
I wonder just how still my mind will become..

I can count and find out how long it takes before I need to take another breath...
and I can count to find out how
long it takes before another thought comes...
The advantage to self-hypnosis is that you are much more aware
and observant of yourself than any other individual can ever be.
The trick is
that you must keep talking to yourself, giving instructions...
if the hypnotists stops talking, the trance ends.

Just by talking to yourself, you are shutting out the random chatter
of your conscious mind. Listening to yourself in directed, focused
self- talk is much like a mantra.
You help your conscious self take a break
and yield to the unconscious Self.
You can do this through 4 paths:
1. Observing,
2. imaging,
3. relaxing and
4. emoting.

When you are tensing and relaxing your muscles,
you are observing changes in muscular tension.
When you are inhaling and exhaling slowly
you are observing the process of your breath.
As you repeat phrases, or mantras to yourself
you are listening, or observing auditory.
Senses are tools of observation.
Your observations move from the external
to a greater internal focus of attention.
You may start by focusing on an external
spot on the wall , then you start noticing bodily sensations of relaxing
and finally, you sense your eyes wanting to close.

When you put your body in charge and allow your eyes to close
on their own without closing them,
you have gotten out of your head and come to your senses.
You have entered the "inner realm".
This is the place where all true change happens.

I can tell you, or your can tell yourself, to stop worrying,
you can even demand it of yourself but
it will be difficult to do so until you
have lifted the broken needle from your conscious mind that plays over
and over again.

Imaging is a powerful relaxation tool that also requires you to observe
internal images.
If you imagine yourself lying on a beautiful, warm, sunlit beach,
you are observing a visual image in your mind.
Relaxation fantasies are about BEING.
You observe sights, sounds, and sensations as they arise.
They work again, because they shut out random thoughts and chatter.

Relaxing is another part of inducing trance.
Observation and imaging automatically cause the muscles to relax.
As this happens fewer and fewer impulses are being sent, causing the
conscious self to become more passive.
Simple relaxation is enough in itself to induce trance but it is often quite deeper if observation and imaging have been used as well.

<citrine> scents also
<Susanrose/arianna> you and others tape record the trance sessions? so
that the advice of the still small voice can be replayed for the client at a later time?
<novale> yes..most therapists tape record their sessions.
<rosedeva> I never good do the EKG in medical assistant school in the right
amount of time....and on the final exam...used self hypnosis ...
it came out perfect and within time limits

<novale> The emotional route to trance is often overlooked.
When you release emotions
through laughing, talking, crying, sweating, yawning, or raging,
you are releasing muscular tension and if you follow the process through
until you are drained you can sense a more calm feeling,
and sometimes have surprising new insights about your situation.
Emotional release has a cleansing effect.
Hypnosis can be used for clearing painful experiences and releasing held emotions.
As these emotions are processed and released you are free to
enter your inner realm.

<milly> True Novale
yes i used to dance till trance came
<Dreamie> surely have experienced the cleansing...but the peaceful knowing
doesn't always come after, but it has in some instances
<novale> very often we are tempted to stop the process before we have
completely emptied ourselves

<CJoseph> novale...meditation...for me anyways is a way to relieve stress...
I am in the Air Force and have found this to be most beneficial...
I am constantly under a lot of stress...meditation has changed my life...:)

<novale> Now you know a little bit about why trance, and the mechanisms
for obtaining trance.
And you are wondering , "So?".
In this place of receptivity, connection with your Self,
you have accessed a powerful tool of change.
When preparing for this portion of our time together
I looked repeatedly through my many books in order to find just one short
paragraph, one page speaking eloquently about that you can accomplish
with hypnosis and why one should be encouraged to use hypnosis.

I discarded many different explanations and was becoming frustrated
when I came across this gem..
"Hypnosis gives you the ability to convert acquired knowledge into WISDOM".

