Developing your Intuitive Gifts

Sun Sep 12, 1999

<susanrose> Can we introduce ourselves and
say where we are from?
then I will introduce Helen...
who is our guest presenter tonight
* JEP is from Kentucky, USA
* Anika from WA
* ^alex^ is located in the "last frontier" of Alaska!
<Bee49> Bee49 from West Virginia
* Lotus is from California
* Reiki2u Missouri
<susanrose> I am Susanrose who is in Pittsburgh PA USA
and started this live gathering in 1995
<Raja_Manesh1> Raja from Branson, Missouri
* Star_Wolf College Station, TX
* CNH is from Austin, tx
<Triskana> Holland, Michigan...
* Sunshine - from Pittsburgh
* basil is from Santa Fe. To my right is Charles Sherover,
Professor Emeritus from Hunter College.
<AoiNym> Kevin - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
<NCS40> Joe, Pittsburgh :)
* degoanna - Australia
<PWest> hello, Iím in uk
* Gwendy is in Mexico
<Jeanne> Hi from Quebec Canada

<Susanrose> I'd Like to welcome
Helen Stewart who is a psychic, specializing in psychic
 readings for companies as well as individuals. She has also
 been a powerful public speaker for over 35 years in the fields of
education, international relations, and metaphysics.
She is establishing a University for Metaphysical Studies
in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
See a photo of Helen at

<helen_UMS> Quite an international gathering!
Oh, my.....first of all, thanks to you all for being here....
I thought we'd talk a bit tonight about the development
of your/our own intuitive abilities...
with the coming changes in our individual lives...
and on the planet, we need to bring the whole self to our work,
our learning, our relationships, and our lives.

A part of what I do is use psychic abilities working
as a professional psychic...
and I also teach others to use that ability...
I thought we might talk a bit about how
that ability manifests itself in various ways,...
and use this time to ask and answer questions about any
efforts you might have attempted to develop your own intuition.

As a professional, I specialize in reading
individuals and businesses...
and would love to talk about how that works,
and how you have used yours in various contexts.
The first, second, and last premise I have about all of this
is that every individual, every human...
all forms of conscious awareness, have intuitive ability
as a *birthright!

The only difference between me and someone else
who does not claim to be "psychic" is that I pay attention.
<^alex^> .
<Anika> :)

<helen_UMS> Each of us has special gifts, and specializations
in this arena, but we are all gifted.
Let me tell you for a second how I got into this "business."...
I woke up from an operation at the age of ten speaking French
when I had never been there....
I kept knowing things and getting into trouble.
I saw dead people in hospitals.

These were all dramatic events,
but there are many thousands more
that were so subtle, so simple, so much "hunch" or inspiration...
that the clues to psychic happenings were a "whisper."
I read for people in person, via email, on the phone.
You can do that too, if you have not yet.

<PWest> when I was afraid that things were moving
by invisible forces, I heard a whisper of my name,
breath-like, quiet, spooky

<helen_UMS> When did this happen, PWest,
and why do you now think the whisper of your name came to you?
Who was calling you? And you did not interrupt.

<PWest> it was guides or god or such, as I was in paranoia
at the time in thinking that ordinary movements
meant something more (of which I was afraid)...
was about 4 years ago, a few times
it was a supportive whisper, guiding,
even though I had fears between me and it
<helen_UMS> What can come to us that feels so smooth, so caring,
and still be dangerous. Those "whispers" are a caress, soothing
and reminding us that we are a part of a larger...
Fear is the *single* biggest factor that impedes flowing intuition.
Probably the *only* factor.
<PWest> Helen: you had whispers yourself?
<helen_UMS> OH, yes, PWest, many many whispers. All the time.
And they wrap me in love and compassion.
I believe it to be a safe universe,
and despite what my mom might tell you,
I'm not entirely crazy :-) so I welcome these moments.
<sak> I find the whole thing a little hard to swallow.
When do you know someone is real, or a fake?
<helen_UMS> Check the information, sak. That is the true test.
Skepticism is wonderful!
Never let it go, but also learn to "suspend disbelief" from time to time
so that you can explore your mind and the rest of your being as well.

<reality_> attachment to intellect or mentalness impedes intuition too
<helen_UMS> Yes, reality, but intuition is a both/and proposition.
We do not have to put the mind to sleep to use our intuition.
I use my learning, experience and the entire set of events in my
life each time I read for someone.
<reality_> certainly Helen, but it needs to find balance
<helen_UMS> Of course, reality. And the balance is achieved
by trusting that our being knows the right proportion
of what to achieve success at seeing the soul of another.
<reality_> and the uniqueness of each moment

<helen_UMS> Let's try a little experiment right now....
<Anika> kewl
<Anika> :)

<helen_UMS> Right here, in this place,
I want you to "predict" tomorrow's headlines...
wherever you live, whichever newspaper you might read....
write here images you get regarding the headlines of a newspaper
that have not yet been written. Go on record, keep a record
of your images, and check it out tomorrow!
I guarantee you'll be surprised at how good you are.
The universe conspires at every nanosecond to
make us happy and to give us the tools for fulfillment., I want each of you to type in the
first image that comes to mind...

