Life After Death

<Arianna> Breathing together ....
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......
Deep Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans the fire and molten lava the earth, the soil,
and the pulse and hummmm of all life in the web of GAIA,
our mother, our earth.


<Arianna> Gather round the camp fire as we
tell our true ghost stories, or near death experiences.
In honor of the season, With All Souls Night drawing near, we take
the opportunity to validate the existence of a life after death.

<Arianna> Growing up in a house hold where my parents were
exploring metaphysical subjects, I went to Lilly Dale New York,
several summers for picnics, and to see "Mediums".
Lilly Dale is the world headquarters for a religion called
Spiritualism, where many attempt to be mediums.
While at Lilly Dale, I remember a very accurate medium who gave my
father a message from his father.
She picked his initials out of a bowl from an audience. She told
him he had a message from a Patternmaker.
I wondered how did she know that my grandfather had been a metal
patternmaker, unless his spirit told her to identify himself as
this? Later, like harry Houdini, my father promised my mother that if he
should die first, he would attempt to contact her.
A few months after his death, my mother was awakened from a sound
sleep, by the pressure of the mattress sinking down under the weight of
someone sitting on the edge of the bed.
Startled, she looked up, to see my father sitting on the edge of
the bed looking at her.
She said, " Ray, I thought you were dead!" He replied, " I am not dead".
This is all from the message, but his promise to her had been

<{Mantis}> nice story, i have many friends who work with their ancestors
ritually quite often.
<SETH> Was there any meaning to his reply that you could discern,
<Arianna> yes, Seth, that releasing the physical form was not
the end of life, he was not dead
<SETH> Ahhh, I see

<Greyhart> This was a physical manifestation, Arianna?
<Arianna> he appearing physically but briefly
he wanted her to know that he lived on,
and the weight of the mattress under him is what woke her
<Emagica> thats cool :)

<SETH> I have a similar agreement with a dead close friend
but so far, nothing.
<Greyhart> That's unusual. My mom came to me in a dream.
<Danie> Arianna, that type of manifestation is extremely rare, is it not?
<Arianna> Yes Danie, it was not a mist!, it was solid
<{Mantis}> pretty impressive considering the amount of energy he would
need to make that shift in vibration
<Greyhart> It's rare to have such solid...weight.
<Arianna> Mantis, are you friends native Americans, who work with their
dead relatives?
<{Mantis}> I have both, native American and Santerian.

<Danie> I've heard of that happening before, but this is very rare
<{Mantis}> We used to have a poltergeist in my old house a few years ago.
<mark54> I was offered the other side once but was too scared
<wasappa> my sis-in-law came to live for 2 months AFTER she died!
<Arianna> can you tell me more about your sister in law?

<wasappa> sure
she put on light shows with the Christmas tree lights
broke the phone
started up a toy gun, fixed the phone
appeared with her baby..also my room twice
pushed down the garbage in front of my brother...her widower
all sorts of stuff
<Greyhart> That's a real 'live' spirit, wasappa!

<Emagica> yeah we had a ghost in our house too, we helped it to the light..
was real nice
<Greyhart> Has anyone had spirits show when invited, at Samhain Ritual?
<Arianna> yes
<{Mantis}> yes.
<{Mantis}> just last night as a matter of fact.
*** Action: Paza notes that this will be his first Samhain
<Arianna> we did a ritual for the 300 year anniversary
of the Salem witch massacre, there were some spirits from the
burning times that were distrustful. We had to show them that today's
magical sort are not persecuted on Samhain
I try to connect with folks who have passed over
to the other plane sometimes it is pagan folk, or other times
it could be relatives

<Greyhart> I went on a tour of haunted houses here in Denver one year.
I brought back two spirits from one house.
Emagica, Samhain (pronounced 'sowin' is the time when the veil
between this world and the next, is thinnest.
Part of the Samhain Ritual, is to help those who've died, pass
through the veil. Oct 31st is the date. (Where do you think Halloween
came from?) :)
<Arianna> It means Hallowed evening....a Celtic holiday
and a time to remember the dead
it is also the end of the year for the Celts
so it is sort of a new year's eve