You have, in the hypnotic state, the opportunity to process the vast stores of your
conscious experience and merge them together with that part of you which
That is why we can assuredly say that only the Self is in control during hypnosis,
that part of you which KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS
what is truly best for YOU will accept or reject accordingly
accept or reject what?
Most traditionally the trance state is pursued with a specific goal in mind.
Just as a card reader or psychic may ask you what question you wish to focus upon.
Once arrived at the intended hypnotic state, part of your work there is to harness
that wisdom for daily living. One way we do this is through the use of suggestions.

<Susanrose/arianna> what do you do to keep your clients in a safe psychological
space during hypnosis?
<novale> SR: Such release is not uncommon and nothing to be fearful of
<novale> in therapy sessions the therapist will continually remind the client
that the emotions experienced are not really happening now to observe them,
rather than live them. we are taught, if the distress seems extreme,
to gently end the trance session

<CJoseph> Novale, I also use meditation to communicate with Higher Self..
I call it my intuition...what about the higher self...?
<novale> CJoseph....many use these terms to mean the same things
tis not my concern whether the client believed in a Higher Self,
or is connecting with their own intuition
<CJoseph> :) I see

<Grulox> Nov,,,,,,and what does one extract from the observation?
<citrine> what ever one is ready y to accept to work on
<milly> Grulox recognition
<novale> can you say again Grulox?
<Grulox> Well you said that it was to just *look* at,,,,
rather than experiencing the moment
<novale> this prevents surprise that the "subject" is not
overcome with the current experience of a past drama
<Azmodius> Grulox... when the student is ready, the teacher will appear
<CJoseph> right on Azmodius
<Susanrose/arianna> I think the unconscious will provide a trustworthy image
for the higher self to come through to the conscious, this is why I could access
"the Goddess" during my women's groups,
but others hear Jesus, angels, guides, etc.
<CJoseph> I agree...still waiting for mine...:)
<Grulox> oh,,,,,,ahha,,,,,ok

<novale> in stepping away a bit, the experience can be re-shaped and healing
can begin. Now the waters get a little murky here.
Because you will want to plan, in advance, for just what suggestions you would
like to give yourself.
My dilemma with this is that in so doing you have used your conscious, rational,
linear thinking mind to create suggestions.
This is a vital step and yet, as you arrive in trance,
do not be surprised if what you thought you came to work on
is not at all what your Wise and knowing self would like you to work on.

You are creating reality here
and you want to create the fullest, most balanced reality possible,
for your highest and greatest good.
So let us say for example,
that you have chosen to seek a hypnotic state in order to suggest to yourself
that you choose to master your studies and make the honor role this semester.

Once in the hypnotic state however,
this just doesn't sit right with you.You will feel it .
Your body begins to lose some of its relaxation, the words you have
chosen to speak for yourself seem empty and hollow.
Sit for awhile.
Perhaps you will discover that something more urgent deserves your attention.
Maybe you will even find that in reality, your true Self has no
desire to pursue the same path of study
which your conscious mind has chosen.

<milly> always novale always
We cannot leave a discussion about hypnosis without touching in
a little more detail, the subject of suggestion.
We have said that during the
hypnotic state, the subject (that's you :)
is more receptive to suggestion.
Suggestion is just another word for self-talk.
We suggest to ourselves almost constantly,
sadly we are often unaware of what we are suggesting.

Those little messages that we send to yourselves daily...
I'm in a rush,
I'm in a bad mood,
I am frightened,
I am not good enough...yes,
Stuart Smiley has a humorous method of combatting these messages...
I'm smart enough, I'm good enough and gosh darn it...people like me!
The hypnotic state is precisely the best time for making positive,
affirmative and useful suggestions to your Self.
I know that you have been reading for a long time now..
this is your chance to participate a little.
What are some things you might choose to suggest to yourself in this state?
Remember, your subconscious will be very receptive and obedient.....

<novale> any takers? what are some things that you would like
to suggest to yourself in terms of
improving your lives, you growth and evolution?

