The Magic of Angels

<Arianna/SusanRose>WE NEED to relax now
Breathe together
Breathe together, and create a group mind

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together
Breathe in light
Breathe out fear

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans
the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.

From the source of light.
Let light stream forth!
From the source of love, let love stream forth!
From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul!


Angel mania has arrived in most metropolitan malls.
The angels are in every card shop and angel pins are
at many cash register check outs.
I recently bought a ball
point pen for a gift at a checkout with an angel affixed to the clip.
I have even seen stores dedicated
exclusively to angels. What is this resurgence of angels
and why do so many people like them?

The belief in angels crosses over many religions, both traditional and
new age, mainstream or mystic. In ancient Greek religions, Judaism,
Christianity and Islam, angels are seen as divine messengers,
sent to humans to instruct, inform, protect or direct them.
A Course in Miracles defines angels as extensions of God's Thought.
Ceremonial magicians visualize an Archangel in each
direction (East, South, West, North) to Guard and bear witness to
the magical intentions of their circles.

In its devotion to one God, ancient Israel was able to embrace
the image of a council of divine beings who serve the one God.
After the period of Babylonian exile, Jewish thought about angels was
considerably altered. Drawing on Mesopotamian art, artists began
to provide wings for angels and an interest developed
in the angels' garments and relative ranks.

The Persian dualistic traditions (Zoroastrianism) added another dimension
by positioning fallen angels who are rebellious to God
against Angels who were the Light Beings of Truth.
Some Theologians suggest that the ancient biblical writers used the concept
of angels to personify the divine presences, giving an alternative to the
reverence of many divine traits as seen in polytheistic religions.

From Jewish Kabbalah Tradition,
Angels are associated with spheres,
that are lightposts along pathways to enlightenment.
According to legend, Kabbalah was taught by God
to a group of angels, who teach it to man in order to provide us
with a way back to heaven.
Each of the spheres of the Kabbalah has specific angels (Sephiroth)
associated with it, only if you check half a dozen writers on the subject,
you'll get 6 different schemes.

The angels embody different qualities, masculine and feminine,
mercy and judgment. Like all angels, they appear to transmit
whatever it is they're supposed to transmit.
These dual angelic qualities interact together in harmonious opposition
to promote higher spiritual growth than either of them alone.

A Kabbalah expert could do a whole night on )Gaia*Friends(
on that subject! (hint!!) But the point of the matter is ...
Angels can be cute understandable warm fuzzy cherub,
or as complicated as any hierarchical mystery school can
dish out.

There are angels for us all, no matter what religion
or place in the continuum on spiritual knowledge.
Through much study and practice, one can meet a holy
guardian of a sphere, but one can also be at a low point,
at a time of desperation or trouble, and have an angel spontaneously
appear. Angels come due to need, not because we have
paid our dues in strict fasting, chanting or meditation.
We have the opportunity of meeting angels either way.

Angels were at the tomb of Jesus to meet the morning women,
and tell them of His resurrection. An angel appeared to Joseph
while he was confused about the pregnancy of Mary
Angel stories have been told of mysterious helpers that disappear
at car accidents, at floods, or natural disasters, or on the beaches
for near drownings.

An example of this is a friend of mine who related this true story to me:
She was in a horrible marriage, and wanted to leave but did not have the
strength. There were no children. In a moment of emotional desperation,
and needing to somehow cut cords with her husband,
she had a one night stand. The snapping of these cords brought about
her ability to leave, but left her even more depressed.

She stayed with her brother and his wife in another state, at the lowest
point of her life. She awoke one night in her bed to see a light being
standing near her bed.
She did not know what it was, male, female,
angel, Christ, but the reassuring loving presence filled the room with
light and unconditional love.

Her depression, remorse and confusion lifted.
She felt transformed as this light being let her wordlessly know that
no matter where she had been, or what she had done, she was the
worthy perfect recipient of divine energy and transformation.

Does anyone here have an angelic experience to share with the group?
A true story that happened to yourself or another you trust?