<Emagica> paza: why do you summon spirits?
<Paza> grey: but I have summoned spirits successfully before
sometimes when I need advice....other times to give thanks to them
<mark54> To all always be careful there are many powers that can harm
<Arianna> yes, there must be a bubble of love constructed around you
before you attempt any of this
<Paza> channeling was dangerous to me until I learned how to control
things back in early September
and saw this tunnel of swirling white-gray "clouds"
and white light at the end of the tunnel

<Pranaflow> Oneness with the Creator works for me
<stardust> yes :)
<Arianna> yes, we lead them to the light vortex where they can move onto
their highest progression

<{Mantis}> I have interesting question. Samhain is a northern hemisphere
holiday in the fall. Do people in the southern hemisphere
celebrate it at the same time. Since the holiday is much more
seasonal then calendar?
<Greyhart> I've often wondered about that too, Mantis.

<Arianna> some do and some don't
some Aussies celebrate according to their seasons
and the natural forces that they experience
<mark54> Halloween is a Celtic holiday to celebrate the harvest a time of
slaughter to prepare for the coming winter
<Arianna> such as water going down the drain widdershins
(counterclockwise) which is opposite in northern Hemisphere
<Emagica> i am in Australia we do not celebrate Halloween in a huge way

<Pranaflow> My feeling on that is simply that the veil is thinnest when the
body temperature is most comfortable. Hence seasonal, not calendar.
<Arianna> there is a large thought form for this holiday
<mark54> Halloween was hated by the church in Rome so they created all
saints day on Nov1 trying to remove or change the old ways
<Greyhart> There is a LARGE Pagan community in Australia, Emagica.
<{Mantis}> I thought it was much more seasonal as well, with fertility
in the spring, or now in aussie land.

<Arianna> On the first meeting of )Gaia*Friends(, Argus told us the story
of how the voice of his dead daughter spoke to him,
lighting up his bedroom.......and, that the time on the clock
after this experience was exactly the same as her birthday!

<Arianna> Since he is away from the computer tonight, he agreed to give
his inspired thoughts about life after death, which follow now:
Argus: What is Death?
Wholeness is the truth of the cosmos. Birth and death are but
arrival and departure times of an incarnational experience
which is part of the wholeness of our spiritual self. Birth and
Death are not opposites: they are not dichotomies.
Borning and dying in this dimension is akin to osmosis.. our
spiritual self passes from the light source of All That Is
through the membrane of consciousness into the human realm.
That choice included an agreement to forget much of the "true
reality" of who we are.
As we live we get so caught up in the game of life that we forget
the larger picture... including our true identity.
Knowing this, we realize there is no fear of death... for it is
but the return back
through the membrane of consciousness to the light from which we
Many who have experienced near death episodes report the tunnel..
which is the membrane...and the light... with is the light source
of which I spoke.
Life on Gaia is part of a larger wholeness.

<Arianna> any comments on life/death?
<sd2la2sd> So what of the everyday, run of the mill, OBE?
(out of body experience)
<{Mantis}> people also experience this phenomenon using DMT as well
point perhaps to the physical mechanism that allows for the transition.
<sd2la2sd> Mantis, do you obe regularly?
<{Mantis}> I prefer personally to soul travel as opposed to oobe, or astral
<Arianna> Is DMT a drug?
<SETH> I'm not sure I see the usage of DMT as really effective in ritual.