<ladynada> living is FUN
<Susanrose/arianna> you are prosperous, healthy, worthy, and free...
<Sarek> im open and accepting
<citrine> I am now 3 times as creative, exciting and wealthy as when
i wake up this morning
<Fayree> hehe i enter the myst :)
<ladynada> I love life
<Azmodius> haha citrine :)
<CJoseph I use the words...Love and Joy...>
<novale> haha!! ok....remember I AM...this is personal, t
his is for you and THIS IS NOW>...not tomorrow :)
<Jackie> I Am able to handle things as they come up! is one of my fav affirmations.
<milly> may i love Love more.........
<novale> Milly :) I love love more!
<Dreamie> i will be the best that i can be
and i will make a difference in the lives of others... :)
<novale> The best you can be?
your unconscious won't know what you mean by that
you might want to narrow it down a bit
what specific thing would you like to do better at?
<Dreamie> to be the best i can to realize that i am equal to all things
to not judge others whose shoes i have not walked in...
to love...totally and the be the best i can be :)
<CJoseph> The way of the peaceful warrior...
<citrine> dreamie i agree with that

<Star7> May I please dream of those pleiadians again.
<Gwendy> Ahh what about saying Welcome Pleiadians to my dream state?
<ladynada> nice Gwendy
<novale> Star7: I dream of those pleiadians again :)
or maybe : I AM dreaming of the pleiadians again
remember...your unconscious is quite an obedient creature
you ask permission and the answer is just "sure, you have permission"
<milly> yes unconscious doesn't know the difference between good
and bad so it does what ever we tell it
<novale> that's correct Milly :)
<citrine> it believes what ever it hears the most
choose and cherish your thoughts and dreams

<Azmodius> I AM, I WILL...
<citrine> good azmodious, i have all the time i need to accomplish all
i want to do
<Azmodius> I am wealthy and contented and better looking than when I woke up
<novale> LOL Az :)
<CJoseph> I ask that when opportunity presents itself that
I recognize it for what it is...

<Star7> novale I bought a CD and book on Trace Dancing
so I could stay on my exercise machine longer. It really does work
it is a driving drum beat and Indiginious music.
I can really add a lot to time on that machine without being tired.
<novale> oh yes is a wonderful carrier for our spirits :)
especially rhythm :) remember that you unconscious is really a very simple creature
you want to make this easy for yourself
and!! not give your conscious mind any reason to intervene!!

<Grulox is Drummer,,,,,,and uses it as tool....>
<CJoseph> me too Grulox
<Grulox> :) a very easy vehicle,,,,,yes CJ?
<milly> god uses a drum.... sounds like this........ OOMM OOMM OOMM

So you see, we have here a cart and horse situation eh?
The conscious mind must prepare for its encounter with the unconscious and
both must be prepared to alter and modify goals.
Its not uncommon that the client comes to work on one issue only to find that
another must be addressed first.
Be gentle and kind with yourself.
Do not accept information from one sitting anymore than you would accept
information frivolously when in your conscious state.
Like with anything in your life, everything must be tested and tried.

You have begun peeling the onion and the process is demanding and rigorous.
You might be foolhardy to drop out of college on the basis of one
introductory meeting with your unconscious.
Take back with you whatever information is gathered, process it through
your conscious thoughts and back again to the trance state.
There are many, many interesting texts and materials about this.
Let us here, in this moment, stick to a simple and profound exercise for self hypnosis.
If you begin here, you will find that your perceptions are enhanced,
your desires are purified and your dialogue with yourself becomes
more and more meaningful and honest.

Begin, each night as you drift away to sleep....relaxing your body,
attending to your breath and repeat to yourself....
"Day by day in every way....I am feeling better and better."
Its a small, simple and yet elegant and profound exercise.
Knowing and believing in yourself, every day in every situation
is the first step toward clarifying your goals and becoming the person
that you are truly meant to be.
<milly> yeah

For those that would like to stay, I will share with you a trance experience/journey.
For those that must go, I invite you to visit my webpage,
Soulfire Hypnotherapy at
There you will find a more complete set of instructions for self hypnosis.
You can learn the process at your own pace.
Thank you for listening, I hope sincerely that you will make use of this
information in pursuit of a happy, fulfilling and healthy life!! God Bless :)
we can take a break for a few minutes if you would like before the exercise
begins. For those that would like to stay,
I will share with you a trance experience/journey.