<Iscom> Angels are an archetype, jungian style, that started
historically at ancient sumer with the lulus (primitive workers)
revering the Lofty Ones.... according to the sumerian tablets (HYSTORY),
the creators of the lulus... I think that any serious sharing about this theme
should start there...
<Iscom> better i leave you. Thanks for your understanding and
enjoy your sharing.
<Arainna/SusanRose> That is very interesting Iscom....
perhaps some night you can lead a discussion of Junian archetypes... :)

<daisy> Let me tell my most recent angel encounter.
I am in a period of change in my life which is somewhat difficult.
I told a friend about all that is happening to me.
I knew she wore a small angel pin on
her right sleeve. She took it off and pinned it on my right sleeve
Seems she had cancer some time back and a friend took this same
angel pin off her sleeve and gave it to my friend Barbara...
I thought at the time this was only a kind act, but I have felt more
protected and focused since Barb gave me the pin.
<pheonx> :)
<Arainna/SusanRose> thank you daisy!
<Arainna/SusanRose> does anyone else have a personal angel story to share...?

<ladynada> ok I saw one once
kinda long story... but
<Arainna/SusanRose> go ahead Lady!
<^Goddess^> :)
<ladynada> ok I was laying in bed, and at dusk, I noticed
the light on the window shade was turning a shade of GREEN
and I just lay there and watched it
and the greenish light moved up the shade onto the white ceiling
it moved across the ceiling and then the green light came
down into the room in the form of a tall being
I was laying with one hand hanging over the head of my bed
and this being put one of his hands on my palm
<daisy> How old were you, lady?
<ladynada> i was about 20

<ladynada> then I saw in front of me a screen,
like a 13 inch TV screen of mist
on this screen in front of me, I saw nothing distinguishable,
but I felt something awful was on the screen
and I felt the angel was telling me, it was the face of the devil
and that since I had seen him and was not afraid,
that the devil would never have any power over me
<Arainna/SusanRose> Great lesson!
<ladynada> and that's it!

<ladynada> he was so tall, he was bent over to fit in the room
<Arainna/SusanRose> What did you sense from him as he held your hand?
<ladynada> it was warm on my palm, somewhat solid
even though it was misty green
<Arainna/SusanRose> Well, I hope if I ever meet the devil,
there will be an angel holding my hand!! chuckle....
<ladynada> dig it!
<Arainna/SusanRose> Jolly Green angel...
<ladynada> if he hadn't come in like a slow mist,
I would have been afraid

<Arainna/SusanRose> anyone else with an angel story b-4 I go on?
<ondaweb> i sorta do..
<Arainna/SusanRose> Ondaweb? <is young lady who attends my church>
go ahead...
<ondaweb> once when i was on this playground,
i was sitting on this truck type thing.
i was on the bar across the top(it was all bars, like a climbing thing)
and i had my hand supporting down on the bar supporting me
then, a felt what felt like a baby's type of hand on top of mine,
only it felt like the size of an adults hand.
this was a single bar that i was sitting on, and was balancing,
and this hand made me feel like i would not fall, or have any problems..
cause i was littler and was sorta scared.
<Arainna/SusanRose> do you think it was trying to keep you from falling off?
<ondaweb> no, i was on there, it was a light caress
<Arainna/SusanRose> :) how old were you then?
<ondaweb> around kindergarten/first grade
<Arainna/SusanRose> Thank you for that ....

<Arainna/SusanRose> There are many who are printing their
TRUE angel stories in books and on the web...
There are lots of true angel stories in the book
"A Book of Angels" by Sophy Burham.
When I received this book a few years ago
it was a present during this time my daughter was undergoing
many tests due to chest pain
I was really afraid because they said they saw
a shadow on her echo cardiogram
I held onto that book and somehow I felt comforted.
The tests turned out fine and she is well.

So an angel did not APPEAR but never the less I felt comforted
and supported...Maybe like the lady with the loving angel pin :)
If there are skeptics there is alot of proof right here in the internet
for the existence of angels

Instantly many angel stories can be found on the web:
After doing a search on Angels in yahoo, there was a long list of sites at
From there went to

<Arainna/SusanRose> The following angel story can be found at that site:
"In the 70's & my mom was a hippie, traveling around Europe with a
friend. They had been hitchhiking through Germany when this
story took place, & their destination was Zurich, Switzerland.

