Discovering Our Purpose

Living in Authentic Power

November 26, 2000

Will Susanrose live her purpose?
<Susanrose> Welcome to #)Gaia*Friends(
While the last few folks are logging on

let's say Hi! and where in the world we are from tonight OK?
I am in Pittsburgh PA USA
Dreamie 's in Santa Clara, California
<^Witey> Windsor, Ontario Canada here :)
<Reiki2u> Santa Fe, NM USA
<^gina^> New Zealand here
<Susanrose> how is your conference going?
<^gina^> really well
<oldgold> happily here in Salt Lake City
<Sanna> Finland
<Reiki2u> what time is it there Sanna?
<Sanna> 4am
<Dreamie> wow....that's early Sanna...hats off to u for being here
<Paza> Houston Texas now
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^sunfish^ swims around the room
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We are starting now...
Breathing together ....
Breathe in light Breathe out fear
A Coming Together
A Group mind
All seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......
Deep Feeling our connection to the air, the wind the water,
the oceans the fire and molten lava the earth,
and the pulse and hummmm of all
 life in the web of GAIA, our mother.

This 101st meeting of )Gaia*Friends( is
occurring on Sunday Nov 26, at 9pm est.
The topic is what is my purpose?
Living in authentic power.

Well, here I am folks, at the tender age of 46,
still going through my 7 year mid-life crisis.
(Started early about the age of 39…smile.)
The big question for me and most baby boomers
now is what is the purpose in my life?
Did I miss it, am I on it without realizing it?
Or have I even started?

If I was doing my life purpose, what would it feel like?
Would it bring me happiness? Or should the happiness
be there first, bringing it to my endeavors?

The Dalai Lama says the purpose of life is to be happy,
…..and to be happy,  one learns compassion and avoids the conditions,
(which when led to a logical conclusion) that could cause
unhappiness.  Can I find joyful purpose by avoiding heartache?

(See Gaia*Friends log on the art of happiness).

Gary Zukov, author of The Seat of the Soul,
states that authentic power is the alignment of the
personality with the soul.

Can I live life as a open book, with all it's compartments
in alignment with my true essence?

I know a lot of people who are unhappy at their work.
Does the career/ living arrangement need to be changed?
or can we live authentically  extracting a meaningful purpose with the
activity we are currently engaged in?

(See Gaia*Friends log on the spirituality at work).

Well, I don't have all the answers, but I sure do
have the questions.  I have been searching and discussing
these issues with my friends, and have bought numerous
tapes, books, conferences and  meditative devices to
figure this out.  My friend Dot from Pittsburgh is here to
lend to the discussion, and Gina from New Zealand will
help add to the planned topic.

<^gina^> What is my purpose???? this question opens
the door for many to start to discover
who and what they can become.
However as our spiritual growth
is on going our purpose appears to change.
We become less filled with the need to go
out and change the world.
<basil> Seems to me the idea of "Service"
is going to have to fit into this discussion somewhere.
<^gina^> yes
<basil> It is only in serving that we find true meaning.

<Dreamie> I just quit my job of 5 years...
<Susanrose> Best of luck to Dreamie
<Dreamie> so what do we think it takes to be happy??
<Susanrose> keeping out of trouble Dreamie...hehe
<Dreamie> hehe
Psychic Sylvia Brown, from the book
"Life on the other side"  states that before birth, you
choose a certain role or theme to play for this lifetime.  Great learning
is experienced by a variety of roles played to their fullest
over many lifetimes.  Examples of these roles include:
Builder, Catalyst, Cause fighter, follower, Healer, Leader, Loner,
Looser, Peacemaker, Rescuer, Survivor, Victim, Warrior, Winner etc.

She adds that the victim theme is chosen only by the most highly
advanced spirits, since they devote their incarnation to
 sacrificing themselves for the betterment of humankind.
As heartbreaking as these victim's lives seem to be,
not for one moment are they wasted, and in fact, the live on
 as brilliant inspirations for the resident of both earth
and the other side.  A good example of this is the boy in the current
movie now playing  "Pay it Forward". If you have not seen the
movie, then recall the life of Helen Keller, or of Jesus.
They had great misfortune, although they were victims they were
not failures, many do not know that they were victorious over adversity
until they leave the earth plane, such as Princess Diana.