<citrine> thank you novale
your wisdom and love flows so freely
<Grulox> nicely said,,,,,,,
<ladynada> novale, what about policing thoughts in conscious mind too?
<milly> no police allow, just observe
<Dreamie> i think it's important to control your thoughts....
for thoughts have vibrations
<novale> aha! very good ladynada :) this is a real disciplined effort eh?
<ladynada> well, I just said to myself, "I'm too lazy"
<novale> never argue with yourself!!!
<ladynada> then what do you do?
<novale> can just let the thought glide by
observe that you have thought it
release it...let it glide downstream and then!!
don't interfere with them or the stillness of the minds pool gets messed up
<Azmodius> just say the correct thing.. I am vibrant with life
<novale> replace that thought with the one you would rather have!
yes, Az :) that's it :)

<novale> So!! you guys wanna take a little trip?
<reality_> yes!
<ladynada> ready
<Dreamie> go team!
<novale> there 's a few instructions at the beginning
<novale> but since its a play file they will go by rather quickly
so let me repeat them here ok? its a good time to put on some music
nice, soothing music, and get yerself comfy :)
maybe lower your lights too if you can
you won't have to type for awhile either so you can push back
from the keyboard a bit too......ok :)
Sitting comfortably now...let your body relax.
Let your hands rest slack on your desk, or in your lap.
If you find it important to surround and protect yourself, do that now
in whatever way you are accustomed to doing.
Just take a few seconds to relax
let your other thoughts and concerns drift away.

Let your breathing slow now....quietly lifting your chest with each inhalation.
Breathing away stress and tension...
your body becoming heavy and relaxed.
Feel your feet as they rest heavy against the floor,
the weight of your body sinking into your chair.
Let the sounds and activities around you fade
Feel your clothing against your skin as you slowly breath and relax

There are times when you may find yourself in a chamber buzzing with energy
A brightly lit room filled with computers, printers, recorders, switchboards,
calculators, all conducting the business of life.
And it almost seems that you are one with the machines
as they sort, organize, analyze, record, retrieve data and relay it to
other chambers.

But the business of life..
is not LIFE
even the machines need down time
so you begin to wonder where the OFF switches might be.
Strangely enough the floor of the chamber is on an upward incline
and you notice a large lever on the other side of some open windows
at the upper end of the room.
And even though it takes effort,
you are able to make your way
from the buzzing and clicking of the machines.

Your attention is drawn to the open windows which flank both sides
of the upper end of the room and offer a panoramic view of the outer world.
You notice other chambers which also seem strangely tilted upward
as though suspended in space, separate and alone
and through those windows
you can hear the noises feel the breezes
smell the fragrances of the outer world.
As you stare out those observation windows,
the whirring and busy-ness of the machines
seems to recede into the distance

So you become aware of the lever again
now within reach
As you slowly pull down on it
the chamber seems to right itself
It is as though the room has moved upward
into an enclosure which obscures the view from the observation windows
but reveals an opening at the back end of the room
And you realize
that the lever is indeed the OFF switch,
allowing only an occasional bleep to be heard from the computers

As you move through the back door opening,
you realize you are now between the outer chamber you have just left
and an inner chamber.
From this middle place, you have a clear view of both chambers.
and you turn your attention now to the back one.