It had been quite difficult for them to get any rides & they were very
tired as they hadn't been getting much sleep, as they spent hours
by the roadside waiting for someone to give them a lift. They were
finally picked up by a middle-aged man who drove them for a
couple hours. Without any forewarning, he pulled over & dropped
them off in the middle of nowhere & said he wasn't going any
further in their direction.

By this time it was late, cold & drizzly, with no lights anywhere &
very few vehicles on the road. The vehicles that were on the road,
were speeding by so fast that they couldn't see my mom & her
friend until too late as it was dark with no lights.

It seemed like a pretty desperate situation, so they prayed &
asked God to send an angel to help them. Right as the finished, a
little Volkswagen Bug pulled up beside them & a little old man got
out & asked them in German, "what are you two children of God
doing out here? Get in & I'll take you to a better place".

He drove them several miles down the road to a gas station & said,
"here, you can ask the customers for a lift to where you need to go."
They both climbed out of the car, & when they turned around to
thank the man, he was gone!

There was no way he could have
driven away that fast & without them noticing, as they would have
definitely heard his car leave or at least seen him driving down the
road, as there were open fields around & they could see about a
mile in both directions.

They could think of no logical explanation for it, but then they both
remembered their prayer asking God to send an angel & He did!

<Arainna/SusanRose> Comments???
<Leva> i was in a car accident once
where i should have been dead, but i am still here

<Arainna/SusanRose> yes leva! were you helped by the supernatural?

<Leva> i was helped by something, i don't know what it was
<Arainna/SusanRose> how so?

<Leva> well here is what happened
my mom was driving me to a dentist
i was sitting in the rear left seat, behind the driver (my mom)
we stopped at the intersection and had to make a left turn
as we turned into the middle of the intersection our car stalled
and there was another car speeding right at us from the right side
we were is a tiny chevy with paper thin walls
and the car going at us was a pick-up truck with cargo
so it rammed into rear right door
and our car spun 270 degrees or so

i was blacked out for about 1 sec. or so
when i woke up i saw my hand was all red in blood
the right door was smashed nearly to the point where i was sitting
i was on the left seat, i got out of the car,
walked around thinking how to best kill the other guy
that rammed us
then i just felt weak, and went back in the car
my mom had no scratch
my hand had a small scar on my thumb and that's it
<Leva> oh, and i soon forgave that guy :)
<Arainna/SusanRose> The miracle was the change of heart/mind....
thank you for sharing that...
<ladynada> kooL
<Leva> if you saw that car
you'd never think whoever was in the back could have lived :)
<daisy> Leva, you had lots left to do and were protected to do it
<Leva> daisy i guess so :)..... love you all

<ontheweb> I have had two "near death" experiences
I was really brought back and I have a feeling it was for a reason
<Arainna/SusanRose> sometimes the angels work invisibly...
a sense that there is a holy presence with you. a Breath of spirit...
... in the bible it says that we may be entertaining
angels unawares. (Hebrews)

BabaTrans is now known as BabAngel
<Arainna/SusanRose> Yea Baba!
The following is an edited channeling about the nature of angels
that was posted on the lightwork L list.
It was posted by John Payne, who channels Omni.

Greetings! This is Omni! I greet you with Angelic serenity, joy and
playfulness. Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem
from the Heart of God.

Angels are countless in their number and flock around the Universe
in their millions. Angels are your true brothers and sisters and are
dedicated to serve the needs of all free will entities
so that you may experience the same level un-conditional love as they do.

Each Angel carries out it's assigned task without any hint of hesitation.
An Angel is a soldier of love within the Army of God's Grace and Compassion.
Angels are created as instruments of God's unconditional love for humanity
and for all living beings throughout the Universe:

Angels are an expression of God's abundance and are
therefore beyond number, their number is beyond the concept of totality
because Angels are created from and re-absorbed
into the Heart of the Divine at each given moment.

The main distinction between yourself and an Angel is, is that an Angel was
created with one purpose, the purpose to love and to serve all without
condition. In doing so, angels hold a focus of pure love throughout the
Universe and are therefore able to set up a resonance for the vibration of
pure love wherever it is needed.

