Living a Positive Lifestyle

<Arianna>WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind
Breathing deep now. Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together.
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep Feeling our connection to the air,
the wind the water, the oceans the fire and molten lava the earth,
the soil and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA,
our mother, our earth. From the source of love,
let love stream forth!
>From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


There can be many new age visualization exercises
to help you transform your life.
For a while, they seem to work,
and the parking spaces are magically manifested,
all is right with your world.
After a while though, no matter how ascended
you hope you are/can be, you still hit some bumps in your path.
What do you do then, when unexpected bad luck has you by the tail?
Your car breaks down, stranding you,
your teen gets picked up for shoplifting, etc...
No time to get out your favorite relaxation CD,
or chant a mantra with incense burning?

<argus> Examine the bump and go in a new direction

When a careless driver won't let you in, cuts you off,
or gives you the finger do you....
A) Cuss him/her out?
B) Send them Light
C) Shield and Deflect if back
D) Drive further down the road and try to pay back?
How do we train our responses to daily difficulties
to react positively, keeping our vibration sane and healthy?

When "shit happens". How do you overcome the urge to cuss?
Any comments? Besides counting to

<argus> Yes...I move out of the scene to get a wider
perspective of what seems to be a negative event ga.
<Ganesha> About ten years ago I started spiritually
awakening in my car even when I was cut off
I was so in love with the other drivers..I saw every car as god
<Danie> Ganesha... even better!!
<Ganesha> If feelings other than this occasionally come up,
I make a practice to "think the opposite"
<Grnsleev_> I would take in the positive energy
of the universe to overcome the negative feelings
<Danie> In response to the bad driver situation...
I usually just let it roll of, or bounce off'
<wm_____> I often go into my body and work it out physically:
run, exercise, etc; loosen up the energy and work it up

<Arianna>Since thoughts ARE things,
it is good to take them out of the law of cause and effect
the minute you catch yourself in a downward spiral
affirm the opposite.
One of the Greatest masters of a Positive Life Style was Dale Carnegie.
His books have been reprinted time after time,
because people are still caught up in worrying
and fear that they have helped create.

Chapters in his books include
- Would you take a million dollars for what you have?..
- Count your blessings
- When fate hands us a lemon, let's try to make Lemonade.

Can you think of any examples
to share of fate handing you a lemon,
but then by reacting positively, lots of good came from it?

Any comments?

<Arianna> Joe4 recently told me about his being caught
in traffic during our freak early snow storm for two hours.
The traffic didn't move
<Danie> Too bad papkuch isn't here...
he was telling me earlier today how he turned the death
of his son into a positive growing experience... I can't even imagine!
<Ganesha> I have found that when I get a lot of road blocks in my life
and things aren't working out,
that I had better take a different turn on the path of life..
so at that time, I try NEW things or ways of doing
the same thing..creative approach to problems
<nyce> What happens when you allow yourself to become angry ?
where does it go
<Danie> nyce: If you truly feel it and then let it go...
the effects are much less than when you suppress it.
<nyce> how do you think I am connected to everything else....
and by what?
<Arianna> Well to answer the question about where does anger go?
For one thing it chews up your physical body
and anger puts etheric garbage in the collective unconsciousness
<Grnsleevs> Arianna: if you express it or repress it?
<Arianna> I say you should acknowledge it by then let it go
after a while it will be easier to let it go more quickly
and completely also it will take more
to make you anger than it did in the past
<PritiTree> :)

<Arianna> Previously, I was mentioning Joe4's story
and low and behold he just showed up!
He was saying that his 2 hour trap in a traffic jam
turned out not so bad because a friend pulled up long side of him
and they rolled down the windows and chatted during it.
Did I get it right Joe?

<Joe4> I didn't get it all, but I know you will tell it right
<PritiTree> hehehe good medicine :)
<Arianna> so the same experience did not have to produce anger
if you make the choice to react positively
<bondy> doesn't sound very healthy, breathing in all those fumes!
<PritiTree> this was good example, Arianna... :)]

The philosopher Milton, in his blindness 300 years ago said:
The mind is it's own place,
and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of heaven.
Napoleon and Helen Keller are good examples of this statement.
Napoleon had all the power that men usually crave,
yet he said at St. Helen's "I have never known six happy days in my life"
while Helen Keller- blind, deaf and dumb, declared
"I have found life so beautiful!"

3 suggestions follow for maintaining a positive approach:

1. According to Carnegie's writings, the path to cheerfulness,
if your cheerfulness is lost is too sit up and act and speak
as if the cheerfulness was already there.
The subconscious often can't tell the difference
between really cheerful and trying to be cheerful.
After a while, you will just start feeling that way
The motto is fake it till you make it.
Some may say that is not being honest with yourself but,
do you think it is worth the effort?
Do you think that it can become a habit
that those around you will enjoy?
Do you think the positive responses of your family,
or friends, or co-workers will help make it a self fulfilling prophecy?

