Just Do It!

Getting Motivated and Breaking the Habit of Procrastination


WE NEED to relax now.
Breathe together
Breathe together and create a group mind.

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace
Breathe out concerns
Breathing together.

Breathe in Light
Breathe out fear.

A Coming Together
A Group mind
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.

As we prepare to listen to others.
Breathe in.......Deep

From the deep well of the collective human spirit,
let divine WILL bring empowerment to EVERY soul,
and hope the heart of GAIA.


Ok... you New Year's Resolution Flunkees!
Have you already given up on achieving your Resolutions for 1998?
or worse...
Have you not yet taken the time to consider what your
resolutions should be for this new-ish year, 1998?

Already my year has seen some things done on schedule..
(Like my vacation to Florida.) But there are other important
things I thought I would have accomplished by now that
just keep shape shifting themselves out of my reach..

Taking responsibility for my accomplishments as well
as my procrastinations, I sometimes wonder why
do I not devote my attention and power to the most
important things first? And why have I not firmly committed
my decision making process to simplifying my life to only
include the most Important stuff.?

<Daeda|us> (I didn't make a resolution)
<Ganesha> never did figure out a resolution except to have a "new" year
<summer> I'd say my resolution is ... to find what does matter to me

Ahhh yes, but that really changes... whatever IS changes from day to day.

I can remember the morning after I had my daughter.
Such a new bundle of focused attention-getting individuality!
My pre delivery problems now tickled my funnybone,
to the point of laughing.
How insignificant my pre-parenthood cares seemed, compared
to my new set of concerns.

So first of all, when setting the priorities of resolutions to
work on, we have to think of What are my values or
ideals that each goal would help support?
Choose to define your resolution to enhance what you
value the most.

For example, many of us know that we
would do better in life to make certain improvements
in our life. Is it laziness, distraction, or just not seeing
how that extra effort fits into the values that we hold
the most dear.

Asking ourselves how we want to live life,
directed us to think of the ideals that we need to
achieve this.

First ask yourself.
What are my ideals?

Make a list of your 3 most important values,
and only make your resolutions in the areas that
will serve to further these.
If you can think of something you really OUGHT
to do that you have been putting off, step back
and think of how by finishing that task, how it would
serve one of your most dear values.

For example:

1.Identify the ideal you value ....ex: a pleasant home
2.Identify a goal related to that value.....Do spring cleaning.
3.Break up the actions necessary to accomplish that goal
in bite-sized resolutions that would bring you close to the
end vision.

Make a list of these smaller resolutions:
...ex: 1. Make bed 2.Hang up clothes etc.
Check off each resolution as it is accomplished and
reward yourself. Keep a victory Journal.

Remember to not be distracted with too many
great goals. Focus on one or two. Life's
hardest choices are not between good and bad,
but usually between so many good things that
if you tried to do them all, you would not get very far
in any.

In order to help you choose the most important
goals, here is some advice I received during
meditation regarding narrowing the selection
process. You need to made decisions in your
life to gain any real progress on your truest goals.

"Sometimes when gathering up the bounties of
life, it is like going down the supermarket aisle
with one of those little baskets on your arm.

You've only stopped for a few things, and before
you know it, your basket is full, and you start
juggling all the oranges, cans, bottles of juice-
under you arm and in your other hand. You
wonder how you're going to carry it all.

Life is like that.. Sometimes you just have to look at what
you put into your basket, and say to yourself, must I really have this
in this shopping trip? What do I really need in my basket?, because I
can't juggle all the way to the checkout counter.

<gina> yes :)

I may drop something,
break it. Make a mess trying to juggle it. Or, I could start over with a
shopping cart, which would have given me more room. Or, I could take up
juggling and become more skilled at carrying too many objects.

So what do I do with all of this bounty that I've
gathered up, in my basket? This is where the
hard part comes, because this is the judgment.

You then must say, what do I need the most?
What will make me the happiest? When I get in
my car, what will I say --Phew, I'm really glad I
remembered to buy that! So you have to set a few
things down, and leave them on the shelf for
another trip.

Sometimes, you are a little sad about letting go
what you thought you wanted so much in aisle
one, now is supplanted by something in aisle five,
and the thing from aisle one must go.

It was good,
and you still desire it, and many others will snatch
it up. But you have to leave it out of your basket,
and say--another time.

Sometimes, days are like this. You have to
cherry-pick what the most important thing is to do
that day........... Among millions of marvelous
opportunities of the day.