You on the other hand, are a free will entity. That means that you
have chosen to develop your ability to exist
with unconditional love by gaining much experience through many lifetimes
and many varied forms of existence.

The Angels have been created to counter
balance any energies or actions that move in the opposite direction to love
so that you will eventually remember your true essence.
In fact, many of you are Angels within your core and are
part of an ancient group of Angels that chose to take part
in the experiment of free will many aeons ago.

An Angel, on the other hand, is complete, unified and centered within the
Heart of the Divine at all times. An Angel does not question or
contemplate itself, it simply is. In being itself, it is a bundle of God's
ever present love and grace.

Angels are to be found in every corner of the Universe, and in
their millions! If you could see Angels with the naked eye, you would be
amazed at just how populated the Earth really is. Have you ever felt a
breath of cool air brush along your cheek when alone somewhere?

That might very well have been an Angel moving aside as you walked into
an Angel conference, quite unaware! Angels are everywhere
and you can ask for Angels to assist you with anything you wish.

There is no limit! In fact, if no
Angel is available for a particular task, an Angel is created as an answer
to your wish or prayer, just for you! Yes, the Divine creates Angels on
request. Angels are God making a personal visit, but in a scaled down
form. However, the love that they have is just as immeasurable.

So what is a Guardian Angel?

A Guardian Angel is a being that is dedicated
to serve and to help you throughout all your incarnations.
However, the relationship is somewhat deeper than that.
Your Guardian Angel was created
out of the same essence that makes up your soul.
It could be said to be a higher, or essence aspect of yourself,
or even a twin.

Your Guardian Angel isn't essentially separate from you,
it has absolute and unequivocal dedication to you and travels with you
on every journey that you as a free will entity choose to make.
Your Guardian Angel makes an agreement with your
soul to assist in it in completing any task it has decided to undertake in
any one given lifetime, cycle of reincarnation or other experience.

This is the reason why Angels have been known to make
miraculous rescues from accidents. If a soul has decided to
remain focused on the Earth Plane for a given length of time, an Angel
will assist in getting someone out of trouble who's time is not up.

So, if you have a Guardian Angel, why do guides make contact with humans?

Your Guardian Angel is that part of your eternal being that is holding a vision
and focus of you as a unified child of God-Goddess.

Your guide, on the other hand, is
here to assist you in making easier choices that will help you to grow
through experiences with joy and with more ease. Not all guides are
permanent, once you have learned all that you can with one guide,
an other will often take over and take you further.

You may call upon Angels for whatever purpose provided that the
purpose is not intended to hurt or injure anyone or the Earth itself.
Ask angels to fill your home with love, ask them to watch over
your children at school, ask them to travel with you on long
journeys, ask them to sponsor you when you are trying to stop smoking
or are trying to lose weight and get healthier.

Ask an Angel to take care of your
computer or to assist you in resolving an argument with a friend or
relative. There is no limit to what you may ask an Angel to do for you.

By simply getting used to blessing all that you experience
and through asking Angels to be present everywhere on your life,
you will begin to embody Angelic qualities in your life.
You will be more open to the love and abundance of the Universe.
You will begin to experience more joy, health and laughter as you sense
the wing of Angels as they fly around every aspect of your life.

Who better than an Angel to give us parting encouragement?

This channeling is said to be Amaryllis,
Golden Angel of the Heart:

"We are always at your side and our love and dedication is without condition.
We carry your hopes and prayers on our wings to the Divine and return with
blessings in the hope of wiping away the tears from your eyes. Our task is
out joy, and your joy is our purpose,
our love is your love, and our heart is your heart,
our God is your God and our children are your children, and
our brothers are your brothers, and our sisters are your sisters.
We are you, we live for you and through you.
Without you we would have no purpose, no joy and no life.
Never doubt our presence, for we were created out of love for you."

For those of you who do not want to wait for an emergency
to meet your special angel, the below is a special meditation to
help you meet.

Log this file, or obtain it later from the web page.
Print the meditation and do it later, with less distraction than you
can do at the computer. If any of you would like to try now,
however, be my guest!