<Bee49> rainbow

<sak> well I live in Canada so I'm sure there will be
something about more taxes from our wonder gov't :)
<helen_UMS> or word, or feeling, regarding the headlines and
front page of *tomorrow's* newspaper in your area.
<Anika> computer
<PWest> sex
<^alex^> weather
<Reiki2u> bus on top of building
<Raja_Manesh1> Blue Dog
<Lakshmi> the universe
<Triskana> cows
<CNH> troops
<Star_Wolf> try writing journal entries using
your intuition as the sole guide
and you may learn something about yourself :)
<Jeanne>I wish this weren't so negative but:
2 gunman 1 dead  somewhere east end of town.
<helen_UMS> photo of a hand outstretched

<helen_UMS> Jeanne, you don't judge, you just write it down.
Not only what you wrote, but also what you edited out.
It is critical not to edit!

You don't even have to buy it to see the front page.
This is just a simple exercise to see
what you get and how you get it. need to buy the paper, just peek at it on the stands.
Also pay attention to *how* you got the information you did....
was it an image, a word in print, a sound,
or color, or  just "knowing" or "feeling?"

<Star_Wolf> the only thing I am seeing is that
3 people will die tonight
in a drunk driving accident
<helen_UMS> Are you seeing this on the newspaper cover,
Starwolf, or precognition of event that may not
be on the front page? Could be both, of course.
<reality_> wealthy billionaire donates money to charity...

<helen_UMS> Remember...the key is to be completely
*detached from the outcome.*
You will not be graded...this is not a test. :-)
<Jeanne>Sometimes when I write my journal
I feel like someone's there wanting to write,
even pulling my hand, but I'm afraid to let go...

<Helen>What is the fear of letting go, Jeanne?
Are you afraid of what you will read,
that you will no longer be in control of your life?
<Jeanne>I'm not sure it's real and
I don't know who/what I'm dealing with..
<Susanrose> Jeanne, if you do not feel in a safe space
before attempting this,
make sure you have no alcohol or drugs in your system,
sit in a clean room after a bath, and call upon the protection that
is found in the thought of The Christ.  Then begin.

<helen_UMS> You see, when you write it down here,
you are taking the risk, you are *committing* yourself.....
and often the fear of committing means that you will be judged.
Nobody cares if you are wrong or right!!!!!
Once we get that and get out of
the way, it's amazing how easily information flows

<sandra> God can't steer a parked car,
writing is allowing the flow to happen

<helen_UMS> Also remember that all events serve to fulfill,
even when we do not understand the complete purpose
or context in that moment.
<basil> As a writer I can tell you that sometimes after
completing a passage, you often wonder where it came from.
You find yourself saying, "was that me?"
Call it intuition if you like.
Or tapping into the collective subconscious.

<Jeanne> Basil I agree about writing, but it's different when
you feel your arm being pushed/pulled.
<basil> I can't say anything pushes or pulls me Jeanne.
It's all mental for me.

<helen_UMS> Yes, Basil!!! That moment when you look back
at what you've written
and wonder where it came from
is a moment of intuition in action. Think,
just think,
of how many times that can happen
during the course of a day or week.
Let's take the earthquake premonition, for example,
which came first?
The idea, the event, the dream of the idea? ...
<reality_> perhaps simultaneous
<Raja_Manesh1> With intuitions and insight,
say seeing an earthquake,
can't energy from a person or collective group
divert the tragedy?
Use the insight to divert?
<reality_> and as real as the collective focus
put into that event
<Star_Wolf> we are seeing only a possible outcome
<helen_UMS> I believe that all time is simultaneous,
so the future is as accessible as the present or past.
If several of us get an earthquake, that "probable"
earthquake already exists in some future.
We might think we are tuning in to some
collective consciousness...or using telepathy
<Star_Wolf> the outcome that would occur if things
remain static but the universe is dynamic, always changing
<sak> Helen what if what your prediction does not pan out,
then what I find it a little hard to believe
we can all be gifted in the same way.
I thought God only gives this to special people
<helen_UMS> *ALL* people, sak!
And non-people. All consciousness,
all energy is aware energy.
Every one of us is a special person.
Again, the only difference is that
some pay attention more than others.
<Desiya> Helen: I agree:)
<sandra> I think it is a process in practicing
self awareness and observation.
Really paying attention to the symbols
one receives as guidance
Expand our sense level of perception.
Seeing in an expanded sense.
Looking for synchronicity as it happens
and understanding the message

<Star_Wolf> sometimes I can hear what people are saying
 a half second before they actually say it
it happens to me several times a day
<helen_UMS> So the "hearing" of what
people are saying is a clue
that you get information auditorily.
Pay attention to this an develop this
gift in particular.
Now, I'm going to give you a question t
hat we can corroborate right now!....

