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being, three human principles. In their apparent nature the two are
opposed; each is the reverse of the other.
The divine is infinite and immortal being; the human is life limited
in time and scope and form, life that is death attempting to become life
that is immortality.
The divine is infinite consciousness transcending and embracing
all that it manifests within it;

<Steven> Beginning from here we will attempt to throw more light
on these and the other various bodies through which perception comes to us.
Each body has a relative purpose and corresponds to a field or body
of cosmic proportions which exists in the same way inherent
throughout all of being (cosmos)
there are actually 6 levels or
bodies one in the other and 1 which transcends and contains the
other 6 this is the cosmic body which exists as the entire cosmos itself.

<Steven> The six also have a cosmic aspect. The six are:
A body of the senses, i.e. the I we think of as the I which senses
this or that. The cosmic aspect of this body is conscious as the
senses of "all" creatures and beings to the very ends of the cosmos.

A psycho-chemical body: i.e. the I which reacts automatically to a
given stimuli. The entire chemical world is nothing but the cosmic
aspect of this body which follows identical laws in all cases.
And is conscious as each and every body that exists or can exist
anywhere. It is the universe of cause and effect.

An emotional body, i.e. the I we think of as the I who feels this
or that emotion. Emotion is the reaction in our bodies to the
psycho-chemical stimuli produced by the senses.

The emotional cosmic body is conscious of every feeling ever felt
or being felt at this moment. This is the universe of waves, light, electricity

A memory body, i.e. The I we think of who remembers this or that,
having all the things remembered and the content of memory etc. as
itself, as well as the genetic codes etc. of our DNA.

The cosmic aspect of which exists as the DNA, memory, gene pool,
of all beings everywhere. This combined with the prior two is Omniscience.

A mental body, which is the sum of all the above bodies the total
I, (if you like) having the nature of our mind.

This is the psychological I, or apparently individuated separate ego/soul/Jiva.
Whose cosmic aspect is the sum of the very matter of the cosmos.

Whose atoms though they are the same, appear to be separate when in
reality they are not. This is Omnipresence.
A body which is the I which experiences consciousness Omnipresently
i.e. inheres cosmos as the shape and form of cosmos focusing its
all seeing awareness on this of that thing knowing this or that thing as itself.

Each body has a color so to speak combining them gives another and
combinations of them like filters in photography,
we get many permutations of consciousness or awareness
and levels of them in this way.

This is the source of the multiplicity of beings and creatures.
Like water is water then we add sugar we taste the sugar in it; we
add a bit of salt it tastes a little different again;
Then pepper etc. this gives us the marvelous multiplicity of consciousness
and diverse things and creatures
and beings of every description and the 6 bodies within them.

So each body is in the other like salt, sugar, pepper etc.
many in others and all in universes, one in another
and all in Omnipresence which continues to grow, expand, attenuate,
appropriate more of itself.
This creates an infinite number of universes which all
exist within the cosmos.

Each body exists as the "I" we see as the feeling us, the sensing
us, the reacting us, the emoting us, the memory us, the mental us,
the cosmic us;
Each body exists as the "I" we see as the feeling us, the sensing
us, the reacting us, the emoting us, the memory us, the mental us,
the cosmic us;
and our perception is clouded by the various combinations of them,
thus we cannot perceive the truth, it is imperceptible except of itself.
Witness consciousness is the consciousness of the one who is the
"witness" of any single body or combination of bodies
while mind is the consciousness which sees itself
"AS" any combinations of bodies i.e. perceives a self
which is individuated;
such individuality being composed of the combination
of the various bodies a being perceives he\her\it self to be;
which perception is itself like a silhouette of filtered light
a shadow if you like composed of senses
which are activated by psycho-chemical reactions in the Omnipresent.

In short it sees itself as an organic being. While
Omniscience sees itself as the entire Omnipresent Cosmos.
Knowing our science we can see chemical patterns in genetics which
the psycho-chemical reactions (electrical and energetic
waves/pulses) called experiences/perceptions may or may not match;
if they are matched then deja-vu is the result;
if not then a match is sort in memory, which is stored
as a certain electrical pattern just as it is in our hard disks;
the difference though, between mind memory and hard disks
is that the hard disk memory is static (does not move)
whereas mind memory is moved around dynamically
throughout the whole cosmic organism,
the brain is merely the processor or receptor, it stores nothing.
Thus John cannot be found when he is dead.