***** Angel Meditation ******

Prepare your room and make it beautiful and peaceful in the way you are
drawn to do so. You may wish to light candles, burn some incense and play
soft, melodious and relaxing music in the background.

The collection of Angel harp music by Eric Berglund is ideal
should you already have it.
Ensure that you will not be disturbed by the telephone or
by anyone else for a few minutes when you attempt this

I will pause a minute for any of you who want to prepare.

Sit in a comfortable position and begin breathing in a slow and relaxed way.
Ensure that your clothing is lose so that you can relax completely.
Relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders and use your slow
and gentle breathing to bring you to a state of peace and serenity.

Begin breathing into the upper chest, and as you do so,
visualize the back of your head and neck opening up
to more light. Visualize a bright Golden Light, the Light of Shambhalla,
above your head.

Greet this light and see it begin to pour down into the top
of your head, your Crown Chakra.

As you continue to breathe, this light will
gradually fill your entire body, relaxing all your muscles, even the
smallest of them, until you are completely filled with Golden Light.
Imagine that you are lifting higher, travelling into this light, merging
with it, and becoming one with the strands of Golden Light.

Visualize being in this light and see it dissolving like mist
to reveal the Golden Temples of Shambhalla and the City of Angels.
Walk towards the city and feel the warm welcome as a chorus
of a thousand Angels announces your presence.

As you enter the city, imagine that you are standing in a courtyard,
surrounded by temples and palaces of great beauty and wealth.
There are many Angels gathered around you now, many are gold,
some are silver, and some even turquoise.

Amongst these Angels stands you Guardian Angel. You may
recognize this being immediately or have a sense of it's presence. Ask your
Guardian Angel to reveal itself to you. Ask for your Angel to be more fully
present in your life.

Ask this Angel to step
forwards and to make himself visible to your inner eyes,
the eyes of your imagination.
Greet your Angel and ask ....Are you my Angel?
Have you offered to serve with unconditional love?
If the response is affirmative, and you feel relaxed
and happy with this presence, then invite your Angel to come closer.

Ask your Angel to assist you in remembering you true nature.
Your Angel will now begin to transmit waves of Angelic Love and Light
to assist you in remembering who you really are.

Assist the Angel by visualizing that YOU
have wings. Imagine them to be as small or as large as you wish. Use
whatever colors you desire and gain a sense of fun as your try out your
wings with your imagination.

Fly with your Angel and visit different realms
of reality, the stars and planets of crystal and gold.

Finally ask your Angel if he or she has a name
by which you may call him order. You may get a very clear answer,
or the name will come to you in a dream, or through some other coincidence.

<Arainna/SusanRose> Now that you have met and experienced this flight,
you can remember that you are not alone
That heavenly assistance is at your call
and angels do not care
if you call them angels, guides, light beings or even archtypes!
All they care about is to help you grow and love
and become one with the divine blueprint for your soul's progression!
It is time to thank your angel(s)
for breaking into our consciousness with their reality
and for their assistance whether we knew it or not...
We return to this planet with a renewed hope that we can achieve
all that we came here to do
and we get by with a little help from our friends...

<Arainna/SusanRose> Deep Breathe.....Returning...

I want to thank the Angels of inspiration that have worked with
me in preparing this meeting tonight. Their presence around me
has been felt and appreciated.
Thanks to all who attended and will later read this log.
The joy of sharing our spiritual journey is our reward.

In final parting ,,, a good night prayer...
Angel of God, My guardian dear
to whom God's love, entrusts thee here
ever this night be at my side
to light to guard to rule and guide. Amen!

<stars> Amen....thank you, arianna... that was lovely...
and the prayer is a nightly ritual at my house...

<Arainna/SusanRose> Thank you Stars!
<daisy> Thanks Arianna
<^Goddess^> thank you, Arianna, for a lecture of loving beauty:)
<BabAngel> Kodoish kodoish kodoish Adanoy Tsebayoth ...
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Angels
<ladynada> Arainna/SusanRose, thank you
<ondaweb> bye all! twas enjoyed