<SETH> Or would trust the testimony of individuals using it.
<{Mantis}> I'm not saying rather DMT is good or not. The experiences are
often described just like near death. It is chemical found naturally in
small amounts in the human brain. It is believed to cause dreams,
and in large doses near death experiences. Typical experiences are
seven minutes or less. I have not personally ever met anyone who
used this. My info comes from psychedelic shamanism,
and other books i have read.
<Arianna> I have heard about cancer patient in a hospice program being
give LSD to give them though as positive experience
that calms their fears about death, they are guided through this.
Drugs are a back door that can be dangerous
The tales about witches flying may be due to the herbs and
mushrooms that were hallucagenic.
<SETH> I know two individuals who have taken synthesized DMT

<Arianna> do you know you are soul traveling,
as opposed to just dreaming or visualizing?
{Mantis} soul traveling is about the inner planes, as opposed to the outer.
There are certain techniques and keys which one can use that allow
for soul traveling. Paul Titchwell (sorry misspelled) But to
answer your question, how do we ever know what is real or not when
we are experiencing things.

<Danie> For everyone's information... I read a very good book on the
existence of life after death. It is called _Surviving Death_ by
Geoff Viney

<Pranaflow> When I was 11 my grandmother died.
I had always been close to her
She was only 56, and I was in tears for 6 months
for over 2 hours every day
and yet...I imagined she was around.
I could hear her speak in my head, like a fictional character in a
book, so I dismissed it as mere imagination
Until, one day...
I was visiting my grandfather
who was beginning to get a reputation
for "talking to himself"
I found that he was actually talking to my grandmother
I could hear them both clearly
Him verbally and her in my head.
That was how I discovered that my awareness was real.
16 years later, my grandfather died
And they still drop by every now and then :)

<Emagica> :) Pranaflow.. that is lovely
<Pranaflow> Thanks, Emagica:)
<wm_____> prana: do they have particular messages
when they drop by?
<Pranaflow> wm___: yes, they tend to comment on people
I've recently met, giving character profiles and business
advice from their experience.
<Danie> Pranaflow... nice story!
<Pranaflow> Thanks Danie:)

<Arianna> Thank you for sharing your story Prana
Any other out of body, or ghostly experiences?

{Mantis} yes I have something that is interesting
that happens to me regularly.
about 10 years ago it started,
I would go to sleep then some minutes later
(15 minute or 45 minutes.) almost to the minute.
I would wake up, and see things. Physically see things.
At first, they were just shapes,
but over the years they have grown in complexity.

<Gabriola>Mantis, what did you see?

{Mantis} One particular time, my girl friend was staying over.
I woke up as usual to see this brown smoke flow out of her back
and up onto the ceiling.
Now keep in mind, I'm full conscious when this happens.
I mean sometimes I even turn on the light etc.

{Mantis}> Anyway, the smoke turned into this battered old,
quite nasty looking monster. I should have been horrified
but it wasn't mean. it just floated there.

<Gabriola>How do you interpret your experience Mantis?

{Mantis}I looked at it for a few, and had a short conversation with it, but
was very
unintelligent. I decided my if it was bad,
my dream catcher would take care of it , and went back to bed.
{Mantis} the next day, I asked her if anything interesting
happened. she said, "well last night before i went to bed,
i realized I was holding back in the relationship, and released my fear...."
{Mantis}Well, needless to say I was surprised,
but the apparition was explained.

{Mantis}> Any thoughts?
wm_____>great experience, mantis

<Arianna> one thing we must remember: just cause it is a ghost,
doesn't make it right
<Mantis} this was more a thought form, not really a ghost.

<Arianna> sometimes with channeling we tend to
give away our power.....get too amazed with the
woo wooo stuff, and don't realize that we have as much to teach,
as those from the other side

{Mantis}that's true, certainly.