These energetic charges created by chemical reactions, (just as
electricity is created in a battery through chemical reaction)
we call emotion; these reactions are constant and go to make what is
called the emotional body which is surreal and fluid,
changing constantly in density, color and incandescence
just as all the other bodies are.
This body when first perceived is so very beautiful it is often
mistaken for god or Purusha yet it is nothing but the chemical
aspect of Purusha existing as the entire chemical universe.

From here perception becomes altered, distorted, misconceived due
to what is perceived being filtered through half ignored senses,
half conscious psycho-chemical reactions and emotion generated by
the psycho-chemical reactions and the memories attached to that
particular pattern of reaction or emotion.

This potpourri which finally confuses and distorts consciousness so
badly that it appears to be separate from the infinite consciousness
is what we know as mind. Limited by the very thing
which is the source of its being or appearance of being.

This distortion of perception in itself may not be a problem,
but the problem really begins when we (as we all do)
through perception try to determine the nature of reality.

Mind being the sum of all this sensing, reacting, emoting,
remembering, and distortion of perception, has its existence and
birth in confusion.

Mind is perceived by something though, which sees this albeit
confused perception called mind and thinks it is itself. This seer
or knower/witness of mind is consciousness. This is the cosmic
aspect of mind.

Consciousness is like a billion mirrors of mirrored images of what
is mirrored, as it perceives nothing but itself everywhere it
looks. Omnipresence being what is seen or known by Omniscience,
what sees and is seen is the same thing, consciousness must
therefore be this very Omnipresence.

Realize and recognize that no matter what is perceived it exists
within Omnipresence and is known by Omniscience and that the
confusion arising from perception is only confusion in-as-much as
we think we are the perceiver of it.

Now the product of sense, reaction, emotion, memory and mind is
Ego\soul\being which believes it exists,
not knowing that the perception of a self
is merely a separate and distorted combination
of these appearing as a shadow silhouetted in the light of the
Omniscient-Omnipresent-Omnipotent Consciousness.
Ego\soul\being does not see that Omnipresence is real and exists as
what is perceived however distorted that perception may be.

The very fact that any perception or cognition or knowing is part
of the Omniscience of the "Omnipresent-Omniscient-Omnipotent"
consciousness again underscores the fact that all is nothing but a
mass of knowledge/consciousness.

The cosmic aspect of Ego\soul\being is the so called spirit world
inhered by so called guides, beings, Devas, BodhiSattvas, channeled
beings, ghosts, devils, demons, Gods and all the rest.

The existence of these places or beings is nothing but a
projection, expulsion, sublimation, ignorance, rejection of the
cosmic aspects of being/truth, Purusha, Atman etc.
Yet none of this is or has anything wrong with it, as any perceived
self is a work in progress of Omnipotence coming to know itself.
It can be seen that this very consciousness is the very thing which
is the cause of the illusion of separateness.

Omniscience for example sees into itself via the senses
looking into bodies from outside not the reverse.
The thing seen for example, is not seen by
anyone it is seen by itself in the mirror called Consciousness.

The same applies to everything sensed in any way be it sensed by
the physical senses or in some psychic way.
Nothing but nothing is sensed, known, cognated, felt, tasted, heard,
seen or thought in any way whatever but consciousness both sensed and sensing.

Intent or vibration (light or waves) entering through the senses is
reflected in this way or that, as this or that, due to how
waves/vibration/light is modified as it passes through the various

Beginning with the senses themselves it causes the nervous system
to react producing psycho-chemical reactions (reflections) to/of
the stimuli which causes an emotion to arise.
Memory is then stimulated to record the patterns inherent in these
reflections; which patterns may or may not have been pre-recorded
(experienced) before,
Beginning with the senses themselves it causes the nervous system
to react producing psycho-chemical reactions (reflections) to/of
the stimuli which causes an emotion to arise.
thus what is perceived may bare little resemblance to Omniscience.
Which first sought awareness through being,
as the perception is altered by all these factors.

Even if the psycho-chemical reaction has not been pre-recorded
(experienced in our lives)
it may produce an cognition of what is called deja-vu due to finding
a reflection in our genetic makeup as the genetics of our bodies
are nothing but chemical records.