<helen_UMS> Tell me what I was doing two hours ago.
I will say my name....Helen Stewart....
so that it will help you anchor me in the universe...
Each one type something in here, right here and now...
.image, phrase, whatever comes to mind WITHOUT EDITING....

<PWest> in the kitchen
<CNH>   kitchen
<Star_Wolf> meditating about the future,
about the session
<basil> eating
<PWest> washing up
<reality_> bathroom
<Jeanne> Reading a book, I see a star near...
<Reiki2u> preparing for the session
<Bee49> drinking herbal tea
<Star_Wolf> and you were outside
<Raja_Manesh1> You were relaxing

<helen_UMS> Was anyone else around? If so, what do you see?
I won't give you *any* feedback until we
have completed this little game.
<JEP> angels, a confidential relationship
<CNH> an animal
<Triskana> You were on the phone to a dear friend
<Reiki2u> a dog with you
<CNH> cat, it seems
<Star_Wolf> three of you were there
 but you were the only one sitting, students.
<CNH> also another person
<Jeanne> left out something about directions,
few people around but not close
<Star_Wolf> but they didn't really say much
<helen_UMS> You guys are doing GREAT!.....just a tease.

<helen_UMS> Let's see now...
I was with two other people, so we were three.
One was male. It was a quiet setting....
I was getting "star" reading
from someone I had never met.
So star, quiet...and there is more.
The third person was silent. And I was sitting.
There are some fascinating other hits, though. "Freedom"
by Lakshmi was the central theme of the session.
Around but not in the same room. The male was a student of mine.
Right now I am sitting with a dog and a cat.
I was being introduced to a guardian angel
I had never met and didn't know I had.
It was a confidential relationship, since it was a reading.
The activity was highly unusual for me
and it would have been hard for you to "guess" this.
The person doing the reading guided me through a meditation
with which I was completely unfamiliar.
So you see how intuitive you are? It's that simple, folks.
You just get something and communicate it....
You are as psychic as I.

<sak> I've been trying this with the lotto numbers for years
but I still have to go to work in the morning:)
<helen_UMS> Tee hee. Me, too, sak. Which brings me to another point.
What is it that impedes that intuition?
<Triskana> Fear!
<Desiya> sak: try harder next time :P
<PWest> wrong intention?
<Raja_Manesh1> Probably the same reason psychics
lose their keys (smile)
<helen_UMS> For one thing, our beliefs.
I have tried unsuccessfully to hit the lottery number....
This throws me smack dab into my own belief system....
about the right or deserving issues regarding financial security.
Whatever my beliefs, my intuition is affected.
That's why I tell clients "the less I know the better."
I like knowing *nothing* about the client,
so the mind does not interfere, or the beliefs.
<Triskana> that makes sense to me, too...
less one knows the better

<Susanrose>  You must be in a loving space where you have the friendship
or even, as it is on the internet, a hidden identy so you will not
feel embarrassed if what you say may sound silly.
For 7 years, I  led a women's monthly group.
After cleansing our thoughts,
we entered a meditative place
and shared the guidance we heard.

Verbally sharing and trusting that what you say is hard for some.
So many have bought into the belief of separation,
they do not think they can choose to connect
to this powerful source. Some may need to "pass" for the
first couple times, to listen and gather their courage.
What helps is being in a friendly, supportive group.
All should agree that no one will snicker if someone
says something off the wall, or gets stage fright.
While there is sometimes laughter at what is said,
it is rejoicing in the humor of it, rather than laughing
at the speaker...
Sometimes the anonymousness
of cyber space bolsters one's courage to
let it flow. It may help to start with a few words that
you know you will say. For example, I often say
"I am She who is called". The energy works well
with a rolling stone..(or typing fingers),
so try to say at least one sentence.
You may be suprised by what follows.