<Pranaflow> True, Arianna...Ghosts are the same people they
were when they had less and no more wise or intelligent

<Arianna>look at the love,,bliss and innocence of a baby
the new born instinctively knows that connection
to the source
we with all our education
grow more and more into reality of 3 dimensions
so do not underestimate the power of a smile,
given with unconditional love
<DreamGirl> <smile>
<Emagica> :)

<Danie> Actually the people who appear as ghosts,
may be on the whole, *less* wise than average
<Pranaflow> Exactly, Danie, because they may be as disoriented
as we are when asleep and dreaming
<Danie> Right!
<wm_____> I think that's true; most of them are ghost because
they have unfinished business here.
if they were on an higher plane they'd be released already
{Mantis}> even a more "advanced" being may be less wise, here.
Even if they are very wise there.
<Pranaflow> :) :) :) :)

<Arianna> I have heard that some ghosts lurk bars
so that they can take over the inebriated for the periods of time
called "blackouts".

luvbliss always says " I accept only that which is highest and of God;
All others leave me NOW!" it works

{Danie> Anyone here heard of the Monroe institute?
{Mantis}> yep, use there hemi sych stuff.
<Danie> I was going to say something about the Monroe Institute..
they have devised a method, through the use of sound technology,
to induce the OBE state in individuals
{Mantis}yes, there hemishych tapes are very powerful, and effective.
<Danie> Mantis, you have actually used them? Did they work on you?
{Mantis} works in a bar. I assure you there are just as many negative
beings in a church as there is in a bar. They're just easy to see that's all.
<Danie>Arianna... I've heard that too! But I've also heard that they
hang out there because they were spirits with a previous alcohol addiction
<Pranaflow>Some ghosts lurk bars long before they die, as well as

<{Mantis}>yes, I've used the first wave, several of their hplus tapes.
They work very well, especially the meta music for meditation.
Pranaflow agrees with Mantis

<Arianna> sometimes we have shown those souls the vortex,
but they do not want to pass through it yet
but with repeated attempts with love
and to remind them that they are worthy, they can pass through

<Paza> I had a vision just a couple of hours ago
I connected with the spirit plane and spirits flying freely inside of it
it was very beautiful`

<Arianna> paza, that was interesting
many have seen the vortex
<Paza> seeing the vortex today, I feel like part of me wants to go through
to the light on the other side
<Arianna>Paza, I would suggest that you can
pass through and return in one piece!
do not be afraid of the vortex, if it is not your time
<Danie> Paza, you might not want to come back!
<Danie> :)
<DreamGirl> :>

<Arianna> your guides will send you back
if it is not in his highest good
<Paza>this would be a good goal for Samhain

<Arianna> I knew a channeler who went through the vortex
every time he channeled
most of the time he ended up in an very good place
at the end of the vortex, talking to the I AM
Unfortunately, you can get off onto side trips
if you watch the faces along the way
do not attempt travel through the vortex if you have not prepared
by mediation, surrounding yourself with light and love,
and NO alcohol, or DRUGS
it is enough of a trip!!

<Pranaflow> It's no accident that sci-fi writers pick up on the vortex
Often, fiction-writing is reality in disguise
And even the writers don't realize that.
<Danie> Reality? What is "reality"? :)
<Pranaflow> LOL Danie!
<DreamGirl> Like Star Trek stuff??
<Pranaflow> Exactly, DG
<DreamGirl>'s a big universe...
who's to say that stuff doesn't really happen.....

<Pranaflow> Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve...
and probably always does. Somewhere.

<Danie> If anyone is interested in a good NDE story,
_Saved by the Light_ by Dannion Brinkley is good,
and easy to read
He would be a great person to have on )Gaia*Friends(
He developed tremendous psychic abilities from the incident.

<Arianna> Thanks, Danie. Dream Girl: do you have a story to share?

<DreamGirl> Well, actually I have a real special story....
and it just happened last month.....
My brother, back in New Hampshire had a aneurysm......
on a Tuesday.....
He had diabetes and was on a transplant list
for a kidney and pancreas.....
then he had this aneurysm......
Anyway, we got the news here in CA.....
and couldn't leave until Friday......
My brother and I were very close.....
They took him off of life support Tuesday night...
.and wasn't expected to make it, being off dialysis and all.
We get there Friday evening......
and I was sitting with him, talking to him......
.hoping he knew I was there....saying things I wanted to say,
knowing it would be the last time I'd get to talk with him.......
He didn't respond at all......but I kept talking anyway....
On Saturday, I went back to the hospital to see him.......
the Doctors couldn't believe he had held on as long as he did.......
but I kept telling him to wait until I got there.....which he did!!
Saturday afternoon, we were together as a family,
the first time since our grandmother died 5 years ago.