In this way perception is clouded by an psycho-chemical-emotional
memory-effected miasma of vibrational waves/light
which miasma appears as a reflection in the cosmic consciousness as an
individual mind/soul/Ego or celestial body.

The very uniqueness of this reaction-produced miasma go to make up
the very multiplicity of the perceived Universe and its inherent
While the product of all the cosmic aspects of sense, reaction,
emotion, memory and mind is called Purusha which is the universal
being/spirit Atman, Adonai, Jah-Veh, Buddha, Allah, God, Gaia etc.
This is the sixth body
The Omniscient perceives from every direction, from within, without
and roundabout taking in the whole.
What it is in as cosmos is Void which is the original primordial
consciousness which knows nothing but Void by void as void and to
it even Purusha is nothing but Void/Consciousness.

Which is its very nature.
Now to understand the nature of Purusha/cosmic body we must know
the nature of Void which is pure latent potential due to its very
emptiness or non-existence.

This is Omnipotence itself creating the fluidity of cosmos and the
ever changing and attenuating Omniscient-Omnipresence of itself
having fluidity and changing due to the nature of reaction being
created by cause (mirrors again - opposite and equal effects etc.).

open to questions

<whtrose> the many facets of the One can be individuated,
can it not?

<Steven> not exactly a correct way of putting it
the many facets make up the multiplicity of the omni whatever
the individual is not god
it is part of it

<whtrose> and the Spirit Guides I see clearly, etherically....
what is one to make of that?
<Steven> they are projections of consciousness
<whtrose> of the One... or are you suggesting of me?
<Steven> you will note that the longer you spend at it the clearer they become
<whtrose> hmmmm
<Steven> you project them in a way that you can accept god etc.
into your understanding (fit your conceptualization )
so god helps you understand him/her/it
in a way that your mind can grasp
by projecting through you the externalizations of your own conceptions
for in truth there is no you.
No me.
Nothing but omnipresent God

<Steven> all late comers this talk will be available in a few days at my web
<Susanrose> It will also be at the )Gaia*Friends( web site at:

<reality_> All individuals remember their source and now dream of All-That-Is
as All-That-Is once dreamed of them. They yearn toward that
immense source and yearn to set It free and give
it actuality through their own creations
Now in the same way do you give freedom
to the personality fragments within
your own dreams and for the same reason.
And you create for the same reason, and within
each of you is the memory of that primal agony -
that urge to create and free all probable consciousness into actuality

<whtrose> How does this reality/information serve the individual in
their life on earth, in this plane, in this time framework?
<Steven> it allows one to go beyond and recognize what is distortion
and what is not
thus we go to an open ended knowing that omniscience is real
<whtrose> and so are the bills I have to pay
<Steven> ahahhahahaha
<Steven> hahah, yes, I know that feeling too
<whtrose> :)
<Susanrose> :)

<Susanrose> Steven , have you physically/emotionally
felt the bliss of being at one? how did you
trip yourself over into that special awareness?

<Steven> oh yes, it is a reality to me
<Susanrose> even while washing dishes? smile...
<Steven> and not allow our perceptions to distort it
<whtrose> wax on - wax off

<Steven> yep
<whtrose> life... living is meditation
<Steven> yes exactly whtrose, life becomes meditation
<Susanrose> yes, life goes on,
but staying in the blissful awareness of the ONE while going
about taking out the garbage is the real trick!

<Steven> thus this talk Susan, is about recognizing the distortion
to allow us that gift
<reality_> engage the flow

<Steven> as the flow
<Lafkin> as love flows through the universe we flow.
Be the water, not the rock in the water

This has been a fabulous presentation Steven.
Thank you so much for the contribution.
Light and love to all here.
Power just went off here with a lightning bolt...
The One must want me to go out on the porch and observe its power.
I'll see ya all later.

<Susanrose> Thank you Steven for leading this gathering!
<Steven> welcome:)
<DoriM> Thankyou Steven and good night
<HinhanSka> Thanks
<Dove> thank you Steven

<reality_> breathes in highly-charged oxygen molecules,
swirling and twirling as molecules of Light

<Iridescent> looks to the sky and sees the shimmering doorway open.
Iridescent leaps into the air, through the gateway, and is gone.