Sometimes, lifetimes are like this. Career paths, life's goals are like
this. You can't be Mother Theresa, and a matriarch of a large brood of
offspring in the same lifetime.

So, choices have to
be made. Some things that are good
have to be set aside, so that you can keep in
your basket what is the truest and best.

hopefully, that which would give you the most
progression in this lifetime. Maybe next lifetime,
or the next shopping trip, you can go back and
buy those other things as well.

How do you know what to keep? You know
what to keep by what gives you the most pleasure.
What makes you feel the most happy and excited,
and what would give you the most pain if you had
to part with it.

Make your choices. And, unless you go to
juggling school, take a look at your baskets. See
if some moving is in order. This is a good time for
you to do it."

<susanrose> End of quote
Anyone else with a big readjustment of priorities they want to share?

<summer> well for me is finding what I most want to do and
learn within the strength I have since I got sick
Like the universe is forcing me to decide
<susanrose> summer... so your energy is precious,
and you must choose only the best to direct your energy.
Spend your time fruitfully.
Use linear time as a Gift to measure your consciousness.
To help you clarify in the eternal being that you are,
what are the important directions THIS lifetime needs to
focus on.

Sometimes it is hard to lay something aside that no longer
fits in our life. We see there is still alot of good value to it
and we try to squeeze out the last bit of value we can from
the item, job, relationship, etc. Realize though that like
inhaling and exhaling, sometimes is just TIME to let something
out of our lives. That person, item, or situation may still have alot
of good use to someone else.
Remember that when we do CPR and do mouth to mouth
resuscitation, the used up air from our lungs still
has more than enough oxygen to work MIRACLES for
someone else! So Bless it, release it and let it go!
(Or hold your breath, and pass out...)

And Hey!
Don't take things too seriously.
It is better to have loved and lost, or made a mistake
that to have never taken a chance.

Remember that Edison learned hundreds
of ways to NOT invent the light bulb before
he got it right. The journey was as important
as the destination.
<Solara> 10,000 ways!
<susanrose> I thought it was more than a hundred!
thanks Solara

Some of the following information was researched
by gentle, who e-mailed me suggestions taken from the book:
"The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore, PhD (Thank you, gentle.)

"Why do you procrastinate? the most frequent response to this question is
"because I'm lazy". Yet even the worst procrastinators have motivation and
energy for some areas of their lives--sports, hobbies, reading, taking care
of others, music, dancing, political debate, investments, gardening

So-called procrastinators and self-labeled procrastinators can be found in
every walk of life, accomplishing much in those arenas where they have
chosen to devote themselves, but totally unable to get started in others.

The "now habit" perspective does not accept that laziness, disorganization, or
any other character defect is the reason you procrastinate. Nor does it
accept the assumption that people in general are innately lazy and passive,
and therefore need pressure to motivate them.

Procrastination is defined as "a neurotic form of self-defensive behavior
aimed at protecting ones' self worth." That is, we procrastinate when we
fear a threat to our sense of worth and independence. Nobody does it to
feel bad, but to temporarily relieve deep inner fears: fear of failure,
fear of being imperfect, fear of impossible expectations.

These fears
prevents us from reaching a level of life where we feel compassion and
respect ourselves now, for who and where we are now. It is not a character
defect. rather, it is an attempt at coping with the often incapacitating
fear of having our worth held up for judgment."

I found it interesting ...
It is so true that all of a sudden
I find all the energy I need to do the things that really interest me
Although, a case could be made
for getting enough rest and vitamins to make you
feel like doing anything :)

<Solara> I still have to learn for a mathematics test in 6 hours..
<susanrose> Solara, pretend that if you pass the test
you will win a million dollars
your subconscious is often told lies of your illusion
This time, use one to work for you, instead of against you
See if you tell yourself that you may have more energy
to study for the test

<Solara> yeah :)
Also found on the internet...


1. Energize yourself with walking or jogging if you feel immobilized
to start your task. This will give you more oomph to dig in. People
have told me they often feel like running the vacuume or scrubbing the
floors right after taking a brisk walk.

2.Visualizing the completion of a project: sea it, hear it, touch
it, smell it, taste it. Place pictures of your goal...example bathing suit
photos on the frig...or the travel brochure...to remind you.

Recall a time when you on top of your game.
Think about the sights, scents, sounds, and emotions
you experienced then. Use this recollection as a catalyst to act.