Look for you  themes, and ask what life path will best
help achieve that learning experience.

<^Angel^9> Carolyn Myss talks about our contract
(which we made before we came into this body)
<^gina^> sometimes we are placed in the body to
do something that is not
our JOB, rather something needed for humanity

Why are we here?
all paths say that life is purposeful, we are here for a reason.
There are 2 types of purpose:
1. Universal reasons why we are all here, that we all share.
2. There is also an  individual purpose that each of
us have that is unique.

<Susanrose> A bit on universal purpose, then we will fine tune to individual purpose....
On the topic of the universal,  humanity soul purpose:
this message was received during a meditation:

" In all the universe,
there is not an opportunity such as this.
You are spirits engaged in this wonderful experiment.

You are spirit, having a
physical experience, and are here to work together.

None should consider this place of prison.
None should say that we are in a cave seeing darkly.
Fall in love with what you do.
Fall in love with who you are.
Fall in love with your friends, your community, your lovers.
Fall in love with the dualities of light, dark,
old, new, up, down, joy and pain.
All experience opens the door to learning
yet another way to love, and another opportunity
to deepen your love.

All will love with more fullness than can
be expressed in the ethers.
All in the physical will give Glory to God.
It will be the crowning achievement  of this universe.
Souls will travel here to see how we did it!
This is our mission.
This is our quest.
Heaven will be seen on Earth."

Comments on universal purpose?

<^gina^> there is an old saying there can only be one Master in each form. One must select either the physical Master/ ruled by the form or the spiritual Master Ruled by the light
then the purpose for which one can attune to can be on greater wave lengths
<Susanrose> yes, Gina, like ET we need to keep our wave length on phoning HOME! :)
we inhibit our growth to what our physical brain can perceive
<oldgold> Gina, I like the idea of being receptive to higher intelligence.
<Susanrose> guess that is why children are more intuitive...
<^gina^> they are not held back

Recently a local ARE Leader gave a sermon at
the Unity Church I attend.  I am quoting him,
Ed Foote, of Pittsburgh, in his comparison
between universal and individual purpose.

Universal purpose includes:
1.We are all here for healing.
We are to heal and offer healing to
ourselves and everyone we meet.
We need not be a doctor, nurse of do laying on of hands.
Healing also comes in daily interactions with others-
lending a hand, offering hope.

2. We are here to be of service to others.

3. We are here to forgive.
We are here to forgive because we have condemned.
Eventually, we are to grow to the point where we
don't have to forgive, because we no longer condemn.

4. To become more aware of the divine within us and within others.
When you greet someone, say silently I greet the spirit of love (Christ) in you.
Recognize and be aware of the divine in  yourself and others.

5. Manifest the glory of God to others.

6. Recognize that everyone has their own INDIVIDUAL purpose.
If we can determine and apply the individual mission, it will be a fast track
to heaven, or spiritual attainment.

<Dreamie> i thought i knew what my life's purpose is
....but lately...i dont know anymore...
<basil> Some of us come in with no assigned purpose.
It's up to us to create one.
<Dreamie> my teenage daughter has been testing all my purposes...
<^gina^> sometimes having no purpose allows one
to be open to fit any slot there is a need
<Jackie> i think whatever we are DOing
is our purpose, or we wouldn't be DOing it.
<Susanrose> nice thought Jackie, there are no mistakes,
only variations in the TIME it takes to learn our lessons

<basil> universal purpose still lies in the realm of evolution.
Can we be willful partners in evolution?
<^gina^> one can evolve beyond in any given life time
<oldgold> I wonder if we can be subconsiously
in tune with our purpose. And as we Do more, more will be revealed.
<Susanrose> Joan Borysanko said a rabbi friend of
hers says to make sure you are in control of your
ego BEFORE you discover your purpose,
otherwise no one will be able to stand you,
you will be so full of yourself.