<bondy> sounds pretty shifty
<PritiTree> v.good A
<PritiTree> :)
<argus> With your can make a thought real
<bondy> well, no matter how bad a mood I'm in, if someone else is really
it always seems to rub off
<argus> bondy: YES!
<nyce> what underpins and defines your positives and negatives?

<mesa> stay watchful for stink'in think'in
* Danie thinks cheerfulness should be genuine
<argus> Danie: it becomes real if you make it so
<Arianna> Somewhere I heard that different brain chemicals
are released when you smile.... even if you are not happy
when you smile! that causes a positive effect!
<bondy> but if everyone were in a stinky mood,
then no-one would bother to change
<Arianna> great Bondy!!! you got it!

"Just for Today" I will be happy
This assumes that what Abraham Lincoln said was true,
that "most folks are about as happy
as they make up their minds to be.
Lincoln made up his mind to be happy...
despite civil war generals who didn't listen
a wife who was depressed
and a child who died! yet, he was wise enough to TRY

<Ganesha> The problem is that people compare
themselves with "others" instead of just being happy with themselves
<Arianna> yes, Ganesha!
<ayla> may I say something......
the way I have found to be take my negatives...
learn from them and then to help others and reach out to them......

<Arianna> So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
instead of waiting for Mr./Ms. right to bring you flowers.
* argus smiles at Arianna's flowers
<bondy> people get these mixed up:
1. What they really want (with) 2. What others think is cool

You do not need to be a Pollyanna
and put up with shit in your life
so do not be a milk toast either
Set aside a bit of time to think about what you really need
to confront or fix in your life too!
Then positively make your own moves to improve it,
instead of react react react. Say the serenity prayer
to know how much energy you give to change
and how much to give to acceptance
3. Synchronizing your mind with the flow of the infinite
will bring you the energy and creative imagination to proceed

Any suggestions here on HOW we can renew our energy
with the flow of the infinite?

.<Ganesha> everyone wants to be "better than"
Life isn't a competition with others!
People need to learn to be happy without competition
<Danie> Ganesha... especially if we remember that we are all ONE.
What is the point of competitiveness?
<Ganesha> yes, Danie, nice insight! :)
<Ganesha> Quiet time or meditation time is Paramount for this inner peace
* argus agrees with Ganesha
<luvglee> Do something loving, when stuck,
like even go wash dishes, or something creative,
or something for someone nearby

<Arianna> Ganesha: do you do toning or mantra
to ease into your quiet place?

<Ganesha> the Universe...Uni=One ...
Verse=Vibration likes it when you quiet down and
attune to the ONE Vibration
<Ganesha> Yes, I say Mantra
<Ganesha> Om Namah Shivaya
<bondy> does that have a translation?
<Ganesha> It means: "I honor the Inner Self
<Ganesha> I also say So Ham or Ham sa.
This is the natural sound of the breath coming in and out in the body
Your body says this mantra 28,000 times a day
So it is called ajapa japa, which means the repetition of the natural mantra.
The translation is the sound your breath makes when it goes in and out
Ham ins the in breath

Thanks Ganesha, I think I have a tape of that.
Here are some Practical suggestions for renewing
our connection to the flow of energy....
listen to music that is uplifting for you.
I have made tapes of my favorite music
to play in my car tape player...this cheers me during my commute,
and helps start my day
other ways to help connect with divine flow are improve diet
eating food that has not been processed
so that the life force has been removed from it

<argus> music is a great connector with the universal energy
<Ganesha> it is great to be aware that your body
is already repeating a mantra with its own breath
so it is so simple to coordinate your awareness to your breath

<ayla> positive re-enforcement is one of my ways......
<Arianna> yes, breathing is a tool
<Arianna> How many of us went through Lamaze for childbirth?
<Danie> I did for one
<Ganesha> yes, I had two natural breathing babies
<argus> both of my wives did <smile>
<Gabriola> When I am feeling unconnected
and need to get back into the flow, I ask for help.....
and always get it. It involves letting go of some kind of fear
<Ganesha> it was a high experience..very moving..psychedelic -
a real connection to the Lifeforce or Ki
<Arianna> How about sitting under a tree,
with your back in touch with the life force moving up through the roots
becoming one with the intelligence of the tree
<Gabriola> I imagine myself jumping from a diving board i
nto a shimmering pool of energy of diving into a flowing river or energy...