3. Talk back to your excuses for not following your resolution.
EXCUSE: I'm not in the mood right now.
REALISTIC THOUGHT: Mood doesn't do my work,
actions do. If I wait for the right mood, I may never get started.

4. Positive Self-Statements.
"Just do it!" "There's no time like the present."
Does any one have any other self talk quotes they can share?

<Ganesha> I say to myself....oh there is so much freedom in my organizing
I love the energy of organizing and planning my day
<susanrose> yes, the free time it will give you
when you are not back tracking and doing things
the hard way!
<Ganesha> I am filled with positive feeling about this day and the things I do
<susanrose> How about..... Work SMART, not HARD
<Ganesha> a planner is good if you are really busy
to write things into
<Solara> Visualization of the goal
<David> David mumbles to self a lot

5. Set Priorities. Write down all the things that need to be done
in order of their importance. The greater the importance
or urgency, the higher their priority

Keep an appointment book with you.
In it write daily "to do" lists that you write into your book.
To help you use the book more, write in important telephone
numbers and addresses as you acquire them.
Carry it around with you all day.
Make this a new habit.

<susanrose> I am somehow going to combine my
purse calendar with a tablet and my phone
number book... all in one
gina , with the tremendous teaching schedule you maintain
how do you stay on top of things ?
<gina> I do each work detail as it comes to hand
I don't put off anything for another time or day
then I work out each step in a circle
so that once I start a project I don't complete it until I have made a full circle
<susanrose> how do you mean a circle?
<gina> ok I'm leaving NZ in April
I then form a circle of the countries I will be visiting
then I just keep moving in what appears to be a circle
until I am back in New Zealand
I also do the internal work per country in the same manner
so as not to retrace my steps and go over the same ground
more than once

<susanrose> Thanks, gina.....
Ganesha, you said you really like to plan...
do you do this the night before?
<Ganesha> yes, I plan the night before. I write lists,
and I have a planner and I usually plan 3 months
in advance in a loose way

<susanrose>Ganesha, do you keep your planner
with you all the time? how big is it?

<gina> I use a flight captains bag
<Ganesha> I have a brief case
I open it when I want to work
I allow plenty of down time in my life

<susanrose> that's it, a planner I must have too!
<Ganesha> and I also have daily discipline
and if I have to talk at night, I keep it early
I get up everyday at 5:30am
<gina> start early and spend the evening in play
<Ganesha> zactly...thats what I do gina
<susanrose> I noticed that I tend to get sleep deprived
by the end of the week if I am on an early
shift. Then I start eating (groan) candy bars in the afternoon
to keep from getting crabby... when
I get enough sleep my attitude is so much brighter and more optimistic!
<Dreamie> hehe Susan

<gina> try carrying muselli bars in your pocket
<susanrose> good idea gina
<Ganesha> oh...I take vitamins and do some hatha yoga
as part of the discipline...planning food at
breaks by bringing a juice or tea or something with me
and a little nibble to keep from candy
<susanrose> yes! but you can't procrastinate
buying those good snacks and packing them, when
the candy machine is handy and beckons
<gina> hahhaha
How many people work out their bodies in some way daily?
<Ganesha> I walk and do hatha
<gina> if your body is healthy and fit then it tends to follow the mind
will be the same way.
<susanrose> I just joined the YWCA so my daughter and I could
swim in the winter months... I miss walking/jogging in the winter.

6. Tell a friend, partner, or supervisor about your plans.
<Ganesha> yeah it reinforces the plan

<Susanrose>7. Just Get Started.

Not: I can't write this speech until inspiration hits.
Instead: I'll write what first comes to mind, then improve it later.

<susanrose> I can remember decorating cakes for a birthday,
I used to think... what the heck is this thing going to look like?
But gradually ...my imagination would turn on and the ideas would flow

Also, try using the 5-minute method.
Begin by committing five minutes to get started,
then do it! In that five minute period, do something to finish the project:
then you decide if you are going to continue for another five minutes.
Follow this pattern until you decide to quit work
This can be a surprisingly effective way to break your inertia.
<Ganesha> yes, I like to work in what I call "chunks"
I work a bit on something and then do something else
That way I don't get bored and it has a better more positive spin to it

<susanrose> Sometimes I trick myself into
starting writing a homework assignment
by saying what the heck
I'll take a C on this paper... but as
I get into it... it gets better and better
Then I end up getting a good grade anyway.