To find your individual purpose:
1. Ask yourself the question
What am I good at? what do I do well?

2. How am I using what I do well to help others?
If you are helping others with your strengths, it is a sign
you are on your track to your soul's purpose.
If you have strengths but you are not using them to help others,
it is a sign that well maybe we should consider doing something
to help others.

3. Ask God, your higher power what is your soul's purpose? How?
At the start to meditation, a "yes or no" answer to a particular idea that
you may have regarding your soul's purpose.  Then forget the question,
do the meditation, and then at the very end, ask the yes/no question again
and listen for an answer.  Repeat over several weeks if necessary.

4. Ask for a dream to guide you.
Ask the angels to set up for you the conditions that will help you
achieve what you are here to achieve.

How do we know if we are on track?
There are some characteristics, insights that will be apparent
to us if we are on track.

There are 5 characteristics
ask yourself - does this apply to me?
If all or most apply to you, wonderful.
If not many do, then ask yourself, how can I
work to have these things in my life.

1. You have a greater sense of wonder and awe
about life.  things open up to you in unexpected ways
that bring to you feelings of wonder and awe.  if this
happens to your often, it is a sign you are on track.

2. Every soul's mission has some aspect of creative
service.  One should be a light to others, and have
a feeling of closeness to others that comes from giving
without expectation of receiving in return.
If you can see others lives blessed because of your
service, it is a sign you are on track.

3. You feel closer to God,  as sense of  being more
whole or complete.  If frustrations are removed and
replaced by something good, it is a sign you are following
your purpose.

4. You see the purpose of life in others.
Living your mission, you will begin to see what
other peoples mission is.  You will work to help them
achieve what they are here to do.

5. If you are living your mission it will bring you great joy.

Accept that we all stray from our mission.
Look for signs, synchronicities every day that nudge you back to your purpose.
Assure your higher power that when intuitive omens
appear you will notice them!
Ask yourself:
How often do I check in with my intuition when faced with a decision?
Do I expect my intuition will be available to me as I need it?

When I do experience a psychic feeling, how do I react? Am I comfortable
with it? Does it feel natural? Am I surprised? How does this feeling come

By making the decision to expect your Higher Self to guide you, you are
placing both your attention and your intention directly onto your conscious
station to your Higher Self. This shifts your orientation away from the
energy outside of yourself coming from other people or from appearances as
the basis for your decisions and places it primarily on the guidance coming
from your Higher Self and your guides. By making this shift, you become a
person who responds to life, rather than one who reacts to it. Expecting
psychic guidance realigns you with your natural heritage and affirms that
you are a spiritual being directed and assisted by God at all times.

For those of you who still feel out of sorts to
to their purpose, take heart!
These interesting points that
should be considered before getting overly frustrated
in why you have not found your particular "nich"
to fulfill in this lifetime:

1.  Are you ready for your purpose?  Do the groundwork.

2.  One never knows what straw it will be that break's
the camel's back.  As a lightworker, instead of looking for a
profound service or talent, maybe removing that last straw
quickly can help by causing people and situations to not
meet their final snap or meltdown temperature.
In that  my purpose is not to lead, teach or heal an observable cause,
but to help out "as needed".  (paraphrasing Doreen Virtue,
at Columbus Ohio expo)

Maybe you are living your purpose,
and the small things you do, are really big things… like the movie,
"It's a Wonderful Life", you will never know until you see how
your town would have been without your presence.

3. Am I really missing a talent that I enjoy between lifetimes, or
recalling a hobby from a previous lifetime?
That could explain why some people have a burning
desire to be an artist or musician but just have no talent.
Looking for the theme for this lifetime could be the
answer to redirecting the efforts.

4.  Finally, if all else fails, and I still feel I have not found the answers,
my life theme is to teach the search, and develop compassion for
others who are also searching..

A tip to help you through an uncomfortable decision in your
next move, per Gary Zukov:
If you are unsure if your next planned action is in alignment,
ask yourself  "What is my motivation?".