Like the inkblot test, of what you do yousee?
Let the first impression just roll off your tongue.
More on this can be found at

<Desiya> Helen I heard u can't do psychic on yourself..
<Star_Wolf> well I do tarot readings for myself
and the first thing I sense from the card is my intuition telling me
what the card means which often goes beyond the card itself
<helen_UMS> Yes, Desiya, it is possible to do a reading for myself,
and I do them occasionally...
the problem with reading for oneself is that
I am an interested party!
The detachment from the outcome goes out the window,
and it is very hard not to edit.
That's why great psychics need psychics. :-)

<susanrose> Helen: you said that it is hard
to get an intuitive reading on yourself.
I get my best info right b-4 and as I am waking up.
I guess my conscious mind is dimmed enough to not be able to
spring into editing what is given. I usually get
the information in song... for example...
I heard the lines about my new relationship..
if the Lord does not build the house,
then in vain do the builders labor...
a song I have not sung for years.
<helen_UMS> Yes, I remember that song, SR.
<susanrose> the song was circa 1970,
from a folk album called earthen vessels

<Lakshmi> do you ever feel like being a label
like "a psychic" is an impediment spiritually?
<helen_UMS> Hmmm, Lakshmi, good question....
It took me years before I would say that I am a psychic.
First of all, because I spent 35 years
in the university, which does not regards
psychics very highly <understatement>
No, I do not believe calling myself a psychic
is an impediment spiritually.
There are some who distinguish between "psychism"
and "intuition."...
psychism means you can get accurate information....
intuition means that you read the soul,
the language of intent.
I get paid to see the soul
and can't think of a greater blessing.

<Lakshmi> The great sage pantangeli speaks
about the advent of psychic powers
as something one can become enamored with
and are only a signpost on the spiritual path not the point,
they occur yes but what is the mission to do "readings"
Do you feel you are performing a service to humanity?
<helen_UMS> Psychic readings are a tool for transformation,
much, much more than a parlor game or test of accuracy.
<Star_Wolf> psychic readings are guides on your path ....

<Desiya> Lakshmi I think it does bring a service to the humanity..

<helen_UMS> Some do's and
don't for using intuition...

1. Follow the *first* impulse you get
2. Trust yourself entirely and continue to develop more trust
3.  Assume good intention no matter how acrimonious the situation
4. Try to read for individuals and avoid reading couples
5. Look to the soul.
If you get an event that is about to happen, ask the purpose for the event,
and watch to see what happens as you explain probable outcomes
6. Always, always trust the first image or impulse you get and never edit
Assume that if the word or image came to you, it must have meaning to the
other person.
Always ask the person to say the name first; it helps you "anchor" them in
time and space
8.  If you cannot get an answer to a question, reframe it and ask again,
taking the very first thought that comes to mind
9. Do not confuse your own personal issues with the one you are reading,
even if your stories are similar.
If you use images as I do, always describe the image rather than analyzing
it. Describe, then analyze later.
10. Do not read for children unless you really know what you are doing and
have parental permission.
11. DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME!!!! People will think what they
want to think. You are not invested in the outcome. It is not a test. You
are playing with the soul of another. It is not ours to hold.
12. If you have the ability to earn a living as an intuitive,
don't be ashamed to be paid for it.

<susanrose> ...Prior to #1  What about ASKING?
or choosing an intent prior to the impulse..
<helen_UMS> I assume, SR, that if the person is sitting in front of you,
here in cyberspace or in another room, that permission has already been
granted to "see" or read.
The saying of the name anchors intent in my opinion.
You are right, though, to focus on intent as the crux of the process.
<susanrose> I meant asking your higher self/guides
for assistance.
<helen_UMS> Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, good point.
You may have a process for asking the higher self
for assistance. Mine is quite simple.
I call that "framing the question." This is
important for readings, just as it is when using the I Ching.
* ^alex^ mentions that in "journeying" intent to the higher for another is
almost always successful journey on a question

<Gwendy> Helen, so you say that you can teach
someone how to be psychic?
<helen_UMS> Forgot where I was, SR. :-)
<Gwendy> isnít this a gift?
<helen_UMS> I believe anyone, Gwendy,
can be trained to be a psychic.
I train folks all the time, and each is surprised
at the depth of their gift.
<Star_Wolf> and the call to service
<helen_UMS> Yes, it is a combination of gift and skill.
For example, I don't do lottery numbers well,
or currencies, but I have clients who do. I
have a gift for reading businesses,
but not all psychics do. We still have

Thank you Helen and all of you for making this
gathering such a success!
I would like Helen to join us again in the future!
More on the importance of develping abilities for
future predications (especially earth changes)
can be found at a log of a prior gathering at
Thanks so much for inviting me again, Susanrose!
This has been fun!
Our office phone: 505-992-0000
Or email for more info. is our URL.
Site will be up soon.
Susanrose, can give you the URL of the temporary
site you made for me.