<runner> Perhaps, we should begin downhill..slowly..
in little steps..start small..(if this discourages us...leave it alone
a minute or two and then get back to it..always with the
purpose of completing a simple task and progresing from that..
once we complete one small task..our confidence builds..
and we will gain energy..and be more confident of our energy
to complete larger tasks...in track..its the WAY

<susanrose> good point runner
Remember that the universe works best with a rolling stone!
Sometimes when I have let my house get out of control,
I begin by simply making my bed. Then I say,
There, I DID something. Next I pick up them bedroom.
Then I say...Hey, this room looks great. Now I will try another
room. By then it starts to feel more fun and satisfaction
because I can see my effort starting to show.
If I picked up a little here, or a little there instead of doing
one room first, I would feel overwhelmed.

9. Eliminate or minimize noise/ distraction.
Ensure adequate lighting. Have necessary equipment at hand.
Keep work area free of clutter.

<susanrose> Next are tricks to fool yourself into getting motivated...

10. Try to trick you mind with these fun sneaky visualizations!
(0r fake it till you make it)

Suppose you have a cluttered room to clean.
Pretend you are Speedy Cleaning Services, and time yourself
to see how long the job takes. Some of us like to
compete against ourselves and this strategy can serve that purpose.

Pretend as if somebody just offered you a million dollars to do the task.
If that causes a shift in your perspective, act on that new

Challenge the beliefs that the goal is unattainable by considering
alternate realities, such as imagining yourself in action.
Then act as if you will bring it about.

I recently asked my girlfriend why she did not attend a recent
gathering. She said "it was a sunny day
and I started having so much fun pulling weeds from around my house.
It felt so good to get that accomplished."
She entered the alternate reality of ... what fun weed pulling can be!

It's easy to procrastinate if you're feeling sorry for yourself.
The irony is : the same depression that tells us we are powerless would
be lessened if we could just get productive.

Realize that following through
with a task brings forth a natural glow and satisfaction for having
accomplished something. This attracts a stronger desire to keep it up!
What a nice glow we feel when we do this!

I would like to share with you a quote
I found on the internet from a man who's wife past away.
He had the prognosis of "one month" given to him
before she passed this is the advice he gives us:

"Looking at a day as possibly your last...
changes your perspective of time..

Even though each of us knows
what our eventual fate will be, we seem oblivious to the fact
that the parameters are forever changing."

"Only one thing remains constant,
the love we take the time to experience."
Mark, Cobleskill, New York

<susanrose> One last thought...
Sometimes procrastination is not the only
roadblock. There may be disapproval of
your direction as well.
An example in my own life,
when I would do my homework for college, my
(then) husband would become angry with how
much attention I needed to spend doing it.
Here is some advice I received in meditation that
was in regards to finding acceptance with your
life's goals.

"When gaining acceptance of your priorities, would it
be better to pace yourself, taking just one step forward.
Then say "This is where I am, this is who I am,

this is where I want to be". To shine with the love of where you are,
to stand firm and fast in clear resolve, and let it sit for a while,
and then take another step forward,
when you feel that the time is right.

And when making a decision about whether to
stand firm, on your one step, just ask yourself-

"Is this something that through my belief or
my behavior would aid me in manifesting love through
form? If clinging to the goal, the behavior,

the concept would aid you in manifesting love
through your form in the best, most blissful
expression that you could, then hold firm.
Hold firm.

But, if you question whether or not,
it would help you manifest love through form,
then maybe you're standing firm for the wrong thing."

<gina> thank you susanrose ...well put

<runner> I must return to my studying...procrastinating of course
but thank you Susan and Gina for the tips...
chocolate cake for Gina and Susan Rose :)

<summer> thank you, I have some really helpful ideas to
work with now nite all 8-)

<Ganesha> .nice presentation
susanrose..sorry I can't stay longer
love and light goodnight

<susanrose> Wolf...I appreciate you sending the
invitations to our gatherings out in your group mail.

<^wolf^> you're welcome susanrose ...
500 recipients by now, glad I can help

<^Treena^> thank you susanrose for your inspiring thoughts
I'd like to come back too if I may.
<^wolf^> hope I get to attending more often
keep the good work up

<susanrose> Goodnight! Great you could come, wolf,
since I know it must be 3am for you in Germany!
Thank you Treena, and all for coming and sharing.

^wolf^ May Mother Earth guide your feet.
May Father Sky keep his arms around you.
May Grandfather Sun warm your cold days,
May Grandmother Moon Keep the Glow in your heart.
May the Star Nations Light the way to the next destination,
and the Great Spirit always keep you shielded from the pain.
Blessings to you.