<Gabriola> So much of allowing oneself
to stay in a positive frame of reference involves not being afraid...
and I think fear has a bottom line....fear of separation;
from love; from acceptance; from source; from self..
* argus agrees with Gab on the negative role of FEAR

Someone sent me a little note the other day along these lines
that I will share if those on the channel like...

One of the quickest ways to peace of mind is acceptance.
Enlightenment simply means to unburden.
People live in three worlds:
World one is the past. The "if onlys" in life leads to depression.
World two is "what ifs" - this leads to anxiety (nice word for fear)
The third world is NOW,
where you learn from the past, live for the now, plan for the future,
Releasing all fears.
1 Accept who you are without critical judgment.
2 Accept circumstances yet always strive to better oneself.
3 Accept others as they are.
4 Trust people to be themselves everything else is only an expectation.
5 Be able to make distinctions not criticisms.
6 Once you accept what you are, who you are,
only then can you change what you want. (within ecological reason)
7 love & acceptance with the ability to make distinctions,
learn and grow and make life work for you.

<Gabriola> how wonderful....and right on
<PritiTree> excellent mesa
<PritiTree> :)
<argus> in the NOW
<Arianna> great mesa, I might add Forgive yourself
<mesa> :) yes Arianna... forgiveness is step one.
<PritiTree> yes no1 = forgiveness

<luvglee> wonderful, thank you
<Danie> Great list, mesa!
<Arianna> drop the baggage of guilt

<argus> and working towards unconditional love of yourself
and great!

<ayla> mesa I really enjoyed
* Gabriola invites all of us to jump off the diving board together
<PritiTree> heee
* argus JUMPS with Gab
<Gabriola> wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<Arianna> SIN= self imposed nonsense,
there are just error that we will correct when we straighten our path
<Gabriola> hahahahahahah
* PritiTree makes a big splash into water

<Arianna> Argus has submitted to me by e-mail
some tips from Deepak Chopra...
Did I spell that right Argus?
<luvglee> allright!!! :)
<argus> yes
* luvglee really likes Dr. Deepak Chopra
<Arianna> I will paste them for argus
I have paraphrased a bit so I hope to do it justice

The source of all is pure potentiality seeking expression in form.
When we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe,
we realize our potential ability to manifest all we need.
The universe operates through a dynamic exchange
We must give in order to receive.
Thus will keep abundance in circulation.
And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others,
the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.
We harness the forces of harmony, joy, and love.
Life was not meant to be hard, it is to be enjoyed,
and what brings you bliss will also bring you success with ease
Our clear intent and desire for a positive outcome
have infinite organizing power to work for us.
(remember the scene in Sister Act,
when Whoopie's choir sings before the pope?)
When we blend our unique talent with service to others,
we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit,
which is the ultimate goal of all goals
In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty...
in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom
from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning.
And in our willingness to step into the unknown,
the field of all possibilities,
we surrender ourselves to the creative mind
that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

Any comments about this or any other related thoughts?

* Danie has that book at home!
<argus> chopra's organization seems consistent
with all that was said here earlier
<argus> :)
<Arianna> thanks for sending this to us, Argus
<argus> you're welcome Arianna darling
<Danie> I recommend the book because it is short,
concise and easy to read/assimilate
<argus> yes Danie
<luvglee> All Life is Action... All Action is Love...
All Love is Giving... All Giving is Service... All Service is Life...
All Life is Action...
<luvglee> yes indeed thank you, I like all this tonight, very beneficial

There are a group of women with which I have met monthly.
We meet for the sisterhood as well as spiritual upliftment.
During one of these sessions, we surrender our thoughts
to our Inner Guidance we received this information which follows:
Realize that NO circumstance, no person, no activity,
no guilt, no desire, NOTHING can rob you of your personal power
If YOU lay it down, That YOUR choosing.
Realize that if you choose to stay in a difficult situation
for whatever the reason, you are STILL powerful.
Look at the power it takes for you to stay there,
but realize that you are not trapped, that is your choice.
If your choice is to work through a difficult situation,
whether the outcome is successful or not, realize that YOU
are the powerful one for staying in there and working on it........
.Does a rose in a garden care, whether someone gazes upon it?
It is just as lovely and just as scented,
and just as much graces the world with its presence
whether it has nearby admiration. BE that ROSE.

Other comments?