<DreamGirl> I was sitting with Tommy,
knowing his time was coming.....
My oldest Brother also has diabetes,
and couldn't handle being he left...
but not until I commented that is was special,
and Tommy would have loved it that we were all there,
together, as a family......

<Arianna>Dream: they say hearing is the last to go,
and many times patients will wake up.
and tell of things that were said, that no one thought they heard

<DreamGirl> I believe that Arianna....
.that's why I kept talking...
.cause I wanted him to hear.....
Our mother died 27 years ago,
which left us all very sensitive to this kind of a thing......
I'd love for my brother to meet you....Bob......
he's on his last leg too....but it's his choice.....
Anyway, Bob left...and my Aunt who raised me,
and took over as a mother figure to us all had just left.......

DreamGirl>My cousin Nancy was there....
(cause Tommy wanted her there.....)
She didn't understand why she was there.....
she just popped in.....
and experienced this whole thing with me....
<Arianna>so when did your brother pass?
<DreamGirl>Sep.. 23rd...

<Arianna> would you like it
if we all got together to
send your brother
a group AAUUMMM?
to send him a Halloween
wish from )Gaia*Friends(?
<DreamGirl> I would absolutely love it!!!!!
And he would absolutely love it too!!!!

<DreamGirl> continue on with the story.....
.his heart beat was starting to fluctuate,
the Doctor came in and told us it would be soon........
At that moment, I noticed a tear drop fall from his right eye......

<Arianna> let's imagine Dream's Brother...what is his name?
<DreamGirl> Tommy, Thomas L. Sullivan
<Arianna> ok....joining our hand through space,
we ask that the spirit of Tommy be in the center of the circle

<wm_____> breathe deeply everyone

<Arianna> breath deep
connecting with the heartbeat of the mother....Gaia
feeling the power and love,
rising up through us
reaching our hearts
sending this love to our friend TOMMY
to help him with his transition
and release him to his highest progression
we now aum as we bow, agree and accept that
this is for the highest good of all concerned


<Pranaflow> A::::U::::M::::


<Pranaflow> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


<Arianna> thank you oh holy ones! SO must it BE!
<DreamGirl> So must it be!
That was so very touching, and loving of you all....
.Thank you.....and Tommy thanks you too...
<hugs and love to each and every one of you>
<Emagica> :)

<Arianna> PAZA: anything to add before we close down?
{Paza>*attempting to cross the Vortex*

<Arianna> Paza: when you come back,
be sure to share it with us on your web page!
<Arianna> I will look forward to reading of your travels
<Paza>Part of me is already on the other side
and if my instincts are correct, I have been there before

Pranaflow watches Paza through the Hubble telescope <g>

Paza:On the other side of the vortex is the void
where there is Nothing but Nothing itself
strangely enough, also beyond the One is this Nothingness
I am beginning to think that the Vortex = Oneness
<Pranaflow> vortex=oneness void=noneness
<Paza> yes prana :)

{Mantis} i didn't go poof, dream, heheh.
no void for me not yet.
<DreamGirl> heheh....good.....<smile>
I rode on the great America! heheh
EXCELLENT roller coaster!

Arianna> Thank you ALL for coming!!!

<DreamGirl> Great! May I say that this is most wonderful
of all of you to be doing this kinds of a thing......I LOVE IT!

Pranaflow hugs everyone

DreamGirl hugs all....with much unconditional love.....

Mantis:hugs everyone who wants one,
and disappears in a blinding flash of light. POOF!

<Arianna> good night all! see you next week