This second chamber has a large movie screen where the windows
were in the first chamber.
You can project any image you like on those screens
And beyond them there seems to be a museum of sorts..
where objects of art, statues and artifacts are strewn in no particular order

You start to enter the back chamber
but realize you are no longer over the center supports and that your
weight has made the floor begin to tilt again.
The floor of the inner chamber has started to slant downward
and you look behind you to see that the outer chamber is lifting higher into
the upper enclosure, causing the opening between the two rooms to close off.
Your own body seems to be losing weight and you notice that further
down into the chamber
objects are starting to float as though the laws of gravity
were strangely suspended
and that a kaleidoscope is starting to move at the far end
where the computers were so busy in the outer chamber

You know that if you go any further,
you will become part of that kaleidoscope and leave outer reality totally behind.
So you come back to the middle ground
between the two rooms where you can
view the inner chamber and stay balanced
and where you have easy access to the outer chamber if you so desire
And so, this center place seems to be a holding position
where the computers of the outer room are quiet
and the kaleidoscope in the inner room is still

With both chambers perfectly balanced
you notice that you are lined up
with a tiny opening at the far end of the inner chamber in the
center of the kaleidoscope
It appears to be a black hole of great depth
that seems to lead far beyond your own inner chamber
to exactly where you do not know
But if you attempted to move towards it,
you know that the inner room would tilt downwards
and the passage beyond that chamber will disappear

And although it takes
quiet concentration to remain balanced
and aligned with the openings to both chambers and beyond
you discover an amazing sense of peace
As though that open channel you've revealed is a conduit through which
inner calm can flow
And with that calm can come truths,
knowledge strength
in whatever form you would like

So you might
invite an inner advisor or guide to come to you
who understands you completely, believes in you
and cares deeply about you.
And you can be surprised or pleased
at whatever form this presence takes
Or you may just want to listen
for your inner KNOWINGNESS
with its simple truths

So take a moment, now,
to be with your inner guide or knowingness
to find out if there is anything you want
or need from it right now
or if it has a special gift or message for you
You can learn so much in so little time
because time changes when there are no boundaries

And when you gain the peace
or understanding for which you came
you can prepare to move back to the outer chamber slowly
moving the lever up
revealing the observation windows again
taking time to look through them
and enjoy the beauty of the outer world
before you return to conducting the business of life
with whatever strength energy or clarity you need
thoroughly replenished

<Azmodius> :)
<novale> you can just sit for a moment or two
letting the images that you created drift through your mind
as you breathe in and out, knowing that whatever is useful to you
can be recalled at a later time
feeling your body in your chair, the feel of the atmosphere around your skin
rifting slowly back into this place and time
feeling wonderful and refreshed
perhaps your fingers begin to tingle just a bit
your legs need a little shaking...wiggling the toes and fingers too
breathing deeply and fully
a smile creeps to your face and you return to the present moment
grateful and alive!
<Azmodius goes around the room making sure everyone is awake and well>
<novale smiles>
<milly gives novale a huge HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGggggggggggggggg>
<novale> and one for you too milly :)
<Fayree> hehe wondrous novale :))
<ladynada> no boundaries.....
<novale> the universe is our home :)
ladynada is mumbling to herself

<ladynada> ((((((((((novale))))))))))
<novale> {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Ladynada}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
<Azmodius> Wonderful presentation
<Jackie> Here am i...thanks so much novale and others...loved it...
anyone have the entire LOG? great class!
<Susanrose/arianna> will have entire log
<Jackie> ok will get the log from GF page later...must go...Baraka Bashad!
<Azmodius> novale's website is on
look for Soulfire hypnotherapy

<Dreamie leaves you all with warm love,
adding all the color of the rainbow to it so you may feel the essence....
nite all!!>
<MiaLove> Bless you All for such a wonderful, supportive convergence :)
Good Night, Dear Friends <3
reality_ gives Love to the channel and all who share in its presence
<Gwendy> novale It was a pleasure reading you!
<Fayree> hehe *huggles* Novale and thanks her for such a loving sharing :)
<reality_> thank you Novale, and thank you all for being
<Lynda> I enjoyed all of this, thanks, goodnight
<Susanrose/Arianna> {{{{{{{THANK YOU NOVALE!!}}}}}}}}}
Over 23 people attended your presentation! You were a wonderful Host!
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