<luvglee> Is there a recommended reading on personal power?
<argus> luv...suggest THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY
by Jane Roberts
<luvglee> thank you, argus
<mesa> Try: Take Charge of Your Life by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
<luvglee> thank you, mesa
<kuch> luv howbout "seat of the soul" by gary zukav
<luvglee> thank you, kuch
<Arianna> luv: I liked "Smart Cookies Don't Crumble"
<argus> favorite intro to spirituality
<mesa> excellent book kuch
<luvglee> thank you Arianna
<mesa> reminds me of John-Roger's and Peter McWilliams book
<argus> Each of us is kind of that rose, Arianna
<luvglee> I wrote a poem on rose garden:
We continue to wander in the midst of the rose garden...
We Arrive With the essence of the Rose...
Tho the thorns be many..
and very sharp indeed...
If handled tenderly... with great care
a sprouting of wisdom... of devotion shall appear
- Serena T.
<limerick> cool
<Arianna> Thank you Luvglee!

Another night when the women's group gathered
a Positive Life Style was advised as follows:
We have talked before about positive thinking
and "not allowing yourself the luxury of a negative thought"
<<although I would hardly call that luxurious. >>
But I'd like to extend that thought because I think you're ready for it.
Rather than thinking to yourself, today I will think positive thoughts...
Extend that thought a little bit further, a little bit deeper,
and say instead of positive thinking, "I adhere to positive living".
So, What is the difference between positive thinking and positive living?

I'll give you some examples. There are many many ways of expression,
learning opportunities, pleasurable activities, fun activities,
teaching opportunities, millions.
And there's probably thousands that present to you
every day as the minutes tick by.
What I mean by positive living is out of the wonderful positive things
you can do there's only so much time in a day,
so what you need to ask yourself is: "How do I want to spend my time,
how can it best serve my highest good?".
Doing so will elevate the hope of the planet.

Sometimes your choices of what to do
are not between a right and a wrong but between a right and a right.
Ask your own divine connection to spirit,
when you're looking at these choices between a right and a right,
what can I do that would best serve my pleasurable progress for today?

And hey, don't do it so seriously, do it like tossing a coin,
but at least bring that thought to the foreground
in your consciousness that you are making a choice.
You have a choice as to where to live in your consciousness,
because that is the only place you can live.
You can't live in a dwelling, you can't live in an environment,
you live in your consciousness.
So choose how to spend your consciousness and choose it wisely.

This is what I call positive living.

<mesa> When you reincarnate in the morning that same choice is there
<Arianna> yes mesa, every day is a new birth
<nyce> aren't there large truth s and small truths even in you guys discipline
<Arianna> As for your mundane work, recall the Seven Dwarves sang
<nyce> and don't the largest truths outrank and compose the smaller so that
there is
<Arianna> "Hi Ho It's Off To Work We Go". So too you can choose to manipulate
consciousness at will, and this is true magic.
<mesa> :)
<mesa> even grumpy
<Arianna> :):)mesa
<luvglee> hehehhe by the yard it's hard.. by the inch it's a cinch

<Arianna> When choosing that seem to be the right thing
ask what would bring you the truest pleasures, the truest peace,
before proceeding with it. Because like an Amusement Park
brings many delights and many pleasures, if you stay too long there
you will get sticky, you will get dirty, and you will get tired.
So choose the peaceful times as well as the exciting times.

Plan how to use your consciousness.
Spend it as you spend your hard earned cash.
Spend it wisely, because as you pass over to the other side
and you see your life flash before your eyes,
you will review what you enjoyed and learned from your experiences in form.
<< That is the end of what was given to me on affirming a positive lifestyle>>

<nyce> "harmony among your truths and relationships to the larger picture.
I'm just curious where you are really all coming from here
<Arianna> nyce: I have been sharing advice received on this subject that was
during a group meditation...
<argus> what sense are you asking that?
<nyce> I thought I had seen most disciplines but as I listen to you all,
questions keep bugging me,
I mean what determines what you do and how you act is consequentalist
and a whole lot of other things but you seem to be suggesting
there is a limited
<Arianna> Wow I would like to understand you nyce, but what you are saying is
right by me...:)
<argus> nyce..are you asking how choices are made
in view of the freedom which arises from choice?
<Arianna> Maybe nyce can private message someone who can help him sort it out
<nyce> when I make a decision
I resort to logical decision making procedures and I
tailor my consequences, psychological and otherwise, what am I missing here/!
<argus> nyce..there is mental knowing arising from logic and intuitive
knowing...both of
which are equally valid sources of knowledge <in my opinion>
<Arianna> NYCE>>>> hold on a minute while I end the program, and I will
message you, and see if I can explain better
<Arianna> ok?:)

For a GROUP Positive Affirmation to end the session:
WE Friends of Gaia!
Are at the Right Place
At the Right Time
Successfully engaged in the
Right Activity
As It is ONE with the Divine Plan!
<Danie> We are ONE!!
<argus> SO MUST IT BE

<Arianna> Thanks you all for attending this presentation!