When you check your
motivation, you will not be alone.  You will see if your intention
is true to your heart.  Are you perusing the ability to manipulate or
control?  This is external power, and it's time is over.
This produces destruction.    When  you live in authentic power,
you are aligning your free will with God's will.
Your ego and personality merge with your true soul identity.
When you do so, you will live a life that is full, meaningful, exciting,
engaging,  a life in which you know there is a reason  for you to be
on this earth, and YOU ARE LIVING THAT REASON.
Even when you are having difficult days, you are happy to be alive.

Until we know what that is:
Ask, -Listen,-   and Do!  …And remember to not be
too hard on yourself, especially if you
have strayed or turned away from your purpose.
The universe is infinitely abundant.
With the immortality of the soul, we have time
to get it right, but it would be so much more fun
if we could get it right sooner!

Use as a mantra:

"I will be gentle with myself,
I will love myself,
I am a child of the universe,
being born each moment!

To increase your faith that you will
succeed, remember that when
you align your personality or free will
with your soul, or divine essence, you
are living in authentic power.  You cannot
fail.  The force is with you!

The angels gave me this personal
affirmation during a lecture from Doreen Virtue
in a Columbus Ohio Expo, maybe saying them will help
you get started too:

Feel and remember the safety, joy and peace
of this truth as you say…
I am ready to go
I receive
I accept

I am wealthy, the Divine is graciously abundant
I have all the help I need
I am free to fulfill my mission
I am capable and can readily access all the experts I need
The path comes easily to me
Many opportunities are given to me to fulfill my purpose

I receive and I am GRATEFUL
Thank you, AMEN.

We end with a quote from "A Course in Miracles"
"Forget not once this journey has begun,
the end is certain…
doubt along the way will come and go
and go to come again.
Yet the ending is sure-
NO ONE can fail to do
what GOD appointed him to  do."

<Susanrose> Well, it is my bedtime folks... have to work early in am (registered nurse) Good Night and love to all!!
<^gina^> nite susanrose
<^sunfish^> thank you, SusanRose
<JIM> Nite, Susanrose...
<Reiki2u> goodnight Susanrose
<^sunfish^> it has been a pleasure meeting you
<dotbpgh> Blessings and love to all.    See you again sometime.   Bye!

The following information was added after the gathering.

I am quoting Susan Smith Jones, PhD
"I have a friend who went into dental school right after college because his
parents had always wanted him to be a dentist. Although dentistry wasn't his
calling, he followed their wishes. After he graduated from dental school, he
went into private practice and for almost twenty-five years was quite
successful. He married his college sweetheart, had three children, built his
dream home and traveled. Still, he never really loved his work; he never
felt a great passion for how he spent his days. In one of our counseling
sessions, he told me how much he loved to work in his garden. He even said
that if he had to do it all over again, he would go to school and learn to
be a landscape architect. So I asked him, what was stopping him? He said he
could never afford to keep up his lifestyle if he gave up his practice. I
asked him what was more important -- to be happy or to keep up appearances?
I also reminded him that prosperity is an inside job.

  He began taking night classes in gardening and landscaping and, after
three years, got his degree. With a partner, he opened a landscaping
business. At the same time, he cut back his dental of fice time to just two
days a week. He discovered that working twice a week as a dentist made him
look forward to his work; he knew he was offering a valuable service to his
patients. At the same time, he put in two to three days a week at his
landscaping job and thoroughly loved being outdoors, creating, and having
more time to spend with his family. What's more, he was bringing in more
money than he had in his full-time dental practice. Sometimes it just takes
a change of attitude to make your current job more fulfilling. Listen to
your heart. Talk to God about this and ask for guidance. Pay close attention
to the answers you get and be willing to respond.

Spirit can only do for you what it can do through you. Open your doors and
let the light shine through. Become an open receptacle to receive God's
gifts of prosperity, abundance, and peace. Share what you have. Love what
you do. Listen to your heart. Know that you deserve to be prosperous and
that everything you need to live your highest potential is within you right
now. Claim and accept it."

There is a neat parable from the dolphins
to help define purpose at: